Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 4)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 4

Title: Act 4

[Author's notes: Enter Shirli and Sharla VS the Scarlet Sisterhood, two dozen armored, sweaty, excited and lustful and highly experienced warrior-women against two blonde nymphomaniacs with more sexual experience than the entire Sisterhood combined.
Whom may leave the empress' chamber on staggering legs, or lie down from exhaustion, is revealed here.]

“So you little demon whores invade the exalted empress’ chambers, defile one of our sacred sisterhood’s warriors with your vile seductions, and now you even dare lay yourself on the empress’ bed?!” one of the Scarlet Sisters took off her helmet, looking evilly at the surprised Shirli and Sharla.

“We-We didn’t know it was your empress’!” Shirli tried and explain, Sharla merely smirking at her.

“It’s alright, Shirli…” she said, looking teasingly at the Sister; “…they’re just trying to justify that they’re going to gangbang us.”

“Dressed like that?? Hih-hih-hih! Geared up like that they couldn’t even begin to try!” Shirli grinned, several of the Sisters confused if they should lay down their arms and really ravish the half-naked beauties before them, or simply whip them into submission.

“I dare you…” a Sister said, stroking a lock of her hair aside, smirking evilly at Sharla as she stood right up in front of her; “…do you think you can outdo the Scarlet Sisterhood? The very elite of the Empire of Shacar-Jarcu??”

“…You mean the ladies who dress in heavy armor, talk tough and gets laid by too many courtesans to count? Yeah, I think we can outdo that!” Sharla smiled, the Sister returning it.

“I accept!” she exclaimed, pushing Sharla back on the bed, undoing her armor, weapons and uniform in a surprising hurry.

“Sisters! Today we conquer these skirt-chasing fiends on their own turf!” she cheered over her shoulder, the other Sisters putting down their own armor and weapons, Shirli and Sharla grinning and starring in awe at the smaller army of ravishing elf girls before them, all of them white-haired with one or more locks dyed red.

“Oh! Eager, aren’t we??” Shirli grinned, two Scarlet Sisters throwing themselves over her, fondling and grabbing her breasts, Shirli moaning as they tightened their grip.

“OH-H-H! I’m already getting hot! This is wonderful, Sharla!” Shirli smiled, reaching out her arms in a welcoming gesture to the Scarlet Sisters.

“You little wenches will beg for this! Beg for it! Tell us how much you desire this!” a Sister teased Shirli, sucking roughly on her nipples, Shirli whimpering lovingly, the Sister surprised as she felt something liquid enter her mouth.

“Milk drips from your breasts??” she asked in wonder, pressing Shirli’s breasts roughly, Shirli whimpering joyfully as a small squirt of milk came out of her nipples.

“Let me! Let me suck their nectars!” another Sister insisted, sucking on Shirli’s other nipple, Shirli and Sharla feeling as more and more Scarlet Sisters crawled over them, Sharla sucking passionately on a Sister’s breasts, her moaning making Sharla giggle as she sucked harder.

“I am not really surprised…” a voice came behind them, the Scarlet Sisters frozen as in shock as Shinris slowly approached; “…but if anyone are to see what these she-demons truly can do, I would say I should be the one to embrace them first of all.”

“O-of course, Your Highness…” one of the Sisters said, the others backing away from Shirli and Sharla as Shinris stood before them.

“Before my sisterhood ravish you as passionately as they can…show me the truest, carnal arts you can imagine…” Shinris said as two Sisters helped her undress, her rich robe and cloak neatly folded and placed near a pillar.

“Wow, looking good, Miss Empress…” Shirli could not help but grin, the empress looking quite attractive to her and Sharla; as she crawled unto her bed, Shirli and Sharla starred in awe at her.

“Please, leaving those meager garments behind; I would see you naked before me…” Shinris said, Shirli and Sharla taking off their corsets, licking their boots and gloves and discarding them to the left side of the large bed.

“Now, you two little she-demons…” Shinris gestured with both arms; “…come; embrace me and show me your arts.”

Giggling, Shirli and Sharla did just so, Shinris closing her eyes, amused as the two blondes lay on each side of her, licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples.

“You truly d-don’t hold back; that is good…” Shinris smiled at Shirli and Sharla, then to the Scarlet Sisters; “…as soon as I have climaxed, my sisters, then ravish these two and each other; let not a single girl in this room be left unattended!”

“You two…” Shinris slowly sat up, Shirli and Sharla looking nervous as the empress’ face were mostly covered by her long mane of white hair; “…no courtesan, no seductress, has ever done this unto me…!”

As Shinris rose, Shirli and Sharla were concerned they might have taken things to far; dripping from the empress’ body were not only sweat, cum and drool, but milk, the two blondes having squirted it from their nipples unto the empress.

“You two must, by every meaning of the word… the sluttiest beings ever to enter Shacar-Jarcu…” Shinris stroke her hair slightly backing, positively beaming; “…I haven’t enjoyed such good ecstasies and silly wordplay for at least a week!”

“And your little Sisterhood? Are we better than them??” Shirli asked, Sharla chuckling evilly at the Scarlet Sisters, sucking on Shinris’ nipples.

“Slightly, but I enjoy them and their efforts as much as I did yours…” Shinris said, crossing her legs; “…wherever you hail from, I doubt anyone there could be as talented as you.”

“Well, there’s Mistress Hyracha…um-m-m, Tirah, oh yeah, that witch’s good…..oh, and Zilah, a new arrival recently…” Sharla counted, Shirli blushing at the last name.

“Sharla, she put a half dozen vibrators in my clit! She’s too hardcore, even for us!” Shirli whimpered, Sharla simply smirking at her.

“Who is this…’Zilah’? Another demon?” Shinris asked, Shirli and Sharla suppressing their giggles.

“She’s a succubus, and she pretty much makes us look like virgin schoolgirls!” Shirli said, Shinris raising an eyebrow.

“So she would be a nigh unstoppable force of desire and skirt-chasing escapades?” Shinris asked, her sarcasm quite obvious.

“Last time she went out to seduce someone she had all her minions with her and they ended up spreading panic at an all-girls’ school! Uhm, Hyracha, our mistress, wasn’t really pleased…” Sharla mentioned, Shinris raising her eyebrows again, Sharla quickly explaining further; “…it was a good time for them all, but, uhm…one of the girls there had a rape fetish, so that’s not really gonna turn out well...”

“If you can, could you summon this ‘Zilah’ and her…’minions’? I always did enjoy exotic women…” Shinris asked.

“Uhm, eheh-heh-heh…….it’d be like letting a hurricane loose! She’s pretty wild…and her girls are kinda crazy, too…” Shirli blushed and giggled, Shinris looking directly at her with her calm, teal-green eyes.

“I understand she might be dangerous to summon…but I am confident in my Scarlet Sisterhood…” Shinris gestured at the Sisters; “…they would give your lives to defend me.”

“She doesn’t kill anyone, Your Highness…she’s just really…really horny…and that’s all the time…” Sharla mentioned, Shinris nodding to her.

“So it would be like the two of you, only worse?” Shinris could not hide a slight taunt, Sharla crossing her arms, nodding to Shirli.

“We’ll do it! Shirli! Let’s get Zilah and her girls here!” Sharla gave Shirli a thumbs up, the two of them holding up their hands, chaotic magic forming in their palms as they began conjuring what looked like a portal.

“Demon magic! Your Highness, you-…!” one of the Scarlet Sisters gasped, suddenly seeing a small mass of shadowy, black energy emerge from the portal; like fluid shadows, they flew across the walls of the room faster than the Scarlet Sisters could manage to follow their movements, finally forming around the empress’ bed like eight, black rings; in a puff of black smoke and the glowing, red-pink light of chaos magic, eight girls appeared, each of them with wings, tails and horns, one of them with larger wings than the others.

“Hm-m-m…..pre-e-e-ey…so delicious-s-s-s-s…” the tallest of them snarled, a clinging heard as the Sisters dropped their weapons to the floor in awe; the tall girl was black-haired, exotically tan-skinned, her body covered in black tattoos and black make-up, and her body were right out perfect; wearing tight latex and with her wings lightly floating around her, her deep-red eyes looked hungrily at the naked Scarlet Sisters.

“Girls! I smell our prey…and it’s even in heat, already…!” the girl licked her teeth, other girls emerging from the puffs of smoke, a colorful selection of beautiful, ravishing, busty and irresistible female forms scarcely hidden under tight leather or latex outfits, the lot of them either smiling, licking their lips, or posing at the naked Sisters, one of them even exposing her nether lips, tugging her thin thong continuously into it, moaning and rubbing her breasts.

“Shirli! Sharla! Why does the Mistress’ little favorite house cats suddenly summon the Supreme Zilah?” the tall one asked sarcastically, crawling on all four with the grace of a panther towards the two blondes.

“Uhm, we kinda fooled around with Empress Shinris here, and, uhm, we sorta mentioned your name, and-…” Shirli began, Zilah eyeing the, to her mind, ravishing empress.

“So the empress of Shacar-Jarcu seeks pleasure from me? I?? The greatest Mistress of Pleasures next only to Hyracha, herself??” Zilah frowned, looking at the empress.

“What courtesan makes up such a bragging for her skills?” Shinris could not help but ask skeptically.

“The best, empress, next only to the Goddess of Pleasure, herself...I have ravished more women and drunk more of their nectars than your dagger-eared soldiers here have ravished you, I would believe…” Zilah shamelessly bragged, Shinris standing up, looking directly at Zilah.

“If your bragging is half as good as your actual talents, every woman in this world would have been under your charms, demon…” Shinris taunted; “…but I tire of idle banter; if you have the skills you claim, take them out on me.”

“You?? You’re no more worthy of my talents than a peasant girl! You’d be fitter to lick and bathe my boots with your drool…” Zilah frowned, Shinris’ face hardening.
“I am more than empress and lover to my Sisterhood…” Shinris walked carefully over her bed, jumping into the air with a surprising speed, landing elegantly on her feet, her finger pointed directly at Zilah’s throat; “…I just so happens to be Shacar-Jarcu’s greatest warrior…and had I willed it, I could puncture your throat with just a pinch.”

“What?? You will not just roll over and beg for my gifts like a common whore?” Zilah looked at the sudden pride in the empress’ eyes, feeling somewhat excited as the empress’ look resembled that of a predator catching its prey.

“If you want me, empress…” Zilah bowed mockingly; “…then let my girls ravish your soldiers; they love the smell of fresh prey.”

“Sisters, those demons can touch your bodies if they please…but don’t let smoothening words penetrate your hearts…” Shinris spoke, the Sisters already admiring the succubi, one of them, blue-haired and tan-skinned, giggling lovingly, jumping into the arms of the closest Sister.

“You wouldn’t hurt a poor, little succubus, would you? I’m just cute and cuddly…” she smirked, the Sister holding her blushing intensely, the other Sisters feeling as their sense of discipline were as if shredded to pieces just by the succubi’s presence.

“Looks like your precious soldiers are easily won over…” Zilah smirked at Shinris; “…with so many adorable little elves, we will be feasting on your nectars and sexual energies for weeks!”

“That may be, but I won’t be stopped from claiming you…” Shinris said; “…had you been queen, alpha female or matriarch of your flock, I would still take you…again and again…”

“You’ve got a lot of hot thoughts hidden under that shell of pride you carry yourself with…” Zilah walked in circles around Shinris, smiling; “…but what can I call you…empress?”

“I am Shinris, Empress of Shacar-Jarcu…” Shinris said, her eyes narrowing; “…and you may address my Shinris…while I and you will both cry out in ecstasy and let it resonate in the whole chamber!”

“Hm-m-m, willing warrior women to feed my girls, and a frisky empress to suckle nectars from…maybe I won’t be whipping your asses after all, girls…” Zilah grinned at Shirli and Sharla, the two of them dressing up in their outfits again.

“If there’s going to be a girly gangbang between these Sisters and your girls, Zilah, we want in!” Shirli said, her and Sharla suddenly feeling someone appear as if out of thin air behind them.

“Relax, girls! Of course you can share…if I can get a little whiff…” a redhead succubus smiled at them, Shirli and Sharla exchanging grins, pushing the redhead into the bed sheets.

“We’ll be making you cum first, Sixina! You always loved getting your cute little pussy licked, didn’t you?” Shirli teased, the redhead squealing as Shirli and Sharla descended on her pussy, the leather thong easily being swept aside by the blondes’ eager and thirsty tongues.

“YE-E-E-E-ES! Oh, lick it more! Give it to me! Give it to me-e-e-e-e!” Sixina moaned, pressing Shirli and Sharla’s heads further between her legs, the two blondes smirking as they kissed each other.

“There’s really nothing like a girl getting her pussy licked and quivering in pleasure…” Sharla smirked, her and Shirli nudge their noses and cheeks against Sixina’s pussy, her cum slowly dripping from it, Shirli and Sharla giggling as they looked forward to Sixina’s inevitable, splashing orgasm.

“OH-H-H NO-O-O-O! Sweet Hyracha! I can’t take this! Tongue-fuck me! Tongue-fuck my twat all up!” Sixina rubbed her breasts, Shirli and Sharla looking at each other.

“Meh, pussy first, tits later!” Shirli grinned, her and Sharla extending their tongues as far into Sixina’s pussy as they could, their tongues stretching further and further.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H YE-E-E-E-E-E-E-ES-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Sixina yelled in pleasure, pinching her nipples as her orgasm gushed out, Shirli and Sharla kissing each other and Sixina’s pussy as their faces were drenched in her cum, the two of them licking the cum off each other’s faces, drinking the small squirts from Sixina’s pussy.

“And now for your tits, sexy…” Sharla whispered hotly to Sixina, her and Shirli throwing themselves over the exhausted Sixina, the redhead moaning and smiling as Shirli and Sharla lay by each her sides, and began sucking on her breasts, groping, nipping, drooling and squashing them against their own, each of them pressing one of Sixina’s breasts between their own ones.

“And to think…” Sharla kept groping at Sixina’s right breast; “…we haven’t even gotten you outta that hot leather suit…”

“E-E-EP!” Shirli suddenly wailed in pleasure, another of the succubi, a teal-haired and busty one sticking a strap-on into Shirli’s pussy.

“You looked so fucking sexy with your little pussy all bared…” the girl moaned and smiled adorably; “…something as sexy as you two is just asking to get banged by hot demon chicks!”

“Am I just invisible now, Sillina?” Sixina winked from the bed, the teal-haired girl named Sillina winking back, sticking the strap-on deeper into Shirli’s pussy.

“I’ll get to you soon, Sixina; just got some blondes here to ravish…” Sillina grabbed her gloved hands around Shirli’s waist, thrusting with every ounce of strength she had, Shirli moaning and drooling as she was penetrated.

“Why isn’t it me?? Why am I being neglected??” Sharla faked a dramatic whimper, her and Shirli grinning at each other, Sillina rolling her eyes.

“What a slut…OK, here you go!” Sillina cheered, sticking a finger inside Sharla’s pussy, adding two more fingers as the blonde moaned pleasantly.

“What about me?? Shirli! Sharla! Suck my tits, ple-e-e-ease…??” Sixina pleaded, the two blondes getting back to their work, Sixina moaning and shuddering with pleasure as the blondes’ drool flew on her breasts.

[End notes: Empress Shinris outdoing the succubus matriach Zilah sexually...will wonders ever sieze...]

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