Story: Sparks II (chapter 1)

Authors: Asuka 1

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 2

The shadows of the auburn flames undulated about Vanille’s sleeping features, playfully investigating and admiring her seemingly innocent beauty. Her hair an incandescent red intensified by the flames of the fire twisted and curled among the creases in the luxury sheet draped carelessly across her naked body. She stirred momentarily, as if she was almost aware of the pale blue eyes that watched her regretfully from afar.Oerba Yun Fang was standing in the shadows near the far corner of the small Gran Pulsian cave, her flawless features now gnarled with a frown that suggested deep, regretful thought, although the regretful part is what she wished she felt. Her experience with Lightning earlier had been ‘electrifying’ to say the least, and even now, every hair on her body still crackled with static excitement at the thought of their skin touching, their lips meeting.“Fang?” her deep thought was suddenly awoken.“I’m here Vanille.” Fang stepped forward out of the shadows expectantly.“I’m sorr...” as she looked closer she could see that Vanille was still asleep, eyes closed, muttering unintelligibles here and there. Fang gave a wry smile and moved cautiously further into the bobbing light of the cave.It had gotten decidedly chilly that evening, but the warmth from the small fire mimicked the heat of the day just passed. Fang responded by peeling off her blue tribesdress, hanging it carefully over her bladed lance. She was feeling sleepy now, and even though the disagreement with Vanille earlier had driven an uncomfortable wedge between them, she thought she’d rather sleep here than share with Snow.....or Lightning for that matter, but all because of a completely different reason.Vanille was calmer in her sleep now, and as Fang lay down beside her she noticed how the thin sheet clung to and accentuated every curve of her sleeping body, the way its ripples snaked in between her thighs and politely clutched at the tips of her breasts. She wondered if she touched Vanille now, would she awaken her with the ripples of electric pleasure that were still pulsing through her skin. She reached out to touch her exposed forearm but promptly halted when the fine hairs began to lift, as though being magnetically attracted to her palm. Fang clenched her fist and drew her hand away with a vigorous shake. Uuuurghhh! If only she could get rid of this static charge which stuck to her skin then she could forget about Lightning....Oh my god she wanted her, but right now she wanted Vanille even more.Fang awoke periodically that night, tossing and turning to the roar of the rain as it cracked on the rocks of the cave, finally waking to the moisture of another hot morning and the gentle fizz of falling water from deeper inside the cave. She turned her head wearily to the left side. The fire was out and Vanille was gone.The heavy rainfall that night must have flooded the nearby Subterranean Lake, as there was a small but beautiful waterfall that cascaded down from an opening in the roof of the cave which formed a shallow rock pool just below. Hot steam rose up from the sweating rocks as the water crashed and swept over them. They hissed on its contact, as if competing with the fizz of the waterfall. Fang was pleasantly pleased by this sight, and took a moment to admire the view before becoming naked to bathe in its glory.Fang fully submerged her body in the warm rock pool for a few seconds, as if cleansing herself of her sins from the day before. As she broke the water and swept her hair back, she noticed a shadow moving behind the waterfall and heard the cheerful hum of a familiar Oerbian tune coexisting with the fizz of the falling water. The sweet sound seemed to swim with the current and travel along the cave walls with ghostly echoes, and there was a strong scent of honey that from time to time wafted into Fang’s nostrils. She knew who was there, but still she crept cautiously around the back of the waterfall.Vanille slowly rubbed herself down with the foaming nectar of the honey plant; Fang likes the smell of this plant, she remembered. And the time when she playfully leaned in to sniff her neck.....Vanille smiled to herself. That was the time they nearly.....she turned, startled, thoughts broken as she saw Fang standing at a cautious distance, eyes intensely blue, dark hair tousled, beautiful.Vanille averted her eyes and coyly clasped her arms across her breasts. She could sense Fang approaching quietly and her skin flushed rosy pink as the steamy heat quickly rose around them. She tensed as Fang lightly touched her shoulder from behind, sliding her hand around towards her forearm, then intertwining her fingers with hers. She gently brushed Vanille’s hair to the side and leaned towards her neck to fully experience the essence of honey emanating from her skin. Vanille relaxed a little as she felt the softness of Fang’s lips brush against the side of her neck, lightly tasting its sweetness.Vanille tilted her head slightly, giving Fang the exposure she needed to sink her lips deeper into the crevice of her moist neck and collar bone, gently teasing here and there with the tip of her tongue. Fang’s free hand slid forward across the soapy surface of Vanille’s hip and in doing so pressed her wet body hard into her back, allowing further reach down to her lower stomach. Vanille responded by dropping her arm and clasping Fang’s hand, guiding it further down in between her thighs. A sudden shot of electric pulsed through the centre of her legs rising to her stomach and ending in the tips of her breasts which tingled wildly. She felt the heat and intimate hardness of Fang’s body as she threw her head back to meet her lips with her own. The warmth from the waterfall had smouldered their lips with a glossy dew and they slipped and slided together slowly with deep desire. Fang began to move her fingers back and forth in time with her probing kiss, sliding the soapy honey between Vanille’s legs and back again which made her breathing frantic and almost uncatchable. She pushed Fang’s hand harder into her softness as little sparks of gentle electric teased and tormented her every fold as it built up inside her core ready to explode. And when she exploded, the waterfall thrashed and crashed around them, the hissing heat hushed the pleasurable screams and muffled the secrets of their act. Their naked bodies blurred behind the strings of water as frantic movements slowed and satisfied screams turned to pleasurable moans.Vanille had given in to her desires and at that moment she knew that it was right. After all, she’d wanted this experience, this feeling, Fang holding her close and softly touching her how she wanted, to be eternal soul mates now until the very end. Yet she could sense s tinge of guilt in Fang’s expression but decided not to question it for now. Instead she fell asleep in Fang’s arms, as the waterfall shimmered and the sun rose up over the mountains.

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