Story: Hard Scratch (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: The set up

[Author's notes: Hold on a tick....]

The two ponies trotted along with their loads behind them, when the white DJ pony cleared her throat.

"Hey Applejack..., are you going to the party with anyone?" Vinyl Scratch asked lightly as Applejack grinned over at her.

"Ya' askin' me ta' go wit' ya'?" The white unicorn blushed, shaking her head as the orange mare trotted teasingly.

"No, I-I-I was just curious, I'm sorry I asked." Vinyl felt silly now as she shut up.

"Hey don' go feelin' bad, ya' goin' find somemare to bunk wit' tonight I'm sure of it." The two ponies looked at each other as Scratch wasn't sure what Apple Jack ment by "bunk wit'" but whatever it meant she was going to be doing it too.

"We're here." The two mares came to the top of a hill and looked up to see Rainbow dash fly down from her floating house.

"It's about time you two, we got to get setup, everyone will be here soon! Ohhhh where's Twilight sparkle?!" Dash's voice was rushed like most of her mannerism's as she continued to look around for the other pony.

"I'm right here Rainbow dash, calm down." The purple unicorn strolled up to the small group of mares, smiling brightly as Dash sighed exhaustedly.

"Awesome! Now magic up the hooch, Applejack and Vinyl Scratch so we can get started!" The cyan Pegasus danced around wildly in the air, impatient as always.

"You don't have to be so bossy." Twlight turned to the wagon as her horn lit up and pointed it at the bottles. The jugs started to float as Rainbow gathered a few and flew them to her home. The purple mare then turned to Vinyl and moved closer too her.

"Ok, now hold still." Her horn glowed again as Applejack smirked and bumped the DJ's hind end. Spooked, the white unicorn's horn lit up too as she flew forward and suddenly got stuck to Twlight's horn. The sudden move caught both unicorns off guard as they tried to pull themselves apart, but the more they pulled the closer their faces became.

"Ya'll some friendly ponies ain't ya?!" Applejack laughed loudly as Vinyl's lips were forced to Twilight's. Scratch's glasses fell hapharazdedly on her face as the purple mare blushed wildly looking into her magna colored-eyes.

"Hey you two, enough of that!" Dash floated back down as Twilight tilted her mouth to the side.

"I-I-I didn't do anything Applejack bumped Vinyl and then...."

"You started making out with Scratch I saw, I didn't think you liked mares like that Twilight?" Dash teased lightly as Twilight sparkle broke free and zapped Rainbow's ass with a shock.

"You're not funny, I'm sorry Vinyl let's try this again." The purple pony pointed her horn at Vinyl as Applejack kicked Twilight this time, causing the two unicorns horns and lips to lock again,

"Applejack!!!" Twilight sparkle sided her face as Vinyl didn't even move this time. Dash laughed into her hooves as she floated into Vinyl's vison, smirking.

"Ohhhh Twilight you bad little pony, twice in one day." Vinyl looked at Applejack then Rainbow Dash as they both looked down on the purple unicorn, who looked to the ground shamefully, hooves spladed.

"Why do you have to be so mean about it?" Sparkle asked sadly as her eyes filled with tears.

"Vinyl ain't goin' wit' anypony, why don' ya ask her?" Apple smirked offhandedly as Twilight looked at Vinyl hopefully.

"I-I-I have to work tonight and I try not to mix business and... pleasure." Scratch said shyly as Twilight nodded woefully and took off running. Vinyl looked over at Apple and Dash as they shrugged and smiled.

"Don't worry, she's just playing coy, she'll be back in 5-4-3-2-1 ..." Dash grinned at the orange mare as Twilight sparkle trodded back slowly.

"Sorry." Twilight raised her horn quickly as she cast her cloud-walking spell on Vinyl and Applejack and then took off again.

"Come on you two, we got work to do!" The two mares rose from the ground as Rainbow Dash hurried them into her floating home.

Half an hour later.

"I think that's everything." Apple grinned at Dash, finishing her setup at the bar and poured a couple of shots.

"How about you Vinyl?" Dash yelled up at her balcony as Scratch popped her head up from behind her Dj equipment and nodded.

"Fancy some of granny smith's ass-kickin' hard cider?" Dash smiled at Vinyl and nodded back as she turned to the orange earth mare, who pushed a shot in front.

"You read my mind, hey Vinyl put some music on will ya'!" The white unicorn nodded as her sound system blared to life.

The electronika sounded beautiful as it reverberated off the cloudy house. Applejack poured another round of shots as she looked up lustfully at Rainbow dash.

"Fancy shakin' ya' hind-end for a bit?" Dash knew Apple was just dying to put on a show for Vinyl as she nodded mischievously.

Srcatch kept herself busy with her records and playlists as the Pegasus and Earth pony suddenly caught her eye. The two moved sexily to the middle of the dance floor as the white unicorn looked on with pure curiosity. Their body's moved sensually to the beat as Vinyl was glad her sunglasses covered her staring eyes.

Dash looked into Apple's eyes as they both knew they had Scratch's attention. The Pegasus moved her body closer the earth pony's as the two began to grind into one another. Vinyl couldn't or didn't want to look away as she felt her back legs tremble at the taboo sight.

"Ohhhh no."

Vinyl's hind-end started to stir as Applejack started to nibble on the Pegasus's neck, causing Dash to moan aloud.

"Cheeky pony!" Dash twisted her neck back and bit Applejack's ear.

"Ooohhh so that's how ya' wanna play!" Apple darted to Rainbow's hind-end and bit her ass. The two started to nip each other as Apple shouldered Dash to the dance floor. Vinyl felt something wet run down her tight flower petals as a gasp escape her lips. The two ponies began to roll on the floor as they both flipped their tails wildy, flashing off their wet crotches.

Apple suddenly pinned Dash to the soft floor and kissed her struggling mouth. Dash took kindly to Apple's invasive lips as she shifted their bodies so Scratch had a perfect view of their hind ends.

"A bit much don't you think?" Dash gasped breathlessly as Applejack smiled wildly and leaned in closely.

"Don't go playin' coy wit' me...(Ding-dong)" The door bell sounded off as both girls paused.

It’s partytime!!!” Dash slid out from Applejack and headed for the door as the orange pony looked up at Vinyl and winked hotly, causing the white pony to blush.

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