Story: Lord Conqueror (chapter 3)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 3


III. And the Fates had Woven a Tale…

In my entire service as the Queen of the Dominant Realm, if I am neither in a war nor in a battle within my castle ground, I am usually passive. I don't meddle with my people's quandary; I usually let my advisors or the head of each settlement to work out each individual's problem and will only intervene if the problem is too big for each head to work on.

But that day…

Queen Fumi had been very pleasant, after our small chatter and her subtle way of putting a blush on my face with her "prophesying" my near future, she offered to show me around the palace. It was a very nice offer coming from the leader of a kingdom who had just been conquered. Even the mild mannered King Tokiha Takumi of Zippang had let his right hand Okuzaki Akira to tour me in his dominion. It was an agreeable tour if you discount the number of slaves that seemed to have developed a sudden interest in me. Giggling girls and adoring children…I wonder how Fuuka was before the war if the people even after being trounced had manifested such reactions.

After showing me Fuuka's garrison and meeting the remaining soldiers who despite their beatings still showed their valiance and professionalism, I asked Queen Fumi to show me their slave chambers. From Windbloom it has come as news that of all the realms, it has been known that Fuuka had the best maid chambers; that Fuuka had the most consideration when it comes to their servants. And it was disturbing that this consideration had made these slaves act violent towards each other.

We were still far from the main chamber when we heard the commotion, my ears perked because it was not a normal occurrence in my palace for servants to turn against each other. In my palace, any servants who had acted unbecoming of their status are either put to the dungeon or beheaded depending on the weight of their transgression. I was eager to see what it was all about, because things like this is amusing to me. I wasn't always the queen or the Lord Conqueror, I was once a kid raised in a pig farm by an unrelated couple who 'apparently' found me as a child on a street almost dying and I grew up with other three kids that I had adopted as my own sisters, so brawls was never new to me but it had been seasons since I have seen one.

No one in this dominion would dare brawl with their Lord Conqueror and live to tell about it.

Queen Fumi hurried to the place and worry overcomes her face, I had no idea why the sudden change in her mood, these are servants…who care about them?

But it was like a cold ice was suddenly poured unto me when there at the vacant lot was the servant that had caught my attention and 5 other female servants were over her and ready to give her a pain she most certainly do not deserve.

"I don't think I have any choice here, no matter what I say I'll get it." The female servant in the chamber with crimson colored eyes said. She was sprawled on the ground, her still mostly uncovered body was open for the rest of the kingdom to see, and her flesh were marred by dirt by being pushed down, and yet there she was looking at the five women who was to hurt her with defiance in her eyes.

"You are good," A woman servant with almond eyes and black hair said with her hand ready to slap the servant now sprawled on the ground while one servant who I assumed to be female despite her short, spiky blonde hair were holding a wrist and, there were three other servants surrounding them, absolutely there to make sure the cornered servant can't escape "Then it won't be any harder for us since you know what you're going to get."

I don't know what comes over me, but I cannot let this happen…this could not go on. Queen Fumi's jaw probably dropped when before she could even say a word to stop her subordinates, I was there walking fast towards the group.

I was not known to be the ice princess for nothing. "And what is she going to get?" I asked icily, my green eyes darkened as if a cloud of darkness had overcome my being and I saw the servants looked at me with fear in their eyes. The wolf within me had been aroused and it begged for blood.

Servant's blood,

"Lord Conqueror!" Everyone except the crimson eyed servant had called but all of them bowed before me.

When the beast within calls, there's no saying who can stop it, how it will stop, when will it stop or what happens after it stop. A lot of times, I'm not in control of my body anymore. The wolf's soul within me is there for two purposes, revenge and blood. At this moment I knew Kuga Natsuki is no more…I can't believe that it only takes one servant to trigger such intense emotion to let the wild beast out. I was there for the kill…whether they are bowing to me in respect or not and the look in their eyes knew it.

"Lord Conqueror…" Queen Fumi finally found her voice but the beast was out and I was there watching and can't do anything. I stepped closer and closer and the servants have no idea where to go. Stand and flee then they shall die, stay and they still die.

"Please…" I stopped…no the beast stopped my body from making that move that will take the lives of these innocent women, "I…we were…"

I was stunned as I watch the beast crawl back to its place. I closed my eyes and when I opened it, I saw the feeling of relief washed over each servant's eyes. The crimson eyed one in front of me kneeling and begging.

How can one woman arouse and at the same time tame a beast that hasn't been restrained before? It was a puzzle to me and I think it showed with the way I looked at her. "What is your name…" I was supposed to add the word slave but I feel awkward saying it.

She looked up from her bowed position at me and for a second our eyes met I knew I was in for something. I could clearly feel my nerves getting alive in that few moments her crimson met my emeralds, I could feel the beast's lust engulf me. Her body now well open for my eyes to feast and it ignites the beast more. Then she withdrew her eyes and returned to bowing before she spoke, "Shizuru Lord Conqueror,"

Her voice was like a balm that soothed me within. I didn't have any idea that I would react this strong to a woman…I don't want to sound mean but to feel that to a slave to boot! I took a deep breath, didn't say a word and just looked at the five servants who were supposed to hurt Shizuru. "I will let this pass for now, but put it in your minds that starting today this kingdom where you all belonged to will be my protectorate and in swearing fealty to me, my law shall also be followed, hence, this day forth, any action unbecoming of servants will be dealt with accordingly." I said before turning around to leave.

Truth be told, I wanted to take Shizuru away from these savage females but the leader in me wanted to show the others that I am a fair conqueror.

"Thank you Lord Conqueror," The five servants said in unison.

I had my back at them when I replied, "don't thank me, thank Shizuru…she just saved your necks from being cut today." I finished and walked away.


It has been more than 30 minutes now since the nerve rocking revelation earlier at the training ground. I had been toured around the servant chambers and I was really amazed how well they are. Servants in this kingdom are well cared for. I have to excuse myself though when we arrived at the meeting chamber where Queen Fumi's advisors have congregated.

10 minutes later after I excused myself, I was thrown into a loop when I heard from the slightly ajar door Queen Fumi and head Advisor Fujino Shinichi were having a heated discussion.

"You can't just decide on something like that! After all you are only my head advisor!" Queen Fumi said and the anger on face was something foreign to my eyes. Not that I knew her for long.

"You probably forgot my Queen that if not for me you wouldn't even be queen." My eyes narrowed at the way he talked down at this benevolent woman. How dare he.

"I never forget who you are Shinichi, but it also was not my doing that you are where you are right now." I sighed, there must be a big story behind this kingdom…if not at least between this two.

"Shizuru is a slave, I can do to her whatever it pleases me!" And there were my eyes narrowed more. How dare he try to touch my Shizuru!

"She is not just any slave Shinichi! She is of your flesh and blood!" Queen Fumi was close to hysterics I could feel. And Shizuru is the advisor's daughter?

"She is not my blood! There is no way I can father a child of a servant!"

"Shinichi until now! You're still denying this after all the proof that Shizuru is your daughter!"

"She is not my daughter!" I have no other recourse but to barge in that caused the two bickering people to stop and looked at me chastised.

"Well…I didn't know that such a meek Queen have some bite in her," I said then looked at the advisor for explanation.

"I have nothing to explain,"

"Yes you do," I said icily and the fear I knew once again surfaced this time on the advisor's face that now tells me that indeed he looks very much like Shizuru except for the crimson colored eyes. "What did you do to Shizuru?" I think Queen Fumi and Fujino had lost their tongues at my simple question, "I am waiting and I hate waiting."

"Lord Conqueror!" Fujino Shinichi kneeled before me his head low on the ground, "I…I know this is forward of me but I have decided to give her to you as a present!"

And that announcement I think just made me lost mine.

-End Chapter 3-

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