Story: Lord Conqueror (chapter 6)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 6


VI. Even the Fates were Shocked!

Chaos suddenly erupted as soon as Queen Natsuki's voice echoed at the vast deserted land. The cry of the wolf beast could be translated as DEATH and BLOOD. Captain Chie and General Haruka at once followed the Queen's horse that galloped towards the only hiding place where the arrows could have originated.

The Queen was unfazed by the continuous barrage of arrows, using her right hand with her war sword to deflect arrows coming her way and her left hand stirring her horse towards those she now considered as her primary objective. She wasn't unaware though of Haruka's and Chie's presence near her and the sudden halting of her troops movements, where those who were riding horses she could feel following her pursuit. She was frowning when she looked at Chie, "Get all the carriages to safety Chie! Take the others…"

"I'm not leaving your side!" The captain bellowed, her voice trying to overpower the strong wind and the sound of horse hooves.

The Queen of the Dominant Realm was about to demand her captain to follow her order, to remind her that it is absolute, but their attention was diverted to a group fast approaching them. From afar they cannot tell whether the group was an ally or an enemy but as soon as their eyes can visualize who the group's leader was, their apprehension had subsided and their goal returned to the previous one.

Captain Miyu of the 6th Infrantry Batallion, also known as the 6th core group along with a blonde man wearing a proud scar on his face was fast approaching them. The blonde soldier which Captain Chie and General Haruka thinks to be a leader of a battalion in Fuuka was waving a white flag and his attention was focused on the large hiding place where Queen Natsuki has her sight on.

"General!" Captain Miyu was panting as she reached the General and Captain Chie's horses; Queen Natsuki can be seen moving forward ignoring the arrival of the other soldiers. Miyu was eyeing the Queen and then she turned her focus on the two soldiers now galloping with her, "From the looks of it, the beast had made its appearance?"

"Not completely," Chie said shaking her head, "I said something to jest her and it suddenly appeared, but she was conscious about the other men, especially those in the carriages, she asked me to move them to safety."

"Incomplete transformation then," Miyu replied then she looked at Chie, "What did you say anyway?"

"Something stupid!" Haruka interjected, "Who is the blonde guy who's as stupid as Harada here?" she said looking at the soldier who was trying his best to gallop along the Queen and who seemed to have the intention of pulling the queen back. "If he touches Natsuki, he will die for sure."

"I warned him when I saw the look in the Queen's eyes, he's an arrogant ass." Miyu said frowning

Chie looked at the cyan haired woman in total bewilderment, "Arrogant and ass in one sentence and coming from you…he must really be. So what's happening?"

Miyu took a deep breath, "Those people Queen Natsuki is after were soldiers stationed here from before the war ends to ambush our troops…"

"Let me guess…the advisor's idea?" Captain Chie asked but before she gets the answer from Captain Miyu, General Haruka interrupted,

"We have to move fast, that idiot blonde man is going to die!" Haruka said before she pushed her horse to go faster, Chie and Miyu followed suit.


I could feel the beast trying hard to get free. It wants blood…it wants killing and gore. I keep my head up and tried my best to rein it in at least while I can. But some people are really stupid, like this blonde gorilla desperately trying to reach me. Didn't he know that he's much safer away from me?

But it's not him I'm worried about, it's Shizuru. She was hurt, I can smell her blood from a distance and if she dies here, I'm not even sure what the beast would do. It seemed the beast within me had developed a liking to the servant girl and I am not to deny that I share the same sentiments with it. If these people kill Shizuru, they all will die.


I am at a lost. I never would have thought that I will be in the middle of such melee. Not that I am not aware of what a war feels like, but me in the middle of it and in pain because I got this arrow stuck in my belly was something new. I feel the blood rushing out, trailing the wooden part that had embedded in my abdomen. I can feel the tip of the arrow inside me and my moving makes the pain worse. I cannot see outside but I know that a war is beginning again…

Queen Natsuki…

Will she come back for me? Will she help me again? It seemed all I did since I met her was to get hurt and she to save me. Will she this time?

I cannot raise my hopes that high, I am but only a servant.


"My liege!" The blonde soldier shouted, "This is a big misunderstanding!" he shouted again and focused his attention on the men within the hiding place who stopped shooting arrows as soon as they saw the blonde soldier and his horse galloped towards them, but the dread they were feeling remained when they saw the deadly glare the queen was giving them as she galloped faster than their supposed head.

The blonde soldier also known to Fuuka as General Sergay was gaining speed, and in a matter of minute, he would reach the Queen's horse and probably prevent his men from being slaughtered. One minute…two…three…

Ahhhh finally he was within reach. He leaned sideways to reach the Queen's bridle which she was holding, and thank Shinso-sama he had fast reflex or his hand would have been cut when Queen Natsuki, with a movement that could be likened to lightning brought out her sword from her back and slashed on the hand trying to get her bridle.

"Queen Natsuki!" Sergay shouted, his eyes wide with terror

"Natsuki!" General Haruka called out and sped up to reach the battling duo. Sergay trying his best not to be cut by the Queen's sword, and for the Queen not to kill anyone in her way; All the soldiers of Fuuka who were hiding were stunned to silence, they were watching the spectacle without realizing that if they don't move quickly and if the two Generals fail, their heads will all be served on a golden platter to their Queen: Queen Fumi.

The Queen of the Dominant Realm was serious in taking the head of the stupid blonde soldier, Haruka and Chie were pushing their horse to stop the unnecessary death…hoping that Shizuru will not die or is not dead yet. Due to the sudden eruption of chaos, they have forgotten that the chestnut haired servant was the carriage bleeding.

"Queen Natsuki you have to stop this or Shizuru will die! We need to bring her to our campsite!" Chie shouted.

The mention of Shizuru dying stopped the Queen from pummeling the blonde soldier who wasn't unable to stop at once. The fast move of General Haruka who jumped from her horse to tackle General Sergay whose sword would have connected to the Queen's armorless torso was hampered with the two Generals falling off the horse and onto the sandy ground.

"Queen Natsuki!" Captain Chie called out to the stunned queen who had stopped her horse from advancing, "Leave this to General Haruka and General Sergay, we have to go back and look at Shizuru, Captain Miyu is here and she has good knowledge on first aid,"

The look on the Lord Conqueror's eyes had changed, the wild look of the beast was gone replaced by the concerned emerald of Queen Natsuki. She looked at The two blonde Generals who nodded at her, affirming Chie's words that they are to take care of the misunderstanding.

"I want all of them placed under arrest; I want all of them sent to my prison and to await my judgment." The cobalt haired Queen said before turning her back on the generals.

"I got a strict instruction from advisor Shinichi, and with agreement with Queen Fumi to take my men to Fuuka…"

"And those people you mentioned are under me," Queen Natsuki looked angrily at the taller blond general, "You probably forgot who you are talking to? I OWN FUUKA NOW and I don't give a damn what your advisor said even if Queen Fumi agreed, I want those men in MY PRISON or I will have your head!" The Queen bellowed before she turned fully and pushed her horse off to the carriage where Shizuru was.

General Haruka looked at the other blonde General, shaking her head, "You're really stupid." She said before taking the white flag from the other and marching towards the cowering men behind the hiding point.

"Oi! I am also a General like you…"



The small door of the carriage was opened with force, and the elegant feature of Queen Natsuki entered. She nodded her head towards the captain who was about to put the head of the woman on her lap down to greet her Queen, but the nod stopped her and the Queen sat on the other bench, opposite where Shizuru and Miyu were.

"How is she?"

"She's losing a lot of blood and she fell unconscious which is good for her. I can't remove the arrow though now since we don't have enough medical supplies here to stop her wound from bleeding. I examined the wound, it wasn't through and through but it was deep enough to penetrate an organ, and seeing she's still alive despite the delay in first aid, I can safely say no major arteries were hit. We can staunch the bleeding for a while but we need to get her to our campsite fast. Youko-sensei will be there with General Nao's troops, and they're probably there now."

"This carriage cannot take us there fast," The Queen eyed Captain Miyu. Her eyes were bearing a sad expression, as if they were asking Miyu to make a miracle.

"I can carry her on my horse, and the two of us can ride to the campsite, we can get there half the time than what we expected." Miyu suggested.

"The arrow…won't it hurt her more?"

"It will but she's fainted, she won't feel it until she awakes…"

"Will she wake up?"

"I believe in Windbloom Medical Expertise, plus we have the best doctor in the whole of Ethica(1),"

The Queen took a deep breath, "I'll take her,"

"My Queen! You can't run off alone, it will be dangerous for you!"

Queen Natsuki's one eyebrow rose, "You are forgetting who you are talking to. I have faced every danger in my short life, bringing Shizuru to the camp is nothing compared to others."

"True, but we are still on governmental transition of two kingdoms and we are not sure if there are more traps out there for you." It was General Haruka who interrupted the two. She was looking through the small window of the carriage.

"My horse is the fastest here,"

"I know that too," General Haruka said then eyed Captain Miyu, "You will go with the Queen, Miyu and you will take your own battalion with you to make sure this 'misunderstanding' will not happen again."

"Yes General!" Captain Miyu nodded her head in affirmation

"And you," General Haruka focused her attention to the Queen

"Hey I am your Queen! You can't order me around or order my men around!"

"And I am the Queen's older sister so I have the right! So you will ride with Miyu and make sure you get to the camp unharmed. If you so much as put a scratch on that body of yours, you will have fate worse than our prisoners at Windbloom!"

Queen Natsuki smiled and nodded her head, "Let's go Miyu."


The Queen and the 6th Infantry battalion, lead by Captain Miyu had left the unexpected camp site to proceed to their original meeting place with General Nao. The Queen riding her horse and carrying with her the unconscious body of her newly acquired servant, Shizuru.

-End Chapter 6-

Post story note

1 – Ethica, it's a figment of my imagination. I'm not even sure if it exist.

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