Story: Haruhi Panic! (chapter 4)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 4

Haruhi Panic!


Itsuki Koizumi felt a certain regret as she left Mikuru, a feeling that honestly surprised the young esper. In the original reality Koizumi had been focused on keeping an eye on Suzumiya, but even then had at least noticed Mikuru's more bountiful... assets. Now that Kyonko and Suzumiya were paired up, the way seemed clear for her to show that interest, but alas it was not to be.

'I need to concentrate on my job,' Koizumi reminded herself firmly, 'not on romance. I wonder if anyone in the Organization has determined a method to turn us back to normal?'

The strange gender shifting had hit the psychic Organization, though thankfully not all that badly. Only the agents in direct contact with North High were hit, though agents connected to them were also suffering related memory changes. Koizumi herself was dealing with doubled memories of both her lives, making things a little confusing.

Koizumi returned to her home, nodding a polite greeting to her parents. Neither had noticed the gender shift, once again demonstrating the incredible power possessed by Haruhi Suzumiya. 'Though they never noticed I was a easper either,' Koizumi noted wryly as she entered her room.

The afternoon and evening went on like always, though Koizumi found her new gender giving things a slightly surreal touch. They had dinner as her father droned on about work, then her mother smiled at how pretty Koizumi was getting. As soon as possible Koizumi retreated to her room, doing her homework while keeping an eye on her phone.

So far at least, there had been no new incidents of Closed Space, though no one knew if that state of affairs would continue. The creation of Closed Space seemed to be driven by the negative emotions of Suzumiya, and she seemed oddly content in this new world of hers. Of course there was no way to know how long this calm would last, which made Koizumi rather nervous.

The phone rang, and gracefully Koizumi picked it up, noting the call display thoughtfully. "This is Koizumi," she answered calmly.

"Koizumi," Mori answered, sighing, "I need to see you."

The blacked haired young woman was Koizumi's senior in the Organization, as well as one of the two agents who most often assisted her. More had helped with the 'Remote Island' scenario they had played out for Suzumiya, as well as turning up where needed to help. She was calm, cool and very capable, which was why Koizumi was a bit surprised to hear strain in her voice now.

"Is this a Suzumiya related problem?" Koizumi asked.

"No," Mori started then hesitated, "well, I suppose yes."

Koizumi raised her eyebrows slightly as she asked, "What can I do to help?"

"Thank you," Mori sighed quietly. She hesitated a moment, "Wait in front of your house, I'll pick you up."

"Will do," Koizumi nodded.

In a casual dress and carrying a purse Koizumi headed out, telling her parents she might be out for a bit. The night air was cool as Koizumi stood out on the street, a slight breeze blowing her long brown hair around her.

The black car pulled up a few moments later, the old man Arakawa driving. He had a slightly wry smile as he nodded hello, "Mori is in the back."

"Thank you," Koizumi opened the door, sliding inside then shutting the door behind her and instinctively smoothing her skirt down.

Mori turned towards her, a smile tugging on her lips as she nodded hello. "Anything else happen since this morning's report?" she asked briskly.

Koizumi turned towards Mori, "Not much, ma'am. I did a quik visual survey of the school, it appears the majority of women are all now lesbians."

Mori shook her head wryly, "I still find it hard to believe that North High was once mixed gendered. Does anyone else remember this?"

"The others in the SOS Brigade," Koizumi noted, "other than Suzumiya herself."

Mori nodded, frowning slightly, her gaze flickering to Koizumi's face. "And it could be that Suzumiya knows, but is just playing along," she noted as a slight blush colored her cheeks, "as if she were dreaming."

"That is also a possibility," Koizumi conceded the point. "Suzumiya is still a mystery to us," she admitted ruefully.

Mori studied her thoughtfully a moment. "Do you think it might be worthwhile to try to 'jar' Suzumiya from her fantasy?" she asked.

"I think it would be very dangerous," Koizumi admitted after a few seconds thought. "Her abilities are too unpredictable, we really cannot know what would happen."

"I see," Mori nodded.

As they talked, Koizumi noticed that Mori seemed uncomfortable, somehow. She studied Koizumi intently, fidgeting in her seat, then she would look away for long moments. It was all quite strange behavior for the usually cool agent.

Koizumi looked at Mori thoughtfully as she asked, "When you called, you said it wasn't a Suzumiya related problem?"

Mori pushed her short hair back, frowning as she tapped on the divider. "Arakawa, how far do we have to go?" she asked, ignoring Koizumi's question for a moment.

"We're nearly there miss," Arakawa responded calmly, "shall I leave you there?"

"Please do," Mori said as the car rolled to a stop in a secluded spot not far from town, possibly in a small park.

"What...?" Koizumi started when the old man parked the car and got out.

"Have a good night," Arakawa tipped his hat then ambled off into the darkness.

Mori puffed out a relieved sigh, drawing Koizumi's attention back to the attractive woman. "I thought he'd never leave," she said, then reached out and grabbed at Koizumi.

"Meep!" Koizumi made a soft, incoherent noise as Mori yanked her towards her, then all sound was silenced as they kissed.

Mori kissed deeply and aggressively, pushing Koizumi down beneath her on the car seat as they writhed together. Koizumi moaned weakly as a hand cupped her breast, then she shuddered as Mori boldly slid up her skirt.

As the two of them made out those frustrating 'double memories' that the SOS brigade had came into play, and Koizumi suddenly 'remembered' she had been having an intense affair with Mori. 'Suzumiya, you have a very sick mind,' she thought as the other woman aggressively straddled her.

"Mori, wait," Koizumi gasped as Mori finally broke the kiss.

"Don't tease me," Mori said as she crouched above her, "we always go out like this..."

"Actually, no we don't," Koizumi said quickly, "Suzumiya did this!"

"Huh?" Mori sat back on Koizumi's legs, looking befuddled. Then her eyes widened, "You mean when she changed you into a girl she paired us up?"

Koizumi was surprised at how nice it felt, having Mori's ass on her thighs, then firmly banished that thought. "I think so," she answered.

Mori had the oddest look on her face, as if she was trying to decide if Koizumi was joking. "You didn't sneak into my room on the island and...?" she trailed off.

Koizumi's cheeks went bright red as those memories flashed back before her. Mori had been more playful than usual dressed in the maid outfit, then one thing led to another and Koizumi found herself tied to the bedposts.

"I never knew you were that kinky," Koizumi murmured aloud.

"Hush!" Mori growled, blushing again. She climbed off Koizumi with a pout as she muttered, "Well, that pretty much killed the mood."

Koizumi sat up, sighing as she said, "Sorry." She reviewed her new memories a few times as she mused, "So every few nights Arakawa picks us up, drives us somewhere remote and you have your way with me?"

"Yes," Mori was blushing again as she growled, "And you're only just remembering this?"

"I'm sorting through two completely different sets of memories," Koizumi told her patiently, "it gets rather confusing."

"True enough," Mori conceded, her tone gentling slightly as she mused "it must all be terribly confusing to you."

"Very," Koizumi rubbed her temples. She had never expected to discover that Mori had such a wild side, and she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to look at the other woman the same way again.

Mori opened up the bar built into the seat as she noted, "We're going to have to wait until Arakawa gets back, would you care for a drink?"

"Please," Koizumi nodded, "how long will he be gone?"

"About a hour or so," Mori said grumpily. "Damn it! I wanted to get LAID tonight!"

Koizumi sweatdropped as she filled a small glass. "I'm sorry that I'm a little uncomfortable with this whole situation," she answered.

"It's a bit strange for me too," Mori shot back, "when it looks like the person I sleep with is no longer interested." She refilled her glass and tossed it back.

Koizumi put a hand on her arm, "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault," Mori admitted, sipping her drink this time.

Koizumi finished her own drink, feeling a warm glow spreading out from her stomach. More she was also aware she was faintly turned on from their brief encounter, and at least part of her body was still interested. "Mori...," she started.

Mori had crossed her legs, her skirt rising up to reveal pale thighs. "Yes?" she answered as Mori looked back at Koizumi curiously.

"I wouldn't mind trying things out," Koizumi admitted shyly, "if you would be willing to take things a bit slower."

Mori smiled warmly as she kissed Koizumi much more gently. "I can do slow," she promised.


As Kyonko entered the clubroom, she blinked to see Koizumi already there. Oddly the young woman looked a bit the worse for wear, with bags under her eyes and a large bruise on her neck. "Is that a hickey?" she had to ask.

Koizumi blushed, wishing the girl's uniform had a higher collar. "Don't ask, please," she sighed. Under her breath Koizumi muttered, "Slow my ass."

"Eh?" Kyonko blinked.

"Never mind," Koizumi sighed ruefully.

To be continued...

Notes: Mori in this is based somewhat on the Haruhi-chan version, where she assists Koizumi pretty often. Not lesbian or bi, as far as I know, though she has a interesting rivalry going on with Mikuru's friend Tsuruya.

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