Story: Haruhi Panic! (chapter 3)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 3

Haruhi Panic!


"Haruhi!" Mikuru Asahina yelped as Haruhi Suzumiya nearly groped poor Kyonko, the smaller brown haired girl weakly struggling in her grasp.

Haruhi looked up at her innocently as if what she was doing to Kyonko was in no way unusual and asked, "What is it?"

Koizumi Itsuki had a wry smile on her face as she murmured, "Miss President, I believe you wanted to talk about sliders today?"

Mikuru puffed out a relieved sigh as Haruhi was distracted from groping the other woman. 'This situation is completely insane,' she thought mournfully, blushing as she noticed how close Haruhi was sitting with Kyonko.

Soon Mikuru left the SOS Brigade club room, her cheeks nearly glowing red as she tried to escape what was going on around her. It had been strange and distressing enough seeing the usually staid and stoic Yuki kissing Ryouko Asakura, but it was even more disturbing seeing Haruhi chasing poor Kyon. Or Kyonko, she supposed she should say.

It was even more confusing trying to sort out the confusing memories she now had! The equipment provided by her superiors should have protected her from this kind of retroactive memory overwrite, but instead she found herself confused by dual sets of memories. The original SOS Brigade memories mostly made sense, but the others...

"Mikuru," Koizumi caught up ith her, her long brown hair flowing around her face. "I'm glad I caught up with you," she smiled winningly.

"Y.. y... yes?" Mikuru stammered shyly.

"I noticed Haruhi paired herself with Kyonko and Yuki with Ryouko," Koizumi noted as they walked together, "have you determined if she paired you up?"

"I...," Mikuru was a bit shocked at the flash of curious interest in the other girl's eyes but she honestly answered, "I'm not sure, yet." She frowned thoughtfully, "I have some very odd memories around Tsuruya, I think."

Koizumi nodded thoughtfully yet she also looked a bit disappointed, "That would make sense." She smiled at Mikuru as she added, "You'd better head home, or you might run into her and have a encounter you're not ready for."

Mikuru blushed as she nodded, "Ri... right!"

After a short walk Mikuru reached her home with a certain degree of relief, opening up the front door and walking inside. "Oooh!' a soft sound came to her ears as Mikuru reached the living room, making her stop with a frown.

'What was that?' Mikuru thought to herself nervously as she carefully advanced deeper into the normally quiet apartment.

Another, familiar voice moaned, "That's SO nice!"

Eyes wide with fear and dread Mikuru timidly advanced, realizing that all the noises were coming from the bedroom. She reached the nearly shut door and pushed it open to take a peek inside... before nearly suffering a total brain freeze.

What looked like a older version of Mikuru herself was sprawled on the western style bed! NAKED! With her friend Tsuruya laying on top of her, the equally naked girl sucking on her larger breasts with a ardent passion. Their moans and gasps of delight were so loud they couldn't hear anything else, and it took a bit for older Mikuru to see her.

"Oh, Mikuru," the older woman gasped, "I didn't realize you'd be home so soon,"

Tsuruya reluctantly left off from her ardent worship of the woman's breasts. "I'm sorry," the green haired girl said with her usual fang driven lisp, "but your mom was so sexy, Mikuru! I just couldn't help myself!"

'That's not my mom,' Mikuru's brain jibbered to herself, 'that's me from another time-frame! But why was she visiting here?' Aloud she could barely manage to say, "Ca-cla-classified information!"

Part of Mikuru knew she should just get out of the room but she was frozen with shock, stunned and just a little turned on. Taking advantage of her shock Tsuruya swithly climbed off the bed, the sweaty young woman grabbing Mikuru by the arm.

"Wait, what...?" Mikuru yelped.

Tsuruya dragged her towards the bed, "Come on, Megas!"

"Eh!" Mikuru yelped, "No! No no no no no!" she squealed even as she was pushed forward and tumbled down onto her older self.

"Yes!" Tsuruya yelled as she pounced on top of her and began to gently remove the struggling girl's clothes.

"Help!" Mikuru yelped to her older self.

Surprisingly, the elder Mikuru helped restrain the girl so Tsuruya could finish striping her. "Don't worry," she purred into her younger self's ear, "just think of it as a kind of... masturbation."

"Noooooo!" Mikuru wailed.


Tsuruya slipped away after a few hours and Mikuru fell into a guilt ridden sleep not long afterwards. Sunlight through the windows finally woke Mikuru up, laying on her messy bed as she tried to tell herself that the last night was a dream. Then she realized that the older Mikuru was still there!

'Oh no...,' Mikuru mentally whimpered as various events from the night before flickered through her mind. The threesome had been bad enough, but when Tsuruya left to get the cucumbers!

"Are you all right?" the older Mikuru put her hand on the younger's shoulder.

"No, I am not all right," Mikuru sniffled, fighting back tears.

Mikuru smiled fondly down at her younger self, "You got over being glomped by Haruhi and the computer club mess, you'll get over this too."

"Eeep," the younger Mikuru's eyes widened in memory.

"What?" the other woman asked.

Mikuru blushed pinkly. "A new set of memories for when Haruhi grabbed us," she muttered.

"Ah," the elder Mikuru nodded as she experienced those memories too. "Oooh," she added thoughtfully, "Haruhi has good hands."

"Don't say that!" Mikuru whimpered. She sighed as she looked around for her clothes, "Do we still have therapists in our time? Because I think I'm going to need one."

Older Mikuru watch her other self dress, her own memories rather chaotic at the moment. She felt reasonably certain this reality change wouldn't last forever, but like other Haruhi changes it extended into other time frames. For as long as this change existed, the elder Mikuru's memories would be consistant with it.

Mikuru tried to get the wrinkles out of her clothes as she said, "Please, try to stay here all right? We don't want to risk any more disruptions."

The elder Mikuru put on her bra as she shrugged, "I'll do my best."

Mikuru whimpered softly, not sure how to take that reassurance. Finishing dressing she hurried to the bathroom to tidy her hair and wash up then was off to school, silently fretting over what else might happen.

Back at the house older Mikuru finished dressing, feeling a slight pang of regret over the trauma she had put her younger self through. Still, it wasn't like she had a lot of choice: history had to play out in it's original form, or the future she came from might never come to be.

"Heh," the older Mikuru smirked as she headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast, "Mikuru has no idea what else is waiting for her today."

Bing bong! The doorbell rang and Mikuru moved to open it. The mail woman blinked as she took in the sexy woman, her own not unimpressive figure restrained by the traditional uniform. "Hi," the younger woman looked Mikuru over hungrily, "I have a delivery to make."

"Come on in," Mikuru purred, liking how the day was proceeding.

To be continued... ?

Notes: Yes, I'm writing Mikuru as being smarter than she appears. I'm one of the Haruhi fans that figures the 'moe Mikuru' thing is at least in part an act to help keep a handle on Kyon. Also, I see older Mikuru as the more 'normal personality' of the two, in that she is not acting in a role. Or at least not as much as the younger Mikuru is. Your Mileage May Vary, of course.

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