Story: The ABCs of KON! (chapter 1)

Authors: Sakura Blossoms

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Chapter 1

Title: Happy Sweet Apple Pie Time

[Author's notes: Disclaimer – I do not own the characters of K-ON! no matter how awesome they are. They are owned by Kakifly and Kyoto Animation respectively~]

 ~Happy Sweet Apple Pie Time~

"Ahhh..." Mio said as she opened her mouth wide.

"Here comes the sweet apple pie!" Ritsu cried out, as she slowly zoomed the spoon that held a small piece of apple pie around in the air like a crazed bird gone out of control.

"Ruuiitssuuu," Mio tried to say with her mouth still hanging slightly open. "Hauurry upp ann gimmae pie."

"Here she comes!" Ritsu cried out as she leaned forward with the spoon still in her hand...and kissed Mio on the corner of her lips.

Mio's face turned an exceptional shade of bright tomato-red, and one could almost swear that they could see steam rising from her head.

"R-R-R-R-Ritsu!" Mio cried out, as her eyes squeezed shut and she squeezed her fists against her chest.

"Hehehe," Ritsu laughed, and flashed Mio a peace sign. "You can have another taste of my apple pie anytime you want!" Ritsu exclaimed happily.



[End notes: Hope you all enjoyed =3]

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