Story: Lord Conqueror (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Mai HiME (Too bad huh?)

Summary: The conqueror has conquered all…or did she? SHIZNAT!

Warning: Love between two consenting females, adult scenes and crude language, low angst, low violence level, alternate universe. 18 years and above readers only (as if you lot follows this warning!)




Aye…you there, if you are reading this, that means it's either I lost this damn..errr…what the hell does she calls this? Ah…oh yes, scroll… so yeah you! If you are reading this damn scroll that means its either I lost this stupid thing or I am dead cause you are still alive and reading through this. You may think that I am insane for actually writing something as stupid and as inconsequential as this, but give me the chance to explain. Okay, so you can't do anything anyway cause whether you like it or not I will write what I want and you will read it because I am your Lord Conqueror, and to demand an explanation or to voice out protest would mean an instantaneous death.

Going through my explanation, you are correct, you have not misread anything, I AM YOUR LORD CONQUEROR, I CONQUERED THE WHOLE OF WINDBLOOM FROM NOTHING AND HAD EXTENDED MY POWER TO REMUS, ROMULUS, ARTAI, CALDAIR, ARIES, ZIPANG and had extended even further to FUUKA. So you might be asking what is my business in writing a stupid thing like this? I should have my own scribe to do this, but no…here I am writing what's going on in my head and in my surrounding.

This is because "she" asked me.

I know you won't believe me, because everyone in this existence knew who and what I am, and for someone…for some woman to command me to do such a foolish thing isn't me, but as you can see, I maybe your conqueror…but she was mine.

Oh…your eyes are falling off from its socket boy! Keep your lids shut or suffer the consequence! (Bwahahaha – Okay I can't help writing that one), I am saying the truth though. The conqueror has finally been conquered.

I. The Fates Must Be Laughing

It has been three weeks after I lead my army to battle the stronghold of Fuuka. After the last rally, and conquering the vast land of Zipang, and after its king, King Takumi Tokiha had swore fealty to me, my men's adrenaline were still on a rise and planted this illusion in my head that as vast as our army was, we could take Fuuka without difficulty, and my men were right. Taking Fuuka was easy as saying one, two and three in my language. Fuuka despite having strong fighters has no machination that I have, the same machinations the kingdom of Romulus and Remus had used against my army and was now in my command. Fuuka probably having a Queen though instead of a King might also be the reason for its weak offense. Well, don't get me wrong, I am also a Queen…but my subjects had stopped treating me as one because I was never one in the first place. I am but who I am, THE CONQUEROR, THE VANQUISHER, THE WARRIOR, their PALADIN.

"This place is neat." I said to the man beside me. He was Fuuka's head advisor and cousin to the queen. I looked at him and wonder how well maintained his clothes were. His hair was well comb and no wind could probably put it out of place. His hands looked soft and his fingers were well trimmed.

"The palace has been cleaned to make it pleasurable for your arrival My Liege," he said bowing his head before me as he uttered the words.

I nodded in understanding and looked ahead. "Your queen has sent me a message and her message said she is ready to swear fealty to me," I looked at him again, "Did I get the right message?"I raise one eyebrow indicating that I wanted to know his name.

"Shinichi Fujino My Liege," he offered and smiled, "And yes My Liege, you received the right message, our Queen is ready to swear fealty to you." He said with a straight voice. It amazes me that a man at my disposal, someone who knows that in a blink of an eye I could separate his head from his body would talk so calmly to me as if I am but just a regular soldier.

I stopped walking and faced him, "You are not afraid of me?" I asked in bewilderment

Shinichi smiled, "Being not afraid of you is such an inane concept. Everyone of us knew who you were, we knew what you are capable of, so it's not a question if I am or if I am not afraid of you My Liege." He answered which caused my brows to hike further up.

"And yet here you are talking to me so calmly."

He looked me in the eye, "It has been written." He said, smiled and continued walking to the palace throne-room.

"Has been written?" I asked and followed him

"We are to be taken over by a woman, our ultimate queen." He answered again

I laughed. These people were insane, it has been written that they will be taken over by a Queen and yet they have a Queen to run them before. So what's the difference?

"Queen Fumi was our queen by blood," he said without me prompting, "The oracle says that Fuuka will flourish more under the banner of a Queen who has not been born to royalty." He looked back at me, "And you are not a true blue blooded Queen My Liege."

Should I feel disrespected by that claim? Should I stop here, take my dagger out, pull his tongue and cut it off? I shook my head no, and I affirmed his words, I am not in the mood to make a meal of someone right now, "And yet you let men die instead of just surrendering early on."

He stopped walking and I stopped as well, "Not all of us are convinced that it would be better for Fuuka to be under someone who has no real connection to a throne. Oracles are just that, an uncertain reading of future…we have to try to do what we think was right."

"And the right thing to do is to throw your soldiers to die before you all realize that the oracle might have truth in it?" I watched him nod his head.

"It was our truth." He said and then once again continued on walking. He led us to a large, wooden double door. The doors bearing the insignia of Fuuka and on both sides were Fuuka's flag regally hanging on two gold plated poles. "The Flags will be brought down immediately…"

"I'll settle that one Shinichi, I want this negotiation to take place first, the minute things could be dealt with later." I said and he nodded his agreement. He nodded at the two standing guards outside the door and it was opened to reveal a very nice throne room. The hall was made up of tall pillars that were supporting the stoop above. Then in front, at the end of the long hall was the throne and on the throne sat a woman with pink hair and friendly smile.

"It is nice to finally meet you Queen Natsuki or should I call you Lord Conqueror?" The Queen stood and met me down the stairs of her throne.

"It is nice to meet you as well Queen Fumi, call me whatever floats your boat," I said and returned the friendly smile. She then looked at Shinichi and the man bowed before us and hurriedly exited the throne room.

"It was three very long weeks," Queen Fumi started and waved her hand signaling me to go up to the throne. She walked behind me and when we at last reached the chair of royalty, Queen Fumi gave way and stood at the smaller one beside the large central throne. "I have sent a message that my Kingdom shall swear fealty to you and in return…"

"Your kingdom shall have my protection and that in time of distress, your kingdom can trust that I will be there." I completed her thoughts.

Queen Fumi smiled again and urged me to take my place in the throne and I did. "My concern is my people, I have done a big mistake by agreeing to my advisors to take arms against your formidable army Queen Natsuki, and we have paid our price. A lot has been lost in only three sevendays, supplies, coins, lives…we have sacrificed a lot without knowing the consequence." I looked at her sad facial expression, that expression that has replaced the kind, friendly smile. "I am not worth to be their Queen."


"We all make judgments based on what we think were right, and not everyone wins." I smiled 'cause deep inside I know, that when I go to battle, I make sure that I win because I just hate losing. "In the end, you still won Queen Fumi. You are now under me and in my rule, everyone is taken cared of…" My speech was cut short when the castle's servants came in carrying trays of Fuuka's finest wine and great smelling foods. I have been eating war rations for three weeks and the smell of real foods made my stomach growl, but it's not enough to impede my tongue from speaking…

The third servant to come caught my aware.

Her hair was chestnut brown and glows when it was hit by the rays of the sun, her skin looks soft and white compared to her very pale complexion. But what took me was those pair of crimson eyes that met mine, it was what I noticed the most despite them meeting mine for just a couple of seconds before she nervously looked away. She laid a tray full of roasted lamb in front of me and before I realized it, I was following her every movement until she disappeared from the room.

I looked at the Queen beside me and caught her smiling suggestively at me, "Great treat. I'm starving." I said before I ravish the food in front of me. I could feel my face heat up, caught leering on one of the castle's servant.


The music started and though the music was meant to be danced, there was no one in the room to do so. Well who would? You have just been conquered, you have lost a lot of lives, lost a lot of livestock and here you are feeding the monster who had killed your countrymen. Probably majority of those who died in the short-lived war had families in this very palace and they are not in any celebratory mood. Who would fault them?

"Someone caught your fancy Lord Conqueror?" Queen Fumi said breaking my internal musing. She was looking at me wearing a smile so different from the former ones she gave me, her smile said that she found some kind of weakness in me and I hate the thought of giving away hints like that to anyone, despite the queen swearing fealty to me and that I could kill her right at this moment and no one would even know, it still made me feel uneasy that something like libido gave me away. I smiled at the kind Queen but did not reply instead I focused on eating my meal. "You know Lord Conqueror, I maybe a weak queen but my uncanny ability to see through people astounds even my most elder advisor. They even say I might have a gift from the oracle herself."

I stopped eating and looked at the queen, "So tell me Queen Fumi, what do you see in me? How do you see me? Let's not go with what kind of a leader I am or what kind of a ruler I am, tell me something other people don't know?"

Queen Fumi looked at me then she smiled and then leaned towards me to whisper, "No matter how tough you act Lord Conqueror, no matter how brusque you look like to others, no matter how others saw you as someone who have insatiable libido, I can see that up until now, you Lord Conqueror is still a virgin."

I looked at Queen Fumi with my jaws dropping wide.

-end chapter 1-

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