Story: Tales of Darkness: An Imperial Affair (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Act 1

[Author's notes: Enter Shishu, a courtesan with the reputation as Shacar-Jarcu's finest, cheapest and most enjoyable, well courtesan.
Now add a tomboyish, younger, drunk and nymphomanic shin'saras girl to the mix...the rest is this:]

“GET…..OUT…..OF…..HE-E-ERE!!!” Shi’Tir yelled furiously, Jisha bolting laughingly for her door, grabbing her clothes as she opened the door, slamming it behind her as she laughed all the way down the corridor.

“…That…brat! I’ll-…I’LL-…!” Shi’Tir folded her hands into fists, her frustration waning away as she looked at herself; stripped butt naked aside from her one, armored boot, she lay on the floor in a puddle of water in her bathroom, the soap from the bathtub slowly dripping down on her, Jisha’s love fluids still covering her stomach, Shi’Tir’s furious snarl forming into a playful smirk.

“…That girl is going to be the end of me…!” Shi’Tir leaned back down on the floor, stroking a lock of her hair and sighing.

“Why do I keep letting her do this?? Why do I always chicken out like some…some little brat-…?!” Shi’Tir bit her lip.

With a gentle slap to her forehead, Shi’Tir slowly crawled into the comfortable, warm bathtub, pulling off her boot, letting it fall clingingly to the floor, stretching and groaning as she could not help but recall what had transpired:

As always, Jisha has interrupted her while she took her bath, and while she had insisted the younger girl left, the brat had simply smiled, right out refusing to leave, after which she proceeded to goad Shi’Tir to stand up, the two of them having begun fighting, although Jisha willingly let herself be forced to the floor, even grinning as Shi’Tir had scolded her for sneaking up on her.

As Shi’Tir blushed at the sight of the suddenly adorable, yet ravishing young girl, a wicked grin had come over Jisha as she had begun wrestling anew, ending up sitting on top of Shi’Tir’s stomach, Shi’Tir feeling her mind blur out as the rest were fading into nothingness.

“…We should cage that little she-devil…!” Shi’Tir grit her teeth, but despite her somewhat grim disapproval of Jisha, she could not hide the pleasant moan escaping her lips as the thought of a naked, exposed and, as she was, very willing Jisha invaded her mind.

“Our water supply is assured for the next few centuries, but we’ll need to seek alternatives” a represented member of the Shacar-Jarcu High Council spoke, Shinris eyeing her from her throne; while these meetings began to bore her, she listened carefully, pondering the problem.

“And the expedition we sent to the surface?” Shinris asked, another member raising her hand as she spoke.

“They’ve reached the surface and are proceeding to this…’Silvarcira’ to hear the offer we were given…” she said, rolling sarcastically on the name ‘Silvarcira’, obviously finding it a ridiculous name.

“Hm-m-m, and as for the city, itself? I hear you were experiencing some trouble with a local thief, High Captain?” Shinris raised her eyebrows slightly, a heavily armored shin’saras woman opening the visor of her helmet, her face turning grim.

“It’s this ‘Airean’ wench! She’s the most notorious thief in the whole city, but for whatever she steals she always returns the shinri she has stolen, and when my patrols corner her, she always manages to run away or claim she is innocent!”

“Hm-m, theft is a serious crime, but who in their right mind would return the loot…” Shinris pondered, remembering something; “…she was also accused of attempted rape, correct?”

“Uhm…, Your Highness; it turned out the apparent ‘victim’ and this Airean girl were merely playing a game…” the armored shin’saras woman said, trying to hide her frustration.

“Well, we could always post a bounty on her…” Shinris suggested, shaking her head and sighing to herself; “…so if there’s no alternative, post a bounty of 1000 shinri for anyone who either sees or hears of her.”

“Y-Your Highness! That’s a aweful lot of shinri for just one thief…” the first member of the council could not hold back a surprised exclamation, Shinris simply smiling meekly.

“Think of it, noble ladies; to this youth, this young girl, the most obvious thrill must be the hunt, and the more hunters, the greater the chance is that she will either be caught, or-…” Shinris said, letting out a barely heard giggle, looking to the armored women; “-…or else we will just have to sit and watch as the girl enjoys herself as only the youth can.”

“This…place…SUCKS! Bunch of stupid…nosy, stuck-up noble daughters and brats with no minds, and-…” Zithih mumbled into her tankard, Shishu, a courtesan currently in the employee of the lazily mumbling Zithih, looking in a mix of amusement and worry that her mistress for the day were acting so right out silly outside a well-respected inn…or that her fee were in danger of being spent on another round of beers, wines and other alcohol.

“Haven’t you had enough? It’s your 11th tankard!” Shishu pointed out, Zithih slowly lifting her head, grinning drowsily and broadly at Shishu.

“Y-you know what? You’re the only chick with real tits, I bet! All the rest of these b-bitches’ properly got their bras filled up with p-…-p-paper!” Zithih moaned, Shishu feeling herself almost disturbingly aroused by the drunk and more than well-stocked younger girl; wearing a tight leather uniform, Shishu found herself blushing and smiling to herself as she could see the skin-tight leather show off all of Zithih’s curves.

“S-shouldn’t we be getting a room? I need a bath and a pot of chocolate!” Zithih suddenly hiccupped, Shishu slowly taking Zithih’s arm, halfway dragging her inside the inn, the girl behind the desk shaking her head.

“Just the same as yesterday; she comes in, gets drunk and rails the whole place up…” she said, winking at Shishu; “…just hope she doesn’t start strip-teasing; I’ve had it up my arse with horny skanks trying to get a piece of her.”

“You’re just jealous ‘cause my boobies’ bigger than yours!” Zithih giggled, rubbing her left breasts, pinching the nipple as she moaned; “…oh-h-h…..fuck, I’m so pissed I could cum right now…where’s my babe?! Where’s that little purple-haired chick with the jiggling tits gone??” Zithih first grinned, then looked bewildered around, Shishu rolling her eyes as the girl behind the desk tried her best not to laugh.

“OH! Oh, there you are, you sneaky slut! You-you ain’t escaping from me! I’ve got you under arrest, hih-hih-hih!” Zithih giggled, Shishu taking a handful of silvery coins from her purse, putting them on the desk.

“Please send a maid up in two hours’ time with some food…” Shishu said, leaning closer to the girl as she whispered; “…I’ll be needing a lot of energy back after I’m done with this one, I think.”

“Lady, that’s fucking Zithih! I don’t know any chick in the whole city more slutty…except…nah, that Jisha lady’s mighty hot and horny, but she’s actually fun to be around…” the girl shrugged, smirking cruelly as she spoke loudly into Zithih’s left ear; “…NOT JUST SOME DRUNK SLUT WITH A UNIFORM FETISH.”

“AW-W-W! Geez, that fucking hurts…!” Zithih grit her teeth, rubbing her ear, Shishu slowly helping her up the stairs to the inn’s private chambers.

“WA-A-A-AU-U-U-UW! Ur-r-rgh! DAMN IT…….what…..DID I drink, really…??” Zithih cheered as she felt the hot water of the large statue’s mouth came flowing out, Zithih’s mind clearing up, smirking as she saw the size of the statue’s mouth and breasts.

“You emptied a quarter of the inn’s liquor supply!” Shishu said, stepping out of her ivory-white silk dress, the transparent silk falling lightly to the floor as Shishu discarded her boots.

“…Hm? Oh, what the-…why the fuck am I showering with my outfit on??” Zithih looked down at herself, seeing the heavy water drops running down the leather of her outfit.

“Because you’re a drunken, horny, slutty, leather fetishist of a skirt-chasing slut…” Shishu said bluntly, Zithih smiling as she felt Shishu’s hands caressing her neck.

“You said slut twice…” Zithih shrugged and smirked, Shishu returning it as she rubbed Zithih’s shoulder blades.

“Zithih, you’re fun to have sex with, but I have other clients later; why don’t you try finding some new bedmates?” Shishu asked, Zithih snickering.

“What, you mean like some new titties to suck on? Hih-hih, OK, OK, I’ll go and look around, but first…” Zithih chuckled, turning around, Shishu, already knowing the outcome, regardless acted surprised as Zithih jumped her; “…let’s have hot shower sex!”

“I thought you liked it bondage style, Zithih…” Shishu teased; “…are you sure you shouldn’t undress first?”
“It’s skintight, baby; I’ll be feeling you all…over…me!” Zithih smirked, she and Shishu starting to wrestle on the floor; although quite used to this after near a half dozen hired jobs from Zithih, Shishu willingly admitted she enjoyed it.

“Admit it, Shishu! You like what you see!” Zithih teased, sitting atop the courtesan, rubbing her hands over her skintight suit, the wet drops making the leather shine in the light, Zithih stroking her hair back, Shishu indeed feeling excited about doing down on this little minx; as Zithih sat back for a moment, Shishu took the chance, surprising Zithih as she fell upon the younger girl, grabbing her by the waist, Zithih grinning and weakly struggling as Shishu soon had Zithih lying over her knee, spanking her.

“Who’s a bad girl? Who’s a bad girl?? You are! You naughty little girl!” Shishu spanked Zithih, the other shin’saras girl laughing playfully, squirming on Shishu’s lap, quickly turning around and overpowering Shishu, humping herself on top of her body, moaning delightfully as she pressed her breasts into Shishu’s face, Zithih closing her eyes and enjoying herself as she heard her partner slurp away, suddenly hearing a zipping sound.

“Skintight or not, it’s coming off!” Shishu’s voice came, Zithih chuckling as it was now Shishu who sounded hot; retaliating, Zithih shrugged off her jacket, gloves and finally helped Shishu loosening and zipping down the skintight outfit underneath.

“Um-m-m, such a tasty body…” Shishu admired Zithih’s muscular, yet feminine body, her hairless pussy lightly dripping in excitement as she smiled teasingly Shishu.

“Such a tight little twat; it looks so soft and yummy…” Shishu ogled over Zithih’s pussy, the younger shin’saras girl beginning to zip down her boots and taking them off.

“Aren’t they too big?” Shishu picked up one of Zithih’s boots, Zithih suddenly snatching it back again, pressing both boots against her breasts, grinning as she juggled them.

“…You’re one perverted little slut, aren’t you?” Shishu could not help but smile, suddenly feeling as a jet of water hit her right in the face, Zithih laughing as she refilled her boots with water, splashing it against Shishu.

“Zithih! Hih-hih! S-Stop! You’re so childi-hih-hih-hih-ish!” Shishu began laughing as she held her hands up in defense, unprepared as Zithih threw herself at her, emptying two final loads of water, beginning to hump the older shin’saras girl, Shishu moaning and screaming passionately, roughly grabbing Zithih’s hair, the two of them kissing fiercely as their bodies rolled on the floor, both of them in right out heat, their dark skin shining from the water as the humping intensified and combined with wrestling, Zithih grabbing under Shishu’s waist, hugging and humping as best she could, breaking the kiss, smirking as she heard Shishu’s screams of pleasure, the older shin’saras girl struggling loose, weakly crawling over the floor, Zithih grinning in triumph as she jumped on Shishu again, the older shin’saras girl grabbing her hands in her own, pretending to try and push her back and prevent the drooling Zithih from kissing her.

“Such a hottie! Come here, you…!” Zithih smirked passionately, kissing Shishu roughly, the older shin’saras girl grabbing around Zithih’s back, humping the younger girl, both of them moaning pleasantly.

“You gonna cum? You’re gonna cum for me now, right?? You’re gonna cum, right now, slut! Who’s your mistress?! Who’s your mistress, huh?!” Zithih eagerly licked Shishu’s cheeks, near flattening her breasts with her own.

“You-…you are! You’re my mistress! I’ll cum for you! It’s so good! OH-H-H, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!” Shishu wailed out, Zithih grinning in triumph as she saw the hungry look in Shishu’s eyes; she wanted to cum as soon as possible, and after making her cum, indeed, Zithih would spend the next few hours to turn both hers and Shishu’s afternoon into a complete sex frenzy.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih! Nice titties!” Zithih laughed, sitting up as she groped Shishu’s right breast, sucking and licking as hard as she could, Shishu letting out a long moan.

“S-stop it! It’s too good! NO! D-don’t lick so fast! I, I can’t-…!” Shishu felt as she could hardly resist anymore; seeing her desperation, Zithih grinned in amusement, stretching her unoccupied arm back, beginning to finger Shishu’s pussy, the other shin’saras girl right out wailing in pleasure.

“S-STOP! NO! NO-NO-NO! IT’S…TOO…GOOD! OH-H-H-H-H-H-H!” Shishu finally yelled out loud, her climax staining Zithih’s fingers as she came violently, Zithih looking back in amazement as Shishu panted out in exhaustion, Zithih turning around, grabbing Shishu’s butt as she licked her pussy, quite satisfied with the result of her efforts.

“Um-m-m-m, it tastes good…but I’m sure not done yet…!” Zithih smirked to herself, suddenly feeling something entering her own pussy, feeling as Shishu’s tongue snaked its way inside.

“Neither am I…” Shishu said behind her, smiling; “…I sure don’t hope you’re too exhausted, Zithih…?”

“Dream on, babe; I’m just warming up!” Zithih grinned, sucking roughly on Shishu’s pussy, delighted to hear the older shin’saras girl moan.

“N-Not so fast!” Shishu stammered as she inhaled heavily, grabbing around Zithih’s butt, sucking her pussy as hard as she could, deeply satisfied as she heard her moan and exclaim in pleasure.

“Urgh! Oh, fuck! OK, Shishu; I’ve made you cum once, so you’re getting this one for free…” Zithih looked over her shoulder, letting her drooling tongue lick her lips, spanking her butt; “…c’mon Shishu; give it to me!”

“You’re such a slut, Zithih…!” Shishu could not help but grin, resuming her licking, Zithih moaning and beginning to giggle in pleasure, Shishu well aware that once she had made Zithih cum, she would return the favor, and thus it would go on and on in various positions.

“Um-m-m…so…go-o-o-od…” Zithih moaned, Shishu surprised as Zithih suddenly rose up, looking down on the exhausted and horny Shishu, a smile spreading over her face.

“I remember you love this one…” Zithih grinned, teasing Shishu as she stroke her dripping pussy, slowly sitting down on hook over Shishu’s face, the older shin’saras girl panting heavily and drooling as Zithih’s pussy came closer and closer to her mouth.

“…Oh? H-Hey! Easy, Shishu…!” Zithih laughed as Shishu suddenly grabbed her legs, holding Zithih in place as Shishu right out gorged her desires on Zithih’s pussy, licking and sucking as best she could, seeing Zithih’s g-spot exposed and sucking on that, too.

“OH?! N-NO, NOT SO SOON!” Zithih almost cringed as a surge of pleasure raced through her whole body; grinning wickedly, Shishu remembered Zithih’s one weakness: Her nipples and g-spot were nearly oversensitive, Shishu taking full advantage of it, Zithih fighting to both keep her balance and hold back her approaching orgasm.

“You’re so sensitive, Zithih; such a sweet, cute little cunt…” Shishu said adoringly, loving the thrusts Zithih made with her thighs, Shishu’s tongue licking every inch of Zithih’s pussy.

“N-NO! I-…I’M GONNA CUM, SOON! D-DON’T SUCK SO H-A-A-ARD!” Zithih moaned, beginning to smile; grabbing her breasts, she began sucking her nipples, really wanting her orgasm.

“IT’S GOOD! KEEP SUCKING, SHISHU! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Zithih yelled out, Shishu experiencing her full orgasm as it flushed out, Shishu greedily slurping as much of it as she could, her whole face and even shoulders stained with Zithih’s cum.

“Hih-hih! Got a little messy down there??” Zithih teased, Shishu responding by grabbing around Zithih’s waist, slowly pulling the younger shin’saras girl down towards her, forming her hand into a fist and nudging her hair.

“OW! Ow-ow-ow-ow! S-stop it, you meanie!” Zithih could not help but grin, Shishu joining in as they began romping about, Zithih humping herself against Shishu’s belly, the older girl grabbing around her butt and fingering her in response.

“There…feels good, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like pussy on pussy, is there?” Shishu moaned, Zithih grinning from ear to ear.

“You know, it feels so good cumming real hard after wrestling with you, Shishu…” Zithih moaned back, Shishu rolling her eyes.

“Getting turned on by big tits and wrestling naked with wet girls? You’re a horny little strumpet, you are…” Shishu smirked, moaning lovingly as Zithih stroke herself against her once again.

“Your clients ever tell you that your eyes sort of start blinking when you’re about to cum?” Zithih teased, Shishu groaning and pressing Zithih’s head between her breasts.

“Oh! Uhm, I, I can leave the tray here if you wish…?” a young maid starred surprised at Shishu and Zithih, their hips locked in the tribadism position as the maid had brought them a silver tray with their requested food.

“Look at that, Shishu; the dessert’s bringing up our meal…” Zithih licked her lips lustfully at the maid; “…say, wanna join in?”

“But you’re all wet and…moaning! It’s so indecent!” the maid blushed heavily, Zithih laughing out loud, rolling in the floor as Shishu looked up at the girl.

“She’s crazy, that’s all; I’m sure you have duties to attend to, my dear…” Shishu said, smiling at the maid; “…you can put it on that desk over there.

“Thank you, miss…” the maid politely bowed, slowly stepping over to the desk, placing the tray, walking out the door again, slowly closing it behind her.

“By the empress! They…they’re fornicating, and-…” the maid gasped to herself, not understanding why she were blushing so much and why her uniform suddenly sat so tight.

“Oh-h-h-h…I’ll get fired if I-…no! No, I can’t do that…” she mumbled to herself, inhaling heavily as she slowly knelt down, looking through the keyhole; screaming and laughing in right out horniness and pleasure, Zithih were rubbing her wet pussy into Shishu’s, the older shin’saras girl smirking in anticipation each time she rubbed her pussy into Zithih’s.

“OH…MORE…I WANT MORE! H-HARDER! FASTER! OH-H-H, FUCK ME, SHISHU! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN! OH-H-H-H-H!” Zithih moaned louder and louder, the maid as if hypnotized by Zithih and Shishu’s dark, sweaty and wet skin, the two of them clearly in right out heat for each other.

“They, they rub each other so hard…and their breasts just bounce up and down…..oh-h-h-h-h…” the maid slowly let out a moan.

[End notes: *And no, I have no idea if this is the 'correct' behaviour for someone drunk, nor do I really care; I enjoy portraying Zithih as drunk.]

Chapter 2

Title: Act 2

[Author's notes: Enter Shinris, Empress of Shacar-Jarcu, who have just been visited by two well-known blonde catgirls...twins, even.
Will the Scarlet Sisterhood allow such mysterious, even demonic creatures to approach their empress...or will this result in a gruesome interrogation of the worst thinkable shin'saras torture...?]

“…And you claim to hail from a world beyond ours, and yet you appear both humane and demonic in appearance…” Shinris spoke, leaning slightly forward on her throne; “…do you take me for a fool…?”

“We never said that!” Shirli winked, her and Sharla having decided to visit the world of their old time Nightwind friends; however, their spell and gone awry, landing them in front of the Black Throne, Shinris’ Scarlet Sisters pointing their weapons at them, the two girls feeling slightly nervous at the sound of loading crossbows.

“You claim you are not demons, yet you travelled here by magic…what is your purpose, and what is your function…?” Shinris asked, gesturing to a group of Scarlet Sisters, who retracted their hidden crossbows back into their gauntlets, drawing their swords and approach Shirli and Sharla.

“We-We just wanted to visit a place called Nightwind Manor; we’re friends of theirs…” Sharla tried and explain, Shinris lifting an eyebrow.

“Hm-m-m, friends of the rumored manor…have you any proof of your ties to that place?” Shinris asked, Shirli grinning.

“Well, about a few dozen ladies there we enjoyed ourselves with…” she silently smirked, Shinris nodding to the group of Scarlet Sisters, who sheathed their swords.

“So you claim to know of the manor, have been there, and even been accepted by the women there…” Shinris said; “…I would be a fool to trust strangers on their word, but tell me: Would the two of you be the infamous Shirli and Sharla? The demons my daughter spoke of after she returned from the manor?”

“Uhm, who is your daughter again?” Sharla asked, Shinris leaning slightly back in her throne.

“Shica Narra-Jar, and her lover and girlfriend Jiraz Blackwhip visited the manor a few weeks ago…and Shica claims you two had appeared at the manor shortly before they left, and remained there to enjoy yourselves with the girls there…” Shinris said, looking skeptically at Shirli and Sharla; “…I also heard you were supposed to be a sort of feline seductresses who would lay with any woman that allows you so.”

“…Shica must’ve told her our whole life story!” Shirli grinned, Sharla smirking lightly.

“Your Highness, these…beings are immoral! Look! They scarsely wear a thread!” a nearby Scarlet Sister spoke, Shinris indeed seeing the revealing latex attire Shirli and Sharla wore.

“Were I to jump to conclusions, I would say you were courtesans of the most erotic kind…women of the easiest virtue...” Shinris leaned her chin to her fist; “…what other female would show off their beauty in such a daring fashion?”

“Uhm, we would; it’s actually really nice to wear…” Shirli pointed out, adjusting her gloves, Shinris hiding a devious smirk as a thought struck her.

“If you indeed are such courtesans…” Shinris said, gesturing towards one of the Scarlet Sister; “…then show me just the level of carnal arts you possess and ravish this woman.”

Beginning to undo her armor and weapons, the Scarlet Sister had no hesitation obeying an order, and to her own mind, whatever they were, she would soon exhaust the two girls, their shamelessly half-bared skin and seductive posture making her smile predatorily.

“As my empress commands, so I obey…” the Scarlet Sister said as she undid her last remains of her uniform, leaving her with only heavy white bandages on hands, wrists and knees as she looked to the two girls; they were practically drooling.

“Oh-h, sweet Hyracha…I got dips on her boobies!” Shirli squealed, the Scarlet Sister taken completely aback as the blonde girl as if leapt for her, jumping on her and viciously groped her breasts, the other Scarlet Sisters looking ready to draw their swords.

“Stand down…” Shinris simply gave a soft gesture, the Scarlet Sisters obeying as they watched their fellow Sister struggle with the grinning blonde.

“Not on your life, fiend!” the Scarlet Sister gritted her teeth, reaching out and grabbing Shirli’s arms, forcing the still smiling blonde down on the floor, the Scarlet Sister starring as in trance at Shirli’s massive bosom, reaching her hands out as she groped the fullness of the breasts, Shirli moaning delightfully, the Sister unaware as Sharla stood up behind her, groping her breasts, the Sister leaning further down as Sharla followed, the sight of the three girls making Shinris raise a surprised eyebrow.

"Damn, these shin'saras ladies sure have massive racks!" Sharla smirked hotly, Shirli grinning as the Sister's head now rest between her breasts, Sharla groping the Sister form behind, the shin'ras woman moaning in delight.

“Enough…” Shinris said, holding up a hand, the Scarlet Sister, squeezed between Shirli and Sharla, tried vainly to struggle herself loose, but proving unsuccessful, she simply sighed, Shirli and Sharla grinning at her and playing with her breasts and locks of hair.

“This…should be taken elsewhere…if you wish to continue…?” Shinris addressed the Sister, whose voice could hardly be heard.

“M-My Empress…I cannot control myself…” the Sister responded in gasps, Shirli and Sharla finally standing up, helping the Sister on her feet, her face blushing as the two blondes smirked at her.

“Go to my harem, then; these two seems to be far from pure and innocent…” Shinris said, two Scarlet Sisters escorting Shirli, Sharla and the Sister to a door in the chamber’s right side, leading them through and down towards the empress’ harem chambers.

“The rest of you may follow; I will retire for a short while…” Shinris said as she rose up, the Scarlet Sisters stand attention as she walked down from her throne, following her as she went through the door.

[End notes: [Yes, when has a "Tales of Darkness" story ever not included an obvious crossover with of "Tales of Darkness" story...?]]

Chapter 3

Title: Act 3

[Author's notes: Shi'Tir returns fbriefly, expressing her sexual frustration in a manner that only a high-ranked Imperial officer can.]

“Concentrate, damn you! First slice, then lunge…and then cleave! You got that now??” Shi’Tir impatiently sparred with a new recruit of the Scarlet Sisterhood, the girl clearly too eager to simply hit her target rather than consider being hit, herself.

“I’m trying, commander…but you’re too fast!” the girl grit her teeth in concentration, trying her best to mimic Shi’Tir’s techniques.

As they fought, the training room echoed with battle cries, the clinging of metal against metal, the hissing of bolts being fired, and the sparkling sound of magic being cast; as part of their combat training, Scarlet Sisters were expected to either destroy of completely penetrate at least one training dummy or target.

As the recruit were distracted by an especially loud clinging sound, Shi’Tir twirled her sword around, placing a solid hit with the hilt right in the recruit’s cheek, leading her to let out a loud yell of pain as she held herself to her bleeding cheek.

“Had I used the blade, your head would have been sliced clear off! In battle, nothing should distract you from surviving and doing your duty…” Shi’Tir said roughly, a Scarlet Sister standing up to the recruit, who gritted her teeth in pain, tears forming in her eyes.

“Commander…you may have fractured some bones; see…” the Scarlet Sister pointed out, the recruit wailing in pain as the Sister lightly touched her cheek.
“So?! Get her to the healers, then! You take over from here!” Shi’Tir spat, thrusting her sword into the ground, marching out of the training room.

“Easy, the healers will put you back together…” the Sister said as she helped the recruit up, heading for the door as they went off to find the healers’ lounge.

“Commander Shi’Tir gets rougher and rougher; I think she’s hiding something…” a Sister said, aiming her gauntlet-mounted crossbow and firing against her target.

“You’re right, she seems more hostile recently; I got disarmed by her yesterday and she yelled at me as if I had said something insulting…” another Sister said beside her; “…whatever our commander’s going through, I pray to Shinris she’ll get over it soon.”

Chapter 4

Title: Act 4

[Author's notes: Enter Shirli and Sharla VS the Scarlet Sisterhood, two dozen armored, sweaty, excited and lustful and highly experienced warrior-women against two blonde nymphomaniacs with more sexual experience than the entire Sisterhood combined.
Whom may leave the empress' chamber on staggering legs, or lie down from exhaustion, is revealed here.]

“So you little demon whores invade the exalted empress’ chambers, defile one of our sacred sisterhood’s warriors with your vile seductions, and now you even dare lay yourself on the empress’ bed?!” one of the Scarlet Sisters took off her helmet, looking evilly at the surprised Shirli and Sharla.

“We-We didn’t know it was your empress’!” Shirli tried and explain, Sharla merely smirking at her.

“It’s alright, Shirli…” she said, looking teasingly at the Sister; “…they’re just trying to justify that they’re going to gangbang us.”

“Dressed like that?? Hih-hih-hih! Geared up like that they couldn’t even begin to try!” Shirli grinned, several of the Sisters confused if they should lay down their arms and really ravish the half-naked beauties before them, or simply whip them into submission.

“I dare you…” a Sister said, stroking a lock of her hair aside, smirking evilly at Sharla as she stood right up in front of her; “…do you think you can outdo the Scarlet Sisterhood? The very elite of the Empire of Shacar-Jarcu??”

“…You mean the ladies who dress in heavy armor, talk tough and gets laid by too many courtesans to count? Yeah, I think we can outdo that!” Sharla smiled, the Sister returning it.

“I accept!” she exclaimed, pushing Sharla back on the bed, undoing her armor, weapons and uniform in a surprising hurry.

“Sisters! Today we conquer these skirt-chasing fiends on their own turf!” she cheered over her shoulder, the other Sisters putting down their own armor and weapons, Shirli and Sharla grinning and starring in awe at the smaller army of ravishing elf girls before them, all of them white-haired with one or more locks dyed red.

“Oh! Eager, aren’t we??” Shirli grinned, two Scarlet Sisters throwing themselves over her, fondling and grabbing her breasts, Shirli moaning as they tightened their grip.

“OH-H-H! I’m already getting hot! This is wonderful, Sharla!” Shirli smiled, reaching out her arms in a welcoming gesture to the Scarlet Sisters.

“You little wenches will beg for this! Beg for it! Tell us how much you desire this!” a Sister teased Shirli, sucking roughly on her nipples, Shirli whimpering lovingly, the Sister surprised as she felt something liquid enter her mouth.

“Milk drips from your breasts??” she asked in wonder, pressing Shirli’s breasts roughly, Shirli whimpering joyfully as a small squirt of milk came out of her nipples.

“Let me! Let me suck their nectars!” another Sister insisted, sucking on Shirli’s other nipple, Shirli and Sharla feeling as more and more Scarlet Sisters crawled over them, Sharla sucking passionately on a Sister’s breasts, her moaning making Sharla giggle as she sucked harder.

“I am not really surprised…” a voice came behind them, the Scarlet Sisters frozen as in shock as Shinris slowly approached; “…but if anyone are to see what these she-demons truly can do, I would say I should be the one to embrace them first of all.”

“O-of course, Your Highness…” one of the Sisters said, the others backing away from Shirli and Sharla as Shinris stood before them.

“Before my sisterhood ravish you as passionately as they can…show me the truest, carnal arts you can imagine…” Shinris said as two Sisters helped her undress, her rich robe and cloak neatly folded and placed near a pillar.

“Wow, looking good, Miss Empress…” Shirli could not help but grin, the empress looking quite attractive to her and Sharla; as she crawled unto her bed, Shirli and Sharla starred in awe at her.

“Please, leaving those meager garments behind; I would see you naked before me…” Shinris said, Shirli and Sharla taking off their corsets, licking their boots and gloves and discarding them to the left side of the large bed.

“Now, you two little she-demons…” Shinris gestured with both arms; “…come; embrace me and show me your arts.”

Giggling, Shirli and Sharla did just so, Shinris closing her eyes, amused as the two blondes lay on each side of her, licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples.

“You truly d-don’t hold back; that is good…” Shinris smiled at Shirli and Sharla, then to the Scarlet Sisters; “…as soon as I have climaxed, my sisters, then ravish these two and each other; let not a single girl in this room be left unattended!”

“You two…” Shinris slowly sat up, Shirli and Sharla looking nervous as the empress’ face were mostly covered by her long mane of white hair; “…no courtesan, no seductress, has ever done this unto me…!”

As Shinris rose, Shirli and Sharla were concerned they might have taken things to far; dripping from the empress’ body were not only sweat, cum and drool, but milk, the two blondes having squirted it from their nipples unto the empress.

“You two must, by every meaning of the word… the sluttiest beings ever to enter Shacar-Jarcu…” Shinris stroke her hair slightly backing, positively beaming; “…I haven’t enjoyed such good ecstasies and silly wordplay for at least a week!”

“And your little Sisterhood? Are we better than them??” Shirli asked, Sharla chuckling evilly at the Scarlet Sisters, sucking on Shinris’ nipples.

“Slightly, but I enjoy them and their efforts as much as I did yours…” Shinris said, crossing her legs; “…wherever you hail from, I doubt anyone there could be as talented as you.”

“Well, there’s Mistress Hyracha…um-m-m, Tirah, oh yeah, that witch’s good…..oh, and Zilah, a new arrival recently…” Sharla counted, Shirli blushing at the last name.

“Sharla, she put a half dozen vibrators in my clit! She’s too hardcore, even for us!” Shirli whimpered, Sharla simply smirking at her.

“Who is this…’Zilah’? Another demon?” Shinris asked, Shirli and Sharla suppressing their giggles.

“She’s a succubus, and she pretty much makes us look like virgin schoolgirls!” Shirli said, Shinris raising an eyebrow.

“So she would be a nigh unstoppable force of desire and skirt-chasing escapades?” Shinris asked, her sarcasm quite obvious.

“Last time she went out to seduce someone she had all her minions with her and they ended up spreading panic at an all-girls’ school! Uhm, Hyracha, our mistress, wasn’t really pleased…” Sharla mentioned, Shinris raising her eyebrows again, Sharla quickly explaining further; “…it was a good time for them all, but, uhm…one of the girls there had a rape fetish, so that’s not really gonna turn out well...”

“If you can, could you summon this ‘Zilah’ and her…’minions’? I always did enjoy exotic women…” Shinris asked.

“Uhm, eheh-heh-heh…….it’d be like letting a hurricane loose! She’s pretty wild…and her girls are kinda crazy, too…” Shirli blushed and giggled, Shinris looking directly at her with her calm, teal-green eyes.

“I understand she might be dangerous to summon…but I am confident in my Scarlet Sisterhood…” Shinris gestured at the Sisters; “…they would give your lives to defend me.”

“She doesn’t kill anyone, Your Highness…she’s just really…really horny…and that’s all the time…” Sharla mentioned, Shinris nodding to her.

“So it would be like the two of you, only worse?” Shinris could not hide a slight taunt, Sharla crossing her arms, nodding to Shirli.

“We’ll do it! Shirli! Let’s get Zilah and her girls here!” Sharla gave Shirli a thumbs up, the two of them holding up their hands, chaotic magic forming in their palms as they began conjuring what looked like a portal.

“Demon magic! Your Highness, you-…!” one of the Scarlet Sisters gasped, suddenly seeing a small mass of shadowy, black energy emerge from the portal; like fluid shadows, they flew across the walls of the room faster than the Scarlet Sisters could manage to follow their movements, finally forming around the empress’ bed like eight, black rings; in a puff of black smoke and the glowing, red-pink light of chaos magic, eight girls appeared, each of them with wings, tails and horns, one of them with larger wings than the others.

“Hm-m-m…..pre-e-e-ey…so delicious-s-s-s-s…” the tallest of them snarled, a clinging heard as the Sisters dropped their weapons to the floor in awe; the tall girl was black-haired, exotically tan-skinned, her body covered in black tattoos and black make-up, and her body were right out perfect; wearing tight latex and with her wings lightly floating around her, her deep-red eyes looked hungrily at the naked Scarlet Sisters.

“Girls! I smell our prey…and it’s even in heat, already…!” the girl licked her teeth, other girls emerging from the puffs of smoke, a colorful selection of beautiful, ravishing, busty and irresistible female forms scarcely hidden under tight leather or latex outfits, the lot of them either smiling, licking their lips, or posing at the naked Sisters, one of them even exposing her nether lips, tugging her thin thong continuously into it, moaning and rubbing her breasts.

“Shirli! Sharla! Why does the Mistress’ little favorite house cats suddenly summon the Supreme Zilah?” the tall one asked sarcastically, crawling on all four with the grace of a panther towards the two blondes.

“Uhm, we kinda fooled around with Empress Shinris here, and, uhm, we sorta mentioned your name, and-…” Shirli began, Zilah eyeing the, to her mind, ravishing empress.

“So the empress of Shacar-Jarcu seeks pleasure from me? I?? The greatest Mistress of Pleasures next only to Hyracha, herself??” Zilah frowned, looking at the empress.

“What courtesan makes up such a bragging for her skills?” Shinris could not help but ask skeptically.

“The best, empress, next only to the Goddess of Pleasure, herself...I have ravished more women and drunk more of their nectars than your dagger-eared soldiers here have ravished you, I would believe…” Zilah shamelessly bragged, Shinris standing up, looking directly at Zilah.

“If your bragging is half as good as your actual talents, every woman in this world would have been under your charms, demon…” Shinris taunted; “…but I tire of idle banter; if you have the skills you claim, take them out on me.”

“You?? You’re no more worthy of my talents than a peasant girl! You’d be fitter to lick and bathe my boots with your drool…” Zilah frowned, Shinris’ face hardening.
“I am more than empress and lover to my Sisterhood…” Shinris walked carefully over her bed, jumping into the air with a surprising speed, landing elegantly on her feet, her finger pointed directly at Zilah’s throat; “…I just so happens to be Shacar-Jarcu’s greatest warrior…and had I willed it, I could puncture your throat with just a pinch.”

“What?? You will not just roll over and beg for my gifts like a common whore?” Zilah looked at the sudden pride in the empress’ eyes, feeling somewhat excited as the empress’ look resembled that of a predator catching its prey.

“If you want me, empress…” Zilah bowed mockingly; “…then let my girls ravish your soldiers; they love the smell of fresh prey.”

“Sisters, those demons can touch your bodies if they please…but don’t let smoothening words penetrate your hearts…” Shinris spoke, the Sisters already admiring the succubi, one of them, blue-haired and tan-skinned, giggling lovingly, jumping into the arms of the closest Sister.

“You wouldn’t hurt a poor, little succubus, would you? I’m just cute and cuddly…” she smirked, the Sister holding her blushing intensely, the other Sisters feeling as their sense of discipline were as if shredded to pieces just by the succubi’s presence.

“Looks like your precious soldiers are easily won over…” Zilah smirked at Shinris; “…with so many adorable little elves, we will be feasting on your nectars and sexual energies for weeks!”

“That may be, but I won’t be stopped from claiming you…” Shinris said; “…had you been queen, alpha female or matriarch of your flock, I would still take you…again and again…”

“You’ve got a lot of hot thoughts hidden under that shell of pride you carry yourself with…” Zilah walked in circles around Shinris, smiling; “…but what can I call you…empress?”

“I am Shinris, Empress of Shacar-Jarcu…” Shinris said, her eyes narrowing; “…and you may address my Shinris…while I and you will both cry out in ecstasy and let it resonate in the whole chamber!”

“Hm-m-m, willing warrior women to feed my girls, and a frisky empress to suckle nectars from…maybe I won’t be whipping your asses after all, girls…” Zilah grinned at Shirli and Sharla, the two of them dressing up in their outfits again.

“If there’s going to be a girly gangbang between these Sisters and your girls, Zilah, we want in!” Shirli said, her and Sharla suddenly feeling someone appear as if out of thin air behind them.

“Relax, girls! Of course you can share…if I can get a little whiff…” a redhead succubus smiled at them, Shirli and Sharla exchanging grins, pushing the redhead into the bed sheets.

“We’ll be making you cum first, Sixina! You always loved getting your cute little pussy licked, didn’t you?” Shirli teased, the redhead squealing as Shirli and Sharla descended on her pussy, the leather thong easily being swept aside by the blondes’ eager and thirsty tongues.

“YE-E-E-E-ES! Oh, lick it more! Give it to me! Give it to me-e-e-e-e!” Sixina moaned, pressing Shirli and Sharla’s heads further between her legs, the two blondes smirking as they kissed each other.

“There’s really nothing like a girl getting her pussy licked and quivering in pleasure…” Sharla smirked, her and Shirli nudge their noses and cheeks against Sixina’s pussy, her cum slowly dripping from it, Shirli and Sharla giggling as they looked forward to Sixina’s inevitable, splashing orgasm.

“OH-H-H NO-O-O-O! Sweet Hyracha! I can’t take this! Tongue-fuck me! Tongue-fuck my twat all up!” Sixina rubbed her breasts, Shirli and Sharla looking at each other.

“Meh, pussy first, tits later!” Shirli grinned, her and Sharla extending their tongues as far into Sixina’s pussy as they could, their tongues stretching further and further.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H YE-E-E-E-E-E-E-ES-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Sixina yelled in pleasure, pinching her nipples as her orgasm gushed out, Shirli and Sharla kissing each other and Sixina’s pussy as their faces were drenched in her cum, the two of them licking the cum off each other’s faces, drinking the small squirts from Sixina’s pussy.

“And now for your tits, sexy…” Sharla whispered hotly to Sixina, her and Shirli throwing themselves over the exhausted Sixina, the redhead moaning and smiling as Shirli and Sharla lay by each her sides, and began sucking on her breasts, groping, nipping, drooling and squashing them against their own, each of them pressing one of Sixina’s breasts between their own ones.

“And to think…” Sharla kept groping at Sixina’s right breast; “…we haven’t even gotten you outta that hot leather suit…”

“E-E-EP!” Shirli suddenly wailed in pleasure, another of the succubi, a teal-haired and busty one sticking a strap-on into Shirli’s pussy.

“You looked so fucking sexy with your little pussy all bared…” the girl moaned and smiled adorably; “…something as sexy as you two is just asking to get banged by hot demon chicks!”

“Am I just invisible now, Sillina?” Sixina winked from the bed, the teal-haired girl named Sillina winking back, sticking the strap-on deeper into Shirli’s pussy.

“I’ll get to you soon, Sixina; just got some blondes here to ravish…” Sillina grabbed her gloved hands around Shirli’s waist, thrusting with every ounce of strength she had, Shirli moaning and drooling as she was penetrated.

“Why isn’t it me?? Why am I being neglected??” Sharla faked a dramatic whimper, her and Shirli grinning at each other, Sillina rolling her eyes.

“What a slut…OK, here you go!” Sillina cheered, sticking a finger inside Sharla’s pussy, adding two more fingers as the blonde moaned pleasantly.

“What about me?? Shirli! Sharla! Suck my tits, ple-e-e-ease…??” Sixina pleaded, the two blondes getting back to their work, Sixina moaning and shuddering with pleasure as the blondes’ drool flew on her breasts.

[End notes: Empress Shinris outdoing the succubus matriach Zilah sexually...will wonders ever sieze...]

Chapter 5

Title: Act 5 (Bonus Act)

[Author's notes: A teacher/student situation has arisen at the Imperial Academy!]

“Alright, ladies, listen up! You’re going to pay close attention in this class, and I don’t care if you are of noble blood or commoners; I’m not tolerating any chatter, banter or other childish behavior; is that understood…?” Zuki announced to her class, the girls looking at her with a mix of fear and confusion.

“Don’t give me those innocent looks; I’m here to teach you, not to act like a babysitter…” Ziku pointed a determined finger towards the students; “…if you follow the rules, we’ll get along fine, or else…”

Leaving her sentence unfinished, the girls looked as the door opened, an armored guard stepping in, her armor and helmet hiding her identity, but the curved scabbard of her sword left little doubt that she meant business.

“Are you trying to intimidate us, Miss Zuki??” a girl on the back row asked, Zuki’s eyes turning directly towards her.

“No, but I am trying to make you understand this…” Zuki mentioned; “…I’ve had classes where my students had tried fighting, biting, wrestling, cursing and enchanting each other because of jealousy over which came from the ‘noblest’ house…and I just won’t tolerate that!”

Adjusting her glasses a bit, Zuki gave a small smile to the class.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way, and I’ve lain my inner demons to rest, open up page 7 in your book, ‘The Mystical Arts’ found beside your desk…” Zuki turned on her heel, heading behind her own desk as she pulled out several pencils and papers from its drawers.

“She’s sure something, our new teach; you saw her boobs??” two girls sat and chatted lowly, one of them snickering, nodding eagerly.

“Quite a pair! I bet she gets laid, like, every night!” the snickering girl said, the other one giggling, suddenly hearing heavy, metallic footsteps.

“…Quit gabbing, you two…” the guard silently hissed as she passed them, her dangling sword intimidating the girls just as much as the guard’s eerie voice.

“I can’t believe it! Just thirty minutes of a magic class, and those girls can’t keep still in their seats!” Zuki mumbled to herself and complained, entering the teachers’ lounge, spotting Mizari as she sat and drank a cup of water, Mizari smirking to herself as she could already see what annoyed Zuki.

“You can’t blame the youth, Zuki; even something as interesting as magic would seem boring to them…” Mizari said, looking up at her colleague; “…and besides, their class is not really what I believe they fantasize about…”

“You’re a sick woman, Mizari…” Zuki frowned, nevertheless sitting down beside her; “…I can’t believe you actually would not mind having sex with your students if they brought a large enough strap-on!”

“Careful what you say, Zuki…..but yes, I can’t see the taboo in it…” Mizari said, sighing lightly; “…sometimes our fears for the unknown turns into paranoid decline and rejection of what we really desire, and besides, I don’t believe it would really affect the whole ‘morality’ if it took place after class.”

“But what has that to do with me??” Zuki asked, Mizari hiding a smirk.

“I am positive that your whole class is more than willing to do away with you for hours, Zuki; with your body, you could become the richest woman next to the empress, herself…” Mizari said, letting her hand slowly stroke against Zuki’s right arm; “…and I wouldn’t mind having you for company, myself…”

“…You’re a shameless harlot, you know that?? All the magic of the world doesn’t hide the fac-…!” Zuki began angrily, Mizuri waving her hand lightly, Zuki still opening and closing her mouth, but not a sound was heard.

“You’re quite uptight enough without lecturing me, Zuki…” Mizari smiled meekly; “…someday, I am quite certain you will find yourself between a gorgeous courtesan’s legs…and I will be cheering for that day to come…”

Waving her hand again, Zuki’s voice returned, blushing heavily as she looked angrily at Mizari.

“You’re such a sow! A pervert! A skirt-chasing, spell-weaving-…!” Zuki snarled, Mizari simply smiling at her.

“…Shouldn’t I just kiss you and be done with this…?” Mizari slowly leaned forward, grabbing behind Zuki’s head, kissing the surprised teacher, who moaned in surprise and slight shock, grabbing around Mizari’s arm, but hesitated to push her back.

“H-how dare you?! How could you…??” Zuki asked in surprise as Mizari looked pleasantly at her; feeling her blushing worsen, Zuki could feel as a sense of warmth spread inside her body from her lips.

“…Um-m-m-…?” Mizari moaned in surprised as Zuki lounged forward, returning the kiss passionately, Mizari chuckling amused.

“Maybe you’re not wrapped up so tight, after all…” Mizari smirked, stroking Zuki’s chin, the other girl managing a small smile.

“…Don’t tempt me like that…not ever again…” Zuki whimpered, Mizari cuddling her tightly, Zuki moaning and meekly trying to struggle as Mizari tightened her grip, chuckling as Zuki surrendered her attempts at escaping, moaning as she let herself at Mizuri’s mercy.

“Ar-r-r-r-rgh! Oh, Miss Zuki! MISS ZUKI! OH-H-H-H, fuck me! Miss Zuki, fuck me! I want it! I want it so much…!!!” a girl sat by Zuki’s desk, the empty classroom echoing with her screams and moans, as she had snatched the pencil Zuki had used to write notes with, thrusting the soft end into her pussy through her thin underwear.

“It hurts so much, but it’s so good! Oh, Miss Zuki, give it to me! I wanna feel you in there! Um-m-m-m-m…!!!” the girl tried and hold a hand to her mouth, but the imagine of the busty Zuki, in the girl’s fantasy winking at her and stripping for her, she could hardly block her screams.

“Sacred Shinris! What is that sound!” Zuki groaned frustrated as she walked down the hallway, opening the classroom door, freezing a step as hers and girl’s eyes met, the girl’s drooling, lustful smile remaining intact as her thrusting stopped.

“…Have you any idea what you’re doing to yourself?!” Zuki quietly asked, seeing a small hint of blood forming on the girl’s wet panties, the soft end of the pencil having made a wound somewhere in her vagina.

“M-Miss Zuki, I-…-I just couldn’t take it anymore! If I didn’t do anything, I’d go crazy!” the girl silently whimpered, tears forming in her eyelids as her smile was replaced with a shocked look of dread.

“…You girls all seem to desire me over my lessons, huh?” Zuki slowly spoke mostly to herself, looking at the girl.

“Fine, then; you and whatever friends you have here in class can-…ur-r-rgh…-you can molest me if you really desire it so much…but if any of you drop just one grade, you’re going back to apprentice status!”

“RE-REALLY?! Mi-Miss Zuki, may we-…??” the girl’s eyes widened in surprise and sheer joy, Zuki feeling herself smile.

“If that is the teaching that will get you to become something in life, well, I suppose it’s my job to motivate you, then…” Zuki said, sitting down beside the girl; “…but you better get some tissue paper to stop the blood; “…Shinris’ blood, did you even realize that you were hurting yourself??”

“I didn’t, really…I just wanted to feel you molest me again and again and aga-…” the girl dreamingly said, Zuki hushing her.

“Go and find your friends, then; I will turn the next class into a more…intimate one…” Zuki said, taking off her glasses, reaching up and putting them on her desk; “…I think the lot of you are old enough for SE.”

“What’s ‘SE’?” the girl asked curiously, Zuki smirking at her.

“’Sexual Education’; I think we need to see just why it is you want me so much…and why your vaginas seems to be overflowing just thinking of me…” Zuki chuckled lightly, stroking the girl’s hair; “…just remember:
A teacher like me having sex with students like you girls isn’t really normal, so just tell your friends and no-one else.”

“I promise! I’ll go gather them right away!” the girl stood up, bolting for the door, Zuki sighing to herself.

“…I suppose I couldn’t prolong it any longer…” she spoke to herself; “…well, that leaves me twenty minutes to prepare…Shinris be with me…”

“Wow! It’s like the classroom’s all redecorated!” a girl said as she entered Zuki’s classroom, the normal, dull gray stone walls now decorated with deep velvet curtains, magical fire glowing from the chandeliers and a row of a few dozen red silk pillows placed in front of the desk instead of the usual smaller stone chairs.

“Welcome, class; I have reason to believe that many of you seem to have the hots for me, your teacher and your guide to a better future…” Zuki’s voice came from the dark, the girls hurrying to find a pillow, Zuki stepping out from the dark, looking over her class.

“What a bunch of very indecent young ladies; lusting over your teacher while you should be studying for the future…” Zuki narrowed her eyes; “…but since suppressing sexual urges and desires only hurts you, I decided we should both take up SE classes…and as your friend might have told you, I have given in; to better help you focus on your future, I will ease your presence by engaging in these ‘activities’ you want to do with me.”

“…What’s an ‘SE’ class?” a girl asked, leading to chattering and chuckles from the other girls, all of them eager to hear more about Zuki’s announcements.

“It stands for ‘Sexual Education’; seeing as you all seem quite in heat when you see me, I’ve decided we should study just what makes you give in to your erotic fantasies…but let me remind you…” Zuki’s voice turned sharper; “…if any of you drop a grade during regular classes, just one…single…grade…you will be going back to apprentice status, and there will be no more SE classes, and I will ask to be reassigned to another class!”

A collective gasp of dread went through the class, the girls chatting nervously; studying were boring to them and took a lot of time, but if their gorgeous teacher Miss Zuki would both educate them on sex and bare herself to them…?

“Well, is that understood?” Zuki asked, the class all nodding as one, some of them smirking as Zuki now sat down by her desk.

“Alright, let us begin; now, as your teacher, my privacy doesn’t concern you, but I’ll let you know that, apart from you, I’m no virgin…and no, I was not raped by some foreign shin’idun babe with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes…” Zuki’s eyes looked over the class, one girl folding her arms across sourly; she had always fantasied that Zuki would have been slutty enough to be raped, and enjoy it, by that mysterious Jisha lady near everyone in the city were talking about.

“Well, as we got that out of the way, I need a clever answer for this question: What part of the body feels the most sensitive to most sexual arousals?” Zuki asked, near every girl in the class raising their hands and shouting that they knew the answer.

“You…” Zuki pointed to a girl on the far front row.

“You feel really good when your pussy’s feeling wet…” the girl explained, Zuki shaking her head, yet nodded slowly.

“I’ll never understand why girls nowdays keep calling it ‘pussy’; what does a slang word for ‘cat’ have to do with lovemaking and erotic??” Zuki asked, mostly herself, a girl grinning as she raised her hand.

“It’s because it’s a cute word…and it’s funny to say!” she smiled, Zuki simply nodding at her.

“Now, next question, true or false: During sexual stimuli, is it true that pain, like from a needle, can add to the arousal?” Zuki asked, the girls mumbling as few of them had any idea what exactly a needle would even be used for.

“No answers? Well, it’s true; if a woman is in deep enough arousal, even pain will turn her further on, at least that is seen in most cases; some women can only be turned on by arousing a certain part of their body…” Zuki explained, the girls listening intensely.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! Oh, uhm, sorry; slip of the tongue…” Zuki suddenly giggled, excusing herself as she fought the urge to giggle again; the irony of having the class’ full attention when she talked about sex were quite hilarious to her.

“Well, I will show a little example…any volunteers?” Zuki asked, all of the girls raising their hands, cheering as they wanted to be picked.

“You there…” Zuki pointed to a black-haired girl, who walked up beside Zuki, trying to resist the urge to ogle at her breasts.

“Now give me your hand…” Zuki said, the girl surprised as she held her arm out, Zuki lightly taking it, the girl feeling a jolt of arousal as the latex of Zuki’s glove grabbed around her hand.

“See right here by the fingers? Those are some of the most common, sensitive parts of the body; if they either touch something pleasant or unpleasant, the body will react instantly and either try and back away, or remain still…” Zuki explained.

“Now, if it’s not too embarrassing for you, could you take off your shirt?” Zuki asked, the girl at first surprised, but taking off her shirt regardless, smiling to herself as she doubted it would be the greatest shock to the class.

“Now, as you can see-…..oh, I didn’t know about that…” Zuki began, discovering the girl’s nipples had small ring accessories, the class eagerly mumbling, a girl giggling as the dark-haired girl sat up on Zuki’s desk.

“See, another sensitive part of the body is the nipple; it is almost like a cluster of nerves where a girl’s breasts can be aroused most easily, and if I were to press…here…” Zuki let a finger touch the dark-haired girl’s nipple, adding another finger as she lightly pinched the nipple; “…it should send an either pleasant, or painful stimulation around in her body.”

“So she feels good when to pinch her nipple or suck it?” a girl asked, Zuki blinking slightly confused.

“Uhm, yes, I assume so…..w-why are you all starring at-…?” Zuki asked, only to find the dark-haired girl moaning, groping her left breast, her hand moving down under Zuki’s skirt.

“Y-young lady, will you please-…!” Zuki blushed violently, backing away from the dark-haired girl, still blushing as she looked over the rather excited classroom.

“…..I guess we’ll take the next steps afterwards; for now…” Zuki said, a certain sense of revenge and playfulness grabbed her; “…I think you’ve been patient enough…”

As Zuki now turned around, she undid her corset, holding it out in a stretched hand, letting it fall, turning to face the class, a roar of approval, whistles and grins were heard from the girls; finally Zuki let them willingly see her plumb, large breasts, Zuki lifting an eyebrow as some girls began right out masturbating at her.

“…How long have I been in all your heads?? Geez, girls these days…” Zuki said, the dark-haired girl lying on her desk, masturbating wildly and sending Zuki desirable looks.

“…What you don’t do to educate…” Zuki rolled her eyes, beginning to smile; truth to be told, seeing some many lusting, fit young women, she could not help but think that maybe she would not need to hire any courtesans to keep her company anytime soon.

“Alright, I think I’ll drop the educational façade just a few hours…” Zuki smirked, heading towards the flock of moaning, panting and excited girls, stepping out of her white lace panties, holding them up high.

“I’ve had plenty of these stolen the last few weeks…whoever it has been, you can have these, too…” Zuki announced, a human girl with purple hair raising her arm, Zuki lightly tossing the panties to her, the girl grabbing them, sniffing them delightfully as she moaned even louder.

“OK then, ladies…” Zuki said, holding up her hand, a small orb of blue, mystical energy forming into a handful of oblong objects forming in Zuki’s hand; “…these are, however silly it would sound, magical dildos; they’re made of rubber, and ejects a fluid, whipped cream-like substance when the user reaches her climax…and they’re double-ended…”

As Zuki began feeling a certain kind of thrill, some of the girls seemed to have had it; in the next second, Zuki found herself lightly brought to the floor by a light push, landing in some of the pillows, the purple-haired girl standing grinningly over her.

“Oh-h-h, fu-u-uck… I’ve waited for this! I’ve been fucking you in my dreams, teach, but now it’s finally for real!” the purple-haired girl cheered, looking possibly insane with desire as she carefully inserted the dildo into herself, jabbing its tip right into Zuki’s bared pussy lips.

“OH-H-H! S-SACRED SHINRIS PRESERVE ME-E-E-E-E!” Zuki yelled out, feeling as dozens of other girls had her head pressed between their breasts, her own breasts sucked, licked and fondled by several of them, and a few others even tickling her armpits, Zuki gasping as she could simply not decide if to scream, moan or laugh.

“I never thought I’d see it…” one of the academy guards said as she passed through the corridors with her partner; “…a teacher being fucked silly by her students…”

“They’ve got her running around in their minds, I tell you; really, she dresses like a courtesan, and she expects them to just roll with it?? Get real!” her partner said, sitting down by a bench, the two of them taking off their helmets.

“It’s not like Zuki’s the only one in their mind; I’ve had some pretty cute little ones…” one of them smirked and grinned, her partner raising an eyebrow.

“Oh no…you didn’t-…?” she asked, sighing as the other guard nodded eagerly.

“You honestly told those two busty chicks that you had to inspect their robes for any dangerous magical chemicals…and they bought it??” the guard asked, her partner grinning wickedly.

“They were a load of fun; one of them actually tried groping me from behind…and she was only half my size!” the guard grinned, her partner joining in.

“Really?! Oh, sweet Shinris, that’s just priceless…aw-w-w, I can just imagine it…” the guard smiled to herself.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H! OH, YES! FUCK ME HARDER! DEEPER! OH-H-H-H-H! KEEP GOING!” Zuki screamed in pleasure, burrowing her face into the closest girl’s breasts, the entire classroom having turned into a right out orgy, Zuki the main attraction as the girls were eagerly using the new dildos, Zuki finding herself swallowing the dildos’ cream and the girls’ cum, her body covered in both as the girls’ robes lay stretched all over the room, their moans, screams, laughter and complete molesting of Zuki in some way making her feel blissful.

“Aren’t you gonna cum soon?? Do it! Cum for me! Cum for me! Suck my every…last…drip…!” the purple-haired girl now pulled the dildo out of Zuki’s pussy, letting Zuki lick the tip of the dildo, proceeding to insert it in her mouth, Zuki looking up to the human girl, sucking as hard as she could.

“They’re so wonderful! So big and yummy!” a girl were fawning over Zuki’s breasts as she kept sucking on their fullness, several other girls joining, Zuki moaning hotly, removing her mouth from the dildo, drooling and panting as the drool dripped from her mouth, feeling as if she could cum any second, the pleasure her body experienced something she had never thought possible.

“Please, girls…fuck my brains out!” Zuki spread her legs, spreading her pussy lips, the purple-haired girl hungrily descending unto Zuki’s pussy, licking as wildly and sucking as hard as she could, her tongue penetrating deep inside the screaming Zuki’s womanhood.

“Hold her down! She’ll be sure to struggle once she cums from this!” the purple-haired girl told the other girls, two of them grabbing Zuki’s arms, holding her down, still sucking on her breasts as the third girl began kissing Zuki passionately, the older shin’saras girl returning the kiss hotly, the sensation of these beautiful girls ravishing and molesting her body making her feel right out blissful, panting heavily, Zuki’s thoughts becoming murky as all she could think of was how good she felt.

“Um-m-m, so wet and messy! What a cute little pussy for such a sexy slut!” the purple-haired girl smirked, lapping and devouring Zuki’s cum, the pink pussy lips and Zuki’s moans alluring her to give the older girl everything she had.

“Oh-h-h-h…..I just can’t hold it! I, I could cum any second…!!!” Zuki yelled out, the purple-haired girl smiling as she licked her lips, Zuki’s cum tasting deliciously sweet to her.

“Hm-m-m, I suppose I’ll allow you to…” the purple-haired girl snickered deviously, suddenly grabbing with both arms under Zuki’s thighs, burrowing her face deep into her pussy, slurping with every last ounce of energy she had, the girls holding Zuki still sucking away on her breasts, the girl who had been kissing Zuki instead sitting on her face, moaning and groping herself as Zuki licked at her g-spot.

[End notes: In all honesty, I am not much for teacher/student types of fetishes, but this here will hopefully show that I have the ability to write one if I so please.

(And yes, the concept for Miss Zuki was taken heavily off from Miss/Mistress Spencer of the "Rumble Roses" game).]

Chapter 6

Title: Act 6

[Author's notes: Enter Arinna, a recently come-of-age noble daughter of House Val-Kha, out to find some pleasent company in celebration of her birthday, and, as said, coming of age.]

“So, you’re finally 16 years old…and the first thing you want to do is to hire a courtesan…?” Arinna’s mother raised an eyebrow, gently stroking her pet tiger’s fur.

“Mother, I’ve been waiting for this for months!” Arinna looked pleadingly at her mother, the noblewoman returning the look, a smile rolling over her lips.

“Hm, OK, but my daughter isn’t getting any second-rate, shallow courtesan; while you get ready, I will see to it you get the best there is; Shishu…” Arinna’s mother said, Arinna exclaiming joyfully, leaping towards her mother, hugging her lovingly, the tiger silently growling to have had its stroking disturbed.

“Just be sure you keep in control and don’t let her play you for a fool; I’ll be sure to send a few guards with you…” Arinna’s mother mentioned as Arinna let go, her daughter nodding eagerly, bolting for her room, leaving her mother smirking.

“Raji, I think my little Arinna is turning into the mature woman she always hoped to be…” Arinna’s mother chuckled lowly, the tiger just wagging its tail and yawning.

“MORE! MORE-MORE-MORE-MORE! I WANT IT SO MUCH!” Zithih squealed in right out joy, Shishu sucking harder and harder on her pussy, finding herself desiring the younger shin’saras girl’s orgasms incredibly, Shishu smirking up at Zithih’s blushing, smiling and horny face.

“Alright, you little whore; here comes the main course!” Shishu now lifted Zithih’s legs up high, licking her pussy, folding her legs around Zithih, the younger girl grabbing them and sucking on Shishu’s toes.

“I LOVE SEX LIKE THIS! IT’S SO HOT AND GOOD! KEEP LICKING! FOR SHINRIS’ SAKE, KEEP LICKI-I-I-I-I-ING!” Zithih screamed, rubbing Shishu’s feet on her breasts, licking under the older shin’saras girl’s foot, clearly hearing Shishu giggle as she burrowed her face into Zithih’s pussy, licking every square centimeter of it.

“I-is there a Miss Shishu in here…?” a voice suddenly came from the door, Shishu looking up, licking her lips.

“Yeah, I’m here” she responded, a woman in an azure and cobalt blue purple outfit opening the door, looking quite taken aback at the sight that greeted her; scattered clothing everywhere, a grinning, slightly muscular shin’saras girl lying on the floor, and Shishu, the one her mistress has sent for, slowly sitting up, stroking back her hair.

“Uhm…my mistress wishes to hire you for her daughter’s birthday entertainment; she requests you meet at the Studded Gauntlet to negotiate the price…” the woman mentioned, Zithih raising her head lazily.

“I w-wouldn’t mind tagging along; that daughter there could have two for one! Hah-hah-hah-hah!” Zithih grinned, Shishu rolling her eyes.

“You’re in no condition to come along; you’re drunk, you’re horny and you’re unprofessional” Shishu said, Zithih blushing and grinning.

“You should talk! Hih-hih! You felt real good just before, right? I wanna come along! I wanna! I wanna!” Zithih smirked lazily, Shishu feeling annoyed by the pesky, younger shin’saras girl.

“…..ALRIGHT! You can come along…..but if you end up ruining my appointment I will see you whipped, are we clear??” Shishu warned, sighing as she stood up and grabbed a towel.

“O-OK…..geez, no need to be so threatening…” Zithih smiled smugly, the woman at the door handing Shishu a small, black leather pouch.

“My mistress sends this as a forward payment; you’ll get the full payment after you’re done…” the woman lightly bowed, heading off down the stairs of the inn.

“Hm-m-m, 400 Shinri, a job at the Studded Gauntlet with a noble daughter, and a troublemaker in tow…well, at least the money saves the day…” Shishu teased, Zithih crossing her arms, frowning.

“I’m no troublemaker! I just know what I want…you meanie!” Zithih stuck her tongue out at Shishu, who grinned heartily; seeing Zithih act so childishly could sometimes be ever so blissful.

“What a…colorful place…” Arinna’s mother said, vaguely impressed with the Studded Gauntlet; everywhere she looked she saw courtesans, most of them surprisingly humans, all of them wearing tight leather outfits in a rainbow of colors, some of them wearing various armor parts or even full suits of it.

“Raji, down!” Arinna’s mother ordered the large tiger, Raji growling lowly, sniffing at two scared shin’saras girls as they passed her.

“Mother, shouldn’t we go inside and wait?” Arinna asked, her mother and her bodyguards heading inside the brothel itself; with dark stone walls and steel frames and pillars instead of normal wood and concrete, Arinna began blushing at the sight of the many chatting, laughing, moaning and right out beautiful women.

“Lady Linthiri! Your ‘order’ should be arriving any second…” a human girl standing behind a desk told Arinna’s mother, Arinna deeply fascinated at the human girl as she wore a leather eye-patch.

“Don’t worry, I still got both!” the girl winked at Arinna, lifting her eye-patch to reveal her other eye, grinning at Arinna’s fascinated expression.

“I guess it’s the lass’ first time?” the human girl asked, Linthiri nodding worthily.

“Couldn’t have chosen better, milady; Shishu’s one of the best in the whole city…” the human girl winked, returning to a piece of parchment she was writing on.

“Ur-r-r-rgh, the lights are so sharp; I need a beer…” a moaning voice came from the door, a yawning Zithih steeping inside, followed by an amused Shishu; as Arinna caught eye on the tall shin’saras girl, she failed to hide her gasp of disbelief.

“Punctual we are, Miss Shishu; a good sign…” Linthiri gestured Shishu towards her, Shishu politely bowing before the noblewoman.

“How can I serve, milady?” she asked, Linthiri softly pushing Arinna towards Shishu, the smaller shin’saras girl starring in awe, surprise and adoration at Shishu, Arinna feeling herself blush violently.

“Hiya, miss; you know, if you put but a few more Shinri on the table, your daughter can get two for one!” Zithih grinned at Linthiri, who seemed less than amused as she was used to a far more serious treatment.

“…I thought I could only have one…?” Arinna halfway asked herself, looking at her mother, who immediately shoke her head.

“No, get that thought out of your mind, young lady…in fact, Shishu is a qualified, professional courtesan, and this…girl just seems like your ordinary drunk harlot!” Linthiri gestured at Zithih, Arinna rummaging through her pockets.

“It’s OK, mother; if you pay up for Shishu, I can pay for that strange girl…” Arinna went for the desk, putting up a few handfuls of Shinri.

“…Don’t tell me you were actually saving up for when-…?” Linthiri asked, stopping herself and sighing; “…alright, you can have them both, but if you end without your wallet, don’t come crying on your knees to me.”

“I just used all my savings; she couldn’t rob me…” Arinna confidently turned on her heels, facing Shishu, seeing the tall shin’saras girl and the slightly shorter one to maybe really being worth her time.

“Lady Linthiri, should we follow and watch over them?” one of Linthiri’s bodyguards asked, Linthiri shaking her head at her.

“No…bring Raji in and let us get a few drinks; this could take some time…” Linthiri said, looking to her daughter; “…and you take care of yourself, Arinna…and enjoy your birthday present from your mother, OK?”

“I will!” Arinna smiled, giving her mother a hug, turning to Shishu and Zithih.

“If you will follow us, miss…” Shishu gestured Arinna to follow, Zithih already heading upstairs.

“Um-m-m-m-m…this is really delightful…” Arinna moaned pleasantly, her, Shishu and Zithih stepping into a large pool, the hot water and the smell of perfumes Shishu had poured into the bath made Arinna relax.

“Just take your time; there’s no need to rush…” Shishu assured, Zithih rolling her eyes and submerging underwater.

“I’m sorry about Zithih here; she’s a bit too eager…” Shishu gave Zithih’s head a slight push fully underwater, Arinna unable to take her eyes off Shishu’s large breasts.

“…Hm…? Oh! Hih-hih-hih, you like them, Miss Arinna?” Shishu smiled, Arinna blushing deeply, whimpering and trying to put together a sentence.

“Aw-w-w-w, that’s so cu-u-ute! You gotta admit that, Shishu!” Zithih smiled as she slowly resurfaced, looking at Arinna’s blushing face, smiling adoringly at her.

“Yeah, I gotta say it looks cute…” Shishu tilted her head to the left, Arinna feeling as Shishu and Zithih both admired her, as well.

“Is this really how you have sex?” Arinna could not help but ask, Shishu failing to hide a cheerful giggle.

“No, not really, we-…-we’re just…well, warming up; sex can be quite exhausting…” Shishu said, Arinna looking down at herself.

“I know my first time should be with a loved one, but…I just feel that it doesn’t matter all that much…” Arinna blushed slightly, looking up and being quite surprised as Shishu had leaned slightly over towards her.

“I can give you a little taste of what sex feels like…?” Shishu asked carefully, Arinna slowly nodding, Shishu smirking as she touched Arinna’s left nipple with extreme delicacy.

“A-a-ah, Shishu, you’re too sensitive; hey, cute stuff…” Zithih smirked to herself, winking at Arinna; “…this is one of the best things you can ever do during sex!”

Leaning slightly down, Zithih snuck her head between Shishu’s breasts, moaning as she stroke her head against them, Shishu smiling amused, Arinna gasping at Zithih’s boldness.

“So wild! Miss Shishu, could you and Miss Zithih maybe…maybe just play a little with each other? I, I kind of think I should study this first…” Arinna moaned lightly, Shishu and Zithih looking at each other, smirking as they both began moaning, stroking against themselves, Arinna feeling her heartbeat becoming faster as she watched the two girls in the pool with her.

“…..I can’t help it; I…I really just can’t…” Arinna spoke to herself, letting her hands slowly move over her body, lightly pinching her nipples, Shishu and Zithih hardly noticing her as Zithih now had begun kissing Shishu hotly, Shishu moaning and groaning as Zithih lightly pushed her backwards, pressing her against the wall of the pool, sucking again and again on her large breasts.

“B-but Miss Zithih…she’s drooling!” Arinna could feel her cheeks blush, slowly approaching the two other girls from behind, Zithih looking over her shoulder, smiling at the younger girl.

“Um-m-m, fresh meat…!” Zithih let go of Shishu, slowly grabbing Arinna’s right arm, the younger girl moaning as Zithih pressed her face between her breasts, giggling as Arinna moaned and felt herself drool on Zithih’s breasts, Shishu sneaking up on Zithih from behind, nipping at her ears, the two of them giggling as they felt that this job would be a rather pleasant one.

“A girl’s breasts…oh-h, it feels so warm to touch…! Arinna could hardly hold back her excitement, Zithih smirking as Arinna began touching her breasts and fondle them, Shishu licking at her neck.

“Should it not be Miss Arinna in the middle?” Shishu suggested, Arinna nodding weakly, Zithih getting a perverted gleam in her eyes, sitting up and slowly switching places with Arinna, the younger girl resting her head between Shishu’s breasts, moaning and shuddering as Zithih licked at her stomach, Shishu licking at Arinna’s ears.

“You’re feeling excited, little miss? All the naughty things we could do to you…” Shishu spoke lightly into Arinna’s ear, Arinna already panting in excitement, her body feeling in heat as Zithih’s tongue proceeded upwards towards her breasts, Zithih smiling as she slurped at her nipples.

“Such cute breasts; not too small, not too big…” Zithih said, licking and letting her drool flow all over Arinna’s breasts, the smaller shin’saras girl moaning and whimpering hotly.

“Please…I can’t take this anymore…I’m going crazy! I can’t control myself!” Arinna yelled out, Shishu leaning back, Arinna surprised as she followed suit as Shishu held around her waist, Zithih still licking on Arinna’s breasts, grabbing around Arinna’s boot-covered ankles.

“Why do I have to keep those on?? It feels so awkward!” Arinna silently whimpered, Zithih chuckling at her.

“Because it’s part of what turns me on, cutie…” Zithih winked at Arinna; “…cute little girls in hot boots are just sex appeal incarnate!”

“As well as the ones with large breasts…” Shishu grinned behind Arinna, the younger shin’saras girl feeling her body surrendering; the two other girls had hardly begun molesting her for real, but she already felt almost about to explode from raw pleasure.

“Oh-h-h-h no-o-o-o! I, I can’t just-…OH-H-H-H-H-H-H! OH-H-H-H-H-H NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!” Arinna yelled out as Zithih pressed both her breasts together, sucking on her nipples, Arinna feeling as she climaxed, Zithih looking down, smirking to see the younger girl’s small squirts of cum from her pussy, her orgasm exciting Zithih even more as she dove between Arinna’s legs.

“You’re properly a virgin, so I’ll make sure to give you all the pleasure you deserve…” Zithih chuckled, licking at the now wailing Arinna’s pussy lips, Shishu groping the younger girl as she moaned loudly, a small smile appearing on Arinna’s lips.

“I, I can’t believe this! I’m actually having sex!” Arinna grinned, Shishu kissing her neck, Zithih nudging her nose further into Arinna’s pussy, chuckling lowly at the younger girl’s excitement.

“Yes, more! I want more! Oh-h-h, give it to me-e-e-e!” Arinna moaned louder and louder, pleading for Shishu and Zithih to continue, Arinna’s moans, squeals and small chuckles amusing them both.

“What do you mean Shishu’s busy with some noble daughter?? Oh, now I properly gotta wait for hours…” Jisha mumbled sourly, sitting herself down by a nearby table, her mood changing to the better as she amused herself by watching the leather-clad human women making up quite a bit of the scenery at the Studded Gauntlet.

“Oh, you must be Lady Jisha…” Linthiri respectfully curtsied to Jisha as she passed her by, Jisha smiling at the noblewoman.

“You here to have a little fun, yourself? Hih-hih, these girls may act rough, but they’re really sweet…” Jisha smirked, Linthiri settling down beside Jisha.

“My daughter is visiting this place as a…..’birthday surprise’ seeing she has turned 16…” Linthiri told Jisha, the half-demon smiling at the thought.

“So maybe she’s the one Shishu is entertaining? You sure get your daughter the best, miss…” Jisha remarked, Linthiri smiling to herself.

“I heard this Shishu were the best, so I hired her for a few hours for my daughter…and then some other wench made her way in…” Linthiri said, Jisha raising an eyebrow.

“Hm? She got two for one? Hih-hih-hih! How’d the other chick look like?” Jisha asked, taking the drink Linthiri handed her.

“Small, muscular, bodysuit, spiky hair…she sort of looked like a warrior or fighter or something…” Linthiri said, sipping at her own drink.

“…Her name wouldn’t be Zithih, would it?” Jisha asked, Linthiri looking surprised at her.

“Yes, that was her name! How would you know?” Linthiri asked, Jisha smirking broadly.

“I’ve slept with her quite a few times; she’s so funny…and nice boobs, too…” Jisha hid a small giggle, Linthiri gesturing her bodyguards to sit down beside them, Raji growling as it sat at Linthiri’s feet.

“Nice kitty…” Jisha looked nervously at the large, white-furred feline, the tiger simply licking its fangs, lying itself down by Linthiri’s feet, the noblewoman looking Jisha over.

“You must be the empress’ niece, Jisha; isn’t it dangerous to wander outside the palace without an escort?” Linthiri asked, Jisha sensing a bit of goading in her voice.

“Meh, I travel faster alone…and heck, I don’t carry any valuables around, so I don’t think I’d get robbed…” Jisha shrugged, Linthiri narrowing her eyes.

“I also hear something about you trying to follow in your grandmother’s footsteps and try to set up yourself a harem of more or less willing women…” Linthiri purposely hoped to provoke an explanation out of Jisha; “…would that be true?”

“’More or less willing’?? Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! I’ll bet you think sex is all about having your partner orgasm and come out as the winner, eh? What’s the point if you can’t joke a bit and actually feel great at being in the game??” Jisha grinned at Linthiri’s question, the noblewoman looking in surprise at Jisha.

“So…you have never taken someone without their say? I heard you’d actually rape and not care for your victims’ thoughts…” Linthiri asked, Jisha’s eyes flaring up as if set on fire.

“And who’d told you that?” Jisha asked dangerously sweetly, Linthiri looking a bit taken aback.

“It was only a rumor…” she shrugged, Jisha looking eerily sweetly at her.

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing you got yourself the facts and not just ended up believing in a lie…” Jisha said, pointing a finger at Linthiri; “…’cause I really don’t think you’d like what I could do to your ladyship’s nipples...”

“Watch your tone, girl…” one of the bodyguards warned, Jisha simply wagging her tail back and forth.

“Yeah-yeah, keep your helmet on, tin-can; listen, missy…” Jisha turned her attention to Linthiri, giving her a smug smile; “…I’ll be heading upstairs soon, so maybe your little daughter might be getting a little extra for your money.”

“If you touch her, I’ll cleave your hand off from the wrist, myself…!” Linthiri hissed, Jisha emptying her cup, standing up and heading upstairs.

“What a little whore! Should we stop her, milady?” one of Linthiri’s bodyguards asked, Linthiri hiding a smile.

“No, leave her alone; she’s at least honest…and by far worthy of both me and Arinna…” Linthiri sat in deep thoughts, her bodyguards returning their attention to their drinks.

[End notes: As you might have suspected, the idea of a giant tiger as a pet comes from "World of Warcraft" and the night elves' nightsabers which they use as their racial mounts.]

Chapter 7

Title: Act 7

[Author's notes: Shinris continues to dominate faces in her harem, and Arinna continues her encounter with beautiful courtesans, boot-licking merchants and magical candy.]

“Who is taming who now, harlot?” Shinris effortlessly held down Zilah, the demon girl perplexed to have been foiled in her art by an elven woman; around her, her minions also found themselves on the receiving end of the empress’ Scarlet Sisters, the succubi’s screams, laughter and howls echoing throughout the entire room.

“I have tamed women and enjoyed all they could offer me for ages…” Shinris looked deeply into Zilah’s eyes; “…and when it comes to roaring passions I…..fear…..nothing…!”

“You…talk…too…much….!” Zilah teased by speaking the same way as Shinris, the empress smiling worthily.

“You’re enjoying yourself in there, huh?” Shishu giggled, Arinna moaning as she burrowed her head between Shishu’s breasts, fawning and drooling over the massive, plumb breasts as Zithih swam under Arinna, licking her pussy, fingering her own.

“Feeling good? Two hot, sexy girls stroking themselves against your cute, little body…?” Zithih whispered teasingly in Arinna’s ear, the younger girl letting out a petite moan, Zithih resurfacing and leaning against Arinna’s back, the smaller shin’saras girl pressed against their large breasts.

“I, I just can’t resist! So many things we can do, and I…I, I want to return it to you!” Arinna pleaded at Shishu, the seductress fondling her hair, smiling at her.

“OK, Miss Arinna…” Shishu stood back as well as Zithih, the two of them leaning against the pool’s edge; “…who would you like to molest first?”

“I-…-well, Miss Zithih is funny and kinky, and Miss Shishu is so graceful and beautiful…I can’t choose!” Arinna found herself smiling in secret, the three girls suddenly hearing as the door opened and closed.

“I’ll give you a third option, sugar; how about a little exotic taste, hm?” Jisha stepped in, her hands in her sides as she looked the situation over; Shishu and Zithih looking at her in wonder, and Arinna starring at her in awe.

“Jisha! W-what are you doing here this early? Hih-hih-hih…” Zithih grinned nervously, Shishu looking at her.

“Something wrong? You look like you have just seen a ghost…” Shishu asked, Jisha chuckling lowly to herself as she set one foot unto the pool stairs.

“Last I saw Zithih, she was pounding my pussy with her strap-on, hoping I’d climax and fall unconscious…” Jisha said; “…meh, we got drunk that night and agreed that the winner of the drinking game would fuck the loser until she passed out, and I lost.”

“Oh, my…such harsh language…!” Arinna backed slightly between Shishu and Zithih, Jisha chuckling as she stepped into the pool, not bothering to remove her clothes.

“You said you couldn’t choose, huh Arinna? Try making a little competition out of it…” Jisha winked; “…Shishu’s good with her tongue, Zithih’s good with her hands, and I’m good with my tail; what’d you like first?”

“You also want to pleasure me? But, I don’t even know your name…” Arinna said, Jisha bowing lightly.

“Jisha Narra-Jar, niece to the Empress Shinris, herself…” Jisha said, Arinna gasping.

“A-An Imperial?! Shinris’ blood, I can’t be worthy-…” Arinna backed further away in awe, Jisha nudging her head at Shishu and Zithih, the two nodding as they both pressed themselves against Arinna.

“Listen, cutie, you say you can’t choose, so why not take us all three? I’ll sure wait my turn…” Jisha suggested, Arinna looking confused around her.

“I’m sorry, but…..if I had to choose my first…I’d take Shishu! Miss Shishu, will you take me, then?” Arinna looked up at the taller shin’saras girl, Shishu smiling as she hugged Arinna, the smaller girl pressed against her massive breasts, Jisha and Zithih grinning to themselves.

“Nice new dress, by the way, Jisha; I hope I didn’t tear the old one up too much…?” Zithih asked, nudging herself closer to Jisha.

“You ripped it right off me, forced me against a wall and screamed for me to spray my pleasure juices…” Jisha reminded the scared-looking Zithih, Jisha smiling broadly at her; “…but it’s OK! I love rough sex!”

“Yeah, and you love making me feel bad about getting horny…” Zithih turned her voice as childish as she could, her and Jisha grinning at each other.

“Come here, you-…!” Jisha purred lustfully, her and Zithih chuckling as they slowly wrestled around in the water, licking each other, groping each other’s breasts and pulling each other’s hair.

“Are…are they getting turned on by just touching each other…?” Arinna asked Shishu, Shishu giggling to herself.

“Zithih is also turned on by wrestling the girls she makes love with; she claims it’s because it gets the blood and passion flowing…” Shishu said, stroking Arinna’s hair, the smaller shin’saras girl stroking back, smiling at the courtesan.

“That sex I had before…I…..I want more of it!” Arinna looked eagerly up at Shishu, who winked at her, slowly grabbing her hands around her head, kissing Arinna hotly, the smaller girl moaning at first in surprise, but then returned Shishu’s hot kisses, the courtesan folding her tongue around Arinna’s, the two of them chuckling as they started tongue-kissing back and forth.

“Not so tough underwater, huh??” Jisha held Zithih’s head underwater, letting go as the shin’saras girl resurfaced, growling as she threw herself over Jisha, humping and groping her wildly, the fire-haired girl grinning pleasantly as she hugged Zithih, rolling around with the shin’saras girl, the two of them kissing intensely, Jisha trying her best to make Zithih cum before herself.

“Oh no, you don’t…!” Zithih rose up from the water, Jisha feeling as Zithih lifted her, placed her on the edge of the pool, held up her legs, Zithih burrowing her tongue into the folds of Jisha’s wet panties, the orange-haired demon girl laughing out loud, pressing Zithih’s head further in.

“YES! YE-E-E-ES! Um-m-m-m, this is how I like it…!” Jisha moaned wildly, rubbing her breasts, Arinna looking at Shishu, the two of them grinning as Shishu lightly stroke Arinna’s breasts.

“I’m really happy I used all my savings on this…” Arinna sighed happily, hugging Shishu; “…it’s been so wonderful…”

“Hey look, Jisha; Shishu’s getting teary-eyed…” Zithih joked, Jisha looking over her shoulder, Shishu slowly caressing Arinna’s head.

“I’m not, but…I’m just really happy when my clients are happy…” Shishu looked down on Arinna, Jisha and Zithih quitting their humping as they sat over by Shishu and Arinna, the noble daughter landing a kiss on the surprised Zithih’s cheek, proceeding to Shishu and Jisha.

“You little cutie…” Jisha smirked, lightly pinching Arinna’s cheeks, the four girls chuckling happily as they enjoyed the warm water.

“Ah, there you are, Arinna; we should be heading ho-…” Linthiri stood up as her daughter came down the stairs with Jisha, Zithih and Shishu, Arinna beaming happily.

“Sorry mother, but I want to treat these girls something at the market; I’ll be home in an hour or two!” Arinna said over her shoulder as she passed her mother.

“Young lady…” Linthiri’s voice turned eerily cold, Arinna stopping in a step, turning to face her mother.

“…So you want to treat them, do you? Isn’t it enough for you to be groped and molested just the day you come of age?” Linthiri asked, Arinna crossing her arms defiantly, looking sourly at her mother.

“Mother, they treated me real good! I just want to hang out with them a bit lon-…” Arinna started, surprised to see her mother smile at her.

“I understand, Arinna; look, I should have known it would come to this…but you better keep up your grades at the academy…” Linthiri lightly tugged a small brown leather pouch to Arinna, her daughter taking it, looking in amazement as it were filled to its brim with shinri.

“T-There must be at least ten thousand shinri! Thank you so much, mom!” Arinna hugged her mother lovingly, Linthiri patting her daughter’s head.

“And you three…” Linthiri pointed towards Shishu, Zithih and Jisha; “…please keep an eye on my daughter.”

“Yes ma’am!” Zithih saluted in tease, Jisha giving Linthiri a thumbs up.

“Your daughter will be safe with us, milady…” Shishu bowed lightly, the four girls leaving the building, Linthiri crossing her arms, feeling herself proud of her daughter.

“…I take it there’s nothing more for us here, your ladyship…?” one of Linthiri’s bodyguards asked, Linthiri smiling to herself.

“No, gather the others and Raji and we’ll be heading home…” Linthiri said, her bodyguards sitting up and taking their cloaks and weapons.

“Wow…I’d forgotten how large the market was…” Jisha looked in awe at the market in Shacar-Jarcu; shin’saras women, shin’idun girls and human women of all kinds and outfits, appearances and stature walked around the immense market, the noise of the crowd quite overwhelming.

“Look, crystal candy! It’s that stuff the nobles eat!” Zithih pointed eagerly at a richly decorated stall, the group heading for the stall, the shin’idun girl in the stall hardly raising an eyebrow.

“If you snatch anything, the guards will be here in seconds…” she simply said, sighing in boredom; “…when will you urchin brats get it? This is quality, and it doesn’t come cheap.”

“But it comes in good supply, it does! You’re just demanding a high price because you want to rub elbows with the nobles!” Arinna surprised the girls by looking angrily at the shin’idun, who looked quite bewildered as she recognized Arinna.

“Y-Your Ladyship! Please, forgive me…” the girl immediately curtsied, Arinna rolling her eyes.

“Why are you in such a foul mood…?” Shishu asked the shin’idun girl, Zithih grinning at her.

“Why?? It’s properly because she isn’t getting anything on!” Zithih moaned and rubbed her breasts, Shishu landing a light smack over her head, Arinna struggling not to chuckle; her three escorts were not only fantastic at sex, but were the funniest girls she had ever met, too.

“Now, you want…200 shinri for a box of crystals candies…??” Arinna looked at first at the price tag on the silver candy boxes, then at the shin’idun, who swallowed nervously and backed slightly back in her stall.

“BOH!” Arinna exclaimed and made a snarling face at the girl, her look of confusion and slight fear making Arinna giggle delightfully.

“I’ll be taki-i-i-i-i-ing…..these four!” Arinna tossed her pouch to the shin’idun girl, who began eagerly sorting the coins, Arinna giving Shishu, Jisha and Zithih one each.

“B-But it’s all too much, Miss Arinna!” Shishu felt herself touched at the gift, Arinna winking at her, Zithih grinning as Shishu smiled gratefully at Arinna, lowering her ears.

“It’s a reward for being so good to me; it was like a revelation…” Arinna smiled as she took her pouch, her and the girls proceeded down the market, Zithih opening her silver box of crystal candies, the weak glow from the diamond-shaped candies making her drool.

“Let’s sit down over there…” Shishu pointed a fountain, Arinna sitting herself down beside the other three, the impressive statue of Shinris spurting water from the empress’ mouth into the fountain.

“I’ve never really tried these before…” Zithih said as she slowly took a piece of candy, a weak, teal hue emanating from it as she took a bite, her eyes closing as she moaned enjoyably, chewing the candy in large pieces.

“It tastes like mint; delicious…” Zithih mumbled as she enjoyed the candy, Shishu holding a silvery-glowing piece, biting lightly into it, raising an eyebrow.

“Some kind of…sugar extract…” Shishu said as she swallowed the piece, Zithih leaning towards her, Shishu blinking as Zithih held a pink-glowing candy by her teeth.

“OH! So bold…” Arinna blushed as Shishu bit at the other end of Zithih’s candy, the two of them chewing away until their lips met, they two of them kissing passionately.

“Thank goodness the market isn’t for kids…” Jisha smirked, taking two of the silvery-glowing candies, chewing on them with every sign of enjoyment.

“Yes, really; children shouldn’t be affected at a young age…” Arinna said, munching on her own candies; “…but at least there are some parts of the city only for kids, right?”

“You bet it! It’s a living nightmare listening to all those brats when you walk through…” Zithih sighed, holding her hands behind her head.

“Stop gossiping and get back here…!” Shishu grabbed lightly around Zithih’s left wrist, slowly pulling her into her embrace again, Shishu chuckling as Zithih moaned and ogled over her breasts, pressing her head between them.

“Seems like Shishu loves being noticed when she works her magic; hih-hih, such a naughty lady…” Jisha teased, swinging her legs back and forth and playing with the tip of her tail.

She’s right, Miss Shishu; people are beginning to stare…” Arinna silently whispered to Shishu, the courtesan indeed seeing quite a few onlookers wink, blush or grin at her, Shishu simply smiling back suggestively, Zithih’s moans from between her breasts sounding sweetly to her.

“C-Can I ask you girls something?” Arinna suddenly asked, Shishu and Jisha smiling at her, Jisha slowly nodding.

“I…I was just wondering why you all seem to like that latex material; isn’t it sitting too tight? I’ve…I’ve heard it’s supposed to sit skin-tight on you…” Arinna asked, Jisha chuckling as she examined her leather glove.

“I think it’s because it feels so hot, good and sexy at the same time…and when you’re already gonna have really hot sex, it just makes you look sexier…” Jisha said, Arinna raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“I think Jisha’s right, but some of my clients also seem to have some sort of fetish for either having me or themselves tied up in ropes and viciously molested…” Shishu sighed and rolled her eyes; “…sometimes I think those fetishes can become a little too unhealthy…”

“No kidding, sexy; I once got this sizzling hot maid, all busty with a tight ass, cute smile and all, and I got her to orgasm thrice just by tickling her! I mean, what the fuck…?!” Jisha laughed heartily, Shishu failing to hide a smirk, Arinna blushing, but nevertheless smiling a bit at Jisha.

“So you can also have fun during sex? Like, playing tag, wrestle a bit…?” Arinna asked, Jisha nodding proudly.
“Someone said wrestling?!” Zithih’s head popped out from between Shishu’s breasts, Shishu grinning at her.

“I remember that human chick from the Gauntlet with that golden armor she wore…oh-h-h-h, she was a yummy piece of sexy I’d love to get me a piece of-…!” Zithih began right out drooling, Arinna looking confused at Shishu.

“It’s a human girl Zithih once saw; see, she had come into an argument with another courtesan, another human girl, so the manager of the Gauntlet set up this wrestling ring behind the Gauntlet and filled it with rich oils…” Shishu said, smirking to herself; “…seeing two lightly armored human girls wrestling in oil seems to turn Zithih here really on.”

“Are you kidding me?!?! If I hadn’t been wasted off my ass, I would’ve joined in without regrets…” Zithih smirked; “…I can just imagine it; those hot, bouncing, pale girl boobies, their bodies covered in oil, rolling around and pulling each other’s hair, sucking at each other’s pus-…”

“That’ll be all, Zithih…” Shishu slowly pushed Zithih’s head between her breasts again, Arinna pondering what Zithih had said.

“Do those human women work at the Gauntlet?” she asked, Jisha nodding, smiling deviously at Zithih.

“Yes they do…” Jisha smirked, leaning closer to Arinna’s ear; “…and guess who used her Imperial authority to get laid with those chicks…..OK, I joked that I would have them thrown in the dungeon if they wouldn’t, but we had a really fun time after I told them it was a joke!”

“W-What?! You got those two before I did?! You fucking muff-muncher, Jisha!” Zithih emerged again from between Shishu’s breasts, bolting up as she threw herself screamingly over the laughing Jisha, the two of them falling into the fountain, Zithih locking her legs around Jisha’s head, sitting on her stomach.

“Isn’t it fun, huh?? You masochistic slut, you…!” Zithih snarled, her and Jisha wrestling in the fountain, water splashing in every direction, Shishu and Arinna drenched in water as Jisha slowly reached unto the fountain’s ledge, grinning at Shishu and Arinna.

“I’ll just cool her off; I’ll be right the-…” Jisha began, Zithih emerging from the water, smirking deviously as she pulled Jisha backwards, the two of them giggling as their bodies rolled around in the shallow water, bystanders taking part in the increasing laughter around the fountain.

“Are Miss Jisha and Miss Zithih always like this, Miss Shishu…?” Arinna asked, Shishu sighing and leaning her head back.

“You know, Arinna; they’ve always competed for ‘prey’ in this city, so if there’s a day where they don’t end up wrestling or making out, it’d be the day I grew worried for them…” Shishu said, smiling a bit as Arinna cuddled herself to Shishu, the courtesan smiling at how affectionate and loveable the younger girl turned out to be.

“Urgh, do we have to? It’s not like they’re doing anything special…” Jisha mumbled as the group headed towards the mines north of the city, Arinna rolling her eyes at her.

“They ‘are’ doing something special, Jisha! They’re digging the tunnels needed to place that reflective glass we need to see direct sunlight from the surface…” Arinna explained, smiling dreamingly to herself; “…to feel the sun from above and to see this ‘moon’ of theirs…oh-h-h, I can’t wait!”

“Halt! Citizens should stay clear of the mines until they have been stabilized” an imperial guard blocked their way, holding out and blocking the girls’ way with her long spear.

“I’m the empress’ granddaughter, lady, so I think you’ll let us pass…?” Jisha asked sugar-sweetly, the guard’s helmet making it impossible to determine her reaction.

“…Pass…” a sigh came from under the helmet, the guard standing aside as she let them pass.

“I really think the City Guard is getting much stricter than the Sisterhood…” Shishu mentioned, Jisha smirking at her.

“Why shouldn’t they? They gotta look after the whole city, and the Sisters just watch my grandmother…and get all the wine, food, comfort and pussy they want…” Jisha said, Arinna looking strictly at Jisha.

“But the Scarlet Sisterhood is noble and good! They’re the best warriors in the whole empire…” Arinna said, Jisha smirking at her.

“Yeah, but they still get the most of the fun…but I’ve seen at one guard from time to time off-duty enjoying herself a little, feisty wench…” Jisha said, the group suddenly stopping as Zithih stood still on the spot.

“…Oh…my…goodness! Oh-h-h, I could SO get used to work here…!” Zithih rubbed her hands gleefully as she spotted the workers at the mine; a reinforced steel helmet with a small, glowing crystal, studded, heavy dark-brown gloves and boots, and a slightly loose uniform of gray overalls and reinforced steel chest plate the only protection the workers wore, the dozens of lightly exhausted, sweating and gorgeous shin’saras women mining ores and doing their best to broaden a large, open tunnel.

“Hm? Gre-e-eat…..another inspection coming up…?” one of the nearby women asked, taking off her helmet and looking at the group.

“Nope, not really, just dropping by to check on my grandmother’s project…” Jisha said, Zithih simply starring at the women working around like a hungry fox would stare at a chicken coup.

“What’s her problem? She’s ogling something fierce…” the woman asked and pointed at Zithih, Shishu already having taken the precaution to grab around Zithih’s left arm so she would not run off towards the woman.

“Well, the truth is, she likes strong girls, and I think she just wants to take you or your colleagues behind an outcrop and fuck for a few hours…” Jisha said in the most carefree of all tones; “…but she’s always horny, the poor girl; she’s pretty well-known around the Studded Gauntlet…”

“Hih-hih-hih-hih! So she gets laid enough, but she turns completely succubus when she sees something like us??” the woman chuckled, blushing lightly as she felt flattered, looking over Zithih, spotting Shishu.

“And you’ve got the hottest chick in town with you, too?? What, you’re starting a harem, your Imperial Highness…?” the woman teased, Jisha blushing slightly.

“I am…but, I’m looking for something really exotic…” Jisha said, the woman picking up a nearby pickaxe.

“Well, there’s a human girl called Jennifer who sits over by that old place, the Bloody Blade, and brags about how close she is to mix up some sort of anti-demon drug…” the woman turned on her heels, returning to work; “…perhaps she’ll be something for you…”

“Zithih, will you cut it out?! You’re making a fool of yourself!” Shishu tried and prevent Zithih from running after the woman, Zithih finally letting out a long sigh, whimpering.

“I really pity Zithih; she just can’t lay off those gorgeous women…” Arinna stroke Zithih’s hair, Zithih nodding gratefully.

“So there’s some human brat thinking about conjuring up some nasty stuff to fend off all kinda demons she doesn’t like? Sounds worth looking into…” Jisha said, looking over her shoulder at the girls; “…you coming?”

“Sorry, I should follow Miss Arinna home…and I have clients for the rest of the day…” Shishu said, Zithih nodding to Jisha.

“I’m game…but if she’s willing and blonde, I got first dips…” she said, following Jisha as the group split up.

[End notes: On a funny note, I feel inclined to describe Shinris' 'abilities' to be (like the Internet meme) "Like. A. Fucking. Boss."]

Chapter 8

Title: Act 8

[Author's notes: A maid in deep desire for her mistress, two other maids fooling around ever so often despite their work, and the feast of the succubi continues at the palace...]

“Urgh, all these elven drinks hardly taste like anything but water…” Jennifer muttered sourly, looking up at the barkeep; “…hey, you got anything stronger?”

“Well, there’s Razorteeth, but I wouldn’t recommend it; I’ve seen guards come in here and end up having to use their helmets as buckets…” the barkeep shrugged, regardless placing an amber-colored bottle in front of Jennifer, who grabbed it, pouring it into a glass, taking a small sip, immediately spewing it out, the barkeep quickly handing her a glass flask of water.

“I see you left your maids at home, huh? A shame, the ladies here are starting to like ‘em…” the barkeep teased, Jennifer simply frowning as chuckles echoed around the inn.

“Last time I had them escort me here, I left and they did not return home over well over two hours…” Jennifer grit her teeth; “…you shin’saras are sick! To have sex with demons…..the thought alone…!”

“Jen, they’re small, they’re busty, they’re cute, and they’ve no wish to remain dressed…” the barkeep leaned over the desk, smiling in tease; “…and heck, if you’re phobic against demons, you could always let them go; they’d be the hottest thing since Shishu gave out that discount last week!”

“…I believe I’m done here…!” Jennifer almost smacked her glass into the desk, standing up, only to hear cheers as two girls entered the inn; one with spiked white hair, and the other with wild, fiery hair, the two of them answering the cheers by posing seductively, the fire-haired one suddenly grabbing the other girl passionately, kissing her hotly as the cheers rose up, Jennifer rolling her eyes; these shin’saras women would copulate and have sex with each other in public, if not whole groups, regardless of who were looking.

“So…..more erotic sluts waltzing in, and the whole place starts sounding like a brothel…” Jennifer rolled her eyes, the barkeep sending her a surrendering look.

“Honestly, Jennifer; sometimes I think you’re a virgin…” she rolled her eyes, Jennifer standing up, heading for the entrance and past the grinning patrons; to Jennifer’s mind, it would be the last time she ever set foot in the Bloody Blade.

“Welcome home, Miss Arinna!” Kyrie smiled, seeing her mistress’ daughter being let in by the animated armor suits standing on guard at the door; looking behind her, Kyrie’s eyebrows rose in surprise as she spotted Shishu, blushing wildly at the famous courtesan.

“Welcome home, Arinna; I trust you had a good time…?” Linthiri asked as she walked down from the staircase, Linthiri suddenly discovering Shishu behind Arinna.

“…I would hardly be professional if you came here asking for more shinri, Miss Shishu…” Linthiri could not help but tease and test Shishu at the same time, the courtesan simply letting her fingers comb through her hair.

“I just wanted to follow your daughter home, milady; I will be leaving now…” Shishu turned on her heels, hiding her frustration at the noblewoman’s posh arrogance.

“Please, stay as long as you wish…” Linthiri said, Shishu turning around slowly as she saw Arinna standing by her mother’s side, Linthiri smiling at her; “…you brought my little angel into adulthood with grace, Shishu; you know your trade.”

“It was amazing, mother! She-…” Arinna began, Linthiri slowly hushing her, Linthiri and Shishu sharing knowing smiles.

“If you will, Kyrie, make a bed ready for Miss Shishu; I must insist that she at least stays for dinner…” Linthiri said, Shishu raising a suspicious eyebrow.

“I have other clients waiting, maybe I should really just go…” Shishu meekly tried at backing out, but Linthiri shoke her head lightly.

“I’m sorry, Miss Shishu, but I must insist; the two of us have plans to discuss…” Linthiri said, Shishu managing to hold back a smile; she had a clear feeling that Linthiri might be after the same treatment as Arinna.

“So you say they sell these at the market? Interesting…” Linthiri took one of the sweets Arinna offered her, holding it up and sniffing at it.

“Smells spicy, but I can’t place it…well, I should properly wait until after dinner, shouldn’t I?” Linthiri smiled at Arinna, her daughter returning it as they entered the small dining room, finding Shishu there already, examining to the jewels in the silver wear.

“…Oh! Excuse me…” Shishu said surprised as she spotted them, quickly putting down the fork she had been looking at, Linthiri smiling amused.

“It doesn’t matter; please take what you want…” Linthiri gestured over the table, using mystical magic to lift the lids off the different plates, Shishu seeing a mass of delicious, well-prepared meals, slowly picking up potatoes, steaks, ham slices and pouring up a glass of wine, Linthiri crossing her arms as she sat down.

“Seems like you’re a woman of class, Miss Shishu; your reputation precede you…” Linthiri smiled, Arinna looking over the table, picking up her knife and fork.

“Oh! Damn it, I forgot to wash my hands…” Arinna sighed, standing up, walking out the door.

“O-O-O-O-OH! Oh, Miss Arinna! Please take me! I, I want you so much! I want you to lick my naughty pussy!”

Kyrie moaned out loud in her room, masturbating at the thought of Arinna, her cum-stained gloves tossed to the floor, Kyrie caressing her pussy lips and nipples, drool flowing from her mouth.

“Please…do me, Miss Arinna! I want you so much…!” Kyrie moaned even louder, raising her lower body as far up as she could, feeling herself about to climax for what felt like the third time.

“…......Ky-…….-Kyri…?!” a voice suddenly interrupted Kyrie, the maid feeling a shiver of fear as she recognized the voice; stepping into Kyrie’s room, Arinna looked in awe as she found her maid yelling, screaming and masturbating…while yelling out her name.

“Mi-Miss Arinna! I’m so sorry! I’m a twisted girl! A shameless, twisted harlot of a slut!” Kyrie folded herself together, hoping she might as well simply vanish under her bed sheets.

“You-…-You were masturbating…while thinking of me…?” Arinna felt herself blush and feel her heartbeat increase, looking at her maid’s messy bed sheets and her cum slowly dripping down the side.

“I-…I-…” Kyrie sniffed, hearing as Arinna began moving, a tear falling from her eye in shame.

“…Kyrie…” Arinna suddenly stood above Kyrie, Kyrie daring to look up, seeing Arinna stand above her with her arms in her sides, Kyrie taken completely aback as Arinna smiled at her.

“I just spent about 4 hours with two courtesans and the empress’ granddaughter…” Arinna said, sitting down beside Kyrie, the maid moving slightly away from Arinna.

“Kyrie, how long have you been feeling like this towards me?” Arinna asked, Kyrie swallowing hard.

“S-Since the first day I started working here…” Kyrie whimpered, Arinna blushing again, smirking at Kyrie.

“My mother and Miss Shishu are expecting me for dinner; until I get back…” Arinna said, surprising Kyrie as she stroke her head, kissing her cheek; “…keep thinking naughty thoughts, OK? I got some experience to share from those two courtesans…”

“OH-H-H-H! Mishu, stop it! Mistress Jennifer will be home any minute now!” Kisha whined, her fellow succubus simply giggling amused as she let another smack over Kisha’s exposed butt, revealing her fangs in a devious smirk.

“Until then, you are my slave, little Kisha! Now, scream a little for me!” Mishu grinned triumphantly, adjusting her mask as she leaned over Kisha; however, hearing the main door open and close downstairs, the two demon girls exchanged nervous looks; they were supposed to be wearing their maid uniforms and sweep the house when Jennifer was out, so their mistress would not be amused to see them in leather and latex playing bondage games.

“Damn! She’s coming up…!” Mishu grit her teeth and silently swore, her and Kisha quickly undressing and beginning to dress up in their uniform; the massive puddle of their orgasm from earlier, though, Kisha simply stood right in front of, hoping Jennifer would not see anything.

“…GI-I-I-IRLS…!” Jennifer’s voice came, clearly not sounding amused, Mishu quickly standing beside Kisha, hoping to look as innocent as possible; their mistress did not sound quite too amused.

“Ah, there you are, you brainless tarts! Listen…” Jennifer came into their room, folding her hand into a fist; “…have I not told you, both of you, over a half dozen times, that you’re NOT…supposed…to enter the Bloody Blade…??” Jennifer’s voice was cold as ice.

“But-…” Mishu first began opening her mouth in defense, a single glare from Jennifer making her shut her mouth.
“Do you have any idea how many people there taunt me because you harlots spend all your off time there?? You might as well hang signs around your necks, saying ‘cheap whores, 30 shinri for an hour’…” Jennifer spat, Kisha nervously tipping on her toes in nervousness.

“Maybe that’s what you want? To have sex with all sorts of random, lustful, horny and ruthless shin’saras women? Shinris herself wouldn’t know what could happen…” Jennifer said, glaring down at her maids; “…I’m really disappointed in you both.”

“If you weren’t so busy trying to deny yourself, and had more sex with us, we wouldn’t feel so frisky!” Mishu suddenly raised her voice to a mild yelling, her face twisted in frustration, Jennifer looking surprised at her.

“I beg your pardon?! Are my maids now yelling at their own mistress?” Jennifer asked coldly, Kisha whimpering lowly, not wanting to get into a fight with her mistress.

“Miss Arinna…you really came back for me…?” Kyrie’s voice quivered as she saw Arinna enter her room, Arinna looking over her shoulder.

“I did; I ate so fast I caught a hiccup…” Arinna smiled to herself, turning to Kyrie; “…I didn’t know you felt so affectionate towards me…”

“If I may, M-Miss Arinna…..when I learned you were going to celebrate your birthday with courtesans, I felt happy for you, but-…-but I’d have done it for free…” Kyrie blushed wildly, Arinna giggling amused, sitting down beside the blushing Kyrie.

“I’m not an expert when it comes to lovemaking, but…if you want…we could try it…?” Arinna suggested, Kyrie’s eyes visibly widening in surprise.

“B-But Miss Arinna! Think of the scandal! I-If we do something like that, your mother would surely get me fired and arrested, and-…and-…think of your status as a noble daughter!” Kyrie began panicking, Arinna’s eyebrows narrowing as her face got a serious look.

“My mother’s not stupid, and I can make out with whatever girl I want…uhm, at least I think so…” Arinna were confused for a moment, her look of confusion making Kyrie giggle.

“Huh? What?” Arinna asked, even more confused, Kyrie still giggling.

“Mi-Miss Arinna, it’s just that… look cute when you seem so confused and surprised…” Kyrie blushed yet again, Arinna smirking at her.

“My mother wouldn’t want to fire you; heck, if anything, you should get a raise just for being true to your feelings…” Arinna said, Kyrie moaning and blushing as she took one of her pillows, pressing her face into it, blushing in embarrassment.

“Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Now who’s looking funny?” Arinna teased, trying to remove the pillow from Kyrie, succeeding as she leaned over the maid, who blushed like a wildfire.

“Let me see, I think I should start…here…” Arinna slowly stroke Kyrie’s cheek, kissing at Kyrie’s neck, the maid moaning and whimpering, Arinna simply giggling joyfully as she felt Kyrie squirm under her.

“Oh? Oh my goddess, Kyrie…” Arinna were surprised as she lightly tugged down the top of Kyrie’s uniform, massive, busty breasts popping out, their rosebud-red nipples swelling up as Arinna stroke them, Kyrie blushing even worse.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih! You sure are well-equipped…and you haven’t had sex before? Are you a little virgin?” Arinna asked teasingly, Kyrie whimpering hotly.

“M-My friends always tease me because I’ve got large breasts…I wish I could shrink them…” Kyrie mumbled, Arinna pinching Kyrie’s left nipple, making her moan.

“Shrink these?? That’d be foolhardy, Kyrie…” Arinna said, winking as she opened her own top; “…mine would only be half as large; I envy you.”

“Miss Arinna! That’s so indecent! Oh-h-h-h, what have I done?? I’ve made Miss Arinna show me her breasts!”

Kyrie whimpered and tried cuddling underneath her bed sheets, Arinna grinning as she snuck under, tickling Kyrie as they both began giggling, Kyrie crawling out of her bed sheets, breathing in deeply, pearls of sweat forming on her forehead.

“I-I can’t keep holding back, Miss Arinna! I can’t help myself!” Kyrie whimpered, Arinna looking in surprise as Kyrie faced her, rubbing her breasts into Arinna’s face, Arinna smirking as she nudged her nose and face between the breasts, hearing Kyrie moan and pant out loud.

“M-Miss Arinna’s touching my breasts! Oh, Miss Arinna…!” Kyrie moaned, Arinna suddenly feeling something wet hit her suit; dripping from her white lace panties and stockings, Kyrie’s cum slowly dripped on Arinna’s suit, Arinna blushing as she slowly struggled her way out of it, leaving her almost naked.

“M-Miss Arinna?!” Kyrie looked in surprise as Arinna discarded her boots, lying down on the bed, fully exposed to Kyrie.

“I heard those two courtesans say that when you really want to make love to someone, it’s called being ‘horny’…” Arinna said, smiling in tease at Kyrie; “…and you, Kyrie, look like a very horny girl right now.”

“Oh-h-h-h, I’m so embarrassed I could die…” Kyrie whimpered, but nevertheless crawled over towards Arinna, who reached out her arms, Kyrie feeling her head being pressed towards Arinna’s breasts, her young mistress moaning delightfully.

“Kyrie, strip for me; I want you to be naked, too…” Arinna said slowly, Kyrie obeying without any second thoughts, Arinna enjoying the sight to the fullest.

“It’s what you deserve, really; you wash my clothes, you polish my boots…and sometimes I don’t think shinri are enough…” Arinna smiled at Kyrie; “…is this a good form of payment?”

“It is! I, I mean, yes, Miss Arinna…” Kyrie said eagerly, quickly remembering her manners, Arinna smirking at her.
“OK Kyrie, listen; before we make love, I want you to promise me something…” Arinna got a playful gleam in her eye; “…I want you to be slutty, very…very…slutty; I want you to right out molest me, regardless if I yell ‘no’ or ‘yes’; can you promise me that?”

“But…wouldn’t that be cruel, Miss Arinna?” Kyrie asked nervously, Arinna smiling knowingly.

“It might sound like it, but I want you to take all your fantasies of me, and do whatever you want to me; I won’t have my maid sexually frustrated…” Arinna said, gesturing Kyrie closer, kissing the surprised maid on the mouth.

“Now, be a good maid, by being a bad girl…” Arinna said, Kyrie trying to control her excited breath; in her mind, she could either take the chance she had dreamt of for weeks, or she could deny herself despite her mistress’ assurance that it would be OK…

“OH, MISS ARINNA! I want you! I want you so much!” Kyrie tossed herself over Arinna, the other shin’saras girl giggling as Kyrie stuck her drooling tongue into her left ear, her hands busy groping at Arinna’s breasts, Arinna’s happy giggling making Kyrie smile and increase her efforts; moving beside Arinna, Kyrie licked away at her mistress’ neck, her hands still groping at Arinna’s breasts, Kyrie slowly moving under Arinna, her mistress moaning delightfully, Kyrie feeling a tear of joy as she molested Arinna to the best of her ability.

“Does it feel good, Miss Arinna? Does it?” Kyrie asked eagerly, Arinna sending her a happy smile.

“It feels great! C-Could you move your hand further down? I think I’m getting in heat…” Arinna said, Kyrie immediately letting her right hand towards Arinna’s exposed nether lips, stroking at the pussy lips, Arinna moaning out loud, Kyrie feeling her mistress’ love fluids gushing lightly unto her fingers, Kyrie feeling her own arousal build up fast.

“Mishu, you’re insane! Oh, Mistress Jennifer, forgive us! She doesn’t know what she’s doing!” Kisha pleaded with Jennifer, the blonde human girl finding herself tied up in ropes, a very satisfied Mishu rubbing her hands, smirking as she headed towards Kisha.

“There, now we can have all the sex we want? Well, uhm, where were we…?” Mishu said, scratching her head as she thought back, Kisha looking in fear as Jennifer’s eyes rested on her, eyes filled with anger.

“We’re breaking the law, Mishu! We’re just Mistress Jennifer’s servants! We can’t just tie our mistress up!” Kisha said, Mishu hardly listening to her as she picked up a black dildo, inserting it into her own pussy lips, smirking at Kisha.

“I’ve always kind of wanted to try this on you; go get your outfit, I’ll be right there…” Mishu said, Kisha sighing in surrender, Mishu turning around to face Jennifer.

“You say the women at the inn tease you because of us? Well, if you haven’t got the tits to stand up for yourself or just joke about it, maybe you’re more fit as a slave than a dominatrix…” Mishu winked in tease, spanking herself towards Jennifer, the human girl struggling violently in her ropes, her gag blocking anything she said as she started speaking, Mishu enjoying the frustration and anger in Jennifer’s undertone.

“Chill out, you’ll be down in an hour’s time; right now…” Mishu said, rubbing her hands deviously; “…I’ve got a petite little maid I wanna fuck!”

“S-Stop it, Mishu! It’s not-…..-not-…!” Kisha tried struggling against Mishu, the slightly smaller demon girl pushing her unto their bed, the dildo at the ready as she groped Kisha’s breasts through her corset.

“Forget out Jennifer just for an instance, Kisha! Just enjoy it; I know you really want to…” Mishu leaned over Kisha, grinning and whispering in her ear; “…who was it that got caught by those two guards? You didn’t want to go home until you’d sucked their tits dry…” Mishu teased, Kisha moaned and whimpering in embarrassment.

“I’d gotten too much to drink! My mind was poisoned by alcohol!” Kisha moaned, holding her hands over her eyes, Mishu grinning in tease.

“Shinris’ tits, you’re bad at lying! You hadn’t drunk anything, and you still didn’t mind one of them using her spear as a dildo on you…” Mishu grinned; “…face it, Kisha: You’re just as perverted as I am!”

“I-…I-…!” Kisha tried protesting and struggle loose, but Mishu’s hands held her wrists to the bed, her constant thrusting of the dildo and her licking of Kisha’s throat letting her drool run down into her corset and breasts.

“Such a pair of sluts; not two working hours left, and you’re already wetting yourselves like she-wolves…” a well-known voice came behind them, Mishu looking in horror over her shoulder, seeing a smirking Jennifer stand behind them; “…so you say I shouldn’t care for my reputation? That I should just laugh and accept that my maids can’t keep a pair of panties dry for more than 3 hours a day?”

Slowly walking towards them, Jennifer looked at her maids in their fetish outfits; their uniforms, neatly folded on a nearby desk, a quite contrasts to their soaked, dripping and salvia-stained leather and latex outfits.

“Y-Yeah, you should! And if you’re going to rant about-…” Mishu slowly gathered her wits, but were surprised as Jennifer grabbed her head, kissing her aggressively and passionately; slowly moaning lustfully, Mishu felt as Jennifer pulled back, smirking at Mishu.

“You always did talk too much, Mishu; so I’m more suited as a slave than a dominatrix, huh?” Jennifer asked, slowly gesturing Mishu towards her, the demon girl obeying, letting Kisha lie panting on the bed.

“See, I work as a dominatrix at the Studded Gauntlet, right? And there are many shin’saras women paying me a good deal of money to let me whip and punish them, right?” Jennifer asked, Mishu nodding.

“Well, let me make it clear: I’m always the dominant one, except if they pay to molest me, and I don’t mind that…” Jennifer said, adjusting one of her gloves; “…but I would only mind if my job as a dominatrix affected my job as a crafter, so I try and keep those two separated…but selling trinkets doesn’t earn as much.”

“Why are you telling me this, mistress?” Mishu asked, Jennifer’s smirk growing broader.

“You see, crafting trinkets are beginning to become more of a hobby, and thus…” Jennifer suddenly let her one, boot-clad leg down unto the bed, grabbing at Mishu’s hair in a light, but tight grip; “…and that means I’ll have more time punishing my own, little disobedient maids! And for insulting me, you can start by licking my boots clean, you worthless little harlots!”

Looking at Jennifer, Mishu looked in awe and pleasant surprise at her mistress; rolling out her tongue, Mishu began licking at the leather of Jennifer’s boot, Jennifer sending Kisha a stern look, the other maid quickly sitting up, joining Mishu as they both licked away at Jennifer’s boot.

“Hm-m-m-m, quite a sight; two little demon harlots all at my command…and they just need a bit of discipline…” Jennifer licked her lips in satisfaction, letting a hand over her breasts, the tight leather of her bodysuit folding neatly with her movements.

“Alright, you two, we can make a deal; I know you two spend most of your nights having sex when you think I’m asleep…” Jennifer said, Kisha and Mishu looking up at her; “…but instead of punishing you, I’ll let it slip…provided I can join in; I think I’ve had too few tongues inside my pussy in the past…”

“S-So you’ll us molest you, mistress??” Mishu could not control her eager, Jennifer chuckling lowly and nodding at Mishu, the silver-haired demon girl giggling joyfully.

“Mistress Jennifer…I confess I’ve been bad, but-…” Kisha began, Jennifer simply winking at her.

“You’ve always tried your best to please me, Kisha, so it’s only fair you get a piece of the action…” Jennifer removed her boot, Mishu and Kisha looking expectantly at her; “…get your uniforms on and deliver that little gold bracelet on the table below to the Val-Kha household; do that…and I promise you tonight will be your lives’ most steaming sex fantasy.”

“Oh-h-h-h…I’m so stuffed…!” Sixina gasped, licking her lips; around her, her fellow succubi were slowly standing up, having completely drained the Scarlet Sisters of every ounce of energy, many of them lying on the floor or on divas, moaning as their love fluids covered the floor and themselves, the succubi quite satisfied with their efforts.

“OH! OH, YOUR HIGHNESS…!” Zilah moaned lustfully as Shinris tugged her back unto the diva they lay on, Shinris amusing herself by letting Zilah think she could finally escape, for then to tug her back down again unto the strap-on the empress wore.

“It’s no use flapping those wings; you are mine, demon…!” Shinris hissed passionately, Zilah gasping and moaning as a smile formed on her lips; unbeknownst to the empress, Zilah thoroughly enjoyed rough sex, something the empress right now gave her in abundance.

“So you are the queen of succubi? The alpha female? The seductress of hundreds of women?” Shinris suddenly surprised Zilah as she moved herself, swinging herself around the succubus, pinning her down by locking her wrists in a steel grip, thrusting the strap-on once again into Zilah’s bared pussy.

“Hm-m-m-m, I almost forgot about that…” Shinris mumbled to herself as she felt Zilah’s tail stroke against her thighs, Zilah feeling as Shinris succeeding in trapping her tail with her feet, the succubus beginning to chuckle.

“Are we fucking, or are we fighting??” she grinned, seeing a smile roll over Shinris’ face as she stopped her thrusting, slowly climbing off Zilah.

“I deny you your orgasm, demon…” Shinris said in tease, Zilah’s eyes glowing red in passion as she panted heavily, her pussy lips feeling about to burst with her orgasm.

“You can’t deny me that! You-…!” Zilah began protesting, suddenly feeling as Shinris grabbed around her thighs, the empress’ tongue licking fast, precisely and hungrily into Zilah’s pussy lips, the succubus moaning loudly.

“MORE! MORE! I, I CRAVE…MO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-ORE!!!” Zilah yelled out loud as her orgasm poured out, Shinris quickly moving aside, Zilah’s orgasm squirting unto Shirli and Sharla, the two blondes finding themselves brutally molested and violated by four Scarlet Sisters, the two of them kissing each other lustfully as Zilah’s orgasm came down upon them, the two surprised to find themselves covered in Zilah’s love juices, the Scarlet Sisters continuing their licking, thrusting and tickling of the two blondes.

“Wow! No-one’s ever been fast enough to dodge that!” a purple-haired demon girl named Shuna giggled at Shinris, returning to her business as five Scarlet Sisters thrust their pussies towards her, the demon girl having already consumed more love juices than any of her other kin, the Scarlet Sisters having done everything they could towards her, Shuna simply screaming lovingly in pleasure as their orgasms poured down on her, her own climaxes easily aroused as soon as the Sisters licked at either her nipples or g-spot.

“Well, I am satisfied…” Shinris stroke a hand through her hair, looking over the room; “…Sisters…as soon as you can move again, take them to the caves; they must be exhausted.”

“What caves?” Sillina asked a nearby Scarlet Sister, who smiled lustfully.

“Underground bathhouses…but I, for one, am not through with you little whores…!” she snarled passionately, interrupted as three other Sisters laughed, Sixina surrounded by them as she joked with them.

“Typical of you, Sixina…” Milina said slowly; “…always so friendly with your victims…”

“You’re young, you’ll learn, Milina…” Sixina winked, the younger succubus sighing peacefully as she looked up at the Scarlet Sister who had given her her eleventh orgasm.

Chapter 9

Title: Act 9

[Author's notes: The maid finally embraces her mistress, Shirli and Sharla enjoy even more exotic sex games, and Shishu dress up like a sexy nurse.]

“If I may, Lady Linthiri…your daughter really did leave the table in a terrible hurry…” Shishu said as she helped herself to a piece of potato, Linthiri simply smiling to herself, looking at the wine in her glass.

“She is young, Miss Shishu; the young can’t sit still for long before they need to be off on endeavors…and Shinris Herself knows what else must be going on in that girl’s mind…” Linthiri rolled her eyes, looking at Shishu; “…but what, exactly, did you do to my daughter?”

“…She was a little shy at first, which is, well, if you pardon me, cute, considering she’s a virgin…” Shishu caught herself blushing slightly; “…but I just did my best to make it as comfortable as possible for her; she even smiled most of the time.”

“And that other one…Zithih, was it? Did she contribute anything?” Linthiri asked, pointing her fork at Shishu, who began chuckling to herself.

“Zithih is erotic like few, but harmless…unless she’s drunk, in which case she fawns over and falls asleep on the largest pair of breasts she can find!” Shishu giggled, Linthiri joining in.

“I heard about her offering her ‘customers’ to lick off precious drinks from her naked body…how indecent…” Linthiri shoke her head; “…a good courtesan would at least show dignity and her customer some more worthiness.”

“Not to go behind her back, but…I’m not much for saying this, but when it comes to sex, I would call Zithih a slut; she enjoys it, even if she’s not paid a single shinri…” Shishu said, Linthiri lifting an eyebrow.

“I see, and she serviced my daughter along with you?” Linthiri asked, Shishu nodding.

“She…sort of tried to molest Arinna, but I held her back…for as long as I could…” Shishu said, giving Linthiri a guilty smile; “…I couldn’t get myself to stop her from tickling Arinna; she sounded like she loved it.”

“My daughter really sounds like a sly minx…maybe you two might come in handy at another time, Miss Shishu…” Linthiri thoughtfully nipped a few drops of wine from her glass, putting it down.

“Mi-Miss Arinna! I, I’ve never felt like this before! Ah-h-h-h-h!” Kyrie moaned, Arinna smiling as she sat atop her, holding a small bottle with a copper-colored fluid inside it.

“Take it easy, it’s just a little oil…” Arinna easily poured a small amount of oil into her hand, letting the cold fluid unto Kyrie’s exposed breasts, the younger shin’saras girl whimpering meekly.

“Easy, there, now we can really enjoy ourselves…” Arinna smiled, lying atop Kyrie, stroking her hair; “…when Miss Shishu and Miss Zithih played with me, I discovered that sex is not just about molesting your partner: It’s about having a good time.”

“But, Miss Arinna…I’ve had fantasies where I-…” Kyrie began weakly, Arinna simply smiling at her.

“Come on, I’m not so surprised at that…or, am I? Do I look attractive to you?” Arinna asked, Kyrie blinking at first confused, then nodding eagerly.

“You are, Miss Arinna! Beautiful hair, gorgeous body, clear eyes, perfect breasts…oh-h-h, I really hate mine…” Kyrie whimpered; “…they’re so big, and they get in the way when I dust off.”

“These?? They’re perfect, Kyrie…” Arinna lightly grabbed around Kyrie’s breasts, snuggling her nose against them; “…Kyrie, if I lay down, can you stroke them over my face?”

“O-OK, Miss Arinna…” Kyrie said uncertainly, Arinna leaning down, Kyrie slowly crawling over her, hearing Arinna giggle as Kyrie stroke her breasts over her face.

“Arinna, are you in there…?” a voice suddenly came from the door, Linthiri stepping in, looking in surprise as she found her daughter and maid naked on the maid’s bed.

“Y-You dare to-…??” Linthiri’s face folded in an angry snarl, Shishu stepping up behind her, looking over the scenario.

“No, mother! Kyrie isn’t doing anything wrong…” Arinna said as her head popped out from between Kyrie’s breasts, Linthiri folding her arms.

“I paid you a courtesan, and as soon as you are done, you go and sleep with a servant girl??” Linthiri asked impatiently, Shishu lightly tapping her shoulder.

“Excuse me, Lady Linthiri, but I think I can explain…” Shishu said; “…see, when Arinna came to me and Zithih, she was insecure and shy about having sex; after we were done, it’s no real wonder your daughter would enjoy herself with girls around her own age.”

“But Kyrie is a maid! It isn’t fitting for a noble lady to fool around with a servant…” Linthiri tapped her foot in clear impatience at the two girls, Kyrie sitting up on her bed, Arinna, Shishu and Linthiri surprised as she was heavily sobbing.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Lady Linthiri! I knew it was wrong, and I was so afraid of being caught, but-…-but I’m a virgin! I always got bullied until I got work here, and your daughter is so kind to me! I, I’m a twisted girl, Lady Linthiri!”

“…What are you saying, child…?? Are you telling me this…affection from my daughter simply stems from her being kind to you…” Linthiri gestured towards Arinna; “…when I saw you two, I was afraid you would turn out to be some no-good scum and leech simply out to sleep with my daughter so you could brag of it!”

“Mother! That’s heartless!” Arinna raised her voice, pulling the surprised Kyrie into a hug.

“However…” Linthiri continued unaffected; “…if Arinna returns your affection, or any girl’s affection…then I really don’t have the right to prevent her…even if she would sleep with that Jisha girl everyone seems so well-known of…”

“…So…I’m not fired? You won’t have me arrested…?” Kyrie quickly dared to look at Linthiri, the noblewoman heading towards her, Kyrie leaning back as Linthiri’s head were not a meter from her.

“Foolish girl…” Linthiri held Kyrie’s chin by her hand, smiling as she gave her cheek a light, friendly slap; “…all I ask you is to remain mindful of your duties…and will you then please start attending my daughter rather than crawl away in fear…?”

“Y-Yes, Lady Linthiri!” Kyrie nodded eagerly, Linthiri sighing deeply, standing up and turning to face Shishu.

“Come now, Miss Shishu; we have a dinner to attend…” Linthiri walked past Shishu, the courtesan smiling and giving Kyrie and Arinna a thumbs up.

“You girls should also attend…after you are done, that is…” Linthiri said as she left, Arinna letting go of Kyrie as the maid fell on the bed, sighing heavily.

“She’s strict, but my mother isn’t really Illirian, Herself…” Arinna said, leaning down besides Kyrie; “…are you OK?”

“I…I just feel so much better not having to hide this from your mother, Miss Arinna…” Kyrie began cuddling herself; “…secrecy feels so…dirty…”

“There, let’s make you feel a little better…” Arinna reached her thumb under Kyrie’s glasses, wiping away her tears; “…now, with both my mother and I knowing the two of us having a good time, are you ready to actually trying something now?”

“L-Like having sex for real? I guess so…” Kyrie said, looking Arinna over; “…can I…can I try and touch your breasts…?”

“Sure! Let’s try going a little slow…” Arinna smiled, Kyrie returning it as she touched Arinna’s left breast, a shudder of pleasure going through Arinna as Kyrie touched her nipple, making her close her eyes and let out a moan.

“D-Did I do something wrong?!” Kyrie asked in fear, Arinna smirking at her.

“N-No, it’s OK…I guess my breasts are just a little sensitive still…” Arinna chuckled; “…say, mind if we just tickle each other first? Miss Shishu told me it’s a fun way to start having good sex.”

“Tickle you? Isn’t that…childish…?” Kyrie asked, Arinna winking at her.

“Maybe, but who really cares?” Arinna smiled as she gestured Kyrie closer, the maid looking Arinna over again.

“Where are you ticklish?” Arinna teased, Kyrie blushing at her.

“M-My navel and my fingers…” Kyrie answered, Arinna getting a playful gleam in her eyes, moving over Kyrie, letting her tongue into her navel, the other shin’saras girl at first cringing, but then began giggling.

“Mih-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-ss Arinna! I feel so silly!” Kyrie giggled, Arinna smiling at her as she moved to Kyrie’s fingers, lightly licking first her nails, then one finger at a time, Kyrie’s giggles turning into chuckles.

“Wo-o-o-o-o-o-ow…..this place is beyond amazing…!” Shirli gasped, her and the succubi escorted by the scarlet sisters to a large underground cavern, naturally heated baths of warm water forming all over the place, beautiful crystal formations in a myriad of colors appearing on the walls and from outcrops.

“This is the sanctum of my harem…” Shinris said as she sat down on a large throne, seemingly carved out of a large, turquoise-colored crystal; “…you may pick one of them as your partner…but only if they accept you back.”

Around the throne, in chains made of pure gold, a dozen different girls sat before the empress in awe of her; some were human, others elves, and especially a human girl with dark skin and golden hair; looking at her, Zilah smiled as the girl already sent her a flirty wink, spreading her legs and using her finger to gesture her closer to her naked body.

“Why are they chained? Are they a bit too hardcore for you?” Sillina could not help but tease the empress, Shinris simply smiling unworried.

“I do not treat them as animals, as you might think; they are my equal, and these chains…” Shinris gestured to the chains and the locks sitting in the throne; “…are easily unlocked; they simply sit here because it amuses them.”

“Our empress enjoys soothing her exhausted body with us and the Scarlet Sisters…” one of the harem girls spoke, stroking herself against Shinris’ naked thigh; “…we are forever faithful to our beloved Shinris.”

“But who are those two? They don’t look like demons…” another of the harem girls pointed at Shirli and Sharla, smiling at Shinris; “…empress, are they really cat-women? I thought they were just legends…”

“Shirli, Sharla, you go warm these little chicks up…” Zilah smiled to herself, gritting her fangs; “…my girls and I will be waiting…”

Sitting down around Zilah, the other succubi watched as Shirli and Sharla confidently approached the harem girls, some of them smiling at them, others looking more skeptical.

“These two are more than your eyes sees, girls; they can form into demons and cat-women alike, but they are always as you see them to be…blonde harlots with an affinity and need for female company…” Shinris said, Shirli and Sharla smirking at the girls, beginning to stroke against each other, moaning and licking each other.

“Say, girls…” Shirli winked in tease; “…aren’t we smoking hot?”

“They-…-They are so blunt about it! They really have no shame…such indecency…!” one of the harem girls giggled and blushed.

“If they are so shameless, it’s only fair we molest them; really, look at them! Their bodies are ripe to ravish, and then beg to be molested!” another harem girl said, Shirli and Sharla now sitting walking right into the group of harem girls, dropping their masks and whatever remained of their outfits, lying themselves on the ground, smirking lustfully at the harem girls.

“Girls…” Shinris looked over her quite eager harem girls; “…take them!”

As if by both command and instinct, Shirli and Sharla felt the harem girls’ warm bodies pressing and caressing themselves against them, the harem girls taking every delight in the busty blondes, one of them licking away at the latex of their boots as the remaining harem girls groped, licked, fingered and ravished every part of the two catgirls’ bodies.

“…This…this is just the life, Jisha…!” Zithih moaned and grinned broadly, her head resting over the top of a table, several of the Bloody Blade’s patrons letting their tongues all over her body, licking off their drinks of Zithih.

“I’m just kinda glad I can hold my liquor…” Jisha raised a glass at Zithih in toast, drinking its content, the barkeep shaking her head at Jisha and Zithih.

“I swear, having you two in here almost doubles the sale…maybe you’ll consider becoming mascots…?” she rolled her eyes sarcastically, Jisha smiling to herself as she licked her lips, returning to her plate of read and fruit.

“Wow! Wow! Easy there, ladies! There’s enough juice for all…!” Zithih chuckled as one of the girls surrounding her let her head beneath Zithih’s legs, Zithih feeling as the patrons became more daring, the skintight leather of her outfit making her feel the heat of every lick.

“We should be going, Zithih; I wanna see how Shishu is doing…” Jisha said, Zithih growling disappointed.

But I was just about to have a gangbang! Oh-h-h-h, oh well…..sorry, girls; she’s the empress’ granddaughter and all…” Zithih said as she slowly sat up, a moan of disappoint sounding amongst the patrons.

“Clit-tease! Next time you come in here-…” one of them said in mockery, Jisha eyeing her and sending her a wicked smirk.

“Do you know how far my tail can go into your pussy? Huh, do you…??” Jisha continued her wicked smirk, the girl looking quite taken back as she backed away, Jisha turning around, folding her tail around her waist like a belt.

“It goes in quite deep, doesn’t it?” she teased Zithih, the shin’saras girl giggling joyfully, remembering the many times during her having sex with Jisha that she had used her tail.

“Speaking of which; once we find Shishu…” Jisha slowly let her hand grope Zithih’s left breast as they walked through the streets; “…fancy a threesome with Shishu and me? No cute virgin girls, just us three hot chicks…” Jisha suggested, Zithih moaning pleasantly.

“Jisha, you can make me horny just by listening to you…” Zithih smirked, Jisha smiling to herself, knowing it was true.

“Do you give? Do…you…give…??” Arinna snickered as she tickled Kyrie, the other shin’saras girl laughing and giggling as she was tickled, her glasses sitting low on her nose and her mouth formed into a joyful grin.

“C’mon! Give into it, Kyrie!” Arinna further encouraged, grabbing both Kyrie’s pigtails, untying the small, black ribbons, Arinna letting her hands rummage through Kyrie’s mane of white hair, stroking herself against the maid.

“Oh, Miss Arinna! Tickle me some more! Make me your pet!” Kyrie cheered as she let her arms around Arinna’s neck, Arinna kissing Kyrie’s cheek and slowly sitting up, smiling at the exhausted, panting maid.

“Hih-hih-hih! I feel so happy! Make love to me, Arinna! F-Fuck me, please!” Kyrie’s voice turned more and more high-pitched, Arinna kissing the maid all over, sucking on her nipples, Kyrie’s moans getting louder.

“I, I can’t take it anymore! I’m going crazy-y-y-y-y…!” Kyrie exclaimed loudly as her body buckled upwards, Arinna leaning down on her yet again, kissing Kyrie desirably, the maid moaning still louder and louder.

“M-Miss Arinna, my pussy…..please rub your pussy into mine!” Kyrie pleaded, Arinna doing just so, smiling to herself in amusement as she felt how wet Kyrie’s pussy had become, feeling the maid’s love fluids slowly drip out and into her own pussy as she grinded into hers.

“I…I’m going to-…A-Arinna, I can’t-…OH-H-H-H-H-H-H YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Kyrie screamed loudly, Arinna surprised as she found her head pressed between Kyrie’s breasts, the maid’s legs reaching into the air as she felt her orgasm pour out, staining hers and Arinna’s inner thighs, Arinna panting as she kissed Kyrie passionately throughout her orgasm, the maid moaned and gasping inside Arinna’s mouth, Kyrie finally beginning to kiss back, holding her hands to both of Arinna’s cheeks, kissing as hotly as she could.

“…So this was your first orgasm with me…?” Arinna asked as Kyrie let go, the maid feeling tears of joy in her eyes, Arinna smiling warmly at her.

“It was so beautiful, so raw and passionate…” Kyrie moaned, sighing happily as Arinna stroke her hair; “…it was wonderful, Miss Arinna…”

“Ah, yes! Whip me harder! Harder! Hih-hih-hih!” a blonde human girl giggled, ropes tying her to the floor and leaving her butt exposed and exciting the shin’saras girl standing above her.

“Oh, you want more, bitch? HOW DARE YOU DEMAND SUCH THINGS FROM ME?!?!” the shin’saras girl snickered deviously, letting her gloved hands spank the girl’s butt repeatedly, the girl squealing in joy, the shin’saras girl laughing deviously as she landed down smack after smack on the other girl’s butt.

“You get what you paid for, girlie! You feeling good, huh??” the shin’saras girl asked passionately, the blonde still squealing and moaning, turning her head, her tongue hanging out of her mouth in sheer horniness.

“Oh-h-h, such a lovely, horny girl…once you’ve cum…” the shin’saras girl whispering excitedly, touching her skimpy panties; “…you’ll get a whiff of this…..and I’m getting so-o-o-o hot…!”

“M-Mistress Tinni! I can’t take it anymore! I wanna cum! For Shinris’ sake, make me CUM!” the girl whimpered near desperately.

“Hey, Madam Sitha told me I could just come down; sounds like you’re not quite done…” a voice came from the stairs, Tinni looking behind her, seeing the famous Zyrah Stardust descend the stairs, crossing her arms, winking at Tinni.

“Still blondes, Tinni? You got a fetish for them or something?” Zyrah teased, Tinni smirking at her, shrugging, returning to her business as she resumed her evil laughter while spanking the blonde girl’s butt.

“Geez, you’re really going through the whole dominatrix act, huh? Stand aside…” Zyrah said, blowing a lock of her hair away from her face, standing up beside Tinni, leaning over the surprised blonde.

“I, I didn’t pay for two…” she said nervously, Zyrah smiling and licking her lips, examining the blonde’s curves and breasts, lightly touching her left nipple.
“She’s real ripe, Tinni; you’re really good at this…” Zyrah said, Tinni tapping her foot impatiently.

“Can I finish her off, please?? I want some pussy juice and I want it soon!” Tinni growled, Zyrah sitting down on hook, looking at the blonde and Tinni, winking.

“I’ll just watch, girls; don’t mind me…” Zyrah said, leaning against a wall, holding her arms behind her head.

“W-Who’s that girl, mistress?” the blonde asked, Tinni grinning mischievously.

“That’s Zyrah Stardust, babe; she’s a real famous singer…and a wildcat in bed…!” Tinni licked her lips and fondled her left breast.

“What’s up, missy? That dress sitting too tightly?” Zithih greeted Linthiri as she and Jisha were let in by the guard golems, Linthiri descending the stairs, although not looking too amused.

“If you’re looking for your friend, Miss Shishu, we are dining at the moment, so I suggest you wait…” Linthiri said coldly; “…preferably outside…”

“See, lady, I’m the empress’ granddaughter, so if I wanna wait for Shishu here, I think that’s kinda my business…” Jisha winked, Linthiri raising two surprised eyebrows and gasping as she realized she spoke to a figure of such high authority.

“I…I am sorry, Lady Jisha…” Linthiri bowed formally, Jisha smiling at her, reaching out her hand.

“Put it there, sista…” Jisha winked at Linthiri, Linthiri hesitantly taking Jisha’s hand, Jisha giving her a handshake.

“I see you’ve got plenty of golems fashioned for your little estate here; no bodyguards or anything…?” Jisha asked, Linthiri raising an eyebrow.

“I do have bodyguards…” she said, snapping her fingers, two dark figures stepping out of the shadow of the hall; “…I just prefer them to be discrete.”

“Sacred Shinris, will you look at those melons! And blondes, too! H-How much would it be to hire those??” Zithih looked in awe and smiled perversely at the bodyguards, amused at their gorgeous forms, loose plate armor and skintight leather suits.

“Hm? Lady Linthiri, need we throw these two out? That little one seems like a frisky one…” one of them asked, flattered at Zithih’s obvious desire.

“Well, we need a room while we wait for Shishu, Lady Linthiri…” Jisha interrupted, Linthiri nodding worthily.

“There is a spare room down the left corridor, fourth door on your right; makes yourselves at home…” Linthiri said, Jisha snapping her fingers as Zithih followed.

“You saw their boobs?? Hell, they were as big as Shishu’s!” Zithih grinned, Jisha folding her hand into a fist as they went down the corridor, spotting the room they had been told of.

“Maybe, but right now I’ve other things on my mind…” Jisha said as they opened the door, Zithih standing up to the clean and well-prepared bed, Jisha chuckling wickedly as she pushed the surprised Zithih into the bed; “…and that’s a sexual assault coming your way!”

“WOW! Ji-Jisha-…!” Zithih rose her head up, turning around as Jisha jumped on her, humping against her, letting her long tongue twirl around Zithih’s nipples under her vest, beginning to strip the shin’saras girl eagerly, Zithih struggling out of her outfit, helping Jisha loosen her dress.

“You’ve been looking forward to this for some time, huh?” Zithih teased, Jisha nodding eagerly, winking.

“Gotta prepare before we get Shishu…” she said, groping Zithih’s breasts, Zithih smiling and letting out her drooling tongue in eager.

“Oh-h-h-h, I love that slutty look on your face…” Jisha giggled, pressing her breasts into Zithih’s face, rubbing them back and forth, Zithih’s muffled moans making Jisha laugh.

“Um-m-m-m, suck my clit, Jisha; I’m dripping wet…!” Zithih moaned as she grabbed her right breasts, licking her nipple and fingering herself, Jisha crawling over Zithih, turning around, wiggling her butt in front of her face.

“Your ass, your tits, your pussy…oh-h-h-h, I don’t know where to start!” Zithih chuckled, licking lustfully and drooling as she licked at Jisha’s pussy and anus, Jisha feeling a shiver of pleasure through her body.

“N-No rim-job, OK?? You know I’m-…” Jisha asked over her shoulder, seeing a viciously grinning Zithih grab hold of her tail, slowly inserting it into her anus, letting her own tongue into Jisha’s pussy, sucking as fast as she could.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, slutty girl! You’ve gotta beg louder!” Zithih teased, Jisha closing her eyes and gritting her teeth to try and choke the sheer pleasure, opening her one eye vaguely, a devious smirk rolling over her lips as she burrowed her head between Zithih’s thighs, licking her pussy.

“Um-m-m-m, a sexy slut’s wet, warm pussy…oh-h-h, I’m in paradise…!” Jisha moaned satisfied, licking her lips as she tasted Zithih’s cum, the shin’saras girl’s moans and grunts of pleasure amusing her greatly, licking even faster, her tongue skating over Zithih’s pussy lips, Jisha grabbing under Zithih’s butt, stretching her skin, leaving her pussy fully exposed as she kept licking and licking.

“Hah-hah-hah-hah! This really suits you, Zithih! Pussy bared for any chick to lick and fuck as she pleases! Such a bad little girl you are…” Jisha teased and turned her voice childish, Zithih snarling passionately, licking Jisha’s pussy and fingering it, Jisha gasping from pleasure as she returned to her business.

“Oh no, you don’t…” Zithih’s voice suddenly came behind Jisha, grabbing around the fire-haired girl’s waist, lightly pressing her down on her stomach, Zithih turning around under Jisha, facing the other shin’saras girl as she kissed her passionately, rolling over so she lay atop Jisha, Zithih letting go of the kiss, her tongue dripping with hers and Jisha’s salvia.

“I wanna grind our pussies together, Jisha; I’d love to see how the little highness looks when she cums real hard!” Zithih winked in tease, Jisha chuckling as Zithih leaned over her again, kissing her hotly, their tongues dueling playfully for control, Jisha feeling and hearing as Zithih’s wet, moist pussy rubbed against her own, equally wet one, moaning as she enjoyed the feeling, Zithih pressing their nipples together, as well, the quite horny shin’saras girl enjoying every moment, much to both hers and Jisha’s delight.

“Oh! Oh, don’t stop! Just don’t stop Jisha! Keep it up, down there!” Zithih pleaded, Jisha smirking deviously at her, increasing her efforts, enjoying Zithih’s desirable moans and panting.

“Granddaughter of the empress or not…” a sound suddenly came from the door, the lust-hazed Jisha barely lifting her head, seeing the two bodyguards enter the room, one of them pointing a finger sharply at her; “…you will vacate this room at once! If you’re such whores, go wander the city!”

“You really don’t know who you’re talking to, do you? See, I’m not only of Imperial blood, I also happen to be a half-demon…” Jisha smirked deviously as she slowly sat up; “…and do you know what fire does to skimpy outfits?”

“She’s bluffing…” one of the guards shrugged, heading towards the bed, Jisha jumping up, her tail wrapping around the guard’s waist, Jisha grabbing the sword in its scabbard by the guard’s belt, tossing it against the wall where it got stuck all the way up to the hilt.

“You better keep the blades down, ladies; I’m badass, I’m Imperial…and I just happen to want me some blonde booty…” Jisha licked her lips hungrily, nudging towards Zithih; “…either you play with us, or we’ll be telling your mistress what lousy guards you make.”

“You little-…!” one of the guards grit her teeth in frustration, Zithih slowly sitting up on the bed, smiling at the still-armed guard, gesturing her towards her.

“C’mon, it’s cheaper than a courtesan after work…hih-hih, I’m re-e-e-eal cheap…” Zithih snickered, rubbing her right breast, the two guards looking at each other; clearly these two girls had no sense of innocence whatsoever.

“How dare you two even think of seducing those noble girls?! Forgive them, girls; they’ve only got sex on their minds…” Shishu suddenly entered the room, her hands closed into fists, a deeply dark-green hooded cloaked covering the left side of her body, Shishu’s strict looking melting away as she winked at Jisha and Zithih.

“I have a client at the Imperial Palace; according to some rumors Lady Linthiri heard, she’s had a little accident…” Shishu said, gesturing Jisha and Zithih to follow her; “…c’mon, it’s about time you came home, as well.”

“B-But I wanna seduce more blondes! Oh-h-h-h-h…” Jisha mumbled sourly, following Shishu and Zithih, the two bodyguards looking in relief at each other; however, despite their protests against an Imperial and her friend, both of them felt quite excited and somewhat honored that one of the Imperial family would choose them.

“…AW! Oh-h-h-h, aw-aw-aw-aw…!” the Scarlet Sister recruit moaned painfully as a healer took a look at her chin, her eyes narrowing as she sighed.

“You poor thing…and it was Commander Shi’Tir who did this to you…?” the healer asked, scratched her head, the recruit nodding carefully, trying not to smile as the healer’s firm breasts were clearly revealed through the diamond-shaped hole in her short, white leather dress.

“Well, let me just get my book; I’ll have you fixed up in no time…” the healer smiled pleasantly at the recruit, the healer winking at her; “…and try not to drool too much…”
“I, I wasn’t-…ow-w-w-w-w…” the recruit moaned in pain as she held herself to her chin, the healer standing up, heading towards a bookshelf, the recruit enjoying hearing the creaking of the leather of the healer’s dress and boots, her lace stockings covering her thin legs.

“You’re-…-You’re not the usual healer…are you…?” the recruit managed to ask, the healer turning on her heals, moving her cap up an ounce, smiling at the recruit as she saw the would-be healer stroke the long locks of white hair from her face.

“S-Shishu…??” the recruit gasped in awe, her jaw aching as she moaned in pain, Shishu smiling comfortably at the recruit, stroking her hair as she leaned over her, holding up a small crystal.

“This’ll send a little shock through your mouth; it might sting a bit, but I should be able to fix you…” Shishu said, winking at the recruit; “…now, let out your tongue as far as you can and lick the crystal; once the electricity hits, I can move your jawbone back in place.”

“O-…-OK…” the recruit said, closing her eyes tightly as she expected this to feel painful, indeed feeling a quick sting as she licked it, Shishu quickly reacting and touching the recruit’s chin, slowly caressing it, blue sparkles of energy springing from her fingertips, the recruit hearing a cracking sound as the feeling of electricity began fading away, the recruit beginning to feel her nerves reacting as Shishu stood back up, crossing her arms and smiling at her.

“So, my dearest little patient, you feel any better? Can I do anything for you? Anything at all…?” Shishu teased seductively as the recruit could not help but ogle at the courtesan’s breasts, a perverted smile running over her lips.

“St-Stop trying to tempt me…you vile seductress…!” the recruit blushed, Shishu smirking at her, withdrawing a small tube from inside her left glove, opening its lid, letting a transparent oil into her skintight gloves, rubbing it onto her breasts, moaning and letting her tongue lick her lips, the recruit feeling her heartbeat increase.

“Oh-h-h-h, I can’t take this!” the recruit suddenly yelled out loud, surprising Shishu as she dived her head right between her breasts, the amused Shishu chuckling as she felt the recruit nom away with her lips on Shishu’s breasts.

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