Story: The Club, a Nanoha Alternate Universe (chapter 5)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 5

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe


Nanoha Takamachi smiled happily as the brown haired woman waited outside the school, her simple sundress hugging her slim body. She stood out from the older mothers around her, some of whom gave her disapproving gazes, but she ignored them as she saw her daughter emerge from school.

"Nanoha-mama!" Vivio said happily, running over to where the woman waited.

"Hi, Vivio," Nanoha smiled, hugging her close. "How was your day?" she asked as they started walking, holding hands.

"It was fun," Vivio beamed, "Einhart and I had lunch together, and Ixpy helped me with the afternoon art project. We both got gold stars!"

"Well done," Nanoha congratulated her cheerfully.

"What are we having for dinner tonight?" Vivio asked curiously, nearly skipping along beside the taller Nanoha.

"I was hoping we could shop together and decide," she told Vivio. Nanoha hesitated a moment as she added, "Fate is coming over to eat with us."

"Really?" Vivio beamed happily, "Then we should get something special for her."

Nanoha had to fight down a laugh at how excited Vivio was. She and Fate had hit it off wonderfully when they met a few weeks ago, and her daughter eagerly looked forward to Fate's visits. Fate was good about all the things Vivio liked to show her, and treated the childlike enthusiasms with warm kindness. They even played video games together, Fate generally letting Vivio win.

Picking out dinner was easy, then they hurried home to start cooking. Vivio eagerly hurried off to clean up her room, though Nanoha suspected it would be the usual disaster when Fate arrived. She prepared everything that could be set up in advance, then put the meat on the grill. The soft sizzling sounds were peaceful as she tidied up, wanting to make the small apartment look nice for Fate.

'I feel like a school girl getting ready for a date,' Nanoha admitted to herself.

It was a nice feeling, really, and one that she felt when she and Vivio went over to Fate's home too. She that understood Fate was on a budget, much like she was, but... it was a dump! Well, not horribly bad, and it was convenient to school, but it was barely a bedroom, kitchen and what laughingly could be called a living room.

The intercom chime rang just as she was considering helping Fate get some better furniture, and Nanoha hurried over to answer. "Hello?" she asked as she pressed the switch.

"Nanoha," Fate's warm voice answered, "I'm here."

"I'll buzz you in," Nanoha said and did so, even as she took a quick look around at the rooms to make sure it was neat.

Fate looked as attractive as ever, dressed in a skirt and a white blouse, a dark vest thrown over the shirt. "Nanoha," she smiled as she kissed her cheek, "you look wonderful."

"So do you," Nanoha purred softly, fighting back the urge to kiss her firmly on the lips.

"Fate!" Vivio cheered, running up and throwing herself at Fate. The taller woman knelt to catch her, then picked Vivio up as the child squealed happily.

"Well, hello there," Fate grinned, bouncing Vivio as she giggled. "I don't remember you being this loud before," she teased innocently.

"If you make her sick," Nanoha mock scolded, "you're cleaning it up."

Fate laughed even as Vivio gave her mom a indignant look. "Mom!" she protested even as Fate put her down.

"Why don't you two play for a bit," Nanoha told them with a warm chuckle, "and I'll finish up dinner, okay?"

"Sure, maybe you can show me that move you keep nailing me with," Fate told Vivio as they trotted to the TV and started up the favorite fighting game.

As Nanoha heated up the vegetables and made sure the meat was done, she kept an eye on the two of them. It was very cute watching Fate sitting cross legged on the floor by Vivio, both of them with controllers in hand as they played.

'Hell, it's not cute it's sexy,' Nanoha admitted to herself, chuckling to herself as she flipped the meat over. Fate looked just like a little kid as she bit her lip, trying to do the intricate series of button pushes to activate her character's special move.

"So it's left left, right right then up, down and THEN press the fire button?" Fate asked with the sort of seriousness she probably brought to school work.

"Yup, that'll let you use her wind kick," Vivio agreed.

"All right everyone, dinner," Nanoha called.

"Coming," Fate nodded, not looking away as she pressed the buttons and pulled off the move. "All right," she cheered, receiving a high five from Vivio.

"We're coming," Vivio promised as she got up, Fate following her as they headed to the table.

Nanoha had to smile again as they talked and ate, the three of them chatting eagerly. Fate was warmly complimentary on the food, while Vivio was happily stuffing her face. Fate and Nanoha reminded her too take it slower, while they each ate their food and exchanged glances.

Fate carefully speared a chunk of meat, meeting Nanoha's eyes. She let her tongue flutter over the meat, then sucked on it gently as she fought back a smirk.

Nanoha gulped, feeling her pulse race a bit faster. Fate was such a tease! The attractive blond's white teeth flashed as she ate, and her grin was warm and happy. "Are you enjoying your dinner?" Nanoha croaked.

"Hmm, spicy," Fate winked, "I like spicy."

"I'm sure you do," Nanoha admitted, blushing, as she took a drink.

Fate fought back a blush, once again slightly shaken by how attractive she found Nanoha. If Vivio wasn't there, she rather thought she would pour the spicy sauce all over Nanoha and lick it off! Still, she liked being around the child too, and didn't want to hurt her feelings by rushing her off.

'Kids make things complicated,' Fate admitted with a mental sigh.

They finished dinner, then Fate was lead by a eager Vivio back over to the TV and the games. They sat together, Fate using some of the new moves Vivio taught her to keep the games a little closer. But as they played she felt Nanoha's gaze on her, and her pulse jumped just a bit.

When Vivio got to yawning Nanoha got up, walking over as she picked up the little girl. "Time for bed, Vivio," she said gently.

"Aww, but mom!" Vivio protested, then yawned again.

"We can play tomorrow," Fate promised, "I know I'll be over then too."

"Really?" Vivio brightened, looking at Fate intently as she followed Nanoha to Vivio's room.

"I promise," Fate nodded as Nanoha tucked the little girl in bed. "Good night," she said, stroking her hair lightly.

"Night," Vivio agreed sleepily as Nanoha kissed her on the forehead.

Fate walked back to the living room, sitting down with a sigh on the couch, near but not too close to Nanoha. "That girl's got too much energy," Fate sighed jokingly.

Nanoha scooted over and rest her head on Fate's shoulder. "She tires me out too," she agreed, leaning against Fate comfortably. "Thank you for playing with Vivio so much," she added.

Fate grinned ruefully. "I think I'm addicted to that damn game," she confessed, "I'm determined to beat Vivio eventually."

Nanoha laughed, her eyes lighting up as she looked at Fate. "Seriously?" she grinned.

"I'm afraid so," Fate admitted, grinning. She met Nanoha's eyes, the two sitting so close, then without thinking about it pressed their lips together.

Nanoha made a soft cooing sound, pressing herself back against Fate. "Hmm," she sighed softly as they pulled back, "I've wanted to kiss you all day."

"I could feel you watching me," Fate agreed as she nibbled at Nanoha's neck, "It got pretty distracting. I could feel you undressing me with your eyes."

"Ah!" Nanoha bit back a gasp. It was likely Vivio was already asleep, but there was no reason to take chances. She ran her hands along the edges of Fate's vest, caressing the breasts snugly held underneath. "You looked so hot, too," she purred.

"You too," Fate let her hands wander over Nanoha's body, barely covered by the sexy summer dress. She kissed her again, tongue flickering, even as she lay back, gently pulling Nanoha up on to the couch and atop her.

"Oh ho," Nanoha straddled her, grinning as she said, "I have you now, my pretty!"

Dramatically Fate replied, "Oh no, what shall I do? The evil Nanoha has me at her mercy! Oh what will become of me!"

Nanoha growled, nipping at Fate's cloth covered breasts, making her gasp softly. "Trust me, you'll enjoy every second," she breathed in Fate's ear.

"Oh yeah," Fate panted softly as she felt Nanoha's body on her, their bodies grinding together warmly on the couch.

Nanoha slid down, kissing her neck even as she undid Fate's pants, sliding her fingers into the front and cupping her panty covered mound. "Oh, you're so wet...," Nanoha purred.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" the innocent voice asked.

It was like a splash of cold water hit both their libidos, as they turned on the couch and saw Vivio sleepily looking at them from the end of the couch. Nanoha's mind was completely blank, she was so surprised she couldn't think of anything to say.

"Wrestling!" Fate said quickly as she swiftly got a hand between them, yanked Nanoha's hand out and zipped up her zipper. "We were just wrestling a bit."

"Oh," Vivio nodded sleepily. "I wanted some water," she held up her empty cup and walked into the kitchen. Vivio filled her cup and plodded back to her room, probably never fully waking up.

Both Fate and Nanoha remained frozen until they heard Vivio's door shut, then they relaxed. "Oh, that was close," Nanoha puffed out a sigh, then chuckled softly.

"I've never been so scared in my life," Fate agreed, sighing with a smile.

"Very quick thinking, by the way," Nanoha noted, pulling Fate down into a somewhat less ardent hug. "Would you... like to stay tonight?" she offered tentatively.

Fate looked into Nanoha's eyes, then smiled slightly. "I'd love to," she admitted, "but will it make trouble with Vivio?"

"I think she'll be fine," Nanoha said, getting up reluctantly from the couch. "Besides, as fun as it is playing on the couch I prefer a bed," she smiled.

"Me too," Fate agreed as she followed Nanoha happily.

To be continued...

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