Story: MS Gundam Wing: True Protector (chapter 9)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 9

Title: Notes and comments

Author's Notes:

Why pair up Releena and Noin? They do have a history together, of course, as well as a great deal of mutual respect. And absolutely no sense in romantic relationships, as Dorothy wryly points out to the two of them. That's why she's playing the matchmaker. And, to be completely honest, it just sounded like fun.

Why did I break up Heero and Releena, Gundam Wing's "perfect" couple? I'm sorry, all the Heero and Releena fans, but I don't think they were ever really together. Heero is, IMHO anyway, far, far too traumatized to enter into a serious relationship, while Releena suffered more from a school girl crush than anything else.

Why did I make poor old Zechs gay? First, the Treise thing: their background is never fully dealt with, but a lot is implied about what went on between them. Zechs also gets really, really focused on Heero during the series, to the point of nearly being obsessed. I suspect that Zechs, the last living son of the Sank noble family, must have felt the obligation to try to carry on the family's name, even at the cost of resisting or repressing his own true nature.

Where are all the Gundam Pilots during this story? Wu-fei obviously stayed on with the Preventers, Quatre is likely using his fortune and massive resources for the betterment of mankind, Trowa is still trying to live a quiet life at the circus, and Duo is probably out doing the Han Solo thing: a lovable rogue living on the edge of the law.

Where is it set? I'm being intentionally vague about that. What's currently Europe, certainly, but other than that, hard to say.

Chapter titles are from songs by the group, Two Mix, who did the theme music for Gundam Wing, "Just Communication". They also did "Rhythm Emotion" for an episode of the show, and "White Reflection" for the movie, Endless Waltz. I got the titles off of the CD "Two Mix: Super Best Files '95-'98".

Jun. 13/ 02: Finished at last! Well, OK, not quite. I'll likely revise it a bit later, based on feedback from the readers.

Aug 11/ 02: A Dorothy Chapter! I wanted to explain her being in the Preventers, as well as add some background for Noin, Une and Hilde. Do I believe in this big 'Conspiracy Theory' style explaination of the events of Gundam Wing? Not really. There is more than a bit of evidence to back up the idea, and I always felt Treise died a bit too easily...

I hope that you also try some of my other fics, if this one pleased you.

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