Story: Lord Conqueror (chapter 4)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 4

Disclaimer and warnings can be found on the first chapter of this story.



IV. The Fates must be really jesting!

It had been a shock to me when there she was at the vacant lot: the woman known to the world as "The Lord Conqueror" walking…no, she actually marched to my rescue from Akemi and her flock of angry peers, who would have thought? The second time I laid eyes on the mysterious protector was of her saving me from physical pain, but I knew that there's more to the look she gave me than meets the eye.

I thought I heard the Lord Conqueror told Akemi and her friends that their lives were saved because of me, but of course that wasn't the case because there's no way that the Queen of the dominant realm would say such preposterous thing, my mind was again playing tricks on me. I would have believed this idea of mine if not for what happened after…

I was too stunned that I was left wondering at the vacant lot, the chilling wind pulled me off my deep thinking and that's when I decided to go to my room. As I walk towards my chamber, I found Akemi and Leonila waiting in front of my chamber door, Leonila's head was bowed down, Akemi on the other hand was looking at me with disdain in her almond eyes.

"What do you want?" I asked in a flat tone.

"Look…we didn't come here to fight," Leonila started after raising her head and her eyes meeting mine,

"As if we could," Akemi muttered and got an elbow from the taller woman, "Well since we're here, we'd like to say sorry for what happened."

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head as acceptance to their apology, then I stepped forward to open my door when Leonila held on to my right forearm to stop me, "Lord Shinichi wants to see you in his bureau, but he said you should change your clothes."

I nodded my head, "I will go there,"

The two women nodded their heads before turning around and left me wondering in silence what the advisor wanted from me. It's not every day that the cruel man had sent for me to do anything, as far as I can remember, he seemed to not want to see me at all.


I kept my composure as soon as I entered the advisor's bureau, though my heart was hammering as I saw a set of worn out luggage inside. Knowing the advisor's quirk in good materials, those old baggages aren't his and if I use my head, me suddenly being summoned here would likely mean that those are mine.

"Lord Shinichi," I bowed down in front of his table. The man was writing in his scroll…well he was done writing and he was already putting his seal on it. He looked up at me and then he pointed at the bags, "Lord Shinichi?"

"I decided to give you to the Lord Conqueror as a gift," he straightened his back and sighed deeply before she smiled at me that which was uncanny coming from him and "it" directed towards me.

I can't believe my ears; I did hear him telling me that he is giving me as a gift to the Lord Conqueror? How dare he? He is not the ruler of this kingdom; he had no right to do such thing!

"Knowing how you were raised and be spoiled by my cousin Queen Fumi, I am sure you are thinking right now that I had no right to do such a thing. Well Shizuru, as you may have realize, I own you. You are supposed to be one of my servants if not for the interference of the Queen, so I shall do to you what I deem fit. I'm sure you understand what I am saying?"

I clenched my jaw, I wanted to shout at him and attacked him for what he was doing to me. As far as I can remember he had never done any good to me. He was cordial to other servants but just plain cold and cruel when it comes to me! Was it because I am more favored by his oh so hated cousin that I am being treated as such? I have no choice though but to nod my head and obey. "Yes Lord Shinichi," Fuck you Lord Shinichi…(1)

"You shall stay in this room," he said before standing up, stepping beside me and handing me over the scroll. "I want you to give this to the Lord Conqueror as soon as the both of you travelled out of here." He looked at me with his cold, calculating eyes, "Do you understand me Shizuru?"

I think I have forgotten how to use my tongue. I took the sealed scroll and nodded my head. Lord Shinichi is an ambitious advisor. I heard from accidental eavesdropping from different court rulers of the kingdom that he should have been the king but there was an issue that had favored Queen Fumi to take over the throne. I never knew what the issue was, and I don't have the intention to dig up his excess baggage. So him wanting me to give a sealed scroll secretly to the Lord Conqueror…was he planning on taking over Fuuka? But the Lord Conqueror had already taken over!

Could this scroll be a trap for the Lord Conqueror herself?

I watched him went out of the office, I looked at the scroll in my hand when he was out of my sight and I get a strong urge to open this scroll and read it! Shinso-sama…oh forgive me.


I feel like I was waiting for a lifetime inside Lord Shinichi's bureau, I kept still at my place where he had left me and my feet are already killing me. The sudden unlocking of the wide, double door should have relieved my feeling, but instead, the sound made me more nervous, I hope the Queen have done something about this…

My hope was dashed when there at the door was Lord Shinichi and Queen Natsuki, The Lord Conqueror of the Dominant Realm. I bowed my head but despite the lack of eye contact, I could feel her eyes on me, as if she was devouring me here and then…just like how I felt at the training ground, when she eyed me.

I felt a hand on my left shoulder and I looked up to see Queen Fumi, her eyes were sad and they were imparting how sorry she was because she cannot do anything about this turn of event, I was after all owned by the advisor. I can still feel Queen Natsuki's gaze on me, I don't know what it was in her that makes me fidgety like this, I am used to being looked at, watched and sometimes used for entertainment…no men or women had moved me like Queen Natsuki.

Was it because I knew from deep inside that she now owns the whole of Fuuka and most of our well trained soldiers died at the end of her sword? That if she wished, she could take me or my life and no one can do anything about it? Was this fidgeting brought about by excitement or by fear?

"Shizuru, leave us." I heard Lord Shinichi addressed me, I stood up to do what I was told but Queen Natsuki's words stopped not only me but Queen Fumi and Lord Shinichi himself.

"Shizuru, you will stay." It wasn't a request; it was a command from the Lord Conqueror herself. "Whatever we are to talk in here concerns Shizuru, so it is better if she is here to listen to whatever I decided regarding her fate." She looked at Queen Fumi before she directed her stern look at Lord Shinichi who just bowed his head to accept the terms.

More than a minute had passed without any words exchanged between the two queens and the advisor. The continued silence had increased my anxiety, so what will become of me?

"I had been thinking about this situation you had put me in," Queen Natsuki started. She stepped closer to me and started walking around me as if she was a curator inspecting her goods. She then stopped behind me and I could guess she was looking at Lord Shinichi when she started speaking again, "And you, what will you gain by giving me your own servant as a gift?" She asked, I could feel a wolf like smile emanating from her, "And what makes you think I will accept your gift?"

I accidentally looked at Queen Fumi who suddenly got this hope in her eyes. My Queen wanted me to stay!

"Because if you don't like my gift Queen Natsuki, then you would have refused me flat out earlier at the throne room," Lord Shinichi wasn't smiling but he made sure that we all felt that he had won that round against the Lord Conqueror.

"And what makes you think that I'm not just being cordial to Queen Fumi and that's the reason why you are still in front of me speaking with all your faculties intact?"


Queen Natsuki stepped closer to Lord Shinichi and despite her back on me, I know she has that wolfish smile on her face. "But I will admit Lord Shinichi, I like your gift." She then turned around and faced me and Queen Fumi. "How about you Shizuru? I'm sure Lord Shinichi hasn't asked you if you like being a gift to me." I was stunned. She was asking me? The Lord Conqueror, Queen and Ruler of the Dominant Realm asked me of what I thought of being a gift to her?


"Don't be afraid Shizuru, no one will do anything to you as long as I am here." She looked back at Lord Shinichi, "Isn't that right?"

Lord Shinichi's eyes were wide while he nods his head to agree, "Y…Yes My Liege!"

I was still bowing my head, and I can't think of anything to say. Yes I don't like being given to her as a gift, not only because she was known as a beast in war, but from what I heard, she got a very healthy appetite with women. I don't want to think of what will become of me in her stead.

"I think she will be better off under you care Queen Natsuki."

I and Lord Shinichi had our jaws hanging open since the last statement came from Queen Fumi herself.

"Queen Fumi?" Even the Lord Conqueror was surprised.

My queen was smiling, her eyes wore a relieved expression unlike before when she came in the room with the Lord Conqueror and Lord Shinichi, she was happy with her decision. What's inside the head of my queen? Why would she agree to this set up? Queen Fumi looked at me before stepping closer and hugging me, "I believe you will be better off under the Lord Conqueror's protection Shizuru." She whispered to my ears. "You better be good there Shizuru, don't give Queen Natsuki headache when you get there." She announced for everyone in the room to hear.

I saw Queen Fumi gave the Lord Conqueror a glance full of meaning. If the Ruler of the Dominant Realm got the message she was trying to impart, I have no idea. But if my queen thinks I am better with the Lord Conqueror, then I will abide. Queen Fumi had never stirred me in the wrong path yet.

I think Queen Natsuki herself had caught her tongue with her own teeth.

"Shinichi," Queen Fumi called out and the still stunned advisor resumed his dignified posture before looking at my queen.

"Queen Fumi?"

"You better go and arrange for these luggages to be brought to the carriage that Queen Natsuki will use to return to her palace."

"Ah…yes Queen Fumi!" He said before bowing his head in respect and leaving. "Follow me Shizuru and bring those luggages along!" he commanded. I bowed my head at Queen Fumi and Queen Natsuki before I took my bags and followed Lord Shinichi. But it wasn't the last me and Lord Shinichi got stunned this day.

"Lord Shinichi," Queen Natsuki called out stopping the advisor from moving ahead,

"My liege?"

The cobalt haired queen smiled at him, "Be a gentleman and help Shizuru carry her bags to our carriage? She is a delicate gift from you is it not?"

Lord Shinichi's face turned red, I have no idea if that was from embarrassment or from anger, but I'll bet my finger it was the latter, "Ye-yes my liege!" he said bowing and taking two of the luggages from me then he went on and I followed.

I had the widest smirk on my face that day. Being a gift to the ruler of the dominant realm has its own perks.


We were arranging my luggages at the back of the wide carriage that the Lord Conqueror will use to travel back to her palace. Well that was Lord Shinichi watching three well muscled soldiers stack my bags one after the other while I try not to get too close with him. I was happy that way but Lord Shinichi decided to keep my found happiness short lived. He stepped near me and forcefully held my right arm.

"You think you've actually gotten away Shizuru?" He asked, anger visible in his cold eyes, "Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was for me to be seen by everyone in the kingdom to be carrying your filthy luggages out of the palace?"

"I'm sorry…"

He pulled me hard towards him again and his hold on my wrist had become harder that it hurts, "And you think I didn't know that you were smiling all the way from my bureau to here?"

I was to answer but we were interrupted. Thank you Shinso-sama for this intervention.

"I do believe you are hurting the woman," A female soldier with blonde hair said as she walked towards us. She was tall, almost as tall as me but her body was built like one of the soldiers. Not that she was all muscled like them, she was all curvy on the right parts but you could feel the strength she was emanating.

"And you would be?" Lord Shinichi asked with disdain in his voice, he didn't let go of my hand.

"Unhand the woman right now before I forgot myself and shove this sword in your mouth." The blonde woman said, her voice was full of warning and we both knew she was not jesting the angry advisor.

Lord Shinichi let go of me but that was after another soldier woman arrived, this one was taller than the two of us and has black hair cut like boy's and she was charmingly attractive. She was wearing that bright smile on her face. "Having boys trouble General Haruka?"

The blonde soldier she called Haruka looked at the newly arrived soldier, "I was just telling this man to unhand the female." The soldier was frowning at the newly arrived one.

"Oh forgive my manners," The black haired one said bowing before me, she took my hand and kissed it.

"You filthy animal!" Lord Shinichi shouted, his eyes were wide with anger and disdain.

The black haired woman just smiled and stopped the fuming blond from attacking Lord Shinichi. "Forgive my rudeness Lord Shinichi is it?" she said smiling dangerously, "But I can't help myself especially when I am in front of such a beautiful woman. I wonder though if you would call the Lord Conqueror that if she was the one here kissing the hand of your own servant?" She doesn't need to use brute force to actually silence Lord Shinichi. I like her. She looked at me and bowed before, "Harada Chie, Captain of Windbloom First infantry Battallion." (2)


"Shizuru if I am not mistaken?"

"You soldiers leave her alone!" Lord Shinichi was fuming.

"Why? So you can hurt her more?" The blonde one, Haruka if I remember correctly said.

"What I do to my servant isn't your business!"

"Oh but she is our business now since you have given her to the Lord Conqueror as a bequest, isn't that right?" Captain Chie Harada said smiling, "And anything that belongs to our Queen is our business. Therefore, she…" She pointed a finger at me, "…Is our business."

Whatever it was that Lord Shinichi was to answer was halted when Queen Natsuki with Queen Fumi arrived at the scene.

"I see, so you two have met my trusted members of the combat commission," Queen Natsuki started and then placed her right arm over General Haruka and her left arm over Captain Harada, "This," she said patting the blond woman's shoulder, "…is my older sister Suzushiro Haruka, she serves as a General of my army." Queen Natsuki looked proud of her. "And this…"

"I've already introduced myself to them." Captain Chie said.

"I guessed that," she said laughing. Who would have thought the beast of warzone actually laughs? I then looked at Lord Shinichi whose face now was pale…sick pale.

"Are you alright Shinichi?" Queen Fumi asked him and he nodded his head, I think it was just right for him to stay quiet at this time.

"I believe we have made the proper arrangement Queen Fumi." Queen Natsuki said before another soldier came and handed her the bridle for her black horse. Queen Natsuki rode his stallion with ease and the two female soldiers followed suit by riding their own horses.

Queen Fumi pulled me into a hug before she led me to the carriage and one soldier helped me in. "Be well Shizuru, don't forget to write me."

"I will my queen."

Both queens bowed their heads in respect with each other before Queen Natsuki ordered for the group to move on. Now I am alone in the carriage, alone with my thoughts, assumptions and fears…should I hand the scroll to the Lord Conqueror?

If my queen trusted her, should I trust her as well?

-End Chapter 4-

1- I can't think of a swear word for him…I know it's inappropriate with time, settings and the like but hey…this is supposed to be a story with king and queen story but with new age slangs? (Hey they did it with Xena! Why can't I?)

2- I'm writing this here in Abu dhabi where there's no internet so I can't research on old army terms, so for the ease of writing, I will use new army titles. No centurions or whatever! Besides they ain't roman soldiers! LOL. II'm keeping this cause despite me not in AUH I still didn't research ehehehe)

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