Story: The Club, a Nanoha Alternate Universe (chapter 2)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 2

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe

Two: Fate

Fate Testarossa walked in the twilight of the city, the business wear clad woman letting her legs carry her where they would. She had no family, no obligations, just long and empty days ahead of her. The attractive blond drew the eyes of men and women as she walked but she was oblivious, tortured by memories of the past.

Once Fate had been part of a kind family, but not any more. When her twin sister Alicia died their mother Precia couldn't accept it, and more and more insisted Fate BECOME Alicia. And when Fate couldn't do so well enough, came the beatings. Her screams finally drew the police and Fate was saved, but she bore the scars on her body and mind.

Ironically she was taken in by the police officer who rescued her, but Fate had maintained a wall between herself and Lindy Harloun. It wasn't that she thought the woman didn't care, but each time Lindy reached out to her Fate remembered her loving mother who became a monster, and flinched away. She knew she was hurting Lindy, but Fate couldn't help herself.

The first chance she could get Fate left home for college, and hoped to find a new start in a city where no one knew who she was. With the shield of anonymity she let herself reach out to others, and even began to tentatively explore her attraction to other women. Fate went to her school's gay society at first tentatively, then with more confidence. She made friends there, and through those friends learned of a certain, exclusive club.

Without intending to Fate found herself in the more bohemian quarter of the city, walking through the shops and cafe's until she was the familiar building. With a wry smile she walked down the steps to the unmarked door, knocking softly.

After a moment a tall, pink haired woman opened the door, her expression grave as usual. Signum was the bouncer and security force for the club, and she took that job very seriously. Fate had seen her bodily throw out roudy women, not to mention baring the door to any men trying to intrude.

"Miss Fate," Signum nodded, "good to see you tonight. Go on inside."

"Thank you," Fate smiled slightly as she went by her and into the hesitated then asked, "Is Nanoha here tonight?"

"Not yet," Signum answered, "but I expect her soon."

"Thanks," Fate blushed as she hurried off.


The first time Fate had been invited to the club it had been by the owner, Hayate Yagami. The brown haired young woman knew Subaru Ginga from the gaysoc at college, and Subaru had vouched for Fate. As Hayate led Fate into the den filled with beautiful women she had told Fate that entering the club was by invitation only, and misbehavior would get her tossed.

Fate had told her she understood, even as she watched wide eyed as pretty women in odd costumes sat with customers, drinking and chatting merrily. A police woman with a sexy short skirt was talking to a black haired younger lady, while nearby a elegant brown haired woman was talkiung to a dangerous woman in biker's leathers.

"Are they...?" Fate asked, blushing faintly.

"When you visit here you can pay for a woman's company, but that's all you get," Hayate told her with the air of someone who explained it often, "anything else is between them."

"Sorry," Fate smiled.

"It's all right," Hayate smiled, the twenty something sitting back. She wore a sexy dress that cupped her breasts and was cut up to her thigh, yet there wasn't anything threatening about her sexuality. She reminded one of a fluffy puppy, somehow.

They talked at a table to start with, both of them getting pleasantly buzzed, then they retired to a private booth. Hayate sat close to Fate, topping up her drink and smiling at the younger woman warmly. When Fate spilled a bit of her drink Hayate leaned forward to kiss it away, then pressed her lips to Fate's.

Eventually Fate was laying back while Hayate straddled her thighs, Fate's hands pushing up Hayate's short skirt. Hayate mewled softly as Fate nuzzled her breasts, her panties wet as she ground herself against Fate's lap. It was all slippery and crazy but Fate didn't care, instead she savored Hayate's body until the owner begged her to stop.


Fate smiled to herself ruefully as she reached the bar. Shortly after joining the club she found out that Hayate liked to... 'test drive' the customers, so to speak. She charmed them, got them alone then had her way with them, so to speak. Fate apparently was a rarity in that she had not ended up on her back at Hayate's mercy... Fate had been embarassed to learn that, but she also had to admit it had been an enjoyable experience. Certainly it was better than her first time with her brother's girlfriend, Amy!

"Hi Teana," Fate smiled at the bartender, a strawberry blond who was also a student, though thankfully old enough to serve booze.

"Hi Fate," Teana smiled back, "your usual?" When Fate nodded Teana poured her a gingerale, just adding a small shot of rum. "Here you go," she said, pushing the cup towards her,

"Thanks," Fate handed a bill back and didn't wait for change. She smiled fondly as she asked, "How is Subaru doing?"

"Don't even get me started," Teana laughed, then proceeded to relate her girlfriend's latest misadventures. It seemed Subaru was always getting into some kind of trouble, and usually dragging her friends in with her.

Excusing herself Fate walked towards the end of the private booths, sitting down with a soft sigh. She sipped her drink and watched the people, smiling faintly as she took in familiar women mixed with a few newcomers. She told herself that she was NOT looking around for a certain someone, but she was lying.

Fate saw Hayate and the reddish brown haired woman emerge from the back, seperating as the younger woman weaved through the crowd towards her. She tapped gently on the wood of the booth before she slid in, the sexy schoolgirl outfit she was wearing taking Fate's breath away.

"Hello, Fate," Nanoha smiled as she sat down, seemingly unaware of the effect she was having on Fate.

"Nanoha," Fate smiled as naturally as she could manage, reaching out to touch Nanoha's hand. She smirked, "Cute outfit."

"You didn't request it?" Nanoha asked curiously.

"Nope," Fate shook her head, looking at Nanoha curiously.

"It must be Hayate then," Nanoha made a face as she added, "That woman is far too into dressing us up in odd outfits."

"You look good, tho," Fate smiled warmly. She chuckled softly as she said a bit sadly, "Makes me wish we had gone to school together, or something."

Nanoha leaned forward as she studied Fate and asked her, "So, would you have left love letters in my shoe locker?"

"Anonymous ones, probably," Fate agreed as she blushed slightly, confessing, "I was a shy kid in school."

"Really?" Nanoha asked, laughing.

"Really," Fate agreed, musing on how comfortable she felt with this woman. It had been like this even the first time they met, Hayate introducing them then leaving them to fend for themselves. Somehow Fate just clicked with Nanoha, talking about her life with a openness she wasn't sure she's ever get entirely used to.

"Come on," Nanoha offered her hand as they finished up a shared dinner and overpriced drinks, "let's dance."

Fate was stiff at first, but she was soon enjoying swaying together to the music. "Hmm, this is nice," Fate sighed into the smaller girl's ear, holding Nanoha close.

Nanoha nodded, resting her head on Fate's shouder. "Fate," she murmured softly, "I have a question to ask you."

"Yeah?" Fate asked, one hand on the small of Nanoha's back, the other between her shoulders. She was very aware of Nanoha's body pressed against her's, and it was taking all of Fate's will not to do something dangerous.

"Why don't you ever make a move on me?" Nanoha looked up into Fate's eyes, and Fate was startled to see tears in them. "Every time you come here you ask for me, but all we do is drink and dance. Am I unattractive to you?" she asked softly.

"No!" Fate yelped, blushing furiously. She didn't want Nanoha to think that!

"Well?" Nanoha asked, a hint of frustration coloring her voice.

Fate was shell shocked at Nanoha frowned up at her, the taller blonde groping for words. "I... you are very attractive!" Fate stammered.

"Really!" Nanoha smiled up at Fate dangerously, making the older girl blush. "How attractive?" she asked, smiling slyly.

Fate could literally feel her insides quiver with surpressed desire as she met that surprisingly sexy gaze. "So attractive," Fate said quietly, "I don't think I can control my actions around you."

"Then stop controlling them," Nanoha said as she pulled Fate down into a long, lingering kiss.

Fate moaned into the kiss, pulling Nanoha close as their bodies pressed together. She ran her hand through the shorter woman's hair as their tongues dueled, swaying slowly to the music. She only pulled back with the greatest reluctance, her body screaming at her to do more. MUCH more.

. "Are you sure...?" Fate asked softly.

"Shut up and kiss me more," Nanoha moaned.

Not one to deny a lady a reasonable request Fate did so, the two of them stopping dead as they kissed deeply.

"Ahem," a voice disturbed them both, making them pull back. Vita Graf was giing them both a amused look as the redhead noted, "We're all enjoying the show, but you're kind of blockiing the dance floor."

"Vita!" Nanoha growled, blushing.

"Terribly sorry," Fate had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. She looked at Nanoha and felt a surge of shyness, one that she had to fight back. "Would you care to join me in our booth?" she asked softly, her hand resting on Nanoha's ass,

"Oh, I suppose it'll have to do," Nanoha sighed. Softly she added, "What I'd really like to do is take you to bed, but..."

Fate felt her knees go weak at the mental image of Nanoha spread out on a bed, nude. "Maybe we can arrange that," she mused as they slid into the booth together. Quite deliberately Fate pulled the curtain, blocking off the rest off the club, then she pulled Nanoha into her arms.

To be continued...

Notes: Part rewrite, part new stuff. Will also be bumping up the adult rating of the fic, as I had NOT planned on Hayate sleeping with fate. Well, actually not SLEEPING so much as fucking in a booth. ^_^ Might switch focus with a Hayate chapter next, or possibly Teana and Subaru. We'll see.

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