Story: The Club, a Nanoha Alternate Universe (chapter 4)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 4

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe


Fate Testarossa awoke from a deep sleep, feeling slightly groggy as she lay on the rumpled bed. Her mind wandered pleasantly a flashes of memory shimmered across her mind's eye. Going to the club, sharing another meal with Nanoha, dancing together then...

A blush colored Fate's cheeks as more naughty memories came to mind. Nanoha had brought her back to one of the booths, closing the curtain for privacy. With a surprising agressiveness Nanoha pushed her back as she kissed her ardently, Fate kissing her back. The short skirt Fate was wearing gave Nanoha swift access but the brown haired woman was a tease, stroking and touching to nearly drive her made. Finally Nanoha let Fate come, pressing her lips to Fate's to stifle her cries.

She then returned the favor to Nanoha, flipping her around and kissing the other woman's larger breasts. Fate nibbled and licked her way down Nanoha's body, finally reaching that down covered mound. Nanoha bit the ends of her shift to stifle her moans as Fate feasted on her hot juices, her hips jerking as she came.

Fate smiled to herself as she sat up, getting out of bed with a surprising amount of energy and pulling a robe over her nightie. She hurried to the kitchen to make breakfast, even as she wished she was making it for Nanoha too. She cooked then ate, amused by the gnawing hunger from her greater than usual... exertions.

The sunlight streamed in, and Fate sighed as she let the warmth wash over her. She was already considering going to the club again tonight, and that neediness kind of worried her. She knew how easily someone you loved could hurt you, after all.

Fate quickly shook herself, not wanting to dwell on bad memories. 'Nanoha isn't that sort of person,' she reminded herself firmly. She drank her coffee and closed her eyes, simply relaxing in the sun... at least right until the phone rang.

"Hello?" Fate asked as she picked up the phone, "oh, Lindy! How are you?"

Fate felt a stab of guilt at not calling her adopted mother more often. She loved Lindy Harloun, the woman who had rescued her from the nightmare that her biological mother had become, but she always had difficulty showing it.

"Oh, pretty good," Lindy answered warmly. "Your big brother Chrono is rumbling about getting into the police force too, which kind of worries me."

"You're too good a example, Lindy," Fate answered, teasing a bit. A little more seriously she added, "Do you really not want him to be a cop?"

"I guess it's just that he gets so gung ho about it," Lindy admitted with a sigh. She added, "I swear, some days I think he should be staring in a shonen manga."

Fate giggled softly, she couldn't help it. "Yeah, he can get kind of... over the top," she admitted. "Do you want me to try to talk to him?" she offered.

"No, no," Lindy said after a moment, "I guess I'm just being a bit overly maternal." She paused then added brightly, "I got your letter the other day."

"Ah," Fate started, frantically trying to remember what she had written at the time.

"I'm glad to hear you're settling in," Lindy noted cheerfully, "and I'm glad you're making friends. Have you met anyone special?"

Fate seriously considered saying she met someone who provided bone melting sex, but decided that might not be too tactful. Instead she said, "I'm making some friends, yes. I met a nice college girl named Subaru recently, and she's introduced me to a few others."

"Well, I hope you try to get out more," Lindy said after a few seconds. A bit more tentatively, "Call me when you get a break, let me know if you'd like me to come out."

"I will," Fate promised.

They talked for awhile longer then said goodbye, Fate hanging up the phone thoughtfully. She almost got the feeling her mother knew more about her life than she was telling... she sighed, deciding she was just being paranoid. Finishing her coffee Fate got up, deciding she needed to get out and burn off some of her restless energy.

Fate went back to her bedroom, glad it was Saturday and that there were no classes to attend. She picked out a set of light trousers and a t-shirt, then showered before getting dressed. Refreshed she left her small apartment and went walking, stretching her legs in the sunlight.

Her apartment building wasn't far from the college, and Fate smiled at familiar faces as she walked. The part of town she lived in was very nice, though a bit straight-laced, and Fate enjoyed walking through the more bohemian, multicultural part of town nearby. She stopped in shops and looked in windows, occasionally drawn in to bookstores and other shops. Finally getting a bit tired Fate walked through one of the many parks, settling down on a bench as she rested. Leaning back she closed her eyes, relaxing.

"Hello?" a curious voice asked.

Fate opened her eyes and looked about, then down to see the little blond haired girl who was looking at her curiously. The child had the most striking eyes, the right green while the left was red, both seemingly filled with kind warmth. She was dressed in shorts and t-shirt and Fate would have guessed she was less than ten years old.

"Hello," Fate answered, smiling slightly.

"I was worried you were asleep," the little girl noted seriously, "if you just sit in the sun you'll get sunburn."

"Is that so?" Fate asked, amused by the child's seriousness.

"It is so," the girl nodded seriously, "I fell asleep in the sun and got burned." As if confiding a great secret she added, "It stung too."

"I guess so," Fate agreed, smiling.

"And then mom had to spread yucky cream on me," the little girl made a face, "it was slimy."

"That must have been hard," Fate sympathised.

"Oh yes," the child nodded. She brightened, "But then my skin peeled, and I liked grossing out my classmates with it."

Fate bit back a laugh. "That must have been fun," she offered mildly.

"It was," the girl agreed with a impish grin.

Just then a frantic voice called out, "Vivio! Vivio!"

The little girl winced slightly. "That's my mother," Vivio sighed.

Hurrying around the playground a familiar brown haired woman ran up to then, bodilly scooping up Vivio as she cried, "Where did you go?"

"I just walked off...," Vivio started to answer.

It took Fate a moment to get her mouth working, she was so surprised. "Nanoha?" she asked, barely recognizing the woman dressed in street clothes rather than the rather outrageous costumes she wore at the Club.

"Fate?" Nanoha blinked, her eyes wide with shock.

"You know each other?" Vivio asked eagerly, the little girl breaking into a broad smile.

"Yes," Fate said dryly, then found herself laughing suddenly. 'Nanoha has a child?' she thought, blinking. 'How...?'

"Vivio, do you want to go play on the slide for a bit?" Nanoha suggested to her daughter.

Vivio gave her and Fate a look that was oddly wise for her age. "This is a adult thing, right?" she asked, then skipped off. "Have fun," she called as she hurried to the playground.

Fate shook her head wryly even as Nanoha sat beside her. "She's one hell of a kid," she found herself noting mildly.

"Yes, she is," Nanoha agreed. She looked at Fate from the corner of her eye even as she kept an eye on Vivio, "I adopted her late last year."

"I see," Fate nodded slightly.

Nanoha smiled a little as Vivio happly went down the slide, then hurried up the steps to do it again. "I literally found her on the street last year, wandering aimlessly," she remembered, "I took her home, got a meal into her and tried to find out where she came from."

"No luck?" Fate asked.

Nanoha puffed out a sigh. "Vivio doesn't remember who she was, where she comes from... it's all blank for her," she said. She smiled as Vivio squealed, going down the slide, and added, "The police had no luck either, no missing girl matching her description and no records of her."

"What made you decide to adopt her?" Fate asked, feeling honestly curious.

"I was kind of torn about it," Nanoha admitted, "but the more research I did on foster families and the system the kids get put into, the less I could stand putting Vivio through it." She shrugged sheepishly, "I just couldn't NOT adopt her."

Fate looked out at the exuberant little girl, and could easily understand how Nanoha felt. Just watching Vivio play made her smile, somehow. "I'm glad you did," Fate said quietly.

Nanoha looked over at Fate thoughtfully, "So, will my being a mother cause you to run away screaming next time I see you at the Club?"

Fate chuckled softly, then looked over at Nanoha, "No, I don't think so." She blushed faintly, "It does... make things a bit odd, I admit."

"That's fair," Nanoha nodded. She actually smirked, "You have to admit, I never really had a chance to work it into the conversation."

"Yeah, I was a bit too busy being seduced by you," Fate teased.

Nanoha blushed. "You did a fair bit of seducing too, as I recall," she pointed out.

"Mom, what does seducing mean?" the innocent voice asked.

Both women looked down at Vivio, who apparently had gotten bored playing on the slide. They then looked at each other, both trying to decide what to say. "Nanoha will explain it to you when you're older," Fate told Vivio firmly.

"Aww," Vivio pouted, "I wanna know now."

Nanoha gave Fate a rueful glance, but she was smiling as she told Vivio, "I'll tell you about it when I think you're ready, I promise."

"Yes mommy," Vivio said, pouting cutely.

Fate bit back a laugh, then looked at the woman and girl thoughtfully. "Have you two had lunch yet?" she asked curiously.

"Not yet, no," Nanoha admitted, looking back at Fate curiously.

"Why don't I take you both out," Fate offered, "any place you want."

Vivio gave her a serious look, "Mother says I shouldn't take presents from strangers."

"That's very good advice," Fate agreed as Nanoha fought back a chuckle, "but I know your mother, so I'm not a stranger."

"That's alright then," Vivio brightened.

To be continued...

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