Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Act 1

[Author's notes: Enter Shishu, a courtesan with the reputation as Shacar-Jarcu's finest, cheapest and most enjoyable, well courtesan.
Now add a tomboyish, younger, drunk and nymphomanic shin'saras girl to the mix...the rest is this:]

“GET…..OUT…..OF…..HE-E-ERE!!!” Shi’Tir yelled furiously, Jisha bolting laughingly for her door, grabbing her clothes as she opened the door, slamming it behind her as she laughed all the way down the corridor.

“…That…brat! I’ll-…I’LL-…!” Shi’Tir folded her hands into fists, her frustration waning away as she looked at herself; stripped butt naked aside from her one, armored boot, she lay on the floor in a puddle of water in her bathroom, the soap from the bathtub slowly dripping down on her, Jisha’s love fluids still covering her stomach, Shi’Tir’s furious snarl forming into a playful smirk.

“…That girl is going to be the end of me…!” Shi’Tir leaned back down on the floor, stroking a lock of her hair and sighing.

“Why do I keep letting her do this?? Why do I always chicken out like some…some little brat-…?!” Shi’Tir bit her lip.

With a gentle slap to her forehead, Shi’Tir slowly crawled into the comfortable, warm bathtub, pulling off her boot, letting it fall clingingly to the floor, stretching and groaning as she could not help but recall what had transpired:

As always, Jisha has interrupted her while she took her bath, and while she had insisted the younger girl left, the brat had simply smiled, right out refusing to leave, after which she proceeded to goad Shi’Tir to stand up, the two of them having begun fighting, although Jisha willingly let herself be forced to the floor, even grinning as Shi’Tir had scolded her for sneaking up on her.

As Shi’Tir blushed at the sight of the suddenly adorable, yet ravishing young girl, a wicked grin had come over Jisha as she had begun wrestling anew, ending up sitting on top of Shi’Tir’s stomach, Shi’Tir feeling her mind blur out as the rest were fading into nothingness.

“…We should cage that little she-devil…!” Shi’Tir grit her teeth, but despite her somewhat grim disapproval of Jisha, she could not hide the pleasant moan escaping her lips as the thought of a naked, exposed and, as she was, very willing Jisha invaded her mind.

“Our water supply is assured for the next few centuries, but we’ll need to seek alternatives” a represented member of the Shacar-Jarcu High Council spoke, Shinris eyeing her from her throne; while these meetings began to bore her, she listened carefully, pondering the problem.

“And the expedition we sent to the surface?” Shinris asked, another member raising her hand as she spoke.

“They’ve reached the surface and are proceeding to this…’Silvarcira’ to hear the offer we were given…” she said, rolling sarcastically on the name ‘Silvarcira’, obviously finding it a ridiculous name.

“Hm-m-m, and as for the city, itself? I hear you were experiencing some trouble with a local thief, High Captain?” Shinris raised her eyebrows slightly, a heavily armored shin’saras woman opening the visor of her helmet, her face turning grim.

“It’s this ‘Airean’ wench! She’s the most notorious thief in the whole city, but for whatever she steals she always returns the shinri she has stolen, and when my patrols corner her, she always manages to run away or claim she is innocent!”

“Hm-m, theft is a serious crime, but who in their right mind would return the loot…” Shinris pondered, remembering something; “…she was also accused of attempted rape, correct?”

“Uhm…, Your Highness; it turned out the apparent ‘victim’ and this Airean girl were merely playing a game…” the armored shin’saras woman said, trying to hide her frustration.

“Well, we could always post a bounty on her…” Shinris suggested, shaking her head and sighing to herself; “…so if there’s no alternative, post a bounty of 1000 shinri for anyone who either sees or hears of her.”

“Y-Your Highness! That’s a aweful lot of shinri for just one thief…” the first member of the council could not hold back a surprised exclamation, Shinris simply smiling meekly.

“Think of it, noble ladies; to this youth, this young girl, the most obvious thrill must be the hunt, and the more hunters, the greater the chance is that she will either be caught, or-…” Shinris said, letting out a barely heard giggle, looking to the armored women; “-…or else we will just have to sit and watch as the girl enjoys herself as only the youth can.”

“This…place…SUCKS! Bunch of stupid…nosy, stuck-up noble daughters and brats with no minds, and-…” Zithih mumbled into her tankard, Shishu, a courtesan currently in the employee of the lazily mumbling Zithih, looking in a mix of amusement and worry that her mistress for the day were acting so right out silly outside a well-respected inn…or that her fee were in danger of being spent on another round of beers, wines and other alcohol.

“Haven’t you had enough? It’s your 11th tankard!” Shishu pointed out, Zithih slowly lifting her head, grinning drowsily and broadly at Shishu.

“Y-you know what? You’re the only chick with real tits, I bet! All the rest of these b-bitches’ properly got their bras filled up with p-…-p-paper!” Zithih moaned, Shishu feeling herself almost disturbingly aroused by the drunk and more than well-stocked younger girl; wearing a tight leather uniform, Shishu found herself blushing and smiling to herself as she could see the skin-tight leather show off all of Zithih’s curves.

“S-shouldn’t we be getting a room? I need a bath and a pot of chocolate!” Zithih suddenly hiccupped, Shishu slowly taking Zithih’s arm, halfway dragging her inside the inn, the girl behind the desk shaking her head.

“Just the same as yesterday; she comes in, gets drunk and rails the whole place up…” she said, winking at Shishu; “…just hope she doesn’t start strip-teasing; I’ve had it up my arse with horny skanks trying to get a piece of her.”

“You’re just jealous ‘cause my boobies’ bigger than yours!” Zithih giggled, rubbing her left breasts, pinching the nipple as she moaned; “…oh-h-h…..fuck, I’m so pissed I could cum right now…where’s my babe?! Where’s that little purple-haired chick with the jiggling tits gone??” Zithih first grinned, then looked bewildered around, Shishu rolling her eyes as the girl behind the desk tried her best not to laugh.

“OH! Oh, there you are, you sneaky slut! You-you ain’t escaping from me! I’ve got you under arrest, hih-hih-hih!” Zithih giggled, Shishu taking a handful of silvery coins from her purse, putting them on the desk.

“Please send a maid up in two hours’ time with some food…” Shishu said, leaning closer to the girl as she whispered; “…I’ll be needing a lot of energy back after I’m done with this one, I think.”

“Lady, that’s fucking Zithih! I don’t know any chick in the whole city more slutty…except…nah, that Jisha lady’s mighty hot and horny, but she’s actually fun to be around…” the girl shrugged, smirking cruelly as she spoke loudly into Zithih’s left ear; “…NOT JUST SOME DRUNK SLUT WITH A UNIFORM FETISH.”

“AW-W-W! Geez, that fucking hurts…!” Zithih grit her teeth, rubbing her ear, Shishu slowly helping her up the stairs to the inn’s private chambers.

“WA-A-A-AU-U-U-UW! Ur-r-rgh! DAMN IT…….what…..DID I drink, really…??” Zithih cheered as she felt the hot water of the large statue’s mouth came flowing out, Zithih’s mind clearing up, smirking as she saw the size of the statue’s mouth and breasts.

“You emptied a quarter of the inn’s liquor supply!” Shishu said, stepping out of her ivory-white silk dress, the transparent silk falling lightly to the floor as Shishu discarded her boots.

“…Hm? Oh, what the-…why the fuck am I showering with my outfit on??” Zithih looked down at herself, seeing the heavy water drops running down the leather of her outfit.

“Because you’re a drunken, horny, slutty, leather fetishist of a skirt-chasing slut…” Shishu said bluntly, Zithih smiling as she felt Shishu’s hands caressing her neck.

“You said slut twice…” Zithih shrugged and smirked, Shishu returning it as she rubbed Zithih’s shoulder blades.

“Zithih, you’re fun to have sex with, but I have other clients later; why don’t you try finding some new bedmates?” Shishu asked, Zithih snickering.

“What, you mean like some new titties to suck on? Hih-hih, OK, OK, I’ll go and look around, but first…” Zithih chuckled, turning around, Shishu, already knowing the outcome, regardless acted surprised as Zithih jumped her; “…let’s have hot shower sex!”

“I thought you liked it bondage style, Zithih…” Shishu teased; “…are you sure you shouldn’t undress first?”
“It’s skintight, baby; I’ll be feeling you all…over…me!” Zithih smirked, she and Shishu starting to wrestle on the floor; although quite used to this after near a half dozen hired jobs from Zithih, Shishu willingly admitted she enjoyed it.

“Admit it, Shishu! You like what you see!” Zithih teased, sitting atop the courtesan, rubbing her hands over her skintight suit, the wet drops making the leather shine in the light, Zithih stroking her hair back, Shishu indeed feeling excited about doing down on this little minx; as Zithih sat back for a moment, Shishu took the chance, surprising Zithih as she fell upon the younger girl, grabbing her by the waist, Zithih grinning and weakly struggling as Shishu soon had Zithih lying over her knee, spanking her.

“Who’s a bad girl? Who’s a bad girl?? You are! You naughty little girl!” Shishu spanked Zithih, the other shin’saras girl laughing playfully, squirming on Shishu’s lap, quickly turning around and overpowering Shishu, humping herself on top of her body, moaning delightfully as she pressed her breasts into Shishu’s face, Zithih closing her eyes and enjoying herself as she heard her partner slurp away, suddenly hearing a zipping sound.

“Skintight or not, it’s coming off!” Shishu’s voice came, Zithih chuckling as it was now Shishu who sounded hot; retaliating, Zithih shrugged off her jacket, gloves and finally helped Shishu loosening and zipping down the skintight outfit underneath.

“Um-m-m, such a tasty body…” Shishu admired Zithih’s muscular, yet feminine body, her hairless pussy lightly dripping in excitement as she smiled teasingly Shishu.

“Such a tight little twat; it looks so soft and yummy…” Shishu ogled over Zithih’s pussy, the younger shin’saras girl beginning to zip down her boots and taking them off.

“Aren’t they too big?” Shishu picked up one of Zithih’s boots, Zithih suddenly snatching it back again, pressing both boots against her breasts, grinning as she juggled them.

“…You’re one perverted little slut, aren’t you?” Shishu could not help but smile, suddenly feeling as a jet of water hit her right in the face, Zithih laughing as she refilled her boots with water, splashing it against Shishu.

“Zithih! Hih-hih! S-Stop! You’re so childi-hih-hih-hih-ish!” Shishu began laughing as she held her hands up in defense, unprepared as Zithih threw herself at her, emptying two final loads of water, beginning to hump the older shin’saras girl, Shishu moaning and screaming passionately, roughly grabbing Zithih’s hair, the two of them kissing fiercely as their bodies rolled on the floor, both of them in right out heat, their dark skin shining from the water as the humping intensified and combined with wrestling, Zithih grabbing under Shishu’s waist, hugging and humping as best she could, breaking the kiss, smirking as she heard Shishu’s screams of pleasure, the older shin’saras girl struggling loose, weakly crawling over the floor, Zithih grinning in triumph as she jumped on Shishu again, the older shin’saras girl grabbing her hands in her own, pretending to try and push her back and prevent the drooling Zithih from kissing her.

“Such a hottie! Come here, you…!” Zithih smirked passionately, kissing Shishu roughly, the older shin’saras girl grabbing around Zithih’s back, humping the younger girl, both of them moaning pleasantly.

“You gonna cum? You’re gonna cum for me now, right?? You’re gonna cum, right now, slut! Who’s your mistress?! Who’s your mistress, huh?!” Zithih eagerly licked Shishu’s cheeks, near flattening her breasts with her own.

“You-…you are! You’re my mistress! I’ll cum for you! It’s so good! OH-H-H, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!” Shishu wailed out, Zithih grinning in triumph as she saw the hungry look in Shishu’s eyes; she wanted to cum as soon as possible, and after making her cum, indeed, Zithih would spend the next few hours to turn both hers and Shishu’s afternoon into a complete sex frenzy.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih! Nice titties!” Zithih laughed, sitting up as she groped Shishu’s right breast, sucking and licking as hard as she could, Shishu letting out a long moan.

“S-stop it! It’s too good! NO! D-don’t lick so fast! I, I can’t-…!” Shishu felt as she could hardly resist anymore; seeing her desperation, Zithih grinned in amusement, stretching her unoccupied arm back, beginning to finger Shishu’s pussy, the other shin’saras girl right out wailing in pleasure.

“S-STOP! NO! NO-NO-NO! IT’S…TOO…GOOD! OH-H-H-H-H-H-H!” Shishu finally yelled out loud, her climax staining Zithih’s fingers as she came violently, Zithih looking back in amazement as Shishu panted out in exhaustion, Zithih turning around, grabbing Shishu’s butt as she licked her pussy, quite satisfied with the result of her efforts.

“Um-m-m-m, it tastes good…but I’m sure not done yet…!” Zithih smirked to herself, suddenly feeling something entering her own pussy, feeling as Shishu’s tongue snaked its way inside.

“Neither am I…” Shishu said behind her, smiling; “…I sure don’t hope you’re too exhausted, Zithih…?”

“Dream on, babe; I’m just warming up!” Zithih grinned, sucking roughly on Shishu’s pussy, delighted to hear the older shin’saras girl moan.

“N-Not so fast!” Shishu stammered as she inhaled heavily, grabbing around Zithih’s butt, sucking her pussy as hard as she could, deeply satisfied as she heard her moan and exclaim in pleasure.

“Urgh! Oh, fuck! OK, Shishu; I’ve made you cum once, so you’re getting this one for free…” Zithih looked over her shoulder, letting her drooling tongue lick her lips, spanking her butt; “…c’mon Shishu; give it to me!”

“You’re such a slut, Zithih…!” Shishu could not help but grin, resuming her licking, Zithih moaning and beginning to giggle in pleasure, Shishu well aware that once she had made Zithih cum, she would return the favor, and thus it would go on and on in various positions.

“Um-m-m…so…go-o-o-od…” Zithih moaned, Shishu surprised as Zithih suddenly rose up, looking down on the exhausted and horny Shishu, a smile spreading over her face.

“I remember you love this one…” Zithih grinned, teasing Shishu as she stroke her dripping pussy, slowly sitting down on hook over Shishu’s face, the older shin’saras girl panting heavily and drooling as Zithih’s pussy came closer and closer to her mouth.

“…Oh? H-Hey! Easy, Shishu…!” Zithih laughed as Shishu suddenly grabbed her legs, holding Zithih in place as Shishu right out gorged her desires on Zithih’s pussy, licking and sucking as best she could, seeing Zithih’s g-spot exposed and sucking on that, too.

“OH?! N-NO, NOT SO SOON!” Zithih almost cringed as a surge of pleasure raced through her whole body; grinning wickedly, Shishu remembered Zithih’s one weakness: Her nipples and g-spot were nearly oversensitive, Shishu taking full advantage of it, Zithih fighting to both keep her balance and hold back her approaching orgasm.

“You’re so sensitive, Zithih; such a sweet, cute little cunt…” Shishu said adoringly, loving the thrusts Zithih made with her thighs, Shishu’s tongue licking every inch of Zithih’s pussy.

“N-NO! I-…I’M GONNA CUM, SOON! D-DON’T SUCK SO H-A-A-ARD!” Zithih moaned, beginning to smile; grabbing her breasts, she began sucking her nipples, really wanting her orgasm.

“IT’S GOOD! KEEP SUCKING, SHISHU! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Zithih yelled out, Shishu experiencing her full orgasm as it flushed out, Shishu greedily slurping as much of it as she could, her whole face and even shoulders stained with Zithih’s cum.

“Hih-hih! Got a little messy down there??” Zithih teased, Shishu responding by grabbing around Zithih’s waist, slowly pulling the younger shin’saras girl down towards her, forming her hand into a fist and nudging her hair.

“OW! Ow-ow-ow-ow! S-stop it, you meanie!” Zithih could not help but grin, Shishu joining in as they began romping about, Zithih humping herself against Shishu’s belly, the older girl grabbing around her butt and fingering her in response.

“There…feels good, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like pussy on pussy, is there?” Shishu moaned, Zithih grinning from ear to ear.

“You know, it feels so good cumming real hard after wrestling with you, Shishu…” Zithih moaned back, Shishu rolling her eyes.

“Getting turned on by big tits and wrestling naked with wet girls? You’re a horny little strumpet, you are…” Shishu smirked, moaning lovingly as Zithih stroke herself against her once again.

“Your clients ever tell you that your eyes sort of start blinking when you’re about to cum?” Zithih teased, Shishu groaning and pressing Zithih’s head between her breasts.

“Oh! Uhm, I, I can leave the tray here if you wish…?” a young maid starred surprised at Shishu and Zithih, their hips locked in the tribadism position as the maid had brought them a silver tray with their requested food.

“Look at that, Shishu; the dessert’s bringing up our meal…” Zithih licked her lips lustfully at the maid; “…say, wanna join in?”

“But you’re all wet and…moaning! It’s so indecent!” the maid blushed heavily, Zithih laughing out loud, rolling in the floor as Shishu looked up at the girl.

“She’s crazy, that’s all; I’m sure you have duties to attend to, my dear…” Shishu said, smiling at the maid; “…you can put it on that desk over there.

“Thank you, miss…” the maid politely bowed, slowly stepping over to the desk, placing the tray, walking out the door again, slowly closing it behind her.

“By the empress! They…they’re fornicating, and-…” the maid gasped to herself, not understanding why she were blushing so much and why her uniform suddenly sat so tight.

“Oh-h-h-h…I’ll get fired if I-…no! No, I can’t do that…” she mumbled to herself, inhaling heavily as she slowly knelt down, looking through the keyhole; screaming and laughing in right out horniness and pleasure, Zithih were rubbing her wet pussy into Shishu’s, the older shin’saras girl smirking in anticipation each time she rubbed her pussy into Zithih’s.

“OH…MORE…I WANT MORE! H-HARDER! FASTER! OH-H-H, FUCK ME, SHISHU! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN! OH-H-H-H-H!” Zithih moaned louder and louder, the maid as if hypnotized by Zithih and Shishu’s dark, sweaty and wet skin, the two of them clearly in right out heat for each other.

“They, they rub each other so hard…and their breasts just bounce up and down…..oh-h-h-h-h…” the maid slowly let out a moan.

[End notes: *And no, I have no idea if this is the 'correct' behaviour for someone drunk, nor do I really care; I enjoy portraying Zithih as drunk.]

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