Story: Amore Ragazze (chapter 4)

Authors: SomeguyJim

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Chapter 4

[Author's notes: UPDATE: So I did cave into some reviewers who didn’t think the chapter was “realistic” enough, even though it was based on a true story. Even so, after giving the chapter a second glance, I decided to change it. You’re welcome!

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So this chapter dips into some comedy.



“We shouldn’t have any more problems with Berkhalter.”

Seated in a couch across from an armchair, Amy elaborately explained to her mother what had transpired at the meeting with Berkhalter, at least everything she saw. Don Jackie Giovanni listened to every word her adopted daughter said. Angelo sat next to his cousin on the couch. He didn’t want to be there; his jacket was hung on the coat-rack while his sleeves were rolled up. Amy on the other hand was still dressed professionally with her glasses on; always having paperwork ready. Seated in two chairs off to the side were Charlie and Sal. Vinnie Montana stood by the door. Jackie’s office was quite big; a super-bowl party could be held there.

“However,” she shuffled around her papers, “It looks like we have some bigger fish to fry.”

Jackie prepared herself for her Consigliere’s next topic, but the two capos to her left began to speak up.

“You know,” Charlie interrupted, “I like fish,” he spoke in a slow thoughtful manner, “But I don’t like it fried, especially when it’s… too big!” Sal held his hands up.

“Nah see,” Sal responded almost immediately, “I love fried food, but I don’t like the fish. They’re too scaley, too wet, and they spend their days in the ocean all the time.”

“Of course they do,” Charlie said assertively, “Where else are they gonna go, the mountains?”

“Well,” Sal had a disgusted look on his face, “I don’t wanna eat anything that came out of the ocean.”

Angelo, annoyed by his colleagues, rested his forehead into his palm. Amy was not particularly fond of these two men’s inability to keep their mouths shut, but she joined in the conversation: “Is it because of the Mercury poisoning?”

Sal looked at her confused, “No, it’s because fish urinate in there! I’m eating fish piss! I brush my teeth for hours after eating that shit.”

“Where do you think toothpaste comes from you dumbass?” Charlie snapped.

“You’re a dumbass!” Sal responded.

“Hey!” Jackie called to her caporegimes. Suddenly everyone stopped dead in their tracks and turned their attention to the woman. She smiled sarcastically, “Are you done?” Her taciturn aggressive attitude was impossible to ignore.

The two of them hesitated before Charlie answered for them, “Yeah.”

“Good,” Jackie smiled. She rolled her eyes and turned back towards her niece, “Go ahead Amy.”

“There’s a power struggle going on,” Amy immediately continued her briefing as if she hadn’t stopped, “Over Wall Street. Times being what they are, everybody seems to want a piece of Wall Street.”

Jackie nodded her head in agreement, “Gotti’s never really had a tight hold over the financial district.”

“And of course,” Amy replied, “Columbo wants to control the area.” She pointed to a map of the area, “So far, Columbo’s operating out of two office buildings and several small businesses around the area. Now we’ve got our Card Shop right here on Pearl Street, and the office building right next to it. We’re also operating out of the café here. We’re getting a lot of protection money from the unions and individual workers, but Columbo’s looking to squeeze us out of Wall Street.”

Sal laughed in a silly manner. He slapped Charlie on the leg, “She said squeeze out.” He continued to laugh uncontrollably.

An annoyed Jackie looked towards Vinnie Montana and nodded her head. Vinnie got up and picked up Sal’s chair, with Sal in it. For Vinnie, it was like carrying an empty seat. Sal stopped laughed as the giant muscle-man put the chair down in the hallway and closed the door leaving Sal outside. Vinnie looked back towards Jackie.

“Thank you!” Jackie said relieved.

“Well look,” Angelo spoke up, “If Columbo wants a war, why don’t we start killing their business out there? A few broken windows, an arm or leg in three places-“

“No,” Jackie pointed stopping her son in his tracks, “The last thing we need is another war. Gotti will shut down our operations there within seconds.” Amy and Angelo nodded. “But Amy, you are right. The politicians are pretty angry with the capitalist machine of Wall Street, so taking their money is almost a Robin Hood solution to them. This is where the money is in this recession.” She now looked to Charlie who gave his full attention, “Charlie I want you to tighten up security around the area and get a mole inside Columbo’s business.”

“Will do Don Giovanni,” He got up.

Jackie got up from her chair and hugged Amy, “I’m proud of you both. You really came through for me this week.” She looked at her son. He was now an adult, ready to take on the responsibilities of the family. Jackie smiled and fixed his jacket, “You’re starting to look more and more like your father, you know that?” Angelo smiled. “You’re gonna be in charge soon, but you listen to your sister, she’s a woman after all!”

Amy shared a laugh with her mother. Angelo shook his head and smiled in good humor. Just then, Sal opened the door and came back into the room.

“What do you want me to do Jackie?”

Jackie looked at him for a second before responding: “I want you to go to Boston.”

“You got it!” Sal closed the door and ran off.

Charlie now looked towards his Godmother, “What is he going to Boston for?”

“Nothing,” Jackie responded, “I just want him to get as far away from me as possible.”

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy, the grounds were covered by people. The crowd scattered as the Pope lead the procession through the square. He was tall, dressed in full garb with his signature mitre hat. Behind him was a line of bishops, cardinals, priests and several men of the Catholic church (not a woman in sight). Things seemed to be going pretty peaceful until gunshots caused everyone in the square to panic and scatter. A group of muslim extremists, possibly the Taliban, had invaded the square with AK-47s gunning down the policemen and making their way towards The Pope. While the other members of the church ran in fear, The Pope did not.

His face finally became visible, looking exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He did not move as bullets flew through the air. His eyes were intense. He pulled off his tall hat and pointed the top towards the terrorist making their way closer and closer towards him. Suddenly bullets began flying from the hat hitting all the Muslim terrorists. Not one AK-47 shell hit Arnold, even as he just stood there firing blindly; but almost all of the terrorists were on the ground within seconds.

The Pope then smiled at the dead or wounded extremists, held the hat up with one arm, and spoke in his famous Austrian accent:

“Let he who is without sin, fire the first bullet!” Arnold then stuck a cigar in his mouth and lit it.

Suddenly the title: ACTION POPE appeared on the screen.

“Yeah” Rachel applauded from the audience, “Arnold’s still got it!”

The dark theatre was packed with people, but Rachel and Julia managed to get perfect center seats only seven rows back. Rachel now had her coat on her lap, her hat, scarf and gloves all off. She took a sip of her soda smiling at the movie. Julia had also placed her coat on her lap, but she kept her hat, scarf and gloves on. In deference to Rachel’s enthusiasm, Julia watched the movie more critically.

“Why didn’t Arnold get hit by a bullet?” She asked.

Rachel shhhed her and returned her attention to the screen.

Arnold was now gathered before a crowd dressed in full garb discussing the importance of prayer:

“Praying to God is very important. It feels fantastic to pray; it’s as satisfying to me as having sex with a woman and cumming.” Pope Arnold was now smiling enthusiastically, “So can you imagine how much I am in heaven already? I’m cumming when I’m praying to God, I’m cumming when I’m receiving communion, I’m cumming at home with my fellow Bishops… you know, I’m cumming day and night! It feels fantastic!” He laughed amusingly.

The crowd was not as amused staring at him uncomfortably. Suddenly, someone whispered something into the Pope’s ear causing him to stand up:

“Stay here,” He said with a more serious tone, “I’ll be back.” He then proceeded to leave the room.

Rachel was laughing slightly until she turned her head to see Julia watching the screen somewhat uncomfortably. She looked so timid and shy, not the kind of girl who would enjoy an action packed Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. She was beginning to wonder why Julia agreed to see this movie in the first place. On the phone, the two of them had discussed their movie night. Rachel had asked Julia what movie she wanted to see, but the blonde girl acquiesced to the black-haired girl’s wish. She had detected some resistance when suggesting ACTION POPE to Julia, but the shy girl simply agreed without saying anything. Rachel had been looking forward to this movie for quite some time and wasn’t about to argue. Now, here in the theater, Rachel was beginning to regret bringing her. She simply put down her drink and placed her arm around Julia’s shoulders. The blonde looked back at the other girl. Rachel simply turned her attention back to the screen while Julia leaned her head on her date’s shoulder.

“You blew my cover!” Arnold yelled, his hat off. He was standing on the roof of the Vatican holding a Cardinal by the legs. “You used to be someone I could trust. How could give the enemy our position?”

“I have only,” The Cardinal shouted, “Only ever done the work of God.” He looked down the long drop to the ground in fear.

“God says you do sloppy work. He’s going to start… DOWNsizing!” Arnold let go of one of the Cardinal’s legs, now only holding one leg with one arm.

“Wait Pope,” The Cardinal shouted, “The President of the United States. I can tell you where he’s being held.”

“But you won’t!” Arnold snarled and held up a brochure for Pakistan, “Because I already know.”

By now the Cardinal was afraid for his life. He was beginning to moan and scream.

“Hey Cardinal,” Arnold said, “Remember when I promised you would go to Heaven?”

“That’s right Pope,” He shouted looking up at him, “You did!”

A close up shot of the Austrian Pope revealed his serious response, “I lied!” His hand let go of The Cardinal who fell to the ground screaming.

“What’s the matter?” Rachel interrupted Julia. The blonde looked to her date trying to cover up her insecurity.

“What do you mean?” She whispered.

Rachel wanted to roll her eyes, but she was patient, “Do you not like the movie?”

“Oh no,” Julia was defensive, “No it’s good.” She wasn’t a very good liar, at least not in front of Rachel.

The taller girl was unsure what to do as the movie moved forward. Rachel wanted Julia so badly. She would have her right there in the movie theater… Wait, that’s it. She thought she would just touch Julia right there in the seat next to her. Nobody around was paying attention to them, it was dark, why not? Rachel looked to Julia’s lap where her coat laid. She began to move her fingers closer to her; but no, wait… Julia might freak out and run out of the theater screaming. While Rachel was not an academic genius, she was street smart. She knew most people better than they knew themselves. Julia was a repressed, shy girl… Maybe not shy enough… After all, Julia was the one who came up to Rachel at the reception. She was the one who wanted to take her father's rival's daughter out to the movies. The pale blonde might not be as innocent as she let on. She began to move her fingers toward the girl’s coat again. She put her hand underneath the coat.

One concerned eye looking towards Rachel was all the raven-haired girl needed to make her face turn white. Julia looked at Rachel somewhat shocked:

“What’s are you doing?” Julia whispered.

Rachel could imagine placing her finger underneath the girl’s coat and pleasuring her in the middle of this dark theater. She imagined Julia accepting it, after some resistance, sighing silently as the taller girl massaged her most private area. She could almost feel Julia’s intense orgasm as the blonde squeezed her hand and let out the softest moan. Unfortunately for her, this didn’t happen.

Rachel could also imagine certain people disapproving of this scene…

Rachel simply rubbed the girl’s thy innocently. Julia looked down to her leg curiously. She didn’t disapprove, but Rachel took her hand away and placed it back on the arm-rest. She still had her arm over the blonde’s shoulder, “Watch the movie.”

Rachel returned her attention to the screen:

Pope Arnold was no longer in his Pope outfit. Instead he was dressed in his familiar military Commando gear, fighting over a knife. The tall muscular terrorist still wasn’t enough of a match for the muscular Austrian, but Arnold struggled all the same. Just as it looked like he was about to be stabbed. A knife sliced through the terrorist’s chest causing him to drop his own knife. A figure rose from behind the body to reveal another muscle commando wearing a headband along with a cross around his neck.

“God may have mercy,” the man said in a low snarl, “But I won’t!”

The terrorist fell to the floor. The headbanded man, who looked a lot like Sylvester Stallone, helped the Pope up.

“Bishop Sly!” Arnold smiled before pulling out another cigar, “What are you doing here?”

“Thought you could use a little help,” Sly answered picking up an M60, “Where’s the president?”

“He’s being held in the mountains,” He picked up the terrorist’s AK-47 and reloaded it, “The Russians have him prisoner.”

“Hassem,” A Russian voice came through the dead man’s radio, which Bishop pulled up, “Haseem this is Vladimir, do you read me?”

Stallone hesitated before answering the radio, “Vladimir,” He began to squeeze the radio tightly, “I’m coming to get YOU!”

With that, Bishop Sly threw the radio into the air and fired his M60 at it screaming his lungs out.

Normally Rachel would be shaking in excitement over this adrenaline-soaked scene of violence, but her mind was fixated on Julia. She would do anything to have this girl, but she was just too shy. However, Rachel’s attention towards the movie completely disappeared as she felt a hand reach under her coat and begin to rub her thy innocently. She turned her head to see the blonde now smiling at her. Julia had one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen.

Rachel decided to take advantage of the situation. She moved her arm away from the blonde’s shoulder. Julia could barely see Rachel’s face, but she knew it was there. Rachel’s lips moved closer and closer towards Julia’s. Even in a dark theater, Julia knew Rachel wanted to kiss her. As much as she wanted to turn her head away, Julia allowed the taller-girl to gently press against her lips. It was a soft feeling that made both girls shake a little. The kiss broke after only a second and the two looked at each other again. Suddenly Rachel changed her tone becoming more aggressive as she began a make-out session with the blonde. After only a few seconds, Julia broke the kiss and looked at the ground. Rachel didn’t say a word. If this wasn’t what the shy-girl wanted, she wouldn’t push her. Suprisingly, Julia came back to kiss Rachel. Both of the girls’ held onto each other as their mouths embraced each other and their tongues began to rub against one another. Score, is all Rachel could think. She was now kissing an extremely shy girl in the middle of a crowded theater. Maybe she wasn’t so innocent after all. After a minute, the kiss broke and the two of them looked each other in the eye. They didn’t say a word. Then a minute later, they were back in their make-out session. Neither of them could really pay attention to the rest of the movie.

The end of the movie was typical action explosions and ridiculous one-liners:

Pope Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bishop Sylvester Stallone stood in front of a huge gathering at the Vatican. Arnold stood there, without his Pope hat, cigar in his hand addressing the people:

“And that is why,” he said solemnly, “I must step down as your Pope.” There was a sizable reaction to the man’s speech, “But don’t worry,” he suddenly put a pair of sunglasses on, “I’ll be back!”

Enormous amount of applause echoed through the square. The president of The United States (played by Morgan Freeman) shook Arnold’s hand with his left hand; his right arm was in a cast. As Arnold and the president stepped aside, Stallone, now in full Pope gear, came to the microphone:

“I just wanna say,” His voice was barely audible as he screamed, “I think everybody can change. All religions, Christian, Muslim, Jew, everyone,” He hesitated to catch his breath, “Can change and live in peace with each other. And then they’re be no more wars, no more conflicts, and together we can make this world a better place. Everybody can change-“

“C’mon Sly,” Arnold interrupted him, “Nobody cares about that! Just tell everyone to read The Bible and shut up!”

“Hey!” Sly shouted at Arnold, “I’m trying to do something good here.”

“You’re boring us to sleep is what you’re doing!” Arnold shouted.

The two of them then began to scream at each other inaudibly as the final music came up and the credits rolled.

Rachel and Julia walked out of the theater holding hands.

“That movie,” Rachel said, “Was awesome! Arnold’s still got it. That scene where he rips the guy’s arm right out of its socket was epic!”

“I guess it was okay,” Julia said.

Rachel looked at her like she was crazy. “Just okay? Are you crazy?! It was the best!”

“Well,” Julia said now smiling at her date, “I wasn’t really paying attention at the end. Someone was distracting me.”

Rachel laughed. She was really enjoying this girl’s company. Maybe there was a future for the two of them. The kiss they shared was just as beautiful and intoxicating as she had hoped it would be. Rachel now leaned into kiss her date again. Unfortunately, Julia turned her head away.

“What time is it?” Julia pulled out her phone. She gasped and let go of Rachel’s hand, “Oh my God, I gotta go.” Her face turned paler and she began to run backwards.

“Wait Julia,” Rachel shouted.

“I’m sorry Rachel,” she said, “I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” The girl quickly disappeared behind the corner leaving the raven-hair all by herself.

What was it that had scared her into running away? Rachel couldn’t figure it out. Had she done something wrong? She stood there outside the theater for a minute as she turned her phone back on. Julia was an enigma. Rachel and her might have a future together, both emotionally and physically, but until she got to the root of her shy-nature, it couldn’t work. Rachel noticed a missed call from her cousin. She didn’t feel like talking to anybody. Her gloves slipped back onto her hands and her hat was placed back on her head. Her legs began to move her away from the movie theater. Rachel’s head looked down towards the pavement as she placed her hands in her pockets and stepped out into the cold dark street.

[End notes: So that’s the UPDATED chapter, and I agree I think it works a little better than before. Thanks to the reviewers for the constructive criticism. However, there may be some sexual content later on, so beware!

Okay I ended up writing a lot of the movie, but it was just too much fun not to talk about. By the way, for those of you who have never seen PUMPING IRON, that's where Arnold's "cumming" dialog comes from. Look it up on YouTube if you don't believe me.

Hope you all enjoyed. More to come.]

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