Story: Haruhi Panic! (chapter 5)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 5

Haruhi Panic!

Kyonko Returned.

The stairway leading up to North High's roof was deserted, which was exactly why Kyonko and Haruhi were fooling around on the stairs. Kyonko moaned as Haruhi nibbled on her neck, sucking on her skin hard enough to leave a hickey.

"Haruhi...," Kyonko moaned breathlessly as she was kissed at the base of her neck, then Haruhi undid the girl's tie and pulled her shirt open, pausing to admire her breasts.

"As much as I like Mikuru's figure," Haruhi mused, "more than a mouthful just goes to waste."

Kyonko tried to form a coherent thought but Haruhi then cupped her smaller breasts, squeezing gently. With a obvious hunger she licked across the firm flesh of her breasts, then began to ardently suck on Kyonko's firm nipples.

"Ah!" Kyonko arched her back, panting even as Haruhi slid a hand up her skirt.

"Do you want me to...?" Haruhi abandoned the throbbing nipples as she cupped Kyonko's wet sex in her hand, stroking gently.

"Oh kami...," Kyonko moaned, her legs spreading automatically.

Karuhi pressed against the wet cleft with her fingers, then squeezed the hard little clitty. "Well?" she purred into Kyonko's ear.

"Yes!" Kyonko gasped, bucking her hips slightly, "Yes, please!"

"I thought you'd never ask," Haruhi purred as she pulled the now soaking panties aside and drove two fingers in.

Kyon pulled Haruhi close, her hips moving with each of Haruhi's thrusts even as she wailed sweetly in pleasure.


The lunchtime meeting of the SOS Brigade lacked Haruhi, which was exactly as thev four young women had planned. Their fearless leader was off having a meeting with another group, Haruhi apparently plotting a take over, and that should occupy her for the time being.

Kyonko winced as she sat down, her... nether regions still sore for this morning. 'Damn it Haruhi, do you have to be so rough?' she thought, sipping the cup of tea Mikuru had poured for her.

"Good news everyone," Koizumi said with her usual cheerful smile, "with information we provided, the Organization had determined what triggered the reality change."

"Really?" Mikuru asked excitedly.

"Yes, and while the memories of the members following Haruhi may be suspect," Koizumi conceded, "we think they are accurate."

"Wait," Kyonko blinked as she realized, "you have people following Haruhi?"

Koizumi gave Kyonko a patient look, "She can potentially change reality on a whim, of COURSE we are following her."

Kyonko didn't look happy about it but she conceded, "Good point."

"So what was it?" Mikuru asked with a surprising degree of impatience. Apparently having Tsuruya as a lover wasn't as fun as it appeared.

"Haruhi went into a bookstore the day before we SOS Brigade members noticed the changes. Along with her usual manga purchases, Haruhi picked up a yuri manga called Strawberry Panic," Koizumi relayed the information.

"Yuri?" Mikuru blinked, thinking of lilies.

Yuki Nagato was still reading one of her usual phone book sized novels in the corner by the window as she calmly said, "Yuri in this case refers to a genre of manga and anime that features women or girls having sex together."

Mikuru blushed furiously as she stammered, "Thank you."

"So just reading a manga about girl's love was enough to make her change reality?" Kyonko asked disbelievingly. She shook her head as she muttered, "If just that can inspire her to change the world, we're in deep trouble."

"My superiors believe that it was one of several factors involved, including a sudden creation of Closed Space," Koizumi noted. She sighed, "But yes, it clearly indicates we'll need to monitor what Haruhi reads somewhat more closely."

"So how does that help us?" Kyonko asked.

Koizumi looked at her with a slight smile as she said mildly, "Why, I should think it would be obvious."

Kyonko gave her a flat look as she said, "Spell it out for me."

Koizumi looked faintly amused as she explained, "It seems that we need to expose Haruhi to a entertainment featuring heterosexual couples, ideally one that grabs her attention enough to trigger another reality change."

"Hopefully putting us all back to normal," Mikuru murmured faintly.

"And not turning Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki into boys," Kyonko muttered, shuddering. Haruhi was aggressive enough already!

"That would be a unfortunate outcome," Koizumi conceded.

"So do we just drag her off to the book store or...?" Kyonko asked curiously.

"Today is the day she usually goes shopping for books," Itsuki said smugly, "and my fellow agents have hit all the local book sellers. We're quite confident that this strategy will work."

Kyonko sat back, sighing softly. "Somehow," she muttered to herself, "I just know this isn't going to go as planned."

Before anyone else could comment the door banged open, Haruhi charging in as she cried, "Hello, everybody!" She was nearly dragging a black haired girl behind her, though the new girl had a wry smile on her face.

Kyonko frowned as she demanded, "Who did you kidnap now?"

"I didn't kidnap anyone," Haruhi said with a smile, "this is Chikaru Minamoto, of the school's Transformation club!"

"Hello everyone," Chikaru smiled, the red bows in her hair giving her a moe aspect, "I hope you'll all agree to wear our wonderful costumes."

"Oh no," Kyonko sighed, running a hand across her face.


Haruhi Suzumiya frowned as she looked over the book store, mildly appalled at how boring the stock was this week. Someone had clearly offloaded their set of Maison Ikkoku onto the used books section, and most of the new books were romantic pap like Boys Over Flowers, Host Club and others. Not that she minded that stuff TOO much, but having all the books be like that was kind of odd.

Flipping through the manga disinterestedly Haruhi shifted stacks of books on the table, looking for something to catch her eye. A book thumped to the floor, and as she bent down to pick it up Haruhi noticed a book left lying under the tale.

Picking it up Haruhi brushed away at the dust, her eyes widening slightly. The cover of blue haired men and women looked interesting, especially the poor seemingly normal guy in the middle. Flipping it over she read the summary, nodding thoughtfully to herself.

"I'd like to buy this," Haruhi nodded to the young woman at the counter. Oddly she reminded Haruhi of the maid back at the island she and the SOS Brigade had vacationed at, but it had to be her imagination.

"Oh, uhm," Mori looked at dismay at the book, "it seems slightly dinged. Wouldn't you prefer a newer manga?"

Haruhi shook her head, "Nah, they all looked lame. I want this one."

"Of course," Mori nodded, ringing it through then putting it into a bag, "have a nice day."

Humming to herself cheerfully Haruhi headed home, nodding warmly to her parents then heading up to her room. She did her homework first, as usual, then watched a bit of anime. Finally she shut off the TV and lay down on her bed, flipping the manga open and starting reading.

The story was complex but interesting, pulling Haruhi in instantly. The human flung in amoung aliens plot was fascinating, and she liked both human and alien characters. As the manga came to a end she was literally pouting with annoyance, wondering what the next book would be like. Reluctantly she set the manga aside and settled down to sleep, her mind alive with visions of the future...


When you wake up in the morning, there is a moment when your mind settles into your body and you become aware of your place in the world. For SOS brigade member Kyon this was a more important event than for most people, having been through a great deal of interesting events since joining the SOS brigade.

This morning, however, Kyon had no chance to sleepily adjust as he was awakened by a blaring alarm. Kyon tumbled out of his bunk, looking around wildly as he stumbled to his feet. 'Well, I'm not Kyonko ant more,' he thought with some relief, grabbing the uniform from the rack by his bed. Kyon dressed himself with the ease of long practice then slipped his boots on and hurried out into the hall.

Itsuki Koizumi was just running by as Kyon exited, both of them falling into step. "Any idea what's going on?" Koizumi asked as they hurried.

"Not a clue," Kyon answered gruffly as they ran to a lift and jumped in. "Bridge!" he ordered and the lift took off.

"It looks like we're in outer space," Koizumi noted, "it appears our plan has gone awry."

"This is Haruhi we're dealing with," Kyon noted dryly, "they usually do."

The two men ran from the lift to the bridge, both still running on instinct rather than memory. They knew what to do, even if they didn't know how. The bridge was busy with oddly familiar figures at different posts, including Nagato at the helm and the poor Computer Club president as the ship's science officer.

"Commander Koizumi, Lt. Commander Kyon, it's about time you got here," Haruhi declared as she got up from the Captain's chair, "it's time to defeat the aliens!"

"Oy," Kyon sighed to himself, running a hand over his face before rushing to his position as tactical officer.

Never the End...

Notes: Chikaru Minamoto is also from Strawberry Panic, and runs the Transformation Club, which basically amounts to a cosplay club. Considering Haruhi's fondness for dressing up Mikuru I could easily see a alliance like this form.

The manga Haruhi picked up is Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars, a trilogy of SF manga by Toshihiro Ono. Strongly recommended, and out in English by Tokyo Pop, also referred to as the Seikai Trilogy. The aliens are very well thought out and the plot is very clever.

"Never the End..." is a reference to the 'Miyuki-chan in Wonderland' manga by Clamp. In each episode the heroine falls into a alternate world, various things happen and she escapes. The stories always end with "Never the End" and a twist tossing Miyuki into yet another situation.

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