Story: Haruhi Panic! (chapter 1)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I'm just borrowing them for awhile.

Haruhi Panic!

In addition to being the leader of the SOS Brigade Haruhi Suzumiya made it a point to actively research areas of related interest, such as documentation of Aliens, future men and espers. One of her favorite sources was the local bookshop, where she picked up novels and the occasional manga.

"Welcome, young lady," the older man nodded as Haruhi entered, smiling as she made a straight line towards the newest titles. Browsing through she picked up one of two favorites then paused, picking up a new book.

The cover depicted two young women, one younger and moe, another older and wiser clasping her from behind. 'Reminds me of Mikuru,' Haruhi noted as she picked it up, a slight smile appearing on her face as she remembered grabbing the other girl from behind and squeezing her breasts. She flipped through it, then added it to her growing pile of books.

Later that evening after a disappointing SOS brigade patrol of the city didn't turn up any unusual phenomena, Haruhi flopped down on her floor to read some manga. She read her usual books first then picked up the new arrival, settling in to read.

To Haruhi's surprise the book was a romance, set at a all girl's school. A young, innocent freshman caught the eye of a older girl, and their love unfolded in a charming sort of simplicity amid the plots of school life. Haruhi found herself unexpectedly charmed by the story and read on till the finish, then rolled onto her back with a sigh.

'What would that be like, I wonder...?' Haruhi mused as she felt her eyes growing weary, sleep rushing in. 'To attend a all girl's school and live that sort of life?'


When you wake up in the morning, there is a moment when your mind settles into your body and you become aware of your place in the world. For SOS brigade member Kyon this was a more important event than for most people, having been through a great deal of interesting events since joining the SOS brigade. Sleepily rising, dressing in a robe then shuffling over to the bathroom...

"Aaaaah!" Kyon yelped, gazing in stunned belief at her reflection. She was a girl! A really cute girl, at that. Long brown hair falling into her eyes, a nice bust, and a slightly more rounded face than normal...

"Big sis, why are you being so noisy?" her little sister wondered sleepily, shuffling by to brush her teeth.

'She doesn't notice anything's wrong?' Kyon blinked, wondering what exactly was going on. She cleaned up then hurried back to her room, whipping open her closet to discover her normal uniform gone, replaced by a girl's one. 'Guess I have to,' she sighed, setting about figuring out the twists and turns of the new garment.

"Big sis Kyonko, your ribbon is wrong," her little sister tisked as they headed out, the girl pausing to adjust the ribbon on the front of the girl's uniform.

"Thanks," Kyon said as she thought to herself, 'Kyonko? That's almost as bad as my regular nickname.'

Going to school was a surreal experience for the newly dubbed Kyonko. As she hurried up the hill she scanned the crowds for familiar faces only to soon realize there were no males at all. Young women chatted cheerfully, held hands and went about their day, entirely unaware that for one of them this was a journey into weirdness.

"Yo Kyonko, what's up?" the hand clapped her on the back. Taniguchi had changed nearly as much as Kyon had, looking cute in her girl's uniform, her hair a bit boyishly short.

"Yo," Kyon answered weakly. "Ah... do you feel a bit different this morning?"

Taniguchi looked perplexed, "How so?"

Kyon sighed, "Never mind."

"Morning," Kunikida nodded politely, the short boy now having become a shorter girl, wearing the traditional girl's uniform with a jacket, much like Kyon herself. It was eerie, seeing these two boys as girls, and Kyon nearly dreaded imagining who else he might see.

"Excuse me," Kyon said as they reached the school buildings themselves, "there's something I need to see."

Hurrying inside Kyon followed the first floor hallway, out to another building then up the stairs. She went down a long dark hallway and stopped at the center, hesitating before a door labeled 'Literary club.' Taking a deep breath to prepare herself for whatever she might see, Kyon opened up the door.

"I thought you'd come here," Koizumi looked up from where she was sitting with a smile, her light brown hair falling around her face.

"Urk," Kyon said weakly, her knees nearly giving way as she looked at the mildly smiling young woman. She had been hoping that Koizumi's mysterious esper boys might be unaffected, but it apparently wasn't so.

"So, how are you coping with your new gender?" Koizumi asked brightly.

Kyon's mouth dropped open, "You know!"

Koizumi nodded, "Of course." He looked thoughtful, "I've mentioned in the past that the club room had reached a saturation point, yes?"

"Yeah," Kyon took a seat, "there were so many forces in the club room that they cancel each other out, as well as not allowing anything else to appear."

"Precisely," Koizumi nodded, "I believe that same effect may also apply to you and I in this case, preventing us from being totally altered to fit this new world."

Kyon slumped a bit in her chair as she muttered, "I only saw girls coming in to school..."

"This relatively normal senior high school has become a school for girls only," Koizumi informed her, "and there are... other things going on."

"Oh?" Kyon frowned suspiciously.

Koizumi smiled, "You'd better see for yourself." As Kyon was about to protest she continued, "I think the bell's about to ring."

Fighting back a growl of irritation Kyon got up as she said, "All right, but I expect some answers out of you later."

"Enjoy your school day," the female Koizumi winked cutely, which Kyon found eerily creepy somehow.

One her way to class Kyon scanned the hallways, making note of the people there. There seemed to be a lot of hand holding going on, and outside cherry blossoms seemed to swirl around certain couples gazing into each other's eyes.

'Where are all the blossoms coming from?' Kyon found herself wondering, 'None of the trees are in bloom!'

Nearing her classroom Kyon froze, seeing a familiar figure in the hall. Ryouko Asakura's long blue-black hair shimmered as the elegant girl talked to someone her body kept hidden from view. Kyon shook her head in disbelief, remembering that Ryouko, a data entity, had been destroyed by Yuki when she attempted to kill her.

"I'll see you after your club meeting," Ryouko told her companion, shifting a bit so that Yuki Nagato came into view.

"Yes," Yuki answered in her usual dry tone, but her eyes widened a bit as she saw Kyon over Ryouko's shoulder.

"Don't forget," Ryouko murmured as she bent down, pressing her lips to Yuki's in a slow, leasurely kiss.

'Wha... wha... wha...?' Kyon thought as she blushed, slipping by the two girls as she headed to her desk, her mind blank from shock. 'What in the WORLD?'

"Kyonko!" Haruhi yelped as she got up from her seat in behind his, then grabbed at her.

"Haruhi?" Kyon blurted.

"Hmmm," Haruhi pulled her close, planting a kiss both exciting and strange on Kyon, almost as if she was the man and Kyon was the girl.

'She's accepted this world,' Kyonko guessed, 'this all seems normal to her...' Without thinking about it Kyon found herself yielding to that kiss, the two only drawing apart when their teacher cleared her throat meaningfully.

Shizuma Hanazoma turned, her white hair gleaming as she said, "Fun later, girls."

Later Kyon found herself warily heading for the clubroom, opening the door as she saw Mikuru Asahina and Yuki there along with Koizumi. Mikuru nearly leapt up as she ran to Kyon, "Are you alright?" She blushed, "No one... did anything to you?"

"No," Kyon answered, realizing that Mikuru seemed aware of the changes to the world too, "well, other than Haruhi."

"Hmm," Yuki made one of her normal, noncommital noises as she read, but a faint blush colored her cheeks.

"Koizumi, what's going on?" Kyon asked weakly.

"I'm not entirely sure," Koizumi admitted, "the Organization is scrambling, as you can imagine. Our best theory is that Haruhi has at least partially rewritten the world, subconsciously."

"So how do we change it back?" Kyon asked.

"It might be best to let the scenario play out," Koizumi said, "and see what happens."

"In other words," Kyon sighed, "we're stuck like this for awhile?"

"I'm afraid so," Koizumi agreed.

To be continued...

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