Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 7)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 7

Title: Act 7

[Author's notes: Shinris continues to dominate faces in her harem, and Arinna continues her encounter with beautiful courtesans, boot-licking merchants and magical candy.]

“Who is taming who now, harlot?” Shinris effortlessly held down Zilah, the demon girl perplexed to have been foiled in her art by an elven woman; around her, her minions also found themselves on the receiving end of the empress’ Scarlet Sisters, the succubi’s screams, laughter and howls echoing throughout the entire room.

“I have tamed women and enjoyed all they could offer me for ages…” Shinris looked deeply into Zilah’s eyes; “…and when it comes to roaring passions I…..fear…..nothing…!”

“You…talk…too…much….!” Zilah teased by speaking the same way as Shinris, the empress smiling worthily.

“You’re enjoying yourself in there, huh?” Shishu giggled, Arinna moaning as she burrowed her head between Shishu’s breasts, fawning and drooling over the massive, plumb breasts as Zithih swam under Arinna, licking her pussy, fingering her own.

“Feeling good? Two hot, sexy girls stroking themselves against your cute, little body…?” Zithih whispered teasingly in Arinna’s ear, the younger girl letting out a petite moan, Zithih resurfacing and leaning against Arinna’s back, the smaller shin’saras girl pressed against their large breasts.

“I, I just can’t resist! So many things we can do, and I…I, I want to return it to you!” Arinna pleaded at Shishu, the seductress fondling her hair, smiling at her.

“OK, Miss Arinna…” Shishu stood back as well as Zithih, the two of them leaning against the pool’s edge; “…who would you like to molest first?”

“I-…-well, Miss Zithih is funny and kinky, and Miss Shishu is so graceful and beautiful…I can’t choose!” Arinna found herself smiling in secret, the three girls suddenly hearing as the door opened and closed.

“I’ll give you a third option, sugar; how about a little exotic taste, hm?” Jisha stepped in, her hands in her sides as she looked the situation over; Shishu and Zithih looking at her in wonder, and Arinna starring at her in awe.

“Jisha! W-what are you doing here this early? Hih-hih-hih…” Zithih grinned nervously, Shishu looking at her.

“Something wrong? You look like you have just seen a ghost…” Shishu asked, Jisha chuckling lowly to herself as she set one foot unto the pool stairs.

“Last I saw Zithih, she was pounding my pussy with her strap-on, hoping I’d climax and fall unconscious…” Jisha said; “…meh, we got drunk that night and agreed that the winner of the drinking game would fuck the loser until she passed out, and I lost.”

“Oh, my…such harsh language…!” Arinna backed slightly between Shishu and Zithih, Jisha chuckling as she stepped into the pool, not bothering to remove her clothes.

“You said you couldn’t choose, huh Arinna? Try making a little competition out of it…” Jisha winked; “…Shishu’s good with her tongue, Zithih’s good with her hands, and I’m good with my tail; what’d you like first?”

“You also want to pleasure me? But, I don’t even know your name…” Arinna said, Jisha bowing lightly.

“Jisha Narra-Jar, niece to the Empress Shinris, herself…” Jisha said, Arinna gasping.

“A-An Imperial?! Shinris’ blood, I can’t be worthy-…” Arinna backed further away in awe, Jisha nudging her head at Shishu and Zithih, the two nodding as they both pressed themselves against Arinna.

“Listen, cutie, you say you can’t choose, so why not take us all three? I’ll sure wait my turn…” Jisha suggested, Arinna looking confused around her.

“I’m sorry, but…..if I had to choose my first…I’d take Shishu! Miss Shishu, will you take me, then?” Arinna looked up at the taller shin’saras girl, Shishu smiling as she hugged Arinna, the smaller girl pressed against her massive breasts, Jisha and Zithih grinning to themselves.

“Nice new dress, by the way, Jisha; I hope I didn’t tear the old one up too much…?” Zithih asked, nudging herself closer to Jisha.

“You ripped it right off me, forced me against a wall and screamed for me to spray my pleasure juices…” Jisha reminded the scared-looking Zithih, Jisha smiling broadly at her; “…but it’s OK! I love rough sex!”

“Yeah, and you love making me feel bad about getting horny…” Zithih turned her voice as childish as she could, her and Jisha grinning at each other.

“Come here, you-…!” Jisha purred lustfully, her and Zithih chuckling as they slowly wrestled around in the water, licking each other, groping each other’s breasts and pulling each other’s hair.

“Are…are they getting turned on by just touching each other…?” Arinna asked Shishu, Shishu giggling to herself.

“Zithih is also turned on by wrestling the girls she makes love with; she claims it’s because it gets the blood and passion flowing…” Shishu said, stroking Arinna’s hair, the smaller shin’saras girl stroking back, smiling at the courtesan.

“That sex I had before…I…..I want more of it!” Arinna looked eagerly up at Shishu, who winked at her, slowly grabbing her hands around her head, kissing Arinna hotly, the smaller girl moaning at first in surprise, but then returned Shishu’s hot kisses, the courtesan folding her tongue around Arinna’s, the two of them chuckling as they started tongue-kissing back and forth.

“Not so tough underwater, huh??” Jisha held Zithih’s head underwater, letting go as the shin’saras girl resurfaced, growling as she threw herself over Jisha, humping and groping her wildly, the fire-haired girl grinning pleasantly as she hugged Zithih, rolling around with the shin’saras girl, the two of them kissing intensely, Jisha trying her best to make Zithih cum before herself.

“Oh no, you don’t…!” Zithih rose up from the water, Jisha feeling as Zithih lifted her, placed her on the edge of the pool, held up her legs, Zithih burrowing her tongue into the folds of Jisha’s wet panties, the orange-haired demon girl laughing out loud, pressing Zithih’s head further in.

“YES! YE-E-E-ES! Um-m-m-m, this is how I like it…!” Jisha moaned wildly, rubbing her breasts, Arinna looking at Shishu, the two of them grinning as Shishu lightly stroke Arinna’s breasts.

“I’m really happy I used all my savings on this…” Arinna sighed happily, hugging Shishu; “…it’s been so wonderful…”

“Hey look, Jisha; Shishu’s getting teary-eyed…” Zithih joked, Jisha looking over her shoulder, Shishu slowly caressing Arinna’s head.

“I’m not, but…I’m just really happy when my clients are happy…” Shishu looked down on Arinna, Jisha and Zithih quitting their humping as they sat over by Shishu and Arinna, the noble daughter landing a kiss on the surprised Zithih’s cheek, proceeding to Shishu and Jisha.

“You little cutie…” Jisha smirked, lightly pinching Arinna’s cheeks, the four girls chuckling happily as they enjoyed the warm water.

“Ah, there you are, Arinna; we should be heading ho-…” Linthiri stood up as her daughter came down the stairs with Jisha, Zithih and Shishu, Arinna beaming happily.

“Sorry mother, but I want to treat these girls something at the market; I’ll be home in an hour or two!” Arinna said over her shoulder as she passed her mother.

“Young lady…” Linthiri’s voice turned eerily cold, Arinna stopping in a step, turning to face her mother.

“…So you want to treat them, do you? Isn’t it enough for you to be groped and molested just the day you come of age?” Linthiri asked, Arinna crossing her arms defiantly, looking sourly at her mother.

“Mother, they treated me real good! I just want to hang out with them a bit lon-…” Arinna started, surprised to see her mother smile at her.

“I understand, Arinna; look, I should have known it would come to this…but you better keep up your grades at the academy…” Linthiri lightly tugged a small brown leather pouch to Arinna, her daughter taking it, looking in amazement as it were filled to its brim with shinri.

“T-There must be at least ten thousand shinri! Thank you so much, mom!” Arinna hugged her mother lovingly, Linthiri patting her daughter’s head.

“And you three…” Linthiri pointed towards Shishu, Zithih and Jisha; “…please keep an eye on my daughter.”

“Yes ma’am!” Zithih saluted in tease, Jisha giving Linthiri a thumbs up.

“Your daughter will be safe with us, milady…” Shishu bowed lightly, the four girls leaving the building, Linthiri crossing her arms, feeling herself proud of her daughter.

“…I take it there’s nothing more for us here, your ladyship…?” one of Linthiri’s bodyguards asked, Linthiri smiling to herself.

“No, gather the others and Raji and we’ll be heading home…” Linthiri said, her bodyguards sitting up and taking their cloaks and weapons.

“Wow…I’d forgotten how large the market was…” Jisha looked in awe at the market in Shacar-Jarcu; shin’saras women, shin’idun girls and human women of all kinds and outfits, appearances and stature walked around the immense market, the noise of the crowd quite overwhelming.

“Look, crystal candy! It’s that stuff the nobles eat!” Zithih pointed eagerly at a richly decorated stall, the group heading for the stall, the shin’idun girl in the stall hardly raising an eyebrow.

“If you snatch anything, the guards will be here in seconds…” she simply said, sighing in boredom; “…when will you urchin brats get it? This is quality, and it doesn’t come cheap.”

“But it comes in good supply, it does! You’re just demanding a high price because you want to rub elbows with the nobles!” Arinna surprised the girls by looking angrily at the shin’idun, who looked quite bewildered as she recognized Arinna.

“Y-Your Ladyship! Please, forgive me…” the girl immediately curtsied, Arinna rolling her eyes.

“Why are you in such a foul mood…?” Shishu asked the shin’idun girl, Zithih grinning at her.

“Why?? It’s properly because she isn’t getting anything on!” Zithih moaned and rubbed her breasts, Shishu landing a light smack over her head, Arinna struggling not to chuckle; her three escorts were not only fantastic at sex, but were the funniest girls she had ever met, too.

“Now, you want…200 shinri for a box of crystals candies…??” Arinna looked at first at the price tag on the silver candy boxes, then at the shin’idun, who swallowed nervously and backed slightly back in her stall.

“BOH!” Arinna exclaimed and made a snarling face at the girl, her look of confusion and slight fear making Arinna giggle delightfully.

“I’ll be taki-i-i-i-i-ing…..these four!” Arinna tossed her pouch to the shin’idun girl, who began eagerly sorting the coins, Arinna giving Shishu, Jisha and Zithih one each.

“B-But it’s all too much, Miss Arinna!” Shishu felt herself touched at the gift, Arinna winking at her, Zithih grinning as Shishu smiled gratefully at Arinna, lowering her ears.

“It’s a reward for being so good to me; it was like a revelation…” Arinna smiled as she took her pouch, her and the girls proceeded down the market, Zithih opening her silver box of crystal candies, the weak glow from the diamond-shaped candies making her drool.

“Let’s sit down over there…” Shishu pointed a fountain, Arinna sitting herself down beside the other three, the impressive statue of Shinris spurting water from the empress’ mouth into the fountain.

“I’ve never really tried these before…” Zithih said as she slowly took a piece of candy, a weak, teal hue emanating from it as she took a bite, her eyes closing as she moaned enjoyably, chewing the candy in large pieces.

“It tastes like mint; delicious…” Zithih mumbled as she enjoyed the candy, Shishu holding a silvery-glowing piece, biting lightly into it, raising an eyebrow.

“Some kind of…sugar extract…” Shishu said as she swallowed the piece, Zithih leaning towards her, Shishu blinking as Zithih held a pink-glowing candy by her teeth.

“OH! So bold…” Arinna blushed as Shishu bit at the other end of Zithih’s candy, the two of them chewing away until their lips met, they two of them kissing passionately.

“Thank goodness the market isn’t for kids…” Jisha smirked, taking two of the silvery-glowing candies, chewing on them with every sign of enjoyment.

“Yes, really; children shouldn’t be affected at a young age…” Arinna said, munching on her own candies; “…but at least there are some parts of the city only for kids, right?”

“You bet it! It’s a living nightmare listening to all those brats when you walk through…” Zithih sighed, holding her hands behind her head.

“Stop gossiping and get back here…!” Shishu grabbed lightly around Zithih’s left wrist, slowly pulling her into her embrace again, Shishu chuckling as Zithih moaned and ogled over her breasts, pressing her head between them.

“Seems like Shishu loves being noticed when she works her magic; hih-hih, such a naughty lady…” Jisha teased, swinging her legs back and forth and playing with the tip of her tail.

She’s right, Miss Shishu; people are beginning to stare…” Arinna silently whispered to Shishu, the courtesan indeed seeing quite a few onlookers wink, blush or grin at her, Shishu simply smiling back suggestively, Zithih’s moans from between her breasts sounding sweetly to her.

“C-Can I ask you girls something?” Arinna suddenly asked, Shishu and Jisha smiling at her, Jisha slowly nodding.

“I…I was just wondering why you all seem to like that latex material; isn’t it sitting too tight? I’ve…I’ve heard it’s supposed to sit skin-tight on you…” Arinna asked, Jisha chuckling as she examined her leather glove.

“I think it’s because it feels so hot, good and sexy at the same time…and when you’re already gonna have really hot sex, it just makes you look sexier…” Jisha said, Arinna raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“I think Jisha’s right, but some of my clients also seem to have some sort of fetish for either having me or themselves tied up in ropes and viciously molested…” Shishu sighed and rolled her eyes; “…sometimes I think those fetishes can become a little too unhealthy…”

“No kidding, sexy; I once got this sizzling hot maid, all busty with a tight ass, cute smile and all, and I got her to orgasm thrice just by tickling her! I mean, what the fuck…?!” Jisha laughed heartily, Shishu failing to hide a smirk, Arinna blushing, but nevertheless smiling a bit at Jisha.

“So you can also have fun during sex? Like, playing tag, wrestle a bit…?” Arinna asked, Jisha nodding proudly.
“Someone said wrestling?!” Zithih’s head popped out from between Shishu’s breasts, Shishu grinning at her.

“I remember that human chick from the Gauntlet with that golden armor she wore…oh-h-h-h, she was a yummy piece of sexy I’d love to get me a piece of-…!” Zithih began right out drooling, Arinna looking confused at Shishu.

“It’s a human girl Zithih once saw; see, she had come into an argument with another courtesan, another human girl, so the manager of the Gauntlet set up this wrestling ring behind the Gauntlet and filled it with rich oils…” Shishu said, smirking to herself; “…seeing two lightly armored human girls wrestling in oil seems to turn Zithih here really on.”

“Are you kidding me?!?! If I hadn’t been wasted off my ass, I would’ve joined in without regrets…” Zithih smirked; “…I can just imagine it; those hot, bouncing, pale girl boobies, their bodies covered in oil, rolling around and pulling each other’s hair, sucking at each other’s pus-…”

“That’ll be all, Zithih…” Shishu slowly pushed Zithih’s head between her breasts again, Arinna pondering what Zithih had said.

“Do those human women work at the Gauntlet?” she asked, Jisha nodding, smiling deviously at Zithih.

“Yes they do…” Jisha smirked, leaning closer to Arinna’s ear; “…and guess who used her Imperial authority to get laid with those chicks…..OK, I joked that I would have them thrown in the dungeon if they wouldn’t, but we had a really fun time after I told them it was a joke!”

“W-What?! You got those two before I did?! You fucking muff-muncher, Jisha!” Zithih emerged again from between Shishu’s breasts, bolting up as she threw herself screamingly over the laughing Jisha, the two of them falling into the fountain, Zithih locking her legs around Jisha’s head, sitting on her stomach.

“Isn’t it fun, huh?? You masochistic slut, you…!” Zithih snarled, her and Jisha wrestling in the fountain, water splashing in every direction, Shishu and Arinna drenched in water as Jisha slowly reached unto the fountain’s ledge, grinning at Shishu and Arinna.

“I’ll just cool her off; I’ll be right the-…” Jisha began, Zithih emerging from the water, smirking deviously as she pulled Jisha backwards, the two of them giggling as their bodies rolled around in the shallow water, bystanders taking part in the increasing laughter around the fountain.

“Are Miss Jisha and Miss Zithih always like this, Miss Shishu…?” Arinna asked, Shishu sighing and leaning her head back.

“You know, Arinna; they’ve always competed for ‘prey’ in this city, so if there’s a day where they don’t end up wrestling or making out, it’d be the day I grew worried for them…” Shishu said, smiling a bit as Arinna cuddled herself to Shishu, the courtesan smiling at how affectionate and loveable the younger girl turned out to be.

“Urgh, do we have to? It’s not like they’re doing anything special…” Jisha mumbled as the group headed towards the mines north of the city, Arinna rolling her eyes at her.

“They ‘are’ doing something special, Jisha! They’re digging the tunnels needed to place that reflective glass we need to see direct sunlight from the surface…” Arinna explained, smiling dreamingly to herself; “…to feel the sun from above and to see this ‘moon’ of theirs…oh-h-h, I can’t wait!”

“Halt! Citizens should stay clear of the mines until they have been stabilized” an imperial guard blocked their way, holding out and blocking the girls’ way with her long spear.

“I’m the empress’ granddaughter, lady, so I think you’ll let us pass…?” Jisha asked sugar-sweetly, the guard’s helmet making it impossible to determine her reaction.

“…Pass…” a sigh came from under the helmet, the guard standing aside as she let them pass.

“I really think the City Guard is getting much stricter than the Sisterhood…” Shishu mentioned, Jisha smirking at her.

“Why shouldn’t they? They gotta look after the whole city, and the Sisters just watch my grandmother…and get all the wine, food, comfort and pussy they want…” Jisha said, Arinna looking strictly at Jisha.

“But the Scarlet Sisterhood is noble and good! They’re the best warriors in the whole empire…” Arinna said, Jisha smirking at her.

“Yeah, but they still get the most of the fun…but I’ve seen at one guard from time to time off-duty enjoying herself a little, feisty wench…” Jisha said, the group suddenly stopping as Zithih stood still on the spot.

“…Oh…my…goodness! Oh-h-h, I could SO get used to work here…!” Zithih rubbed her hands gleefully as she spotted the workers at the mine; a reinforced steel helmet with a small, glowing crystal, studded, heavy dark-brown gloves and boots, and a slightly loose uniform of gray overalls and reinforced steel chest plate the only protection the workers wore, the dozens of lightly exhausted, sweating and gorgeous shin’saras women mining ores and doing their best to broaden a large, open tunnel.

“Hm? Gre-e-eat…..another inspection coming up…?” one of the nearby women asked, taking off her helmet and looking at the group.

“Nope, not really, just dropping by to check on my grandmother’s project…” Jisha said, Zithih simply starring at the women working around like a hungry fox would stare at a chicken coup.

“What’s her problem? She’s ogling something fierce…” the woman asked and pointed at Zithih, Shishu already having taken the precaution to grab around Zithih’s left arm so she would not run off towards the woman.

“Well, the truth is, she likes strong girls, and I think she just wants to take you or your colleagues behind an outcrop and fuck for a few hours…” Jisha said in the most carefree of all tones; “…but she’s always horny, the poor girl; she’s pretty well-known around the Studded Gauntlet…”

“Hih-hih-hih-hih! So she gets laid enough, but she turns completely succubus when she sees something like us??” the woman chuckled, blushing lightly as she felt flattered, looking over Zithih, spotting Shishu.

“And you’ve got the hottest chick in town with you, too?? What, you’re starting a harem, your Imperial Highness…?” the woman teased, Jisha blushing slightly.

“I am…but, I’m looking for something really exotic…” Jisha said, the woman picking up a nearby pickaxe.

“Well, there’s a human girl called Jennifer who sits over by that old place, the Bloody Blade, and brags about how close she is to mix up some sort of anti-demon drug…” the woman turned on her heels, returning to work; “…perhaps she’ll be something for you…”

“Zithih, will you cut it out?! You’re making a fool of yourself!” Shishu tried and prevent Zithih from running after the woman, Zithih finally letting out a long sigh, whimpering.

“I really pity Zithih; she just can’t lay off those gorgeous women…” Arinna stroke Zithih’s hair, Zithih nodding gratefully.

“So there’s some human brat thinking about conjuring up some nasty stuff to fend off all kinda demons she doesn’t like? Sounds worth looking into…” Jisha said, looking over her shoulder at the girls; “…you coming?”

“Sorry, I should follow Miss Arinna home…and I have clients for the rest of the day…” Shishu said, Zithih nodding to Jisha.

“I’m game…but if she’s willing and blonde, I got first dips…” she said, following Jisha as the group split up.

[End notes: On a funny note, I feel inclined to describe Shinris' 'abilities' to be (like the Internet meme) "Like. A. Fucking. Boss."]

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