Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 9)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 9

Title: Act 9

[Author's notes: The maid finally embraces her mistress, Shirli and Sharla enjoy even more exotic sex games, and Shishu dress up like a sexy nurse.]

“If I may, Lady Linthiri…your daughter really did leave the table in a terrible hurry…” Shishu said as she helped herself to a piece of potato, Linthiri simply smiling to herself, looking at the wine in her glass.

“She is young, Miss Shishu; the young can’t sit still for long before they need to be off on endeavors…and Shinris Herself knows what else must be going on in that girl’s mind…” Linthiri rolled her eyes, looking at Shishu; “…but what, exactly, did you do to my daughter?”

“…She was a little shy at first, which is, well, if you pardon me, cute, considering she’s a virgin…” Shishu caught herself blushing slightly; “…but I just did my best to make it as comfortable as possible for her; she even smiled most of the time.”

“And that other one…Zithih, was it? Did she contribute anything?” Linthiri asked, pointing her fork at Shishu, who began chuckling to herself.

“Zithih is erotic like few, but harmless…unless she’s drunk, in which case she fawns over and falls asleep on the largest pair of breasts she can find!” Shishu giggled, Linthiri joining in.

“I heard about her offering her ‘customers’ to lick off precious drinks from her naked body…how indecent…” Linthiri shoke her head; “…a good courtesan would at least show dignity and her customer some more worthiness.”

“Not to go behind her back, but…I’m not much for saying this, but when it comes to sex, I would call Zithih a slut; she enjoys it, even if she’s not paid a single shinri…” Shishu said, Linthiri lifting an eyebrow.

“I see, and she serviced my daughter along with you?” Linthiri asked, Shishu nodding.

“She…sort of tried to molest Arinna, but I held her back…for as long as I could…” Shishu said, giving Linthiri a guilty smile; “…I couldn’t get myself to stop her from tickling Arinna; she sounded like she loved it.”

“My daughter really sounds like a sly minx…maybe you two might come in handy at another time, Miss Shishu…” Linthiri thoughtfully nipped a few drops of wine from her glass, putting it down.

“Mi-Miss Arinna! I, I’ve never felt like this before! Ah-h-h-h-h!” Kyrie moaned, Arinna smiling as she sat atop her, holding a small bottle with a copper-colored fluid inside it.

“Take it easy, it’s just a little oil…” Arinna easily poured a small amount of oil into her hand, letting the cold fluid unto Kyrie’s exposed breasts, the younger shin’saras girl whimpering meekly.

“Easy, there, now we can really enjoy ourselves…” Arinna smiled, lying atop Kyrie, stroking her hair; “…when Miss Shishu and Miss Zithih played with me, I discovered that sex is not just about molesting your partner: It’s about having a good time.”

“But, Miss Arinna…I’ve had fantasies where I-…” Kyrie began weakly, Arinna simply smiling at her.

“Come on, I’m not so surprised at that…or, am I? Do I look attractive to you?” Arinna asked, Kyrie blinking at first confused, then nodding eagerly.

“You are, Miss Arinna! Beautiful hair, gorgeous body, clear eyes, perfect breasts…oh-h-h, I really hate mine…” Kyrie whimpered; “…they’re so big, and they get in the way when I dust off.”

“These?? They’re perfect, Kyrie…” Arinna lightly grabbed around Kyrie’s breasts, snuggling her nose against them; “…Kyrie, if I lay down, can you stroke them over my face?”

“O-OK, Miss Arinna…” Kyrie said uncertainly, Arinna leaning down, Kyrie slowly crawling over her, hearing Arinna giggle as Kyrie stroke her breasts over her face.

“Arinna, are you in there…?” a voice suddenly came from the door, Linthiri stepping in, looking in surprise as she found her daughter and maid naked on the maid’s bed.

“Y-You dare to-…??” Linthiri’s face folded in an angry snarl, Shishu stepping up behind her, looking over the scenario.

“No, mother! Kyrie isn’t doing anything wrong…” Arinna said as her head popped out from between Kyrie’s breasts, Linthiri folding her arms.

“I paid you a courtesan, and as soon as you are done, you go and sleep with a servant girl??” Linthiri asked impatiently, Shishu lightly tapping her shoulder.

“Excuse me, Lady Linthiri, but I think I can explain…” Shishu said; “…see, when Arinna came to me and Zithih, she was insecure and shy about having sex; after we were done, it’s no real wonder your daughter would enjoy herself with girls around her own age.”

“But Kyrie is a maid! It isn’t fitting for a noble lady to fool around with a servant…” Linthiri tapped her foot in clear impatience at the two girls, Kyrie sitting up on her bed, Arinna, Shishu and Linthiri surprised as she was heavily sobbing.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Lady Linthiri! I knew it was wrong, and I was so afraid of being caught, but-…-but I’m a virgin! I always got bullied until I got work here, and your daughter is so kind to me! I, I’m a twisted girl, Lady Linthiri!”

“…What are you saying, child…?? Are you telling me this…affection from my daughter simply stems from her being kind to you…” Linthiri gestured towards Arinna; “…when I saw you two, I was afraid you would turn out to be some no-good scum and leech simply out to sleep with my daughter so you could brag of it!”

“Mother! That’s heartless!” Arinna raised her voice, pulling the surprised Kyrie into a hug.

“However…” Linthiri continued unaffected; “…if Arinna returns your affection, or any girl’s affection…then I really don’t have the right to prevent her…even if she would sleep with that Jisha girl everyone seems so well-known of…”

“…So…I’m not fired? You won’t have me arrested…?” Kyrie quickly dared to look at Linthiri, the noblewoman heading towards her, Kyrie leaning back as Linthiri’s head were not a meter from her.

“Foolish girl…” Linthiri held Kyrie’s chin by her hand, smiling as she gave her cheek a light, friendly slap; “…all I ask you is to remain mindful of your duties…and will you then please start attending my daughter rather than crawl away in fear…?”

“Y-Yes, Lady Linthiri!” Kyrie nodded eagerly, Linthiri sighing deeply, standing up and turning to face Shishu.

“Come now, Miss Shishu; we have a dinner to attend…” Linthiri walked past Shishu, the courtesan smiling and giving Kyrie and Arinna a thumbs up.

“You girls should also attend…after you are done, that is…” Linthiri said as she left, Arinna letting go of Kyrie as the maid fell on the bed, sighing heavily.

“She’s strict, but my mother isn’t really Illirian, Herself…” Arinna said, leaning down besides Kyrie; “…are you OK?”

“I…I just feel so much better not having to hide this from your mother, Miss Arinna…” Kyrie began cuddling herself; “…secrecy feels so…dirty…”

“There, let’s make you feel a little better…” Arinna reached her thumb under Kyrie’s glasses, wiping away her tears; “…now, with both my mother and I knowing the two of us having a good time, are you ready to actually trying something now?”

“L-Like having sex for real? I guess so…” Kyrie said, looking Arinna over; “…can I…can I try and touch your breasts…?”

“Sure! Let’s try going a little slow…” Arinna smiled, Kyrie returning it as she touched Arinna’s left breast, a shudder of pleasure going through Arinna as Kyrie touched her nipple, making her close her eyes and let out a moan.

“D-Did I do something wrong?!” Kyrie asked in fear, Arinna smirking at her.

“N-No, it’s OK…I guess my breasts are just a little sensitive still…” Arinna chuckled; “…say, mind if we just tickle each other first? Miss Shishu told me it’s a fun way to start having good sex.”

“Tickle you? Isn’t that…childish…?” Kyrie asked, Arinna winking at her.

“Maybe, but who really cares?” Arinna smiled as she gestured Kyrie closer, the maid looking Arinna over again.

“Where are you ticklish?” Arinna teased, Kyrie blushing at her.

“M-My navel and my fingers…” Kyrie answered, Arinna getting a playful gleam in her eyes, moving over Kyrie, letting her tongue into her navel, the other shin’saras girl at first cringing, but then began giggling.

“Mih-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-ss Arinna! I feel so silly!” Kyrie giggled, Arinna smiling at her as she moved to Kyrie’s fingers, lightly licking first her nails, then one finger at a time, Kyrie’s giggles turning into chuckles.

“Wo-o-o-o-o-o-ow…..this place is beyond amazing…!” Shirli gasped, her and the succubi escorted by the scarlet sisters to a large underground cavern, naturally heated baths of warm water forming all over the place, beautiful crystal formations in a myriad of colors appearing on the walls and from outcrops.

“This is the sanctum of my harem…” Shinris said as she sat down on a large throne, seemingly carved out of a large, turquoise-colored crystal; “…you may pick one of them as your partner…but only if they accept you back.”

Around the throne, in chains made of pure gold, a dozen different girls sat before the empress in awe of her; some were human, others elves, and especially a human girl with dark skin and golden hair; looking at her, Zilah smiled as the girl already sent her a flirty wink, spreading her legs and using her finger to gesture her closer to her naked body.

“Why are they chained? Are they a bit too hardcore for you?” Sillina could not help but tease the empress, Shinris simply smiling unworried.

“I do not treat them as animals, as you might think; they are my equal, and these chains…” Shinris gestured to the chains and the locks sitting in the throne; “…are easily unlocked; they simply sit here because it amuses them.”

“Our empress enjoys soothing her exhausted body with us and the Scarlet Sisters…” one of the harem girls spoke, stroking herself against Shinris’ naked thigh; “…we are forever faithful to our beloved Shinris.”

“But who are those two? They don’t look like demons…” another of the harem girls pointed at Shirli and Sharla, smiling at Shinris; “…empress, are they really cat-women? I thought they were just legends…”

“Shirli, Sharla, you go warm these little chicks up…” Zilah smiled to herself, gritting her fangs; “…my girls and I will be waiting…”

Sitting down around Zilah, the other succubi watched as Shirli and Sharla confidently approached the harem girls, some of them smiling at them, others looking more skeptical.

“These two are more than your eyes sees, girls; they can form into demons and cat-women alike, but they are always as you see them to be…blonde harlots with an affinity and need for female company…” Shinris said, Shirli and Sharla smirking at the girls, beginning to stroke against each other, moaning and licking each other.

“Say, girls…” Shirli winked in tease; “…aren’t we smoking hot?”

“They-…-They are so blunt about it! They really have no shame…such indecency…!” one of the harem girls giggled and blushed.

“If they are so shameless, it’s only fair we molest them; really, look at them! Their bodies are ripe to ravish, and then beg to be molested!” another harem girl said, Shirli and Sharla now sitting walking right into the group of harem girls, dropping their masks and whatever remained of their outfits, lying themselves on the ground, smirking lustfully at the harem girls.

“Girls…” Shinris looked over her quite eager harem girls; “…take them!”

As if by both command and instinct, Shirli and Sharla felt the harem girls’ warm bodies pressing and caressing themselves against them, the harem girls taking every delight in the busty blondes, one of them licking away at the latex of their boots as the remaining harem girls groped, licked, fingered and ravished every part of the two catgirls’ bodies.

“…This…this is just the life, Jisha…!” Zithih moaned and grinned broadly, her head resting over the top of a table, several of the Bloody Blade’s patrons letting their tongues all over her body, licking off their drinks of Zithih.

“I’m just kinda glad I can hold my liquor…” Jisha raised a glass at Zithih in toast, drinking its content, the barkeep shaking her head at Jisha and Zithih.

“I swear, having you two in here almost doubles the sale…maybe you’ll consider becoming mascots…?” she rolled her eyes sarcastically, Jisha smiling to herself as she licked her lips, returning to her plate of read and fruit.

“Wow! Wow! Easy there, ladies! There’s enough juice for all…!” Zithih chuckled as one of the girls surrounding her let her head beneath Zithih’s legs, Zithih feeling as the patrons became more daring, the skintight leather of her outfit making her feel the heat of every lick.

“We should be going, Zithih; I wanna see how Shishu is doing…” Jisha said, Zithih growling disappointed.

But I was just about to have a gangbang! Oh-h-h-h, oh well…..sorry, girls; she’s the empress’ granddaughter and all…” Zithih said as she slowly sat up, a moan of disappoint sounding amongst the patrons.

“Clit-tease! Next time you come in here-…” one of them said in mockery, Jisha eyeing her and sending her a wicked smirk.

“Do you know how far my tail can go into your pussy? Huh, do you…??” Jisha continued her wicked smirk, the girl looking quite taken back as she backed away, Jisha turning around, folding her tail around her waist like a belt.

“It goes in quite deep, doesn’t it?” she teased Zithih, the shin’saras girl giggling joyfully, remembering the many times during her having sex with Jisha that she had used her tail.

“Speaking of which; once we find Shishu…” Jisha slowly let her hand grope Zithih’s left breast as they walked through the streets; “…fancy a threesome with Shishu and me? No cute virgin girls, just us three hot chicks…” Jisha suggested, Zithih moaning pleasantly.

“Jisha, you can make me horny just by listening to you…” Zithih smirked, Jisha smiling to herself, knowing it was true.

“Do you give? Do…you…give…??” Arinna snickered as she tickled Kyrie, the other shin’saras girl laughing and giggling as she was tickled, her glasses sitting low on her nose and her mouth formed into a joyful grin.

“C’mon! Give into it, Kyrie!” Arinna further encouraged, grabbing both Kyrie’s pigtails, untying the small, black ribbons, Arinna letting her hands rummage through Kyrie’s mane of white hair, stroking herself against the maid.

“Oh, Miss Arinna! Tickle me some more! Make me your pet!” Kyrie cheered as she let her arms around Arinna’s neck, Arinna kissing Kyrie’s cheek and slowly sitting up, smiling at the exhausted, panting maid.

“Hih-hih-hih! I feel so happy! Make love to me, Arinna! F-Fuck me, please!” Kyrie’s voice turned more and more high-pitched, Arinna kissing the maid all over, sucking on her nipples, Kyrie’s moans getting louder.

“I, I can’t take it anymore! I’m going crazy-y-y-y-y…!” Kyrie exclaimed loudly as her body buckled upwards, Arinna leaning down on her yet again, kissing Kyrie desirably, the maid moaning still louder and louder.

“M-Miss Arinna, my pussy…..please rub your pussy into mine!” Kyrie pleaded, Arinna doing just so, smiling to herself in amusement as she felt how wet Kyrie’s pussy had become, feeling the maid’s love fluids slowly drip out and into her own pussy as she grinded into hers.

“I…I’m going to-…A-Arinna, I can’t-…OH-H-H-H-H-H-H YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Kyrie screamed loudly, Arinna surprised as she found her head pressed between Kyrie’s breasts, the maid’s legs reaching into the air as she felt her orgasm pour out, staining hers and Arinna’s inner thighs, Arinna panting as she kissed Kyrie passionately throughout her orgasm, the maid moaned and gasping inside Arinna’s mouth, Kyrie finally beginning to kiss back, holding her hands to both of Arinna’s cheeks, kissing as hotly as she could.

“…So this was your first orgasm with me…?” Arinna asked as Kyrie let go, the maid feeling tears of joy in her eyes, Arinna smiling warmly at her.

“It was so beautiful, so raw and passionate…” Kyrie moaned, sighing happily as Arinna stroke her hair; “…it was wonderful, Miss Arinna…”

“Ah, yes! Whip me harder! Harder! Hih-hih-hih!” a blonde human girl giggled, ropes tying her to the floor and leaving her butt exposed and exciting the shin’saras girl standing above her.

“Oh, you want more, bitch? HOW DARE YOU DEMAND SUCH THINGS FROM ME?!?!” the shin’saras girl snickered deviously, letting her gloved hands spank the girl’s butt repeatedly, the girl squealing in joy, the shin’saras girl laughing deviously as she landed down smack after smack on the other girl’s butt.

“You get what you paid for, girlie! You feeling good, huh??” the shin’saras girl asked passionately, the blonde still squealing and moaning, turning her head, her tongue hanging out of her mouth in sheer horniness.

“Oh-h-h, such a lovely, horny girl…once you’ve cum…” the shin’saras girl whispering excitedly, touching her skimpy panties; “…you’ll get a whiff of this…..and I’m getting so-o-o-o hot…!”

“M-Mistress Tinni! I can’t take it anymore! I wanna cum! For Shinris’ sake, make me CUM!” the girl whimpered near desperately.

“Hey, Madam Sitha told me I could just come down; sounds like you’re not quite done…” a voice came from the stairs, Tinni looking behind her, seeing the famous Zyrah Stardust descend the stairs, crossing her arms, winking at Tinni.

“Still blondes, Tinni? You got a fetish for them or something?” Zyrah teased, Tinni smirking at her, shrugging, returning to her business as she resumed her evil laughter while spanking the blonde girl’s butt.

“Geez, you’re really going through the whole dominatrix act, huh? Stand aside…” Zyrah said, blowing a lock of her hair away from her face, standing up beside Tinni, leaning over the surprised blonde.

“I, I didn’t pay for two…” she said nervously, Zyrah smiling and licking her lips, examining the blonde’s curves and breasts, lightly touching her left nipple.
“She’s real ripe, Tinni; you’re really good at this…” Zyrah said, Tinni tapping her foot impatiently.

“Can I finish her off, please?? I want some pussy juice and I want it soon!” Tinni growled, Zyrah sitting down on hook, looking at the blonde and Tinni, winking.

“I’ll just watch, girls; don’t mind me…” Zyrah said, leaning against a wall, holding her arms behind her head.

“W-Who’s that girl, mistress?” the blonde asked, Tinni grinning mischievously.

“That’s Zyrah Stardust, babe; she’s a real famous singer…and a wildcat in bed…!” Tinni licked her lips and fondled her left breast.

“What’s up, missy? That dress sitting too tightly?” Zithih greeted Linthiri as she and Jisha were let in by the guard golems, Linthiri descending the stairs, although not looking too amused.

“If you’re looking for your friend, Miss Shishu, we are dining at the moment, so I suggest you wait…” Linthiri said coldly; “…preferably outside…”

“See, lady, I’m the empress’ granddaughter, so if I wanna wait for Shishu here, I think that’s kinda my business…” Jisha winked, Linthiri raising two surprised eyebrows and gasping as she realized she spoke to a figure of such high authority.

“I…I am sorry, Lady Jisha…” Linthiri bowed formally, Jisha smiling at her, reaching out her hand.

“Put it there, sista…” Jisha winked at Linthiri, Linthiri hesitantly taking Jisha’s hand, Jisha giving her a handshake.

“I see you’ve got plenty of golems fashioned for your little estate here; no bodyguards or anything…?” Jisha asked, Linthiri raising an eyebrow.

“I do have bodyguards…” she said, snapping her fingers, two dark figures stepping out of the shadow of the hall; “…I just prefer them to be discrete.”

“Sacred Shinris, will you look at those melons! And blondes, too! H-How much would it be to hire those??” Zithih looked in awe and smiled perversely at the bodyguards, amused at their gorgeous forms, loose plate armor and skintight leather suits.

“Hm? Lady Linthiri, need we throw these two out? That little one seems like a frisky one…” one of them asked, flattered at Zithih’s obvious desire.

“Well, we need a room while we wait for Shishu, Lady Linthiri…” Jisha interrupted, Linthiri nodding worthily.

“There is a spare room down the left corridor, fourth door on your right; makes yourselves at home…” Linthiri said, Jisha snapping her fingers as Zithih followed.

“You saw their boobs?? Hell, they were as big as Shishu’s!” Zithih grinned, Jisha folding her hand into a fist as they went down the corridor, spotting the room they had been told of.

“Maybe, but right now I’ve other things on my mind…” Jisha said as they opened the door, Zithih standing up to the clean and well-prepared bed, Jisha chuckling wickedly as she pushed the surprised Zithih into the bed; “…and that’s a sexual assault coming your way!”

“WOW! Ji-Jisha-…!” Zithih rose her head up, turning around as Jisha jumped on her, humping against her, letting her long tongue twirl around Zithih’s nipples under her vest, beginning to strip the shin’saras girl eagerly, Zithih struggling out of her outfit, helping Jisha loosen her dress.

“You’ve been looking forward to this for some time, huh?” Zithih teased, Jisha nodding eagerly, winking.

“Gotta prepare before we get Shishu…” she said, groping Zithih’s breasts, Zithih smiling and letting out her drooling tongue in eager.

“Oh-h-h-h, I love that slutty look on your face…” Jisha giggled, pressing her breasts into Zithih’s face, rubbing them back and forth, Zithih’s muffled moans making Jisha laugh.

“Um-m-m-m, suck my clit, Jisha; I’m dripping wet…!” Zithih moaned as she grabbed her right breasts, licking her nipple and fingering herself, Jisha crawling over Zithih, turning around, wiggling her butt in front of her face.

“Your ass, your tits, your pussy…oh-h-h-h, I don’t know where to start!” Zithih chuckled, licking lustfully and drooling as she licked at Jisha’s pussy and anus, Jisha feeling a shiver of pleasure through her body.

“N-No rim-job, OK?? You know I’m-…” Jisha asked over her shoulder, seeing a viciously grinning Zithih grab hold of her tail, slowly inserting it into her anus, letting her own tongue into Jisha’s pussy, sucking as fast as she could.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, slutty girl! You’ve gotta beg louder!” Zithih teased, Jisha closing her eyes and gritting her teeth to try and choke the sheer pleasure, opening her one eye vaguely, a devious smirk rolling over her lips as she burrowed her head between Zithih’s thighs, licking her pussy.

“Um-m-m-m, a sexy slut’s wet, warm pussy…oh-h-h, I’m in paradise…!” Jisha moaned satisfied, licking her lips as she tasted Zithih’s cum, the shin’saras girl’s moans and grunts of pleasure amusing her greatly, licking even faster, her tongue skating over Zithih’s pussy lips, Jisha grabbing under Zithih’s butt, stretching her skin, leaving her pussy fully exposed as she kept licking and licking.

“Hah-hah-hah-hah! This really suits you, Zithih! Pussy bared for any chick to lick and fuck as she pleases! Such a bad little girl you are…” Jisha teased and turned her voice childish, Zithih snarling passionately, licking Jisha’s pussy and fingering it, Jisha gasping from pleasure as she returned to her business.

“Oh no, you don’t…” Zithih’s voice suddenly came behind Jisha, grabbing around the fire-haired girl’s waist, lightly pressing her down on her stomach, Zithih turning around under Jisha, facing the other shin’saras girl as she kissed her passionately, rolling over so she lay atop Jisha, Zithih letting go of the kiss, her tongue dripping with hers and Jisha’s salvia.

“I wanna grind our pussies together, Jisha; I’d love to see how the little highness looks when she cums real hard!” Zithih winked in tease, Jisha chuckling as Zithih leaned over her again, kissing her hotly, their tongues dueling playfully for control, Jisha feeling and hearing as Zithih’s wet, moist pussy rubbed against her own, equally wet one, moaning as she enjoyed the feeling, Zithih pressing their nipples together, as well, the quite horny shin’saras girl enjoying every moment, much to both hers and Jisha’s delight.

“Oh! Oh, don’t stop! Just don’t stop Jisha! Keep it up, down there!” Zithih pleaded, Jisha smirking deviously at her, increasing her efforts, enjoying Zithih’s desirable moans and panting.

“Granddaughter of the empress or not…” a sound suddenly came from the door, the lust-hazed Jisha barely lifting her head, seeing the two bodyguards enter the room, one of them pointing a finger sharply at her; “…you will vacate this room at once! If you’re such whores, go wander the city!”

“You really don’t know who you’re talking to, do you? See, I’m not only of Imperial blood, I also happen to be a half-demon…” Jisha smirked deviously as she slowly sat up; “…and do you know what fire does to skimpy outfits?”

“She’s bluffing…” one of the guards shrugged, heading towards the bed, Jisha jumping up, her tail wrapping around the guard’s waist, Jisha grabbing the sword in its scabbard by the guard’s belt, tossing it against the wall where it got stuck all the way up to the hilt.

“You better keep the blades down, ladies; I’m badass, I’m Imperial…and I just happen to want me some blonde booty…” Jisha licked her lips hungrily, nudging towards Zithih; “…either you play with us, or we’ll be telling your mistress what lousy guards you make.”

“You little-…!” one of the guards grit her teeth in frustration, Zithih slowly sitting up on the bed, smiling at the still-armed guard, gesturing her towards her.

“C’mon, it’s cheaper than a courtesan after work…hih-hih, I’m re-e-e-eal cheap…” Zithih snickered, rubbing her right breast, the two guards looking at each other; clearly these two girls had no sense of innocence whatsoever.

“How dare you two even think of seducing those noble girls?! Forgive them, girls; they’ve only got sex on their minds…” Shishu suddenly entered the room, her hands closed into fists, a deeply dark-green hooded cloaked covering the left side of her body, Shishu’s strict looking melting away as she winked at Jisha and Zithih.

“I have a client at the Imperial Palace; according to some rumors Lady Linthiri heard, she’s had a little accident…” Shishu said, gesturing Jisha and Zithih to follow her; “…c’mon, it’s about time you came home, as well.”

“B-But I wanna seduce more blondes! Oh-h-h-h-h…” Jisha mumbled sourly, following Shishu and Zithih, the two bodyguards looking in relief at each other; however, despite their protests against an Imperial and her friend, both of them felt quite excited and somewhat honored that one of the Imperial family would choose them.

“…AW! Oh-h-h-h, aw-aw-aw-aw…!” the Scarlet Sister recruit moaned painfully as a healer took a look at her chin, her eyes narrowing as she sighed.

“You poor thing…and it was Commander Shi’Tir who did this to you…?” the healer asked, scratched her head, the recruit nodding carefully, trying not to smile as the healer’s firm breasts were clearly revealed through the diamond-shaped hole in her short, white leather dress.

“Well, let me just get my book; I’ll have you fixed up in no time…” the healer smiled pleasantly at the recruit, the healer winking at her; “…and try not to drool too much…”
“I, I wasn’t-…ow-w-w-w-w…” the recruit moaned in pain as she held herself to her chin, the healer standing up, heading towards a bookshelf, the recruit enjoying hearing the creaking of the leather of the healer’s dress and boots, her lace stockings covering her thin legs.

“You’re-…-You’re not the usual healer…are you…?” the recruit managed to ask, the healer turning on her heals, moving her cap up an ounce, smiling at the recruit as she saw the would-be healer stroke the long locks of white hair from her face.

“S-Shishu…??” the recruit gasped in awe, her jaw aching as she moaned in pain, Shishu smiling comfortably at the recruit, stroking her hair as she leaned over her, holding up a small crystal.

“This’ll send a little shock through your mouth; it might sting a bit, but I should be able to fix you…” Shishu said, winking at the recruit; “…now, let out your tongue as far as you can and lick the crystal; once the electricity hits, I can move your jawbone back in place.”

“O-…-OK…” the recruit said, closing her eyes tightly as she expected this to feel painful, indeed feeling a quick sting as she licked it, Shishu quickly reacting and touching the recruit’s chin, slowly caressing it, blue sparkles of energy springing from her fingertips, the recruit hearing a cracking sound as the feeling of electricity began fading away, the recruit beginning to feel her nerves reacting as Shishu stood back up, crossing her arms and smiling at her.

“So, my dearest little patient, you feel any better? Can I do anything for you? Anything at all…?” Shishu teased seductively as the recruit could not help but ogle at the courtesan’s breasts, a perverted smile running over her lips.

“St-Stop trying to tempt me…you vile seductress…!” the recruit blushed, Shishu smirking at her, withdrawing a small tube from inside her left glove, opening its lid, letting a transparent oil into her skintight gloves, rubbing it onto her breasts, moaning and letting her tongue lick her lips, the recruit feeling her heartbeat increase.

“Oh-h-h-h, I can’t take this!” the recruit suddenly yelled out loud, surprising Shishu as she dived her head right between her breasts, the amused Shishu chuckling as she felt the recruit nom away with her lips on Shishu’s breasts.

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