Story: MS Gundam Wing: True Protector (chapter 7)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 7

Title: Seven: Love Revolution

Epilogue: Love Revolution!

It took nearly two months to get everything ready for the wedding. Invitations were sent out, the great hall rented, and, to their great irritation, the media was alerted.

Releena smiled ruefully to herself as she peeked out a curtained window and saw the media mob in front of the building, and all the news trucks, reporters and photographers who waited for any word. Apparently, the marriage of "Queen" Releena was still considered to be news.

Thankfully, the fact that Releena was here to marry a woman wasn't so much of an issue to them. Noin's public record and her reputation were such that she was almost considered to be above any reproach. Of course, the fact she was the second in command of the Preventers and the very public defeater of the rebuilt Epyon didn't hurt, either. Her musings were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

Dorothy smiled at her sunnily, as she closed the door behind her. "Releena, you look good," she said, "and Noin looks absolutely marvelous."

"Dorothy," Releena said, and smiled a bit sadly at the very pretty blonde, "I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

"For what?" Dorothy asked.

"Noin told me you once had a crush on me," Releena said softly, "and I'm sorry that I didn't notice you then. I guess I was just too wrapped up in Heero to notice."

Dorothy smiled and shook her head. "Noin told me she told you, but it's OK. If I had gotten involved with you, I wouldn't have met my new girlfriend," Dorothy said cheerfully.

"I'm so glad!" Releena said with a cheerful smile. "Who is it?"

"It's a surprise, but we will be there, holding hands during the ceremony," Dorothy assured her. "Good luck to both of you, if I don't see you later." She moved to leave, then stopped and did one of her very theatrical turns, "You forgot this." She handed Releena a set of keys, the keys that Releena recognized as the ones that belonged to a very nice sports car Dorothy had loaned them earlier. "For the honeymoon," Dorothy said impishly.

Dorothy then slipped out before Releena could get over her shock enough to say anything. 'The woman always had a lot of style,' Releena thought with a smile. Another soft knock, and Howard came in, a broad smile on his homely face. The former Gundam engineer cleaned up pretty good, dressed to the nines in his tux and tails. Releena had requested him to give her away during the wedding, in place of her departed father.

"They're all ready," Howard assured her with a smile. Releena took his arm and they left the waiting room together as the soft sounds of the wedding march began to play.

Noin stood nervously at the altar, in her expertly fitted gray tux, Sally Po beside her as her 'best man'.. She saw Releena walk up the aisle and felt her breath stop as she saw the white clad beauty. To distract herself she looked around at all the guests gathered there. Quatre, Trowa and Wu-fei actually looked pretty cheerful in their dress clothes, while Duo looked a little uncomfortable and a bit sad. Loosing Hilde had really hurt him, whatever his cheerful exterior. The oddest couple was Dorothy and Lady Une, who stood together holding hands.

When Releena reached her, she saw Une and Dorothy standing together, and chuckled softly. The young priest, the same one who had married them in the fake ceremony, smiled at both of them cheerfully and began the ceremony. Releena managed to keep track pretty well, smiling again at the use of Noin's first name. Noin, predictably, winced. They passionately kissed on cue, to the cheering of the guests and a roar of applause from the crowd. Noin and Releena ran together down the long aisle, the unmarried ladies gathered, and Releena forcefully tossed the bouquet of flowers over her shoulder.

They arched high up into the air, then dropped straight down into the hands of a very astonished looking Lady Une! The normally reserved officer blushed bright red, even as Dorothy stood by her side and grinned cheerfully.

Noin and Releena ran for the curb, where the infamous sports car was waiting for them. Releena passed the keys to Noin and they peeled off together for a honeymoon that would, hopefully, be more peaceful than their last one.

Dorothy and Une stood together watching the car speed away. Une saw Dorothy reach up and carefully brush away a single, shining tear from her cheek. "Dorothy," Une said softly, "why did you ask me to pretend to be your girlfriend?"

"Releena would feel guilty, getting married while I was still single," Dorothy said with a shrug. "This way, she can honeymoon guilt free."

"No," Lady Une said to Dorothy with a quirky smile on her aristocratic face, "I meant, why ME in particular, hmm?"

Dorothy looked over at the beautiful, aristocratic lady and was, for once in her very eventful life, speechless. Lady Une reached over to gently stroke Dorothy's cheek, still smiling that odd, but very pretty smile.

"Look me up," Lady Une said softly, "when you figure out why." She then walked away, and Dorothy was surprised to notice the sexy sway of those uniform covered hips,

'What the hell,' Dorothy thought, 'you only live once.' She ran after Une, and the two of them walked off together, talking.

The End

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