Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Act 2

[Author's notes: Enter Shinris, Empress of Shacar-Jarcu, who have just been visited by two well-known blonde catgirls...twins, even.
Will the Scarlet Sisterhood allow such mysterious, even demonic creatures to approach their empress...or will this result in a gruesome interrogation of the worst thinkable shin'saras torture...?]

“…And you claim to hail from a world beyond ours, and yet you appear both humane and demonic in appearance…” Shinris spoke, leaning slightly forward on her throne; “…do you take me for a fool…?”

“We never said that!” Shirli winked, her and Sharla having decided to visit the world of their old time Nightwind friends; however, their spell and gone awry, landing them in front of the Black Throne, Shinris’ Scarlet Sisters pointing their weapons at them, the two girls feeling slightly nervous at the sound of loading crossbows.

“You claim you are not demons, yet you travelled here by magic…what is your purpose, and what is your function…?” Shinris asked, gesturing to a group of Scarlet Sisters, who retracted their hidden crossbows back into their gauntlets, drawing their swords and approach Shirli and Sharla.

“We-We just wanted to visit a place called Nightwind Manor; we’re friends of theirs…” Sharla tried and explain, Shinris lifting an eyebrow.

“Hm-m-m, friends of the rumored manor…have you any proof of your ties to that place?” Shinris asked, Shirli grinning.

“Well, about a few dozen ladies there we enjoyed ourselves with…” she silently smirked, Shinris nodding to the group of Scarlet Sisters, who sheathed their swords.

“So you claim to know of the manor, have been there, and even been accepted by the women there…” Shinris said; “…I would be a fool to trust strangers on their word, but tell me: Would the two of you be the infamous Shirli and Sharla? The demons my daughter spoke of after she returned from the manor?”

“Uhm, who is your daughter again?” Sharla asked, Shinris leaning slightly back in her throne.

“Shica Narra-Jar, and her lover and girlfriend Jiraz Blackwhip visited the manor a few weeks ago…and Shica claims you two had appeared at the manor shortly before they left, and remained there to enjoy yourselves with the girls there…” Shinris said, looking skeptically at Shirli and Sharla; “…I also heard you were supposed to be a sort of feline seductresses who would lay with any woman that allows you so.”

“…Shica must’ve told her our whole life story!” Shirli grinned, Sharla smirking lightly.

“Your Highness, these…beings are immoral! Look! They scarsely wear a thread!” a nearby Scarlet Sister spoke, Shinris indeed seeing the revealing latex attire Shirli and Sharla wore.

“Were I to jump to conclusions, I would say you were courtesans of the most erotic kind…women of the easiest virtue...” Shinris leaned her chin to her fist; “…what other female would show off their beauty in such a daring fashion?”

“Uhm, we would; it’s actually really nice to wear…” Shirli pointed out, adjusting her gloves, Shinris hiding a devious smirk as a thought struck her.

“If you indeed are such courtesans…” Shinris said, gesturing towards one of the Scarlet Sister; “…then show me just the level of carnal arts you possess and ravish this woman.”

Beginning to undo her armor and weapons, the Scarlet Sister had no hesitation obeying an order, and to her own mind, whatever they were, she would soon exhaust the two girls, their shamelessly half-bared skin and seductive posture making her smile predatorily.

“As my empress commands, so I obey…” the Scarlet Sister said as she undid her last remains of her uniform, leaving her with only heavy white bandages on hands, wrists and knees as she looked to the two girls; they were practically drooling.

“Oh-h, sweet Hyracha…I got dips on her boobies!” Shirli squealed, the Scarlet Sister taken completely aback as the blonde girl as if leapt for her, jumping on her and viciously groped her breasts, the other Scarlet Sisters looking ready to draw their swords.

“Stand down…” Shinris simply gave a soft gesture, the Scarlet Sisters obeying as they watched their fellow Sister struggle with the grinning blonde.

“Not on your life, fiend!” the Scarlet Sister gritted her teeth, reaching out and grabbing Shirli’s arms, forcing the still smiling blonde down on the floor, the Scarlet Sister starring as in trance at Shirli’s massive bosom, reaching her hands out as she groped the fullness of the breasts, Shirli moaning delightfully, the Sister unaware as Sharla stood up behind her, groping her breasts, the Sister leaning further down as Sharla followed, the sight of the three girls making Shinris raise a surprised eyebrow.

"Damn, these shin'saras ladies sure have massive racks!" Sharla smirked hotly, Shirli grinning as the Sister's head now rest between her breasts, Sharla groping the Sister form behind, the shin'ras woman moaning in delight.

“Enough…” Shinris said, holding up a hand, the Scarlet Sister, squeezed between Shirli and Sharla, tried vainly to struggle herself loose, but proving unsuccessful, she simply sighed, Shirli and Sharla grinning at her and playing with her breasts and locks of hair.

“This…should be taken elsewhere…if you wish to continue…?” Shinris addressed the Sister, whose voice could hardly be heard.

“M-My Empress…I cannot control myself…” the Sister responded in gasps, Shirli and Sharla finally standing up, helping the Sister on her feet, her face blushing as the two blondes smirked at her.

“Go to my harem, then; these two seems to be far from pure and innocent…” Shinris said, two Scarlet Sisters escorting Shirli, Sharla and the Sister to a door in the chamber’s right side, leading them through and down towards the empress’ harem chambers.

“The rest of you may follow; I will retire for a short while…” Shinris said as she rose up, the Scarlet Sisters stand attention as she walked down from her throne, following her as she went through the door.

[End notes: [Yes, when has a "Tales of Darkness" story ever not included an obvious crossover with of "Tales of Darkness" story...?]]

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