Story: Amore Ragazze (chapter 8)

Authors: SomeguyJim

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Chapter 8

[Author's notes: Okay, heads up peoples. SPOILER ALERT in this introduction, but I need to let you all know what’s happening in this chapter.

As some of people expressed hostility towards the original Chapter 4, I feel I need to warn you that this is a lesbian sex scene. It’s not entirely pornographic, but it’s certainly NC-17 rated. If you are not a fan of explicit sex scenes, then stop reading right now and wait for Chapter 9. I’ll give you a quick summary in the chapter notes for 9.

If you have been waiting for a sex scene, than read on. I personally am very happy with what I wrote and hope you enjoy it. And thanks everyone for sending in your thoughts.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Rachel had girls over at her apartment before, always hoping to get in their pants. She had a system:

The apartment was ridiculously hot all the time. Rachel just left the heat on even when she went out. This would make Rachel’s date want to strip off her jacket and undershirt, as well as Rachel who would be down a tank-top revealing her gorgeous athletic body. The couch was there, a stereo near it. TV wasn’t an option, the raven-hair had to have her date focusing on her, not the TV screen. Her collections of posters were all conversation starters. No pictures of her family; Rachel wanted to avoid that subject. She had posters of the actress Audrey Hepburn, rock star Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, and the movie Kill Bill. Her DVD and vinyl collection would spark even more interest. After sitting on the couch, listening to her date yap away for a few minutes, Rachel would begin to touch her intimately (either a kiss, or rubbing a leg, depending on the girl). A make-out session on the couch would eventually give way for Rachel to take the girl by the hand towards her bedroom. Once in the bedroom, sparks would fly. Sometimes, she didn’t even need the bedroom, sex could be happening before Rachel even got in the door of her apartment. Sometimes, Rachel’s system wouldn’t work and nothing would happen. This particular case could be one of those times.

Once Rachel turned the key and opened the door, she began her routine. Julia was observing the room. She barely moved, holding her hands together. Her scarf had been untied outside in the hallway.

“Hot in here,” Rachel said as she took off her coat, well into the room.

“Do you want me to take my shoes off?” Julia asked pointing towards her boots.

Rachel looked at her girlfriend and shrugged her shoulders, “Sure if you want.” Rachel didn’t take her boots off, but did throw her coat on the floor. Before Julia finished unbuttoning her shoes, she instinctively picked up Rachel’s coat and hung it on the coatrack nearby. “You don’t have to do that,” Rachel noted.

“Sorry,” Julia nodded her head, “I’m so used to always being tidy.”

Rachel’s place was not so tidy. It was quite possibly the messiest place Julia had ever seen. Then again, she hadn’t been to too many girls or guys’ apartments before.

“You can take your coat off,” Rachel smiled.

“Oh I’m OK?” Julia stood near the entrance with her coat, hat and gloves still on. She did continue to untie her shoes.

Damn, Rachel thought. She really longed to see Julia without too many clothes on. Rachel took off her shirt to reveal a greyish tank-top. She carelessly threw it on the floor flexing her muscles, pretending to stretch. Once again, Julia picked up the discarded shirt. Rachel laughed:

“Julia, you’re not my housekeeper, relax!”

“Sorry,” Julia apologized hanging the shirt on another rack.

“And stop apologizing, you don’t need to do that.”

“Sorry,” Julia echoed.

Rachel rolled her eyes and looked through her vinyl records. “Get some music going. What do you like?”

Julia looked at Rachel’s record player and stereo system. It wasn’t so different from her father’s system, “Well,” she then looked at the ground, “I like Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin…”

Rachel got the feeling this was more of Frank Columbo’s musical tastes than Julia’s own tastes, if she even had any.

“Dean Martin… um,”

“AC/DC it is!” Rachel said, pulling out a copy of HIGHWAY TO HELL that had just passed her eyes. Julia frowned slightly, never having been a big AC/DC fan. Rachel skipped the first track and put the needle right on GIRLS GOT RHYTHM. Loud rocking guitars escaped the speakers, almost inspiring Rachel to dance a little. She snapped her fingers and slowly walked towards the couch, but wouldn’t be caught dead dancing.

“That’s kind of loud, isn’t it?” Julia asked.

Rachel looked at her like she was crazy, “I’ve barely got the stereo on. We start talking, we can’t hear it at all.” Rachel sat down on the couch and patted it, “Wanna sit down?”

Julia looked left, then right. Very slowly she moved towards the couch. It was strange for Rachel, because just an hour earlier, the two of them were making out with their hands all over each other. The blonde sat down next to her, somewhat guarded.

“You okay?” Rachel asked, “Is it the apartment, you don’t like it?”

“It’s fine,” Julia said. Hesitation followed, “It’s just… I’ve never been in a girl’s apartment before.” She looked around at the posters, her TV, everything at her disposal. Rachel had her own place, she was independent. “It’s a new experience for me.”

Rachel noticed that Julia was shaking a bit. Of all the many girls Rachel had in her place, this one was different. This one was special. She instantly got rid of her plan and grabbed hold of Julia’s hands.

“Julia,” she said as they looked each other in the eyes. The music almost faded away. “Listen, I care about you a lot. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you just tell me.”

Julia smiled, “You’re so good to me.”

“That being said,” the raven-hair interrupted, “Can you please take off your coat?”

Julia wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly what Rachel was trying to do. However, she acquiesced slowly. A sigh as the girl removed her hat and scarf placing them neatly on the table in front of her. She slowly unbuttoned her coat. She stood up prepared to remove it, before Rachel stood up and placed her hands on Julia’s. They stood there motionless for a few seconds before Rachel pulled the jacket off. Julia allowed the coat to fall to the floor. Rachel now stared at the thick cashmere long-sleeved shirt that was on. Rachel became bold and began to lift her shirt. There was another lighter shirt underneath. Julia raised her arms and allowed Rachel to take the shirt off.

By now, Julia was wearing only a tight white t-shirt allowing Rachel to finally see her body, her curves. She hadn’t really seen it since the funeral. Not a trace of fat on her body. She wasn’t completely without muscle, her shoulders slightly broad. The only fair skin showing from her arms was her bicep area. Her long white gloves covered her arms from the elbow down to her hands. Rachel ran her fingers along Julia’s left arm slowly and softly. Her eyes fixated on the blonde’s pale skin. Julia closed her eyes and sighed as she felt the soft sensation of Rachel’s fingers. The black-haired girl was beginning to wonder if Julia had ever felt the touch of another girl before, or another guy for that matter. What sensations would she feel if Rachel was to run her fingers along Julia’s most sensitive of areas? Could she even get that far? Her hand now began to run down the blonde’s arm slowly pushing the glove down. Julia almost began to shake as she felt the leather material being replaced by Rachel’s soft skin. She shuddered. Once the glove had reached the wrist, Rachel checked on her girlfriend:

“Are you okay?”

Julia nodded. Very slowly, one by one, Rachel began to pull off the fingers of the glove. Julia stared at her hand nervously. With her other hand, Rachel touched Julia’s face, their eyes met. For her nervousness, Julia’s eyes gave Rachel approval. Very slowly, the long white glove came off. Julia’s hand was finally revealed; a soft pale hand, not a scratch or vein on it. Long, nimble fingers, short manicured nails. It was shaking. Rachel placed the glove onto the couch and clasped her own hand into Julia’s. The blonde shuddered even louder this time.

“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked in a timid voice to match Julia’s.

“Nothing,” the blonde answered, “It’s just been so long since I held someone’s hand with my bare skin.”

Rachel was beginning to fear Julia’s inexperience. There was no way Julia had ever been intimate with anyone. She was a virgin, the polar opposite of Rachel who had sex on a regular basis. The black-haired girl began to shake as well, fearing she would scare her girlfriend. She didn’t even bother trying to take off her other glove, deciding it best to leave it on. Julia quickly picked up on Rachel’s nervousness. She began to feel more at ease. Julia tightened her grip on Rachel’s hand and planted a passionate kiss on Rachel’s lips.

“Rachel,” she whispered as they broke the kiss, “Don’t worry about me. I’m not as scared as you think I am.” She began to smile, “I actually feel very comfortable with you, more so than anyone else I’ve ever met in my life.” Julia kissed her again and looked her in the eyes, “I want to be close with you tonight.”

“What does being close entail?” Rachel wanted to confirm.

Julia began to laugh, “Whatever you want, I trust you.”

Rachel smiled and kissed her girlfriend. After only a few seconds, Rachel took Julia by her bare hand and stood up, “Shall we go to the bedroom?”

Julia hesitated. This was the moment when her life would change. Was she ready to give herself to Rachel? Was Rachel the one? Julia would never have another first time again. She looked at Rachel’s long black hair, her hazel eyes, the guarded but innocent expression on her face. She began to think back to how Rachel had given her strength to stand up to father earlier that day. Rachel was breaking Julia’s shell.

“Yes,” Julia nodded, and walked with her girlfriend into the bedroom.

Rachel’s bedroom was nothing much to look at, quite small in fact. Her bed was not neatly made, but Julia sat on the edge of it anyway. A soft hand grabbed the back of Julia’s neck feeling her soft blonde hair. She and Rachel closed their eyes and began to kiss each other. Rachel attempted to guide Julia into opening her mouth wider, but it seemed quite futile.

“Open your mouth a little wider,” Rachel asked.

“I’m sorry,” Julia admitted, “I don’t have a lot of experience,”

“Hey,” Rachel interrupted, “What did I say earlier about apologizing?”

Julia smiled before they kissed again. This time Julia did in fact open her mouth wider. She followed Rachel pacing as she slowly opened and closed her mouth, moving her head to the side, Julia moving the other way. Rachel left her mouth open and brought her tongue into the blonde’s mouth. Julia followed rubbing her own against the hazel-eyed girl. They continued this pattern as Rachel softly brought Julia’s back onto the bed, feeling their chests together. Rachel longed to take off the blonde’s shirt and bra, along with her own. However, she knew she needed to put in some time before making the next move. Slowly, the raven-haired girl ran her hand across the pale white skin of her girlfriend’s arm before finally holding onto her hand. This must have been quite an odd sensation because Julia broke contact with Rachel’s lips and moaned with her eyes closed. Instead, Rachel kissed her cheek, several times softly. Her lips moved towards the left side of the blonde’s neck, where small strands of hair got in the way. Rachel quickly pushed the hair out of the way and kissed Julia’s neck. Julia began to smile feeling Rachel’s tongue now tickling her slightly. Rachel began to suck on Julia’s neck more intensely. It was somewhat second nature to her. It became quite intense causing Julia to yelp slightly and open her eyes.

“You okay?” Rachel lifted her head.

Julia smiled, “Yeah, that tickles.” Rachel looked at Julia’s neck to see that she had left a hickey on the blonde’s neck. She didn’t think anything of it and continued to kiss her girlfriend.

After a few more minutes of this, Rachel began to feel Julia’s abdomen underneath her shirt. She moved her hand further up the blonde’s body until she cupped one of her breasts. A look of shock escaped Julia’s eyes as she looked down to see what Rachel was doing. Rachel let go of Julia’s breast and began to slowly lift up her shirt. Julia’s flower-illustrated bra revealed itself. It seemed like the kind of bra the innocent girl would wear. Rachel lifted the shirt until it came to Julia’s arms. The blonde closed her eyes and lifted her arms. The girl on top took the shirt off, allowing Julia’s blonde hair to fully escape the neckhole. Julia instinctively covered her chest with her arms, her right arm still encased in a white glove. A feminine hand asked the arms to move out of the way. Rachel was beginning to feel more aroused looking at Julia’s body. She didn’t have a fantastic body, Julia’s ribs were easily visible under her pale skin. Her breasts couldn’t have been that big, but it didn’t matter to her. Rachel though Julia was beautiful, but wouldn’t admit it.

“Can you sit up?” Rachel asked her. Julia did as she was asked. “You still okay?”

“I’m ok,” Julia replied. She looked down at her bra, “Do you want me to take this off?”

Well that made things easy. Rachel smiled and proceeded to take it off herself. Julia was shaking. Although she admitted she was all right, there was clearly some resistance in her mind. “Julia,” Rachel said, “Are you sure you’re all right? I mean I don’t want to force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable-“

Julia interrupted Rachel with a kiss. As soon as the kiss broke, she whispered somewhat seductively, “Take it off.”

Wow! That was hot. Rachel finished unhooking the bra. Julia allowed it to fall to the bed. She let her hands stay by her sides. There right in before Rachel’s eyes were Julia’s boobs. There were slightly larger than Rachel imagined them to be. Julia sighed before Rachel touched them, one with each hand. She moaned silently. Rachel began to gently squeeze them. More kisses followed.

“Can I see yours?” Julia whispered. Rachel practically ripped off her tank-top revealing her incredible body. Her black bra complimented her breasts better. But before Julia could get to them. She analyzed Rachel’s tight abs, her broad shoulders, her muscular, yet lean arms. She looked like she belonged in the Olympics. “My God,” Julia exclaimed, “How do you get a body like that?”

“Swimming,” Rachel explained, “Running, going to the gym, pilates, yoga,” She stopped and began to take off her bra.

“May I?” Julia asked.

“I don’t think you’re so innocent Julia,” Rachel smiled.

Julia chuckled, “Or maybe you’re corrupting me.” Julia tried to unhook Rachel’s bra from behind, but was as bad as any guy who had attempted to do it in the past.

“Need help?” Rachel laughed.

“I got it,” Julia said frustrated. Eventually the hook came undone and Julia practically ripped Rachel’s bra off to reveal her large breasts. Julia stared at them. Rachel smiled and began to massage them with her own two hands. “I’ve never seen another girl’s breasts before.”

After a minute of teasing, Rachel grabbed hold of Julia’s bare hand and brought it to her breast. Julia played with it like a child discovering a new toy. She truly had never seen one before. She brought her gloved hand to feel the other one. Rachel closed her eyes and sighed as Julia explored her boobs. The juxtaposition of Julia’s bare hand and leather covered hand created a strange sensation Rachel had never felt before. She would have given Julia more specifics on what turned her on during breast play, but Rachel could see a curiosity being satisfied with Julia. She really was like a child: a princess who had been locked in her tower all the days of her life now rescued by a female knight. And now the princess was touching the knight’s tits. Rachel now planted her lips on Julia’s and pinned her back to the bed. Their chests pressed against one another, causing Julia to sigh from pleasure:

“You’re so warm.”

Rachel was beginning to feel very warm somewhere else. However, Julia’s pleasure had to come first. Rachel kissed the blonde’s neck again, traveling further south until she was face to face with Julia’s boobs. She kissed them softly. Soon she wrapped her lips around them and began to suck. The blonde moaned again closing her eyes. She began to feel an intense pleasure she rarely felt. Her free hand once again searched for the hand of her lover. They two hands made love as Rachel’s tongue began to caress one of Julia’s soft breasts. With her free hand, Rachel massaged the other one. The girl knew exactly what she was doing when it came to breast play. Julia’s pleasure was beginning to melt into her thighs.

It took a lot of will-power to hinder Rachel from touching her girlfriend’s most private of areas. She couldn’t take it anymore and slowly placed her hand on Julia’s pelvis. She had wanted to infiltrate this secure area ever since their date at the movie theater. It was better that she waited. The time was now, but Rachel had to make sure Julia would okay with this. So far, Julia had given her consent to everything. This was dangerous territory. Rachel could remember pushing another girl too far to the point of tears, and that girl wasn’t half as shy as Julia was. Shaking off that memory, Rachel began to slowly rub Julia’s vagina outside of her pants. Julia opened her eyes looking down towards her girlfriend but said nothing. Chancing it, Rachel reached into the blonde’s pants and touched her most sacred area. The shy girl who had captured Rachel’s attention at the funeral was wet.

“Um…” Julia finally let out a noticeable murmur of hindrance. She almost reached for her pelvis.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said apprehensively and quickly stopped everything, “I’m not pushing you too hard am I?”

She took a couple of deep breaths while staring into the hazel eyes of her lover. Her face was red, “I’ve never had a girl touch me down there before,” she hesitated, “Anyone.”

There was a long uncomfortable silence. Julia wasn’t saying ‘no,’ but she didn’t seem very comfortable with this. Rachel knew the best thing to do would be to reassure her girlfriend that they didn’t need to do this… but she was so close! Rachel decided, it was time for a talk:

“Julia,” Rachel got off of her girlfriend and lied next to her sideways, “Can I ask you a personal question? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.”

“Go ahead,” Julia replied.

“Do you masturbate?” Rachel asked intrepidly.

Julia was not expecting Rachel to ask her a question like that. However, she gave her girlfriend an honest answer after some hesitation, “Not really.” Not really? What does that mean? Rachel waited to see if Julia would expand on her answer. Her eyes expressed curiosity. “I mean I’ve done it, but not that much.” Rachel was beginning to think they needed more time. “But,” Julia interjected, “I have to tell you… the night that I met you… I played with myself.”

Rachel wasn’t expecting that, “Did you cum?” She asked with candor. Julia was slightly confused. Her eyes revealed that. “Did you have an orgasm?”

Julia finally understood. She thought about it for a second, “I don’t think so.”

Rachel shook her head and moaned.

“Rachel, I think you’ve guessed by now, I’m a virgin.” Rachel nodded without saying anything, “You’re not, right?” She asked.

“No,” Rachel couldn’t look her in the eyes, “I want to give you an orgasm. I want to give you an experience you’ll never forget… Do you trust me?”

Julia held onto Rachel’s hand and kissed her. The single kiss was soft and lasted for an entire minute, “I trust you.”

She trusts me? Rachel slowly returned to lying on the shy girl’s chest. More kisses took place. More breast play commenced. Before long, Rachel’s hand reached into Julia’s pants. Her fingers rubbed the outside of Julia’s vagina. Already, juices were filling up in her panties. A single middle finger immediately found the clitoris. Rachel rubbed the most sensitive area on Julia’s body. Julia closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let out the loudest sigh of the night.

“Is this okay?” Rachel checked with her girlfriend.

“Oh please don’t stop Rachel!” Julia pleaded.

She didn’t at first, but soon Rachel wanted to give Julia a first experience she’d never forget. She grabbed hold of the pants and panties still covering her. Julia watched as Rachel slowly took them off, revealing her smooth legs. She was now completely naked, save one glove on her right arm. Throwing the pants onto the floor, Rachel came back to kiss her girlfriend.

“You trust me?” She asked.

“Always,” Julia answered. Truth be told, she was nervous. What was Rachel about to do?

Another kiss, and Rachel slowly moved back towards Julia’s pelvis, now face to face with it. Julia’s discomfort prevented her from watching. She allowed her eyelids to close, focusing merely on the sensations she was about to receive.

Two fingers: running alongside her labia. That was enough to bring electric shocks into her nervous system. It was a soft sensation.

A single finger: now stimulating her clitoris. The sensations grew stronger. Julia began to moan. This was familiar to Julia, having done this with her own hand. But Rachel’s finger was more aggressive. She could pick out this hot spot that drove the blonde crazy.

A thumb: now acting with the middle finger began to pinch the sensitive area. With her eyes still closed, Julia’s head began to vacillate along the pillow.

A hand: this was Julia’s own gloved hand begging for something to hold onto. Rachel offered her free hand to the blonde. The two mob-boss daughters held hands tighter than ever. Even through the leather material of the glove, Julia could still feel her lover’s hand.

What happened next was a feeling Julia never even dreamt about:

A tongue…

It took Julia a second to realize what this new sensation was. A warm, wet appendage began to rub her most sensitive. Julia yelped in astonishment. It soon stopped.

“Are you okay?” Rachel asked.

“Oh please Rachel,” Julia kept her eyes closed, “Don’t stop!”

Rachel continued to use her tongue, her lips, even her teeth (carefully). Still, she kept her actions mild, wanting her girlfriend’s first experience to last a while. Not wanting this first experience to be marred in anyway, Rachel avoided penetrating her small pussy. Obviously, this would be uncomfortable for the virgin. Minutes dragged on as the intense sensations gradually became stronger. Julia could no longer stand it. She opened her eyes and looked down:

There she was, Rachel, the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, giving her oral stimulation. Suddenly, Rachel became more aggressive stimulating her girl’s cit faster and faster. Her tongue ceased fire:

“Cum for me baby,” Rachel said in a sultry voice.

Julia knew what Rachel meant now. The sensations were growing too intense for her to take. Julia’s hand held onto Rachel’s as tightly as possible. Her legs shook. She began to toss and turn as the feeling grew strong. She moaned louder and louder, now screaming.

“SHIT!” She screamed.

Rachel revved up the intensity as Julia climaxed. As Julia’s sounds grew softer and softer, Rachel began to slow down and gently caress her girlfriend. Julia practically collapsed with a heavy sigh as Rachel finally let go of her pussy.

“Oh my God,” Julia whispered.

Rachel moved back up and kissed her girlfriend. Julia kissed back with a passion Rachel had not seen out of her yet.

“How was that?” Rachel smiled.

“It was fucking amazing,” Julia smiled back, “I feel reborn or something.”

As much as she wanted pleasure herself, Rachel knew that Julia had a curfew. She checked her clock.

“We better get you back,” Rachel began to sit up, “It’s almost midnight.”

“No,” Julia grabbed a hold of Rachel’s arm, “I want to stay with you tonight.”

Silence took over the room. Rachel sighed and shook her head at her girlfriend, “What about your father?”

“Fuck him!” Julia snorted. Wow! Rachel didn’t even feel like she was talking to the same person anymore.

“Julia,” Rachel tried to reason with her.

“No,” Julia sat up, “You know what? This has been the most amazing night of my life. I got to see Times Square, was on top of the tallest building in the city, and I lost my virginity! And I did it all with the girl I love.”

Love? Rachel thought.

“I love you Rachel,” Julia smiled and hugged her.

Rachel felt a bit uncomfortable herself now hearing that word. The roles were now reversed. Did she love Julia back? She certainly cared for her. How was she going to respond?

“I’m glad I stood up to him today!” Rachel was thankful her girlfriend changed the subject. She broke the hug, “My father is just going to have to realize that I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m a grown woman and I have my own life. I’m going to tell him that tomorrow morning.”

Rachel was concerned with something else, “He’s gonna ask you where you were tonight.”

Julia sighed lying back on the bed, “I’ll figure it out.” She had calmed down. She looked at Rachel candidly, “I want to stay with you tonight Rachel. Can I?”

How could she resist that face? Rachel nodded and fell back onto the bed.

“Besides,” Julia smiled, “I can’t leave without pleasuring you.”

“You don’t have to,” Rachel was interrupted when Julia kissed her again. She simply smiled as the two of them cuddled.

Rachel shut out the light as they let their passions melt into the sheets through the night.

[End notes: Hope you guys enjoyed that. Again, reviews are always appreciated.

We’ll be back to the main story next time. I think you can pretty much guess, things are about to get… complicated.]

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