Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: Act 3

[Author's notes: Shi'Tir returns fbriefly, expressing her sexual frustration in a manner that only a high-ranked Imperial officer can.]

“Concentrate, damn you! First slice, then lunge…and then cleave! You got that now??” Shi’Tir impatiently sparred with a new recruit of the Scarlet Sisterhood, the girl clearly too eager to simply hit her target rather than consider being hit, herself.

“I’m trying, commander…but you’re too fast!” the girl grit her teeth in concentration, trying her best to mimic Shi’Tir’s techniques.

As they fought, the training room echoed with battle cries, the clinging of metal against metal, the hissing of bolts being fired, and the sparkling sound of magic being cast; as part of their combat training, Scarlet Sisters were expected to either destroy of completely penetrate at least one training dummy or target.

As the recruit were distracted by an especially loud clinging sound, Shi’Tir twirled her sword around, placing a solid hit with the hilt right in the recruit’s cheek, leading her to let out a loud yell of pain as she held herself to her bleeding cheek.

“Had I used the blade, your head would have been sliced clear off! In battle, nothing should distract you from surviving and doing your duty…” Shi’Tir said roughly, a Scarlet Sister standing up to the recruit, who gritted her teeth in pain, tears forming in her eyes.

“Commander…you may have fractured some bones; see…” the Scarlet Sister pointed out, the recruit wailing in pain as the Sister lightly touched her cheek.
“So?! Get her to the healers, then! You take over from here!” Shi’Tir spat, thrusting her sword into the ground, marching out of the training room.

“Easy, the healers will put you back together…” the Sister said as she helped the recruit up, heading for the door as they went off to find the healers’ lounge.

“Commander Shi’Tir gets rougher and rougher; I think she’s hiding something…” a Sister said, aiming her gauntlet-mounted crossbow and firing against her target.

“You’re right, she seems more hostile recently; I got disarmed by her yesterday and she yelled at me as if I had said something insulting…” another Sister said beside her; “…whatever our commander’s going through, I pray to Shinris she’ll get over it soon.”

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