Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 8)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 8

Title: Act 8

[Author's notes: A maid in deep desire for her mistress, two other maids fooling around ever so often despite their work, and the feast of the succubi continues at the palace...]

“Urgh, all these elven drinks hardly taste like anything but water…” Jennifer muttered sourly, looking up at the barkeep; “…hey, you got anything stronger?”

“Well, there’s Razorteeth, but I wouldn’t recommend it; I’ve seen guards come in here and end up having to use their helmets as buckets…” the barkeep shrugged, regardless placing an amber-colored bottle in front of Jennifer, who grabbed it, pouring it into a glass, taking a small sip, immediately spewing it out, the barkeep quickly handing her a glass flask of water.

“I see you left your maids at home, huh? A shame, the ladies here are starting to like ‘em…” the barkeep teased, Jennifer simply frowning as chuckles echoed around the inn.

“Last time I had them escort me here, I left and they did not return home over well over two hours…” Jennifer grit her teeth; “…you shin’saras are sick! To have sex with demons…..the thought alone…!”

“Jen, they’re small, they’re busty, they’re cute, and they’ve no wish to remain dressed…” the barkeep leaned over the desk, smiling in tease; “…and heck, if you’re phobic against demons, you could always let them go; they’d be the hottest thing since Shishu gave out that discount last week!”

“…I believe I’m done here…!” Jennifer almost smacked her glass into the desk, standing up, only to hear cheers as two girls entered the inn; one with spiked white hair, and the other with wild, fiery hair, the two of them answering the cheers by posing seductively, the fire-haired one suddenly grabbing the other girl passionately, kissing her hotly as the cheers rose up, Jennifer rolling her eyes; these shin’saras women would copulate and have sex with each other in public, if not whole groups, regardless of who were looking.

“So…..more erotic sluts waltzing in, and the whole place starts sounding like a brothel…” Jennifer rolled her eyes, the barkeep sending her a surrendering look.

“Honestly, Jennifer; sometimes I think you’re a virgin…” she rolled her eyes, Jennifer standing up, heading for the entrance and past the grinning patrons; to Jennifer’s mind, it would be the last time she ever set foot in the Bloody Blade.

“Welcome home, Miss Arinna!” Kyrie smiled, seeing her mistress’ daughter being let in by the animated armor suits standing on guard at the door; looking behind her, Kyrie’s eyebrows rose in surprise as she spotted Shishu, blushing wildly at the famous courtesan.

“Welcome home, Arinna; I trust you had a good time…?” Linthiri asked as she walked down from the staircase, Linthiri suddenly discovering Shishu behind Arinna.

“…I would hardly be professional if you came here asking for more shinri, Miss Shishu…” Linthiri could not help but tease and test Shishu at the same time, the courtesan simply letting her fingers comb through her hair.

“I just wanted to follow your daughter home, milady; I will be leaving now…” Shishu turned on her heels, hiding her frustration at the noblewoman’s posh arrogance.

“Please, stay as long as you wish…” Linthiri said, Shishu turning around slowly as she saw Arinna standing by her mother’s side, Linthiri smiling at her; “…you brought my little angel into adulthood with grace, Shishu; you know your trade.”

“It was amazing, mother! She-…” Arinna began, Linthiri slowly hushing her, Linthiri and Shishu sharing knowing smiles.

“If you will, Kyrie, make a bed ready for Miss Shishu; I must insist that she at least stays for dinner…” Linthiri said, Shishu raising a suspicious eyebrow.

“I have other clients waiting, maybe I should really just go…” Shishu meekly tried at backing out, but Linthiri shoke her head lightly.

“I’m sorry, Miss Shishu, but I must insist; the two of us have plans to discuss…” Linthiri said, Shishu managing to hold back a smile; she had a clear feeling that Linthiri might be after the same treatment as Arinna.

“So you say they sell these at the market? Interesting…” Linthiri took one of the sweets Arinna offered her, holding it up and sniffing at it.

“Smells spicy, but I can’t place it…well, I should properly wait until after dinner, shouldn’t I?” Linthiri smiled at Arinna, her daughter returning it as they entered the small dining room, finding Shishu there already, examining to the jewels in the silver wear.

“…Oh! Excuse me…” Shishu said surprised as she spotted them, quickly putting down the fork she had been looking at, Linthiri smiling amused.

“It doesn’t matter; please take what you want…” Linthiri gestured over the table, using mystical magic to lift the lids off the different plates, Shishu seeing a mass of delicious, well-prepared meals, slowly picking up potatoes, steaks, ham slices and pouring up a glass of wine, Linthiri crossing her arms as she sat down.

“Seems like you’re a woman of class, Miss Shishu; your reputation precede you…” Linthiri smiled, Arinna looking over the table, picking up her knife and fork.

“Oh! Damn it, I forgot to wash my hands…” Arinna sighed, standing up, walking out the door.

“O-O-O-O-OH! Oh, Miss Arinna! Please take me! I, I want you so much! I want you to lick my naughty pussy!”

Kyrie moaned out loud in her room, masturbating at the thought of Arinna, her cum-stained gloves tossed to the floor, Kyrie caressing her pussy lips and nipples, drool flowing from her mouth.

“Please…do me, Miss Arinna! I want you so much…!” Kyrie moaned even louder, raising her lower body as far up as she could, feeling herself about to climax for what felt like the third time.

“…......Ky-…….-Kyri…?!” a voice suddenly interrupted Kyrie, the maid feeling a shiver of fear as she recognized the voice; stepping into Kyrie’s room, Arinna looked in awe as she found her maid yelling, screaming and masturbating…while yelling out her name.

“Mi-Miss Arinna! I’m so sorry! I’m a twisted girl! A shameless, twisted harlot of a slut!” Kyrie folded herself together, hoping she might as well simply vanish under her bed sheets.

“You-…-You were masturbating…while thinking of me…?” Arinna felt herself blush and feel her heartbeat increase, looking at her maid’s messy bed sheets and her cum slowly dripping down the side.

“I-…I-…” Kyrie sniffed, hearing as Arinna began moving, a tear falling from her eye in shame.

“…Kyrie…” Arinna suddenly stood above Kyrie, Kyrie daring to look up, seeing Arinna stand above her with her arms in her sides, Kyrie taken completely aback as Arinna smiled at her.

“I just spent about 4 hours with two courtesans and the empress’ granddaughter…” Arinna said, sitting down beside Kyrie, the maid moving slightly away from Arinna.

“Kyrie, how long have you been feeling like this towards me?” Arinna asked, Kyrie swallowing hard.

“S-Since the first day I started working here…” Kyrie whimpered, Arinna blushing again, smirking at Kyrie.

“My mother and Miss Shishu are expecting me for dinner; until I get back…” Arinna said, surprising Kyrie as she stroke her head, kissing her cheek; “…keep thinking naughty thoughts, OK? I got some experience to share from those two courtesans…”

“OH-H-H-H! Mishu, stop it! Mistress Jennifer will be home any minute now!” Kisha whined, her fellow succubus simply giggling amused as she let another smack over Kisha’s exposed butt, revealing her fangs in a devious smirk.

“Until then, you are my slave, little Kisha! Now, scream a little for me!” Mishu grinned triumphantly, adjusting her mask as she leaned over Kisha; however, hearing the main door open and close downstairs, the two demon girls exchanged nervous looks; they were supposed to be wearing their maid uniforms and sweep the house when Jennifer was out, so their mistress would not be amused to see them in leather and latex playing bondage games.

“Damn! She’s coming up…!” Mishu grit her teeth and silently swore, her and Kisha quickly undressing and beginning to dress up in their uniform; the massive puddle of their orgasm from earlier, though, Kisha simply stood right in front of, hoping Jennifer would not see anything.

“…GI-I-I-IRLS…!” Jennifer’s voice came, clearly not sounding amused, Mishu quickly standing beside Kisha, hoping to look as innocent as possible; their mistress did not sound quite too amused.

“Ah, there you are, you brainless tarts! Listen…” Jennifer came into their room, folding her hand into a fist; “…have I not told you, both of you, over a half dozen times, that you’re NOT…supposed…to enter the Bloody Blade…??” Jennifer’s voice was cold as ice.

“But-…” Mishu first began opening her mouth in defense, a single glare from Jennifer making her shut her mouth.
“Do you have any idea how many people there taunt me because you harlots spend all your off time there?? You might as well hang signs around your necks, saying ‘cheap whores, 30 shinri for an hour’…” Jennifer spat, Kisha nervously tipping on her toes in nervousness.

“Maybe that’s what you want? To have sex with all sorts of random, lustful, horny and ruthless shin’saras women? Shinris herself wouldn’t know what could happen…” Jennifer said, glaring down at her maids; “…I’m really disappointed in you both.”

“If you weren’t so busy trying to deny yourself, and had more sex with us, we wouldn’t feel so frisky!” Mishu suddenly raised her voice to a mild yelling, her face twisted in frustration, Jennifer looking surprised at her.

“I beg your pardon?! Are my maids now yelling at their own mistress?” Jennifer asked coldly, Kisha whimpering lowly, not wanting to get into a fight with her mistress.

“Miss Arinna…you really came back for me…?” Kyrie’s voice quivered as she saw Arinna enter her room, Arinna looking over her shoulder.

“I did; I ate so fast I caught a hiccup…” Arinna smiled to herself, turning to Kyrie; “…I didn’t know you felt so affectionate towards me…”

“If I may, M-Miss Arinna…..when I learned you were going to celebrate your birthday with courtesans, I felt happy for you, but-…-but I’d have done it for free…” Kyrie blushed wildly, Arinna giggling amused, sitting down beside the blushing Kyrie.

“I’m not an expert when it comes to lovemaking, but…if you want…we could try it…?” Arinna suggested, Kyrie’s eyes visibly widening in surprise.

“B-But Miss Arinna! Think of the scandal! I-If we do something like that, your mother would surely get me fired and arrested, and-…and-…think of your status as a noble daughter!” Kyrie began panicking, Arinna’s eyebrows narrowing as her face got a serious look.

“My mother’s not stupid, and I can make out with whatever girl I want…uhm, at least I think so…” Arinna were confused for a moment, her look of confusion making Kyrie giggle.

“Huh? What?” Arinna asked, even more confused, Kyrie still giggling.

“Mi-Miss Arinna, it’s just that… look cute when you seem so confused and surprised…” Kyrie blushed yet again, Arinna smirking at her.

“My mother wouldn’t want to fire you; heck, if anything, you should get a raise just for being true to your feelings…” Arinna said, Kyrie moaning and blushing as she took one of her pillows, pressing her face into it, blushing in embarrassment.

“Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Now who’s looking funny?” Arinna teased, trying to remove the pillow from Kyrie, succeeding as she leaned over the maid, who blushed like a wildfire.

“Let me see, I think I should start…here…” Arinna slowly stroke Kyrie’s cheek, kissing at Kyrie’s neck, the maid moaning and whimpering, Arinna simply giggling joyfully as she felt Kyrie squirm under her.

“Oh? Oh my goddess, Kyrie…” Arinna were surprised as she lightly tugged down the top of Kyrie’s uniform, massive, busty breasts popping out, their rosebud-red nipples swelling up as Arinna stroke them, Kyrie blushing even worse.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih! You sure are well-equipped…and you haven’t had sex before? Are you a little virgin?” Arinna asked teasingly, Kyrie whimpering hotly.

“M-My friends always tease me because I’ve got large breasts…I wish I could shrink them…” Kyrie mumbled, Arinna pinching Kyrie’s left nipple, making her moan.

“Shrink these?? That’d be foolhardy, Kyrie…” Arinna said, winking as she opened her own top; “…mine would only be half as large; I envy you.”

“Miss Arinna! That’s so indecent! Oh-h-h-h, what have I done?? I’ve made Miss Arinna show me her breasts!”

Kyrie whimpered and tried cuddling underneath her bed sheets, Arinna grinning as she snuck under, tickling Kyrie as they both began giggling, Kyrie crawling out of her bed sheets, breathing in deeply, pearls of sweat forming on her forehead.

“I-I can’t keep holding back, Miss Arinna! I can’t help myself!” Kyrie whimpered, Arinna looking in surprise as Kyrie faced her, rubbing her breasts into Arinna’s face, Arinna smirking as she nudged her nose and face between the breasts, hearing Kyrie moan and pant out loud.

“M-Miss Arinna’s touching my breasts! Oh, Miss Arinna…!” Kyrie moaned, Arinna suddenly feeling something wet hit her suit; dripping from her white lace panties and stockings, Kyrie’s cum slowly dripped on Arinna’s suit, Arinna blushing as she slowly struggled her way out of it, leaving her almost naked.

“M-Miss Arinna?!” Kyrie looked in surprise as Arinna discarded her boots, lying down on the bed, fully exposed to Kyrie.

“I heard those two courtesans say that when you really want to make love to someone, it’s called being ‘horny’…” Arinna said, smiling in tease at Kyrie; “…and you, Kyrie, look like a very horny girl right now.”

“Oh-h-h-h, I’m so embarrassed I could die…” Kyrie whimpered, but nevertheless crawled over towards Arinna, who reached out her arms, Kyrie feeling her head being pressed towards Arinna’s breasts, her young mistress moaning delightfully.

“Kyrie, strip for me; I want you to be naked, too…” Arinna said slowly, Kyrie obeying without any second thoughts, Arinna enjoying the sight to the fullest.

“It’s what you deserve, really; you wash my clothes, you polish my boots…and sometimes I don’t think shinri are enough…” Arinna smiled at Kyrie; “…is this a good form of payment?”

“It is! I, I mean, yes, Miss Arinna…” Kyrie said eagerly, quickly remembering her manners, Arinna smirking at her.
“OK Kyrie, listen; before we make love, I want you to promise me something…” Arinna got a playful gleam in her eye; “…I want you to be slutty, very…very…slutty; I want you to right out molest me, regardless if I yell ‘no’ or ‘yes’; can you promise me that?”

“But…wouldn’t that be cruel, Miss Arinna?” Kyrie asked nervously, Arinna smiling knowingly.

“It might sound like it, but I want you to take all your fantasies of me, and do whatever you want to me; I won’t have my maid sexually frustrated…” Arinna said, gesturing Kyrie closer, kissing the surprised maid on the mouth.

“Now, be a good maid, by being a bad girl…” Arinna said, Kyrie trying to control her excited breath; in her mind, she could either take the chance she had dreamt of for weeks, or she could deny herself despite her mistress’ assurance that it would be OK…

“OH, MISS ARINNA! I want you! I want you so much!” Kyrie tossed herself over Arinna, the other shin’saras girl giggling as Kyrie stuck her drooling tongue into her left ear, her hands busy groping at Arinna’s breasts, Arinna’s happy giggling making Kyrie smile and increase her efforts; moving beside Arinna, Kyrie licked away at her mistress’ neck, her hands still groping at Arinna’s breasts, Kyrie slowly moving under Arinna, her mistress moaning delightfully, Kyrie feeling a tear of joy as she molested Arinna to the best of her ability.

“Does it feel good, Miss Arinna? Does it?” Kyrie asked eagerly, Arinna sending her a happy smile.

“It feels great! C-Could you move your hand further down? I think I’m getting in heat…” Arinna said, Kyrie immediately letting her right hand towards Arinna’s exposed nether lips, stroking at the pussy lips, Arinna moaning out loud, Kyrie feeling her mistress’ love fluids gushing lightly unto her fingers, Kyrie feeling her own arousal build up fast.

“Mishu, you’re insane! Oh, Mistress Jennifer, forgive us! She doesn’t know what she’s doing!” Kisha pleaded with Jennifer, the blonde human girl finding herself tied up in ropes, a very satisfied Mishu rubbing her hands, smirking as she headed towards Kisha.

“There, now we can have all the sex we want? Well, uhm, where were we…?” Mishu said, scratching her head as she thought back, Kisha looking in fear as Jennifer’s eyes rested on her, eyes filled with anger.

“We’re breaking the law, Mishu! We’re just Mistress Jennifer’s servants! We can’t just tie our mistress up!” Kisha said, Mishu hardly listening to her as she picked up a black dildo, inserting it into her own pussy lips, smirking at Kisha.

“I’ve always kind of wanted to try this on you; go get your outfit, I’ll be right there…” Mishu said, Kisha sighing in surrender, Mishu turning around to face Jennifer.

“You say the women at the inn tease you because of us? Well, if you haven’t got the tits to stand up for yourself or just joke about it, maybe you’re more fit as a slave than a dominatrix…” Mishu winked in tease, spanking herself towards Jennifer, the human girl struggling violently in her ropes, her gag blocking anything she said as she started speaking, Mishu enjoying the frustration and anger in Jennifer’s undertone.

“Chill out, you’ll be down in an hour’s time; right now…” Mishu said, rubbing her hands deviously; “…I’ve got a petite little maid I wanna fuck!”

“S-Stop it, Mishu! It’s not-…..-not-…!” Kisha tried struggling against Mishu, the slightly smaller demon girl pushing her unto their bed, the dildo at the ready as she groped Kisha’s breasts through her corset.

“Forget out Jennifer just for an instance, Kisha! Just enjoy it; I know you really want to…” Mishu leaned over Kisha, grinning and whispering in her ear; “…who was it that got caught by those two guards? You didn’t want to go home until you’d sucked their tits dry…” Mishu teased, Kisha moaned and whimpering in embarrassment.

“I’d gotten too much to drink! My mind was poisoned by alcohol!” Kisha moaned, holding her hands over her eyes, Mishu grinning in tease.

“Shinris’ tits, you’re bad at lying! You hadn’t drunk anything, and you still didn’t mind one of them using her spear as a dildo on you…” Mishu grinned; “…face it, Kisha: You’re just as perverted as I am!”

“I-…I-…!” Kisha tried protesting and struggle loose, but Mishu’s hands held her wrists to the bed, her constant thrusting of the dildo and her licking of Kisha’s throat letting her drool run down into her corset and breasts.

“Such a pair of sluts; not two working hours left, and you’re already wetting yourselves like she-wolves…” a well-known voice came behind them, Mishu looking in horror over her shoulder, seeing a smirking Jennifer stand behind them; “…so you say I shouldn’t care for my reputation? That I should just laugh and accept that my maids can’t keep a pair of panties dry for more than 3 hours a day?”

Slowly walking towards them, Jennifer looked at her maids in their fetish outfits; their uniforms, neatly folded on a nearby desk, a quite contrasts to their soaked, dripping and salvia-stained leather and latex outfits.

“Y-Yeah, you should! And if you’re going to rant about-…” Mishu slowly gathered her wits, but were surprised as Jennifer grabbed her head, kissing her aggressively and passionately; slowly moaning lustfully, Mishu felt as Jennifer pulled back, smirking at Mishu.

“You always did talk too much, Mishu; so I’m more suited as a slave than a dominatrix, huh?” Jennifer asked, slowly gesturing Mishu towards her, the demon girl obeying, letting Kisha lie panting on the bed.

“See, I work as a dominatrix at the Studded Gauntlet, right? And there are many shin’saras women paying me a good deal of money to let me whip and punish them, right?” Jennifer asked, Mishu nodding.

“Well, let me make it clear: I’m always the dominant one, except if they pay to molest me, and I don’t mind that…” Jennifer said, adjusting one of her gloves; “…but I would only mind if my job as a dominatrix affected my job as a crafter, so I try and keep those two separated…but selling trinkets doesn’t earn as much.”

“Why are you telling me this, mistress?” Mishu asked, Jennifer’s smirk growing broader.

“You see, crafting trinkets are beginning to become more of a hobby, and thus…” Jennifer suddenly let her one, boot-clad leg down unto the bed, grabbing at Mishu’s hair in a light, but tight grip; “…and that means I’ll have more time punishing my own, little disobedient maids! And for insulting me, you can start by licking my boots clean, you worthless little harlots!”

Looking at Jennifer, Mishu looked in awe and pleasant surprise at her mistress; rolling out her tongue, Mishu began licking at the leather of Jennifer’s boot, Jennifer sending Kisha a stern look, the other maid quickly sitting up, joining Mishu as they both licked away at Jennifer’s boot.

“Hm-m-m-m, quite a sight; two little demon harlots all at my command…and they just need a bit of discipline…” Jennifer licked her lips in satisfaction, letting a hand over her breasts, the tight leather of her bodysuit folding neatly with her movements.

“Alright, you two, we can make a deal; I know you two spend most of your nights having sex when you think I’m asleep…” Jennifer said, Kisha and Mishu looking up at her; “…but instead of punishing you, I’ll let it slip…provided I can join in; I think I’ve had too few tongues inside my pussy in the past…”

“S-So you’ll us molest you, mistress??” Mishu could not control her eager, Jennifer chuckling lowly and nodding at Mishu, the silver-haired demon girl giggling joyfully.

“Mistress Jennifer…I confess I’ve been bad, but-…” Kisha began, Jennifer simply winking at her.

“You’ve always tried your best to please me, Kisha, so it’s only fair you get a piece of the action…” Jennifer removed her boot, Mishu and Kisha looking expectantly at her; “…get your uniforms on and deliver that little gold bracelet on the table below to the Val-Kha household; do that…and I promise you tonight will be your lives’ most steaming sex fantasy.”

“Oh-h-h-h…I’m so stuffed…!” Sixina gasped, licking her lips; around her, her fellow succubi were slowly standing up, having completely drained the Scarlet Sisters of every ounce of energy, many of them lying on the floor or on divas, moaning as their love fluids covered the floor and themselves, the succubi quite satisfied with their efforts.

“OH! OH, YOUR HIGHNESS…!” Zilah moaned lustfully as Shinris tugged her back unto the diva they lay on, Shinris amusing herself by letting Zilah think she could finally escape, for then to tug her back down again unto the strap-on the empress wore.

“It’s no use flapping those wings; you are mine, demon…!” Shinris hissed passionately, Zilah gasping and moaning as a smile formed on her lips; unbeknownst to the empress, Zilah thoroughly enjoyed rough sex, something the empress right now gave her in abundance.

“So you are the queen of succubi? The alpha female? The seductress of hundreds of women?” Shinris suddenly surprised Zilah as she moved herself, swinging herself around the succubus, pinning her down by locking her wrists in a steel grip, thrusting the strap-on once again into Zilah’s bared pussy.

“Hm-m-m-m, I almost forgot about that…” Shinris mumbled to herself as she felt Zilah’s tail stroke against her thighs, Zilah feeling as Shinris succeeding in trapping her tail with her feet, the succubus beginning to chuckle.

“Are we fucking, or are we fighting??” she grinned, seeing a smile roll over Shinris’ face as she stopped her thrusting, slowly climbing off Zilah.

“I deny you your orgasm, demon…” Shinris said in tease, Zilah’s eyes glowing red in passion as she panted heavily, her pussy lips feeling about to burst with her orgasm.

“You can’t deny me that! You-…!” Zilah began protesting, suddenly feeling as Shinris grabbed around her thighs, the empress’ tongue licking fast, precisely and hungrily into Zilah’s pussy lips, the succubus moaning loudly.

“MORE! MORE! I, I CRAVE…MO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-ORE!!!” Zilah yelled out loud as her orgasm poured out, Shinris quickly moving aside, Zilah’s orgasm squirting unto Shirli and Sharla, the two blondes finding themselves brutally molested and violated by four Scarlet Sisters, the two of them kissing each other lustfully as Zilah’s orgasm came down upon them, the two surprised to find themselves covered in Zilah’s love juices, the Scarlet Sisters continuing their licking, thrusting and tickling of the two blondes.

“Wow! No-one’s ever been fast enough to dodge that!” a purple-haired demon girl named Shuna giggled at Shinris, returning to her business as five Scarlet Sisters thrust their pussies towards her, the demon girl having already consumed more love juices than any of her other kin, the Scarlet Sisters having done everything they could towards her, Shuna simply screaming lovingly in pleasure as their orgasms poured down on her, her own climaxes easily aroused as soon as the Sisters licked at either her nipples or g-spot.

“Well, I am satisfied…” Shinris stroke a hand through her hair, looking over the room; “…Sisters…as soon as you can move again, take them to the caves; they must be exhausted.”

“What caves?” Sillina asked a nearby Scarlet Sister, who smiled lustfully.

“Underground bathhouses…but I, for one, am not through with you little whores…!” she snarled passionately, interrupted as three other Sisters laughed, Sixina surrounded by them as she joked with them.

“Typical of you, Sixina…” Milina said slowly; “…always so friendly with your victims…”

“You’re young, you’ll learn, Milina…” Sixina winked, the younger succubus sighing peacefully as she looked up at the Scarlet Sister who had given her her eleventh orgasm.

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