Story: Star Wars Unleashed (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Blue-eyed bond

[Author's notes: This may get added to the Unleashed series]

The Dathomirian Sith Knight known as Asajj Ventress strolled proudly through the dark halls of her new lair, a gift from her master Count Dooku for her recent victories against the Republic and their damned Jedi. Ventress designed the interior after that of her old clan, the night-sisters. She had everything flown in from her home planet as it was so grand in design that it would have rivaled the greatest of night-sisters lairs back home. Besides a few droids, she had the place completely to herself and she liked it that way, but that wasn't the case today, hinds the smile.

Ventress had captured two Jedi padawns recently trying to blow up a droid factory on Mustafar and had them sent here. Her body twitched hotly as she couldn't wait to torture and molest them as one of them belonged to her nemesis.


She snarled wickedly at the thought of taking her hatred out on his padawn as she opened a heavy door to her torture room. Asajj swiftly entered the room as two naked and blindfolded Jedi hung in mid-air. The two wore neutrizer collars to suppress their strength and use of the force as their wrists and ankles were cuffed too.

"Someone’s here." The green-skinned Mirialan Jedi whispered softly as the second Jedi, an orange Togrutan awoke abruptly, both sensing a dark presence.

"Ventress!" Ahsoka Tano snarled knowingly as she struggled around wildly in her bond. The Sith Knight could shade her presents in the force, but couldn't hide her natural body movements from the Togrutan, who know doubtly sensed her with her montrals. Even thou she'd been found out, she remained silent.

"I know it's you Ventress! Answer me!" Asajj felt her panties tighten as Ahsoka's anger passed over her in a hot wave of emotion. The darkside quickly saturated Ventress's body as she closed her cold blue eyes, demanding more.

"Damn you Ventress!" The bald girl bit her lower lip roughly against the next wave as she touched Ahsoka's growing anger with her own feelings. It was intoxicating, absorbing the Togrutan's fear and anger as the Mirialan girl was calmer, more focused.

"Ahsoka you need to calm down, she's just provoking you." Barriss called out as she could sense Ahsoka's dark ripple in the force as well. Asajj groaned hotly, letting her darkside mix with the Jedi’s as it poured like molten lava into her loins. Ventress gripped her crotch and breast tightly through of her Sith trappings as she licked her lips. Ahsoka suddenly breathed in deeply as she began to clear her mind. Ventress frown nastily as the delicious feeling the Jedi provided, disappeared.

"I want more." Asajj whispered coolly as she moved in front of the two defenseless Jedi.

"You'll never get away with this!" Ahsoka barked loudly as Asajj couldn't believe how easy it was to get the young Togrutan worked up as she played this in her favor, moving closer to the Mirialan.

"I wonder..., how calm you can remain when I start abusing your beautiful friend here." Ventress smirked rudely as she suddenly gripped Barriss's nude body greedily. The green Jedi cried out in shock and surprise as Asajj's slim fingers dug into her breast and ass.

"Let's give you a better view." Asajj used the force to remove Ahsoka's blindfold as the padawn glared at Ventress, bearing her teeth, trying to focus her mind. Ventress's tongue touched down on Barriss's collarbone and cruised over to her breast, licking every inch of dirty flesh as the young Jedi moaned quietly, trying to remain in tune with the force herself.

"You two smell terrible, but I’m getting so hot." It had been a few days since the factory, which was quite a workout in its self, leaving the Jedi’s bodies muskier than normal.

"Only Sith scum like you would enjoy something as depraved as that!" Ahsoka spat as Ventress grinned sadistically, knowing she was going to have to push the padawn harder to get what she wanted. Asajj leaned back from the naked green-skinned girl as her fingers slid up and down just above Barriss's love flower, feeling the tension in the girl's bladder.

"You've been hanging here how long now? And I don't remember sending in toilet droids." Ventress suddenly punched Barriss in the stomach as the Mirialan tightened her crotch muscles, needing to pee rather badly. Again the grey-skinned Sith struck her as Offee gasped breathlessly, still trying to hold it.

"Hurry up and piss yourself already." The Dathomirian hammered the Jedi’s bladder again and again as Barriss squeezed her thighs together, refusing to comply.

"Leave her alone!!!" Ahsoka screamed angrily as Asajj braced herself for the new raw emotion about to ravage her body again.

"Mmmmm... your anger moistens me." Ventress said dreamily as her pale pussy became hot and wet.

"Ahsoka, don't..." Barriss trembled weakly, knowing the evil girl was just using her to windup Ahsoka as her gut met with another fist. Ventress grabbed the girl's green snatch with her left hand and squeezed it roughly as she punched her again with her right. Barriss couldn't hold it anymore as she finally pissed herself. Hot urine ran down the Jedi's inner thighs, rolled off her toes and pooled at her feet. Wordlessly, Asajj squatted down, spread Barriss's dripping slit wide open and began licking her clit viciously. The taste and smell of the filthy Mirialan was as potent as Ahsoka's anger as Ventress showed the girl no quarter.

"No! Stop!" Barriss cried out shamefully as she swung helplessly on the Sith girl's swirling tongue, drilling deeply into her being. The olive-skinned Jedi had only touched herself a few times in her life as this was beyond anything she had ever felt.

"Barriss..." Ahsoka could only watch weakly as the pale-skinned girl tongue-fucked her fellow Jedi. Barriss's moaning soon filled the room as Ahsoka couldn't blank it out anymore.

"Please leave my friend alone." Ahsoka begged pitifully as Ventress leaned back slowly, her grinning mouth soaked with love juices. The green Jedi slumped in her cuffs, light-headed and aroused as she labored for breath.

"Are you ready to take her place?" Ventress didn't wait for an answer as she grabbed the padawn's right tit and started sucking roughly on her left nipple. A surprised gasp escaped Ahsoka's lips, her nipples became rock hard between Asajj's teeth and grey digits, her little orange pussy moistened against her will as she hoped Ventress wouldn't notice.

"Did you enjoy watching me fuck your friend?" The Sith Knight grabbed the Togrutan's cunt and listened to her pant wildly as she still had to pee too.

"Already wet I hope?" Ahsoka looked away from Ventress's icy blue eyes, knowing what she wanted her to do as she spread her knees and relieved herself. The Sith girl let the arch of hot piss spray between her fingers as she whispered into the orange Jedi's ear, Barriss's scent heavy on her breath.

"I wonder if you taste as good down there as your pretty green friend did." Asajj lifted her wet fingers to her lips and cupped Ahsoka's cheek as the darksider forced her lips to the young padawn's. Barriss's essence was enshrined in Ventress's evil lips as they pressed hotly against and into Ahsoka's. The Togrutan inhaled the different smell of piss, sex, and species as she couldn't believe someone would relish such a thing.

Suddenly Ahsoka felt something deep inside her begin to struggle to get free as her body twitched wildly with Asajj's tongue rooting out her taut mouth. Asajj jerked her head back, trying to catch her breath as she looked over at Barriss, panting and lifting her head.

"I think your friend would like to see this." Ventress removed Barriss's blindfold as they both watched the padawn's reaction as it became more animal like.

"Ahsoka stop! Don't let the dark side take over Ughh!" Barriss yelled loudly as Ventress swiftly backhanded her across the mouth. Asajj gasped hotly as Barriss's sudden anger blindsided her.

"Now let's have some real fun." Ventress's red lightsaber came to life as she cut both Jedi down from their weightless prisons. The two fell hard to the pissed covered floor as Ventress lorded over to them, grinning wildly. Barriss slowly got to her wet hands and knees as Ahsoka curled into the fetal position, still grappling with her dark emotions that demanded freedom.

"Ahsoka clear your mind!" Barriss yelled desperately, trying to crawl to her friend. Ventress tapped her red blade against the Mirialan Jedi's upper arm as she screamed in pain. The Sith just about came in her panties at the horrific sound as she decided to get more hands on, and began to strip down herself.

"Let it out younglings, your fear, your hate..., your lust, let it flow into me." Ahsoka looked over at Barriss gripping her arm painfully, tears forming in her crystal blue eyes as an angry yellow hue began to fill Ahsoka's.

"Now lay back padawn." Asajj asked, but pushed Ahsoka with the force regardlessly as the Togrutan became sprawled out on the wet floor. Disregarding the urine, the naked grey-skinned girl slid across the floor quickly, wrapping her arms and legs firmly around Ahsoka's as their slits were just about touching. The heat was blistering between their legs as Ahsoka squeezed her eyes shut.

"Are you ready to feel pleasure youngling?" The Sith girl asked wantonly as she suddenly jabbed her burning pussy lips into the Togrutan's tight one. Ahsoka howled loudly as Ventress's words and cunt drilled into her mercilessly.

Ahsoka, like Barriss had touched herself a few times, but never so deeply and never around anyone even remotely close. Now here she was getting fucked by her archenemy and she was beginning to like every second of it. The Dathomirian gripped Ahsoka's slim montral and pulled on it roughly as a voice and pair of hands quickly came from behind her.

"I got you!" Barriss tightly gripped the darksider around the neck as Asajj chuckled darkly. With the collar and cuffs it might as well been a youngling holding the Sith Knight as Ventress continued to slam into Ahsoka's tiny orange pussy.

"So impatient." Asajj reached back with the force, flipping and twisting Barriss over her shoulder as the green-skinned Jedi landed doggy-style in front of her. Wasting no time, Ventress freed the fingers from Ahsoka's headtail, slipped them over the green Jedi's hip and jammed them into Barriss's slick opening. The Mirialan cried out shamefully as she tried to pull "herself" free with no such luck, instead the Sith pulled both Jedi closer as she chuckled.

"I'm going to invade and violate every hole on your bodies so badly all the hot water in the universe won't get you clean." The Sith girl held the padawns in place with the force, groaning hotly as Barriss looked over at Ahsoka, unable to escape the long-grey fingers invading her pussy. They saw the blatant pleasure in each other’s blue eyes as the two had no real "hands-on" training in this area, but they knew everyone had a limit, even the Sith.

"Foolish your masters, for not teaching you better." Ventress sneered wickedly as both padawn suddenly swayed against her rough.

"Sith scum! Hurry up and cum!" The orange-skinned Jedi padawn stared ferociously at the Sith Knight between their scissoring legs as Barriss leaned up, forcing herself down on the evil fingers still digging inside.

"Together..." Barriss whispered fervently as her hands reached back over her head and caressed Ventress's smooth head. Ahsoka gripped the grey-skinned knight’s thighs tightly with her sweaty arms and legs as Asajj suddenly struggled to free her burning pussy from the Togrutan’s. The Dathomirian girl raised her guard too late as both padawns thrust their wet pussies against her grey fingers and cunt riotously. Ventress began to lose favor with the force and embraced the overwhelming pleasure rifling her body as she bit her lower lip. Barriss and Ahsoka's bodies shook spasmodically, unable to put out the fiery passion inside them as orgasm was unavoidable now.

"I'm going to!!!" Ahsoka screamed loudly as both Ventress and Barriss cried out as well as all three came on each other. The two Jedi collapsed next to each other covered in sex, sweat, and piss as Ventress slipped out from under them in the same state.

"I can't believe two sexually inexperienced padawn made me cum." The Sith Knight grimace lightly as she touched her wet gap, getting to her shaky feet. She shook her head bald head, still a little perplexed as she used the force to float a first-aid spray can and applied it Barriss’s injured arm. The burnt skin hissed and cooled as the Mirialan sighed deeply and drifted to sleep.

“W-Why did you do that?” Ahsoka asked weakly as Ventress snidely picked a bottle up off the table and drank straight from it. The Togrutan got her hands under her, their blue eyes locking with one another as Asajj wiped her mouth.

“I might be a ruthless Sith Knight…” The Dathomirian sneered as she slowly started to force choke the young padawn. “But I’m also a thoughtful lover…” Ahsoka met the floor again, her consciousness slipping away as Ventress smiling face filled her vision before she blacked out.

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