Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 5)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 5

Title: Act 5 (Bonus Act)

[Author's notes: A teacher/student situation has arisen at the Imperial Academy!]

“Alright, ladies, listen up! You’re going to pay close attention in this class, and I don’t care if you are of noble blood or commoners; I’m not tolerating any chatter, banter or other childish behavior; is that understood…?” Zuki announced to her class, the girls looking at her with a mix of fear and confusion.

“Don’t give me those innocent looks; I’m here to teach you, not to act like a babysitter…” Ziku pointed a determined finger towards the students; “…if you follow the rules, we’ll get along fine, or else…”

Leaving her sentence unfinished, the girls looked as the door opened, an armored guard stepping in, her armor and helmet hiding her identity, but the curved scabbard of her sword left little doubt that she meant business.

“Are you trying to intimidate us, Miss Zuki??” a girl on the back row asked, Zuki’s eyes turning directly towards her.

“No, but I am trying to make you understand this…” Zuki mentioned; “…I’ve had classes where my students had tried fighting, biting, wrestling, cursing and enchanting each other because of jealousy over which came from the ‘noblest’ house…and I just won’t tolerate that!”

Adjusting her glasses a bit, Zuki gave a small smile to the class.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way, and I’ve lain my inner demons to rest, open up page 7 in your book, ‘The Mystical Arts’ found beside your desk…” Zuki turned on her heel, heading behind her own desk as she pulled out several pencils and papers from its drawers.

“She’s sure something, our new teach; you saw her boobs??” two girls sat and chatted lowly, one of them snickering, nodding eagerly.

“Quite a pair! I bet she gets laid, like, every night!” the snickering girl said, the other one giggling, suddenly hearing heavy, metallic footsteps.

“…Quit gabbing, you two…” the guard silently hissed as she passed them, her dangling sword intimidating the girls just as much as the guard’s eerie voice.

“I can’t believe it! Just thirty minutes of a magic class, and those girls can’t keep still in their seats!” Zuki mumbled to herself and complained, entering the teachers’ lounge, spotting Mizari as she sat and drank a cup of water, Mizari smirking to herself as she could already see what annoyed Zuki.

“You can’t blame the youth, Zuki; even something as interesting as magic would seem boring to them…” Mizari said, looking up at her colleague; “…and besides, their class is not really what I believe they fantasize about…”

“You’re a sick woman, Mizari…” Zuki frowned, nevertheless sitting down beside her; “…I can’t believe you actually would not mind having sex with your students if they brought a large enough strap-on!”

“Careful what you say, Zuki…..but yes, I can’t see the taboo in it…” Mizari said, sighing lightly; “…sometimes our fears for the unknown turns into paranoid decline and rejection of what we really desire, and besides, I don’t believe it would really affect the whole ‘morality’ if it took place after class.”

“But what has that to do with me??” Zuki asked, Mizari hiding a smirk.

“I am positive that your whole class is more than willing to do away with you for hours, Zuki; with your body, you could become the richest woman next to the empress, herself…” Mizari said, letting her hand slowly stroke against Zuki’s right arm; “…and I wouldn’t mind having you for company, myself…”

“…You’re a shameless harlot, you know that?? All the magic of the world doesn’t hide the fac-…!” Zuki began angrily, Mizuri waving her hand lightly, Zuki still opening and closing her mouth, but not a sound was heard.

“You’re quite uptight enough without lecturing me, Zuki…” Mizari smiled meekly; “…someday, I am quite certain you will find yourself between a gorgeous courtesan’s legs…and I will be cheering for that day to come…”

Waving her hand again, Zuki’s voice returned, blushing heavily as she looked angrily at Mizari.

“You’re such a sow! A pervert! A skirt-chasing, spell-weaving-…!” Zuki snarled, Mizari simply smiling at her.

“…Shouldn’t I just kiss you and be done with this…?” Mizari slowly leaned forward, grabbing behind Zuki’s head, kissing the surprised teacher, who moaned in surprise and slight shock, grabbing around Mizari’s arm, but hesitated to push her back.

“H-how dare you?! How could you…??” Zuki asked in surprise as Mizari looked pleasantly at her; feeling her blushing worsen, Zuki could feel as a sense of warmth spread inside her body from her lips.

“…Um-m-m-…?” Mizari moaned in surprised as Zuki lounged forward, returning the kiss passionately, Mizari chuckling amused.

“Maybe you’re not wrapped up so tight, after all…” Mizari smirked, stroking Zuki’s chin, the other girl managing a small smile.

“…Don’t tempt me like that…not ever again…” Zuki whimpered, Mizari cuddling her tightly, Zuki moaning and meekly trying to struggle as Mizari tightened her grip, chuckling as Zuki surrendered her attempts at escaping, moaning as she let herself at Mizuri’s mercy.

“Ar-r-r-r-rgh! Oh, Miss Zuki! MISS ZUKI! OH-H-H-H, fuck me! Miss Zuki, fuck me! I want it! I want it so much…!!!” a girl sat by Zuki’s desk, the empty classroom echoing with her screams and moans, as she had snatched the pencil Zuki had used to write notes with, thrusting the soft end into her pussy through her thin underwear.

“It hurts so much, but it’s so good! Oh, Miss Zuki, give it to me! I wanna feel you in there! Um-m-m-m-m…!!!” the girl tried and hold a hand to her mouth, but the imagine of the busty Zuki, in the girl’s fantasy winking at her and stripping for her, she could hardly block her screams.

“Sacred Shinris! What is that sound!” Zuki groaned frustrated as she walked down the hallway, opening the classroom door, freezing a step as hers and girl’s eyes met, the girl’s drooling, lustful smile remaining intact as her thrusting stopped.

“…Have you any idea what you’re doing to yourself?!” Zuki quietly asked, seeing a small hint of blood forming on the girl’s wet panties, the soft end of the pencil having made a wound somewhere in her vagina.

“M-Miss Zuki, I-…-I just couldn’t take it anymore! If I didn’t do anything, I’d go crazy!” the girl silently whimpered, tears forming in her eyelids as her smile was replaced with a shocked look of dread.

“…You girls all seem to desire me over my lessons, huh?” Zuki slowly spoke mostly to herself, looking at the girl.

“Fine, then; you and whatever friends you have here in class can-…ur-r-rgh…-you can molest me if you really desire it so much…but if any of you drop just one grade, you’re going back to apprentice status!”

“RE-REALLY?! Mi-Miss Zuki, may we-…??” the girl’s eyes widened in surprise and sheer joy, Zuki feeling herself smile.

“If that is the teaching that will get you to become something in life, well, I suppose it’s my job to motivate you, then…” Zuki said, sitting down beside the girl; “…but you better get some tissue paper to stop the blood; “…Shinris’ blood, did you even realize that you were hurting yourself??”

“I didn’t, really…I just wanted to feel you molest me again and again and aga-…” the girl dreamingly said, Zuki hushing her.

“Go and find your friends, then; I will turn the next class into a more…intimate one…” Zuki said, taking off her glasses, reaching up and putting them on her desk; “…I think the lot of you are old enough for SE.”

“What’s ‘SE’?” the girl asked curiously, Zuki smirking at her.

“’Sexual Education’; I think we need to see just why it is you want me so much…and why your vaginas seems to be overflowing just thinking of me…” Zuki chuckled lightly, stroking the girl’s hair; “…just remember:
A teacher like me having sex with students like you girls isn’t really normal, so just tell your friends and no-one else.”

“I promise! I’ll go gather them right away!” the girl stood up, bolting for the door, Zuki sighing to herself.

“…I suppose I couldn’t prolong it any longer…” she spoke to herself; “…well, that leaves me twenty minutes to prepare…Shinris be with me…”

“Wow! It’s like the classroom’s all redecorated!” a girl said as she entered Zuki’s classroom, the normal, dull gray stone walls now decorated with deep velvet curtains, magical fire glowing from the chandeliers and a row of a few dozen red silk pillows placed in front of the desk instead of the usual smaller stone chairs.

“Welcome, class; I have reason to believe that many of you seem to have the hots for me, your teacher and your guide to a better future…” Zuki’s voice came from the dark, the girls hurrying to find a pillow, Zuki stepping out from the dark, looking over her class.

“What a bunch of very indecent young ladies; lusting over your teacher while you should be studying for the future…” Zuki narrowed her eyes; “…but since suppressing sexual urges and desires only hurts you, I decided we should both take up SE classes…and as your friend might have told you, I have given in; to better help you focus on your future, I will ease your presence by engaging in these ‘activities’ you want to do with me.”

“…What’s an ‘SE’ class?” a girl asked, leading to chattering and chuckles from the other girls, all of them eager to hear more about Zuki’s announcements.

“It stands for ‘Sexual Education’; seeing as you all seem quite in heat when you see me, I’ve decided we should study just what makes you give in to your erotic fantasies…but let me remind you…” Zuki’s voice turned sharper; “…if any of you drop a grade during regular classes, just one…single…grade…you will be going back to apprentice status, and there will be no more SE classes, and I will ask to be reassigned to another class!”

A collective gasp of dread went through the class, the girls chatting nervously; studying were boring to them and took a lot of time, but if their gorgeous teacher Miss Zuki would both educate them on sex and bare herself to them…?

“Well, is that understood?” Zuki asked, the class all nodding as one, some of them smirking as Zuki now sat down by her desk.

“Alright, let us begin; now, as your teacher, my privacy doesn’t concern you, but I’ll let you know that, apart from you, I’m no virgin…and no, I was not raped by some foreign shin’idun babe with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes…” Zuki’s eyes looked over the class, one girl folding her arms across sourly; she had always fantasied that Zuki would have been slutty enough to be raped, and enjoy it, by that mysterious Jisha lady near everyone in the city were talking about.

“Well, as we got that out of the way, I need a clever answer for this question: What part of the body feels the most sensitive to most sexual arousals?” Zuki asked, near every girl in the class raising their hands and shouting that they knew the answer.

“You…” Zuki pointed to a girl on the far front row.

“You feel really good when your pussy’s feeling wet…” the girl explained, Zuki shaking her head, yet nodded slowly.

“I’ll never understand why girls nowdays keep calling it ‘pussy’; what does a slang word for ‘cat’ have to do with lovemaking and erotic??” Zuki asked, mostly herself, a girl grinning as she raised her hand.

“It’s because it’s a cute word…and it’s funny to say!” she smiled, Zuki simply nodding at her.

“Now, next question, true or false: During sexual stimuli, is it true that pain, like from a needle, can add to the arousal?” Zuki asked, the girls mumbling as few of them had any idea what exactly a needle would even be used for.

“No answers? Well, it’s true; if a woman is in deep enough arousal, even pain will turn her further on, at least that is seen in most cases; some women can only be turned on by arousing a certain part of their body…” Zuki explained, the girls listening intensely.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! Oh, uhm, sorry; slip of the tongue…” Zuki suddenly giggled, excusing herself as she fought the urge to giggle again; the irony of having the class’ full attention when she talked about sex were quite hilarious to her.

“Well, I will show a little example…any volunteers?” Zuki asked, all of the girls raising their hands, cheering as they wanted to be picked.

“You there…” Zuki pointed to a black-haired girl, who walked up beside Zuki, trying to resist the urge to ogle at her breasts.

“Now give me your hand…” Zuki said, the girl surprised as she held her arm out, Zuki lightly taking it, the girl feeling a jolt of arousal as the latex of Zuki’s glove grabbed around her hand.

“See right here by the fingers? Those are some of the most common, sensitive parts of the body; if they either touch something pleasant or unpleasant, the body will react instantly and either try and back away, or remain still…” Zuki explained.

“Now, if it’s not too embarrassing for you, could you take off your shirt?” Zuki asked, the girl at first surprised, but taking off her shirt regardless, smiling to herself as she doubted it would be the greatest shock to the class.

“Now, as you can see-…..oh, I didn’t know about that…” Zuki began, discovering the girl’s nipples had small ring accessories, the class eagerly mumbling, a girl giggling as the dark-haired girl sat up on Zuki’s desk.

“See, another sensitive part of the body is the nipple; it is almost like a cluster of nerves where a girl’s breasts can be aroused most easily, and if I were to press…here…” Zuki let a finger touch the dark-haired girl’s nipple, adding another finger as she lightly pinched the nipple; “…it should send an either pleasant, or painful stimulation around in her body.”

“So she feels good when to pinch her nipple or suck it?” a girl asked, Zuki blinking slightly confused.

“Uhm, yes, I assume so…..w-why are you all starring at-…?” Zuki asked, only to find the dark-haired girl moaning, groping her left breast, her hand moving down under Zuki’s skirt.

“Y-young lady, will you please-…!” Zuki blushed violently, backing away from the dark-haired girl, still blushing as she looked over the rather excited classroom.

“…..I guess we’ll take the next steps afterwards; for now…” Zuki said, a certain sense of revenge and playfulness grabbed her; “…I think you’ve been patient enough…”

As Zuki now turned around, she undid her corset, holding it out in a stretched hand, letting it fall, turning to face the class, a roar of approval, whistles and grins were heard from the girls; finally Zuki let them willingly see her plumb, large breasts, Zuki lifting an eyebrow as some girls began right out masturbating at her.

“…How long have I been in all your heads?? Geez, girls these days…” Zuki said, the dark-haired girl lying on her desk, masturbating wildly and sending Zuki desirable looks.

“…What you don’t do to educate…” Zuki rolled her eyes, beginning to smile; truth to be told, seeing some many lusting, fit young women, she could not help but think that maybe she would not need to hire any courtesans to keep her company anytime soon.

“Alright, I think I’ll drop the educational façade just a few hours…” Zuki smirked, heading towards the flock of moaning, panting and excited girls, stepping out of her white lace panties, holding them up high.

“I’ve had plenty of these stolen the last few weeks…whoever it has been, you can have these, too…” Zuki announced, a human girl with purple hair raising her arm, Zuki lightly tossing the panties to her, the girl grabbing them, sniffing them delightfully as she moaned even louder.

“OK then, ladies…” Zuki said, holding up her hand, a small orb of blue, mystical energy forming into a handful of oblong objects forming in Zuki’s hand; “…these are, however silly it would sound, magical dildos; they’re made of rubber, and ejects a fluid, whipped cream-like substance when the user reaches her climax…and they’re double-ended…”

As Zuki began feeling a certain kind of thrill, some of the girls seemed to have had it; in the next second, Zuki found herself lightly brought to the floor by a light push, landing in some of the pillows, the purple-haired girl standing grinningly over her.

“Oh-h-h, fu-u-uck… I’ve waited for this! I’ve been fucking you in my dreams, teach, but now it’s finally for real!” the purple-haired girl cheered, looking possibly insane with desire as she carefully inserted the dildo into herself, jabbing its tip right into Zuki’s bared pussy lips.

“OH-H-H! S-SACRED SHINRIS PRESERVE ME-E-E-E-E!” Zuki yelled out, feeling as dozens of other girls had her head pressed between their breasts, her own breasts sucked, licked and fondled by several of them, and a few others even tickling her armpits, Zuki gasping as she could simply not decide if to scream, moan or laugh.

“I never thought I’d see it…” one of the academy guards said as she passed through the corridors with her partner; “…a teacher being fucked silly by her students…”

“They’ve got her running around in their minds, I tell you; really, she dresses like a courtesan, and she expects them to just roll with it?? Get real!” her partner said, sitting down by a bench, the two of them taking off their helmets.

“It’s not like Zuki’s the only one in their mind; I’ve had some pretty cute little ones…” one of them smirked and grinned, her partner raising an eyebrow.

“Oh no…you didn’t-…?” she asked, sighing as the other guard nodded eagerly.

“You honestly told those two busty chicks that you had to inspect their robes for any dangerous magical chemicals…and they bought it??” the guard asked, her partner grinning wickedly.

“They were a load of fun; one of them actually tried groping me from behind…and she was only half my size!” the guard grinned, her partner joining in.

“Really?! Oh, sweet Shinris, that’s just priceless…aw-w-w, I can just imagine it…” the guard smiled to herself.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H! OH, YES! FUCK ME HARDER! DEEPER! OH-H-H-H-H! KEEP GOING!” Zuki screamed in pleasure, burrowing her face into the closest girl’s breasts, the entire classroom having turned into a right out orgy, Zuki the main attraction as the girls were eagerly using the new dildos, Zuki finding herself swallowing the dildos’ cream and the girls’ cum, her body covered in both as the girls’ robes lay stretched all over the room, their moans, screams, laughter and complete molesting of Zuki in some way making her feel blissful.

“Aren’t you gonna cum soon?? Do it! Cum for me! Cum for me! Suck my every…last…drip…!” the purple-haired girl now pulled the dildo out of Zuki’s pussy, letting Zuki lick the tip of the dildo, proceeding to insert it in her mouth, Zuki looking up to the human girl, sucking as hard as she could.

“They’re so wonderful! So big and yummy!” a girl were fawning over Zuki’s breasts as she kept sucking on their fullness, several other girls joining, Zuki moaning hotly, removing her mouth from the dildo, drooling and panting as the drool dripped from her mouth, feeling as if she could cum any second, the pleasure her body experienced something she had never thought possible.

“Please, girls…fuck my brains out!” Zuki spread her legs, spreading her pussy lips, the purple-haired girl hungrily descending unto Zuki’s pussy, licking as wildly and sucking as hard as she could, her tongue penetrating deep inside the screaming Zuki’s womanhood.

“Hold her down! She’ll be sure to struggle once she cums from this!” the purple-haired girl told the other girls, two of them grabbing Zuki’s arms, holding her down, still sucking on her breasts as the third girl began kissing Zuki passionately, the older shin’saras girl returning the kiss hotly, the sensation of these beautiful girls ravishing and molesting her body making her feel right out blissful, panting heavily, Zuki’s thoughts becoming murky as all she could think of was how good she felt.

“Um-m-m, so wet and messy! What a cute little pussy for such a sexy slut!” the purple-haired girl smirked, lapping and devouring Zuki’s cum, the pink pussy lips and Zuki’s moans alluring her to give the older girl everything she had.

“Oh-h-h-h…..I just can’t hold it! I, I could cum any second…!!!” Zuki yelled out, the purple-haired girl smiling as she licked her lips, Zuki’s cum tasting deliciously sweet to her.

“Hm-m-m, I suppose I’ll allow you to…” the purple-haired girl snickered deviously, suddenly grabbing with both arms under Zuki’s thighs, burrowing her face deep into her pussy, slurping with every last ounce of energy she had, the girls holding Zuki still sucking away on her breasts, the girl who had been kissing Zuki instead sitting on her face, moaning and groping herself as Zuki licked at her g-spot.

[End notes: In all honesty, I am not much for teacher/student types of fetishes, but this here will hopefully show that I have the ability to write one if I so please.

(And yes, the concept for Miss Zuki was taken heavily off from Miss/Mistress Spencer of the "Rumble Roses" game).]

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