Story: My Agent Woman (all chapters)

Authors: yurimaster336

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Chapter 1

It’s a cold Summer night in Raccoon City, the once calm streets are now crawling with walking corpses.  A woman wearing a short red dress, black leggings, and black high heels ran past a burning patrol car and into the police station.

“Okay, I’m in,” the woman said into her earpiece.

“Excellent,” a voice on the other end responded. “Take the southwest door past the security windows, then go to the evidence locker.”

“And then?”

“The disk is in the third locker on the left closest to the door,” the masculine voice answered.


“Oh, and one more thing ... be careful not to get killed.”

“Right.” the woman opened the southwest door off the main lobby. She was greeted by a shambling undead fat man.  The woman steadied herself as the creature got closer. When she knew that the thing was close enough to her, she  sprang forward and delivered a devastating super kick.  The zombie’s head rolled off its shoulders and the rest of the body crumpled to the ground, the woman smiled at her handiwork.

“That was some Sweet Chin Music, darling,” she said to the headless corpse.

The woman made it to the evidence locker and found the disk that she was looking for.

“Bingo.” she said.


Claire Redfield ran down from the burning rooftop, she tripped and cut her leg on some broken glass.

“Damn!” she hissed.

Suddenly a trio of undead officers staggered towards her.  Claire raised her Beretta and began firing.  In a matter of seconds before Claire was the only one left standing in the narrow hallway,

I wonder if Leon is here yet? Claire thought.


The woman in the red dress entered the abandoned STARS office on the second floor. As she entered, she found a Remington M-1100 12-gauge shotgun on the floor. She holstered her Punisher nine millimeter and picked up the shotgun.

“This will surely come in handy,” the woman said to herself.

“Miss Wong, do  you have the disk?” the voice in her ear asked.

“Yes Wesker, I’ve got your precious disk.”

“Good, Ada. Bring it to me once you escape the city.”

“I will,” she said.

Claire walked down to the basement of the RPD building, wanting to try and find a car that worked. Once she did that, then she would find Leon and anyone else that wanted to come with them and they would flee the dead city.


Ada casually strolled down the basement hall of the RPD building. She'd capped about five zombies in the hall, restored power to the weapons room security lock, but was disappointed when she found that it needed a key card to unlock it.

Perhaps Ben would have it, Ada thought.

She casually strode down the hall in her cool, calm demure manor. She opened the door, and noticed the shape of a human being, probably a zombie in the middle of the parking lot.

The zombie was obviously female, thin frame, shapely legs, and nice ass. The zombie was wearing jean shorts, long brown boots, and a jacket that depicted an angelic woman with a bomb in her hand.

Cute, Ada thought.

Ada let her eyes go back down to look at the zombie’s shapely ass and legs, Ada, still looking, fired off a round, hoping to hit the zombie in the head.

Instead, it grazed the ground right by its boot.

"What the hell..." it said, in a human voice.

What Ada thought had been a zombie turned around to face her. Ada brought her eyes up to face the girl that she almost killed.

"Sorry, I thought you were another zombie," Ada apologized smoothly, walking forwards past the girl.

"My name is Claire Redfield," the girl introduced herself. "Who are you?"

"Ada, Ada Wong. I'm here looking for somebody, his name's Ben. He's a reporter type, always looking for a scoop. He has some information on what's going on in this city." Ada replied smoothly.

"He's in the cell blocks, but a wrecked car is blocking the way in. I found out this is the other way in," Claire said, She turned back towards the door, and noticed it was blocked by a police van.

"Hmm, if we work together, we can move this thing," Ada motioned. Claire nodded, and together, the two girls pushed the van back. Ada couldn’t help but notice Claire’s eyes look towards Ada’s breasts as they pushed the car. Ada smirked. Perhaps she could have some fun with this girl later, it would certainly be a nice way to take her mind off of things for a while.


Some time later …

Claire pumped a final round into the horrible mutation that had busted its way out of Ben’s chest not five minutes ago. The creature groaned as it fell down in a pool of it’s own slimy green blood. The monster roared a final time, and then began to deflate like a balloon. Claire couldn’t help but smirk; she wiped away her sweaty bangs and walked to the area behind the defeated creature.

She found it to have some sort of chest board design. She pulled four plugs resembling chess pieces out, and inserted them into the four holes. A door opened, Claire had solved the simplistic puzzle, and she let herself in.   She ended up in some kind of sewage management room; she walked down the stairs in front of her.

Suddenly, Ada Wong dropped down from a crumbling roof above her.

Claire shook her head. “Ada, I’d really like it if you didn’t run off like that on me. We stand a better change together, and there’s not just zombies we have to worry about, like that thing that got Ben!” She said, pissed.

Ada dusted herself off, and looked at Claire.

“All right, kid, we’ll stay together from now on. Just try not to slow me down,”  Ada said, a playful smile appearing on her face.

Claire shook her head, and together the two women stepped through some more rooms, before finally reaching a large room, with a cold looking steel table in the middle of the room, some lockers in the corner, a lift in another corner, and on one wall lay a desk, a chest, and a refrigerator. Claire walked forward, and found it to be still running, she grabbed two waters, and tossed one to Ada.

“Let’s take a break,” Claire said, before casually sitting on the table and opening her water and taking a sip of it.

Ada nodded, and sat down beside her, and began to drink her own water. She had to admit, it felt really good to have some fresh water. She also noted that if she was going to make any advances on the Redfield girl, now would be the best time to do it. Taking a final sip of water, she screwed the cap on, and looked towards Claire. Claire looked back at her, confused. Ada leaned forward, and gave Claire a gentle kiss.

Claire pulled away, even more confused. "Ada, what are you doing?"

"Oh, now come on Claire babe. It’s not like I haven’t noticed you staring at my breasts the past two hours," Ada replied as she stepped down onto the floor, and stood in front of Claire. “Besides...” She continued, taking her hand and placing it behind Claire’s head, “it will take your mind off things for awhile.”

Claire smiled, and nodded. Ada wrapped both of her arms around Claire’s neck, and engaged in a sensual kiss. Their lips pressing tightly against each other. Ada and Claire simply kissed for several minutes before Ada licked Claire’s lips, asking for permission to be let in. Claire opened her lips, and let Ada in.

Ada and Claire then began to French kiss, their tongues tangling and dancing around with each other. They parted for air, string of saliva could be seen hanging between the two women’s mouths. The two girls went back to French kissing for several more minutes, before Ada parted, and began to kiss and suckle on Claire’s neck. Claire giggled, and placed her hand on Ada’s head.

Ada unzipped Claire’s vest, and dropped it to the floor. She began to kiss Claire’s collarbone, licking it also with her tongue. She necked Claire for some time before she stood back, running her hands on Claire’s sides, caressing them. Ada then lifted Claire’s black undershirt off, and admired the girl’s supple breasts. She took both of Claire’s nipples between her thumbs and index figures, playing with them. Claire groaned, letting her head fall back. Ada smiled as she moved in, and took Claire’s right nipple in her mouth, licking and sucking at the pink bud. After giving it a saliva bath, she turned to its neglected twin, and gave it the same attention.

Ada stood up after a few minutes, and pushed Claire onto the table into a lying position. Claire gasped from the cold steel on her back. Ada ran her hands down Claire’s naked chest, groping her breasts and her tummy.

“You have a nice body…” Ada complimented.

Ada pushed Claire farther onto the table, and pulled off the girl’s boots. She sensually gave both of her feet butter fly kisses, before she began to drag her tongue up her legs, stopping at her inner thighs with each one. Claire’s hand began to grope her own breasts in a desperate attempt for pleasure. Ada unzipped Claire’s shorts, and took them off, throwing them to the floor with Claire’s other clothes. Ada saw Claire’s red panties were quite wet, but still, she desired to tease the girl some more. She ran her fingertips across both sides of Claire’s bikini line, and then used her tongue to do so.

Ada finally took off Claire’s panties, and admired Claire’s pussy. A small patch of brown hair above it, which was currently soaked. Ada admired the pink nether lips of her lover the most. She dipped her fingertips down, and gathered up some of Claire’s juices, and sucked them off.

“Darling, you're delicious,” Ada said to Claire, who could only nod.

Ada bent her head down, and placed some butterfly kisses on Claire’s bikini line one more time before letting her tongue explore Claire’s vagina. She played around with the outer lips for some time, kissing and licking them. Claire began to pant in desperation. Ada smirked; she decided to finally grant her what she wanted. Ada dove her tongue into Claire’s pussy, it moved around, licking her inner walls. Claire groaned loudly, and began to squirm. Ada’s tongue began a jackhammer like motion, dipping in and out of Claire at incredible speeds. Claire began to gasp, pant, moan, and cry.

Ada finally began to lick Claire’s clit, making the same motion as she had done a few minutes ago. As Claire began to reach climax, Ada took the entire head of her clit into her mouth, and suckled it like she had done her nipples. Claire growled louder then before, squeezing her own breasts harder.

“I’m ... I’m ... Coming.” Claire said.

Ada smirked as she moved down and opened her mouth, catching as much liquid as she could in her mouth. She crawled up besides Claire and made out with her.

After a few minutes, Ada asked rhetorically, “Darling, after I gave you that amazing orgasm, I know you don’t have any objections to returning the favor ... do you?”

Claire shook her head. She and Ada stood up on their knees and began to make out again. Claire could taste herself on Ada’s tongue and lips, which made her blush. Slowly, Claire undid Ada’s dress, letting it fall to her waist, revealing her red bra. Claire cupped Ada’s supple breasts in her hands, before unbuckling it.

She instantly latched her lips onto Ada’s right nipple, sucking like a baby.  

Ada sighed, and began to stroke Claire's head with her hands. Claire switched between nipples every so often, giving each equal attention. Claire dropped onto the floor, gasping as her naked feet hit the cold steely ground. She pushed Ada into a lying position like Ada had done her. Claire took off Ada’s slip-on shoes, and dropped them into the growing pile of clothing. She struggled to get the rest of Ada’s dress off, but luckily, Ada helped her. Claire admired Ada’s shapely and fit body, especially her legs.

Claire squeezed Ada’s thighs before she took off Ada’s crimson panties, throwing them into the pile.

Claire admired Ada’s pussy much like Ada had admired hers. It was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen, a patch of black hair above it, shaped like a triangle pointing down, with velvety pink outer lips. Claire licked her lips and buried her face into Ada’s pussy. Ada moaned, she made one of her hands squeeze her right breast, and the other hold the back of Claire’s head, making sure it didn’t leave.

Claire used much the same technique Ada had for awhile before she added her index finger in there, and began to thrust it in and out while she licked Ada’s clit with her tongue, soon, she added a second finger, then a third, and then a fourth. With all this going on, it didn’t take Ada long to cum. She did so with a sexy low moan. Claire licked up all she could from her fingers before cleaning the rest of Ada’s pussy.

Claire went back to cuddling with Ada and let her recover before asking her a question. “One more?” She asked sweetly.

Ada smiled, and nodded. “I know just how we can do it, darling.”

Ada climbed on top of Claire, in such a position that their vaginas were facing each other.

“Ready?” Ada asked.

Claire nodded.

Ada began to thrust their pussies together, which were so wet they made a wet slapping sound each time the ground against each other. Claire and Ada moaned and groaned all through this, occasionally making out with each other.

Their pussies were grinding together at incredible speeds, both of the clits brushed each other, their lower lips kissing, a kiss much more sensual and unique then that of the norm. Each time their pussies parted, strands of cum could be seen hanging between the women’s waists. Claire began to thrust back with equal strength, thrusting her hips up to meet Ada’s. This continued on for minutes on end, before all four of their lips connected with each other a final time, and low moans filled the air.

The two lay seemingly lifeless on the table, whispering sweet things to each other. But this utopia was not to last, the two heard a blood curdling scream fill the air, one that sounded almost human, but it wasn’t.  Ada and Claire shared a worried glance.

"We’d better get going," Ada said, already slipping into her dress.

Claire nodded, and began to get dressed also. Soon, the two left the room, never to come back, though, they did leave a very wet table, a silent reminder of what the two shared in that room.


Wesker was watching Ada and Claire as they blasted through a small crowd of zombies and reached the library.

'Ada, you’d better keep your mission a secret from Miss Redfield.' Wesker thought. 'Wouldn’t want her big brother finding out.'


Ada and Claire were walking through the library, just then Ada stopped and pointed her shotgun at a figure lying face down under a table.

“Come out now ... or I’ll shoot!” Ada barked, with Claire having her covered from behind.

The figure began to move out from underneath the table. It was a small child, a little girl who looked to be about nine or ten years old, Ada and Claire lowered their guns. Claire stepped in front of Ada, and knelt down in front of the small girl.

“Hi there. What’s your name?”  Claire asked in a gentle voice.

"Sh ... Sherry Birkin. My Mom told me to come here because ... it was too dangerous to stay at home.”

Claire smiled. “My name’s Claire ... and this is a friend of mine, Ada.”

“Hello, Sherry. I ... I’m sorry if I frightened you just now.”

“That’s okay, Miss Ada.”

"Sherry, how long have you been here?" Claire asked.

“About a week and a half.”

Just then, a loud roar issued from outside. “Rrrrrahhh!!!!”  

Ada spun on her heels as Sherry buried her face into Claire’s waist and started crying.

“No! It’s coming to get me Claire, don’t let the monster get me!!” Sherry sobbed.

Claire wrapped her arms around Sherry and held the child close to her. “Everything is going to be okay, Sherry. Ada and I will protect you.”

Ada smiled and nodded in agreement.  Just then she heard Wesker’s voice in her ear.

“Miss Wong, I want my disk. Dump the extra weight...”

Ada snatched the earpiece off, threw it on the marble floor, then stepped on it.  She then looked at Claire and smiled warmly at her. 

“Claire, my Mom gave me these keys," Sherry revealed. "I think they are for a car down in the parking lot.”

“The parking lot?” Ada repeated in the form of a question.

This time Claire was the one who smiled. “Yeah Ada ... it’s where we first met,” she chuckled.

Ada returned Claire’s smile with a flirty wink.

“Okay, then, let’s go.” Claire said.


Claire and Ada kept Sherry in between them. Claire was behind Sherry bringing up the rear while Ada took point up front.  The trio made it to the parking area, where Sherry pulled the keys out of her pocket and gave them to Ada.

“Thanks, Sherry,” said Ada.

The keys were for a red Dodge Viper parked next to a black Honda Civic.

“Claire, wait here with Sherry,” Ada whispered. 


Ada drew her Beretta and approached the sports car slowly, Ada looked into the driver’s side window. The car was empty.

“It’s clear, girls,” Ada declared.

Claire and Sherry joined Ada at the car, they all got into the car.  Ada and Claire up front and Sherry in the back, Sherry tapped Ada lightly on the shoulder.

“Yes Sherry, is something wrong?” Ada asked.

“No, I just wanted to give you something.”

“Oh, okay.”

Sherry leaned forward and gave Ada a kiss on the cheek, Ada blushed slightly.

“Thank you both so much.” Sherry said before leaning over to Claire and planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Okay, girls, let’s blow this place.” Claire said.

Ada nodded and pulled out of the RPD’s parking lot.


Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, and Claire Redfield are riding down Highway 202 out of Raccoon City, a once vibrant, happy place.  Now it is a desolate wasteland, a former shell of itself.  The cause- The Umbrella corporation and their G Virus super weapon, now just about all of Raccoon was infected with the exception of a few citizens.  Claire looked back at Sherry, who was sound asleep in the back seat, Claire smiled at the sight of Sherry sleeping.

"Claire?" inquired Ada.


"What are we gonna do with Sherry?"

"I ... don't know babe," Claire replied.

"Claire, Umbrella's gonna come after us soon and I don't want Sherry to get caught up in this more than she already is."

"I know, Ada. I feel the same way," Claire assured her.

Ada pulled into a gas station. Claire cracked her knuckles and pulled out her H&K VP70.

"Regular or Super?" Claire asked Ada with a smile.

"Super, darling," Ada answered.


Ada leaned over and kissed Claire's soft, full lips.

"Don't be too long dearest," Ada said as she gently stroked Claire's face with her left hand. "Be careful."

"Always, doll," Claire assured her as she made her way to the entrance.

Claire slowly entered the store, she looked around and shook her head.

De Ja Vu all over again, she thought as she walked over to the register.

She found a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson automatic handgun under the counter. Claire opened the register and put ten dollars inside. Then she heard a small shriek from the back of the store. Not taking any chances, Claire hurried outside.

She pumped fifty dollars worth of gas, then she got in the car with Ada.

Ada saw the fear in Claire's eyes so she sped away from the gas station.

Ada drove to Latham, a small town about ten miles west of Raccoon. They stopped at the Latham Inn to get some rest (But Ada has other plans). After they check in, Claire carried Sherry in her arms as she followed Ada and the receptionist up the stairs to their two bedroom suite.

Claire put Sherry to bed in the other room, then she joined Ada in the main room.

"Well ... now what?" Claire asked.

Ada smiled and gestured for Claire to come closer. Claire walked over to Ada and smiled wickedly at her.

"Claire, I love you."

"Oh, Ada, I love you too baby."

Ada leaned into Claire, who slid her arms around Ada's small waist.  Ada removed Claire's vest as Claire kicked off her boots, then Claire unzipped Ada's dress. Ada let it fall to the floor.  The two lovers kissed one another passionately as they moved towards the bed. They fell onto the bed together.  Claire rolled on top of Ada and straddled her, then Claire pinned down Ada's wrists with her hands.  Ada smiled and licked her lips.

"It looks like I am at your mercy, darling,"  Ada whispered.

Claire leaned down and pressed her lips gently against Ada's, causing her to moan into Claire's mouth as their tongues dueled one another.  Claire reveled in the euphoria she was feeling.

"Mmmmmm..." Ada purred, as she broke off the kiss. "You're eager tonight."

"You don't know  how much I've missed your kisses and longed for your gentle touch," Claire groaned. 

Ada and Claire undressed each other slowly.

"These look bigger and better every time I see them," the redhead commented, cupping one of Ada's breasts and squeezing it. Ada uttered a small, almost imperceptible moan. Claire ran her index finger around the soft curve of the breast, pausing to massage the slack nipple with her thumb, which she felt grow stiff and erect under her touch.

"So tense..." Claire murmured. "Let's do something to relax you."

Gently, Claire ran her tongue around Ada's breast, slowly licking and savoring over the aureoles, working inwards, until she was suckling upon the tight nipple. She nipped on it with her teeth,  tugging playfully on it, chewing lightly, pumping it in and out of her mouth. Ada writhed with pleasure, as beads of sweat began to form and roll down her smooth, pale skin.

"C ... C ... Claire...!" Ada groaned as she felt her nipple released, and the flat of Claire's tongue rub back and forth against it. Wild with pleasure, Ada reached down, and groped and fondled her own chest, caressing her hot body. Ada gasped at Claire's forcefulness, and lost her balance, toppling backwards onto the bed.

Spinning around, Claire dropped to her knees between Ada's legs, and gently suckled on her lover's crevice, as fluids oozed and trickled from it. Carefully, slowly, Claire eased her tongue in between Ada's folds, caressing the muscles with it's flat, gradually  stimulating her to orgasm. Ada writhed around, sweat dripping from her now, thrusting against Claire's head, swinging her muscular legs up and over Claire's shoulders, and wrapping them around her neck, clamping Claire's mouth down tightly over her pussy.  Claire could feel the burning heat rise between Ada's legs, as her juices flowed fast. Claire licked them up, and swallowed them, pumping against Ada hard and fast. 



The two lovers collapsed into each other's arms happily, Claire stroked her lover's face gently with her hand.

"I love you, Claire."

"And I you, my sweet Ada."  Claire leaned over and kissed Ada again.

"We can stay here for a few days and rest, how's that sound?" Ada asked.

"Mmmmm ... sounds like a good idea to me." replied Claire.

Ada smiled as she leaned down and started kissing and stroking Claire's body.  Claire planted a soft, tender kiss on Ada's left hand as Ada began thrusting her womanhood into Claire's without breaking the liplock.  Claire arched her back as Ada continued to thrust her hand in and out of Claire's entrance, Claire was drenched in sweat and cum. 

"OH! Y-YEAH ADA! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!! N-NOT YET!! AHHHH!!!" Claire screeched.

Ada smiled when she saw the look of absolute pleasure on her younger lover's beautiful face. 

For the first time in a long time I'm happy! I'm truly happy, Ada thought to herself.

Then Claire came hard, she doused Ada's gorgeous waist and her crotch with her sweet girlcum.  Not long after Claire's climax, Ada found herself cumming too.  A short time later Claire and Ada fell asleep in each other's arms.


Claire woke up first, putting her black T-shirt and shorts on.  Then she went and checked on Sherry. 

"Claire?" Sherry said sleepily.


"I'm hungry."

"Okay, sweetie, I'll take you downstairs and see what we can find."

"Okay, Claire," Sherry said.

Claire took Sherry's hand and they walked downstairs to the lobby.  Ada woke up alone, she got up and walked into the bathroom and took a shower.

"Excuse me Miss, does this hotel have a dining area?"  Claire asked the brunette receptionist.

"Yes ma'am, it's just down the hall on the left."

"Thanks," said Claire with a smile.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion, Claire and Sherry spun around to see what happened.

"Sherry, turn away!" Claire said pulling Sherry into her. Sherry closed her eyes tightly.  Then Sherry heard the receptionist screaming for her life.

"Claire?" Sherry murmured.

Claire watched as six zombies mauled the receptionist. "This is bad ... very bad."

"Hello, Miss Redfield," a man's voice said.

Claire turned around and saw Albert Wesker standing on the other side of the hole, he has a Beretta pointed at Claire's chest.  Without saying a word he shot Claire, Claire's eyes went wide as she fell to the floor.  Then Wesker grabbed Sherry and left.

Ada put her dress on and walked downstairs.  When she reached the bottom of the staircase Ada saw Claire lying in the middle of the destroyed lobby, surrounded by undead, moaning corpses.

Wasting no time Ada pulled her Punisher and capped two of the three zombies, the last zombie staggered away from Claire. Ada holstered her gun and readied herself as the zombie tried to grab Ada.  Ada ducked underneath the zombie, lifting it up onto her shoulders.  Then Ada dropped the zombie in front of her and blasted it in the face with her knee.  The zombie's pasty face exploded on impact from Ada's knee.

Her enemy defeated, she rushed over to Claire. "Claire? Claire, can you hear me?"

"A - Ada ... h - he took Sherry," Claire groaned.

"Who took her, Claire?"

"W - Wesker."

"Don't worry, Claire. One way or another I will save Sherry."


Ada took Claire to a nearby hospital and stayed with her for a few hours, Claire looked at Ada with tired brown eyes.

"Ada, do you intend to go after Sherry alone?" Claire inquired.

Ada smiled lightly and shook her head. "No darling, I'm going to call in a favor from an old friend."

"Please come back to me ... both of you. Okay?"

"I promise, darling," Ada assured her. "Now rest."

Claire smiled and closed her eyes, then she was asleep.

Ada went to the waiting room, she pulled out her cell phone and began dialing.

"Hello?" a woman's voice answered.

"Hello, Nya."

"Ada?  Ada Wong?  Wow! It's been about ten years right?" the woman on the other line said.

"Yeah, it has."

"So ... what's up?"

"I need your help, Nya."

"I see," Nya commented. "This wouldn't happen to be about a certain data disk that you stole from Umbrella, would it? And I bet that queer Wesker wants it.  Am I warm?"

"Red hot, babe,"  Ada confirmed.

"Let me guess: You want me to make a copy of that disk encoded with virus that'll crash Umbrella's entire network right?"

Ada laughed a little. "You know I hate when you do that, darling."

"I know you Ada, better than anyone else in the whole world," Nya stated.

"Where are you now?" Ada asks.

"The Holiday Inn just down the block from the hospital."

"All right, I'll be there shortly."

Ada told Claire's nurse, a petite blonde woman, to tell Claire where she had gone if Claire got worried about her.  Then Ada left the hospital.  Ada walked the short distance to the hotel, she stood in the lobby and looked around.

"Ada?" a familiar called out.

Ada turned around and saw Nya standing in front of her.  She was wearing jeans and a black leather coat over a powder blue blouse. She was smiling at Ada.

"Wow Ada, you look great," Nya commented.

"I see that you've managed to keep that gorgeous figure of yours too, Nya darling."

"Well, I try," said Nya. "While we're here, how 'bout some coffee Ada?"

"Okay, Nya," replied Ada.

Ada and Nya walked over to the Starbucks coffee shop that was just outside the hotel's main lobby.


"Sherry ... Sherry, can you hear me?" A woman's voice spoke into Sherry's right ear.

"Uh ... Miss Ada?  Claire, is that you?" Sherry asked weakly.

"No, sweetheart, it's Mom," the voice said.

Sherry's eyes popped open and she saw Annette Birkin, her Mother.

"Mommy?  I - I thought that you were dead,"  Sherry said as tears began welling up in her brown eyes.

"I was, honey, but thanks to Mr. Wesker, I'm okay now."

"Mommy..." Sherry whispered.

"I know that I was a terrible Mother Sherry, but I would like to start over ... will you forgive me for my selfish and foolish actions?"

"Yes Mommy, I forgive you,"  Sherry said.


"Damn Albert Wesker!" the black woman cursed through clinched teeth as her fist slammed on the tabletop loud enough to turn the attention of nearby diners of the coffee shop her way.

"Nya, please!" her companion whispered, trying to calm her down. She then turned to the curious onlookers and with a nervous smile offered, "It's okay, folks. Just thought she saw a fly."

The lovely brunette then turned to her friend across from her and ordered her, "Don't let him get to you like this, Nya. I'm just as upset about this as you are."

"Ada, I - I just hate the fact that he just might get away with this."

"Nya, we're gonna stop him -- and Umbrella -- for good," Ada reassured her ebony friend.  After their coffee, Nya took Ada up to her suite.

"Grab us some water, please Ada?" Nya asked politely.

"Sure thing." Ada walked into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and pulled out two bottles of mineral water.

By the time she reached the den, Ada was greeted by the sight of Nya reclining on the couch with her high heels off and the top of her blue blouse unbuttoned, exposing her smooth brown chest to her friend, who could help but stare ever so slightly at her cleavage.

"Ada, I've missed you terribly," Nya said.

Ada smiled warmly at Nya. "I've missed you too, Nya."

"When I heard about the RPD building going up in flames I thought that you had died, then I saw what you and Jack Krauser did in Spain..."

"And?" Ada pressed.

Nya put down her water and reached up and pulled Ada down into her arms, tears were gliding down Nya's beautiful face.  She cupped Ada's face in her hands.  "I love you Ada Wong, I don't want to lose you again."

"Nya..." whispered Ada.

Nya then leaned forward and brushing her lips against Ada's, an act to which the brunette responded with equal force and passion.

Nya Dawkins, her colleague and friend, pulled her sexy long legs up on the couch until the sultry African-American agent for the CIA was lying fully on top of her, massaging Ada's moist red lips with her own.

One of Ada's palms grasped Nya's shoulders while she opened her hot mouth a little to slip her tongue into her ex-girlfriend's orifice.

In fact, after a couple of minutes, Ada remembered how she liked kissing the sexy black woman that was caressing her thigh and hip with one hand and holding the back of her head in place with the other.

"Ooooo..." Ada moaned as Nya's hands caressed and squeezed her breasts and her mouth started kissing Ada's swan-like neck not unlike a starving vampire.

The black woman's fingers then hooked over the cups of Ada' bra and started pulling them down as Ada's hands slid around Nya's slender waist, her left hand straying to her partner's curvaceous hip and tight ass cheek which she kneaded heavily, her right hand moved past Nya's shoulder blades and up her smooth neck until her fingers were running though the agent's short brown hair .... something she could NEVER have done with Leon.

"Ohhh, Nya!" Ada cooed as the ebony woman splashed her tongue against Ada's neck and her fingertips began gently pinching and twisting her friend's erect nipples. Ada never before realized just how sensitive and .... ELECTRIC it felt having her nipples played with so extensively. Leon never took the time to pleasure her like this in all the times they made love. "Oh, that feels so GOOD! OH, I LOVE the way you work my nipples!"

"Then how do you like THIS, babe?" Nya quickly asked before running her tongue down Ada's chest until it was circling her right aureole.

"Mmmmmm, ye-ahhhh!" Ada sighed in appreciation, adding, "Oh, don't tease me, Nya! GO FOR IT!"

Nya lapped her tongue over the erect bud while squeezing Ada's breasts ever so softly. Ada felt like she could burst from anticipation as she arched her back, lifting her tit's sensitive center closer to her friend's slobbering mouth.

"N...N...NYAAAAAHHHH!!!" Ada screamed as loud as she could as Nya gently parted Ada's silky thighs, then Nya grasped Ada's thin ankles and started at her toes, licking and sucking on them until her cute little feet were covered in spittle.

Damn! Ada thought. I forgot how good Nya was!

Nya then began planting small kisses on Ada's tight calves and little licks on the back of her knees, savoring the build-up to the glorious inevitable climax.

"Uuuungh!" the brunette moaned with pleasure, thinking, If she doesn't get there soon, I'm gonna cum without her!

Just then, Nya parted Ada's alabaster thighs wider, resting the right leg on the back of the couch and the left over the coffee table. The black woman then looked down and beheld the object of her desire in all its glory. The lips were bright-pink and puffy, the clit was long and hard like a miniature cock, and it oozed precum like a sieve. There was a tiny wisp of dark pubic hair crowning it. To put it simply, Ada's pussy was to Nya the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

"Oh, Ada!" Nya moaned while running her hands along the black-maned spy's inner thighs and leaning her head down for her forbidden feast. "Hope you enjoy this half as much as I will!"

She then began kissing and licking Ada's thighs and crotch, careful not to come into contact with any of the most sensitive parts just yet. Nya had waited a long time for this moment and she was going to enjoy every nanosecond of it.

"Oh-ho-ho! Oh, NYA!!" Ada gasped in near rapture as her hand clasped on the back of her lover's head and guided the ebony beauty's tongue to her erotic epicenter. "Eat my pussy, baby! Oh, I'm so hot for you!"

Nya happily obliged, running her tongue along the outer lips of Ada's wet cunnyhole, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from the normally deadpan spy.

Ada's heart was hammering in her chest, her breathing was shallow, and she felt really light-headed.

"Oooh-OOO-OOOOOO!!!" Ada howled as Nya's mouth drank lustily from her burgeoning depths. Her free hand grasped her tit, massaging it vigorously, as she briefly wondered why it never felt this good when Leon ate her out. "OHHH, NYA-AAAHHH!!! OH-HO! I'M ... I'M CUMMING!"

"E-yeah! Come for me , Ada!" Nya ordered her lover as her left hand rubbed Ada's erect clit into a frenzy and she stuck the middle finger of her right hand between her cum-drenched lips. As her mouth returned to taste Ada's honeypot again, Nya's spit-covered finger made its way up Ada's anus, successfully sending the gorgeous spy over the edge. Honey burst forth from Ada's pussy, flooding Nya's hungry mouth with the heavy rich taste of Ada's fulfillment as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through the brunette spy's sumptuous body.

After a few minutes, while Ada calmed down and Nya drank every last drop of Ada's sweet girlcum Ada ran her fingers through Nya's short brown hair.

"Takes you back doesn't it?" Ada asked, smiling.

"Mmmmm ... it sure does love."

"Rest up, Nya, because tomorrow we storm Umbrella's lab and rescue Sherry."

"Wait a second ... you mean Sherry Birkin?" Nya demanded.

"Uh-huh. Is something wrong Nya?"

"Ada, this is really hard for me to say..."

"What is, Nya?"

"That agent you told me about, Leon ... well, Wesker has him and a guy named Chris Redfield working with him."

Chris Redfield?  Is he related to Claire? Ada thought as she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. "Nya?"


"Find out if this Redfield guy has any living relatives?"

"Sure, is something wrong?"

"No, I just got a strange feeling in my gut that's all."

"Consider it done."


After her shower Ada kissed Nya goodnight and returned to the hospital, she found Claire awake and sipping some orange juice from a cup.  The redhead smiled when she saw Ada standing in the doorway.

"I see that you're up, darling," Ada said, smiling warmly at Claire.

"Lucky for me that my vest took some of the punch out of that round."

Ada walked over and sat next to Claire, she met her lover's gaze evenly and sighed. "Claire, do you have a brother that is still alive?"

"Yeah, my big brother is named Chris, he used to be with the STARS."

"Oh," Ada said as she dropped her gaze.

Claire grasped Ada's right hand and squeezed it a little. "Ada, is something the matter?"

"Huh, no ... nothing is wrong, darling, I just want you to concentrate only on healing okay?"

"Okay, Ada. Kiss please?"

Ada leaned over and planted a small kiss on Claire's lips. "Sleep well my darling."


There was a half-moon in the clear night sky, casting a pallid blue light across Latham.  Ada and Nya were in Ada's jeep driving out of town, Nya glanced at Ada.

"Ada, I found out what you wanted to know."

"So, what did you find?"

"Chris Redfield, ex-STARS Alpha team member, he has a twenty year old sister named..."

"Claire." Ada interrupted.

"Yeah," Nya confirmed. "How'd you know?"

"That's who Wesker shot when he took Sherry," Ada answered.

Nya took Ada's hand and kissed it gently. "Ada, are you in love with Claire?"

"I ... I don't really know Nya, it's all so confusing."

Nya smiled. "Ada, you know that I've always loved you, right?"

"Yes, Nya, I know that."

"When this is over the three of us are all going to sit down and talk."

"Okay, Nya darling."

Ada parked the jeep in a small clearing about half a mile from the complex, before exiting the jeep Ada turned to Nya.  "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

Ada leaned over and kissed Nya on the lips, Nya lingered for about half a minute before pulling back.

"Be careful in there, Ada," Nya murmured.

"You too, darling."


The complex was cold and dark, Ada and Nya found the entrance unguarded but they were still on their guard.  The women knew not to get too relaxed, they were dealing with Umbrella after all.


"Sherry ... do you trust me?"  Annette asked her daughter, Sherry opened her eyes and looked at Annette.  Annette's pupils were blank, the white lab coat she wore was stained with blood, her skin was a chalky pale white.  "Mommy, you're a..."

"A zombie," a man's voice said from across the room, Sherry turned her head and saw him ... a man dressed in all black and wearing black sunglasses, who was followed by two more men, both of who were wearing Umbrella fatigues and carrying M4s. 

The man in black walked over to Annette. "Is it ready yet?"

"Yes sir, the combination of the Plagas and the G Virus is complete.  I give you: Agent 001X," the undead scientist said handing a vial to Wesker.

"Excuse me sir, can I ask a question?" Sherry asked.

Wesker turned to Sherry and nodded.

"If my Mother is a zombie, how can she act human?"

Wesker smiled like a shark that was about too feed on a surfer.  "Your sweet Mother is wearing a special microchip on her right temple ... it suppresses her 'condition,' if you will."

"So if that chip was removed, then she would become a mindless zombie again?"



Ada and Nya are walking through the second floor lobby of the complex.

Just then, a young woman's voice called out from behind a broken table. "Please help us."

Ada drew her Punisher while Nya reached for her Smith & Wesson, then they slowly approached the destroyed table.  On the other side of the table Ada and Nya found two young woman, both in their late teens to early twenties.  They were both wearing lab coats and were lying on the floor wrapped in each other's arms.

"Who are you two girls?" Ada asked.

One of the girls looked up at Ada and Claire. "My n-name is Lora ... and this is Stephanie." 

Nya knelt down next to Lora, she placed her left hand on the girl's shivering shoulder. "It's okay, we won't hurt you."

Lora nodded.

Ada looked at the other girl and raised her weapon. "Have either one of you been bitten by those things?"

"I haven't been, but Stephanie was bitten on her wrist as we were leaving the hotel we were staying at."

"Just as I thought." Ada said.  Ada slowly brought the weapon up level with Stephanie's head and pulled the trigger.  Bam!  Stephanie's head snapped back when the round hit her in the forehead, then Ada turned to Nya.

"Come on, Nya, let's find Sherry."


Ada and Nya left Lora there in tears, heartbroken because she just saw her best friend shot in the head right in front of her and she just sat by and let it happen.  Ada and Nya came to an elevator, Nya hacked the control panel and gained access to the living quarters section of the lab.  She pressed the B3 button, Ada was loading her Punisher with a fresh clip.

Just hold on, Sherry ... I'm coming baby, Ada thought to herself. 

"Hey Ada, you okay?"  Nya asked.

"I'm just worried about Sherry, that's all."

Nya grasped Ada's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "We'll find her, don't you worry," she whispered.


"You want me to do what!?" Annette yelled at Wesker.

"I need you to inject Sherry with Agent 001X."

"No! Out of the question, Wesker! She's still my daughter!! I won't you use her for one of your twisted experiments!!" 

"Ha! That's rich, Annette. You're dead ... and now you claim this brat as your daughter? Don't make me laugh!"

"Mommy," Sherry said as a tear rolled down her face.

"Sherry, I'm so sorry for bringing you here. I - I just wanted you near me one last time while I could still remember you."


Annette released the restraints that bound Sherry. "Get outta here, Sherry ... now."

"What about you...?" 

"Just go... Now!" Annette growled.

Sherry saw her Mother reach for her microchip and start to pull it out of her temple.  "I love you, Sherry, please don't forget me."

Sherry sprinted past Leon and Chris.

Wesker looked at them. "Go after her, now!"

"Understood," Chris responded, then he and Leon went after Sherry leaving Wesker alone with Annette, who had just finished pulling out the microchip that was in her head.  Wesker pulled his Killer 7 magnum, he pointed it at Annette and pulled the trigger.

Click ... click. The gun was empty, Wesker struggled to reload, he dropped his clip.  Then Wesker backed away from the advancing undead Annette Birkin, he hit the cold steel wall.

Annette lunged at Wesker, she sank her teeth into his chest.  Wesker's eyes went wide as the pain shot through him, he hit Annette in the back of the head with a series of elbows.  This however did not stop Annette, she tore Wesker's beating heart from his chest, killing him instantly.

Sherry was running hard and fast, she needed to find someone that could help her.  She could hear the footsteps of those two men Wesker sent after her coming after her, Sherry came around a corner.  Sherry turned to see where the two men were, when suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind and a hand came over her mouth.

"Shh ... Sherry, it's Ada, are you okay?"

Sherry nodded yes, then Ada released her.

"Ada, is Claire...?"

"No Sherry, Claire is just fine, she's in the hospital."

"That's good."

"Come on you two, you can talk on the ride back to town," Nya said, lobbing a grenade into the hallway.


The ceiling gave way and came crashing down onto Leon and Chris.  Ada, Sherry, and Nya ran outside to the jeep, they hop in and buckle up.  Then Nya hit the gas and the jeep sped away from the Umbrella lab in the mid morning sun.


"Sherry!!  Ada!" Claire exclaimed when they walked into the hospital.

Sherry ran over to Claire and hugged her tightly.

"Oh, Claire,"  Sherry sobbed.

Ada and Nya smiled.

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