Story: The Club, a Nanoha Alternate Universe (chapter 1)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, I'm only borrowing them for awhile. This is also a yuri fic with adult content, so if that is not your thing I suggest hitting the back button. Thanks!

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe

Nanoha Takamachi peeked into the bedroom, smiling as she walked in to where her daughter lay in bed. "All right, Vivio, time to go to sleep," she said gently, the reddish brown haired woman tucking the little girl in to her bed.

"You're going to work, mommy?" the little blond haired girl asked, Vivio smiling up at her adopted mother innocently.

"Yes," Nanoha told her, "but I promise I'll be back here in time to send you off to school."

"Okay," Vivio agreed, snuggling down and soon drifting off to sleep, knowing her mother would keep that promise. She always had before, after all.

Nanoha looked in on the sleeping girl for a moment, then she shut the door as the business suit clad woman walked through the small if comfortable apartment. She picked up her coat and slipped on her shoes before heading out into the night, locking the door behind her. Leaving her home Nanoha knew she looked respectable, like some office lady going to work. That was good, because looking respectable was important for Vivio's future.

Sometimes when she was a little tired, Nanoha wished her situation was a bit simpler. She had left her home town to go to college, helped by a scholarship, but a unexpected tragedy left her caring for the young girl Vivio. She didn't feel it right to force her parents to help support the child and pay her bills, so she had been forced to find part time work.

The apartment that she was renting was in a bohemian part of the city, one that she suspected her high school teachers would disapprove of. There were cafes and bistros, foreign food and people from all around the world, all mixing and mingling every day. And also a more... unusual type of person. It wasn't the city's overtly gay district, but it was one with more than a few gay and lesbian couples living in it.

About ten minutes from the apartment Nanoha neared her destination, passing familiar shops and buildings. The club was a private one, so there were no signs or advertizements visible out on the street. Nanoha went down the steps from street level to the heavy front door, then knocked briskly. After a moment the door opened revealing a tall pink haired woman, her serious expression lightening into a warm smile.

"Hullo, Signum," Nanoha smiled up at her.

Signum Wolkenritter was a German, who had come to Japan with her brother Zafira. She was tall, athletic and intimidating, as long as you didn't know she was a bit of a cream-puff deep down. Dressed in leather pants, books and a matching jacket, she looked sexy and a bit scary. "Nanoha," she waved her in, "good to see you."

"Thanks," Nanoha answered as she took off her coat and slung it over her arm, "how's the crowd tonight?"

"Busy as usual," Signum answered, smiling, "you'd better get in the back and get changed. A customer was asking about you."

"Yeah, yeah," Nanoha smiled as she hurried down a side passage meant for staff only, "any idea what Hayate is dressing me up as today?"

"You'll see," Signum chuckled.

Vita Graf was working in the changing rooms, the young woman smiling wryly in greeting. While in her early twenties she was a bit physically underdeveloped, something the redhead found very annoying. Dressed in a blood red lolita style dress she was helping Shamal get dressed as she nodded a greeting to Nanoha.

"Hello, Nanoha," Shamal Klarer smiled, the somewhat busty blonde putting on her usual nurse's outfit. She was actually a student like Nanoha herself, but Shamal was a second year in the university nursing program. She was practically a born nurse too, with the required sunny personality and strong mothering instinct.

"Hello, Shamal," Nanoha answered as she stripped off her office lady outfit to reveal a very skimpy white bra and panties. "Hello, Vita," she smiled as she folded her clothes, "what outfit has the boss picked out for me today?"

"Your fan is here again," Vita told her cheerfully as she did up the back of Shamal's dress, "you mind doing the school girl outfit again?"

"It's fine," Nanoha smiled wryly as the shapely figured woman picked that freshly laundered costume off the rack, "but I wish I had your figure sometimes, Shamal. If I did I could pull off so many other costumes..."

From right behind her a voice cheerfully noted, "You have a fine figure."

"Hayate?" Nanoha started to turn when her breasts were grabbed from behind, then squeezed energetically. "Eeep!" she squeaked.

"Hmm, so nice!" Hayate purred in her ear as she massaged gently, hefting each breast in her hands as she gave the nipples a expert pinch.

"Get off, Hayate," Nanoha yelped, pulling free from the older woman as a blazing blush colored her cheeks. "You are such a perv," she scolded as she pulled the school uniform on, adjusting the skirt and making sure the bow was tied properly at her neck.

"But you love me anyway?" the brown haired woman smiled back.

Hayate Yagami was in her late twenties, and had met Nanoha shortly after she had taken in Vivio. Finding out about her difficult finances she offered Nanoha a job, shocking the girl as to how she supported herself. Still, after trying out the club one night Nanoha was surprised how much she liked the work. And to be honest, she really liked how much she could make there!

"Don't push your luck," Nanoha joked as she put her shoes on.

"Thank you for helping out," Hayate told her as they walked up the hall from the changing rooms, "it's been really busy lately,." Shamal hung back to let the two of them talk, the blond smiling at them fondly.

"I'm glad to help," Nanoha told her as they walked into the club together.

The women packed the small, private club, talking and chatting warmly. Hayate never said where she got the idea for such a club, but it was popular both with women who liked other women, as well as ladies who simply wanted to relax without having some guy hit on them. People found out about the club through word of mouth, and anyone who caused trouble never got invited back.

This club was NOT a brothel, despite the fact they provided hostesses to keep guests company. A customer paid to have the company of the woman of their choice, but that was all they got. Anything else that might happen was between the two women, and Hayate didn't want to know about it. Well, not know officially, anyway.

Leaving Hayate behind Nanoha threaded her way past the tables over to the private boots over along one side of the club, walking to the end then tapping gently on the wooden edge of the seat. The blond haired woman sitting there was about Nanoha's age, plus a year or two, and her blue eyes were warm and welcoming.

"Hello, Fate," Nanoha smiled as she sat down.

She didn't know if Fate was really the pretty blond haired woman's name, but it was the one that Hayate had introduced her with. She was tall and slender, with kind eyes and a sense of lingering sorrow around her. Whenever she visited she invited Nanoha to sit, drink and dance, and never went any farther. Which was rather frustrating to Nanoha. Fate was one of the first women Nanoha had ever felt this kind of attraction to...

"Nanoha," Fate smiled, her long blond hair shimmering as she reached out to touch Nanoha's hand. She smirked, "Cute outfit."

"You didn't request it?" Nanoha asked curiously.

"Nope," the business suit clad woman shook her head, Fate looking at her curiously.

"It must be Hayate then," Nanoha made a face as she added, "That woman is far too into dressing us up in odd outfits."

"You look good, tho," Fate smiled warmly. She chuckled softly, "Makes me wish we had gone to school together, or something."

Nanoha leaned forward as she studied Fate and asked her, "So, would you have left love letters in my shoe locker?"

"Anonymous ones, probably," Fate agreed, "I was a shy kid in school."

"Really?" Nanoha asked, laughing.

The two women talked and chatted through the evening, Fate ordering a light dinner they both shared, time spiraling on as they sipped at the overpriced drinks. (Hayate was not stupid, she made her money wherever she could.) Then Nanoha pulled Fate to her feet, the two women moving out of the booth to dance as music played softly in the background.

"Hmm, this is nice," Fate sighed, holding Nanoha close as they swayed together slowly.

Nanoha nodded, resting her head on Fate's shoulder. "Fate," she murmured softly, "I have a question to ask you."

"Yeah?" Fate asked, one hand on the small of Nanoha's back, the other between her shoulders.

"Why don't you ever make a move on me?" Nanoha dared to ask, looking directly into Fate's eyes. "Every time you come here you ask for me, but all we do is drink and dance. Am I unattractive to you?" she asked softly.

"No!" Fate yelped, blushing.

"Well?" Nanoha asked as weeks of frustration began to color her voice. She found the slim blond incredibly attractive, and had done all but climb into her lap to give a hint. All of which were ignored by the other woman.

"I... you are very attractive!" Fate stammered.

"Really!" Nanoha smiled up at Fate dangerously, making the older girl blush. "How attractive?" she asked, smiling.

"So attractive," Fate said quietly, "I don't think I can control my actions around you."

"Then stop controlling them," Nanoha said as she pulled Fate down into a long, lingering kiss.

Fate moaned into the kiss, pulling Nanoha close as their bodies pressed together. She ran her hand through the shorter woman's hair as their tongues dueled, swaying slowly to the music. She only pulled back with the greatest reluctance. "Are you sure...?" Fate asked softly.

"Shut up and kiss me more," Nanoha moaned.

"About time," Hayate muttered as she watched covertly from her place up at the bar.

"You really shouldn't be matchmaking so much, ma'am," Shamal noted, the lovely blond working the bar for awhile.

"I think they're pretty well suited to each other," Hayate shrugged as she watched Nanoha and Fate duck into the booth then slide the curtain shut for privacy. "Fate needs someone loving, after all the crap she went through with her mother," she noted thoughtfully, "and Nanoha could use someone as steady as Fate."

"And when Fate hears about Vivio?" Shamal had to ask.

"I think they'll be fine," Hayate said firmly.

To be continued....

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