Story: MS Gundam Wing: True Protector (chapter 4)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 4

Title: Four: True Navigation

Part Four: True Navigation

It wasn't until the wedding photos were developing that Noin had a chance to talk to Dorothy privately. "Dorothy, what in the world are you really doing?" Noin asked.

Dorothy smiled sweetly at Noin, "Protecting Releena, of course!" She continued kawaiily, "It's such a wonderful cover, no one would ever suspect."

Noin rubbed her temple, where the veins had formed a throbbing 'x'. She asked "Don't play games with me, Dorothy, please?"

Dorothy pouted cutely. "You take all the fun out of things," she softly grumbled under her breath. She thought about what to say a moment, then decided to be frank "Both you and Releena show a lack of sense in romantic relationships." She stopped Noin from whatever protest she could make with a raised finger and continued "I care a lot about Releena, but she doesn't love me. She has noticed you, however, so I intend to give her a chance to get you."

"You care about Releena?" Noin blinked at her in surprise, then she shook her head. "Excuse me, but don't I get a say in this?" she asked plaintively.

"Yes," Dorothy said with a smile. "If Releena does snag you, you can always say 'no'. You'd be an idiot, but..."

Noin sighed, but before she could say anything else, Releena walked out of the photo-mart with the package of photos. "Dorothy, did you really have to zoom in on the kiss?" A sweatdropped Releena asked her.

Dorothy grinned impishly as she shot back, "Where else would you have liked me to zoom in on, pray tell?"

Releena decided it was probably safer not to pursue that. "So now we honeymoon?" Releena said dubiously.

Dorothy reached into her coat and handed Noin a packet, "I've booked rooms for you, maps and other information are included. Your new passports are also in there, as well as credit cards and a generous amount of cash."

"And how do we get there? Or are you going to chauffeur us everywhere?" Noin asked.

Dorothy looked thoughtful. "Chauffeuring you sounds fun, but..." she said with a smile. She whistled loudly, and a black, European sports car came around the corner. The young woman who drove it smoothly climbed out and with a charming smile passed the keys to Dorothy.

"Please visit our dealership again," the dark hared woman said, and smiled very warmly at Dorothy. "I've never seen anybody pay cash for a car like that, you definitely have style," she said admiringly.

"To the newlyweds," Dorothy said, passing the keys to them. "Now, if you'll excuse me?" Dorothy said, and followed the dark hared girl down the street.

"I didn't know she went that way," Releena said, surprised.

Noin nodded, "Neither did I." And added in her thoughts 'I should have, though. Mental note: do more thorough background checks on agents.' Noin smiled, went around to the passenger's side and gallantly held the door open for Releena. "Your carriage awaits, madam."

"Thank you so much, kind sir," Releena answered, curtseying a bit and taking her seat.

Releena smiled up at Noin, who felt as if her heart had stopped. 'Releena is really beautiful,' Noin thought, and added a bit sadly 'but what would she want with me, anyway?' She moved to the driver's seat, and sat down. "Next stop, luxury hotel!" Noin announced, starting the car.

The drive was quiet, as they were both preoccupied by their own racing thoughts. Releena found herself looking over at Noin, and admired the handsome woman's profile. 'She's so good looking,' Releena thought, 'and I don't think she even knows it.' She then thought of the interested gaze the saleswoman gave, and the looks Noin had gotten at the last hotel they stayed in. 'She could have anyone,' Releena sighed mentally, 'so how do I get her to notice me?' Releena eyes widened, as she realized what she had thought.

"Are you all right?" Noin asked her worriedly.

Releena blushed a bit. "I'm fine," she said reassuringly. Noin smiled at her warmly, then turned back to the road.

A few minutes later, they reached the first hotel they had been booked in. A old fashioned manor house, it sat secluded from the busy traffic of the nearby highway. A female valet took the car, a buswoman took the bags, and they checked in at the desk where a pretty business suited woman took their information. They then were led up to the penthouse suite by a young woman wearing a old style french maid's costume, who unlocked the door, placed their bags inside while giving them a view of her panties under her short skirt, and handed them their keys.

Noin tipped her generously, and she left, taking a moment to smile at Noin as she said to her sweetly "Our maid service is available twenty four hours a day, so if you need anything, anything at all, just call."

"I think she likes you," Releena said with a laugh. Noin just blushed, so Releena picked up her bag and carried it into the bedroom, where she promptly broke out with laughter again. Noin wondered what was so funny.

Noin followed her in carrying the other bags, and groaned out loud. The single bed was very large, very pink, and shaped like a giant valentine's heart. "Of course, Dorothy made sure to book us into the honeymoon suite. A quick death's too good for her, I swear," Noin sighed in mock despair, and made Releena laugh harder.

Releena then smiled wryly over at Noin, and gently said "It should be all right. The bed's large enought for both of us to share." Rellena looked thoughtful, "You don't grind your teeth, roll over, or sleepwalk, do you?"

Noin grinned as she shook her head no, "I haven't gotten any complaints."

"Good, it's settled." Releena said firmly.

Later that evening, they ate together in the main dining room, where they noticed two very important things: the only guests of the hotel were women, and the french maids flirted outrageously with everyone. "Think Dorothy knew what sort of hotel she was booking us into?" Releena asked Noin with a quirky smile. She adjusted her dress uncomfortably, noticing the cleavage it revealed. 'Yes, Dorothy has a lot to answer for,' Releena thought.

Noin nodded, "Knowing her, the answer is yes." She did cut a fine figure in her suit, as many of the young women in the opulently decorated room noticed. They shared a quiet laugh. One of the maids cat-walked over on her high heels, and bent over to pour their wine, in the process giving them each a generous view of her cleavage. Noin noticed Releena blushed very pinkly afterwards and fought the urge to laugh. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Releena said, a blush still visible on her cheeks. She shook it off and smiled across the table at Noin. "This will be another thing for the memoirs," she said, refering to something Noin had said earlier with a laugh.

Noin grinned, "Yeah, I'll put it in right after my secret marriage to Releena Peacecraft, and our eloping together across Europe." Noin smiled warmly to her, "I can't think of anyone better to do it with, though."

Releena smiled back, even though she wasn't sure quite what to say to that, so she left it alone. They quickly finished their meal and retired for the night. And were immediately confronted by the problem of... the Bed. "Why don't you get ready for bed first," Releena suggested to Noin, "them it'll be my turn."

"It sound's like a plan," Noin said, picked up some clothes and headed for the bathroom. She quickly disrobed there, before she paused a moment to look at herself in the mirror. 'Yes, I'm still slim, small breasted and I have no hips,' Noin thought, and made a funny face at herself in the mirror. She pulled on a T-shirt and her boxers, and stepped out of the bathroom.

Releena smiled up at Noin as she passed by, and carried her own bundle of stuff into the luxurious bathroom. She undressed, and sighed softly in relief as she slipped out of her nearly skintight dress. She held up the nightie Dorothy had packed for her, and she groaned softly. Releena sighed, and put it on. She saw her reflection and stopped a moment, making a glamor girl pose before breaking out in a case of giggles. 'Marilyn Monroe, I'm not,' Releena thought with a smile.

Noin gasped softly, as Releena stepped into the bedroom. The nightie was a little piece of silky nothingness that mostly covered everything, but just barely. Releena slid into the bed beside her, and Noin gulped softly. The bed was a large one, but somehow, Noin turned and Releena moved, and they were face to face. Releena's eyes were wide, like a cat's, and Noin could feel them peering into her soul.

Releena could hear the sound of their breathing as she reached out tentatively, taking Noin's shoulders into her hands. It almost felt like she was falling, but where to Releena didn't know. They gently moved closer, and Releena again felt the soft touch of Noin's lips on hers. Noin's arms curled around her, and Releena felt safe there as they kissed again, hotly.

"You know," Releena said softly, "that Dorothy's been trying to set us up?"

Noin nodded. "If you don't want this to happen," Noin said softly, "tell me know."

"Don't stop," Releena said softly, blushing brightly. She looked up into Noin's eyes, and finally said something she hadn't said to anyone before, "Noin, I... love you." Releena blushed harder, and tried to hide her face.

Noin put her finger under Releena's chin, and tilted her face up. "I love you too, Releena," Noin said softly. She smiled suddenly, "You've been driving me mad for days." She pulled Releena into her arms, and then gently pulled the blankets up over them.

Releena stretched luxuriously, feeling warm, content and safe. She realised she was naked, and looking around for her nightgown, eventually spotted it lying on the floor. Right beside it were a rumpled T-shirt and boxers. She turned, and saw Noin asleep peacefully beside her, her short black hair stuck up in all directions. 'Noin gets bed hair,' Releena thought fondly, 'I never realised.'

Noin shifted a bit, then her eyes opened. She unerringly found Releena, and smiled a slow, contented smile. She sat up, then noticed she was topless. Unaccountably shy, Noin pulled the blanket over her chest.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Releena said affectionately.

Noin smiled shyly over to Releena, then said softly "I hope you know, that wasn't just a one night thing."

"I certainly hope not," Releena said, and gently put her hand on top of Noin's. "I know it may be difficult, but I want to wake up every morning with you, Noin."

Noin smiled more comfortably, and firmly said, "I'll do whatever I can to make it happen." she grinned suddenly, "We're already married, so..."

Releena laughed softly, "Why don't we let the marriage stand?" She chuckled softly, "I can't wait to hear what Une will say."

Noin got out of bed, and pulled on her T-shirt and boxers. "I'll be back with breakfast," Noin said with a smile. She headed into the living room and phoned down for room service. She clicked on the television, and froze.

"... to repeat our top story, Preventer's headquarters was attacked this evening. Casualties are unknown at this point, but the buildings themselves are still aflame..."

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