Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 6)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 6

Title: Act 6

[Author's notes: Enter Arinna, a recently come-of-age noble daughter of House Val-Kha, out to find some pleasent company in celebration of her birthday, and, as said, coming of age.]

“So, you’re finally 16 years old…and the first thing you want to do is to hire a courtesan…?” Arinna’s mother raised an eyebrow, gently stroking her pet tiger’s fur.

“Mother, I’ve been waiting for this for months!” Arinna looked pleadingly at her mother, the noblewoman returning the look, a smile rolling over her lips.

“Hm, OK, but my daughter isn’t getting any second-rate, shallow courtesan; while you get ready, I will see to it you get the best there is; Shishu…” Arinna’s mother said, Arinna exclaiming joyfully, leaping towards her mother, hugging her lovingly, the tiger silently growling to have had its stroking disturbed.

“Just be sure you keep in control and don’t let her play you for a fool; I’ll be sure to send a few guards with you…” Arinna’s mother mentioned as Arinna let go, her daughter nodding eagerly, bolting for her room, leaving her mother smirking.

“Raji, I think my little Arinna is turning into the mature woman she always hoped to be…” Arinna’s mother chuckled lowly, the tiger just wagging its tail and yawning.

“MORE! MORE-MORE-MORE-MORE! I WANT IT SO MUCH!” Zithih squealed in right out joy, Shishu sucking harder and harder on her pussy, finding herself desiring the younger shin’saras girl’s orgasms incredibly, Shishu smirking up at Zithih’s blushing, smiling and horny face.

“Alright, you little whore; here comes the main course!” Shishu now lifted Zithih’s legs up high, licking her pussy, folding her legs around Zithih, the younger girl grabbing them and sucking on Shishu’s toes.

“I LOVE SEX LIKE THIS! IT’S SO HOT AND GOOD! KEEP LICKING! FOR SHINRIS’ SAKE, KEEP LICKI-I-I-I-I-ING!” Zithih screamed, rubbing Shishu’s feet on her breasts, licking under the older shin’saras girl’s foot, clearly hearing Shishu giggle as she burrowed her face into Zithih’s pussy, licking every square centimeter of it.

“I-is there a Miss Shishu in here…?” a voice suddenly came from the door, Shishu looking up, licking her lips.

“Yeah, I’m here” she responded, a woman in an azure and cobalt blue purple outfit opening the door, looking quite taken aback at the sight that greeted her; scattered clothing everywhere, a grinning, slightly muscular shin’saras girl lying on the floor, and Shishu, the one her mistress has sent for, slowly sitting up, stroking back her hair.

“Uhm…my mistress wishes to hire you for her daughter’s birthday entertainment; she requests you meet at the Studded Gauntlet to negotiate the price…” the woman mentioned, Zithih raising her head lazily.

“I w-wouldn’t mind tagging along; that daughter there could have two for one! Hah-hah-hah-hah!” Zithih grinned, Shishu rolling her eyes.

“You’re in no condition to come along; you’re drunk, you’re horny and you’re unprofessional” Shishu said, Zithih blushing and grinning.

“You should talk! Hih-hih! You felt real good just before, right? I wanna come along! I wanna! I wanna!” Zithih smirked lazily, Shishu feeling annoyed by the pesky, younger shin’saras girl.

“…..ALRIGHT! You can come along…..but if you end up ruining my appointment I will see you whipped, are we clear??” Shishu warned, sighing as she stood up and grabbed a towel.

“O-OK…..geez, no need to be so threatening…” Zithih smiled smugly, the woman at the door handing Shishu a small, black leather pouch.

“My mistress sends this as a forward payment; you’ll get the full payment after you’re done…” the woman lightly bowed, heading off down the stairs of the inn.

“Hm-m-m, 400 Shinri, a job at the Studded Gauntlet with a noble daughter, and a troublemaker in tow…well, at least the money saves the day…” Shishu teased, Zithih crossing her arms, frowning.

“I’m no troublemaker! I just know what I want…you meanie!” Zithih stuck her tongue out at Shishu, who grinned heartily; seeing Zithih act so childishly could sometimes be ever so blissful.

“What a…colorful place…” Arinna’s mother said, vaguely impressed with the Studded Gauntlet; everywhere she looked she saw courtesans, most of them surprisingly humans, all of them wearing tight leather outfits in a rainbow of colors, some of them wearing various armor parts or even full suits of it.

“Raji, down!” Arinna’s mother ordered the large tiger, Raji growling lowly, sniffing at two scared shin’saras girls as they passed her.

“Mother, shouldn’t we go inside and wait?” Arinna asked, her mother and her bodyguards heading inside the brothel itself; with dark stone walls and steel frames and pillars instead of normal wood and concrete, Arinna began blushing at the sight of the many chatting, laughing, moaning and right out beautiful women.

“Lady Linthiri! Your ‘order’ should be arriving any second…” a human girl standing behind a desk told Arinna’s mother, Arinna deeply fascinated at the human girl as she wore a leather eye-patch.

“Don’t worry, I still got both!” the girl winked at Arinna, lifting her eye-patch to reveal her other eye, grinning at Arinna’s fascinated expression.

“I guess it’s the lass’ first time?” the human girl asked, Linthiri nodding worthily.

“Couldn’t have chosen better, milady; Shishu’s one of the best in the whole city…” the human girl winked, returning to a piece of parchment she was writing on.

“Ur-r-r-rgh, the lights are so sharp; I need a beer…” a moaning voice came from the door, a yawning Zithih steeping inside, followed by an amused Shishu; as Arinna caught eye on the tall shin’saras girl, she failed to hide her gasp of disbelief.

“Punctual we are, Miss Shishu; a good sign…” Linthiri gestured Shishu towards her, Shishu politely bowing before the noblewoman.

“How can I serve, milady?” she asked, Linthiri softly pushing Arinna towards Shishu, the smaller shin’saras girl starring in awe, surprise and adoration at Shishu, Arinna feeling herself blush violently.

“Hiya, miss; you know, if you put but a few more Shinri on the table, your daughter can get two for one!” Zithih grinned at Linthiri, who seemed less than amused as she was used to a far more serious treatment.

“…I thought I could only have one…?” Arinna halfway asked herself, looking at her mother, who immediately shoke her head.

“No, get that thought out of your mind, young lady…in fact, Shishu is a qualified, professional courtesan, and this…girl just seems like your ordinary drunk harlot!” Linthiri gestured at Zithih, Arinna rummaging through her pockets.

“It’s OK, mother; if you pay up for Shishu, I can pay for that strange girl…” Arinna went for the desk, putting up a few handfuls of Shinri.

“…Don’t tell me you were actually saving up for when-…?” Linthiri asked, stopping herself and sighing; “…alright, you can have them both, but if you end without your wallet, don’t come crying on your knees to me.”

“I just used all my savings; she couldn’t rob me…” Arinna confidently turned on her heels, facing Shishu, seeing the tall shin’saras girl and the slightly shorter one to maybe really being worth her time.

“Lady Linthiri, should we follow and watch over them?” one of Linthiri’s bodyguards asked, Linthiri shaking her head at her.

“No…bring Raji in and let us get a few drinks; this could take some time…” Linthiri said, looking to her daughter; “…and you take care of yourself, Arinna…and enjoy your birthday present from your mother, OK?”

“I will!” Arinna smiled, giving her mother a hug, turning to Shishu and Zithih.

“If you will follow us, miss…” Shishu gestured Arinna to follow, Zithih already heading upstairs.

“Um-m-m-m-m…this is really delightful…” Arinna moaned pleasantly, her, Shishu and Zithih stepping into a large pool, the hot water and the smell of perfumes Shishu had poured into the bath made Arinna relax.

“Just take your time; there’s no need to rush…” Shishu assured, Zithih rolling her eyes and submerging underwater.

“I’m sorry about Zithih here; she’s a bit too eager…” Shishu gave Zithih’s head a slight push fully underwater, Arinna unable to take her eyes off Shishu’s large breasts.

“…Hm…? Oh! Hih-hih-hih, you like them, Miss Arinna?” Shishu smiled, Arinna blushing deeply, whimpering and trying to put together a sentence.

“Aw-w-w-w, that’s so cu-u-ute! You gotta admit that, Shishu!” Zithih smiled as she slowly resurfaced, looking at Arinna’s blushing face, smiling adoringly at her.

“Yeah, I gotta say it looks cute…” Shishu tilted her head to the left, Arinna feeling as Shishu and Zithih both admired her, as well.

“Is this really how you have sex?” Arinna could not help but ask, Shishu failing to hide a cheerful giggle.

“No, not really, we-…-we’re just…well, warming up; sex can be quite exhausting…” Shishu said, Arinna looking down at herself.

“I know my first time should be with a loved one, but…I just feel that it doesn’t matter all that much…” Arinna blushed slightly, looking up and being quite surprised as Shishu had leaned slightly over towards her.

“I can give you a little taste of what sex feels like…?” Shishu asked carefully, Arinna slowly nodding, Shishu smirking as she touched Arinna’s left nipple with extreme delicacy.

“A-a-ah, Shishu, you’re too sensitive; hey, cute stuff…” Zithih smirked to herself, winking at Arinna; “…this is one of the best things you can ever do during sex!”

Leaning slightly down, Zithih snuck her head between Shishu’s breasts, moaning as she stroke her head against them, Shishu smiling amused, Arinna gasping at Zithih’s boldness.

“So wild! Miss Shishu, could you and Miss Zithih maybe…maybe just play a little with each other? I, I kind of think I should study this first…” Arinna moaned lightly, Shishu and Zithih looking at each other, smirking as they both began moaning, stroking against themselves, Arinna feeling her heartbeat becoming faster as she watched the two girls in the pool with her.

“…..I can’t help it; I…I really just can’t…” Arinna spoke to herself, letting her hands slowly move over her body, lightly pinching her nipples, Shishu and Zithih hardly noticing her as Zithih now had begun kissing Shishu hotly, Shishu moaning and groaning as Zithih lightly pushed her backwards, pressing her against the wall of the pool, sucking again and again on her large breasts.

“B-but Miss Zithih…she’s drooling!” Arinna could feel her cheeks blush, slowly approaching the two other girls from behind, Zithih looking over her shoulder, smiling at the younger girl.

“Um-m-m, fresh meat…!” Zithih let go of Shishu, slowly grabbing Arinna’s right arm, the younger girl moaning as Zithih pressed her face between her breasts, giggling as Arinna moaned and felt herself drool on Zithih’s breasts, Shishu sneaking up on Zithih from behind, nipping at her ears, the two of them giggling as they felt that this job would be a rather pleasant one.

“A girl’s breasts…oh-h, it feels so warm to touch…! Arinna could hardly hold back her excitement, Zithih smirking as Arinna began touching her breasts and fondle them, Shishu licking at her neck.

“Should it not be Miss Arinna in the middle?” Shishu suggested, Arinna nodding weakly, Zithih getting a perverted gleam in her eyes, sitting up and slowly switching places with Arinna, the younger girl resting her head between Shishu’s breasts, moaning and shuddering as Zithih licked at her stomach, Shishu licking at Arinna’s ears.

“You’re feeling excited, little miss? All the naughty things we could do to you…” Shishu spoke lightly into Arinna’s ear, Arinna already panting in excitement, her body feeling in heat as Zithih’s tongue proceeded upwards towards her breasts, Zithih smiling as she slurped at her nipples.

“Such cute breasts; not too small, not too big…” Zithih said, licking and letting her drool flow all over Arinna’s breasts, the smaller shin’saras girl moaning and whimpering hotly.

“Please…I can’t take this anymore…I’m going crazy! I can’t control myself!” Arinna yelled out, Shishu leaning back, Arinna surprised as she followed suit as Shishu held around her waist, Zithih still licking on Arinna’s breasts, grabbing around Arinna’s boot-covered ankles.

“Why do I have to keep those on?? It feels so awkward!” Arinna silently whimpered, Zithih chuckling at her.

“Because it’s part of what turns me on, cutie…” Zithih winked at Arinna; “…cute little girls in hot boots are just sex appeal incarnate!”

“As well as the ones with large breasts…” Shishu grinned behind Arinna, the younger shin’saras girl feeling her body surrendering; the two other girls had hardly begun molesting her for real, but she already felt almost about to explode from raw pleasure.

“Oh-h-h-h no-o-o-o! I, I can’t just-…OH-H-H-H-H-H-H! OH-H-H-H-H-H NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!” Arinna yelled out as Zithih pressed both her breasts together, sucking on her nipples, Arinna feeling as she climaxed, Zithih looking down, smirking to see the younger girl’s small squirts of cum from her pussy, her orgasm exciting Zithih even more as she dove between Arinna’s legs.

“You’re properly a virgin, so I’ll make sure to give you all the pleasure you deserve…” Zithih chuckled, licking at the now wailing Arinna’s pussy lips, Shishu groping the younger girl as she moaned loudly, a small smile appearing on Arinna’s lips.

“I, I can’t believe this! I’m actually having sex!” Arinna grinned, Shishu kissing her neck, Zithih nudging her nose further into Arinna’s pussy, chuckling lowly at the younger girl’s excitement.

“Yes, more! I want more! Oh-h-h, give it to me-e-e-e!” Arinna moaned louder and louder, pleading for Shishu and Zithih to continue, Arinna’s moans, squeals and small chuckles amusing them both.

“What do you mean Shishu’s busy with some noble daughter?? Oh, now I properly gotta wait for hours…” Jisha mumbled sourly, sitting herself down by a nearby table, her mood changing to the better as she amused herself by watching the leather-clad human women making up quite a bit of the scenery at the Studded Gauntlet.

“Oh, you must be Lady Jisha…” Linthiri respectfully curtsied to Jisha as she passed her by, Jisha smiling at the noblewoman.

“You here to have a little fun, yourself? Hih-hih, these girls may act rough, but they’re really sweet…” Jisha smirked, Linthiri settling down beside Jisha.

“My daughter is visiting this place as a…..’birthday surprise’ seeing she has turned 16…” Linthiri told Jisha, the half-demon smiling at the thought.

“So maybe she’s the one Shishu is entertaining? You sure get your daughter the best, miss…” Jisha remarked, Linthiri smiling to herself.

“I heard this Shishu were the best, so I hired her for a few hours for my daughter…and then some other wench made her way in…” Linthiri said, Jisha raising an eyebrow.

“Hm? She got two for one? Hih-hih-hih! How’d the other chick look like?” Jisha asked, taking the drink Linthiri handed her.

“Small, muscular, bodysuit, spiky hair…she sort of looked like a warrior or fighter or something…” Linthiri said, sipping at her own drink.

“…Her name wouldn’t be Zithih, would it?” Jisha asked, Linthiri looking surprised at her.

“Yes, that was her name! How would you know?” Linthiri asked, Jisha smirking broadly.

“I’ve slept with her quite a few times; she’s so funny…and nice boobs, too…” Jisha hid a small giggle, Linthiri gesturing her bodyguards to sit down beside them, Raji growling as it sat at Linthiri’s feet.

“Nice kitty…” Jisha looked nervously at the large, white-furred feline, the tiger simply licking its fangs, lying itself down by Linthiri’s feet, the noblewoman looking Jisha over.

“You must be the empress’ niece, Jisha; isn’t it dangerous to wander outside the palace without an escort?” Linthiri asked, Jisha sensing a bit of goading in her voice.

“Meh, I travel faster alone…and heck, I don’t carry any valuables around, so I don’t think I’d get robbed…” Jisha shrugged, Linthiri narrowing her eyes.

“I also hear something about you trying to follow in your grandmother’s footsteps and try to set up yourself a harem of more or less willing women…” Linthiri purposely hoped to provoke an explanation out of Jisha; “…would that be true?”

“’More or less willing’?? Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! I’ll bet you think sex is all about having your partner orgasm and come out as the winner, eh? What’s the point if you can’t joke a bit and actually feel great at being in the game??” Jisha grinned at Linthiri’s question, the noblewoman looking in surprise at Jisha.

“So…you have never taken someone without their say? I heard you’d actually rape and not care for your victims’ thoughts…” Linthiri asked, Jisha’s eyes flaring up as if set on fire.

“And who’d told you that?” Jisha asked dangerously sweetly, Linthiri looking a bit taken aback.

“It was only a rumor…” she shrugged, Jisha looking eerily sweetly at her.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing you got yourself the facts and not just ended up believing in a lie…” Jisha said, pointing a finger at Linthiri; “…’cause I really don’t think you’d like what I could do to your ladyship’s nipples...”

“Watch your tone, girl…” one of the bodyguards warned, Jisha simply wagging her tail back and forth.

“Yeah-yeah, keep your helmet on, tin-can; listen, missy…” Jisha turned her attention to Linthiri, giving her a smug smile; “…I’ll be heading upstairs soon, so maybe your little daughter might be getting a little extra for your money.”

“If you touch her, I’ll cleave your hand off from the wrist, myself…!” Linthiri hissed, Jisha emptying her cup, standing up and heading upstairs.

“What a little whore! Should we stop her, milady?” one of Linthiri’s bodyguards asked, Linthiri hiding a smile.

“No, leave her alone; she’s at least honest…and by far worthy of both me and Arinna…” Linthiri sat in deep thoughts, her bodyguards returning their attention to their drinks.

[End notes: As you might have suspected, the idea of a giant tiger as a pet comes from "World of Warcraft" and the night elves' nightsabers which they use as their racial mounts.]

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