Story: Amore Ragazze (chapter 15)

Authors: SomeguyJim

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Chapter 15

[Author's notes: Sorry this took so long, but I’ve made this chapter quite long. The story is getting close to being finished.

I warn you, this next chapter has sex and violence, though not necessarily at the same time.



By SomeguyJim


“You think you can come in here and muscle me?”

Amy Giovanni stood in the office of another Wall Street tycoon in a lighter blue pants-suit and glasses. Her professional, non-threatening demeanor was still intact. A giant muscle-man stood next to her silently, but was not nearly as intimidating as the great Vinnie Montana. The man behind the desk on the 19th floor of his skyscraper was angry, but this was a conversation Amy had been through many times. She looked up from a paper she had pulled out of her briefcase.

“Mr. Keating,” Amy took her glasses off, “You’re being completely unreasonable.”

“I’m being unreasonable?” Keating yelled back. He picked up his cell-phone, “How’s about I call my lawyer and we’ll let the courts decide what’s reasonable?”

The new bodyguard thought about moving towards him, but couldn’t move unless the Consigliere gave the word. And so far, Amy was just standing there watching the man call his lawyer.

A fast swing of the door revealed an intimidating looking black-haired young woman in a black leather jacket, black fedora, black gloves, black boots with jeans and a Joan-Jett t-shirt. Amy turned around and watched her sister move towards the desk. Keating was still holding his phone. The woman’s black gloved hand snatched it from the businessman and threw it into the wall. The phone shattered into pieces.

Keating was now scared, “Security-“ but his cry was shortened as the woman smashed his head into his desk. He now sat in the chair holding his head in pain. His forehead was bleeding. Amy took her briefcase off the table and stepped back.

“Listen to me closely Zuckerberg,” Rachel commanded. She was not shouting but her voice was very intimidating. She pointed to Amy, “When this woman tells you to give her money, you give her money!” She now pointed towards Keating who looked scared out of his mind, “You don’t argue with her, you just give her the money! Capisce?”

“You have no right to do this to me!” Keating spat back, “This is America!”

Rachel picked up Keating’s chair pushing him out of it. She threw the chair clear through the window. Even the bodyguard looked intimidated by Rachel’s actions.

“Somebody,” Keating screamed from the floor, “Help me!”

Amy had seen Vinnie Montana beat people senselessly and her brother scream at people many times without batting an eye. But watching her sister do both jobs at the same time with such intensity made her sweat. She closed her briefcase and decided to exit the office closing the door behind her. Rather than pulling out a book, she simply stood by the closed door watching the workers all standing up in silent terror. Amy still looked apathetic about what was going on inside.

Suddenly, the people around her reacted to sounds of breaking glass and God-knows what else was going on in there. Finally, they heard their boss scream “Oh God please don’t drop me! Oh God!”

“I need to remind you Zuckerberg,” Amy could hear her sister quoting COMMANDO, “This is my weak arm!”

“Please!” Everyone could hear Keating scream, “I’ll give you whatever you want just don’t let me fall!”

“Where is it?”

“Please let me back in!”

“Where is it?”

“I’ll get it for you-“


Suddenly, things got quiet. Amy could hear some muttering going on, realizing that Keating had come to his senses. The Consigliere’s deadpan stare intimidated the workers around her, but they wouldn’t walk away. It didn’t take long until the door opened.

Rachel Giovanni stood in the doorway with her bodyguard behind her. Holding a large envelope in her black gloved hands, she stared at everyone in the office. Her eyes commanded fear. She stood in her black outfit as if she ran all of New York. In only a split second of staring at the office-workers, everyone walked away silently. The new boss of the Giovanni family didn’t say anything. She just nodded to Amy and began to walk out of the office as her Consigliere and bodyguard followed her.


“We’ve got Columbo by the balls now!” Sal laughed before he took a bite of his Rigatoni dish.

He and Charlie sat next to each other at a table in Patsy’s with Rachel and Amy across from them. Two bodyguards stood near the table. They were dressed lighter for the end of the warm August summer in short-sleeved shirts. However, Rachel retained her black leather coat.

“The city’s scared shitless of you Rachel,” Charlie spoke up taking a sip of red wine. Setting it down, he continued to praise his boss, “Columbo wanted to play ruff, by this time tomorrow, he’ll be thrown out of New York.”

Rachel sat in the chair opposite Charlie staring at her food. She hadn’t said a word since they sat down. Her eyes barely moved.

“Why’s that?” Amy asked the grey-haired man sitting across from her.

Charlie put his glass down and pointed towards his Consigliere, “Word around the campfire is that there may be a power-shift in the Columbo family. A lot of people aren’t happy with how Frank’s been operating this past year. They’re not too crazy about Snakes either.”

Rachel continued to stare.

“Snakes is an idiot!” Sal said with his mouth full.

“Sal,” Charlie turned to his friend in a patronizing manner, “Didn’t your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full? I mean she should have told you not to talk at all-”

“Hey you talk with your mouth full all the time!” Sal interrupted.

“I do not!”

“Sure, once the guy cums in your mouth, you’re all like, ‘I want more!’”

Amy snickered, but Rachel threw her napkin to the table and got up, “All right, I’m outta here.” She looked really mad.

“Ah Rachel,” Sal stood up, “I apologize, I didn’t mean to be out of line or anything.”

“Yeah,” Charlie stood up as well, “You know Sal, he doesn’t think before he speaks. In fact, he doesn’t think at all!”

Amy stood up watching Rachel walk into the aisle ignoring everyone. One of her bodyguards began to follow her out before she turned around and screamed, “Don’t follow me!”

“Rachel,” Amy said as she followed her sister. Rachel was ignoring her walking towards the exit. “You okay?”

“I wanna be alone,” Rachel kept walking until both of them were outside in sunny humid weather.

“You shouldn’t be by yourself Rach,” Amy pleaded, “You need some protection.”

Rachel turned around and stared angrily at her cousin, “Amy, I’m not the fucking Pope, all right? I just want to go out by myself without anyone else around me!” She stormed off. People around them were staring. A couple tourists took pictures.

Amy stood there watching her walk away as Sal and Charlie met her outside. Amy couldn’t understand what was wrong with her sister. The leather-covered boss had nearly beaten a man to death earlier and now she was ditching her colleagues to roam the streets of New York by herself.

“Hey Rachel,” Sal said as he held up his dish, “You can have my Rigatoni!”


Jackie Giovanni was still in a coma, lying in the hospital bed. A blue blanket covered her with a feeding tube and ECG connected to her. Her face was white, her eyes closed. She looked just as her husband Marlon Giovanni did at his own funeral, maybe even worse. Rachel Giovanni sat beside her.

“Pretty much out of the picture by now,” She was bringing her mother up to date on the family business. Rachel didn’t know why she was telling her comatose mother about everything that was going on. Maybe somehow she could still hear her.

Rachel laughed slightly, “Don’t you think this is kinda weird?”

She paused waiting for her mother to respond. There was only silence.

“I mean,” Rachel spoke very slowly with a smile on her face, “Who would have thought problem-child Rachel Giovanni would be dangling some guy out the window for the family business?”

Rachel was still waiting for Jackie to say something.

The black-haired girl looked up at the light, squinting slightly, “Rachel Giovanni… Boss!” She looked back down at her mother, “Sounds kinda cool doesn’t it?” She laughed again.

Jackie’s silence caused the younger Giovanni to sigh and stand up. She didn’t say anything, but paced around the room for a minute. Rachel had gotten somewhat used to talking to her mother in this state by now, but it still wasn’t easy. Nothing was easy since the incident.

“How did you and dad do it?” Rachel moved towards her mother. She was hesitating between sentences, “How do you be the boss of a gang? Did you ever feel shame or regret for the things you guys did?” Still no answer. “If dad could see me now,” she paused and pondered, “Actually I don’t know if he’d be proud of me or just laugh at me. And of course, sweet innocent Amy gets to look all cute and smart while I’m breaking legs. God forbid she should have blood on her hands.” Rachel held up her black-gloved hands. “I’m wearing gloves all the time, help hide the blood!”

Rachel looked at her gloves and snorted. She sat back in her chair.

“You know,” she said looking back at her mother, “I slept with Julia Columbo.” There was obviously no answer from her mother, but Rachel almost snapped at her, “Did you hear what I said? I said I fucked Frank Columbo’s daughter! We’re in love,” she said the last line in a teasing sort of way. “I’m sure dad would love to know that I slept with his mortal enemy’s daughter.”

Jackie’s closed eye-lids moved slightly but rapidly. Rachel had seen this before, it was rare, but wasn’t anything to get her hopes up. Regardless, Rachel felt like her mother could somehow understand what she was saying and maybe even reacting.

“You didn’t know,” Rachel hesitated, “You and dad didn’t know I was…” she remembered the phrase Julia had told her, “Amore Ragazze?”

The eyelids of the sleeping boss were still rapidly moving slightly.

“Well I wanted it that way.” She sighed and let her head fall behind the chair, “It’s my fault mom! It’s my fault you’re in here! It’s my fault Angelo is dead!” She tried as best she could not to allow herself to cry. “It’s my own fault I’m now head of this fucking family!” She raised her hands in anger, “And you know what the worst part is? I still like her! Julia… I still miss her! I sit in bed every night thinking about her… I don’t think I need to explain what context I’m thinking of her in, much less what I’m doing while thinking of her.”

The eyelids moved even more rapidly. It was getting harder and harder for Rachel to watch her mother’s eyes. The young boss’ teeth began to grind. She looked at her mother with such disdain that she had never felt before. Finally she screamed at the top of her lungs. She jumped up and slammed her hand against the doorway.

“NURSE!” Rachel shouted as she walked outside, “What’s wrong with her fucking eyes?”


Her old apartment looked so foreign to her now. Rachel had not been back by herself since her brother was killed, probably for good reason. But now, here she was, boss of the Giovanni family, standing outside an apartment in Williamsburg. The black-haired boss was somewhat shaken from her trip to hospital. In fact, her gloved hand was shaking as she pushed the key into the building door. It turned out her mother was fine; the eye movement a semi-normal occurrence for comatose patients.

“I can’t believe I’m back here,” Rachel said to herself as she opened the door. The sound of the door closing brought back memories. Instincts almost took over as the woman opened her mailbox. Out poured a ton of magazines and postcards with a couple bills and a jury summons in the midst. “God damn it!” She whispered. Rachel decided to leave the trash and walk up the stairs.

The building, though still well-maintained, felt like a ghost house. Not a sound escaped the walls, not a clock ticking or a vent blowing. Even her annoying neighbor who longed to be a Broadway star wasn’t singing in the halls. The only sound that echoed through the stairwell was Rachel’s boots hitting the steps. It was haunting. Suddenly everything was coming back: she remembered the exact conversation she and her brother were having on the staircase to his death. It was the only real conversation the two siblings had ever shared in their lives.

Rachel stopped midway through the staircase and stared at the concrete steps. What was she doing? Why was she here?

“I love you,” she remembered her brother mouthing to her before he took the fall for her.

Suddenly the young mob boss turned around and sat on one of the steps. She was having trouble catching her breath. Feeling tears about to overwhelm her, she felt the leather gloves covering her hands soak up the tears. Rachel remembered the last words Angelo said before Columbo beat him to death. He was talking about Julia, describing the details of her naked body. But instead of re-watching the violent sequence in her mind, she pictured Julia Columbo’s naked body in her head. The tears ceased for the moment. Rachel looked at her tear stained gloves. ‘Get yourself together,’ she told herself. She threw away the image of Julia and stood up. Her legs moved her back up the stairs until she got to her floor. As she pulled out her keys, she stopped to see someone sleeping upright against her door.


She was sitting in front of the doorway, her eyes closed. She was wearing a light black coat over a t-shirt with dark jeans and black shoes. Of course her white gloves were on, and the brown fedora Rachel bought her was on the floor not far from her. Closer towards her was a red suitcase. Julia’s skin was as pale as always, but even asleep against her door, she was beautiful. Rachel really didn’t know what to think of it. Rather than wake her, Rachel walked towards the door and pushed the key into the lock. This woke the blonde girl up. She was startled at first until the door opened, causing her to fall to the floor.

“Ow,” Julia got up and rubbed her head.

“What are you doing here?” Rachel stared down at her without walking into the apartment.

“Rachel!” Julia jumped up and hugged her girlfriend. “Oh God I’ve missed you so much!”

The taller girl couldn’t lie; she missed Julia. Even at the scene of a crime inadvertently caused by her, Julia was a sight for sore eyes. Rachel hugged the blonde back, but in a more reserved way. Rachel was actually looking at her pitch-black apartment while hugging her.

“I don’t ever want to let you go,” Julia was holding onto Rachel like her life depended on it.

“All right,” Rachel pushed her away gently, “All right, take it easy.”

Rachel pushed her aside and entered the apartment. She turned the lights on and saw her apartment. It was not the same place she took Julia to the first time. Her posters were gone, her DVD and vinyl collection nowhere to be found, and her TV relocated. The couch was still there, with only a few pieces of furniture. Even though the floor was spotlessly clean, Rachel could still visualize the exact spot where Angelo was beaten to death. It was strange to say the least.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be here or not,” Julia interrupted Rachel’s thinking, “I was waiting outside for,” Julia pulled out her cellphone, “Oh God, six hours.”

The Giovanni boss began to move towards the kitchen, “I don’t live here anymore. I’m living in a god-damned fortress now.”

“I figured that,” Julia answered. She stood by the doorway watching her girlfriend open the fridge.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon… Yes!” Rachel pulled out a bottle of beer and closed the fridge, “Thank God!” Rachel pulled off one of her black gloves with her teeth to twist the bottle open.

“Is the expiration date still good on that?” Julia asked.

Rachel was walking back towards her, “I don’t care if it is or not!” She chugged the bottle for a few seconds and coughed. She looked back to her sweet innocent flower of a girlfriend, “You want a sip?”

Julia simply snatched the beer from Rachel’s naked hand and chugged the bottle for what must have been ten seconds. She didn’t cough, and handed it back to Rachel.

“I said you could have a sip,” Rachel replied.

“Rachel,” Julia was very direct, “I’m leaving.”

There was hesitation, “You waited outside for six hours and now you’re leaving?” Then she simply took another sip of her beer.

“I’m leaving New York, I’m going to California.”

Rachel walked towards the couch. Julia picked up her suitcase and hat from outside, closed the door and followed her. “How do you plan on getting there?” Rachel put her beer on a nearby table and sat down.

Julia sat next to her, “I don’t know. But I can’t stay here.” Julia took off her black coat revealing her t-shirt and long white gloves. She began to rub her leather covered hands as she sat down, “My father’s gone insane.”

“You mean he wasn’t insane to begin with?” Rachel decided to take off her leather coat as well. She still had one of her black gloves on.

“I can’t stay here Rachel. I had nowhere else to go, I had to come see you.”

Rachel was silent for a minute. With her one gloved hand, she picked up her beer, “What do you need, money?” She then tilted her head back quenching her thirst.

Julia was silent staring at her lover, “I want you to come with me.”

Gulping down the alcohol, the black-haired beauty smiled. It was probably the first time Julia saw her smile. Rachel wasn’t the same wise-cracker the blonde had met earlier. She looked more like… well Julia. Rachel had obviously been through hell, though she seemed to have come to terms with it.

“Julia,” She put her beer down and took off her other glove, allowing it to drop beside her, “You know I can’t do that.”

The naive girl understandably sighed with disappointment.

“I have responsibilities Julia,” Rachel seemed to be talking down to her like she was her mother, “I’m the boss of the Giovanni family now. My mother’s in a coma. Do you understand?”

Julia scowled at Rachel in a way the tougher of the two had never seen before. “My mother’s dead Rachel!”

There was an uncomfortable silence, Rachel didn’t know how to respond.

“She left me alone with that asshole father of mine and all I have left of her are,” she stopped and looked at her gloved hands, “These fucking gloves!”

Don Giovanni wasn’t mad, she was only reminded of her own mother’s mortality earlier.

“I’m sorry Rachel,” Julia collapsed her face into her gloved hands, “But I’m…” She sighed again, “I don’t know.”

Rachel sighed as well. She got closer to the blonde and hugged her. “Look I can get you on a plane to L.A. I’m sure Charlie or Sal can hook you up with some people there. Frank will never know you’re there.”

Julia hugged her back. She kissed her girlfriend on the lips, Rachel accepted. It was a sweet kiss, no tongues. “I can’t,” Julia broke the kiss, “I can’t go without you Rachel. I know you can’t go either.” She put her head on Rachel’s shoulder. “I don’t know.” She repeated.

The black-haired girl lifted the blonde’s head. “A wise man once said,” Rachel interrupted her words with another kiss on the lips. “You can’t always get what you want.”

Blue eyes wavered, “Who said that?” Julia asked.

Finally a laugh from Rachel. She looked around her deserted apartment, “It’s at times like these, I wish I had my record collection.”

Nevermind, the two thought. Instead they kissed more intimately, practically squeezing the life out of each other. Suddenly, all of life’s problems seemed to go away. Rachel hadn’t even thought of sex in God knows how long… well that might have been an exaggeration, it was impossible for Rachel not to think about it. Many was the time Rachel dreamt of holding Julia again. Well now Rachel’s dream was coming true. The make-out session was becoming intense. To think that last time they were together, Rachel had to teach the other girl how to kiss. Now Julia’s tongue was practically making love to Don Giovanni’s lips.

Her hands still behind the blonde, Rachel pulled up the back of Julia’s shirt to unhook her bra. The blonde dropped her hands to the side and allowed her girlfriend to remove it. Rachel then proceeded to lift up her shirt and bra with the help of Julia raising her arms. Once her top was off, Julia went back to kissing the taller girl. Rachel stopped her for only a second to look back at the breasts she hadn’t seen in nearly half a year. The lips met again, and a pair of naked hands began to caress a pair of naked breasts. An index finger tickled one of Julia’s nipples. Julia felt wonderful.

“God,” Julia whispered, “I’ve wanted to feel this again for so long!”

Rachel laughed slightly. Soon she felt Julia’s gloved hands reaching to free her chest. She still had trouble removing her lover’s bra, but she unhooked it and freed the other chest.

“Wow,” Julia looked at her girlfriend’s naked body again in awe. She reached out and began to fondle the black-haired girl’s breasts with her gloves still on.

“Take these off,” Rachel asked grabbing her left hand.

This was the first time Rachel picked up some hesitation from Julia. She didn’t seem to bat an eye over taking off her top, but taking off her gloves was a different story. She panted heavier. Rachel kissed her again to ease her mind. Her bare hand slowly pulled each finger of the glove off one by one. The long accessory came off and Rachel was greeted by a beautiful pale hand. Julia closed her eyes, but Rachel smiled as she rubbed her girlfriend’s hand on her own naked breast. There was a sigh of relief from Julia. She brought her other gloved hand to Rachel’s other breast watching the girl close her eyes and moan. Now the blonde smiled hoping soon to experience something she had been waiting for.

“Can you touch me?” Julia asked sweetly.

Rachel opened her eyes, “Not yet.”

Suddenly Rachel reached for Julia’s right hand, still wearing a white glove. It was the hand she still hadn’t seen. She attempted to remove the glove but Julia clasped her hand and moved it away slowly:

“Um,” she hesitated, “Can I keep this one on?” She smiled.

“Shhh,” Rachel smiled remembering this was Julia after all. So her shyness hadn’t completely left her, but Rachel had coaxed her into doing a lot of thing. Removing her other glove shouldn’t be that difficult. “It’s okay,” Rachel held the gloved hand again and playfully tried to remove it.

“No!” Julia moved her hand away much faster this time. “Please,” Julia looked terrified. Her face was whiter than ever before.

Rachel’s face turned back the way it was when Julia first saw her in the doorway. She was looking at the Columbo daughter like she had committed a crime. After a few seconds of Julia hiding her hand, Rachel forcefully took Julia’s covered hand. Her hazel eyes stared sternly into the scared blue eyes. Julia didn’t dare say anything, she was afraid too. But she was even more afraid of Rachel taking off the glove on her right hand. She almost squinted in pain.

Finally the glove came off and Rachel looked at Julia’s right hand. It didn’t look anything like her left hand. The top of it was scared. They looked almost like burn marks, nothing recent, but something terrible hand destroyed her beautiful hand. There was minor scars and discoloration on her fingers as well. She turned the hand to see the palm was not much better. Burn marks and scars just the same. Julia could see Rachel’s face was horrified, like she was about to cry in horror.

Julia almost began to cry, she was shaking terribly, her teeth chattering. “Put it back! Put my glove back on! Give it back!” Julia took her hand away and held it in agony.

Completely at a loss for words, Rachel quickly picked up Julia’s right glove… no wait that’s her left glove… here it is. She picked up the right glove.

“Put it back!” Julia screamed.

Rachel got hold of her hand and began to quickly cover her right hand and arm again. Once the leather glove was back in place, Julia began to calm down. She still didn’t seem at ease.

“Here,” Rachel picked up the other glove, “Here’s your other one.”

Julia put her left hand out and allowed Rachel to don her other glove back on. Julia made a fist with both her hands and began to caress her face with them. They seemed to comfort her in some bizarre way. It actually kind of freaked Rachel out. So the black haired girl reached for the blonde’s shirt.

“Rachel,” the blonde stopped her with her gloves still on her face, “I’m okay now. I’m sorry.” She dropped her hands to the couch. Rachel cautiously put the shirt down watching her blonde girlfriend, naked chest with long white leather gloves. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to see that.”

Visible horror engulfed Rachel. She was silent for an uncountable amount of time, just staring Julia in the face. The blonde with the wounded hand said nothing.

“Who did this to you?” Rachel finally spoke up angrily, “Your father?”

Julia looked her in the eyes and pleaded with her, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“The hell you don’t,” Rachel snapped, “How did this happen?”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it!” Julia was much more forceful this time.

Silence. Julia stared at her gloves. A lot of history was behind them.

“It just happened,” Julia left out some details, “And then I put on my mom’s gloves and I never took them off again. Now you know.” There was defiance in Julia’s voice, “You happy?”

Frank Columbo had been her father’s rival. All Rachel heard about day and night was big bad Columbo. Marlon Giovanni’s conflicts with the big man of Queens might have taken years off his life. In short, Frank Columbo may have been indirectly responsible for her father’s death. Frank Columbo killed Vinnie Montana and shot Rachel’s mother. The younger Giovanni had been blaming herself this whole time for her mother’s condition, but Columbo was the one who ordered the shooting. Rachel watched Frank Columbo beat her brother to death in the very room she was sitting in. Yet, for all his sins, whatever he did to Julia’s hand made Rachel’s blood boil. She began to fantasize how she would kill him. She imagined beating him just like he beat her brother. She smiled thinking about the older Columbo falling to the floor with one punch; the blood spilling all over his nice carpet; his body being thrown in the East river.

“Rachel,” Julia interrupted her.

Suddenly Julia’s lips were attacked by her girlfriend’s. She tackled the blonde and began to make out with her like a wild animal. Rachel immediately ripped off Julia’s pants and panties, flung them across the room and dove her fingers inside Julia. The blonde felt sensations she had been longing for. Rachel’s fingers were so intense, Julia felt herself climax immediately. Hearing Julia moan in pleasure, Rachel unbuttoned her own jeans and grabbed Julia’s hand. Wait, she was still wearing her gloves. Rachel stared at Julia’s hands perplexed.

“I gotcha!” Julia smiled.

The two kissed again and Julia pulled Rachel’s pants all the way down. Once her vagina was free, Julia plunged her face in and allowed her tongue to give Rachel the same sensations. The taller girl moaned so load, everyone in the apartment could have heard her. Julia actually allowed her gloved hands to rub Rachel’s thighs. Screams of intense pleasure echoed throughout the apartment.

They almost didn’t hear the sound of gunshots blowing the apartment door open.

In walked Snakes, holding a pistol with a silencer on the end of it. Columbo’s Consigliere still had some noticeable scars on his face, but his arm was fine and his bandages long removed. His look of intimidating determination was replaced by one of shock as he looked right at the couch. There he saw his boss’ daughter completely naked facing the young female Giovanni boss’ naked pelvis. Obviously, the two girls turned to see the man scramble in. Julia screamed and tried to hide her breasts and pelvis with her hands. Rachel lifted her legs calmly to hide her own private area.

“Oh God!” Snakes didn’t want to look at a girl he had watched grow up butt naked, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his enemy. His gun was still in the air.

Rachel immediately grabbed a blanket as Julia nervously tried to hide herself. The black-haired girl gave the blonde a blanket and covered her up. She calmed down only slightly. Rachel held onto her girlfriend.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Rachel shouted at him. She was still completely naked.

Snakes couldn’t help but look at his enemy’s private area, “Giovanni, as much as I’d love to stare at that lesbian twat of yours,” He didn’t finish his sentence.

Rachel quickly grabbed her pants and shirt and walked back to Julia. She quickly threw her shirt back on but hesitated to place her pants back on. She set them aside on the couch and grabbed Julia’s clothes. “You didn’t answer my question.” She tried to hand Julia her clothes, but the blonde didn’t take them.

“What do you think?” Snakes still found it hard to concentrate. His gun was now at his side and his eyes were still focused on Rachel’s naked legs.

The black-haired girl finally rolled her eyes and placed Julia’s clothes on the couch. She picked up her own pants and put them on, “Pervert!” She said to Snakes.

“Frank sent me to find his daughter. I had a hunch she might be here and,” his closed his eyes in disgust, “God I can’t believe this! Julia what’s wrong with you?”

The blonde was still in shock and held the blanket over her naked body. By now Rachel was fully clothed.

“Hey fuck you Snakes! I found her here sleeping against the door.” Rachel was still mouthing off but Julia didn’t say a word.

Snakes began to look around cautiously. It seemed like the two of them were completely alone, but he didn’t want to chance it. Even if they were alone, doing harm to the boss of the Giovanni family would be frowned upon. Gotti had the Columbo family on probation. “Look, just let Julia go, and I’ll forget I ever found you two here.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Rachel seemed calmly, “But Julia doesn’t want to go back. I mean she can leave with you if she wants but-“ Don Giovanni didn’t finish her sentence, she looked to Julia who was still timid and taciturn.

“C’mon Julia,” Snakes waved her in, “Put your clothes on and let’s go.”

No response. Julia’s eyes were on the ground.

“Julia!” Snakes commanded her.

“I’m not going!” Julia finally spat back at him dropping her blanket to the ground. Both Snakes and Rachel stared at her naked body. Rachel picked up the blonde’s clothes again and handed them to her. Without even looking at her girlfriend, Julia snatched the clothes and threw them forcefully at Snakes. Of course clothes didn’t prove any fret, but the Consigliere flinched all the same.

Julia Columbo was standing in the middle of Rachel’s apartment completely naked, only her white gloves still on. She stood in a statuesque way, almost military stance. Her body almost seemed uncomfortable standing this way, but Julia’s face didn’t show it. Anger, assertion and independence were on her attractive face. Rachel had remembered paintings she used to look at in high school, like the Birth of Venus. The naked blonde girl had caught Rachel’s attention, she would stare at it day in and day out instead of listening to what her teacher was saying. Julia’s stance reminded Rachel of the picture. Was she reborn like Venus?

“You,” Snakes pointed his gun at Rachel, “You did this to her!”

Rachel came back to reality thinking about how to get out of this situation.

“I did this to me Snakes!” Julia began walking very slowly towards her father’s partner getting in the middle of Snakes’ gun and Rachel. The taller girl simply stood behind and watched. The back of her naked body was just as glamorous. “I liked girls long before I met her. Do you honestly think I was going to tell you or my father?” Julia was asserting herself like she never had before.

“Julia,” Snakes looked uncomfortable. He picked up the blonde’s clothes and tried to hand them to her, “Please put your clothes on!”

The daughter of Frank Columbo slapped Snakes’ hand knocking both her clothes and his gun clear across the room. As she prepared to chew him out, Rachel slowly moved to the right to find Snakes’ gun. She wasn’t exactly sure where it had been tossed to. However, her attention turned back to Snakes as she watched him smack Julia hard in the face. Julia recoiled in pain. It looked like Columbo’s man was about to ring her neck. Instincts took over; Rachel saw red as she jumped over her coffee table and pulled Julia away. The blonde was knocked to the floor as Rachel’s fist came flying right into Snakes’ scarred face. Her enemy immediately held his nose in pain, but the red-eyed Giovanni surprised him with a 360 kick right into his head. Snakes easily fell to the floor and Rachel landed on the ground like she was an MMA fighter.

Julia had a hard time getting up. The naked blonde felt her cheek with her right gloved hand. As she pulled her hand away, she saw blood on her white glove. Rachel turned to notice this. It wasn’t a few seconds later, Snakes charged at her and pinned the young Giovanni to the coffee table. Snakes and Rachel were evenly matched in physical strength. The male fighter may have had two or three inches in height on Rachel, but the girl fighter seemed to have the fighting advantage. Snakes had her in a headlock. This didn’t last long as Rachel squeezed his groin. Of course the male fighter yelled at the top of lungs letting go of the girl’s neck and allowing her to elbow him in the stomach and then headbutt his forehead with her back of her head. Before Snakes could fall back to the floor, Rachel jumped up and grabbed the Consigliere’s leg. With almost superhuman stength she tossed him like a doll straight into the corner of the room.

Trying to catch her breath, Rachel watched Julia struggling to get up. She decided to help her girlfriend. The taller girl pulled the blonde up who then collapsed in her arms. In the meantime, Snakes just happened to find his gun as he sat up. A cock of the pistol, immediately turned their heads. He was pointing the gun straight at Rachel.

“NO!” Julia screamed as she got in front of her girlfriend.

Snakes groaned seeing his boss’ daughter shielding his enemy. His hesitated. Spitting out some blood, he just said, “Fine!” He looked like he was about to shoot Julia as well. Rachel knocked Julia down to the floor. The brunette was now the target and Snakes looked ready to shoot.


“RACHEL!” Julia screamed. She could only imagine turning around and seeing her girlfriend die.

Still standing, Rachel shook, but didn’t fall to the ground. It didn’t appear that the Giovanni girl had even been shot. Then Julia turned her head to see Snakes. The Consigliere was down with a bullethole in his head. His gun was not far away from him. Rachel was surprised herself, checking to see if she has in fact been shot, feeling her chest and stomach. She was fine. And so she turned around towards the open-doorway.

Amy! Standing there with her Smith & Wesson 45 in hand, “Are you allright?” She ran forward to see her sister with a few cuts on her face and arms showing.

“I’m okay,” Rachel assured her sister.

“I had a feeling you might be here.” Amy put the gun away.

They both looked to Julia who had a much worse scar on her cheek. Rachel ran towards her.

“Julia,” Rachel held onto her, “Your face.”

The blonde held up her white gloved hand, “I ruined my glove.”

Rachel just held her girlfriend in her arms thankful she was okay. Amy was trying to understand what had just happened.

“I heard a shot,” Sal burst in, stopping as he first noticed Snakes’ dead body. He sighed briefly, but turned to see Rachel hugging Julia Columbo, who was totally naked. “What the fuck?”

Neither Rachel, nor Julia, nor Amy turned to acknowledge Sal.

“Don Giovanni,” Amy spoke up.

The Giovanni boss did turn to acknowledge her Consigliere.

“We need to go, now!”

Rachel nodded her head and pulled Julia up. She quickly ran for the bathroom for a towel. Julia’s naked body was now being stared at by Amy and Sal. The blonde didn’t even seem to care, she was just winching in pain.

“Can somebody please for the love of God tell me what’s going on?” Sal asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” Amy said as she took a look around.

Julia turned to see Snakes dead. A tear formed in her eye seeing a man she had grown up with, her father’s partner, now laying dead in her girlfriend’s apartment. Of course, she was reminded that the man almost killed her earlier.

“Here,” Rachel gave her a towel, “Let me get your clothes.” Well a lot of Julia’s clothes were underneath Snakes. “On second thought, you can borrow some of mine.”

“Hurry up before the cops get here,” Amy said.

Rachel pulled a few clothes out of her closet. There weren’t many left.

Sal decided to walk out. Amy put her hand on Julia shoulder, “You okay Julia?”

The blonde shook her head ‘no.’

“It’s okay,” Amy said to her sister’s girlfriend.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Amy,” Rachel handed her clothes to Julia, as well as her brown hat, “But what are you doing here?”

Julia began to get dressed.

The Consigliere rolled her eyes but responded, “I got a call from Columbo’s men. They want to have a sit-down.”

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