Story: Rainbow Spite (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: I had to purge my head of this, it was unrelenting.]

"Mmmmm so gooood..." Rainbow dash moaned as she rolled over on her cloud bed with a lustful smile. She was dreaming about the little philly Scotaloo again, but this time it was much more...

The little orange Pegasus’s front and hind hooves were chained down to the floor, bent over a steel bar that ran under her stomach, forcing her hindquarters up. A black bridle wrapped her cute face and muzzle which were wet with tears and spittle as her soft blank flanks were welted with angry red streaks.

"Uhhhh D-Dash, please s-stop!" Scotaloo whimpered over her shoulder to the rainbow-haired mare behind her, holding a riding crop high in the air.

"I don't think so kiddo, I'm going to whip them cute little blank flanks until you scream bloody murder." Rainbow dash slowly shook her head with a vicious grin as her whip came down again and again.

"AHHHH NOOOO!!!" The younger Pegasus hips bucked wildly as she tried to evade the black kain, leathering her cute ass unrelentingly. Dash felt a hot wetness dibble down her inner thighs as she adored every shriek the young philly made.

"What do we have here...?" Rainbow paused for a moment as she used her crop to prod Scotaloo's warm maw. "You're little philly pie is all dirty, I better clean you up." Unknown to the smaller Pegasus, the brutal whipping had caused her gap to start dripping as Rainbow dash started to lick the younger mare's moist flower, causing Scotaloo to blush wildly.

"D-Dash..." Scotaloo whined quietly as her hind legs danced up and down, while her idol licked her petals longingly. The orange Pegasus’s tail flapped wildly in the air as Dash nuzzled deeper between her lower folds. The younger Pegasus’s wings slowly rose as she had a little wing-boner.

"What's wrong kid?" Dash leaned back, smiling as she suddenly forced her other front hoof into Scota's tiny button and continued to tongue her roughly.

"Uhhhh D-Dash! Something's c-coming!?!" Scotaloo cried out as Dash drilled her faster and clopped her harder, thinking the young philly was ready to make milk... Unfortunately it wasn't the case.

All of sudden Scotaloo's wings and body tensed up...

"Hey! What the hell kid!?!" Dash threw her head back as hot urine hit her face.

"I'm soorrryyyy!" Scotaloo struggled around in her restrains as she couldn't stop peeing or adjust her aim.

"I guess I should jus' punish you again." Rainbow didn't even let Scotaloo finish urinating as she started to whip the embarrassed philly again. The blue Pegasus bit onto Scotaloo's mane and jerked it back, straining the cutie crusader's neck.

"P-Please Dash, I-I-I didn't m-mean!" The orange pony cried as the pain in her neck grew intently. Dash released her harshly as a deep lust-filled her eyes.

"I going to screw you so hard, your foals are going to be born bruised." Rainbow grinned meanly as she let her hoof drifted over the red welts again.

"Uhhhh Dash?" The blue Pegasus shook her head as the philly’s voice suddenly changed. Ignoring it, she continued rubbing when she suddenly felt something lick her face. In two blinks, Scotaloo was free and standing face to face with Dash, licking her face.

"Hey kid stop it! that tickles!" The philly's licks continued as Dash thrashed around and woke up suddenly. Panting wildly, a face slowly came into view, then a voice.

"I'm sorry to wake you Rainbow dash..., but you were talking in your sleep." It was Fluttershy, smiling shyly as Dash gulped.

What had she heard?

Dash relaxed alittle as she remembered she hadn't said anypony's name and Fluttershy was quite naive when it came to...


"D-Did anypony hear me?" Rainbow whispered softly as her sight drifted downward. She saw her hoof between her hind legs and suddenly jerked it away.

"Bad itch?" Fluttershy smiled with a blush as Dash just nodded and wiped her hoof quietly.

"It's not what you think..." Dash began to explain as a familiar voice yelled aloud.

"Yahoooo!!!" Scotaloo laughed crazily as she flew down the street below the two older ponies on her scooter. Dash rolled over on her cloud quickly as she crawled to the edge of it and glared down at the orange philly.

"Sco-ta-loo..." Dash whispered lightly, flexing her hind legs sensational as Fluttershy watched every muscle tense and loosen in her friend's butt, begging for attention.

"Uhhhh Dash...?" Fluttershy tried to speak as she continued stared between Rainbow’s back legs which were bent and spread now.

"Today's the day!" The younger philly yelled as she ramped off a picnic table, picking up speed. Rainbow dash watched dreamily as she put a hoofs under her chin and sighed. Fluttershy swallowed deeply as her fellow philly's flower began to drip drip.

"Uhhhh no..." The yellow pesgus's wings began to stiffen and rise as she began her struggle to control her wing-boner. Dash's wings were in the same state, but she wasn't fighting it at all.

"I wonder..." The philly disappeared in the distance as Dash started to make a plan to bump into her sometime soon. The blue Pegasus turned slowly as she saw Fluttershy dancing around trying to make her wings go down.

"Fluttershy?!?" Dash quickly covered herself coyly with her wings as Fluttershy blushed, looking away.

"Y-Your d-dripping..." The shy Pegasus stuttered as Dash glared at her.

"You phillvert!" Rainbow dash barked lightly as Fluttershy bowed down with her hooves in front of her, looking between them.

"I'm really s-s-sorry..." Flutter cried softly to the cloud beneath her.

Rainbow's mind flashed back to her dream as she slowly got up.

"No you're not...." Dash grinned wildly as she slowly rounded the bowing pony. The yellow philly whimpered weakly as Dash ran her muzzle across her friend's hind side.

"You were watchin' me, weren't ya?" Dash accused playfully as she worked her way back to her friend's hot bud. Shy trembled all over as she was about to be found out.

"You're one to talk! You’re drippin' all over my cloud Fluttershy!" The yellow Pegasus raised her butt into the air as she squeezed her eyes shut.

"Such a naughty little pony... now cover your mouth." Fluttershy quickly did what she was asked as Dash suddenly bit her bottom hard.

"AHHHH!!!" Shy moaned loudly into her hoof as the pain rifled through her yellow frame. Dash bit her again as tears formed in Fluttershy's eyes this time.

"Dash I-I-I'm sorry...AHHHH!!!" More bites in different places caused Shy to sweat and shudder under Rainbow's teeth as she started to taste her salty tears. Dash nibbled all around her friend’s pretty yellow gap as her clear fluid soaked her pussy lips.

"Bad little pony." Dash whispered with a chomp as she loved every cry and whimper exiting Fluttershy's cute little mouth.

"Your drippin' everywhere Fluttershy, you must really like being bit." The yellow Pegasus wetness started to fall to the cloud below her as Rainbow started biting her harder.

"AHHHH!!!" Fluttershy suddenly cried out as Dash hushed her loudly.

"Hey keep it down will ya'?" Shy nodded with a tiny sob as her poor hind-end throbbed painfully now.

"Uhhhh Dash, something's coming..." Shy groaned weakly as the blue Pegasus’s eyes widened.

"Oh no you don't!" Dash suddenly hopped up on Fluttershy’s hind-end and pushed it into the cloud as the yellow Pegasus yelped wildly and started peeing into it.

The cloud soaked up the pee as a grey cross-eyed pony slowly trotted down the road below. The urine fall through the cloud as a few drops hit Derpy Hooves in the face. Looking up, a huge splatter of yellow rain fell on her. The strange Pegasus continued to look up as she smiled and licked her lips.

"It's raining lemonade!!!"

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