Story: Sandals And Glasses (all chapters)

Authors: Natalya10

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Chapter 1

Title: Mousy Girl Blues

[Author's notes: It has been a while since I've really typed any big stories, so please forgive the revert to this writing style with the quotations. If it bothers anyone I'll try and drag myself out of it again.]

Chapter 1: Mousy Girl Blues

"Thats it, I'm dieing alone! Blah!" Patty shouted to the heavens as she shoved her hands in her pockets and sulked walking down the street. "Getting a date to a stupid dance was to much to ask?" She grumbled. "Lucille gets to be right again, and she can't keep her transfixed eyes on Schroeder..." As she kept walking down the street she suddenly got a strange yet recognizable feeling. Halting the frustrated rant she turned and saw no one was there.

 Patty sighed, "I've gotta be losing my marbles or something." Beginning to walk again. "Something wrong Sir?" Said a inquisitive and concerned voice. "Ahhhhhh!" Falling with a start to the pavement. Patty winced as she looked to match a face to a very familiar voice. A silhouetted figure that Patty recognized instantly loomed above her. "Sir?" she asked, "Marcie! Don't sneak up on me like that!" Patty grumbled. "And quit calling me Sir!" Knowing that this instinctive response would have no effect.

 "I wasn't trying to startle you Sir." said Marcie "You passed my yard and I walked up to meet you but you were preoccupied." Nodding in agreement with her own words. "Oh, sorry about that Marcie." Nodding back. "I'm sorry you had to see that." Not admitting her embarrassment. "You haven't answered the question Sir, whats wrong?" Tilting her head. Patty took a breath, "I'm sick of trying to fit in with it, I can't get a boy to like me.. I don't even know why I try!" Mumbling again.

"What sort of person wants a blah tomboy like me..." Growling at nothing.

Marcie nodded again. "Its alright Sir, I know that you are liked." Patty flashed back to reality. "Liked? Me? Who?" Staring over to Marcie who was now red and stuck nodding. "Ah well Sir, I ment." "Who likes me Marcie what do you know!" She grabbed Marcie. "I do... Sir." She whispered. Patty figured she grasped the meaning of it. "Well of course you like me Marcie we're friends aren't we?" sighing. "Don't get my hope up like that!"

 Marcie gathered herself. "I ment I like you Sir, I've always liked you." As she gripped around Patty's waist to prevent her from walking any further.  Realization coupled with a sudden jolt from Marcie's grab struck Patty like a wall. Her eyes went wide and she just sort of walked towards a bench and out of Marcie's grasp to sit down. Her brain raced to itself as Marcie quietly came to the bench to sit in silence. And Patty looked up at her. She'd never really looked at anyone as critically as she did right then.

Marcie was sort of locked in a state of shock. But the blush on her cheeks made her eyes glint in a pretty way when the light touched her cute round glasses. And her hair hung lightly in her face and was well kept and very sweetly placed. It had grown over the years the dark brown locks that swayed a bit in the wind as it brushed her face. The pretty emerald sweater was fitting her in this chilly weather.

 Then it hit Patty in the face, she's a girl... Can I even think this way, but I am thinking that way. Patty managed to look at the distraught Marcie and went on to confirm the situation. "You.. You like me like me Marcie?" she barely whimpered. Marcie only managed to nod. "Like date someone like me, go to a dance someone like me?" Marcie nodded repetitively.

 Patty nodded to herself. "Wh-Why?" Marcie looked at Patty. "Your so kind Sir, your confident and strong and.. pretty.." Patty looked up blushing dark. "How can you feel like that Marcie? How can anyone want a Blah girl like me how could this even..." Marcie took a deep breath then she walked away. Patty was lost and confused as she sulked in lost thought. I scared her away... Why did I argue it, she thought. Crying in a way she couldn't understand.

Why does it hurt and I feel... As she breathed the cold air and looked up at the cloudy sky.  "Do I love... Marcie?"


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Chapter 2: For you Sir,


Chapter 2

Title: For you Sir,

[Author's notes: I plan on placing more and more chapters to this story before I revert to finish my first story. And you can probably expect more Peanuts related stories coming from me as well. ]

Chapter 2: For you Sir,

Patty clenched her fists tightly as she pushed off of the bench gasping behind the tears. She felt pent up as she walked on the stiff cold grass as it crunched against her sandals. "I'm stubborn with these stupid things.." Wiping a tear from her face. Gritting her teeth as she tried to calm herself walking toward the lake she used to skate on when she was younger. She reached the edge and looked at the thin layer of ice coating the water. Sitting down at the edge of the lake she stared at  her breath as she watched it rise into the air. "Can't do anything right can you Patty? Talking to herself quietly. She picked up a stone and tossed it at the lake.

 It's impact cracked the surface, "I think I get that broken feeling.." Chuckling to herself in a sad tone.

"Can I love Marcie?" Pressing her nearly bare feet against the ice pressing hard against her sandals. Rushing a cold feeling up her legs. "I don't think I ever really felt love before now.." She grinned. "Cause it can hurt pretty good.." she smirked. "Can Marcie really like me.." She wondered. "I don't know anymore, who would want to be with me?" She laughed weakly. "Why would she, how would it.." Questions dive bombing her mind. She buried her face in her hands as the crack on the ice grew.

She heard the sound of crunching grass and turned to check behind her. Nobody was there when she looked. Once again she stared at the water and sighed. A small hand suddenly reached into her vision and it was full of small wild flowers. She looked up to see Marcie standing next to her looking out a the water. "For you Sir..." She mumbled softly. Patty was lost in her head suddenly as she carefully took the flowers, she'd never gotten any sort of gift. Not like this anyway. The smell of the cold air and the flowers entranced her further. And she managed to mutter a "Thank you, Marcie." Marcie didn't yet make eye contact but sat down next to Patty.

"Sorry if I upset you Marcie." Apologizing in a shy voice.

"You didn't Sir, I'm always happy around you." Nodding as she thought. "I couldn't work the nerve to say anything." Blushing nervously. "Never wanted to hurt your feelings I didn't know how you had felt about it.." Looking towards Patty yet not making eye contact. "I'm sorry I left..." Patty gazed at Marcie. "Can you really like a blah girl like me I mean I can't find it possible..." Shaking her head. "Don't be so sure Sir..." Moving closer to Patty. "How can you feel like this about me Marcie?" She looked over at her.

"I love you Sir.." She finally made eye contact. Suddenly it wasn't cold anymore to Patty the world seemed to stop. Marcie quickly reached foward and hugged Patty tightly. Patty almost couldn't breath as she gasped. "I-I love you to Marcie.." Wrapping her arms around her as she stuttered. Marcie tenderly kissed Patty on the cheek as if it was the most normal thing in the world to her. Every sort of nerve jumped in Patty when she felt that.

They sat quietly holding each other. Patty realized her legs were going numb from the cold. "I like shorts to much." She pointed out. "I like your shorts Sir." She blushed. "Can we move Marcie?" Patty asked. Marcie nodded, and helped Patty up.

As they walked back towards the street they held hands tightly. "So.. You kissed me." She smiled. "Uhm, I'm sorry about that Sir." Looking down. She kissed Marcie on the  forehead. "Its okay Marcie." Smiling as she did while Marcie simply nodded.

She thought to herself, I don't know why but this all feels right to me, no matter how strange that seemed...She chuckled again as they walked towards the street.

I'm in love with Marcie.. Smiling at her own thoughts.

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