Story: Touch Me (all chapters)

Authors: Sakura Blossoms

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Chapter 1

Title: Touch Me

[Author's notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Mai Hime. They belong to Sunrise.

Hope you all enjoy this story! =3


"Zuru," Natsuki moaned long and low as she pushed Shizuru hard against their bedroom wall, lightly nipping and licking along Shizuru's slender neck.

"Natsuki..." Shizuru moaned back in response as she raised her hands, and ran her fingers through her lover's hair, her head tilting back as she felt Natsuki press herself even closer against her heated body.

"I want you," Natsuki breathed hotly against her girlfriend's neck as she began trailing her fingers down Shizuru's neck, and then down the front of her blouse until she was lightly cupping Shizuru's breast through the soft fabric.

Shizuru pulled Natsuki's head down closer against her neck, and then leaned forward and licked and sucked on Natsuki's small earlobe.

Natsuki let out a soft hiss as she in response moved her leg in between Shizuru's legs and moved her knee upward, rubbing lightly against Shizuru's heated center.

Shizuru almost went weak in the knees when she felt Natsuki's knee against her, and only just kept from actually doing so by Natsuki tightening her grip on her, and pushing her harder against the wall.

"Do you want me to take you? Hard and fast? Or veerry slow," Natsuki whispered as she began kissing down Shizuru's chest down to the apex of her round luscious breasts, and began teasing Shizuru by licking right at the top of her full mounds.

Shizuru groaned long and loud as she pressed her center down further against the top of Natsuki's knee.

"Take me...take me now. Hard and fast, Natsuki," Shizuru moaned as her head tilted back against the wall, and her eyes closed as she allowed her body to completely feel everything that Natsuki was doing to it.

Natsuki let a small smirk curl the corner of her lips as she said in her low husky voice that never failed to make Shizuru shudder in pleasure, "your wish is my command."

The lights then went out in the room, and only the sounds of deep passion and fulfilled enjoyment were heard for the rest of the night.

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