Story: The Club, a Nanoha Alternate Universe (all chapters)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, I'm only borrowing them for awhile. This is also a yuri fic with adult content, so if that is not your thing I suggest hitting the back button. Thanks!

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe

Nanoha Takamachi peeked into the bedroom, smiling as she walked in to where her daughter lay in bed. "All right, Vivio, time to go to sleep," she said gently, the reddish brown haired woman tucking the little girl in to her bed.

"You're going to work, mommy?" the little blond haired girl asked, Vivio smiling up at her adopted mother innocently.

"Yes," Nanoha told her, "but I promise I'll be back here in time to send you off to school."

"Okay," Vivio agreed, snuggling down and soon drifting off to sleep, knowing her mother would keep that promise. She always had before, after all.

Nanoha looked in on the sleeping girl for a moment, then she shut the door as the business suit clad woman walked through the small if comfortable apartment. She picked up her coat and slipped on her shoes before heading out into the night, locking the door behind her. Leaving her home Nanoha knew she looked respectable, like some office lady going to work. That was good, because looking respectable was important for Vivio's future.

Sometimes when she was a little tired, Nanoha wished her situation was a bit simpler. She had left her home town to go to college, helped by a scholarship, but a unexpected tragedy left her caring for the young girl Vivio. She didn't feel it right to force her parents to help support the child and pay her bills, so she had been forced to find part time work.

The apartment that she was renting was in a bohemian part of the city, one that she suspected her high school teachers would disapprove of. There were cafes and bistros, foreign food and people from all around the world, all mixing and mingling every day. And also a more... unusual type of person. It wasn't the city's overtly gay district, but it was one with more than a few gay and lesbian couples living in it.

About ten minutes from the apartment Nanoha neared her destination, passing familiar shops and buildings. The club was a private one, so there were no signs or advertizements visible out on the street. Nanoha went down the steps from street level to the heavy front door, then knocked briskly. After a moment the door opened revealing a tall pink haired woman, her serious expression lightening into a warm smile.

"Hullo, Signum," Nanoha smiled up at her.

Signum Wolkenritter was a German, who had come to Japan with her brother Zafira. She was tall, athletic and intimidating, as long as you didn't know she was a bit of a cream-puff deep down. Dressed in leather pants, books and a matching jacket, she looked sexy and a bit scary. "Nanoha," she waved her in, "good to see you."

"Thanks," Nanoha answered as she took off her coat and slung it over her arm, "how's the crowd tonight?"

"Busy as usual," Signum answered, smiling, "you'd better get in the back and get changed. A customer was asking about you."

"Yeah, yeah," Nanoha smiled as she hurried down a side passage meant for staff only, "any idea what Hayate is dressing me up as today?"

"You'll see," Signum chuckled.

Vita Graf was working in the changing rooms, the young woman smiling wryly in greeting. While in her early twenties she was a bit physically underdeveloped, something the redhead found very annoying. Dressed in a blood red lolita style dress she was helping Shamal get dressed as she nodded a greeting to Nanoha.

"Hello, Nanoha," Shamal Klarer smiled, the somewhat busty blonde putting on her usual nurse's outfit. She was actually a student like Nanoha herself, but Shamal was a second year in the university nursing program. She was practically a born nurse too, with the required sunny personality and strong mothering instinct.

"Hello, Shamal," Nanoha answered as she stripped off her office lady outfit to reveal a very skimpy white bra and panties. "Hello, Vita," she smiled as she folded her clothes, "what outfit has the boss picked out for me today?"

"Your fan is here again," Vita told her cheerfully as she did up the back of Shamal's dress, "you mind doing the school girl outfit again?"

"It's fine," Nanoha smiled wryly as the shapely figured woman picked that freshly laundered costume off the rack, "but I wish I had your figure sometimes, Shamal. If I did I could pull off so many other costumes..."

From right behind her a voice cheerfully noted, "You have a fine figure."

"Hayate?" Nanoha started to turn when her breasts were grabbed from behind, then squeezed energetically. "Eeep!" she squeaked.

"Hmm, so nice!" Hayate purred in her ear as she massaged gently, hefting each breast in her hands as she gave the nipples a expert pinch.

"Get off, Hayate," Nanoha yelped, pulling free from the older woman as a blazing blush colored her cheeks. "You are such a perv," she scolded as she pulled the school uniform on, adjusting the skirt and making sure the bow was tied properly at her neck.

"But you love me anyway?" the brown haired woman smiled back.

Hayate Yagami was in her late twenties, and had met Nanoha shortly after she had taken in Vivio. Finding out about her difficult finances she offered Nanoha a job, shocking the girl as to how she supported herself. Still, after trying out the club one night Nanoha was surprised how much she liked the work. And to be honest, she really liked how much she could make there!

"Don't push your luck," Nanoha joked as she put her shoes on.

"Thank you for helping out," Hayate told her as they walked up the hall from the changing rooms, "it's been really busy lately,." Shamal hung back to let the two of them talk, the blond smiling at them fondly.

"I'm glad to help," Nanoha told her as they walked into the club together.

The women packed the small, private club, talking and chatting warmly. Hayate never said where she got the idea for such a club, but it was popular both with women who liked other women, as well as ladies who simply wanted to relax without having some guy hit on them. People found out about the club through word of mouth, and anyone who caused trouble never got invited back.

This club was NOT a brothel, despite the fact they provided hostesses to keep guests company. A customer paid to have the company of the woman of their choice, but that was all they got. Anything else that might happen was between the two women, and Hayate didn't want to know about it. Well, not know officially, anyway.

Leaving Hayate behind Nanoha threaded her way past the tables over to the private boots over along one side of the club, walking to the end then tapping gently on the wooden edge of the seat. The blond haired woman sitting there was about Nanoha's age, plus a year or two, and her blue eyes were warm and welcoming.

"Hello, Fate," Nanoha smiled as she sat down.

She didn't know if Fate was really the pretty blond haired woman's name, but it was the one that Hayate had introduced her with. She was tall and slender, with kind eyes and a sense of lingering sorrow around her. Whenever she visited she invited Nanoha to sit, drink and dance, and never went any farther. Which was rather frustrating to Nanoha. Fate was one of the first women Nanoha had ever felt this kind of attraction to...

"Nanoha," Fate smiled, her long blond hair shimmering as she reached out to touch Nanoha's hand. She smirked, "Cute outfit."

"You didn't request it?" Nanoha asked curiously.

"Nope," the business suit clad woman shook her head, Fate looking at her curiously.

"It must be Hayate then," Nanoha made a face as she added, "That woman is far too into dressing us up in odd outfits."

"You look good, tho," Fate smiled warmly. She chuckled softly, "Makes me wish we had gone to school together, or something."

Nanoha leaned forward as she studied Fate and asked her, "So, would you have left love letters in my shoe locker?"

"Anonymous ones, probably," Fate agreed, "I was a shy kid in school."

"Really?" Nanoha asked, laughing.

The two women talked and chatted through the evening, Fate ordering a light dinner they both shared, time spiraling on as they sipped at the overpriced drinks. (Hayate was not stupid, she made her money wherever she could.) Then Nanoha pulled Fate to her feet, the two women moving out of the booth to dance as music played softly in the background.

"Hmm, this is nice," Fate sighed, holding Nanoha close as they swayed together slowly.

Nanoha nodded, resting her head on Fate's shoulder. "Fate," she murmured softly, "I have a question to ask you."

"Yeah?" Fate asked, one hand on the small of Nanoha's back, the other between her shoulders.

"Why don't you ever make a move on me?" Nanoha dared to ask, looking directly into Fate's eyes. "Every time you come here you ask for me, but all we do is drink and dance. Am I unattractive to you?" she asked softly.

"No!" Fate yelped, blushing.

"Well?" Nanoha asked as weeks of frustration began to color her voice. She found the slim blond incredibly attractive, and had done all but climb into her lap to give a hint. All of which were ignored by the other woman.

"I... you are very attractive!" Fate stammered.

"Really!" Nanoha smiled up at Fate dangerously, making the older girl blush. "How attractive?" she asked, smiling.

"So attractive," Fate said quietly, "I don't think I can control my actions around you."

"Then stop controlling them," Nanoha said as she pulled Fate down into a long, lingering kiss.

Fate moaned into the kiss, pulling Nanoha close as their bodies pressed together. She ran her hand through the shorter woman's hair as their tongues dueled, swaying slowly to the music. She only pulled back with the greatest reluctance. "Are you sure...?" Fate asked softly.

"Shut up and kiss me more," Nanoha moaned.

"About time," Hayate muttered as she watched covertly from her place up at the bar.

"You really shouldn't be matchmaking so much, ma'am," Shamal noted, the lovely blond working the bar for awhile.

"I think they're pretty well suited to each other," Hayate shrugged as she watched Nanoha and Fate duck into the booth then slide the curtain shut for privacy. "Fate needs someone loving, after all the crap she went through with her mother," she noted thoughtfully, "and Nanoha could use someone as steady as Fate."

"And when Fate hears about Vivio?" Shamal had to ask.

"I think they'll be fine," Hayate said firmly.

To be continued....

Chapter 2

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe

Two: Fate

Fate Testarossa walked in the twilight of the city, the business wear clad woman letting her legs carry her where they would. She had no family, no obligations, just long and empty days ahead of her. The attractive blond drew the eyes of men and women as she walked but she was oblivious, tortured by memories of the past.

Once Fate had been part of a kind family, but not any more. When her twin sister Alicia died their mother Precia couldn't accept it, and more and more insisted Fate BECOME Alicia. And when Fate couldn't do so well enough, came the beatings. Her screams finally drew the police and Fate was saved, but she bore the scars on her body and mind.

Ironically she was taken in by the police officer who rescued her, but Fate had maintained a wall between herself and Lindy Harloun. It wasn't that she thought the woman didn't care, but each time Lindy reached out to her Fate remembered her loving mother who became a monster, and flinched away. She knew she was hurting Lindy, but Fate couldn't help herself.

The first chance she could get Fate left home for college, and hoped to find a new start in a city where no one knew who she was. With the shield of anonymity she let herself reach out to others, and even began to tentatively explore her attraction to other women. Fate went to her school's gay society at first tentatively, then with more confidence. She made friends there, and through those friends learned of a certain, exclusive club.

Without intending to Fate found herself in the more bohemian quarter of the city, walking through the shops and cafe's until she was the familiar building. With a wry smile she walked down the steps to the unmarked door, knocking softly.

After a moment a tall, pink haired woman opened the door, her expression grave as usual. Signum was the bouncer and security force for the club, and she took that job very seriously. Fate had seen her bodily throw out roudy women, not to mention baring the door to any men trying to intrude.

"Miss Fate," Signum nodded, "good to see you tonight. Go on inside."

"Thank you," Fate smiled slightly as she went by her and into the hesitated then asked, "Is Nanoha here tonight?"

"Not yet," Signum answered, "but I expect her soon."

"Thanks," Fate blushed as she hurried off.


The first time Fate had been invited to the club it had been by the owner, Hayate Yagami. The brown haired young woman knew Subaru Ginga from the gaysoc at college, and Subaru had vouched for Fate. As Hayate led Fate into the den filled with beautiful women she had told Fate that entering the club was by invitation only, and misbehavior would get her tossed.

Fate had told her she understood, even as she watched wide eyed as pretty women in odd costumes sat with customers, drinking and chatting merrily. A police woman with a sexy short skirt was talking to a black haired younger lady, while nearby a elegant brown haired woman was talkiung to a dangerous woman in biker's leathers.

"Are they...?" Fate asked, blushing faintly.

"When you visit here you can pay for a woman's company, but that's all you get," Hayate told her with the air of someone who explained it often, "anything else is between them."

"Sorry," Fate smiled.

"It's all right," Hayate smiled, the twenty something sitting back. She wore a sexy dress that cupped her breasts and was cut up to her thigh, yet there wasn't anything threatening about her sexuality. She reminded one of a fluffy puppy, somehow.

They talked at a table to start with, both of them getting pleasantly buzzed, then they retired to a private booth. Hayate sat close to Fate, topping up her drink and smiling at the younger woman warmly. When Fate spilled a bit of her drink Hayate leaned forward to kiss it away, then pressed her lips to Fate's.

Eventually Fate was laying back while Hayate straddled her thighs, Fate's hands pushing up Hayate's short skirt. Hayate mewled softly as Fate nuzzled her breasts, her panties wet as she ground herself against Fate's lap. It was all slippery and crazy but Fate didn't care, instead she savored Hayate's body until the owner begged her to stop.


Fate smiled to herself ruefully as she reached the bar. Shortly after joining the club she found out that Hayate liked to... 'test drive' the customers, so to speak. She charmed them, got them alone then had her way with them, so to speak. Fate apparently was a rarity in that she had not ended up on her back at Hayate's mercy... Fate had been embarassed to learn that, but she also had to admit it had been an enjoyable experience. Certainly it was better than her first time with her brother's girlfriend, Amy!

"Hi Teana," Fate smiled at the bartender, a strawberry blond who was also a student, though thankfully old enough to serve booze.

"Hi Fate," Teana smiled back, "your usual?" When Fate nodded Teana poured her a gingerale, just adding a small shot of rum. "Here you go," she said, pushing the cup towards her,

"Thanks," Fate handed a bill back and didn't wait for change. She smiled fondly as she asked, "How is Subaru doing?"

"Don't even get me started," Teana laughed, then proceeded to relate her girlfriend's latest misadventures. It seemed Subaru was always getting into some kind of trouble, and usually dragging her friends in with her.

Excusing herself Fate walked towards the end of the private booths, sitting down with a soft sigh. She sipped her drink and watched the people, smiling faintly as she took in familiar women mixed with a few newcomers. She told herself that she was NOT looking around for a certain someone, but she was lying.

Fate saw Hayate and the reddish brown haired woman emerge from the back, seperating as the younger woman weaved through the crowd towards her. She tapped gently on the wood of the booth before she slid in, the sexy schoolgirl outfit she was wearing taking Fate's breath away.

"Hello, Fate," Nanoha smiled as she sat down, seemingly unaware of the effect she was having on Fate.

"Nanoha," Fate smiled as naturally as she could manage, reaching out to touch Nanoha's hand. She smirked, "Cute outfit."

"You didn't request it?" Nanoha asked curiously.

"Nope," Fate shook her head, looking at Nanoha curiously.

"It must be Hayate then," Nanoha made a face as she added, "That woman is far too into dressing us up in odd outfits."

"You look good, tho," Fate smiled warmly. She chuckled softly as she said a bit sadly, "Makes me wish we had gone to school together, or something."

Nanoha leaned forward as she studied Fate and asked her, "So, would you have left love letters in my shoe locker?"

"Anonymous ones, probably," Fate agreed as she blushed slightly, confessing, "I was a shy kid in school."

"Really?" Nanoha asked, laughing.

"Really," Fate agreed, musing on how comfortable she felt with this woman. It had been like this even the first time they met, Hayate introducing them then leaving them to fend for themselves. Somehow Fate just clicked with Nanoha, talking about her life with a openness she wasn't sure she's ever get entirely used to.

"Come on," Nanoha offered her hand as they finished up a shared dinner and overpriced drinks, "let's dance."

Fate was stiff at first, but she was soon enjoying swaying together to the music. "Hmm, this is nice," Fate sighed into the smaller girl's ear, holding Nanoha close.

Nanoha nodded, resting her head on Fate's shouder. "Fate," she murmured softly, "I have a question to ask you."

"Yeah?" Fate asked, one hand on the small of Nanoha's back, the other between her shoulders. She was very aware of Nanoha's body pressed against her's, and it was taking all of Fate's will not to do something dangerous.

"Why don't you ever make a move on me?" Nanoha looked up into Fate's eyes, and Fate was startled to see tears in them. "Every time you come here you ask for me, but all we do is drink and dance. Am I unattractive to you?" she asked softly.

"No!" Fate yelped, blushing furiously. She didn't want Nanoha to think that!

"Well?" Nanoha asked, a hint of frustration coloring her voice.

Fate was shell shocked at Nanoha frowned up at her, the taller blonde groping for words. "I... you are very attractive!" Fate stammered.

"Really!" Nanoha smiled up at Fate dangerously, making the older girl blush. "How attractive?" she asked, smiling slyly.

Fate could literally feel her insides quiver with surpressed desire as she met that surprisingly sexy gaze. "So attractive," Fate said quietly, "I don't think I can control my actions around you."

"Then stop controlling them," Nanoha said as she pulled Fate down into a long, lingering kiss.

Fate moaned into the kiss, pulling Nanoha close as their bodies pressed together. She ran her hand through the shorter woman's hair as their tongues dueled, swaying slowly to the music. She only pulled back with the greatest reluctance, her body screaming at her to do more. MUCH more.

. "Are you sure...?" Fate asked softly.

"Shut up and kiss me more," Nanoha moaned.

Not one to deny a lady a reasonable request Fate did so, the two of them stopping dead as they kissed deeply.

"Ahem," a voice disturbed them both, making them pull back. Vita Graf was giing them both a amused look as the redhead noted, "We're all enjoying the show, but you're kind of blockiing the dance floor."

"Vita!" Nanoha growled, blushing.

"Terribly sorry," Fate had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. She looked at Nanoha and felt a surge of shyness, one that she had to fight back. "Would you care to join me in our booth?" she asked softly, her hand resting on Nanoha's ass,

"Oh, I suppose it'll have to do," Nanoha sighed. Softly she added, "What I'd really like to do is take you to bed, but..."

Fate felt her knees go weak at the mental image of Nanoha spread out on a bed, nude. "Maybe we can arrange that," she mused as they slid into the booth together. Quite deliberately Fate pulled the curtain, blocking off the rest off the club, then she pulled Nanoha into her arms.

To be continued...

Notes: Part rewrite, part new stuff. Will also be bumping up the adult rating of the fic, as I had NOT planned on Hayate sleeping with fate. Well, actually not SLEEPING so much as fucking in a booth. ^_^ Might switch focus with a Hayate chapter next, or possibly Teana and Subaru. We'll see.

Chapter 3

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe

Three: One Night

Hayate Yagami smiled as the brown haired woman weaved between the tables, smiling hello and nodding to familiar faces. While not packed the club was full of happy, chatting women, as well as the occasional pair making out in the private booths. As she reached the bar she turned, smiling to everyone as she declared. "Welcome, ladies, to the Club!"

"Oh god, she's not going to do this again...," Signum muttered, the pink haired woman flushing as the muscular woman crossed her her arms over her chest. A very impressive chest it was, too, fitting her almost amazonian looks.

"I am your host, Hayate," she ignored Signum;s comment as she said breezily, "and now presenting the girls of the club!"

On cue the young woman lined up, smiling meekly, though a few had a dangerous twinkle in their eyes. "This is Shamal, thought everyone calls her Rosie," Hayate gestured to the busty blonde, "because she blushes so sweetly."

"They do NOT," Shamal muttered as she gave her boss a deadly look, but she smiled winningly at the crowd. She was softer than Signum, almost a motherly figure, but still very sexy with her full, rounded curves.

"And Signum!" Hayate gestured to the pink haired woman tending to the bar as she asked, "You like Signum?" As the crowd murmured their interest she smirked as she informed them, "Well too bad, so does Shamal."

Everyone laughed at that.

"And this is Vita," Hayate smiled at the smaller redhead, who was dressed in a red and black gothic lolita style. The dress made her look young but not TOO young, if you know what I mean. Cheerfully Hayate noted, "I like to order Vita on the side." Turning to Vita she jokingly ordered, "On your side, Vita! On your side!"

There was a chuckle at that too, grins appearing on a few faces.

"Teana is a foreigner to our country," Hayate gestured to the strawberry blonde Teana, "but don't worry." She wiggled her eyebrows up and down, "She is a very cunning linguist."

Chortles burst out from the crowd as the slim, athletic woman blushed. Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt she reminded one of a track star, full of youth and life. She was also a orphan and another one of Hayate's 'adoptees,' young woman she helped out with a job and a place to stay.

"And Rein here is the baby of the group," Hayate said as the silver-blue haired twenty year old gave her a dirty look. "She's like a daughter to me," she noted conversationally, "so I spank her when she's bad." Hayate winked, "And she's VERY bad..."

There was another laugh and Rein blushed.

"And each and every one," Hayate paused, "is a virgin." Everyone have her disbelieving looks as Hayate bowed, "Don't believe me? Try them out yourselves." As everyone laughed she finished, "Have a good night, all."

"Boss, you were SO ripping off Cabaret," Teana chided, smiling at her with amusement as Signum poured them each a drink.

"So?" Hayate shrugged, not even denying it. "What did you think of your introduction?" she asked her, winking slyly.

"Cunning Linguist?" Teana looked amused, "Gee, thanks. Now everyone will think I specialize in oral sex."

Hayate smirked, "I haven't heard Subaru complain."

"Hayate!" Teana blushed.

Signum reached over and calmly tapped Hayate on the head, hard. "That was pushing it, Miss," she told her firmly.

Hayate winced, rubbing her head. "Sorry, Teana," she said meekly. A bit hesitantly she said, "You mean you and she haven't...?"

"No," Teana admitted as she watched the crowds, her gaze warm and inviting.

"But why...?" Signum broke one of her own rules and asked, though normally the reserved woman wouldn't push like that.

Teana shrugged a bit, a hint of pain in her eyes as she said, "Subaru isn't entirely comfortable with having sex with me, considering what I do here."

Hayate frowned, going from slightly goofy club owner to concerned mother figure in a second or two. "That's not fair to you," she noted seriously, "she should know you don't go any farther than a drink or dance with customers."

"I know, but...," Teana shrugged, "emotions aren't reasonable."

"I could talk to her," Signum offered calmly.

"Oh, god no," Teana blurted. At Signum's wounded look she explained, "Signum, I love you dearly but you can be really intimidating when you want to be. I don't want you making poor Subaru piss herself, or something."

"She's not that bad," Hayate lied loyaly.

Signum had to laugh as she admitted, "Teana has a point." With a smile that was surprisingly gentle she told the younger woman, "If there's anything I can do, let me know."

"I will," Teana promised.

Moving off slightly Hayate scanned the crowd, the young woman taking in the familiar faces. Just then the chime by the door rand, and she frowned as a tall, older woman walked in, looking around her curiously.

Signum frowned, studying the woman covertly. "Should I throw her out?" she asked quietly, "She's not a regular."

"Let's see what she does," Hayate said thoughtfully.

The tall blue green haired woman didn't seem to be excessively bothered by all the women, advancing through the nightclub calmly. She also exuded a calm sort of serenity, while a slight smile teased at her lips. Surprisingly she seemed to be looking for Hayate, making her way towards her as soon as she saw her.

"I don't like this," Signum frowned.

"Stay in shouting distance," Hayate ordered as she waited for the woman to arrive.

The woman looked down at her curiously as she asked, "Miss Hayate Yagami?"

"Yes," Hayate smiled as pleasantly as she could, "and you are?"

She smiled as she pushed her hair back from her face, "My name is Lindy Harloun, I believe you know my daughter."

"Your daughter...?" Hayate suddenly found herself thinking of farmer's daughters and shotgun weddings. "I don't recognize the name."

A shadow seemed to pass over the older woman's face and she sighed softly. "We have different last names," she said quietly, "her name is Fate."

Hayate's eyes widened slightly. She hadn't gotten ALL of Fate's story out of her, but in talking to the woman she had gotten the important bits out. Fate had suffered serious abuse at the hands of her biological mother, and had been rescured and later adopted by a caring police officer.

"Ms. Harloun," Hayate respectfully offered her hand, "it's a honor to meet you."

"Lindy, please," she shook the hand as she said quietly, "could we talk privately?"

"Certainly," Hayate agreed as she walked with Lindy to a booth she knew hadn't been used tonight and had been recently cleaned.

Lindy slid into the seat, sighing a little as she sat back. "I'm sorry to drop in on you like this," she said, "I wouldn't normally do so."

Remembering the other woman was a police officer Hayate asked a bit warily, "This isn't a official visit, is it?"

"No," Lindy shook her head, "it's purely a personal matter."

One of the things that Hayate valued was the privacy of her clients, but she also felt a surge of compassion for the older woman. "What can I do for you?" she asked, giving her a opening.

"To be completely honest, I'm not sure," Lindy admitted wryly. She signaled to one of the waitresses and ordered a scotch, then paid for Hayate's drink too. She raised her eyebrows a bit at the price, then took a sip of her drink. Setting the cup down she looked at Hayate and asked, "Has Fate told you about her past?"

"Some,' Hayate conceded, "she mentioned she was abused."

"Yes," Lindy nodded. She fumbled with the drink, "The abuse was bad, but worse was that her mother was very loving before she went mad." Lindy drank, "So to some extent she expects a mother figure to love her then hurt her."

Hayate winced, not having quite connected the dots that far. "She keeps a distance with you?" she asked gently.

"Hmm," Lindy nodded morosely, "we exchange letters and talk on the phone, mostly. I love her like my own blood, but... she flinches when I hug her."

"I'm sorry," Hayate reached out, squeezing Lindy's hand.

Lindy smiled back, her smile a little crooked. "She mentioned this place in a letter, talked about meeting you and a woman named Nanoha," she told her.

Hayate smiled back even as she prayed Fate hadn't gone into too much detail about their first meeting. "I don't know what I should tell you," she admitted, "I don't want to violate Fate's trust."

"I understand," Lindy nodded a bit sadly.

"But I think Fate is happy," Hayate offered, "she's made friends here."

Lindy sat back, sighing in what was clearly relief. "I hoped so," she said quietly, "but I wasn't sure... thank you, Hayate."

"Thank Nanoha," Hayate suggested with a smile, "I think she's been the one to bring Fate the most out of her shell."

Lindy smiled suddenly, "She certainly gets mentioned often enough in Fate's letters" She leaned forward intimately as she asked, "Do you think that they're...?"

Hayate winked, "Oh, I think they're getting there. But I shouldn't tell tales..."

"Spoil sport," Lindy pouted, finishing off her drink.

"Sorry," Hayate shrugged apologetically.

"Heh," Lindy smiled, "for how overpriced the drink was, I ought to at least get a secret or two." She sighed seeing Hayate wouldn't budge, "All right, can I at least get a dance?"

Lindy got up and offered Hayate her hand as Hayate asked, "Is this a good idea, considering you're a police officer?"

"I won't tell and I trust you to be quiet,'" Lindy said as she pulled Hayate to her feet,

"Fair enough," Hayate agreed, settling into her arms.

To be continued...

Note: I know I am BLATANTLY ripping off Cabaret in the introduction. Don't comment on that, because I will ignore you anyway. Or something. Heh!

This interpretation of Lindy and Fate's relationship is my own and in no way is canon, however I think it makes some sense. In the anime canon Fate has memories of Prescia being a super loving mom, then she goes cold and abusive and that, IMHO, would leave scars in how she relates to Lindy.

Chapter 4

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe


Fate Testarossa awoke from a deep sleep, feeling slightly groggy as she lay on the rumpled bed. Her mind wandered pleasantly a flashes of memory shimmered across her mind's eye. Going to the club, sharing another meal with Nanoha, dancing together then...

A blush colored Fate's cheeks as more naughty memories came to mind. Nanoha had brought her back to one of the booths, closing the curtain for privacy. With a surprising agressiveness Nanoha pushed her back as she kissed her ardently, Fate kissing her back. The short skirt Fate was wearing gave Nanoha swift access but the brown haired woman was a tease, stroking and touching to nearly drive her made. Finally Nanoha let Fate come, pressing her lips to Fate's to stifle her cries.

She then returned the favor to Nanoha, flipping her around and kissing the other woman's larger breasts. Fate nibbled and licked her way down Nanoha's body, finally reaching that down covered mound. Nanoha bit the ends of her shift to stifle her moans as Fate feasted on her hot juices, her hips jerking as she came.

Fate smiled to herself as she sat up, getting out of bed with a surprising amount of energy and pulling a robe over her nightie. She hurried to the kitchen to make breakfast, even as she wished she was making it for Nanoha too. She cooked then ate, amused by the gnawing hunger from her greater than usual... exertions.

The sunlight streamed in, and Fate sighed as she let the warmth wash over her. She was already considering going to the club again tonight, and that neediness kind of worried her. She knew how easily someone you loved could hurt you, after all.

Fate quickly shook herself, not wanting to dwell on bad memories. 'Nanoha isn't that sort of person,' she reminded herself firmly. She drank her coffee and closed her eyes, simply relaxing in the sun... at least right until the phone rang.

"Hello?" Fate asked as she picked up the phone, "oh, Lindy! How are you?"

Fate felt a stab of guilt at not calling her adopted mother more often. She loved Lindy Harloun, the woman who had rescued her from the nightmare that her biological mother had become, but she always had difficulty showing it.

"Oh, pretty good," Lindy answered warmly. "Your big brother Chrono is rumbling about getting into the police force too, which kind of worries me."

"You're too good a example, Lindy," Fate answered, teasing a bit. A little more seriously she added, "Do you really not want him to be a cop?"

"I guess it's just that he gets so gung ho about it," Lindy admitted with a sigh. She added, "I swear, some days I think he should be staring in a shonen manga."

Fate giggled softly, she couldn't help it. "Yeah, he can get kind of... over the top," she admitted. "Do you want me to try to talk to him?" she offered.

"No, no," Lindy said after a moment, "I guess I'm just being a bit overly maternal." She paused then added brightly, "I got your letter the other day."

"Ah," Fate started, frantically trying to remember what she had written at the time.

"I'm glad to hear you're settling in," Lindy noted cheerfully, "and I'm glad you're making friends. Have you met anyone special?"

Fate seriously considered saying she met someone who provided bone melting sex, but decided that might not be too tactful. Instead she said, "I'm making some friends, yes. I met a nice college girl named Subaru recently, and she's introduced me to a few others."

"Well, I hope you try to get out more," Lindy said after a few seconds. A bit more tentatively, "Call me when you get a break, let me know if you'd like me to come out."

"I will," Fate promised.

They talked for awhile longer then said goodbye, Fate hanging up the phone thoughtfully. She almost got the feeling her mother knew more about her life than she was telling... she sighed, deciding she was just being paranoid. Finishing her coffee Fate got up, deciding she needed to get out and burn off some of her restless energy.

Fate went back to her bedroom, glad it was Saturday and that there were no classes to attend. She picked out a set of light trousers and a t-shirt, then showered before getting dressed. Refreshed she left her small apartment and went walking, stretching her legs in the sunlight.

Her apartment building wasn't far from the college, and Fate smiled at familiar faces as she walked. The part of town she lived in was very nice, though a bit straight-laced, and Fate enjoyed walking through the more bohemian, multicultural part of town nearby. She stopped in shops and looked in windows, occasionally drawn in to bookstores and other shops. Finally getting a bit tired Fate walked through one of the many parks, settling down on a bench as she rested. Leaning back she closed her eyes, relaxing.

"Hello?" a curious voice asked.

Fate opened her eyes and looked about, then down to see the little blond haired girl who was looking at her curiously. The child had the most striking eyes, the right green while the left was red, both seemingly filled with kind warmth. She was dressed in shorts and t-shirt and Fate would have guessed she was less than ten years old.

"Hello," Fate answered, smiling slightly.

"I was worried you were asleep," the little girl noted seriously, "if you just sit in the sun you'll get sunburn."

"Is that so?" Fate asked, amused by the child's seriousness.

"It is so," the girl nodded seriously, "I fell asleep in the sun and got burned." As if confiding a great secret she added, "It stung too."

"I guess so," Fate agreed, smiling.

"And then mom had to spread yucky cream on me," the little girl made a face, "it was slimy."

"That must have been hard," Fate sympathised.

"Oh yes," the child nodded. She brightened, "But then my skin peeled, and I liked grossing out my classmates with it."

Fate bit back a laugh. "That must have been fun," she offered mildly.

"It was," the girl agreed with a impish grin.

Just then a frantic voice called out, "Vivio! Vivio!"

The little girl winced slightly. "That's my mother," Vivio sighed.

Hurrying around the playground a familiar brown haired woman ran up to then, bodilly scooping up Vivio as she cried, "Where did you go?"

"I just walked off...," Vivio started to answer.

It took Fate a moment to get her mouth working, she was so surprised. "Nanoha?" she asked, barely recognizing the woman dressed in street clothes rather than the rather outrageous costumes she wore at the Club.

"Fate?" Nanoha blinked, her eyes wide with shock.

"You know each other?" Vivio asked eagerly, the little girl breaking into a broad smile.

"Yes," Fate said dryly, then found herself laughing suddenly. 'Nanoha has a child?' she thought, blinking. 'How...?'

"Vivio, do you want to go play on the slide for a bit?" Nanoha suggested to her daughter.

Vivio gave her and Fate a look that was oddly wise for her age. "This is a adult thing, right?" she asked, then skipped off. "Have fun," she called as she hurried to the playground.

Fate shook her head wryly even as Nanoha sat beside her. "She's one hell of a kid," she found herself noting mildly.

"Yes, she is," Nanoha agreed. She looked at Fate from the corner of her eye even as she kept an eye on Vivio, "I adopted her late last year."

"I see," Fate nodded slightly.

Nanoha smiled a little as Vivio happly went down the slide, then hurried up the steps to do it again. "I literally found her on the street last year, wandering aimlessly," she remembered, "I took her home, got a meal into her and tried to find out where she came from."

"No luck?" Fate asked.

Nanoha puffed out a sigh. "Vivio doesn't remember who she was, where she comes from... it's all blank for her," she said. She smiled as Vivio squealed, going down the slide, and added, "The police had no luck either, no missing girl matching her description and no records of her."

"What made you decide to adopt her?" Fate asked, feeling honestly curious.

"I was kind of torn about it," Nanoha admitted, "but the more research I did on foster families and the system the kids get put into, the less I could stand putting Vivio through it." She shrugged sheepishly, "I just couldn't NOT adopt her."

Fate looked out at the exuberant little girl, and could easily understand how Nanoha felt. Just watching Vivio play made her smile, somehow. "I'm glad you did," Fate said quietly.

Nanoha looked over at Fate thoughtfully, "So, will my being a mother cause you to run away screaming next time I see you at the Club?"

Fate chuckled softly, then looked over at Nanoha, "No, I don't think so." She blushed faintly, "It does... make things a bit odd, I admit."

"That's fair," Nanoha nodded. She actually smirked, "You have to admit, I never really had a chance to work it into the conversation."

"Yeah, I was a bit too busy being seduced by you," Fate teased.

Nanoha blushed. "You did a fair bit of seducing too, as I recall," she pointed out.

"Mom, what does seducing mean?" the innocent voice asked.

Both women looked down at Vivio, who apparently had gotten bored playing on the slide. They then looked at each other, both trying to decide what to say. "Nanoha will explain it to you when you're older," Fate told Vivio firmly.

"Aww," Vivio pouted, "I wanna know now."

Nanoha gave Fate a rueful glance, but she was smiling as she told Vivio, "I'll tell you about it when I think you're ready, I promise."

"Yes mommy," Vivio said, pouting cutely.

Fate bit back a laugh, then looked at the woman and girl thoughtfully. "Have you two had lunch yet?" she asked curiously.

"Not yet, no," Nanoha admitted, looking back at Fate curiously.

"Why don't I take you both out," Fate offered, "any place you want."

Vivio gave her a serious look, "Mother says I shouldn't take presents from strangers."

"That's very good advice," Fate agreed as Nanoha fought back a chuckle, "but I know your mother, so I'm not a stranger."

"That's alright then," Vivio brightened.

To be continued...

Chapter 5

The Club, a MGLN Alternate Universe


Nanoha Takamachi smiled happily as the brown haired woman waited outside the school, her simple sundress hugging her slim body. She stood out from the older mothers around her, some of whom gave her disapproving gazes, but she ignored them as she saw her daughter emerge from school.

"Nanoha-mama!" Vivio said happily, running over to where the woman waited.

"Hi, Vivio," Nanoha smiled, hugging her close. "How was your day?" she asked as they started walking, holding hands.

"It was fun," Vivio beamed, "Einhart and I had lunch together, and Ixpy helped me with the afternoon art project. We both got gold stars!"

"Well done," Nanoha congratulated her cheerfully.

"What are we having for dinner tonight?" Vivio asked curiously, nearly skipping along beside the taller Nanoha.

"I was hoping we could shop together and decide," she told Vivio. Nanoha hesitated a moment as she added, "Fate is coming over to eat with us."

"Really?" Vivio beamed happily, "Then we should get something special for her."

Nanoha had to fight down a laugh at how excited Vivio was. She and Fate had hit it off wonderfully when they met a few weeks ago, and her daughter eagerly looked forward to Fate's visits. Fate was good about all the things Vivio liked to show her, and treated the childlike enthusiasms with warm kindness. They even played video games together, Fate generally letting Vivio win.

Picking out dinner was easy, then they hurried home to start cooking. Vivio eagerly hurried off to clean up her room, though Nanoha suspected it would be the usual disaster when Fate arrived. She prepared everything that could be set up in advance, then put the meat on the grill. The soft sizzling sounds were peaceful as she tidied up, wanting to make the small apartment look nice for Fate.

'I feel like a school girl getting ready for a date,' Nanoha admitted to herself.

It was a nice feeling, really, and one that she felt when she and Vivio went over to Fate's home too. She that understood Fate was on a budget, much like she was, but... it was a dump! Well, not horribly bad, and it was convenient to school, but it was barely a bedroom, kitchen and what laughingly could be called a living room.

The intercom chime rang just as she was considering helping Fate get some better furniture, and Nanoha hurried over to answer. "Hello?" she asked as she pressed the switch.

"Nanoha," Fate's warm voice answered, "I'm here."

"I'll buzz you in," Nanoha said and did so, even as she took a quick look around at the rooms to make sure it was neat.

Fate looked as attractive as ever, dressed in a skirt and a white blouse, a dark vest thrown over the shirt. "Nanoha," she smiled as she kissed her cheek, "you look wonderful."

"So do you," Nanoha purred softly, fighting back the urge to kiss her firmly on the lips.

"Fate!" Vivio cheered, running up and throwing herself at Fate. The taller woman knelt to catch her, then picked Vivio up as the child squealed happily.

"Well, hello there," Fate grinned, bouncing Vivio as she giggled. "I don't remember you being this loud before," she teased innocently.

"If you make her sick," Nanoha mock scolded, "you're cleaning it up."

Fate laughed even as Vivio gave her mom a indignant look. "Mom!" she protested even as Fate put her down.

"Why don't you two play for a bit," Nanoha told them with a warm chuckle, "and I'll finish up dinner, okay?"

"Sure, maybe you can show me that move you keep nailing me with," Fate told Vivio as they trotted to the TV and started up the favorite fighting game.

As Nanoha heated up the vegetables and made sure the meat was done, she kept an eye on the two of them. It was very cute watching Fate sitting cross legged on the floor by Vivio, both of them with controllers in hand as they played.

'Hell, it's not cute it's sexy,' Nanoha admitted to herself, chuckling to herself as she flipped the meat over. Fate looked just like a little kid as she bit her lip, trying to do the intricate series of button pushes to activate her character's special move.

"So it's left left, right right then up, down and THEN press the fire button?" Fate asked with the sort of seriousness she probably brought to school work.

"Yup, that'll let you use her wind kick," Vivio agreed.

"All right everyone, dinner," Nanoha called.

"Coming," Fate nodded, not looking away as she pressed the buttons and pulled off the move. "All right," she cheered, receiving a high five from Vivio.

"We're coming," Vivio promised as she got up, Fate following her as they headed to the table.

Nanoha had to smile again as they talked and ate, the three of them chatting eagerly. Fate was warmly complimentary on the food, while Vivio was happily stuffing her face. Fate and Nanoha reminded her too take it slower, while they each ate their food and exchanged glances.

Fate carefully speared a chunk of meat, meeting Nanoha's eyes. She let her tongue flutter over the meat, then sucked on it gently as she fought back a smirk.

Nanoha gulped, feeling her pulse race a bit faster. Fate was such a tease! The attractive blond's white teeth flashed as she ate, and her grin was warm and happy. "Are you enjoying your dinner?" Nanoha croaked.

"Hmm, spicy," Fate winked, "I like spicy."

"I'm sure you do," Nanoha admitted, blushing, as she took a drink.

Fate fought back a blush, once again slightly shaken by how attractive she found Nanoha. If Vivio wasn't there, she rather thought she would pour the spicy sauce all over Nanoha and lick it off! Still, she liked being around the child too, and didn't want to hurt her feelings by rushing her off.

'Kids make things complicated,' Fate admitted with a mental sigh.

They finished dinner, then Fate was lead by a eager Vivio back over to the TV and the games. They sat together, Fate using some of the new moves Vivio taught her to keep the games a little closer. But as they played she felt Nanoha's gaze on her, and her pulse jumped just a bit.

When Vivio got to yawning Nanoha got up, walking over as she picked up the little girl. "Time for bed, Vivio," she said gently.

"Aww, but mom!" Vivio protested, then yawned again.

"We can play tomorrow," Fate promised, "I know I'll be over then too."

"Really?" Vivio brightened, looking at Fate intently as she followed Nanoha to Vivio's room.

"I promise," Fate nodded as Nanoha tucked the little girl in bed. "Good night," she said, stroking her hair lightly.

"Night," Vivio agreed sleepily as Nanoha kissed her on the forehead.

Fate walked back to the living room, sitting down with a sigh on the couch, near but not too close to Nanoha. "That girl's got too much energy," Fate sighed jokingly.

Nanoha scooted over and rest her head on Fate's shoulder. "She tires me out too," she agreed, leaning against Fate comfortably. "Thank you for playing with Vivio so much," she added.

Fate grinned ruefully. "I think I'm addicted to that damn game," she confessed, "I'm determined to beat Vivio eventually."

Nanoha laughed, her eyes lighting up as she looked at Fate. "Seriously?" she grinned.

"I'm afraid so," Fate admitted, grinning. She met Nanoha's eyes, the two sitting so close, then without thinking about it pressed their lips together.

Nanoha made a soft cooing sound, pressing herself back against Fate. "Hmm," she sighed softly as they pulled back, "I've wanted to kiss you all day."

"I could feel you watching me," Fate agreed as she nibbled at Nanoha's neck, "It got pretty distracting. I could feel you undressing me with your eyes."

"Ah!" Nanoha bit back a gasp. It was likely Vivio was already asleep, but there was no reason to take chances. She ran her hands along the edges of Fate's vest, caressing the breasts snugly held underneath. "You looked so hot, too," she purred.

"You too," Fate let her hands wander over Nanoha's body, barely covered by the sexy summer dress. She kissed her again, tongue flickering, even as she lay back, gently pulling Nanoha up on to the couch and atop her.

"Oh ho," Nanoha straddled her, grinning as she said, "I have you now, my pretty!"

Dramatically Fate replied, "Oh no, what shall I do? The evil Nanoha has me at her mercy! Oh what will become of me!"

Nanoha growled, nipping at Fate's cloth covered breasts, making her gasp softly. "Trust me, you'll enjoy every second," she breathed in Fate's ear.

"Oh yeah," Fate panted softly as she felt Nanoha's body on her, their bodies grinding together warmly on the couch.

Nanoha slid down, kissing her neck even as she undid Fate's pants, sliding her fingers into the front and cupping her panty covered mound. "Oh, you're so wet...," Nanoha purred.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" the innocent voice asked.

It was like a splash of cold water hit both their libidos, as they turned on the couch and saw Vivio sleepily looking at them from the end of the couch. Nanoha's mind was completely blank, she was so surprised she couldn't think of anything to say.

"Wrestling!" Fate said quickly as she swiftly got a hand between them, yanked Nanoha's hand out and zipped up her zipper. "We were just wrestling a bit."

"Oh," Vivio nodded sleepily. "I wanted some water," she held up her empty cup and walked into the kitchen. Vivio filled her cup and plodded back to her room, probably never fully waking up.

Both Fate and Nanoha remained frozen until they heard Vivio's door shut, then they relaxed. "Oh, that was close," Nanoha puffed out a sigh, then chuckled softly.

"I've never been so scared in my life," Fate agreed, sighing with a smile.

"Very quick thinking, by the way," Nanoha noted, pulling Fate down into a somewhat less ardent hug. "Would you... like to stay tonight?" she offered tentatively.

Fate looked into Nanoha's eyes, then smiled slightly. "I'd love to," she admitted, "but will it make trouble with Vivio?"

"I think she'll be fine," Nanoha said, getting up reluctantly from the couch. "Besides, as fun as it is playing on the couch I prefer a bed," she smiled.

"Me too," Fate agreed as she followed Nanoha happily.

To be continued...

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