Story: Star Wars Unleashed (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Slave 101

[Author's notes: Not really Kotor/videogame..., Star wars just the same.]

The sun began to set on the slave city of Zygerria as a young Togrutan Jedi was slowly awoken by a cool summer breeze, blowing in from the balcony. Ahsoka Tano's naked body stirred on a bed of fine silks as her senses came alive with the force. She inhaled deeply as the sweet cherry smell of the room quickly reminded her where she was..., and that wasn't a good thing. The orange padawn swiftly searched her memories trying to piece together what had happened. They had the drop on Miraj and her guards, but failed to escape, followed by a horrible pain and then darkness.

“I hope the others are ok.” Ahsoka wondered aloud as her lekku suddenly sense someone else in the room. She looked around groggily as she tried to reach out with the force. The light outside slowly died on the horizon, setting the room in a bloody light.
“Awake I see, maybe I set your collar too high?” A smooth voice mocked as the Togrutan knew who it belonged to. Touching her neck, Ahsoka found the collar was still indeed around her throat and metal cuffs on her wrists.

“Show yourself witch!” Ahsoka demanded spitefully as the voice sneered airily. The slave queen Miraj Scintel stepped into the crimson light that matched her hair, wearing nothing but a long set of green robes loosely fixed at the waist, her hazel eyes simmering warmly.

“That mouth of yours... has forced my hand young one, and I'm afraid processing you would be a waste of time.” Ahsoka sighed slightly at the thought of not being tortured as she was suddenly confused by the first part of the slim felinoid woman's statement.

“What are you going to do to me?” Miraj grinned at the softness of the young Jedi’s voice as a ripple of lust washed over her.

“I guess that depends on you, doesn't it little padawn...?” Miraj slowly strolled towards her the bed as the Togrutan reeled.

“No tricks, no mind-games or I will fry you alive and serve you to the starving kids in the street.” Ahsoka gasped at the woman's dark announcement as she felt the fear rising inside her. The green-eyed woman reached into her robes and pulled a small black container from them with one hand....

“YOU!!!” Ahsoka instantly made a dash for the queen's luscious neck as hot lightning suddenly raped across her nude body, causing her to cry out in agonizing pain. Miraj smiled widely as she pulled out her other hand to reveal the controller to her slave's collar.

“Not a good start youngling and I wouldn't ball my fist either.” Miraj climbed onto the bed as Ahsoka lay shakily, panting wildly for cool breathe.

“I think we need to loosen you up a bit, open your mouth little one.” Miraj held the small black container in front of Ahsoka's face as the orange Jedi snapped her sharp teeth and eyes shut. There was no way hell she going to take ANYTHING from this woman.

“You still defy me!” Bright electric arches danced across Tano's flesh again as she screamed this time. Sweat began to pour from her small frame as Miraj shocked her again and again.


“Your cries of pain moisten me youngling.” The feline-like woman moaned hotly at the sound of the Togrutan’s pain as she let the girl breath for a moment, her hands flinching open. Ahsoka leaned up slowly as the queen grinned down at her.

“I'm not going to kill you...” Miraj held the little container to the Jedi’s mouth again as Ahsoka almost turned her head up, when the queen lifted the collar’s controller as well. “…But if you keep acting like this... you'll wish I had.”

With building terror, Ahsoka's eyes and mouth quivered open as Miraj smiled viciously and poured some of the spice into the younger girl's mouth. The Glitterstim reacted instantly even with the low light as Ahsoka felt the drug fizz in her mouth.

“There..., dOn'T yOu FeeL bEttEr?” The drugs effect were instant as Ahsoka became dizzy and laid back, holding her head.

“So quick? A real Jedi would have been able to control the spice, at least for a while anyway.” Miraj took some spice herself as she slowly slipped out her robes and moved closer to Ahsoka. The Togrutan girl shuttered, fighting the drug as she felt the Zygerrian's sharp claws scrape over her lovely orange skin.

“Please d-don't.” Whimpered the padawn as Miraj chuckled in her ear and continued her ravaging.

“I don't think so; I've never bedded a Jedi... or someone so young before.” Ahsoka trembled again as she had no idea what to do. She had trained her whole life at the temple to be a Jedi but she had never learned how to deal with the sexual advances of others, especially women.

“I’m so pathetic…”

Ahsoka wanted to cry, she'd never felt so hopelessly. Miraj knew the look all too well as she had seen it a hundreds of times on the faces of her slaves.

“Shhhh little one, think of this as a learning experience, you think you’re master would of train you in the ways of your body....” Tears slowly streamed down Ahsoka’s cheeks as Miraj wrapped the Jedi’s mouth in a deep kiss.


Ahsoka gasped severely as the drug flushed her mind and the queen's voice was projected in her mind. Miraj's hands engulfed the Togrutan’s petite body as her tongue began its assault on the Jedi’s mouth. Ahsoka flailed weakly under Miraj's swift tongue and hands as she brushed against the older woman’s breasts.

“Slow down youngling, we have plenty of time.”

Ahsoka cried out feebly as Miraj's claws suddenly dug into her young pert mounds.

“Ohhhh master, save me...”

The Togrutan sobbed in her head as Miraj squeezed her again.

“Ohhhh no one to help you now padawn, your master and friends are safe and sound at my secret prison, and I don't think the republic is going to send a star fleet to rescue a padawn learner.”

Miraj's words were true, Skywalker and Obi-wan were generals in the grand army, and she was a Jedi youngling. She didn't need to be a Jedi master to figure who took priority as Miraj lifted her finger under Ahsoka's chin.

“Do you still want to refuse me?” Ahsoka slowly shook her head as she knew she was going to be here a while. The queen’s demeanor softened in her eyes and hands as Ahsoka hid a sigh.

Straighten up, and listen to what I tell you young one, it may help you some day.” Ahsoka obeyed sparingly as she sat up, but looked away from the slave queen Miraj.

“Wipe your tears and look at me...” The felinoid's smooth voice instructed as the orange girl again comply.

“Smile... even if you hate me or whoever, to resist or show fear will only provoke many, to extremes for some.” Miraj's fingers slowly danced across the padawn's mouth as the tiniest of smiles touch the blue-eyed girl’s soft lips.

“Good, now kiss me.” Miraj smirked joyously as Ahsoka adjusted herself, but did not follow through with the queen's request.

“Haven’t you been listening?” The taller woman gripped under the Togrutan's jaw roughly and she slammed her lips to the young Jedi’s.

“Ahhhh little skug!” Miraj threw her head back as Ahsoka had nipped the queen's lower lip with her razor-sharp teeth out of fright. The padawn braced herself for the ruthless lightning to rake her body as the felinoid woman exhaled noisily, moving off to the side of the bed and reached into her night stand. Ahsoka's eyes widened as she saw a white rubber ball linked to leather like harness.

“What is AHHHH!?!” The young Togrutan screamed, trashing wildly on the bed as Miraj was done talking now, her thumb firmly pressed to her weapon of submission.

“No more discussion youngling...” Steam and sweat was forced from Ahsoka's twitching body as Miraj pinched off the girl's orange nose and stuffed the ball gag into her taut mouth. The padawn struggled feebly to reconnect with the force, but the pain, drug, and confusion made it all but impossible. The queen quickly tightened the straps until the gag fit snuggly in the youngling's mouth.

“This is a good look for you.” Miraj jeered modestly, thinking how many times she had said that same line as Ahsoka nasally rushed air into her lungs looking blankly at the queen.

Miraj just smiled as her mind began to tick off the different ways she could make this padawn suffer as she had mend what she had said about wishing she'd kill her, if she refused her. A dead Jedi body was the same as any dead body.

“I’m going numb…”

Ahsoka sprawled back on the bed, her mouth dribbled saliva as her head pirouetted, the drug rapidly acting up again. The queen was done playing around as she griped the young Jedi’s ankles and forced her slim legs apart.

“Time to taste the fruits of my labor….” Miraj drilled her tongue into Ahsoka's tight gap as the orange youngling sunk her teeth deep into the rubber ball, muffling her cries for help. Ahsoka’s sweet Xeno-juices fueled the fire burning between the queen's legs as she continued to eat the young girl out pitilessly.

“Ohhhh stop it….”

Ahsoka started to cry for real as the queen did not show the girl or her body any quarter.
Miraj dug her own sharp teeth into the young girl’s pussy, forcing a feeble cry from gagged lips.

It was no good she had lost touch with the light-side as the dark-side began to rise inside her, anger, lust, fear....

Ahsoka's primal instinct started to take over as her eyes shifting a hew of yellow. Her teeth gnarled intently, trying to ball her fist as she flexed her body crazily.

“Be careful young one.”

The queen watched the young padawn’s dramatic reaction as Ahsoka started to growl loudly. The older woman's member stirred deeply inside her, scrapping her sweet walls.

“D-Don’t, s-stop!”

Suddenly Ahsoka girl’s legs wrapped around the queen's head as the Zygerrian continued to tongue-fuck her first Jedi.

“Loosen your legs young one.” Miraj ordered sternly, lifting her chin up as she looked up into the girl’s face. The queen did not like what she saw as she realized the girl was in a crazed frenzy.

“You are choosing to make this unpleasant Jedi?”

The queen asked, knowing the drug had taking over as she grated her teeth across the girl’s supple labia. Enraged by the pain the wildly girl squeezed the queen’s face back into her pussy as Miraj felt a sting of spite run up her back.

“Damn you youngling…”

The Queen had been too careless as she had left the controller over on the other side of the bed. Her breathing became harsh as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of Ahsoka's essence. Desperate for air she rammed her fingers from her right hand into the Togrutan’s sizzling slit and ruthlessly clawed her breast with her left.

“AHHHH!!!” Ahsoka buck her hips insanely as the queen's tongue and fingers sent the girl to ungodly heights. The padawn collapsed to the bed drawing breathe with major effort as Miraj loosened her gag. Ahsoka's eyes reverted back to their true blue as her body twitched from the side-effects of her violent orgasm combined with potent drug.

“How did that feel youngling?” The tall felinoid woman purred pleasingly as she ran her fingers over the orange padawn’s sweaty body. She knew for a fact that the girl had never felt anything like that before.

“Please, n-no more....” Ahsoka rolled around slowly as the pain from her crotch and chest started to throb.

“But padawn…” The queen picked up the black container again as the Togrutan whimpered and opened her mouth. “…I have yet to satisfy myself.” Ahsoka drifted back to the bed, the pain once again became pleasure as she moaned hotly from the drug.

“I still don't trust that mouth of yours, so I'll extract my lust by other means.” Miraj positioned her wet slit against Ahsoka’s as both females moaned in their primitive tongues. The queen was a little gentler with the Togrutan this time as her hands caressed the young’s one filthy skin.

“Don't be ashamed to cry out now... Jedi.” Miraj smiled widely as she thrust down on the youngling's little cunny.

“Mmhh! Mmhh! Mmhh! “The Togrutan kept her lips sealed, fighting every slam to her soaking gap as the drug began to act up again. The queen relished the padawn's feeble attempt to resist her as she began to shift randomly over the girl’s stiff clit.

“Cry out youngling, release yourself!”

Only sweet purring from both species filled the room as their pussies slapped and smushed with the opposite intent. The queen had lost her will to torture the abused Togrutan any longer as the padawn learner had failed to resist the queen, her drug and her sexual advance.


“If you do not give in, your primal instincts will take over again and I will be forced to hurt you again.” The queen warned, seeing the yellow creeping into in Ahsoka’s eyes as she promptly unlatched her sharp teeth and cried out blissfully.


As much as she hated it the queen was right, giving into the feeling allowed her to seep back into the Force.

“So you finally decided youngling?” Miraj smiled intentionally as she saw the young girl’s blue eyes flickered back at her. A smile surprised the queen as she was so close it was unbearable.

“Please.” Ahsoka whispered sweetly into the as she too was close, and trying to gain the advantage. The two aliens peaked, grinding themselves wildly as they both came inside one other. Miraj’s body jerked now as the side effects over ran her body and mind. The two looked at each other the sky red turned to dark as their faces held different and unexpected expressions.

“I-I-I don’t want to be alone tonight…” Ahsoka whispered weakly as she drew close to the queen, knowing she wouldn’t get anywhere in the shape she was in. The padawn could only hope someone, anyone would save her…

“I’m sorry master.”

Miraj chuckled coldly as she knew better…

“No you’re not….”

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