Story: Amore Ragazze (all chapters)

Authors: SomeguyJim

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Chapter 1


Marlon Giovanni lied in the casket: his hands together, his eyes closed, his face pale as a sheet. He was not an old man. His hair was grey, but not without touches of black hair. He was not fat, but not in shape either. Giovanni had been shot before, but this is not what took his life. The Godfather of the Giovanni mob family had died in his bed, taken by cancer. The acting boss of the family was standing over him: the man’s wife of twenty-seven years, Jackie Giovanni. She stood over her husband, dressed in all black. She turned around and came to the podium. Seated in the church were over a hundred people paying their final respects to the mob boss. In front of her were her three children. Her only son, Angelo, held his head up, his teeth clenched together, fighting tears. His hair was dark brown, his eyes hazel. Underneath his expensive black suit was a well-built body. He had been born two years after his parents’ marriage. Seated next to him was his adopted sister, Amy. Amy was actually Angelo’s cousin, the daughter of Marlon’s sister. She cried heavily for her uncle’s death. Angelo held her hand tightly. Amy’s brown hair was much lighter, the same color as her eyes. She was very slim.

Lastly, their youngest sister, Marlon’s only daughter, Rachel Giovanni, sat in the chair emotionless. She was quite tall, and matched her brother in fitness. Her hair was completely black, probably dyed, stretching down to her lower back. Black bangs almost covered her hazel eyes, which were staring off into space. She glanced at her watch and then folded her arms.

Jackie Giovanni sighed heavily. Her husband’s eulogy would not be easy to recite:

“The day after my husband, Marlon Giovanni passed away,” Her voice was in a low cadence with some rasp to it, yet gentle, “I read the headlines of the New York Post: ‘Mob Boss Dies.’”

She hesitated and shook her head. Rachel pondered the accuracy of the headline.

“I feel sorry,” Jackie continued, “For the people at the post,” she hung her head and hesitated before looking into the audience with confidence, “Because they will never know the real Marlon Giovanni: the loyal husband, the kind father, the diplomat, the disciplined worker. I can’t refrain from speaking about the rumors surrounding him,” she held her index finger up, “But everyone in this room, family, friends, co-workers, all knew the real Marlon Giovanni.”

Very few people in the church had ever heard Jackie speak in public before. Everyone was hypnotized by her strong presence, her gift of words, and her gentle nature. Her strength matched the notable diplomatic power Don Giovanni had brought to the streets of Brooklyn.

“He loved his children, and his niece Amy who he took to raise as his own daughter after his sister Jade passed away. He helped her with her homework every night and,” she chuckled slightly, “You know I have to tell you, Marlon was not a crying man. He was the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever known,” a few laughs escaped from the audience, “But when he saw Amy accept her college diploma, he shed a few tears.”

By now, Amy fell forward crying. Angelo held onto her and rubbed her back. Rachel looked over towards them. There was a hint of disdain in her eyes. Angelo caught a whiff of it as he looked towards his sister. He too had disdain in his eyes towards his sister. Instead of staring at her siblings, Rachel turned around to look at everyone else. Across the aisle were several members of the five families. Frankie Columbo caught Rachel’s eye, the long-time rival of the Giovanni family. He was a fat man who always wore a pompadour toupee along with a shiny blue suit.

However, Rachel’s eye glanced at the young girl sitting next to him. She almost shined in this gathering of dark suits. The girl had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Her complexion was much lighter than everyone else’s. While Rachel came to the conclusion that she was Columbo’s daughter, she didn’t look like him at all. If she was in fact related to the mob boss, she definitely received all of her mother’s genes. The blonde looked over towards Rachel. As soon as the young girl’s blue eyes met with her own hazel-eyes, Rachel turned around to watch her mother.

“I know,” she continued, “We’re all going to miss him and his funny personality. I’m not entirely sure where we go when we die. Maybe Marlon is heaven, maybe he has been reincarnated,” she paused for a second and rolled her eyes, “Maybe he’s in the big… scientology spaceship thing,” Her sarcastic comment drew some laughs from the crowd, even a slight smirk from Amy, “I will carry on for my husband.”

Her eyes met each one of the heads of the five families seated in the audience. Columbo himself took special notice of her last remark. Jackie’s eyes met with his. Nobody in the audience could pick up the tension from this glance that would eventually lead to the war that was to come.



Standing before Angelo was a giant: a 6’5 bodybuilder with grayish hair. His name was Vinnie Montana. If the Giovanni house became haunted, this man’s presence alone would scare the ghosts away. As intimidating as he may have been, Vinnie showed compassionate sympathy towards the son as he cautiously took his hand into his own:

“I am deeply sorry for your loss.” His voice was low, “Don Giovanni was a great man. I know you will carry on for him.”

“Thank you Vinnie,” Angelo nodded his head and smiled, “You were loyal to my father, I won’t forget that.”

“Thank you,” He let go of the son’s hand. “May I go see Jackie now?”

“Um,” Angelo turned his head and back towards Vinnie, “I think she’s busy at the moment. Why don’t you grab yourself a drink? I’ll let her know you want to see her.”

Vinnie Montana bowed his head and walked away. Everybody at the reception stepped back as the big man slowly walked towards the bar. People were afraid of the man. Even the bartender took special care as the giant ordered a pint of Guiness. He took his drink with an intense calm and stood off to the side. Vinnie didn't sit down. There was a rumor around the city that he never sat down. He only stood up.

Rachel was sitting at an empty table sipping a glass of white wine. She began to feel somewhat claustrophobic with endless amounts of people standing all around her inside this cathedral of a room. Two black-suited men stood near her holding drinks.

“Me and Marley,” Charlie, the shorter, grey-haired man, reminisced about his late boss full of laughter, “I mean, we’re in the middle of the fuckin’ library, and this stupid bitch will not stop talking.”

Sal, the taller man with brown hair, it was obviously dyed, was laughing at his fellow capo. Charlie held his pinkie and thumb to his face. He was imitating the girl with a high-pitched annoying voice:

“Yeah, my friend on Facebook was supposed to send me some electronic vibrator, but I never got it-“

“A what?” Sal interrupted, leaning closer to his friend.

“I don’t know,” Charlie said in his normal voice, “I don’t know what the fuck they do on Facebook, I’m not on it. But this girl-“

“Wait a minute,” Sal said, “You’re not on Facebook? How can you not be on Facebook, everyone is on Facebook?”

“Oh,” Charlie snorted, “Is it a rule? Is there some law in New York State that you have to have a god-damn Facebook account?” Sal tried to interject, but Charlie would not stop, “Oh the FBI’s got a file on me for loan-sharking, racketeering, robbery, yelling at the pope, but oh I’m not on Facebook?” His tone became overly sarcastic, “Oh I could do twenty to thirty years for not being on Facebook!”

Rachel’s eyes wavered towards her father’s Neanderthalic colleagues with disdain.

Sal took a sip of his drink before engaging his friend in debate, “Don’t you know how much easier it is to do business and make connections on Facebook?”

“Do business?” Charlie snapped, “In the kind of work we’re in? Are you out of your-“

“No, no, no! The greeting card business dumbass!”

“Oh give me a fuckin’ break,” Charlie took a quick sip, “We’ve got fifteen stores across the city. What the hell you need to be on Facebook for? And the whole adding friends thing is stupid! ‘Todd wants to be your friend.’ Some guy I’ve never heard of. You know if someone came up to you on the street and said, ‘Will you be my friend?’ You’d look at him as if he was a god-damn retard!”

“Oh now I see,” Sal smiled, “You’re not on Facebook, because you don’t HAVE any friends!”

“Fuck you!” Charlie snorted back.

“You know why?” Sal chuckled, “It’s because you’re a faggot.”

“No,” Charlie said, “You’re a faggot because you’re on facebook.”

“Yeah that makes a lot of sense,” Sal said, “Everybody on facebook is faggot. That makes a lot of fucking sense.”

Their conversation was really starting to get on Rachel’s nerves. She couldn’t take any more offensive talk and got up to walk away. Sal and Charlie didn’t even notice her. As she stormed across the sea of people, an inscrutable look came upon the young girl’s face. Anger, frustration, melancholy all seemed to canvas her eyes and mouth. However, there was one who knew her expressions all too well:

“Hey Vampira!” Angelo grabbed Rachel’s arm. She yanked her brother’s hand off of her and flashed her wide-angry eyes towards him. “You think you could at least try to look sad that our father is dead?”

“What do you want me to do Angelo?” Rachel’s voice was a bit deeper than one would expect, but still feminine, “Lie face down, slam my fists on the ground, and scream like a two year old?”

Angelo closed his eyes and cracked his knuckles.

Rachel raised her eyebrows and spoke in a sarcastic way, “What are you gonna do, hit me?”

“You know,” Angelo tried to keep his temper, “Just when I think you can’t possibly get any more apathetic, you manage to top yourself.”

Rachel rolled her eyes, “Fuck you Angelo. You kissed dad’s ass every day of your life just cause you wanna run the family yourself.”

“Well fuck you!” His voice became so loud, the people around him were starting to stare, “At least I care about my family, you’ve never cared about anyone but yourself.”

“I didn’t ask,” Rachel screamed, “To be born into a crime family!”

“Yeah,” Angelo looked around angrily, “Why don’t you say it just a little louder so everyone can hear it!”

“HEY!” A loud cry came from a voice that was normally soft and gentle. It was the voice of Amy who stood in-between them. She was shorter than her adopted sister, but carried herself as if she was ten feet tall. The two blood siblings looked her way. Amy waited for them to calm down and for the people around to turn their eyes away from the warring family, “Would you two call in a truce for today? Our father’s funeral and you two are-“

“OUR father Amy?” Rachel snapped.

The brother’s eyes lit up. Truth be told, Angelo wanted to smack his sister across the face. However, Angelo was not the kind of man who would put his hands on another woman, much less his own sister.

Amy did not lash out either. Instead she turned towards her adopted brother, “Mom wants to start the meeting.”

Angelo gave his black-haired sister one last daggering look before walking off. Rachel now turned towards her cousin. She and Amy had always gotten along well, in deference to her brother, but she could never view her as a sister. As time went by, the two grew further apart.

“Rach,” Amy’s voice was diplomatic, “I know you and dad didn’t get along that well, but you gotta understand that he loved you.”

Rachel rolled her eyes, “Not as much as he loved you. You were the daughter he always wanted Amy.”

“That’s not true,” Amy put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. Rachel’s eyes moved suspiciously towards her cousin’s hand, “He really did love you Rach. You know he-“

“Amy,” Rachel pushed her hand away, “I don’t want to hear about it right now.”

Amy nodded her head to respect her sister’s request and hugged her, “You’re still a sister to me Rachel.” Rachel put an arm on her cousin’s back before they broke their embrace.

Amy walked towards Frankie Columbo. He was standing, a plate of food in hand, talking with one of the guests. The young blonde girl stood right next to him, a fish out of water. Amy fearlessly interrupted the conversation and spoke to the man. Rachel couldn’t hear the conversation. Amy was probably telling him about the meeting with her mother and the rest of the mob bosses. Columbo did not appear to care too much for Amy. His reputation as a misogynist was well known. However, he nodded before Amy walked away. While Columbo shook the man’s hand, the blonde girl turned her head towards Rachel. This time, she didn’t look away. Their eyes stared into each other incomprehensibly until Columbo said something to her. Rachel sat down on a nearby table. She still wouldn’t take her eyes off the girl.

Columbo walked away, leaving the girl alone. She turned back towards Rachel and their eyes met again. By now, Rachel could scan the girl’s entire body. By now, the dark-haired girl had memorized her blonde curls and light skinned face. She had an incredibly slim body, not a trace of fat on her. She almost came to the conclusion that her father never fed her. She wore a conservative black dress with a gray sweater over it. Curiously, she wore white gloves, which stood out from the dress. These were matched with white boots. The blonde girl looked to see that Columbo was completely gone and walked towards Rachel. The daughter of the bereaved wasn’t sure what to do.

“Hello,” she said politely without smiling, “I’m Julia.” Her voice was so soft and gentle. Rachel was never one for clichés, but she would swear this girl had the voice of an angel.

“Hi,” Rachel said scanning Julia’s body.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” Julia brought her hands together at her chest. Rachel began to see that the gloves were leather, moving up into her sleeves. She held the chair across from her, “May I sit down?”

Rachel shrugged her shoulders. Julia took this as a yes.

“I guess,” Julia said as she sat down, “Our fathers worked together.” So Columbo was her father.

“I guess so,” Rachel said, “Although I’m not sure they really worked together so much as they were in competition.” The blonde’s presence seemed to be calming the frustrated raven-hair down, but she would now not look the blonde in the eyes.

“Yeah,” Julia said, “To be honest with you, my father was not very enthusiastic to come here.”

“Well,” Rachel raised her eyebrows, her eyes still looking away, “That makes two of us.”

Julia felt some hostility escaping from Rachel. She was silent for a second looking at her very closely. Her halter dress matched her dark black hair. Her face had a natural beauty quality to it, not perfect, but cute. “Am I bothering you? Do you want me to leave?”

“That depends,” Rachel said without moving or even blinking, “Did your father send you to get information out of me? Because I don’t have anything to do with my family’s business.”

Julia felt a little insulted being asked this question, but answered calmly, “No, I’m not involved with the business either.”

“So?” Rachel replied.

Julia’s eyes vacillated, “So what?”

“What do you want?” Rachel asked, once again keeping her eyes away from the blonde.

Julia could have very easily dismissed this girl and walked away. However, the blonde decided to lay all her cards on the table. She sighed and looked down to her hands. One of Rachel’s eyes caught weft of Julia’s nervousness:

“You wanna know the truth?” Julia said looking back up towards Rachel. There was a long pause before she came out with, “I think you’re cute.”

Rachel now turned her entire body straight towards Julia. Every look of shock Julia could think of had merged into one on Rachel’s face. The blonde’s heart began to race. What would this girl say in response?

“What did you say your name was again?” Rachel asked.

“Julia,” She immediately replied.

After a second’s hesitation, Rachel reached for Julia’s hand, “I’m Rachel.”

Their hands shook. Julia smiled and easily replied, “I know.”

Julia could have sworn that Rachel cracked a smile.


“Jackie I want to thank you for taking the time to organize this meeting.”

Don Gotti may have been an elderly man, but he practically ran all of Manhattan. The Giovanni family ran the streets of Brooklyn while the Columbo family controlled Queens. Their infamous rivalry stirred from territorial arguments, mostly around the Queens / Brooklyn border. Jackie Giovanni and Frankie Columbo sat on opposite sides of the large round table. Jackie’s son and adopted daughter sat next to her. Beside Columbo was Snakes, his Consigliere, and his bodyguard, Bobby Russo. Bobby was an interesting bodyguard; he was not overly intimidating, in defference to Vinnie Montana. He looked like a harmless college kid who hit the gym every so often. Bobby's presense did however make Columbo more imitimidating, which was probably the case. Snakes was a little more intimidating, but still not as bad as his boss. Gotti’s men stood behind him. The other families of Jersey City and The Bronx were also represented. The room was small, but they liked it that way.

“I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances,” Gotti said, “I worked with Marlon for years, and he was a man of loyalty, practicality, and strength. I think I speak for everyone, Jackie, when I say Marlon Giovanni will be missed.”

Jackie closed her eyes and nodded in respect towards Gotti. Amy tried to hold back her tears.

“Yeah yeah,” Columbo said sipping his wine glass, “Can we move it along? I’d like to get out of here sometime today.”

Angelo gave his father’s rival a dirty look, “You wanna show a little respect for once in your life Frank? It’s probably you who drove him to his grave-“ Angelo’s voice became louder.

“Angelo,” Jackie calmed him down looking at his with disappointment.

“All right,” Gotti said, “Well let’s get right down to it.” Gotti’s voice was direct and business-like, “I know Marlon’s passing has come as a big shock to all of us, but business must move forward. Who will be the Giovanni family’s acting boss?”

“Why are we even having this conversation?” Columbo snorted. He pointed towards Angelo while keeping his eyes on Gotti, “We know Boy-Wonder over here is taking over for his father.”

“Hey,” Angelo stood up aggressively, “Does this asshole has to insult me like that?”

A squabble broke out with several of the men standing up and yelling.

“Enough!” Jackie’s voice was loud enough to create silence in the room. Now standing, she looked at her son who reluctantly sat down. Columbo and the others sat down as well. Jackie sighed, but scanned the round table of her husband’s fellow workers: “My son is not taking over the family business.” Whispers now came into the room. Jackie continued, “I am.”

By now, all eyes were focused on Jackie. For several seconds, it was so quiet, everyone could hear their necks turn.

“This is a joke,” one man said, “Right?”

“No,” Jackie said, “It’s in his will. Marlon and I had talked about the future of the family business, who would take over after him. I helped Marlon a lot with the family business, and it was his wish that when he passed for me to take over.”

Angelo did not protest this idea.

“Are you fuckin’ kidding me?” Columbo stood up angrily, “A woman as the boss? It’s bad enough that cocksucker made this goddamned school girl his Consigliere,” Columbo was pointing towards Amy who hung her head, “But now I have to deal with a woman all the time?”

“I’m gonna fucking kill you,” Angelo stood up trying to run around the table. Jackie was unable to hold him.

Snakes ran towards him, but both were halted as the old Gotti stood up holding their chests.

“Easy Easy!” He shouted, “Cut it out both of you, you’re gonna give me a heart attack. Sit down!”

Angelo and Snakes sat back in their respected chairs. Columbo and Jackie both stared at each other with disdain.

“Now,” Gotti sat down, “I will admit that this is odd, to say the least, but we have to honor a dying man’s wish.” He now looked to Jackie, “However, Jackie, I do have to honor Frankie’s concern. Can you lead not only your family, but work together with the rest of us?”

“Gentlemen,” Jackie once again spoke diplomatically, taking turns looking everyone in the eye, “Marlon was one of a kind, I know that. I may not be able to fill his shoes, but it’s not because I’m a woman. That has nothing to do with anything. I’m not here with some kind of feminist agenda trying to get us to move away from the mob business into the flower business.” By now, she had everyone’s attention, “My only intention is to, as Don Gotti said, keep business moving forward.” She looked towards Amy who stared at her admirably, “I know when my husband made Amy his Consigliere that was met with some hostility. But has she not proven herself to you all? Has her intelligence and business creativity not saved us millions?”

There were soft sounds of agreement coming across the table.

“I don’t plan on being the boss of this family forever. I am simply carrying on for my husband until things are settled and Angelo is ready to take the position.”

Gotti nodded his head, “Well, I trusted Marlon like a brother. And Jackie, so far you have proven yourself to be a eloquent, trustworthy individual.” He stood up and offered his hand, “I look forward to working with you Don Giovanni.”

Don Giovanni and Don Gotti shook hands. The others welcomed the new boss, with the exception of Columbo who looked down to the ground.

“All right,” Gotti said, “Here’s how you can prove your worth. We’re having a problem with this company president over on Wall Street. He laid off a lot of people this week, many of whom are not just under our protection, but Columbo, Giovanni, everyone’s.”

“I heard about that,” Jackie said. She looked to Amy, “Amy, what was the man’s name again?”

“Berkhalter,” she responded immediately without looking through her papers.

“Berkhalter,” Jackie said, “New guy, hard headed, doesn’t want any involvement with the five families.”

“He needs a little persuasion,” Gotti said, “Make it happen.”

“I’ll get Vinnie Montana on it,” Jackie responded.

Gotti's eyebrows lifted hearing her say this, “You’re sending Montana?”

Jackie nodded. Gotti also nodded knowing that this job would be done. They both sat down and carried on with the meeting.


“So Amy ends up becoming a valedictorian, and I get kicked out of school. My dad was so pissed, you wouldn’t believe it.”

Rachel and Julia had been talking for a while, Rachel having explained her story of college.

“Well that sucks,” Julia said, “My father wouldn’t even let me go to college. I’m just gonna marry someone and become a submissive housewife.”

“No offense, but from what I’ve heard, you’re dad sounds like a douchebag.”

“Hey,” Julia replied, “He’s still my father. Honor thy mother and father. But it sounds like your dad was cool. He even took in your cousin.”

“Yeah he did.”

“What happened exactly, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Rachel did mind being constantly asked about her perfect cousin Amy, but she began to talk to her, “Well my Aunt Jade, she’s my father’s sister. They were really close. Her husband was murdered shortly after Amy was born. A few years later, Aunt Jade got cancer. Amy had no family, so my father adopted her as his daughter.”

“Wow,” Julia said, “That’s so sad. Your father had a big heart.”

“Yeah for her,” Rachel snorted, “Angelo pretty much was the prince of the family, but I always felt like my parents paid more attention to Amy because they wanted to make her feel more part of the family. I got shoved off to the side.”

Julia didn’t know how to respond to this, “I kind of wish I had a sister. Although-“ She looked into Rachel’s eyes, “I wish I had anybody. My mother’s gone, my father treats me like I’m his property. I wish I had somebody.”

A long silence came over the table. The two of them tuned out the crowd noise around them. Julia placed her white gloved hand on top of Rachel’s. It was impossible to decipher what these two were thinking, but there was some connection being made there.

“Hey Vampira,” Angelo’s voice broke the girls’ embrace, “I think we’re gonna get going.” Angelo looked over to Julia, knowing full well who she was, “Ah, you must be Julia.” He shook her hand, “Frankie’s daughter.”

“Nice to finally meet you…” Julia didn’t know his name.

“Angelo,” he smiled.

“More like asshole,” Rachel leaned her face onto her hand.

Angelo ignored his sister and turned Julia’s hand to examine her white gloves:

“Wearing white gloves to a funeral, your father wants to keep you pure?”

“No,” Julia hesitated, “My mother gave them to me.”

“Oh right,” Angelo said, “I’m sorry to hear about your mother.”

“It’s okay,” the girl answered, “That was years ago. I’m so sorry about your father.”

Angelo hung his head down slightly, “Yes, he was a great man, a great man indeed.”

“JULIA!” A loud voice appeared from the distance. It was Columbo storming towards them angrily. Snakes was beside him. Julia noticed she was still holding Angelo’s hand. She quickly let go, “C’mon we’re leaving, pick it up!”

“Yes sir,” Julia began to leave without saying goodbye to the others. She did turn to give one last glace towards Rachel, who returned the look. Bobby held her by the shoulder.

“You stay away from her!” Columbo pointed at Angelo.

Angelo rolled his eyes, “Relax Frankie, it’s bad enough I have to look at your shit-face at the meetings without having you be my father-in-law!” He quickly walked away hoping to get the last laugh in.

Columbo didn’t have any more energy to back at his rival’s son. He simply sighed and looked towards Rachel. She wasn’t threatened by him at all.

“Maybe I’ll go out with her.” Rachel was actually being serious, but Columbo took it as a joke.

“Aren’t you the daughter Giovanni hated?” He asked her.

Rachel’s now had a disgusted look on her face, “What?”

“C’mon Snakes,” Columbo told his colleague, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Columbo, Snakes, Bobby and Julia began to walk away. The blonde had been texting before her father scolded her. Rachel began to feel teardrops gathering in her eyes, but she would never allow herself to cry. She had to be tough all the time.

“You okay?” A voice came from behind. Rachel turned to see her mother standing behind her. She had an honest face, an honest tone.

“No,” Rachel said as she got up feeling terrible.

Jackie didn’t say anything. Instead, Jackie hugged her daughter. Rachel returned the affection. Rachel could hear her mother sigh real tears. She couldn’t blame a woman who just lost her husband of twenty-seven years for crying. Her mother was tough, but not that tough. Rachel would never admit that she enjoyed her mother’s embrace. It was just one of those occasions where they needed each other.

“Come on,” is all Jackie said before walking off to talk to Angelo.

Rachel grabbed her purse before hearing a chime from her phone. She checked the phone to see she had received a text:

“I’ll be in Brooklyn Friday night. You wanna catch a movie? –Julia”

[End notes: End of Chapter 1, more to come, let me know what you think.

In case you don’t know, “Consigliere” is Italian for “Counselor” and is the third in command of the Mafia family, after Boss and Underboss. In this case, Jackie is the boss, Angelo is the underboss, and Amy is Consigliere.]

Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far. Keep it up.

There’s no Lesbian goodness in this chapter, but its important character development. Expect a bit of violence.


By SomeguyJim


Victor Berkhalter’s office was on the 24th floor of a skyscraper on Wall Street. He was a middle aged thin man with a full head of hair. His jacket was on the coat-rack and his sleeves were rolled up. Outside his window, the early Spring sun rose over Brooklyn and the East River. His back was to the window, his voice lost in a phone conversation:

“All right, well let’s just let it go bankrupt. I mean who cares? We made our money, the company’s no good anymore.”

Silence; someone was speaking on the other end.

“Well they’ll find other jobs. C’mon this is New York City, there’s jobs everywhere, recession or not.”


“Look, to be quite honest with you, I don’t really care.”

“Mr. Berkhalter,” his secretary came on the intercom. He took notice of it, “There’s someone here to see you.”

“Well,” Berkhalter said, “Whoever it is, tell him to wait.” He returned to his phone conversation, “It’s Social Darwinism Charles, survival of the fittest. I’m fit, and the employees are not.” He began to laugh.

The door was slammed open hitting the wall causing some of Berkhalter’s company trophies to fall of his shelf and shatter on the floor. A big scary looking man with grayish hair stood in the doorway.

“What the hell?” Berkhalter dropped the phone and jumped up.

The big scary man stepped into the office leaving room for Angelo to walk in. Angelo was wearing a black leather jacket and black fedora. He himself looked quite intimidating, but nothing compared to the big scary man spotting a brown suit and tie. Amy walked in next wearing a blue pantsuit, glasses, and holding a briefcase. She stood by the doorway in a non-threatening manner.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Berkhalter screamed, “Grace!” He ran for the door, but the big man pushed him back.

“Grace won’t help you Vick,” Angelo said calmly.

Berkhalter ran back behind his desk and picked up the phone, “I’m calling security!”

Just as Berkhalter began dialing the numbers, the scary man picked up the Office phone. His strong arms yanked the phone chord from out of the wall. He then threw the phone right through the window, shattering the glass. Berkhalter cowered slightly in fear.

“Vick,” Angelo said, “You need to take it easy. The sooner you calm down, the sooner we can get down to business.”

Berkhalter now saw that the scary man had stepped back and that Angelo was standing before him. He would much rather deal with the younger less intimidating man than the one who was destroying his office.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Michelangelo Giovanni,” The son said with a very professional tone of voice. He pointed to his cousin, “This is my sister Amy,” Amy nodded her head. Angelo now pointed to the big scary man next to him, “And this is our associate Vinnie Montana.”

“Giovanni?” Berkhalter attempted to hide his fear, but his knowledge of the Giovanni family, and the infamous Vinnie Montana, shook him to the core, “As in Giovanni the mob boss? He died a couple weeks ago.” Obviously, he followed the media.

“Yes, but his business moves forward,” Angelo quoted Don Gotti’s wise words.

“Well let me tell you something right here right now,” Berkhalter snorted pointing at the young man, “If you think you can come in and muscle me, I have to tell you, I’ve got the best lawyers money can buy!”

“Mr. Berkhalter,” Amy was much more respectful as she opened her briefcase pulling out some documents, “I’m sure you’re aware that these layoffs were conducted in an illegal manner. The workers were not given advance notice of their termination, nor were they given unemployment benefits as is required by law. Furthermore, we have enough evidence to prove that you have been pocketing company profits yourself. Should you choose to take legal action, I’m afraid we would have no choice but to bring your illegal practices to the attention of the court.” Amy removed her glasses and stared at the company president.

Berkhalter was certainly surprised by Amy’s professionalism, but he wouldn’t relent, “Listen, I know what you want. You just want me to hire all those Greasers back, well you can forget it!”

“Mr. Berkhalter,” Amy said more annoyed this time, “I find name calling to be extremely unprofessional-“

“Hey Amy,” Angelo now looked to his adopted sister, “Wait outside for a minute will you?” He then looked to the company-man, “Vinnie and I are gonna have a talk with Mr. Berkhalter.”

Amy did as her brother asked. She put her glasses back on, closed her briefcase, and walked out of the office.

“Vinnie?” Angelo looked to his big associate, “You want to take it from here?”

Outside the door of the office, Amy pulled out a book, picking up where she had last left off. Not one sound that came from that door phased her. At first, Berhalter’s anger could be heard:

“You touch me and I’ll blow your-“

His voice was replaced by screams and moans, his own sounds of pain, as sounds of thumps, bumps and broken glass echoed outside into the hall. Berhalter’s receptionist was frightened by the commotion, but kept her mouth shut for her own safety. Amy was completely lost in her reading. As she turned another page, she heard her brother’s voice:

“You’re no businessman Vick, you’re a fucking parasite!”

Berkhalter’s sounds of pain became more and more intense. Everyone in the hallway got up from their desks and slowly walked towards their boss’s door. They knew the big guy had something to do with this. They imagined him bashing Berkhalter’s head into the table, breaking his legs with a bat, and smashing his face into the window. No one made a sound. Amy’s eyes briefly left the book and gathered everyone within her site. Her eyes were not threatening, but intimidating no less. The workers began to walk back to their desks fearing this young girl may do damage herself. The noise briefly stopped.

“Vick?” Angelo said, hearing a painful inaudible response, “You’re gonna cut the bullshit. Hire back the employees you screwed over. You’re not going to fire anyone else without our permission,” Some slight commotion was heard, “Or out the fucking window you’re gonna go!”

“NO!” Berkhalter’s voice was heard loud and clear.

Amy kept her eyes peeled on the book as if she couldn’t care less about what was going on. She was a fast reader, turning the page every twenty seconds.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” Berkhatler said, “Let me go!”

“Let you go?” Angelo laughed, “I’m not sure that’s the right thing to say when you’re dangling out a 24 story window? Okay if you insist.”

“God Damn it Giovanni!” Berkhatler screamed, “I already said I’d do whatever you want, now let me back in!”

Finally, things began to calm down in the office. There were murmurs heard, but no one could understand what was happening. Finally, after ten minutes, one last thump echoed from the office. The door opened to reveal Vinnie Montana, his suit a bit messy, and Angelo, who’s outfit was as clean as when he came in. Amy turned around to see her colleagues. Angelo handed her a piece of paper, which she carefully placed in her briefcase along with the book she was reading. Vinnie’s presence was made known to all the employees there. None would dare look into this scary man’s eyes.

“All right,” Angelo said, “Let’s get going.”

“Was there a problem?” Amy asked as the three of them walked down the hall like they owned the place.

“Not at all,” Angelo said calmly, “Berkhatler is actually a very reasonable guy.”

They disappeared into the next room, cuing everyone to slowly open the door to Berkhalter’s office. He was lying on the floor, his body covered by his suit-jacket, until his receptionist lifted the jacket. It was a gasp heard all around the building. Victor Berkhalter was now unconscious, his clothes in rags, his legs broken, his face covered in blood, with an enormous scar across his cheek. His hair almost looked like some of it had been pulled out. His office was also a mess with his desk having been turned over, his various trophies and memorabilia shattered all over the place, and his window now broken. He was alive, but he would never be the same. Some of the employees, including his secretary, ran into help him. However, most of the employees preferred to just walk away and pretend they didn’t see anything.

Back downstairs, the Giovannis’ driver opened the doors for them. Vinnie rode shotgun, while Angelo and Amy got into the back.

“I think we’ve got a bright future ahead of us Aims,” Angelo said as he got into the car.

“We’ll see,” was all Amy could bring herself to say.

[End notes: Hopefully you guys didn’t get turned off by the violence. I decided it would be more interesting to do the scene from Amy’s point of view.

We’re gonna catch up with Rachel and Julia in the next chapter, so stay alert.]

Chapter 3

[Author's notes: And now we join back up with Rachel and Julia… expect some lesbian attraction… and maybe a kiss?


By SomeguyJim


Rachel stood outside the Williamsburg theater watching the cars go by, or more accurately sit motionless in traffic; it was Friday night after all. The tall dark-haired girl had bundled up in black for the cold spring night, winter weather still hadn't left New York. She wore a long black leather coat, black scarf, black gloves, black jeans, black stiletto boots, and a black cabbie hat with her black hair flowing freely in the breeze. She leaned against the brick wall of the theater. A couple of girls walked by, even more bundled up than Rachel, complaining about the weather: “God, it’s freezing outside.” What a wimp, Rachel thought to herself as the girls disappeared down the street. Rachel had experienced every New York winter since she was born. By now, she was completely numb to the cold. Her lightly tanned face and naked ears braved the storm without flinching.

Something else was bothering her. With a heavy sigh, Rachel picked up her phone. The time was 9:00 PM. An angry groan mumbled under her breath. Rachel tried to call a number, but her touch screen couldn’t recognize her leather gloves. The dark-haired girl looked angrily towards the clear night sky. Using her teeth, she pulled off her right glove. Rachel’s naked fingers now directed the phone to redial. The green phone icon came up. The mob boss’s daughter put the phone up to her ear; her naked hand now feeling the sting of the cold air.

The phone rang once, then was silent… It rang again, silence… It rang again, “Hello?”

Rachel hesitated before recognizing the soft angelic voice on the other end of the call: “Hey,” her low-cadence voice answered, “Where you at?”

“Look across the street,” the other voice answered, “To your left.”

Rachel looked to the left and managed to catch a girl in bright blue waved one white gloved hand, the other holding a cell-phone to her hat covered ear. It was Julia! Rachel waved her other hand and put her phone away. She stayed perfectly still watching the daughter of her rival walk towards her. Her bright-blue trench-coat was augmented by a white scarf, white gloves, and long white boots. It didn’t appear that she was wearing pants. Rachel could not help but smile at the sight of this beautiful girl. Her blonde hair was tucked away under her striped white hat, but just enough strands were visible. Her complexion was as white as the lingering snow on the ground. Rachel still couldn’t hold her tongue.

“Well,” Rachel said, “We missed the movie.”

“I’m so sorry,” Julia wrapped her arms around the taller Rachel apologizing most sincerely. Rachel put one arm around her date, but also looked up at the marquee in annoyance, “My father wouldn’t let me go.”

This didn’t really surprise Rachel, having seen the controlling Columbo in action at the funeral, “How did you get away?”

“Don’t ask,” Julia said as she let go of her date in black, “I’m sorry we missed the movie.”

“Well,” Rachel looked back at the marquee, “We can catch the 10:00 show.”

“Didn’t you already get the tickets?” Julia asked in a concerned manner.

“It’s no problem,” Rachel held Julia’s hand and walked towards the ticket-booth cutting in front of a line. Julia felt a shiver run down her spine as Rachel took her hand.

“Hey,” the man in front of the line complained, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He was much bigger than her, probably weighed twice as much as she did.

Rachel completely ignored the man and began talking to the guy in the ticket booth. Julia did not say a word. “Yeah,” Rachel picked up her tickets, “I’m not gonna be using-“

“Miss,” The ticket-guy pointed towards the back, “There’s a line here.”

“Thank you,” the man in front of the line complained trying to grab hold of her.

As she felt the man’s hand take hold of her, Rachel quickly grabbed the man’s arm, twisted it around to his back into an arm-lock. The man screamed once in pain causing everyone around her to step back. Julia watched the black-haired woman in awe. Eventually, Rachel dropped the man to the ground and turned back towards the ticket booth as if nothing had happened: “Anyway, I want two tickets for Action Pope, 10:00.”

At first the man behind the ticket-booth was speechless having seen this woman take down a man twice her size. Eventually he shook his head and gained his senses, “Look, you need to get back in line.” He pointed towards the end of the line again.

“Rachel,” Julia pleaded, “It’s okay, we can wait-“

“Do me a favor,” Rachel ignored her friend, now smiling mischievously at the ticket-guy, “Call your manager, and tell him,” she said the next words slowly and clearly, “Rachel Giovanni wants tickets.”

The name Giovanni certainly got a few people around her talking. This included the man on the floor who now looked up the girl with fear in his eyes. It didn’t affect the ticket-man who annoyingly called up his manager and briefly told his superior the story. Within milliseconds of mentioning the name “Rachel Giovanni” there was a terrible silence in the ticket booth. The young man behind the glass looked at Rachel, who was still smiling mischievously at him, with wide-eyes. He soon began to shake and hung up the phone.

“Oh my God,” he stuttered, “I-I am so sorry Ms. Giovanni.” He printed out two tickets, “That’s two for Action Pope, free of charge!” He quickly handed the girl the tickets.

Rachel said nothing as her black leather glove reached for the tickets. Her other hand reached for Julia’s who stood there jaw-dropped. “C’mon,” Rachel said, “We got an hour to kill, why don’t we go get some pizza?”

Julia looked behind her as they walked away. All eyes were on the two of them.


Rachel took a bite of her thin-crust cheese pizza somewhat dissatisfied, “It’s not that great,” Rachel said, “But it sure beats the crap they serve in the theater.”

Julia chuckled slightly, “Cheaper too.”

They sat at a four-legged table, covered by a cheap plaid tablecloth, in a typical dive-pizza joint. They were the only ones there, aside from the workers. Rachel had taken off her hat and gloves, but Julia left hers on, using a napkin to pick up her pizza.

“It’s bad enough,” Rachel talked with her mouth full, “We gotta spend like thirteen dollars a ticket, but do we have to spend another fifteen fucking dollars on stale lukewarm popcorn?”

Julia did not answer but laughed slightly. After a slow pause, and a bite of the thin piece of cheese, tomato sauce and bread, Julia brought up the elephant in the room, “I got the assumption last time that you were not proud of your family’s business.”

“Hey,” Rachel raised her arms while taking a sip of her soda, “If it gets me free tickets or free pizza, I don’t hesitate to use my name.” Rachel watched her date nod her head, “What? You’ve never mentioned your name to get what you want?”

“No,” Julia nodded sadly, “I don’t really go out at all. My father and his men do everything for me.”

Rachel was starting to understand Julia’s lifestory. She was obviously born with a silver-spoon in her mouth. Her father had given her almost everything, a great house, a good education, respectful manners, but he had never given her freedom. The only time Julia was allowed out the house was probably through an escort. If her father found out she was sitting in a pizza-shop in Williamsburg by herself, he’d blow a fuse. Still, one question was on Rachel’s mind:

“You mind if I ask you something?”

There was a hesitation from Julia. She knew Rachel had something meaningful on her mind, “Go ahead,” she finally answered.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” She asked so simply, “Or girlfriend?”

The hesitation was even stronger now. Clearly Julia didn’t want to answer that question. “Have you?” She answered with another question.

“Of course,” Rachel said taking another bite. Rachel’s eyes didn’t focus on the blonde this time, “I had a couple boyfriends in school, of course it didn’t last long once they found out who my father was.”

“Your father didn’t approve?”

“I didn’t say that,” Rachel corrected, “My father was pretty cool about letting me date people. Anyway once I got to college, there was this girl I fell in love with. My first girlfriend,” She smiled a little, “But you know, same old, same old. Intimidated by my father, she left me, never to be seen again. Ever since then, I’ve always liked girls.”

Julia was fascinated by all this, “Does anybody know?”

Rachel finally looked her date in the eyes, “Know what?”

“That you’re,” Julia hesitated and looked around, “A lesbian?” She said very quietly.

Rachel’s eyes vacillated. She finished off her slice of pizza and began to wipe her hands clean, “I’ve never liked that term,” Rachel said, “Lesbian. People always associate it with something immoral. Even the sound of the word… Lesbian. It just sounds so negative, when it should be something beautiful and romantic.”

The lesbian made a very good point to the blondie. She began to ponder the idea in her mind, “Well, howabout… Amore Ragazze?” Julia’s voice sounded so melodic and beautiful uttering the Italian phrase.

“What is that?” Rachel laughed looking at her date, “Love of girls?” Rachel could barely remember her Italian lessons, but she knew enough to understand the blonde’s phrase.

A grin escaped Julia’s mouth. Rachel couldn’t believe how much more alive she felt being around this girl. Something about Julia chased the dark vampire out of the black-haired girl and just allowed Rachel to be herself.

“Well,” Rachel chuckled, “The only person who knows I’m… Amore Ragazze,” Rachel felt a tingling sensation in her lips saying the phrase, “Is Amy.”

Julia was somewhat surprised to hear this, “Your sister.”

“Cousin,” Rachel corrected her, “We ended up living in the same dorm for a couple months. Dad thought it would be good for me. One day, my girlfriend and I come back to the dorm drunk off our asses.” There a slight pause as Rachel smiled, “Boy was she surprised.”

“Is she also…” Julia began to ask.

“Amore Ragazze?” Rachel responded, “Amy? Little Miss Perfect would never do that. But she kept my secret between us, I don’t really want anyone to know. I don’t think she does either. She actually thought the secret would bring us closer together.” She rolled her eyes and quickly changed the subject, “Anyway, what about you? When did you realize you were Amore Ragazze?”

Julia’s smile faded away. She looked uncomfortable. Her white gloved hands rubbed her cold cheeks. Rachel’s smile faded too as she picked up on the girl’s discomfort. “I think we should get going.” Julia immediately stood up. Her hands gathered her paper plate and napkin and carefully made their way to the trash. Rachel watched her somewhat confused, but realizing that she must have brought up something uncomfortable for her blonde friend to talk about. Not everyone was totally comfortable being ‘Amore Ragazze.’ Rachel stood up and grabbed the girl’s white gloved hands. Her leather gloves felt cold, yet soft in Rachel’s naked hands. Julia stopped in her tracks and stared into Rachel’s eyes.

There was silence.

“Julia,” Rachel whispered, “I’m one person in your life you don’t have to be afraid of.”

Hard to believe after the tall raven-head showed her strength outside the theater, but Julia knew that underneath her shell, Rachel was a soul to be savored. Rachel stared into Julia’s pale innocent face. Those lips called out for attention. She knew how shy the girl was, but never in a million years would she ever ask to kiss someone; only losers do that. So Rachel leaned her face in, ever so slowly. Julia’s face didn’t move, much to the taller girl’s approval. Her lips almost reached Julia’s.

…And then

Julia turned her face away to the side.

Rachel sighed silently not wanting her date to think ill of her. She almost thought about calling the whole thing off, but the night was young. She still had a chance.

“Can we go,” Julia said almost shaking, “See the movie now?”

Rachel nodded and let go of the girls’ hands. Rachel grabbed her own gloves and hat, leaving her pizza on the table. She did however, grab her bottled soda, hiding it in her coat. Julia was very confused by this:

“What are you doing?”

Rachel smiled as she zipped up her jacket now with an obvious bumb on the side of it, “Well there’s no way in hell I’m giving up my last week’s paycheck for another soda!”

Julia laughed in a way Rachel had not yet seen. Perhaps Julia’s shell was cracking. Julia honestly felt the same about Rachel. The taller one stuffed her gloves in her pocket and slipped her hat back on. As the two prepared to walk outside, Rachel decided to play this next move conservatively:

“Hey,” she said, “Is it all right if I hold your hand?”

There was a pause and a stare between the two. It was interrupted as a white gloved hands interlaced fingers with another naked feminine hand. Rachel looked down at the hand she was holding delighted. It was a glove-covered hand, but she didn’t care.

“Shall we?” Julia smiled.

“Yeah,” Rachel said as they walked out, “Lets go see Pope Schwarzenegger kick some ass!”

[End notes: Opps… did I disappoint you all with the kiss? Well don’t worry there’s more action where that came.

By Schwarzenegger, I am of course talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the star of Action Pope, the movie they are going to see. Seriously, would that not be an awesome movie?

…Okay maybe not.]

Chapter 4

[Author's notes: UPDATE: So I did cave into some reviewers who didn’t think the chapter was “realistic” enough, even though it was based on a true story. Even so, after giving the chapter a second glance, I decided to change it. You’re welcome!

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So this chapter dips into some comedy.



“We shouldn’t have any more problems with Berkhalter.”

Seated in a couch across from an armchair, Amy elaborately explained to her mother what had transpired at the meeting with Berkhalter, at least everything she saw. Don Jackie Giovanni listened to every word her adopted daughter said. Angelo sat next to his cousin on the couch. He didn’t want to be there; his jacket was hung on the coat-rack while his sleeves were rolled up. Amy on the other hand was still dressed professionally with her glasses on; always having paperwork ready. Seated in two chairs off to the side were Charlie and Sal. Vinnie Montana stood by the door. Jackie’s office was quite big; a super-bowl party could be held there.

“However,” she shuffled around her papers, “It looks like we have some bigger fish to fry.”

Jackie prepared herself for her Consigliere’s next topic, but the two capos to her left began to speak up.

“You know,” Charlie interrupted, “I like fish,” he spoke in a slow thoughtful manner, “But I don’t like it fried, especially when it’s… too big!” Sal held his hands up.

“Nah see,” Sal responded almost immediately, “I love fried food, but I don’t like the fish. They’re too scaley, too wet, and they spend their days in the ocean all the time.”

“Of course they do,” Charlie said assertively, “Where else are they gonna go, the mountains?”

“Well,” Sal had a disgusted look on his face, “I don’t wanna eat anything that came out of the ocean.”

Angelo, annoyed by his colleagues, rested his forehead into his palm. Amy was not particularly fond of these two men’s inability to keep their mouths shut, but she joined in the conversation: “Is it because of the Mercury poisoning?”

Sal looked at her confused, “No, it’s because fish urinate in there! I’m eating fish piss! I brush my teeth for hours after eating that shit.”

“Where do you think toothpaste comes from you dumbass?” Charlie snapped.

“You’re a dumbass!” Sal responded.

“Hey!” Jackie called to her caporegimes. Suddenly everyone stopped dead in their tracks and turned their attention to the woman. She smiled sarcastically, “Are you done?” Her taciturn aggressive attitude was impossible to ignore.

The two of them hesitated before Charlie answered for them, “Yeah.”

“Good,” Jackie smiled. She rolled her eyes and turned back towards her niece, “Go ahead Amy.”

“There’s a power struggle going on,” Amy immediately continued her briefing as if she hadn’t stopped, “Over Wall Street. Times being what they are, everybody seems to want a piece of Wall Street.”

Jackie nodded her head in agreement, “Gotti’s never really had a tight hold over the financial district.”

“And of course,” Amy replied, “Columbo wants to control the area.” She pointed to a map of the area, “So far, Columbo’s operating out of two office buildings and several small businesses around the area. Now we’ve got our Card Shop right here on Pearl Street, and the office building right next to it. We’re also operating out of the café here. We’re getting a lot of protection money from the unions and individual workers, but Columbo’s looking to squeeze us out of Wall Street.”

Sal laughed in a silly manner. He slapped Charlie on the leg, “She said squeeze out.” He continued to laugh uncontrollably.

An annoyed Jackie looked towards Vinnie Montana and nodded her head. Vinnie got up and picked up Sal’s chair, with Sal in it. For Vinnie, it was like carrying an empty seat. Sal stopped laughed as the giant muscle-man put the chair down in the hallway and closed the door leaving Sal outside. Vinnie looked back towards Jackie.

“Thank you!” Jackie said relieved.

“Well look,” Angelo spoke up, “If Columbo wants a war, why don’t we start killing their business out there? A few broken windows, an arm or leg in three places-“

“No,” Jackie pointed stopping her son in his tracks, “The last thing we need is another war. Gotti will shut down our operations there within seconds.” Amy and Angelo nodded. “But Amy, you are right. The politicians are pretty angry with the capitalist machine of Wall Street, so taking their money is almost a Robin Hood solution to them. This is where the money is in this recession.” She now looked to Charlie who gave his full attention, “Charlie I want you to tighten up security around the area and get a mole inside Columbo’s business.”

“Will do Don Giovanni,” He got up.

Jackie got up from her chair and hugged Amy, “I’m proud of you both. You really came through for me this week.” She looked at her son. He was now an adult, ready to take on the responsibilities of the family. Jackie smiled and fixed his jacket, “You’re starting to look more and more like your father, you know that?” Angelo smiled. “You’re gonna be in charge soon, but you listen to your sister, she’s a woman after all!”

Amy shared a laugh with her mother. Angelo shook his head and smiled in good humor. Just then, Sal opened the door and came back into the room.

“What do you want me to do Jackie?”

Jackie looked at him for a second before responding: “I want you to go to Boston.”

“You got it!” Sal closed the door and ran off.

Charlie now looked towards his Godmother, “What is he going to Boston for?”

“Nothing,” Jackie responded, “I just want him to get as far away from me as possible.”

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy, the grounds were covered by people. The crowd scattered as the Pope lead the procession through the square. He was tall, dressed in full garb with his signature mitre hat. Behind him was a line of bishops, cardinals, priests and several men of the Catholic church (not a woman in sight). Things seemed to be going pretty peaceful until gunshots caused everyone in the square to panic and scatter. A group of muslim extremists, possibly the Taliban, had invaded the square with AK-47s gunning down the policemen and making their way towards The Pope. While the other members of the church ran in fear, The Pope did not.

His face finally became visible, looking exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He did not move as bullets flew through the air. His eyes were intense. He pulled off his tall hat and pointed the top towards the terrorist making their way closer and closer towards him. Suddenly bullets began flying from the hat hitting all the Muslim terrorists. Not one AK-47 shell hit Arnold, even as he just stood there firing blindly; but almost all of the terrorists were on the ground within seconds.

The Pope then smiled at the dead or wounded extremists, held the hat up with one arm, and spoke in his famous Austrian accent:

“Let he who is without sin, fire the first bullet!” Arnold then stuck a cigar in his mouth and lit it.

Suddenly the title: ACTION POPE appeared on the screen.

“Yeah” Rachel applauded from the audience, “Arnold’s still got it!”

The dark theatre was packed with people, but Rachel and Julia managed to get perfect center seats only seven rows back. Rachel now had her coat on her lap, her hat, scarf and gloves all off. She took a sip of her soda smiling at the movie. Julia had also placed her coat on her lap, but she kept her hat, scarf and gloves on. In deference to Rachel’s enthusiasm, Julia watched the movie more critically.

“Why didn’t Arnold get hit by a bullet?” She asked.

Rachel shhhed her and returned her attention to the screen.

Arnold was now gathered before a crowd dressed in full garb discussing the importance of prayer:

“Praying to God is very important. It feels fantastic to pray; it’s as satisfying to me as having sex with a woman and cumming.” Pope Arnold was now smiling enthusiastically, “So can you imagine how much I am in heaven already? I’m cumming when I’m praying to God, I’m cumming when I’m receiving communion, I’m cumming at home with my fellow Bishops… you know, I’m cumming day and night! It feels fantastic!” He laughed amusingly.

The crowd was not as amused staring at him uncomfortably. Suddenly, someone whispered something into the Pope’s ear causing him to stand up:

“Stay here,” He said with a more serious tone, “I’ll be back.” He then proceeded to leave the room.

Rachel was laughing slightly until she turned her head to see Julia watching the screen somewhat uncomfortably. She looked so timid and shy, not the kind of girl who would enjoy an action packed Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. She was beginning to wonder why Julia agreed to see this movie in the first place. On the phone, the two of them had discussed their movie night. Rachel had asked Julia what movie she wanted to see, but the blonde girl acquiesced to the black-haired girl’s wish. She had detected some resistance when suggesting ACTION POPE to Julia, but the shy girl simply agreed without saying anything. Rachel had been looking forward to this movie for quite some time and wasn’t about to argue. Now, here in the theater, Rachel was beginning to regret bringing her. She simply put down her drink and placed her arm around Julia’s shoulders. The blonde looked back at the other girl. Rachel simply turned her attention back to the screen while Julia leaned her head on her date’s shoulder.

“You blew my cover!” Arnold yelled, his hat off. He was standing on the roof of the Vatican holding a Cardinal by the legs. “You used to be someone I could trust. How could give the enemy our position?”

“I have only,” The Cardinal shouted, “Only ever done the work of God.” He looked down the long drop to the ground in fear.

“God says you do sloppy work. He’s going to start… DOWNsizing!” Arnold let go of one of the Cardinal’s legs, now only holding one leg with one arm.

“Wait Pope,” The Cardinal shouted, “The President of the United States. I can tell you where he’s being held.”

“But you won’t!” Arnold snarled and held up a brochure for Pakistan, “Because I already know.”

By now the Cardinal was afraid for his life. He was beginning to moan and scream.

“Hey Cardinal,” Arnold said, “Remember when I promised you would go to Heaven?”

“That’s right Pope,” He shouted looking up at him, “You did!”

A close up shot of the Austrian Pope revealed his serious response, “I lied!” His hand let go of The Cardinal who fell to the ground screaming.

“What’s the matter?” Rachel interrupted Julia. The blonde looked to her date trying to cover up her insecurity.

“What do you mean?” She whispered.

Rachel wanted to roll her eyes, but she was patient, “Do you not like the movie?”

“Oh no,” Julia was defensive, “No it’s good.” She wasn’t a very good liar, at least not in front of Rachel.

The taller girl was unsure what to do as the movie moved forward. Rachel wanted Julia so badly. She would have her right there in the movie theater… Wait, that’s it. She thought she would just touch Julia right there in the seat next to her. Nobody around was paying attention to them, it was dark, why not? Rachel looked to Julia’s lap where her coat laid. She began to move her fingers closer to her; but no, wait… Julia might freak out and run out of the theater screaming. While Rachel was not an academic genius, she was street smart. She knew most people better than they knew themselves. Julia was a repressed, shy girl… Maybe not shy enough… After all, Julia was the one who came up to Rachel at the reception. She was the one who wanted to take her father's rival's daughter out to the movies. The pale blonde might not be as innocent as she let on. She began to move her fingers toward the girl’s coat again. She put her hand underneath the coat.

One concerned eye looking towards Rachel was all the raven-haired girl needed to make her face turn white. Julia looked at Rachel somewhat shocked:

“What’s are you doing?” Julia whispered.

Rachel could imagine placing her finger underneath the girl’s coat and pleasuring her in the middle of this dark theater. She imagined Julia accepting it, after some resistance, sighing silently as the taller girl massaged her most private area. She could almost feel Julia’s intense orgasm as the blonde squeezed her hand and let out the softest moan. Unfortunately for her, this didn’t happen.

Rachel could also imagine certain people disapproving of this scene…

Rachel simply rubbed the girl’s thy innocently. Julia looked down to her leg curiously. She didn’t disapprove, but Rachel took her hand away and placed it back on the arm-rest. She still had her arm over the blonde’s shoulder, “Watch the movie.”

Rachel returned her attention to the screen:

Pope Arnold was no longer in his Pope outfit. Instead he was dressed in his familiar military Commando gear, fighting over a knife. The tall muscular terrorist still wasn’t enough of a match for the muscular Austrian, but Arnold struggled all the same. Just as it looked like he was about to be stabbed. A knife sliced through the terrorist’s chest causing him to drop his own knife. A figure rose from behind the body to reveal another muscle commando wearing a headband along with a cross around his neck.

“God may have mercy,” the man said in a low snarl, “But I won’t!”

The terrorist fell to the floor. The headbanded man, who looked a lot like Sylvester Stallone, helped the Pope up.

“Bishop Sly!” Arnold smiled before pulling out another cigar, “What are you doing here?”

“Thought you could use a little help,” Sly answered picking up an M60, “Where’s the president?”

“He’s being held in the mountains,” He picked up the terrorist’s AK-47 and reloaded it, “The Russians have him prisoner.”

“Hassem,” A Russian voice came through the dead man’s radio, which Bishop pulled up, “Haseem this is Vladimir, do you read me?”

Stallone hesitated before answering the radio, “Vladimir,” He began to squeeze the radio tightly, “I’m coming to get YOU!”

With that, Bishop Sly threw the radio into the air and fired his M60 at it screaming his lungs out.

Normally Rachel would be shaking in excitement over this adrenaline-soaked scene of violence, but her mind was fixated on Julia. She would do anything to have this girl, but she was just too shy. However, Rachel’s attention towards the movie completely disappeared as she felt a hand reach under her coat and begin to rub her thy innocently. She turned her head to see the blonde now smiling at her. Julia had one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen.

Rachel decided to take advantage of the situation. She moved her arm away from the blonde’s shoulder. Julia could barely see Rachel’s face, but she knew it was there. Rachel’s lips moved closer and closer towards Julia’s. Even in a dark theater, Julia knew Rachel wanted to kiss her. As much as she wanted to turn her head away, Julia allowed the taller-girl to gently press against her lips. It was a soft feeling that made both girls shake a little. The kiss broke after only a second and the two looked at each other again. Suddenly Rachel changed her tone becoming more aggressive as she began a make-out session with the blonde. After only a few seconds, Julia broke the kiss and looked at the ground. Rachel didn’t say a word. If this wasn’t what the shy-girl wanted, she wouldn’t push her. Suprisingly, Julia came back to kiss Rachel. Both of the girls’ held onto each other as their mouths embraced each other and their tongues began to rub against one another. Score, is all Rachel could think. She was now kissing an extremely shy girl in the middle of a crowded theater. Maybe she wasn’t so innocent after all. After a minute, the kiss broke and the two of them looked each other in the eye. They didn’t say a word. Then a minute later, they were back in their make-out session. Neither of them could really pay attention to the rest of the movie.

The end of the movie was typical action explosions and ridiculous one-liners:

Pope Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bishop Sylvester Stallone stood in front of a huge gathering at the Vatican. Arnold stood there, without his Pope hat, cigar in his hand addressing the people:

“And that is why,” he said solemnly, “I must step down as your Pope.” There was a sizable reaction to the man’s speech, “But don’t worry,” he suddenly put a pair of sunglasses on, “I’ll be back!”

Enormous amount of applause echoed through the square. The president of The United States (played by Morgan Freeman) shook Arnold’s hand with his left hand; his right arm was in a cast. As Arnold and the president stepped aside, Stallone, now in full Pope gear, came to the microphone:

“I just wanna say,” His voice was barely audible as he screamed, “I think everybody can change. All religions, Christian, Muslim, Jew, everyone,” He hesitated to catch his breath, “Can change and live in peace with each other. And then they’re be no more wars, no more conflicts, and together we can make this world a better place. Everybody can change-“

“C’mon Sly,” Arnold interrupted him, “Nobody cares about that! Just tell everyone to read The Bible and shut up!”

“Hey!” Sly shouted at Arnold, “I’m trying to do something good here.”

“You’re boring us to sleep is what you’re doing!” Arnold shouted.

The two of them then began to scream at each other inaudibly as the final music came up and the credits rolled.

Rachel and Julia walked out of the theater holding hands.

“That movie,” Rachel said, “Was awesome! Arnold’s still got it. That scene where he rips the guy’s arm right out of its socket was epic!”

“I guess it was okay,” Julia said.

Rachel looked at her like she was crazy. “Just okay? Are you crazy?! It was the best!”

“Well,” Julia said now smiling at her date, “I wasn’t really paying attention at the end. Someone was distracting me.”

Rachel laughed. She was really enjoying this girl’s company. Maybe there was a future for the two of them. The kiss they shared was just as beautiful and intoxicating as she had hoped it would be. Rachel now leaned into kiss her date again. Unfortunately, Julia turned her head away.

“What time is it?” Julia pulled out her phone. She gasped and let go of Rachel’s hand, “Oh my God, I gotta go.” Her face turned paler and she began to run backwards.

“Wait Julia,” Rachel shouted.

“I’m sorry Rachel,” she said, “I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” The girl quickly disappeared behind the corner leaving the raven-hair all by herself.

What was it that had scared her into running away? Rachel couldn’t figure it out. Had she done something wrong? She stood there outside the theater for a minute as she turned her phone back on. Julia was an enigma. Rachel and her might have a future together, both emotionally and physically, but until she got to the root of her shy-nature, it couldn’t work. Rachel noticed a missed call from her cousin. She didn’t feel like talking to anybody. Her gloves slipped back onto her hands and her hat was placed back on her head. Her legs began to move her away from the movie theater. Rachel’s head looked down towards the pavement as she placed her hands in her pockets and stepped out into the cold dark street.

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Okay I ended up writing a lot of the movie, but it was just too much fun not to talk about. By the way, for those of you who have never seen PUMPING IRON, that's where Arnold's "cumming" dialog comes from. Look it up on YouTube if you don't believe me.

Hope you all enjoyed. More to come.]

Chapter 5

[Author's notes: I don’t know if you guys noticed that I changed Chapter 4, due to some reviewers unhappy over the “sex scene.” After re-reading it, I think the new draft is better, so I appreciate the constructive criticism.

Anyway, back to the story.



Julia never actually snuck out of her house, she just didn’t tell her father. Usually, if she wanted to sneak out without her father’s permission or guard, she would go up to her room. She had a bathroom and would usually disappear from her father immediately following dinner. After disappearing, she would wait until her father moved towards the study, on the far side of the house. This would give her a chance to stand near the door, until there were no hired hands to see her. The only problem was that her father would sometimes sneak into check her before he went to bed that night. If she snuck back in by midnight, she was okay. Any later than that, she could chance her father catching her. She had done this for years and had only been caught once. Unfortunately, tonight, her father kept her late demanding attention. She didn’t get away until 8:45, by then, she was quite late for the movie.

It was now 1:15 in the morning. Julia stood outside the gated fence. The house was dark, maybe she was okay. Julia opened the fence and walked quietly on the front porch. She rubbed her jacket feeling the cold wind zip by her. She reached into her coat for the key and very slowly opened the door. It was so dark, she couldn’t see anything. Perfect, she thought. She couldn’t sigh, because even the slightest noise could wake someone up. The people who worked around Columbo’s house would dare not conceal his daughter’s disappearance. She was able to close the door without too much noise. Just as she was about to walk up the stairs, a light came on:

“Where you been Julia?” A deep voice echoed.

Julia screamed slightly startled to see her father sitting in a chair, near a lamp he had just turned on. His eyes were full of rage, yet his body was calm as the room around him. Julia stood there like a deer in the headlights.

“Where were you?” Columbo got up and slowly moved towards his daughter, standing on the first step of the staircase.

“I went out.” She responded.

“Out where?” Columbo was now right in her face.

There was a long silence. Columbo began to shake before she answered, “I went to the movies.”

“Why did you sneak out?” An immediate response. Columbo grabbed his daughter’s shoulders and snarled, “What are you hiding?”

“I’m not hiding anything daddy,” Julia cried, “I just went to the movies with a friend.”

Columbo now hesitated. He reached into Julia’s pockets aggressively and pulled out her wallet. A movie ticket with the name of the Williamsburg theater gave away her story. Columbo now looked at her, his eyes widened. Julia began to shake. She didn’t know what would happen next.

“You went out with a boy, didn’t you?”

“No,” Julia said immediately.

“Don’t lie to me!” Columbo shouted shaking his daughter’s shoulders.

“I didn’t go out with a boy!” Julia managed to shake her father off of her. She wouldn’t dare mention the name Giovanni to him. The names Marlon, Jackie, Amy and Angelo were know to him, but he didn’t know the first name of the forgotten daughter of the family, “This girl Rachel invited me to the movies. I wanted to go out, so I snuck away.”

Frank Columbo was very good at reading people, knowing who was a good liar and who wasn’t. It wasn’t a lie. Julia did in fact go out with a girl that night to the movies. The mob boss just didn’t think that the girl might be a lesbian. He seemed to calm down a little, “Why didn’t you just tell me?” He removed her hat to reveal her long blonde hair.

“Would you have let me go?” Julia said confrontationally. Columbo was rather surprised, her daughter never talked back to him like this. “Without chaperones?”

Columbo began to rub Julia’s face soft and sensually. His touch always made Julia uncomfortable. She began to squirm slightly.

“You’re my little girl,” Columbo stared at her. Julia closed her eyes and didn’t say anything. Columbo’s hands now grabbed her face almost squeezing her temples, “I lost your mother, I won’t lose you!”

Julia held back tears of fear as her father squeezed her. She was trapped. Columbo grabbed Julia’s left gloved hand and squeezed it as hard as he could. He rubbed his thumb along the white fabric. There was a fire inside her that wanted to scream at him to let her go and live her own life, but she was a good girl. She was daddy’s girl. She would never defy her father’s wishes. So she simply stood there in her father’s clutches taking the abuse.

“Lorenzo!” Columbo called out without taking his eyes off of his daughter. The man appeared from the corner without saying anything, “Take Julia to her room, and see that she stays there.”

“Yes sir!” Columbo now let go of his daughter. Lorenzo’s kinder hands squeezed her own and led her up the stairs. She wouldn’t even look at her father as she made her way to her room tears in her eyes. All she could think about was Rachel. She needed her now.


Rachel finally made it to her street. By subway, it was only a few stops away, but she chose to walk outside in the cold. Rachel had never been one to get too emotionally involved in a relationship. That’s probably why I’m still single, she thought to herself. She began to think it might have been a better idea to take Julia out to a movie less violent, but Rachel had been looking forward to seeing the film for too long. Perhaps she crossed a line when she kissed her. Rachel saw a figure on the stoop of her apartment. The figure dressed in a gray coat turned around walking down the stair ever so slowly. Rachel was just crossing the street when she realized who it was.

The girl in the gray coat looked forward to see the black-haired girl walking towards her, “Hey there you are.”

“Amy?” Rachel asked now face to face with her, “What are you doing here this late at night?”

Amy wore a black tuque, with her glasses on, she had brown leather gloves, black pants and brown shoes. She looked at her watch, “I’ve been standing here for twenty minutes ringing your buzzer, calling you.” She pulled out a DVD from her coat, “I got a Samurai movie, thought we could watch it together.”

Rachel then pulled her glove off and took out her phone. She forgot to turn it back on after the film. Her eyes rolled as she turned the device back on, “I was at the movies.”

Amy nodded her head, “You saw the Schwarzenegger movie?”

Rachel smiled watching her phone come back on, “Am I that predictable.”

Amy laughed, “C’mon Rach, you’ve been a Schwarzenegger freak since we were kids. Remember when we snuck into see True Lies? Dad didn’t want us to see it?”

Rachel simply stared at her phone, “Yeah,” was all she said.

Amy could tell her sister was in no mood to hang out, “All right, I get it. I’ll see you later.” She walked past her sister making her way back to her car.

Rachel sighed and turned around to look at her cousin. Even if she got on her nerves sometimes, Rachel still got along well with Amy and wasn’t about to let her come out to her apartment for nothing, “Which Samurai movie is it?”

Amy turned around and threw the movie towards her. Rachel caught it easily and took a look at the cover. After a few seconds, the raven-hair looked to the brunette and turned around walking to her door. Amy knew her sister well enough that this meant ‘Come with me.’ So she followed her to the door.

Most of the time, Rachel and Amy wouldn’t watch a foreign film with the subtitles on. Amy understood very basic Japanese, and Rachel didn’t speak the language at all. According to Rachel, the action should be enough to hold my interest without understanding what they were saying. Usually Amy could pull out a few important lines, but the raven-hair never cared. So they watched the movie on Rachel’s couch eating chips and drinking soda. Amy had her head on Rachel’s shoulder like a little sister to an older sister. Both of them were wearing tank-tops and shorts; Rachel’s apartment was ridiculously hot in the winter.

“I gotta be honest with you Ames,” Rachel said as they watched Samurais cutting each other up, “After seeing ACTION POPE, this isn’t epic enough.”

“So did you go by yourself?” Amy asked without taking her eyes off the screen.

Rachel chose not to answer that question.

Amy sighed and lifted her head. She grabbed the remote and put the movie on pause. Rachel was forced to look at her cousin.

“Rachel,” she said crossing her legs to look at her face to face, “I feel like we’re drifting apart. We used to spend all our time together when we were kids. You really were like my sister. Now I feel like you don’t care about me anymore.”

Rachel sighed and looked down at the floor.

“Dad’s passing really got me thinking,” she paused staring at her sister, “We’re family, we should be closer than this. Okay fine, I’m not really your sister, but I’ve always thought of you as my sister. Can’t you think of me the same way?”

Rachel still said nothing.

“I wanna go back to the way we were before: running around the city, sneaking into movies, telling each other secrets,”

“Amy,” Rachel now looked at her, “You were the one who broke us apart. Yeah, we used to be close, but then you just wanted to study all the time.”

“Come on Rach,” she briefly took her eyes off her sister, “You knew I wanted to go to college and get a degree.”

“I always felt that’s what dad wanted,” She pointed to her chest, “MY dad mind you!”

A hard sigh cause Amy to fall back onto the couch staring up at the ceiling. Even though they were right next to each other, she had never felt so distant from her “sister.” Maybe coming out was a mistake. Rachel had become ostracized from her family and wanted nothing to do with them. Marlon and Angelo didn’t care much for her either. Sure they would always love her like a daughter and sister respectively, but Amy was the genius sister of the family. Only Jackie attempted to keep her own daughter close to the family in recent years.

Amy’s conversation with Jackie began to replay in her mind. After everyone in the room had left, Amy and Jackie sat down privately:

“I’m worried about your sister,” the Godmother told her, “I feel like I don’t even know her anymore.”

“I guess,” Amy found it easy to converse with her step-mother, “That’s the way Rachel wants it.”

The two of them continued to share a meal together alone in the breakfast nook but Amy actually felt like this was something that needed to be addressed:

“Can’t you talk to her?” Amy asked, “Call her.”

Jackie put her fork down and sighed. She hesitated staring at her dinner. Finally her eyes looked to her niece, “You know, I have to stare my family’s business partners and enemies in the eye and speak to them as if I’m royalty and they are my subjects. Columbo’s gotta be the most intense person to have a conversation with, but I have no fear talking to him.” She stared off into space, almost imagining her daughter’s face in the distance, “But when I have a conversation with Rachel, I’m so nervous. Her shell is so thick, and if I say anything to upset her, she recoils into that shell.”

Amy sighed as well, “I always felt like it was my fault Rachel drifted apart from the family.”

“Amy,” Jackie spoke to her now, not as a boss, but as a mother, “I’ve told you before, your father and I are to blame for neglecting your sister’s feelings.”

“Angelo too,” Amy took another bite of her veil.

Jackie sighed again, “With your father gone, I feel like she really needs to be back with her family.” The strong head of the family almost felt tears coming on, but fought them, “I can’t talk to my own daughter.”

“I can,” Amy volunteered, “I was thinking about going out to see her anyway.”

Jackie nodded, “Don’t push her, okay?”

“Mom,” she said, “Trust me.”

The two of them smiled and held hands for a minute before Jackie’s cell phone chimed. She pulled it out and checked her text message. The Godmother rolled her eyes.

“What is it?” Amy asked.

“Sal,” Jackie said, “He’s in Boston and wants to know what to do now.”

“Mom wanted you to come here,” Rachel interrupted Amy’s dream, “Didn’t she?”

“What do you think?” Amy replied sarcastically. Now the cousins weren’t even looking at each other, “Yeah mom wants to see you more often, but so do I. You’re like my best friend.”

Rachel sighed feeling somewhat guilty.

Amy began to think back to when the two were closer. The last time the two of them really talked was the night Rachel revealed herself to be a lesbian, unintentionally. The next morning, Amy promised to keep her sister’s secret between the two of them. They spent the entire day together, went out to the movies, fell asleep in the same bed. That was the last night Amy shared with her sister. Sharing secrets was fun. Amy really had no secrets to hide… well except one.

“You know what,” Amy changed the mood and turned Rachel’s head so the two of them were eye to eye, “I’ll tell you a secret, if you promise not to tell anyone.” Rachel was curious, “Remember back in college that Irish girl I used to hang out with?”

Rachel thought about it for a minute, “Yeah, vaguely.”

“Well,” Amy smiled, “A short time after you told me you liked girls, I…” Amy hesitated and laughed, “God this is so embarrassing.”

Rachel began to really pay attention to her cousin now, “What?”

Amy smiled in a goofy way Rachel had not seen in years, “I kissed her.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. There was a long hesitation, “Excuse me?”

Amy smiled and nodded her head. Rachel couldn’t believe that her perfect cousin had kissed another girl, “You kissed her? On the lips?”

“Tongues too,” Amy smiled.

“Bullshit,” Rachel chuckled, “You did not!”r32;
“I swear to God,” Amy put her hand up, “Cross my heart hope to die.”

“Wow,” Rachel smiled, “So did you fuck her?”

“NO!” Amy laughed slightly disgusted, “No, we just kissed one time.”

“Booooring!” Rachel mocked her, “You’re a real tease you know that?”

“Oh come on,” Amy took a pillow and began to smack her sister with it, “That was my deepest darkest secret!”

Rachel pulled out her phone, and began to speak the words she texted, “Dear… Facebook… my cousin… Amy… kissed…”

“NO!” Amy laughed and hit her again with the pillow. Rachel laughed too. The girls felt like kids again. After they calmed down, it was Amy’s turn to pry, “Okay, your turn to tell a secret. You didn’t go to the movies by yourself did you?”

Rachel sighed and acquiesced to her cousin’s question, “No.”

“I knew it,” Amy was practically acting like a school girl. Rachel hadn’t seen this side of her in years. It was so refreshing to see the bookworm break out of her shell. She wasn’t a robot, she was a girl, just like her. Amy too felt like her sister was beginning to loosen up a bit. “Sooooo…” Amy pried.

“Yeeeeeesss?” Rachel mocked her.

“Was it a daaaaaaaaate?”

“Yes, it was a daaaaaaaaate!” Rachel mocked her cousin again.

“With a girl?” Amy asked a little more seriously, now holding onto her sister playfully. Rachel rolled her eyes.

“No a camel,” She said sarcastically, “Yes a girl!”

“Okay okay,” Amy laughed, “I’m sorry. So what’s this girl’s name.”

Rachel was very hesitant to answer her cousin’s question. Giving away her secret date could open up a can of worms that would lead to more problems than she wanted to deal with right now. Even so, she hadn’t felt this close to Amy in so long. She was having a good time talking to her. “Okay you can’t tell mom, you promise?”

“Rach,” Amy said still holding onto her sister, “If I didn’t tell mom about your last few girlfriends, what makes you think I’m gonna tell her about this one?”

The black-haired sister still had her doubts. She hesitated and looked to the ground.

“C’mon,” Amy said, “What’s her name? I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to tell me her name?”

Rachel blurted out, “Julia.”

“Julia,” Amy said in a cutesy way, “Rachel and Julia. Hey you guys got the same initials as Romeo and Juliet.”

“Well, let’s hope this turns out a little better,” Rachel joked in a deadpan tone of voice.

Amy thought to herself about that name, “Julia, Julia, who do I know named Julia?” She began to act even sillier, “Julia, Julia where for art thou-“ And suddenly it hit the brunette. The silly Amy evaporated and the Consigliere of the Giovanni family now stared Rachel in the eyes. After a few seconds, she let go of her and stood up looking down at her boss’ daughter:

“Not Julia Columbo?” There was fear in Amy’s eyes, but she controlled it with her calm voice.

Rachel nodded. This could have been a huge mistake, she thought to herself.

There was a long silence as Amy assessed the situation, “Julia Columbo is a lesbian?”

“We don’t like using that word,” Rachel explained, “We prefer Amore Ragazze.”

Amy now sat back down staring off into space. Rachel was the only person on the planet who could read her cousin’s mind. Amy was obviously thinking about how dangerous this relationship might be, but how she didn’t want to upset her. She also couldn’t believe that sweet innocent Julia, who played the part of daddy’s girl anytime she met her, was ‘Amore Ragazze.’

“Look Rach,” Amy finally looked at her, “You know the last thing I want to do is get the middle of your relationship,” Amy hesitated. She had to make sure her sister understood this next part, “But you’re dating the daughter of our business rival. Julia seems nice enough, but Frank Columbo is a nutjob.”

“I know Amy,” Rachel explained, “I’ve been hearing about Frank Columbo for the past twenty years. Every time dad came home it was always, ‘That cocksucker Frank Columbo’ or ‘That shit-spewing motherfucker’ or…”

“All right, all right,” Amy interrupted her. Her tone of voice was still just as professional and calm as it always was. She sighed, “Look Rachel, you know how good I am at reading people, and I sense if Frank Columbo was to find out that his baby girl, and that’s the way he treats her,” Amy now looked Rachel right in the eyes, “His baby girl was in a LESBIAN relationship with the daughter of his enemy…” She hesitated thinking about what the man was capable of, “Well, let’s just say it’s not good for business.”

Rachel grinded her teeth hearing that phrase, “You’re starting to sound like my father, Amy. Always about business. What do you think he sent you to college for? For his business! Why didn’t he care about me? Because I couldn’t do anything for his business. Angelo was going to take of his business. Well don’t get involved in my relationships, it’s none… of your… business,” Rachel now stared vehemently at the brunette, “Cousin!”

Amy looked down to the floor. Her sisterly instincts had to come before her ever-mindful business brain:

“You’re right,” Amy said. She held onto Rachel’s hand, “Do you love her?”

Rachel rolled her eyes again staring at her cousin, “I just met her-“

“Do you really like her?” Amy interrupted, “Is this someone you could really see yourself in a relationship with, or do you just want to get her pants?”

“Can’t it be both?” Rachel smiled.

“Rachel!” Amy scowled.

“I really like her,” Rachel replied in an annoyed voice, “I don’t know, but when I kissed her at the movie theater, I felt a really strong connection to her, more so than Sally, Melinda or any other girl I’ve gone out with.”

Amy nodded her head, “This stay between us okay? You’re right telling mom would not be a good idea.”

“Don’t tell Angelo either,” Rachel now held both of her cousin’s hands.

“And don’t ever let Frankie Columbo find out,” Amy shook a little.

“You okay?” Rachel held her sister’s shoulders.

“Yeah,” Amy said closing her eyes, “I just… I dunno I feel like,” hesitation, “Nevermind.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Rachel said, “Just let Julia and I worry about our relationship.”

Amy finally looked up to the black-haired girl and smiled, “Okay.”

Rachel smiled too, “Now there’s the Amy I remember.”

The two of them hugged. Amy looked over her sister’s shoulder with a look of apprehension.

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Chapter 6

[Author's notes: Sorry it took me a while to write this chapter, been busy.

I did want to respond to a reviewer who suggested a chapter to show Angelo’s “nice side.” Nothing wrong with that suggestion, except that Angelo is not written to be a nice guy. He’s basically an arrogant, power-hungry, hot-head whose only loyalty lies to the don, his mother; a position he wishes to usurp eventually. However, there will be some character development for the son of the Giovanni family here. Get ready for some action.



By SomeguyJim


“Seriously the subways in this city suck!” Sal ran his mouth off, “You know it took me an hour and a half to get home last night? I had to make four subway transfers to get there. And they expect me to pay an extra fifteen fuckin’ dollars for a metro card? Fuck that!”

“How could it have taken you an hour and a half?” Charlie raised his hands in confusion, one with a cigarette in it, “You only live ten blocks away!”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about! That L train goes down, you’re fucked!” He began to count with his fingers in aggravation, “You gotta take the G train, to the M train, to the F train, to the A train, back to the G train, to the-“

“Why didn’t you just take a cab?” Charlie interrupted him.

“Then what’s the point of paying over a hundred fuckin’ dollars for a metro-card?”

“Sal, you make five times that much money a day, tax free!”

Angelo sat in the chair of his office of the greeting card store on Wall Street watching TV. His feet were on the desk, his eyes looked out to the lobby where his two underlings were arguing again about God knows what. He was hopping through the channels hoping to hear something about his family. Obviously, the media always portrayed the Giovanni family in a negative light, much to Angelo’s satisfaction. He admired his father’s work more so than his two sisters. Marlon would constantly remind Angelo that someday he would be the one to take over the family business. He turned his attention away from the outside lobby just as an unexpected visitor came in.

There were a few people in the store, it wasn’t a big place, with only one sales clerk at the counter. It was bright, because today the sun was shining on this surprisingly warm early-spring morning. A girl walked in wearing a thin leather jacket with jeans and sneakers. She was familiar to both the Capos.

“Hey Rachel,” Sal immediately grabbed her attention, “You can back me up here. Don’t you think the subways are shit?”

Rachel didn’t enjoy Sal’s moronic conversation, but she humored her father’s oldest friend, “Yeah they’re shit.” She tried to walk by the two loudmouths, but now Charlie had to get his comment in:

“So,” the grey-haired man asked, “Do you take cabs then?”

“I walk,” Rachel said as she made her way towards a row of relationship cards.

“From Brooklyn?” Charlie asked surprisingly.

“No wonder she’s so thin,” Sal thought aloud.

“Yeah,” Charlie looked at his friend, “Maybe you should start walking you fatass!”

“Are you kidding me?” Sal started patting the man’s belly, “Have you taken a look in the mirror lately? By the way, my kid appreciates the toys you brought down the chimney last Christmas!”

Rachel completely tuned out the two mafiosos as she browsed through a wall of relationship cards. She was not accustomed to giving people cards. Anytime she received one, they usually ended up in the trash, unless it contained a check. The last time Rachel received a card was from her father last Christmas. She seemed more interested in the check than she did the actual card. However, today was one situation she felt compelled to write a card. It was for Julia. It had been over a week since she heard from her date. Julia didn’t answer her phonecalls, didn’t respond to her texts, Rachel couldn’t find Julia Columbo on any social network; it was almost as if she had disappeared. There were several theories, but Rachel now had one last resort for contacting her: mailing an old fashioned card. But which to choose? Would something too romantic make the situation worse? Should it be casual and friendly? That might be a better idea just in case Frank Columbo or one of his men inspected every letter Julia received. For that matter, could Rachel Giovanni even use her real name on the return address? Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.

“Looking for a love card, Vampira?” A familiar voice echoed in Rachel’s ears.

“Leave me alone Angelo,” Rachel didn’t even look at him. She continued to look at different cards.

“Hey this is my store,” Angelo teased her, “I can do whatever I want.”

Rachel finally looked behind to see her brother smiling at her abrasively. The sister’s irritated eyes trailed off. She wasn’t in the mood to argue, so Rachel was candid with her brother:

“I want to give a card to someone,” she hesitated, “Someone special.”

“Awww,” Angelo mocked. He pinched her cheeks much to the raven-hair’s annoyance, “My little sister has a boyfriend.”

‘How wrong you are,’ Rachel thought to herself. She remained silent, not about to tell her brother she was ‘Amore Ragazze’. Angelo was picking up his sister’s irritation and let go of her face. Although he didn’t get along with her, Angelo still treated Rachel as another customer.

“All right, all right,” He was more helpful taking a look at the wall with her, “So what’s this guy like?”

Rachel equivocated hearing the word ‘guy’. “Shy,” she answered, “Painfully shy.”

He looked at his sister curiously. All the times Angelo tried to set his sister up on a date had failed. The dominant Rachel was not attracted to strength or confidence. She was always attracted to the more submissive type, but what guy would possibly so ‘painfully shy’? Unfortunately, this brief display of brotherly affection was interrupted.

“Oh shit!” Charlie yelled.

The siblings turned to see Charlie and Sal running out the door. A man was lying on the ground bleeding from the stomach. Both of them ran to see what was happening, as did the sales clerk. The bleeding man was screaming obscenities.

“Jimmy,” Charlie yelped kneeling beside him, “What happened?”

This was not the first time Rachel had seen a wounded man. She was reminded again what kind of business her family was in. Even so, she wasn’t about to let this man bleed to death. She ran back into the store, into the bathroom, where a first aid kit hung on the wall. She grabbed it without stopping and ran back outside. She slid down kneeling before the man. A quick pull of the box revealed a few bandages, which she immediately pressed against the man’s blood stained stomach.

“Fuckin’ Snakes,” Jimmy struggled to catch his breath, “Ratted me out and knifed me.”

“Snakes?” Angelo stood over his wounded soldier. Jimmy was ordered by Charlie to spy on Columbo’s Wall Street hangout. Snakes, Columbo’s Consigliere, obviously knew about it. This was a message for the Giovanni family, ‘Stay out of our business.’ Angelo’s eyes widened, his mouth tense with fury. As angry as he was over this act of violence, this was his chance to prove his worth. He walked back into the store, into his office.

Meanwhile Rachel was using what little medical experience she had to help Jimmy, “Take it easy Jimmy, you’ll be okay.”

“I’m fucking dying!” Jimmy screamed.

Sal and Charlie were both on their phones.

“I’m gonna get Vinnie Montana over here,” Sal said texting, “He should be around-“

“Amy,” Charlie spoke on the phone, “We got a man down over here.”

The female sales clerk simply stood there like a deer in the headlights.

“Guys,” Rachel looked up to them, “We gotta get him to a hospital, Now!”

“I know,” Sal put his phone away. Charlie was still talking, “There’s a guy we know in NYDH, we gotta get him over there without-“

Sal stopped in mid-sentence as Angelo kicked open the door with a bat in his hand and vengeance in his eye. Angelo could stride, without running, faster than anyone else they knew.

“Angelo?” Rachel watched her older brother walk away. He didn’t look back. This was not going to end well. If only Amy was there, she could cool her brother down before he did something insane. By now he was almost a block away from them.

“Angelo,” Charlie ran after him.

“Shit,” Sal ran after Charlie.

“Sal!” Rachel screamed realizing she was now alone with Jimmy. He was still screaming, his chest bleeding badly. It was up to her now. Rachel did her best to pick the man up. He screamed in pain, “C’mon Jimmy, we gotta get you to a hospital!” She now looked to the sales clerk who was standing there shaking, “For God sakes Gillian, would you give me a hand?” Gillian very slowly, walked towards Rachel and held one arm as Rachel did the other. It was going to be a long walk to the hospital.


Snakes, his sleeves rolled up, was actually standing outside the office building Columbo worked out of. He was on the phone, smoking a cigarette:

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I took care of it.”

Columbo spoke on the other end of the line.

“No he’s still around, but we won’t be seeing him no more.” Snakes turned around to see Angelo walking towards him. The son of Giovanni had the bat hidden behind his back. Snakes wasn’t really expecting much, although he did flick his cigarette away, “I’ll call you back; Junior’s here.” He put his cell phone down and watched the young Giovanni advance on him. He had shark eyes, wide open, ready to strike. Two other men were behind him.

“Angelo,” Charlie said, “Take it easy.”

Snakes walked towards Angelo. His knife was in his jacket just in case. “What the fuck do you want?”

Within seconds of his statement, Angelo swung the bat at Snakes head. The Consigliere’s nose was instantly broken and bleeding. No time to grab his knife, Snakes instantly fell to the floor and yelled. People gathered around the area began to take notice or run away in fear.

“Angelo!” Charlie screamed. He and Sal stood back watching their Underboss beat Snakes repeatedly on the floor. Angelo screamed obscenities. His bat smashed his rival’s body hard, as if his own life depended on it.

Within ten seconds, several other members of the Columbo mob ran outside to aid their Consigliere. The sound of guns emerging from Charlie and Sal’s belts stopped the soldiers in their tracks. They watched the Giovanni crew’s firearms cautiously. Sal and Charlie didn’t want to have their guns out, but they had to protect their Underboss at all costs. Another man, a giant, conveniently stood next to Sal and Charlie with a shotgun in his hand. Not even Columbo’s most loyal followers would dare try to assult the infamous Vinnie Montana, especially armed. Rumor had it, Vinnie had been shot twenty times. He was indestructible. The Columbo soldiers could only stand from a safe distance and watch their superior be beaten mercilessly by this angry insane 25-year old. Angelo concentrated solely on hitting Snakes with his bat. Nothing else mattered to him.


“Are you out of your fucking mind?”

Jackie slapped her son again across the face. It was forceful, leaving a red handmark. The two of them stood in the center of the Greeting Card store’s office, where Angelo had been sitting a few hours earlier. Sitting on a couch nearby were sisters Rachel and Amy. Charlie stood near the door of the office. Outside, Sal, Vinnie Montana and another soldier stood guard by the front of the building. The sales clerk was no where to be seen. None of the members of the Giovanni family could remember the last time Jackie was this angry. She had always been the calm diplomatic soul behind Marlon’s tough persona, but her eyes burned with rage. Amy took the position of calm diplomat, but she wasn’t about to question Don Giovanni’s actions. Rachel sat on the couch emotionless.

“C’mon Mom,” Angelo argued, “They wounded our guy first-“

“You beat up a made man!” She yelled, “You could have killed him! Jimmy’s not a made man, but Snakes is.”

“So what should I have done?” Angelo yelled back raising his arms, “Just sat in the office and jacked off?”

“That’s what you do all day anyway,” Rachel interrupted.

“Stay out of this Rach,” Angelo spat back at her.

“You should have talked to me first,” Jackie’s voice calmed down, but her index finger was pointing right at her son, “You should have let me handle it. I’m the boss of this family, not you.”

Angelo stayed silent. He looked at his mother like he wanted to punch her, but dared not. Jackie looked back at him in unspeakable anger. If Angelo was boss of the family, he wouldn’t be having this problem.

“Angelo,” Amy spoke up, removing her glasses. Her voice was as calm and eloquent as always, “What happened to Jimmy was deplorable, but we could have easily attained sympathy from Gotti and the rest of the other families over this incident. Not to sound like an opportunist, but we could have gained more from this act of violence by being composed and peaceful.”

“She’s absolutely right,” Don Giovanni pointed to her Consigliere.

The young man rolled his eyes. Amy would always second-guess her brother’s actions, but if he was boss, she would just have to shut up and obey him. To his way of thinking, Angelo had done right by his family. Why were they all now gaining up on him?

“A golden opportunity for good will, God bless Jimmy, I hope he’s okay, has just been destroyed by your ego.” Angelo didn’t know what his mother was getting at. He stayed silent. Jackie tried to be reasonable with him, “You know the rules Angelo, you don’t hit a made man. You need to have a sitdown with the rest of the family, with all the other families, before you move on him. You know how manipulative Columbo is. Gotti’s practically going to hand over the tip of Manhattan to him!”

“Dad never worried about stuff like that,” Angelo corrected his mother.

“Yes he did!” Jackie snapped at him, “Look, your father beat up a lot of people in his life, but he wasn’t impulsive about it. He thought it out first: Is this good for the family? Is this good for business?”

“Well that’s what I thought,” Angelo started.

“You,” Jackie interrupted pointing her finger at him again, tilting her head to the side, her eyes still fixated on her son, “Are not Marlon! I’m starting to consider letting Amy succeed me as Boss of this family.”

Amy looked a little uncomfortable. She had no desire to be the boss. Angelo’s eyes became more agitated as his mother went on talking.

“I mean Hell,” Jackie looked back to her daughters, “Maybe even Rachel would be better than you!”

“Okay,” Angelo interrupted, “You don’t need to insult me okay?”

“No I’m joking around Angelo,” Jackie shook her head, “Your sister carried that wounded man on her shoulder to the hospital. That’s something that your father would have done!”

Rachel pretended not to care about anything that was being said in that room. However, some small part of her couldn’t help but feeling flattered that her mother considered her to be the boss of the family. Jackie never complimented her like that. For a minute, Rachel began to fantasize what it would be like to be boss of the Giovanni family. Would she sit in the big chair like her father used to and conduct business with grace and intelligence? Wait, no! I don’t ever want to be a part of this organization of crime. Today’s horrific events were more than Rachel wanted to handle for the next few years.

“Don Giovanni,” Sal came into the room, “Frank Columbo is outside.”

Many times over the years, Sal had infuriated Marlon; Jackie was beginning to see why. Even if Sal was just doing his job, it was not something the Godmother wanted to hear right now. Her jaw dropped as she looked up to the ceiling.

“God damn it,” she whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. She pulled herself together and shook her head. She looked to Amy, who put her glasses back on. Rachel wasn’t quite sure what to do. “Okay send him in, Sal.”

“Yes Godmother,” Sal bowed his head and walked out of the office.

“Listen to me,” Jackie pointed her finger to Angelo, “You just sit in the corner and don’t say a god damned word unless I tell you to. You got it?” Angelo stared at his mother for a second, but eventually he shook his head in the affirmative. “Good.”

Angelo walked to the far corner of the office and sat in the small chair. Jackie took her place behind the desk, Charlie stood behind her. Rachel thought about leaving, but the door opened to reveal Sal, Frank Columbo, and Bobby, Columbo's henchman. Columbo and Giovanni stared at each other, like two generals meeting for a cease-fire. Columbo’s eyes looked angrily at Angelo, who very subtlety gave him the middle finger by scratching his face. The rival mob boss ignored this. He quickly glanced at Charlie, Amy and Rachel. Columbo didn’t really recognize Rachel; although he suspected she was the forgotten daughter of the family. Rachel was not afraid of this man, but she realized how intimidating he was. No wonder Julia was the way she was.

“Care to explain yourself?” Columbo asked Jackie. His voice was calm, yet assertive.

Jackie sat at her desk, not intimidated, “Surprised to see you here, wanting to talk Frank. I always figured you for a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ kind of man.”

“You know Gotti would have a shit-fit if that happened here in Manhattan. Of course, we could settle this in Brooklyn if you want?”

Angelo just couldn’t help himself.

“You got some nerve you know that!” He spat at him, in full voice, “You whacked our guy first-“

“Angelo!” Jackie tried to calm her son down.

“Oh you were so innocent,” Columbo spat back to the boy in full voice, “Bringing a spy into our business?”

Jackie stood up and attempted to calm both of them down unsuccessfully.

“So what?” Angelo stood up and made his way towards Columbo, “You stab a guy for that?”

Columbo stood up and the two of them began to shout in each other’s faces.

“Welcome to the big leagues Junoir,” Columbo yelled, “Daddy’s not here to hold your hand anymore!”

“Fuck you!” Angelo grabbed the man’s jacket.

Bobby and Sal advanced on both of them hoping things wouldn’t get out of hand, but Jackie beat them to the punch, jumping clear over her desk to break them apart.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Jackie’s presence intercepted both of them. Everyone in the room calmed down. An angry stare at Angelo forced the son to sit back in his chair. She now looked to Columbo, “Frank, have a seat-“

“You outta keep that kid on a leash,” Columbo said irritated. Angelo bit his tongue.

“Sit down, Frank!” Giovanni was now forceful. She went back behind the chair as the boss of the Columbo family reluctantly obeyed his rival. How could he let this woman tell him what to do?

“So what are you gonna do about this Giovanni?” Columbo snarled, “Send my Consigliere flowers? In the hospital?”

Jackie knew this was going to be a long meeting. She looked around, just realizing that Rachel was still in the room. The raven-haired daughter look slightly intimidated.

“Rachel,” Jackie spoke up, “Would you wait outside please?”

Rachel didn’t say anything. She simply walked up and made her way out of the crowded office. Columbo stared at her slightly upon hearing her name called. The daughter didn’t think anything of it. By the time she was on the other side of the door, Columbo’s focus came back to Jackie. Sal closed the office door. Rachel had experienced some of these tense moments before, so she was not affected. She could still hear loud talking behind the closed door. Not actual yelling, but noticeable nonetheless. She stared at the door until a voice came behind her:

“Hi Rachel.”

It was a feminine voice for sure. Rachel turned around to see the blonde Julia standing before her. She was the only one in the store, Vinnie Montana and another one of Columbo’s men stood outside with their backs to the door. Julia’s beauty was more noticeable than it had been the night of the movie. Her long blonde hair was not covered by a hat, her jacket was much slimmer. However, her white gloves were still on, as were her white boots. Rachel was really caught off guard by her appearance.

“Hey,” was all she could bring herself to say.

Julia walked up to Rachel and clasped her hands, “I’m so sorry, I haven’t been able to get in touch with you. My father’s locked me in my room. In fact the only way I could get out of the house was to follow him to work today.”

Rachel said nothing. She began to doubt whether seeing this girl was worth it or not. Frank Columbo and Jackie Giovanni were not on amiable terms to say the least. If word got out that the two of them were ‘Amore Raggaze,’ it might lead to more bloodshed. Amy’s words of caution began to haunt Rachel’s mind. It would be best if Rachel told her they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Hell, they hadn’t seen each other for a week! Unfortunately, Julia’s angelic face didn’t make that easy.

“Are you mad at me?” Insecurity was in Julia’s voice. Rachel couldn’t bring herself to break up with this girl.

“No,” Rachel said, her hands still holding Julia’s. The blonde looked back to make sure no one was looking. Suddenly, her lips quickly kissed Rachel’s. Even if it was a split-second, Rachel knew she couldn’t resist it.

“I’m so happy to see you,” Julia smiled.

A smile began to crack in the raven-hair’s face, “I’m happy to see you,” there was a long hesitation. Both of the girls wanted to kiss each other, but this was not the place to do so. In fact, it was probably best if they stopped holding hands. It was suspicious all right. “Actually,” Rachel said, “I came out here to find a card for you.”

“Awww,” Julia said, “You’re so sweet.”

Rachel and Julia spent the next fifteen minutes looking at the cards, talking about how bad most of them were. Occasionally, they could hear voices being raised in the office, but nothing too violent.

“Why don’t you stand up to your father?” Rachel asked the blonde, “I mean you’re a grown woman, for God’s sake.”

“I can’t do that,” Julia looked to the floor.

“Julia,” Rachel held onto her shoulder, “You need to stand up for yourself. You’re never going to have a life if you let him lock you up in that room.” Julia now raised her eyes, gazing into Rachel’s, “Let’s go out tonight. Let’s go shopping, go to a bar… go back to my place?” This caused Julia’s eyes to nearly pop out.

Before she could say anything, Amy emerged from the office, she almost stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Rachel with her hand on Julia’s shoulder. Rachel and Julia both looked at Amy, the taller one dropping her arm.

“Hi Amy,” Julia smiled at her.

Amy forced a smile, “Nice to see you again Julia,” and shook her hand. Behind the smile, Amy was not happy to see the two of them in the same building with Frank Columbo. This could be problematic.

“Is everything okay?” Julia asked her.

“Sort of,” Amy said, “It looks like we came to an agreement. It’s all about being professional and diplomatic-“

“You’re still an asshole, you know that?” Angelo shouted to Columbo as he walked out of the office. The young man saw his sisters with Columbo’s daughter. She was looking very cute today; Angelo couldn’t help but smile and go up to her.

“Ah Julia,” Angelo put his hand on her shoulder, “What brings you around these parts?”

“My father,” Julia responded in a mousey way.

Angelo responded with laughter. “Amazing,” he looked to Amy, “That guy in there is the father to such a beautiful sweet thing.”

Rachel began to feel resentment watching her brother hit on her girlfriend. Julia didn’t seem comfortable. It was even worse when Frank Columbo finally emerged from the office seeing his enemy’s hand on his daughter’s shoulder. He pushed the kid away violently:

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“What the fuck is your problem Frank?” Angelo pushed back. Vinnie Montana and Frankie’s bodyguards gathered around them, not getting involved right away, “Is it against the law for me to be nice to your daughter?”

“Daddy,” Julia came next to him, “He wasn’t doing anything-“

“I wish Snakes had stabbed you right between the fucking eyes!” Columbo grabbed his shirt. It looked like a fight was going to break out before Vinnie Montana got in the way.

“Jesus Christ,” Jackie ran towards them, “Would you two cut it out?”

“I’m surprised at you Don Columbo,” A frail voice entered the room.

Everyone turned around to see old Don Gotti standing in the doorway with two bodyguards beside him. He was dressed in a white suit with a white fedora. His coat hung over his shoulders.

“Don Gotti,” Columbo showed his respect.

Jackie Giovanni did the same.

“I’d expect this kind of behavior from a 25-year old, but not from a experienced business-man like you.”

“I’d expect it from him,” Angelo said to the old man, “The guy’s an asshole! I mean look at his daughter for God’s sake, she’s terrified of him!”

Gotti notted how timid Julia looked, Rachel was the only one trying to console her. Columbo didn’t seem to take notice of this, only to Angelo.

“Listen to me Angelo,” Frank said to him calmly, “If you even touch my daughter-“

“I can’t shake her hand,” Angelo asked, “Be nice to her?”

“You know what I’m talking about,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” Angelo said as he began out of the shop, putting his sunglasses on, “Only an idiot would go out with her.”

 Rachel resented that statement. Angelo nodded his head to Don Gotti, “Good to see you again.” Gotti returned the nod and watched the boy walk out of the office.

“Don Gotti,” Jackie spoke up, “We’ve come to some agreements over everything that happened this morning.”

“I still want permission to kill her retarded son,” Columbo snarled. Jackie bit her tongue in Gotti’s presence.

“That I can’t give you,” Gotti shook his head to Frank, “You know I can’t stand violence in my city, but I’ll look over it, this one time. As I always say, business must move forward.”

Amy stepped forward to her mother, who nodded in agreement.

“Right,” Columbo reluctantly agreed.

“I’ll tell you what,” Gotti raised a finger, “I’m planning on going out to Patsy’s for dinner, perhaps you two can join me? Your associates as well.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Jackie smiled.

“Thank you,” Amy agreed.

Columbo nodded his head and motioned for one of his bodyguards to accompany him.

“You don’t mind,” Jackie looked behind, “If Vinnie Montana joins me, do you? I don’t really trust Columbo.” She looked angrily at her rival.

“Not at all,” Don Gotti looked to Vinnie who followed them, “Maybe I can convince him to join my crew.”

“You want us to come?” Sal asked with Charlie behind him.

Jackie looked at him and took a deep breath, “No Sal, I need to go out to out to Montauk tonight.”

“Yes Don Giovanni!” Sal enthusiastically ran out of the door as fast as he could. Charlie shook his head at Sal’s credulousness.

Gotti looked at Jackie slightly confused, “What’s he gonna do in Montauk?”

“Hopefully jump in the Atlantic Ocean,” Jackie sarcastically replied.

Gotti’s eyes vacillated.

“Bobby,” Columbo turned to his other bodyguard, “Take Julia home, then meet me at the restaurant.”

The bodyguard complied. The three mob bosses and their associates began to walk out. Julia sighed, but Rachel nudged her. As Julia looked in the raven-hair’s eyes, she could almost hear the silent girl saying ‘Stand up to your dad and come with me.’ For once, Julia decided to do so.

“Um dad,” she spoke up. Everyone turned around. Columbo was intimidating as ever. After some hesitation, Julia stuttered, “I-I wanted to g-go out tonight… in Manhattan…”

“Go shopping?” Rachel helped her.

“Go shopping!” Julia spoke up.

“You can go shopping at home,” Columbo calmly scolded his daughter, “No way!”

“Of for God’s sake Frank,” Jackie opened her mouth, “Let her go out if she wants, she’s a grown woman.”

“She’s my daughter Giovanni,” Columbo snarled, “And I’m not taking advice from the mother of that whack-job you call a son!”

“Frank,” Gotti reprehended him. Columbo wouldn’t talk back to the man who controlled Manhattan.

“Daddy,” Julia spoke up, “I want to go out on my own, without chaperones. I’m not a little kid anymore, you need to let me go.”

Everyone, even Frank Columbo, was surprised to hear the shyest girl in the world stand up to her father. Rachel smiled watching her girlfriend assert herself. Amy noted Rachel’s enthusiasm. Julia stood tall, like a statue.

“Frank?” Gotti tapped his shoulder and gestured as if to say ‘C’mon let her go.’

Columbo didn’t want to give off the impression that he was a controlling father. He already had that reputation, “I just don’t like the idea of you walking around Manhattan alone,” he responded.

“Actually, Mr. Columbo,” Rachel stepped forward standing next to her, “I was planning on hanging out in Manhattan tonight, we can walk together.” Julia really began to feel uncomfortable seeing her girlfriend beside her in front of the heads of their respected families. Luckily no one would suspect they were ‘Amore Ragazze’.

The toupee-wearing Columbo shook his head, “I especially don’t like the idea of my daughter walking around Manhattan with someone from the Giovanni family.”

Jackie looked annoyed at the man. She almost spoke up, but Gotti did it for her.

“Frank,” he said, “Rachel’s a civilian. Marlon never included her in any family business, and I’m pretty sure Jackie doesn’t either.”

“Not at all,” Jackie spoke up.

Columbo looked to Jackie,

Then to Gotti,

Then to Rachel,

Then to his daughter.

With one long sigh, Columbo nodded his head, “Okay, just for tonight.” Julia couldn’t believe it, Rachel smiled and looked to the blonde, “But I expect you home tonight at a reasonable time!” He pointed his finger to her before he reluctantly walked out the door.

“See Frank,” Jackie followed him out, “There’s hope for you yet.” Vinnie, Charlie and Columbo’s bodyguards followed next.

Gotti took a minute to look at the two daughters of the rival bosses. They were standing together, like friends. He smiled and walked towards Rachel, “Here’s two-hundred bucks,” He handed her the money, “You two go out and have a good time.” He waved his hand and walked out of the building.

“Thank you Mr. Gotti,” Rachel said.

Julia was surprised at Rachel’s politeness and enthusiasm. She seemed different than the morose girl she had met over a week ago.

The last person standing in the shop was Amy. She seemed less enthusiastic seeing the two of them together. Rachel wachted her cousin slowly walk out of the shop. Rachel could tell something was bother her, but she didn’t care. Julia held onto Rachel’s hand and led her out the door.

“Wow,” she said enthusiastically. It was like new life had just exploded from her, “This is gonna be fun: you and me walking around Manhattan. I’ve never actually walked around Manhattan, this is gonna be great!”

Rachel and Julia walked outside, leaving the shop to be closed up by another worker.

Furthur down the street, Columbo turned around to watch his daughter and Giovanni’s daughter run down the street holding hands.

“Bobby,” he whispered to his bodyguard, “Keep an eye on her anyway.”

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Chapter 7

[Author's notes: Sorry it’s taken so long to update, but hopefully this chapter makes up for it. Not the most exciting chapter in the series, but it focuses on more bonding between Rachel and Julia.



The last place in Manhattan Rachel wanted to visit was Times Square. If there was one thing she couldn’t stand, it was tourists. If one wanted to feel claustrophobic amongst an endless sea of tourists, Times Square was the place to be. Unfortunately, Julia had insisted on going up to the center of Manhattan. Rachel never officially agreed to the idea, but she remained taciturn as Julia dragged her by subway up to midtown. The blonde girl stood in the middle of Times Square staring up at the neon lights enthusiastically. Everytime she looked at an electronic billboard she would say, ‘Wow look at that.’ Rachel was getting a little annoyed by it. Julia now acted like an outgoing school-girl, a complete character change from the shy creature that always looked to the ground. Rachel, on the other hand, stared blankly into the endless crowds.

“Quick Rach,” Julia said happily, “Let’s take a picture together!”

Rachel groaned, “Oh come on, we look like a couple of tourists!”

“Rachel,” Julia whined, “I’ve never been here, I want to take a picture!”

Julia had explained earlier why she wanted to go up to Times Square: having grown up in New York, her father had never taken her to Times Square. It was a new experience for her.

“Hey Batman!” Julia called out.

On the corner was a man dressed up in full Batman gear who gave the cute blonde his attention:

“I’m Batman!” He spoke in a low Michel-Keaton-like cadence, just loud enough for the girls to hear him.

“Would you take a picture of us?” Julia asked him innocently. She held out her camera for him to take. Rachel rolled her eyes.

“Don’t you want to get a picture with me?” The actor suggested in a deadpan manner. He posed for the girls, “I’m Batman!”

“Just take the picture Adam West,” Rachel snorted.

“Hey!” Batman spat back, “Don’t insult me.”

Normally this man probably wouldn’t grant such a request to take a picture for two people, but these girls were cute, the blonde especially. She had to have been a tourist. The other black-haired was clearly a New Yorker. Her body-language suggested it.

“Be sure to get the signs in the back,” Julia smiled. She put her arm around Rachel and posed. Rachel simply stood uninterested. Julia touched her cheek against Rachel’s.

“Uh,” Batman was having trouble trying to operate the camera, “I don’t know how to use this. It’s not working!” His voice became more aggressive, channeling a more Christian Bale Batman.

“Just hold the top button,” Julia directed him.

“Okay,” He acquiesced, “I’m not a photographer, I’m Batman!”

Finally a flash went off, but Julia was unhappy. She saw Rachel’s listless face and reacted, “C’mon Rachel! Look happier, I want to remember this moment!”

“Yeah come on Rachel,” Batman got ready to take another picture, this time getting down on one knee, “Smile for Batman!”

Just before the flash went off, Rachel grabbed hold of Julia’s face and kissed her on the lips. Julia had little time to react as the camera’s flash went off. Julia quickly pushed Rachel away, her eyes widened, and ran towards the Dark Knight. His eyes were widened as well having just seen these two cute girls kiss. The blonde yanked the camera away from him and walked towards Rachel.

“What is wrong with you?” Julia looked for the picture, “You know I can’t keep a picture like this on my camera. What if my dad looks through it.”

Rachel stood there with a smile on her face as she glanced at the picture of Rachel and Julia kissing in Times Square. It was actually a great looking picture, beautiful! Why was Batman spending his time pretending to be a superhero? He clearly had a career in photography. Just before Julia’s gloved hand proceeded to delete the photo, it was interrupted by Rachel’s naked hand.

“Wait a second,” Rachel smiled, “I want that picture.” Julia and Rachel’s eyes stared into each other. The taller raven-haired girl smiled down to the scared blonde. “Send it to me before you delete it.”

Julia looked at the picture. It was a nice picture capturing the cute couple. Julia nodded her head, “Okay.” She put the camera in her bag and held onto Rachel’s hand.

“So,” Batman came up towards them in a somewhat creepy manner, “You girls wanna hang out with me?” He posed for them, “I’m Batman!”

“Yeah,” Rachel said sarcastically, “Sure you are,” and she led Julia away from the corner.

“No really,” Batman argued, “I’m Batman! I have a utility belt and everything… Cause I’m Batman!” The girls quickly disappeared as Julia dragged Rachel into a hat store. The actor hung his head sadly, “Ohhhh, I’m so alone.”


Amy sat at the table in Patsy’s fidgeting with the saltshaker. The table was in a private area in the restaurant. Don Gotti sat at the head of the table. On one side of him was Jackie Giovanni. On the other side sat Frank Columbo. Both of them seemed a little more at ease talking to the head of Manhattan. Amy sat next to her mother, and one of Columbo’s bodyguards sat beside him. Everyone else sat down, with the exception of Vinnie Montana who, according to legend, always stood up.

“So Frank is about to blow this guy’s head wide open,” the old man Gotti told a story familiar to both Don Columbo and Don Giovanni, “When Marlon takes a hold of his shoulder. Frank would have gotten no argument from me, the guy wouldn’t give us what we wanted!”

“The CEO guy was an asshole, he was asking for it!” Columbo snorted.

“I know,” Gotti calmed him down, “But Marlon says to us, ‘I have a better idea.’ See that’s what I always loved about Marlon, he thought outside the box. Marlon opens the guy’s briefcase. This CEO guy was carrying around, I dunno, thirty million dollars in traveller’s checks?”

“Something like that,” Frank agreed and took another sip of his drink.

Jackie sat back smiling at this story of her husband. She had heard this story quite a few times, but she couldn’t get enough of it.

“So this wall street creep starts saying, ‘What are you doing with my money?’ Vinnie’s got a hold of him, he’s not going anywhere. Marlon takes out a stack from his briefcase and walks over towards his desk. He’s starts to say, ‘You sure you don’t wanna tell me?’ The man says nothing. Suddenly Marlon takes out one of the checks and feeds it into a shredder.”

Jackie laughed at her late husband’s actions. Frank shook his head in annoyance.

“I’ll tell you,” Gotti explained, “That guy looked at his money being shredded like a loved one was being beaten before his eyes!”

Amy’s eyes widened as if a horrible vision had suddenly flashed by her eyes.

“I think he might have even pissed his pants.” A number of laughs came from the table. Columbo smiled to show Gotti he was interested in his story. “I tell you Jackie,” Gotti put his hand on her’s, “That CEO guy sang like a canary!”

“Was it really worth it?” Frank asked, “I mean the guy destroyed money!”

“Frank,” Gotti looked to his business partner seriously, “The information that guy had, you couldn’t put a price on it. Marlon knew that this guy cared more about money than life itself, and he got that son-of-a-bitch to talk! It kept all the families in business for years!”

Amy couldn’t take it anymore, “Mom,” she said to Jackie. Her mother looked at her curiously. Amy almost always refered to her as ‘Don Giovanni’ in the presence of her business partners, especially when Don Gotti was around, “May I be excused?” What, was she a school girl again, asking to be excused?

“Is everything okay?” Don Giovanni looked at her curiously.

“Yeah,” Amy grabbed her coat, “There’s something I have to do right now.”

Gotti raised his shoulders, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Columbo didn’t seem to care about it, but Jackie was suspicious of Amy’s ambiguous language.

“It was good to see you again Don Gotti,” Amy shook his hand.

“You as well Amy,” Gotti smiled. Columbo tried to regain Gotti’s attention as Giovanni Consigliere made her way towards to exit. Amy’s sleeve was intercepted by Jackie’s hand. She whispered into her ear:

“What’s going on?” Jackie asked her.

“Can we talk about it later?” Amy’s eyes pointed to Columbo. Jackie’s eyes vacillated towards her rival. Already Columbo was trying to get Gotti on his side. Jackie wasn’t sure what it was Amy was reserved from saying in front of them, but she allowed her adopted daughter to leave.

Amy simply walked out the door pulling out her cell phone. Jackie gave her attention back to Don Gotti, but very discretely pulled out her phone to send a text.


“This city is beautiful,” Julia said at the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. She and Rachel were the only two on the observation deck overlooking the city of blinding lights. Julia wasn’t exactly sure what Rachel did to get the two of them to the top of the tower, by themselves, skipping to the front of the line. However, she didn’t really seem to care. Julia’s head was on Rachel’s shoulders, their hands held together. Julia had just bought a brown fedora which she wore proudly. She pointed with her other finger to the southeast, “That’s Brooklyn over there?”

“Yeah,” Rachel said, “Jersey is the other side.”

“Right,” Julia answered. She looked around curiously, “Where’s the Chrysler Building?”

Rachel turned her head around and pointed to the northeast, “Right there?”

Julia looked at the Chrysler Building in awe. It was a beautiful building, even nicer than the State Building, “Wow!” She then turned her head back to the tip of Manhattan, “And that’s where The Twin Towers used to be.”

“Yup,” Rachel replied.

“I vaguely remember them when I was a little girl,” Julia reminisced, “My mother brought me to see them. They were incredible buildings.”

Rachel decided to change the subject, “What was your mother like?”

A long sigh escaped Julia’s throat, “She was the most loving, caring mother a daughter could ask for. My father’s always been a controlling man, but mom used to protect me from his insanity.” There was a long silence. Rachel looked to her girlfriend, “To tell you the truth Rachel, I don’t remember much about my mother anymore.” She let go of Rachel’s hand and looked to her own hands. They were encased in those white leather gloves she wore all the time, “I do remember one time sneaking into her room and trying on these gloves. They were of course way too big for a little girl. Later,” She sighed again, closing her eyes. Rachel held onto her, “Right before she passed away, she handed the gloves to me and said she wanted me to have them. I’ve worn them ever since. I dunno, I guess they comfort me thinking about her,” she hesitated.

“Maybe you also wear them because they remind you of how your mother used to protect you from your father,” Rachel added.

“Maybe,” Julia said. Tears began to escape Julia’s face, but she didn’t really cry. Rachel grabbed a hold of one of Julia’s gloved hands and embraced her. They both looked out to the Manhattan skyline. “God Rachel,” she changed the subject, “I’ve missed so much!” She then looked into Rachel’s eyes, “I want to explore every inch of this city with you, from the Statue of Liberty, to the Bronx Zoo.”

“We will,” Rachel promised her, “We’ve got our whole lives to do that.”

“And not only will we explore New York,” Amy said, “We’ll go to Sunny California and lie on the beach. We’ll go to Paris, oh and Venice,” She began to smile, “I’ve always wanted to see Venice. It seems like such a beautiful city-“

Julia was interrupted when Rachel planted a kiss on the blonde’s lips. Julia’s change in character had sparked new life into the raven-hair. She was extremely attracted by this. Julia felt safe with Rachel. She felt that Rachel empowered her, gave her strength. It was a perfect match. The only problem Rachel saw with Julia was kissing her. Rachel longed to slide her tongue into the blonde’s mouth, but Julia didn’t open her mouth wide enough and would close whenever the taller girl’s tongue tried to enter. However, after a few minutes, Julia began to loosen up. Before long, not only were Julia and Rachel’s tongues rubbing against one another. They began to rub their hands across each other’s bodies. Rachel got closer and closer towards Julia’s breasts. Just before she had the chance to feel them, Julia intercepted her hands, “Not yet, not yet.” Rachel acquiesced to her girlfriend’s demands, feeling her waste instead.

This passionate moment was interrupted at the sound of a phone ringing, a personalized ringtone Rachel had. Rachel and Julia continued to kiss each other, until the ring became louder and more distracting. Julia backed away slightly:

“Aren’t you going to get that?”

“No,” Rachel said trying to kiss her again, “It’s just Amy.” Rachel recognized the ringtone she used for her cousin.

“Rachel,” Julia stopped her, “Answer the phone. What if it’s something important?”

Rachel rolled her eyes and picked up her phone answering it.

“Yes Amy?” Rachel said in a very silly tone of voice.

“Rachel,” Amy’s voice came through, “Where are you right now?”

“I’m at the top of the Empire State Building with Julia,” she answered and rubbed her free cheek across Julia’s, “Where are you?”

“Listen,” Her voice was audible for Rachel’s ear, but not Julia’s, “I’m worried about this relationship the two of you are having.” Rachel rolled her eyes. “I can’t explain it, but I just have this feeling something terrible is going to happen because of this.”

“What did I tell you about staying out of my business?” Rachel snorted very matter-of-factly.

“Well it’s my business now Rachel,” Amy raised her voice, loud enough for Julia to hear that. The two of them broke the embrace and Rachel walked to the other end of the tower, Rachel held her finger out for Julia to see asking her to wait. “Did you see the way Columbo was acting today? The guy is nuts!” The blonde looked at Rachel curiously, “I’ve got a terrible feeling Columbo is going to find out about this. And when he does Rachel, he’s going to kill his daughter’s lover!”

Rachel was now speaking in a place where Julia couldn’t hear her very well, “I’d take on Columbo’s entire army for this girl, Amy!”

“Listen,” Amy explained, “I know you two like each other. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn’t be walking around the streets of Manhattan holding each other, let alone kissing. And ESPECIALLY not in an area where Frank can see you two!”

How did she know they were kissing?

“So what am I supposed to do Amy?” Rachel asked in an irritated tone of voice.

“Take her back to your place,” Amy explained. Rachel looked at Julia, who smiled at her. Rachel didn’t smile back. “Please Rachel,” Amy was candid, “Do this for me, you’re sister,” There was silence, “Okay fine, your cousin. Just keep this relationship private right now.”

“All right, all right!” Rachel said, “Don’t get your panties in a bunch! I’ll talk to you later.”

“Thanks Rach,” The raven-hair immediately hung up the phone and walked back towards Julia. She stood there curiously:

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, she’s just being Amy-ish.” Rachel walked back towards Julia and kissed her again. Finally she held her and looked her in the eye, “Listen Julia,” Rachel seemed unusually nervous asking this question, almost looking down at the ground, “Do you wanna come back to Brooklyn with me tonight?”

Slightly shocked by the request, Julia looked up to the Twilight sky. Her father mentioned that she was to be home at a reasonable time. She was still reminded of how the man acted the last time she stayed out late. If she disobeyed her father’s wishes, Julia might never be allowed out of the house again.

“It’s okay,” Rachel said, picking up on her insecurity, “You don’t have to-“

“Yes!” Julia finally answered.

Rachel was slightly shocked herself hearing this, “Really?”

“Yes,” She smiled, “Yes Rachel, I want to be with you tonight. But I need to get back to Queens before midnight.”

“I understand,” Rachel said. It didn’t seem like they would have a lot of time, but Rachel would make it work.


Before they knew it, the two of them were hand in hand jumping out of a taxi-cab outside of Rachel’s apartment. The cab quickly drove off after Rachel handed the driver some of Don Gotti’s spending money. Rachel asked Julia to wait on the sidewalk while Rachel climbed the stoop to open the door. The tall raven-hair smiled towards the blonde as she opened the door in a very seductive way. Julia laughed. Rachel walked inside the doorway, nearly closing the door behind her; just enough room for her hand to beckon Julia to come in. Julia began to walk up the stoop until the wind blew her hat right off of her hair.

“Oh no,” Julia almost laughed.

Rachel also laughed as Julia ran into the street to grab her new brown fedora. She quickly ran towards the stoop.

Just as the blonde did so, a car crept around the corner. It was Bobby, Columbo’s man. He could only see Julia running up the stoop to the apartment and the door closing behind her. Someone else was there, but Bobby couldn’t see. The man was commanded to watch Columbo’s daughter, so he parked his car on the curb and waited.

[End notes: I decided to stop here, because I’m debating on what to do with the scene in Rachel’s apartment. Actually, I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on this. Do you want to see a sex scene? (that is if I decide they have sex) Let me know, and I’ll update soon.]

Chapter 8

[Author's notes: Okay, heads up peoples. SPOILER ALERT in this introduction, but I need to let you all know what’s happening in this chapter.

As some of people expressed hostility towards the original Chapter 4, I feel I need to warn you that this is a lesbian sex scene. It’s not entirely pornographic, but it’s certainly NC-17 rated. If you are not a fan of explicit sex scenes, then stop reading right now and wait for Chapter 9. I’ll give you a quick summary in the chapter notes for 9.

If you have been waiting for a sex scene, than read on. I personally am very happy with what I wrote and hope you enjoy it. And thanks everyone for sending in your thoughts.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Rachel had girls over at her apartment before, always hoping to get in their pants. She had a system:

The apartment was ridiculously hot all the time. Rachel just left the heat on even when she went out. This would make Rachel’s date want to strip off her jacket and undershirt, as well as Rachel who would be down a tank-top revealing her gorgeous athletic body. The couch was there, a stereo near it. TV wasn’t an option, the raven-hair had to have her date focusing on her, not the TV screen. Her collections of posters were all conversation starters. No pictures of her family; Rachel wanted to avoid that subject. She had posters of the actress Audrey Hepburn, rock star Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, and the movie Kill Bill. Her DVD and vinyl collection would spark even more interest. After sitting on the couch, listening to her date yap away for a few minutes, Rachel would begin to touch her intimately (either a kiss, or rubbing a leg, depending on the girl). A make-out session on the couch would eventually give way for Rachel to take the girl by the hand towards her bedroom. Once in the bedroom, sparks would fly. Sometimes, she didn’t even need the bedroom, sex could be happening before Rachel even got in the door of her apartment. Sometimes, Rachel’s system wouldn’t work and nothing would happen. This particular case could be one of those times.

Once Rachel turned the key and opened the door, she began her routine. Julia was observing the room. She barely moved, holding her hands together. Her scarf had been untied outside in the hallway.

“Hot in here,” Rachel said as she took off her coat, well into the room.

“Do you want me to take my shoes off?” Julia asked pointing towards her boots.

Rachel looked at her girlfriend and shrugged her shoulders, “Sure if you want.” Rachel didn’t take her boots off, but did throw her coat on the floor. Before Julia finished unbuttoning her shoes, she instinctively picked up Rachel’s coat and hung it on the coatrack nearby. “You don’t have to do that,” Rachel noted.

“Sorry,” Julia nodded her head, “I’m so used to always being tidy.”

Rachel’s place was not so tidy. It was quite possibly the messiest place Julia had ever seen. Then again, she hadn’t been to too many girls or guys’ apartments before.

“You can take your coat off,” Rachel smiled.

“Oh I’m OK?” Julia stood near the entrance with her coat, hat and gloves still on. She did continue to untie her shoes.

Damn, Rachel thought. She really longed to see Julia without too many clothes on. Rachel took off her shirt to reveal a greyish tank-top. She carelessly threw it on the floor flexing her muscles, pretending to stretch. Once again, Julia picked up the discarded shirt. Rachel laughed:

“Julia, you’re not my housekeeper, relax!”

“Sorry,” Julia apologized hanging the shirt on another rack.

“And stop apologizing, you don’t need to do that.”

“Sorry,” Julia echoed.

Rachel rolled her eyes and looked through her vinyl records. “Get some music going. What do you like?”

Julia looked at Rachel’s record player and stereo system. It wasn’t so different from her father’s system, “Well,” she then looked at the ground, “I like Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin…”

Rachel got the feeling this was more of Frank Columbo’s musical tastes than Julia’s own tastes, if she even had any.

“Dean Martin… um,”

“AC/DC it is!” Rachel said, pulling out a copy of HIGHWAY TO HELL that had just passed her eyes. Julia frowned slightly, never having been a big AC/DC fan. Rachel skipped the first track and put the needle right on GIRLS GOT RHYTHM. Loud rocking guitars escaped the speakers, almost inspiring Rachel to dance a little. She snapped her fingers and slowly walked towards the couch, but wouldn’t be caught dead dancing.

“That’s kind of loud, isn’t it?” Julia asked.

Rachel looked at her like she was crazy, “I’ve barely got the stereo on. We start talking, we can’t hear it at all.” Rachel sat down on the couch and patted it, “Wanna sit down?”

Julia looked left, then right. Very slowly she moved towards the couch. It was strange for Rachel, because just an hour earlier, the two of them were making out with their hands all over each other. The blonde sat down next to her, somewhat guarded.

“You okay?” Rachel asked, “Is it the apartment, you don’t like it?”

“It’s fine,” Julia said. Hesitation followed, “It’s just… I’ve never been in a girl’s apartment before.” She looked around at the posters, her TV, everything at her disposal. Rachel had her own place, she was independent. “It’s a new experience for me.”

Rachel noticed that Julia was shaking a bit. Of all the many girls Rachel had in her place, this one was different. This one was special. She instantly got rid of her plan and grabbed hold of Julia’s hands.

“Julia,” she said as they looked each other in the eyes. The music almost faded away. “Listen, I care about you a lot. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you just tell me.”

Julia smiled, “You’re so good to me.”

“That being said,” the raven-hair interrupted, “Can you please take off your coat?”

Julia wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly what Rachel was trying to do. However, she acquiesced slowly. A sigh as the girl removed her hat and scarf placing them neatly on the table in front of her. She slowly unbuttoned her coat. She stood up prepared to remove it, before Rachel stood up and placed her hands on Julia’s. They stood there motionless for a few seconds before Rachel pulled the jacket off. Julia allowed the coat to fall to the floor. Rachel now stared at the thick cashmere long-sleeved shirt that was on. Rachel became bold and began to lift her shirt. There was another lighter shirt underneath. Julia raised her arms and allowed Rachel to take the shirt off.

By now, Julia was wearing only a tight white t-shirt allowing Rachel to finally see her body, her curves. She hadn’t really seen it since the funeral. Not a trace of fat on her body. She wasn’t completely without muscle, her shoulders slightly broad. The only fair skin showing from her arms was her bicep area. Her long white gloves covered her arms from the elbow down to her hands. Rachel ran her fingers along Julia’s left arm slowly and softly. Her eyes fixated on the blonde’s pale skin. Julia closed her eyes and sighed as she felt the soft sensation of Rachel’s fingers. The black-haired girl was beginning to wonder if Julia had ever felt the touch of another girl before, or another guy for that matter. What sensations would she feel if Rachel was to run her fingers along Julia’s most sensitive of areas? Could she even get that far? Her hand now began to run down the blonde’s arm slowly pushing the glove down. Julia almost began to shake as she felt the leather material being replaced by Rachel’s soft skin. She shuddered. Once the glove had reached the wrist, Rachel checked on her girlfriend:

“Are you okay?”

Julia nodded. Very slowly, one by one, Rachel began to pull off the fingers of the glove. Julia stared at her hand nervously. With her other hand, Rachel touched Julia’s face, their eyes met. For her nervousness, Julia’s eyes gave Rachel approval. Very slowly, the long white glove came off. Julia’s hand was finally revealed; a soft pale hand, not a scratch or vein on it. Long, nimble fingers, short manicured nails. It was shaking. Rachel placed the glove onto the couch and clasped her own hand into Julia’s. The blonde shuddered even louder this time.

“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked in a timid voice to match Julia’s.

“Nothing,” the blonde answered, “It’s just been so long since I held someone’s hand with my bare skin.”

Rachel was beginning to fear Julia’s inexperience. There was no way Julia had ever been intimate with anyone. She was a virgin, the polar opposite of Rachel who had sex on a regular basis. The black-haired girl began to shake as well, fearing she would scare her girlfriend. She didn’t even bother trying to take off her other glove, deciding it best to leave it on. Julia quickly picked up on Rachel’s nervousness. She began to feel more at ease. Julia tightened her grip on Rachel’s hand and planted a passionate kiss on Rachel’s lips.

“Rachel,” she whispered as they broke the kiss, “Don’t worry about me. I’m not as scared as you think I am.” She began to smile, “I actually feel very comfortable with you, more so than anyone else I’ve ever met in my life.” Julia kissed her again and looked her in the eyes, “I want to be close with you tonight.”

“What does being close entail?” Rachel wanted to confirm.

Julia began to laugh, “Whatever you want, I trust you.”

Rachel smiled and kissed her girlfriend. After only a few seconds, Rachel took Julia by her bare hand and stood up, “Shall we go to the bedroom?”

Julia hesitated. This was the moment when her life would change. Was she ready to give herself to Rachel? Was Rachel the one? Julia would never have another first time again. She looked at Rachel’s long black hair, her hazel eyes, the guarded but innocent expression on her face. She began to think back to how Rachel had given her strength to stand up to father earlier that day. Rachel was breaking Julia’s shell.

“Yes,” Julia nodded, and walked with her girlfriend into the bedroom.

Rachel’s bedroom was nothing much to look at, quite small in fact. Her bed was not neatly made, but Julia sat on the edge of it anyway. A soft hand grabbed the back of Julia’s neck feeling her soft blonde hair. She and Rachel closed their eyes and began to kiss each other. Rachel attempted to guide Julia into opening her mouth wider, but it seemed quite futile.

“Open your mouth a little wider,” Rachel asked.

“I’m sorry,” Julia admitted, “I don’t have a lot of experience,”

“Hey,” Rachel interrupted, “What did I say earlier about apologizing?”

Julia smiled before they kissed again. This time Julia did in fact open her mouth wider. She followed Rachel pacing as she slowly opened and closed her mouth, moving her head to the side, Julia moving the other way. Rachel left her mouth open and brought her tongue into the blonde’s mouth. Julia followed rubbing her own against the hazel-eyed girl. They continued this pattern as Rachel softly brought Julia’s back onto the bed, feeling their chests together. Rachel longed to take off the blonde’s shirt and bra, along with her own. However, she knew she needed to put in some time before making the next move. Slowly, the raven-haired girl ran her hand across the pale white skin of her girlfriend’s arm before finally holding onto her hand. This must have been quite an odd sensation because Julia broke contact with Rachel’s lips and moaned with her eyes closed. Instead, Rachel kissed her cheek, several times softly. Her lips moved towards the left side of the blonde’s neck, where small strands of hair got in the way. Rachel quickly pushed the hair out of the way and kissed Julia’s neck. Julia began to smile feeling Rachel’s tongue now tickling her slightly. Rachel began to suck on Julia’s neck more intensely. It was somewhat second nature to her. It became quite intense causing Julia to yelp slightly and open her eyes.

“You okay?” Rachel lifted her head.

Julia smiled, “Yeah, that tickles.” Rachel looked at Julia’s neck to see that she had left a hickey on the blonde’s neck. She didn’t think anything of it and continued to kiss her girlfriend.

After a few more minutes of this, Rachel began to feel Julia’s abdomen underneath her shirt. She moved her hand further up the blonde’s body until she cupped one of her breasts. A look of shock escaped Julia’s eyes as she looked down to see what Rachel was doing. Rachel let go of Julia’s breast and began to slowly lift up her shirt. Julia’s flower-illustrated bra revealed itself. It seemed like the kind of bra the innocent girl would wear. Rachel lifted the shirt until it came to Julia’s arms. The blonde closed her eyes and lifted her arms. The girl on top took the shirt off, allowing Julia’s blonde hair to fully escape the neckhole. Julia instinctively covered her chest with her arms, her right arm still encased in a white glove. A feminine hand asked the arms to move out of the way. Rachel was beginning to feel more aroused looking at Julia’s body. She didn’t have a fantastic body, Julia’s ribs were easily visible under her pale skin. Her breasts couldn’t have been that big, but it didn’t matter to her. Rachel though Julia was beautiful, but wouldn’t admit it.

“Can you sit up?” Rachel asked her. Julia did as she was asked. “You still okay?”

“I’m ok,” Julia replied. She looked down at her bra, “Do you want me to take this off?”

Well that made things easy. Rachel smiled and proceeded to take it off herself. Julia was shaking. Although she admitted she was all right, there was clearly some resistance in her mind. “Julia,” Rachel said, “Are you sure you’re all right? I mean I don’t want to force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable-“

Julia interrupted Rachel with a kiss. As soon as the kiss broke, she whispered somewhat seductively, “Take it off.”

Wow! That was hot. Rachel finished unhooking the bra. Julia allowed it to fall to the bed. She let her hands stay by her sides. There right in before Rachel’s eyes were Julia’s boobs. There were slightly larger than Rachel imagined them to be. Julia sighed before Rachel touched them, one with each hand. She moaned silently. Rachel began to gently squeeze them. More kisses followed.

“Can I see yours?” Julia whispered. Rachel practically ripped off her tank-top revealing her incredible body. Her black bra complimented her breasts better. But before Julia could get to them. She analyzed Rachel’s tight abs, her broad shoulders, her muscular, yet lean arms. She looked like she belonged in the Olympics. “My God,” Julia exclaimed, “How do you get a body like that?”

“Swimming,” Rachel explained, “Running, going to the gym, pilates, yoga,” She stopped and began to take off her bra.

“May I?” Julia asked.

“I don’t think you’re so innocent Julia,” Rachel smiled.

Julia chuckled, “Or maybe you’re corrupting me.” Julia tried to unhook Rachel’s bra from behind, but was as bad as any guy who had attempted to do it in the past.

“Need help?” Rachel laughed.

“I got it,” Julia said frustrated. Eventually the hook came undone and Julia practically ripped Rachel’s bra off to reveal her large breasts. Julia stared at them. Rachel smiled and began to massage them with her own two hands. “I’ve never seen another girl’s breasts before.”

After a minute of teasing, Rachel grabbed hold of Julia’s bare hand and brought it to her breast. Julia played with it like a child discovering a new toy. She truly had never seen one before. She brought her gloved hand to feel the other one. Rachel closed her eyes and sighed as Julia explored her boobs. The juxtaposition of Julia’s bare hand and leather covered hand created a strange sensation Rachel had never felt before. She would have given Julia more specifics on what turned her on during breast play, but Rachel could see a curiosity being satisfied with Julia. She really was like a child: a princess who had been locked in her tower all the days of her life now rescued by a female knight. And now the princess was touching the knight’s tits. Rachel now planted her lips on Julia’s and pinned her back to the bed. Their chests pressed against one another, causing Julia to sigh from pleasure:

“You’re so warm.”

Rachel was beginning to feel very warm somewhere else. However, Julia’s pleasure had to come first. Rachel kissed the blonde’s neck again, traveling further south until she was face to face with Julia’s boobs. She kissed them softly. Soon she wrapped her lips around them and began to suck. The blonde moaned again closing her eyes. She began to feel an intense pleasure she rarely felt. Her free hand once again searched for the hand of her lover. They two hands made love as Rachel’s tongue began to caress one of Julia’s soft breasts. With her free hand, Rachel massaged the other one. The girl knew exactly what she was doing when it came to breast play. Julia’s pleasure was beginning to melt into her thighs.

It took a lot of will-power to hinder Rachel from touching her girlfriend’s most private of areas. She couldn’t take it anymore and slowly placed her hand on Julia’s pelvis. She had wanted to infiltrate this secure area ever since their date at the movie theater. It was better that she waited. The time was now, but Rachel had to make sure Julia would okay with this. So far, Julia had given her consent to everything. This was dangerous territory. Rachel could remember pushing another girl too far to the point of tears, and that girl wasn’t half as shy as Julia was. Shaking off that memory, Rachel began to slowly rub Julia’s vagina outside of her pants. Julia opened her eyes looking down towards her girlfriend but said nothing. Chancing it, Rachel reached into the blonde’s pants and touched her most sacred area. The shy girl who had captured Rachel’s attention at the funeral was wet.

“Um…” Julia finally let out a noticeable murmur of hindrance. She almost reached for her pelvis.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said apprehensively and quickly stopped everything, “I’m not pushing you too hard am I?”

She took a couple of deep breaths while staring into the hazel eyes of her lover. Her face was red, “I’ve never had a girl touch me down there before,” she hesitated, “Anyone.”

There was a long uncomfortable silence. Julia wasn’t saying ‘no,’ but she didn’t seem very comfortable with this. Rachel knew the best thing to do would be to reassure her girlfriend that they didn’t need to do this… but she was so close! Rachel decided, it was time for a talk:

“Julia,” Rachel got off of her girlfriend and lied next to her sideways, “Can I ask you a personal question? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.”

“Go ahead,” Julia replied.

“Do you masturbate?” Rachel asked intrepidly.

Julia was not expecting Rachel to ask her a question like that. However, she gave her girlfriend an honest answer after some hesitation, “Not really.” Not really? What does that mean? Rachel waited to see if Julia would expand on her answer. Her eyes expressed curiosity. “I mean I’ve done it, but not that much.” Rachel was beginning to think they needed more time. “But,” Julia interjected, “I have to tell you… the night that I met you… I played with myself.”

Rachel wasn’t expecting that, “Did you cum?” She asked with candor. Julia was slightly confused. Her eyes revealed that. “Did you have an orgasm?”

Julia finally understood. She thought about it for a second, “I don’t think so.”

Rachel shook her head and moaned.

“Rachel, I think you’ve guessed by now, I’m a virgin.” Rachel nodded without saying anything, “You’re not, right?” She asked.

“No,” Rachel couldn’t look her in the eyes, “I want to give you an orgasm. I want to give you an experience you’ll never forget… Do you trust me?”

Julia held onto Rachel’s hand and kissed her. The single kiss was soft and lasted for an entire minute, “I trust you.”

She trusts me? Rachel slowly returned to lying on the shy girl’s chest. More kisses took place. More breast play commenced. Before long, Rachel’s hand reached into Julia’s pants. Her fingers rubbed the outside of Julia’s vagina. Already, juices were filling up in her panties. A single middle finger immediately found the clitoris. Rachel rubbed the most sensitive area on Julia’s body. Julia closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let out the loudest sigh of the night.

“Is this okay?” Rachel checked with her girlfriend.

“Oh please don’t stop Rachel!” Julia pleaded.

She didn’t at first, but soon Rachel wanted to give Julia a first experience she’d never forget. She grabbed hold of the pants and panties still covering her. Julia watched as Rachel slowly took them off, revealing her smooth legs. She was now completely naked, save one glove on her right arm. Throwing the pants onto the floor, Rachel came back to kiss her girlfriend.

“You trust me?” She asked.

“Always,” Julia answered. Truth be told, she was nervous. What was Rachel about to do?

Another kiss, and Rachel slowly moved back towards Julia’s pelvis, now face to face with it. Julia’s discomfort prevented her from watching. She allowed her eyelids to close, focusing merely on the sensations she was about to receive.

Two fingers: running alongside her labia. That was enough to bring electric shocks into her nervous system. It was a soft sensation.

A single finger: now stimulating her clitoris. The sensations grew stronger. Julia began to moan. This was familiar to Julia, having done this with her own hand. But Rachel’s finger was more aggressive. She could pick out this hot spot that drove the blonde crazy.

A thumb: now acting with the middle finger began to pinch the sensitive area. With her eyes still closed, Julia’s head began to vacillate along the pillow.

A hand: this was Julia’s own gloved hand begging for something to hold onto. Rachel offered her free hand to the blonde. The two mob-boss daughters held hands tighter than ever. Even through the leather material of the glove, Julia could still feel her lover’s hand.

What happened next was a feeling Julia never even dreamt about:

A tongue…

It took Julia a second to realize what this new sensation was. A warm, wet appendage began to rub her most sensitive. Julia yelped in astonishment. It soon stopped.

“Are you okay?” Rachel asked.

“Oh please Rachel,” Julia kept her eyes closed, “Don’t stop!”

Rachel continued to use her tongue, her lips, even her teeth (carefully). Still, she kept her actions mild, wanting her girlfriend’s first experience to last a while. Not wanting this first experience to be marred in anyway, Rachel avoided penetrating her small pussy. Obviously, this would be uncomfortable for the virgin. Minutes dragged on as the intense sensations gradually became stronger. Julia could no longer stand it. She opened her eyes and looked down:

There she was, Rachel, the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, giving her oral stimulation. Suddenly, Rachel became more aggressive stimulating her girl’s cit faster and faster. Her tongue ceased fire:

“Cum for me baby,” Rachel said in a sultry voice.

Julia knew what Rachel meant now. The sensations were growing too intense for her to take. Julia’s hand held onto Rachel’s as tightly as possible. Her legs shook. She began to toss and turn as the feeling grew strong. She moaned louder and louder, now screaming.

“SHIT!” She screamed.

Rachel revved up the intensity as Julia climaxed. As Julia’s sounds grew softer and softer, Rachel began to slow down and gently caress her girlfriend. Julia practically collapsed with a heavy sigh as Rachel finally let go of her pussy.

“Oh my God,” Julia whispered.

Rachel moved back up and kissed her girlfriend. Julia kissed back with a passion Rachel had not seen out of her yet.

“How was that?” Rachel smiled.

“It was fucking amazing,” Julia smiled back, “I feel reborn or something.”

As much as she wanted pleasure herself, Rachel knew that Julia had a curfew. She checked her clock.

“We better get you back,” Rachel began to sit up, “It’s almost midnight.”

“No,” Julia grabbed a hold of Rachel’s arm, “I want to stay with you tonight.”

Silence took over the room. Rachel sighed and shook her head at her girlfriend, “What about your father?”

“Fuck him!” Julia snorted. Wow! Rachel didn’t even feel like she was talking to the same person anymore.

“Julia,” Rachel tried to reason with her.

“No,” Julia sat up, “You know what? This has been the most amazing night of my life. I got to see Times Square, was on top of the tallest building in the city, and I lost my virginity! And I did it all with the girl I love.”

Love? Rachel thought.

“I love you Rachel,” Julia smiled and hugged her.

Rachel felt a bit uncomfortable herself now hearing that word. The roles were now reversed. Did she love Julia back? She certainly cared for her. How was she going to respond?

“I’m glad I stood up to him today!” Rachel was thankful her girlfriend changed the subject. She broke the hug, “My father is just going to have to realize that I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m a grown woman and I have my own life. I’m going to tell him that tomorrow morning.”

Rachel was concerned with something else, “He’s gonna ask you where you were tonight.”

Julia sighed lying back on the bed, “I’ll figure it out.” She had calmed down. She looked at Rachel candidly, “I want to stay with you tonight Rachel. Can I?”

How could she resist that face? Rachel nodded and fell back onto the bed.

“Besides,” Julia smiled, “I can’t leave without pleasuring you.”

“You don’t have to,” Rachel was interrupted when Julia kissed her again. She simply smiled as the two of them cuddled.

Rachel shut out the light as they let their passions melt into the sheets through the night.

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Chapter 9

[Author's notes: Sorry it’s taken me so long to write up the next chapter. Glad you guys enjoyed the last one. There’s going to be trouble in this chapter…




By SomeguyJim


Morning broke, but only slivers of light made it into Rachel’s bedroom. The brown curtains kept the room dark. Rachel and Julia both slept on their sides, facing each other, the sheets covering them. Both completely naked, only one long white glove on Julia’s right hand. The black-hair held the blonde’s gloved hand all night. Rachel’s eyes began to open. They were reminded of the beauty lying next to her. She softly moved the delicate blonde hair behind Julia’s neck to see her face, eyes closed. Those soft lips; they may have been the best lips Rachel ever tasted. Her cheeks; not a scratch on them, no acne scars. Her nose; a perfect small nose, even arch of the bridge. Her neck; as thin as could be. But aside from her traits of beauty, Julia had some invisible glow that captured Rachel’s heart. Perhaps there was something to this “Soul-mate” business everyone babbled about. Rachel watched as Julia’s eyes slowly opened. Julia looked at Rachel: her hair as black as a raven. Julia could tell it was dyed. Her nose was not perfect, slight bump in the bridge, a little pointy, but still cute. Her cheeks had a couple of scars on them, nearly invisible, but they were there. But these little imperfections meant nothing to Julia. All she could see was a girl she loved.

“Did you sleep okay?” Rachel nearly whispered.

Julia rolled onto her back reminding herself of everything that had gone on the night before. Rachel had taken her virginity. It was one of the most intense nights of her life. After she had returned the favor to Rachel, with the raven-hair continuing to pleasure the blonde, Julia practically collapsed on the bed. Julia spoke up just above a whisper:

“I had a dream last night,” she hesitated. Rachel wrapped her arms around the blonde, gently touching one of her bare breasts. Julia nearly ignored it and continued, “I can’t remember too much of the dream, but you and I… we were in Venice… along the waterfront.” Julia now turned to hold onto Rachel and kiss her. She broke the kiss and continued, “It was like we were living there as…” Julia being unfamiliar with lesbian lingo was unable to conjure a synonym for husband and wife.

“Amore Ragazze?” Rachel suggested.

Julia smiled hearing her girlfriend echo back the phrase she had suggested a week ago. Maybe it would become a new catch-phrase. Unfortunately, Rachel and Julia weren’t in Venice together as lovers. Both of their families were at war with each other. If Julia told her father about this, it would be their last night together. Rachel would meet her end. She squeezed Rachel harder.

“What are we going to do Rachel? I can’t tell my father about us, I can’t tell anyone. WE can’t tell anyone.”

The raven-haired girl sighed silently, still holding onto her girlfriend, “No we can’t. We can’t tell anyone.”

Her first love, and Julia couldn’t share her happiness with anyone. She looked up to Rachel, “We could leave here,” She said sincerely, “There’s nothing for us here. We could escape to Venice. Wouldn’t that be romantic? Running off together and starting a new life?”

This was something Rachel always hated. One night with the girl, and she was already planning their wedding. Rachel did take a good look at Julia. She was still the soft innocent flower she was when they first met. But, she was glad to find out, Julia did have a fun side, perhaps a wild side she hadn’t discovered yet. Julia obviously saw Rachel as her ticket out of this hellhole she called her life. That’s why she loved her. Rachel let go of Julia and fell back onto the bed.

“You know,” she reminisced, “I could have left this city anytime I wanted to. I used to look at maps planning road trips across the country. Both my mother and father said they would have supported me if I moved away. In fact, my father was hoping I would.” Julia began to run her naked hand across Rachel’s naked stomach. It was sad that her love also didn’t have a good relationship with her father. At least Giovanni loved her enough to let her go. “But,” Rachel continued, “I couldn’t leave. I feel like there’s something here I’m meant to do. I know it sounds strange.”

Julia shook her head, “It doesn’t sound strange. I’ve felt the same way, there’s a reason I never ran away from home.”

Rachel looked to her girlfriend.

“I think this is what I was waiting for,” Julia said, “I was waiting for you. Now that I’ve found you, maybe we could plan a road trip. Let’s get a car and drive out to California.”

Rachel smiled thinking about finally taking her long awaited road trip.


Outside of the house, it was a beautiful day. One of those rare moments in Winter when the sun came out to warm the streets of Brooklyn. Outside Rachel’s apartment was Bobby’s car. He had taken Columbo’s orders to heart, waiting all night outside the apartment. The car was far enough away from the building as to not gain attention, but close enough to see what was going on. By now, he was sound asleep. Julia had spent the night at this building, whoever it belonged to.

Passing by his car, Angelo walked down the streets in a leather jacket and aviator metal sunglasses. He didn’t even bother to notice Bobby sitting inside the car. Of course, Bobby, in dreamland, didn’t notice Angelo either. The mafia son looked like he was in a bad mood, not far off for how he always acted. He crossed the street and came to the door. Before Angelo could ring his sister’s buzzer, one of the tenants opened the door. The tenant was dressed in a suit, seeming to be in a hurry. He took no notice of Angelo, but Angelo held the door open. He walked in and walked up to Rachel’s apartment.


“I guess,” Rachel said, “Now’s as good a time as any to get out of Brooklyn.” She turned her head to see Julia.

The blonde hugged her, fidgeting to get her to hug back. There was something on her mind that needed to be addressed:

“Hey Rachel,” she hesitated still holding her. Julia asked a question in the most innocuous girlish voice possible, “Do you love me?”

Oh no, Rachel thought to herself, not that word again. Remember the rule, Rachel tried to tell herself, you can’t tell another girl you love her. Rachel could not remain taciturn for long, she would have to respond this time. What would she say? Good fortune prevailed as Rachel heard a knock on her door. Thank God, Rachel didn’t allow this thought to pass her lips.

“Let me get that,” Rachel got up. She was completely naked. Her incredible body only became more alluring as the muscles of her back stretched out before Julia’s eyes. Rachel picked up a gray bathrobe off the back her bedroom door. She quickly slipped it on and tied it, “It’s my landlady.” Julia nodded her head and watched as Rachel left the room.

The black-haired girl came to the door. Without hesitation, she opened it, “Yes Maria-“

She stopped cold when she saw her brother standing outside the door. Angelo looked at his sister, who’s bathrobe barely covered her private area, in a befuddled gaze.

“Angelo?” Rachel looked like she was staring at a monster, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too,” Angelo replied rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses, “Especially in that outfit.” He began to walk in the door.

Rachel quickly pushed him back with the door, leaving only her face visible through the crack, “What do you want?” Rachel barked at him.

Angelo was silent for a second, “Can I come in?” He asked in a condescending manner, “I need to use the bathroom!”

Rachel rolled her eyes. Was he sent by Amy to spy on them? Did he know about her and Julia? Then again, maybe he was there for some other reason. So many questions, but it was probably best not to make him anymore suspicious. She opened the door and allowed him to come in, “Hurry up!”

Angelo walked in still looking at his sister with miffed eyes. He walked towards the bathroom, which was luckily one the opposite side of the bedroom. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He turned his head before disappearing into the latrine, “Are you on your period?” The door closed.

“Why are you here Angelo?” Rachel shouted.

“Can’t I take a piss in peace?” Angelo barked back.

Rachel clenched her teeth and fists as she made her way towards the bedroom. Julia quietly peaked through the bedroom door seeing no one there but her black-haired lover.

“Is everything okay?” Julia asked.

Rachel got right up towards the bedroom door, “My brother is here.”

Julia’s face turned white, even whiter than her natural skin tone, “What’s he doing here?”

“I don’t know, just stay in there. I’m gonna get rid of him.”

“Rachel, does he know about us?” Julia began to shake slightly as her one bare hand reached for Rachel’s. She was still completely naked save one white glove.

“I don’t know,” Rachel whispered.

“You don’t know?!” Julia’s voice became louder and more panicky.

“Shhhh!” Rachel silenced her.

Suddenly she heard the bathroom door open. Rachel quickly pushed Julia into the bedroom and closed the door.

“Owww,” a faint cry of pain came through the door.

Rachel winced in pain but turned to see her brother walking toward her, his glasses now off. He looked at her in confusion:

“What the hell is going on?” Angelo’s eyes vacillated between Rachel and the door she was protecting.

“Nothing,” Rachel commanded, “Now what do you want?”

Angelo began to figure it out. As he looked back and forth between the door and his sister, he began to crack a smile until he was silently laughing:

“Oh,” Angelo moved toward his sister, “I see!”

Rachel closed her eyes in annoyance.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a guy over?” Angelo put his hand on his sister’s shoulder.

A guy? Rachel thought. Thank God he was clueless. Rachel played along subtly. Rolling her eyes was the equivalent of telling her brother he was right.

“Awww,” Angelo teased, “My little sister has a boyfriend!” He began to pinch her cheeks.

“Angelo,” Rachel snarled with daggers in her eyes, “I swear to God, I’m going to kick you right in the fucking nuts!”

“Hey,” Angelo didn’t let up, “Did you use protection?” He seemed serious this time now placing his hand on his sister’s shoulder. Rachel did not reply. The tall man screamed at the door, “You better have used protection buddy or I’m kick your ass-“

“Okay Angelo,” Rachel raised her hands up, “You’ve embarrassed me enough. Now would you please leave?”

“Okay okay,” Angelo laughed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had someone over tonight.” His now switched on his professional voice, “Look, mom wants you to come out to the house this weekend: have dinner, spend the night with the family, you know the usual thing.”

Rachel closed her eyes, eyebrows raised, and opened them, “You know, you could have just called me!”

Angelo now paced the room in annoyance, “You don’t answer your phone. I called you like five times; Amy did too.” He then saw Rachel’s phone sitting on the coffee table.

“Well I was busy,” Rachel replied.

Angelo made his way towards the coffee table. Julia’s hat and scarf was layed on the furnature, but luckily Angelo took no notice of it. He probably thought they belonged to his sister. Same went for the coat that lied on the ground. However, Angelo did pick up Rachel’s phone, “Does this thing even work? I think you should-“

Angelo stopped dead in his tracks when he looked down at the couch. Rachel wasn’t sure what her brother was looking at until he picked up Julia’s white glove. OH NO! Rachel thought. She stood there like a dear in the headlights as Angelo looked at her confused, “Since when do you wear long white gloves?” Rachel was tongue-tied as her brother examined the glove, “Wait a minute,” he said, “I know who’s this belongs to.” He threw the phone down on the couch but kept the glove in his hand. He passed by his sister and walked towards the bedroom.

Rachel finally broke out of her trance and raced towards the door, “Angelo, wait!”

It was too late. Angelo opened the door and saw Julia Columbo sitting on the bed, completely naked with only one white glove on. Julia quickly covered herself up. Her arms covered her breasts and her legs covered her pelvis. Rachel’s bed was a complete mess. Angelo just stood there, eyes wide opened seeing a sight he thought he would never see in his life. Rachel simply stood next to him hanging her head low. Now Angelo knew. As he and Julia stared each other down, he could only bring himself to say, “Hi,” completely emotionless.

“Hi,” Julia replied, her face as white as the sheets she was sitting on.

“All right,” Rachel finally grabbed a hold of her brother’s arm, “You’ve seen enough, get out.”

Angelo dropped her other glove on the floor. He stuttered as Rachel forced him out, “Uh… your… glove,” Pointing to it on the floor. He was finally out of the room, Rachel gestured for Julia to hold tight as she explained the situation. Julia was still motionless. The door closed and Angelo walked very slowly towards the kitchen.

“Angelo,” Rachel began.

The tall brother held up his index finger and raided the fridge. Rachel took this opportunity to gather her thoughts. What was she going to say to him? She could trust Amy with information like this. Amy was calm and level-headed. Angelo was impulsive. Who knew what he would now do knowing his sister was sleeping with the daughter of his enemy. Hell, Angelo didn’t even know until now that she was Amore-Ragazze. How would he respond to this bombshell? She heard a bottlecap open. Angelo closed the refrigerator door and emerged with an open bottle of Coors. He took a drink, chugging every drop. Rachel could hear the gulps of beer flowing down his throat. Within five seconds that bottle was empty and he slammed it on the counter with a loud sigh, “Ahh!” He moved silently towards his sister. Rachel closed her eyes, wishing not to have this conversation. Angelo seemed very calm. He rubbed his hands together and looked around the room. His brown hair stared at Rachel as he looked at the ground.

“Can I ask you a question?” Angelo raised his head. Rachel opened her eyes and waited, “Have you… COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND?” His voice changed toned dramatically halfway through the sentence.

Rachel still said nothing.

“You’re with Julia Columbo? Naked Julia Columbo?”

Again, no response. Rachel now looked at her brother like a rebellious teenager looking at her didactic mother.

Angelo had to gather his thoughts. His voice calmed down slightly but he grabbed a hold of the back of his head. He quietly made his way towards the couch and sat down. He almost stared off into space, “My God, my sister is a lesbian!”

Rachel did felt somewhat empathetic for her brother. She remember what a shock it was for Amy to find out that her cousin was Amore-Ragazze. She slowly walked to the couch and sat next to her brother. He was still taking all of this in.

“I mean,” Angelo looked to her in complete shock, “You are a lesbian right? You like women?”

Rachel didn’t even look at him. She stared at her blank TV screen, “I don’t like the word Lesbian. Julia and I use the term ‘Amore-Ragazze’.”

Angelo’s eyes became crossed, “What the hell does that mean.”

Rachel didn’t even answer him.

“This makes sense,” Angelo looked towards the blank TV screen now, “All those guys I introduced you to, that’s why you were always rejecting them.”

“Angelo,” Rachel finally looked at him with an agitated voice, “Even if I was strait, I wouldn’t have gone out with those losers you tried to hook me up with.”

The brother did not argue, his mind was now shifting towards a more important matter, “Look, Rachel, if you’re gay… or amore-whatever-the-fuck-you-call-it…” He couldn’t exactly approve this, “Whatever, but…” He now looked Rachel in the eyes, “ANYONE but Julia Columbo! I mean seriously, you could have an orgy with Joan Jett, Katy Perry, and Taylor Hanson for all I care, but Julia Columbo…” His mind began to wander again. Rachel remained silent and allowed her brother is figure this all out, “MY GOD! Columbo’s little glass object of a daughter is a fucking lesbian! I mean… Did she come on to you or you to her?”

“What difference does it make Angelo?” Rachel snorted back. “I already had this conversation with Amy. Julia and I-“

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Angelo stood up and held his hands out, “Amy knows about this?”

Rachel nodded her head.

“And she was okay with this?”

“I wouldn’t say she was okay with it,” Rachel explained, “But look, listen. She already told me how dangerous it is to be dating Julia. I know Columbo is a maniac that’s why we’re keeping it a secret… and why YOU need to not saying ANYTHING about this to ANYONE!”

“And what you need to do,” Angelo became more aggressive, “Is check yourself into an asylum, because only a mental defective would go out with Julia Columbo!” He shouted out towards the bedroom, “No offense Julia!”

“You know something Angelo,” Rachel stood up, “You’ve been pushing me around my entire life and I’m fucking sick of it! See this is why I never told you I liked girls, you would’ve been on my ass like-“

“No no no no no,” Angelo stopped her, “Fuck you, if you wanna go lick pussy, that’s up to you. Just not Julia Columbo’s! Rachel, if Frank Columbo finds out that you’re fucking his only daughter, he’s gonna nuke our houses!”

“I don’t wanna hear another word about Frank fucking Columbo!” She raised her voice. “I’ve been hearing that fucking name from you and dad since I was born!”

“Maybe if you actually gave a shit about this family,” Angelo raised his voice, “You’d know why sleeping with Columbo’s daughter is like committing suicide!”

The two siblings were arguing so loud, they’re voices became incomprehensible. The noise fell to complete silence as they both turned to see Julia walk outside the bedroom. Julia was now completely dressed: t-shirt, pants, socks, and gloves. Julia stopped looking the two Giovanni siblings in the eyes. Silence polluted the room. Angelo could not forget the image he saw earlier. Julia’s curves were slightly visible through her t-shirt and jeans. The brother’s turned his head to look at his sister.

“I should go,” Julia finally vocalized as she bent over to pick up her cashmere-shirt and jacket.

Angelo sighed and rubbed the back of his head.

“No wait Julia,” Rachel moved towards her, “I’m sorry I-“

“No no,” Angelo interrupted in a surrendering tone of voice. He began walking towards the door, “I’ll leave. Call me when you two are done.”

“No Angelo,” Julia looked to him as she pulled her cashmere shirt over her neck, “I really need to go?”

“Julia wait,” Rachel tried to stop her, “Let’s talk. I’m sorry my idiot brother barged in on you like that.”

“Really Rachel,” Julia grabbed her girlfriend’s hands, “It’s okay, I need to leave anyway. My father’s going to send a search party for me if I don’t get back.”

Angelo had to turn around now to address this issue, “Oh my god! What are you going to tell him?” He was now standing right before the two girls.

Julia began to slip on her coat. She herself was not sure what she was going to tell him, “I guess I’ll just tell him I was at Rachel’s house.”

“What?” Angelo freaked out.

“He doesn’t know we’re a couple!” Rachel assured him , “He doesn’t even know his daughter is gay.”

“Amore-Ragazze?” Julia corrected her as she grabbed her hat and scarf.

“Well hold on a second Julia,” Rachel said, “Let me walk you to the station.”

“In that outfit?” Angelo pointed towards her robe, “You can’t walk around outside like that, you’re not Britney Spears!”

“He’s right Rach,” Julia slipped on her hat and began to tie her scarf, “I’ll be okay… We’ll be okay.”

“I’ll walk her out,” Angelo volunteered. He pointed to Rachel, “You get ready to go to mom’s.”

“Angelo,” Rachel nagged her brother. She quickly looked to Julia grabbing her boots, then back to the tall man standing before her, “Can I just talk to Julia a minute without you interrupting?”

Angelo rolled his eyes and turned his back. Julia now sat back on the couch putting her shoes on. She obviously looked uncomfortable. Her girlfriend’s brother had walked in on her naked, how could she not?

“Julia,” Rachel sat down next to her, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want our night to end this way. Can’t we have breakfast or something?”

The blonde looked to her girlfriend as she finished tying her boots, “Don’t worry Rachel.” She now sat up and looked the black-haired girl in the eyes, “Last night was amazing. I’ll never ever forget it. But I have to leave, I’m going to be in trouble no matter what. You might not see me for a while.”

Rachel kissed her girlfriend and held her hands. She missed her already, “Call me when you get a chance. Or text me, email me, send a message in a bottle. You know where I am.”

“I will,” Julia smiled and kissed her back. The two of them looked each other in the eyes. “I love you.” Julia repeated again with every inch of sincerity in her body.

Rachel was stuck. Where was Angelo when she needed him? Of all the times for him to remain taciturn… She couldn’t look away. There was Julia, her girlfriend, smiling, having just dropped the L word on her. She couldn’t resist that sweet innocent smile of hers. All Rachel could do was sigh and whisper back, “I love you too.”

Angelo did pick up on this and turned his head slightly. He caught the two of them engaging in another kiss. He had seen girls kiss before, but they were usually drunk, or performing in a sex scene. This was a romantic passionate kiss. It was love, not lost. The son may have found it strange that one of these girls was his baby sister, but this was indeed a couple dedicated to each other. No wonder Rachel risked death by Columbo to be with this girl. The kiss ended and Julia walked up slowly. Their hands were separated. Julia walked backwards towards the door.

“I’ll call you,” Julia said.

Rachel, still on the couch, nodded her head. Julia opened the door and walked out of the apartment. Angelo looked back towards his sister. His eyes confessed that he understood everything now. Rachel hung her head. Angelo closed the door and left his sister alone for the moment.


Bobby was awake now. His mind was caught in the spaces of Tetris on his phone. He was waiting for that long line piece to clear four lines. Instead he got four squares in a row. Eventually there were no spaces left. Finally he gave up waiting for a line piece and used an L-block to clear two lines leaving a block over the open column. Naturally, once this happened, a line piece came crashing down on him.

“God damn it!” Bobby said. He paused the game to take a look out his windshield.

There was Julia! She had spent the entire night in that apartment. She looked different somehow. Someone was with her; a man in a leather jacket and sunglasses. As they walked away from the apartment, Bobby casually placed his phone up towards the windshield switching to his camera. He began to take a few pictures of his boss’ daughter and the man with her. He discovered it to be Angelo Giovanni. Bobby was shocked to see this but instead just kept taking pictures. They eventually passed him walking towards the subway entrance.

Angelo was in deep conversation with his rival’s daughter: “Again, sorry about walking in on you like that.”

“Can we just pretend that never happened,” Julia was speaking to Angelo in her usual shy manner. This included not actually looking at him.

As they made their way towards the subway stop, Angelo placed his hand on the girl’s shoulder, “Julia hold on a second.”

Julia looked up to her girlfriend’s brother.

“When you told Rachel you loved her,” he hesitated, “Did you really mean it?”

Julia simply nodded her head. There was no lie in her eyes.

Angelo sighed, “I just want to know. I mean I know we don’t get along that well, but she’s still my sister and I don’t want her to get hurt… or die. No offense, but your father’s pretty insane.”

“Angelo,” Julia spoke up in a way he hadn’t heard before, “I’m serious, I love Rachel. She makes me feel loved in a way I haven’t felt in years. She’s so kind to me, she’s supportive. I feel like a different person when I’m around her.”

The brother nodded his head.

“And don’t worry, my father will not find out about this. As far as he knows, Rachel and I are just friends.”

There was a long pause before Angelo spoke back up, “Well, I guess I really would be an asshole to get in the way of you two wouldn’t I?” He smiled, “We’ll find a way to make this work for you two.”

Julia hugged Angelo, he embraced her in return, “Thank you Angelo.” Her ear was pressed up against his chest, “You know I always wanted an older brother.”

Angelo chuckled slightly. He was trying to think of a clever line involving his sister’s hatred towards him, but he was speechless. Julia was a good girl, even if she had a crazy father. Rachel had good taste. He was beginning to wish he himself could date this girl. Julia let go and ran for the train. Angelo watched that brown hat of hers disappear into the subway. He could only stand there taking in this crazy morning before he walked back towards the apartment.

Bobby simply sat in the car astonished. He quickly raced his fingers across his phone.


Rachel opened her apartment door, now semi-dressed, to see her brother standing before her. The two siblings stood at the door way looking at each other. Nothing was said. A lot had happened that morning. Angelo found out more about his sister in this past half-hour than he had in the entire 22 years he knew her. She was a lesbian. She was secretly seeing her rival’s daughter. However, she was Angelo’s sister, his father’s daughter. All he could do was embrace her. Rachel couldn’t remember the last time she and her brother hugged like this. Tears began to form in her eyes. She had to dry quickly, still too proud to let her brother see her cry.

The hug ended and Angelo commanded his sister:

“Come on, let’s go back home.”

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Chapter 10

[Author's notes: Well, in the spirit of New York now legalizing Gay marriage, I ended up writing a wedding scene between Julia and Rachel. It wasn’t originally in the story, but I decided to add it in anyway. Read on and it will make sense.



It was a beautiful church, a cathedral like no other with beautiful stained glass-windows. All the benches in the cathedral were full. An organ played “Here comes the Bride” as a blonde girl in white walked down the aisle. She was beautiful in her white dress, complete with white veil and some familiar white gloves her mother gave her. If only she could see her daughter now…  Waiting at the alter was a taller girl with black hair. For some reason, Julia imagined her in a black dress. The other bride didn’t wear a veil but had matching long black gloves. The blonde made her way down the lonely aisle. Her father was not there to walk with her; no one was. But once she got to the alter, the black-haired bride took her by the hand. Amy stood next to her adopted sister as her maid of honor. She was dressed in a blue dress with matching gloves. Angelo, dressed sharply in a black tux, stood on the blonde’s side. He winked at her. Soon, Rachel and Julia turned to face the minister.

“Dearly beloved,” he read from a Bible, “We are gathered here today in the sight of God to join these two in Holy matrimony.”

As he began to quote The Bible, Rachel became uneasy, looking around the room in boredom. Jackie Giovanni sat in front, crying as all mothers do at their daughter’s weddings. The only familiar face from the Columbo family seated in the aisles was Bobby Gazzo, one of Columbo’s bodyguards.

“Julia Columbo,” The minister looked to the blonde, “Do you take Rachel Giovanni to be your lawfully wedded hus-“ He stopped in mid-sentence to correct himself, “Uh, wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” Julia smiled nervously and looked to Rachel. The raven-hair was probably hiding her nervousness.

“And do you Rachel Giovanni,” The minister began.

“Yeah!” Rachel interrupted. Julia laughed at Rachel’s unconventional attitude. After all, it was an unconventional wedding.

“If there is anyone who can show just cause as to why these two should not be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

A number of hands went up.

“Aside from the fact,” The Preist corrected, “That they are both women!”

All the hands went down. They might have also been scared off by a mean look from Angelo. He then turned to his sister and sister-in-law and smiled.

“Do you have the rings?”

Amy produced a set of gold wedding rings. Rachel took one of them and placed it right over Julia’s gloved finger. Julia looked at the ring realizing that her dream had now finally come true. Her trance was interrupted once Amy handed Julia a ring. Rachel began to take off her glove, but Julia intercepted her hand:

“We’ll match,” Julia smiled and placed the ring neatly over Rachel’s black gloved finger. Rachel smiled at Julia in a way most people never saw.

“I now pronounce you…” The minister once again found himself unsure of the proper lesbian terminology. He finally spat out, “Married! Now kiss.”

Rachel and Julia kissed passionately in front of the cathedral. They continued to kiss until a loud voice interrupted:r32;r32;“QUEENS BLVD!”


Back on the train home, this was Julia’s stop. Earlier, Columbo’s daughter played every scenario in her head regarding the confrontation with her father. She didn’t have to lie about staying with Rachel that night. Their Amore-Ragazze secret was most likely safe, but why was she staying at Rachel’s place? Julia attempted to re-write last night in her mind. Unfortunately, her mind had escaped to fantasizing about her wedding.

Julia made no attempt to sneak into her house. Her father was obviously aware of her absence. Perhaps the best way to deal with this situation was to be honest with him… well, maybe not completely honest. She turned the key and walked right in the door. No one was in the living room. The blonde expected her father to be in his study. Julia took off her hat and her coat, placing them both on the coat rack. She scratched her neck (her scarf still on) and walked into her father’s study.

There he was. Sitting there in his big chair behind his desk. No one else around. He stared at the doorway as his daughter made her way though it. Julia could almost feel her legs shaking as she inched closer and closer towards the desk. This was the definition of “Uncomfortable silence.”

“So?” Columbo asked calmly.

Julia sighed, “All right look, I was out with Rachel last night. We went to Times Square,” her face now lit up, “It was so cool. I’ve never really seen it. Those lights, all the crazy characters on the streets. Rachel took me to the top of the Empire State Buliding. The City was beautiful,” Columbo remained stoic, “I mean dad, I had so much fun last night. I’ve wanted to do that all my life. For the first time, I really felt like I was seeing the world for myself, I felt like an adult.”

Still no response from her father. Julia could tell he was growing uneasy. She sat down and continued, “I know you wanted me back that night, but afterwards Rachel and I went back to her place. We were having too much fun,” She laughed, “She played me some AC/DC, I mean I don’t think they’re that great, but it was fun. And…” Here’s where it was going to get complicated, “Then we just went to bed. Rachel let me stay there.”

Her father’s silence was intense. Of all the times she had heard her father scream at the top of his lungs, she would have preferred one of those moments to this taciturnity. The man stared at Julia, studying her. There was something different about his daughter. His calm response was even more nerve-wracking, “You stayed at Rachel’s place?”

She thought very carefully about her next response. Columbo began to grow suspicious of her hesitation. “Yes,” Julia said, “It was late, I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted me wandering around Brooklyn that late at night anyway.”

Columbo raised his eyebrows and nodded his head to agree, “Makes sense.” Julia sighed like she never had before. What a relief. “But I’m curious,” Columbo said, “What did you girls do all night?”

Uh oh, Julia thought, does he know? Don’t give in yet, he may be bluffing. “I told you, we listened to music, we talked for a while and then we went to bed.” Julia was praying in her mind that her father wouldn’t ask details about the sleeping arrangements.

The boss nodded his head again, “Were you drinking at all?” He asked very calmly.

“Dad I’m 21 years old,” Julia was getting bold, “I’m a grown woman, I can do what I want.” This time, Frank didn’t even blink, “No, I didn’t drink!” She responded.

Another motion of the man’s head moving up and down. Now his voice changed, “Are you sure you were at Rachel’s place? Are you sure you weren’t spending the night with that asshole brother of her’s?” By the end of the sentence, his voice was very angry.

Julia was taken aback. At first she was afraid her father was onto her relationship with Rachel, but now he was accusing her of sleeping with Angelo? Julia didn’t know whether to be relieved or nervous over this: “What?” She spat back at her father, “Dad, I told you I was with Rachel last night.”

“Really?” Columbo was obviously angry. He got up and pulled out his cell phone. After a touch of a few buttons, Columbo showed the screen to his daughter, “Bobby took these.”

Julia looked a pictures of her and Angelo walking on the streets of Brooklyn. The last picture was Julia and Angelo hugging. Something was going on between those two. Oh no! Julia thought to herself. Perhaps there was still a way to cover this up.

“OK yes,” Julia tried to cover up, “Angelo came by this morning. I think he’s taking Rachel somewhere-“

“You lied to me,” Columbo snapped. Julia tried to get a word in, but his screaming voice wouldn’t allow it, “I don’t want you hanging around that fucking piece-of-shit! Who knows what he’ll do to you. Oh God, if he touched you last night, I’m gonna kill-“

“DAD!” Julia screamed and jumped from her seat in a way she had never done before, “I DIDN’T SPEND THE NIGHT WITH ANGELO!” She and her father calmed down, “I told you I spent the night with Rachel. Angelo came over this morning, Rachel and him had stuff to do. I put my clothes back on, Angelo walked me to the station and I-“

“Wait wait wait,” Frank held his palms out, “Put your clothes back on? What were you doing with your clothes off?”

Now Julia was digging herself into a hole. Hesitation filled the air. She needed some damage control, “Well yeah, I mean I didn’t sleep with my jacket and stuff on. I put my jacket on-“

As Julia tried to justify her story, her father looked to her neck. He quickly ripped off her scarf silencing her. There was a big brown hickie on her neck. Realizing this, Julia quickly covered it up with her hand. Frank Columbo looked at her with eyes she had never seen before. These eyes were scarier than those of a shark. He knew everything that had happened that night, even if he had the wrong Giovanni sibling. Someone had defiled her!

“Dad,” Julia tried again to dig herself out of this hole.

Instead Columbo picked her up like a doll and flung her over his shoulder dragging her out of the study. Julia could only see the floor as the man carried her. She could not overpower this man.

“DAD!” Julia screamed. Her father dragged her up the stairs until he was in her room. He dropped her onto her bed, but Julia screamed back, “DAD, I DIDN’T GET THIS FROM ANGELO!”

Columbo looked at his daughter, “Then who?”

“I-“ Julia hesitated. Right now, her father was convinced that his daughter had slept with the son of his enemy. Obviously consequences would unfold from this news. However, if she was to tell her intolerant father that she was in a lesbian relationship with the daughter of his enemy, the consequences would be even worse. Julia would be sent to an asylum, and the girl of her dreams would be killed. Julia could not say anything.

Frank Columbo stormed out of the room. Julia now screamed “Dad!” The man paid no attention to her. He slammed the door just as Julia was running for it. The keys were out of his pocket and he locked the door before Julia could open it. The doorknob jiggled to now avail. Screams came from the other side of the door. Frank grabbed one of his servants and dragged her to the door:

“This door doesn’t open! Nobody goes in! You got it!”

The maid nodded and watched as her boss walked away. Walking down the stairs, Frank Columbo pulled out his phone and made a call. As soon as he was in the living room, he was heard speaking, “Snakes… Listen I need to talk to you NOW!” There was silence, “I don’t give a shit how bad your arm is, this is serious. Look I’m coming down-“ He was stopped as soon as he heard another phone ringing, “Hold on a second.”

He walked over towards the coat rack where the ringing was coming from. He reached into the pocket of Julia’s coat and pulled out her phone. The name on the screen was “Rachel.” Columbo did not answer it. Eventually the call stopped. A missed call icon appeared on the screen. He returned to his conversation with Snakes: “I’m coming over in half an hour.”

[End notes:


…Bad things are going to happen…


Chapter 11

[Author's notes: Sorry for the delay, been busy. I wanna give a shout-out to MadPanda who gave me an idea regarding Sal’s trip to Montauk. Thank you so much!

There’s a story Charlie tells that is based on personal experience.

The rest… well read and comment.



By SomeguyJim



“I worked there for twenty-nine years. I gave everything I had for them: my time, my energy, my youth; nights I could have spent at home with my family. My own son barely knows me. He’s had diabetes since middle school. I can’t tell you how close my wife and I came to separating over me slaving at work thirteen hours a day six days a week. She’s been the biggest support I could ever hope for, but everyone has their limits. That includes me. I did everything they asked me to do. I was a good employee. I never subscribed to this half-ass attitude that everyone else there seems to enjoy. And those are the people who were promoted.”

Richard Corsitto chuckled slightly as he told his story. He was not quite an old man, could still be considered middle-aged, but he was certainly getting up there in years. His hair was gray, his stomach was big, his youth was gone. He sat in a chair of the office of the middle-aged female boss of the Giovanni family. Consigliere Amy sat off on the side taking notes. Jackie listened to every word Richard said.

“My boss died a year ago; heart attack.” He looked at Don Giovanni with respect, “I’m sorry to hear you lost your husband as well.”

“Thank you,” Jackie said softly without batting an eye.

“This other guy, Jethro, he took over the company. His first order of business was to lay off as many people as possible. That I’ve never understood. I mean everywhere you go people are being laid off, and businesses are closing because of it. You go into a department store now, there’s no one around to help you. You go to a fast food restaurant, there’s one person running the cash registers. But Jethro didn’t see it that way. To him, downsizing meant saving money. After all, who needs all these old people when we get fewer young people, pay them less money, or no money at all? I wasn’t totally surprised when Jethro called me in. He looks right at me and says, ‘Richard, we’ve decided we want to take the company in a new direction,’ IE, they’re firing me because they don’t want me anymore. I had to be out in a month, no supplements, nothing. I was six years away from retirement. Jethro screwed everyone out of their retirement plans. Now I get nothing. My family’s healthcare came from my job. They dropped me immediately. If my son doesn’t have his insulin shots, he’ll die. I’m out of work, I’m almost 60 years old. What am I going to do?”

His face was white. Corsitto was doing his best to hold back tears. Jackie’s eyes revealed empathy, but her mouth and body were silent.

“I want that cocksucker dead!” He didn’t seem to have any filter explaining his demands. Jackie raised her eyebrows. “I’ll do any favor you ask of me Don Giovanni, you need to kill this man! You’re business has always stuck up for the middle class and this asshole is destroying people’s jobs, destroying their lives! Shoot him in the fucking face!” He was really angry now.

Jackie raised her hands out and tried to get him to calm down, “Richard,” she said calmly. “Is this man’s death going to help get your job back? Is it going to help your son’s illness?” Richard was taciturn. “Is it really going to make you feel better knowing that this man, however horrible he may be, is dead?”

Corsitto contemplated Jackie’s calm words of wisdom. He looked to Amy. The cute-girl, sitting there taking notes with her glasses on, made the man think of his own son. Jackie got the girl’s attention:

“Amy,” The brunette looked to her mother ready to answer any question she had, “Are there any jobs available at Charlie’s place?”

The young consigliere looked through her documents. Corsitto didn’t dare ask what they were talking about. After only a few seconds, Amy responded, “No, Charlie pretty much hired everyone.”

“Go get him for me, will you?” Amy got up and headed out the door. Corsitto looked to the godmother, a question on his face. “It’s an office job downtown,” Jackie answered, “Wall Street area. Charlie will get you somewhere. The pay won’t be very good, but you’ll get the best health-care coverage money can buy.” She began to write something down on a piece of paper. “You have a doctor right now?”

Corsitto stuttered slightly, “N-no, our family doctor left New York.”

Jackie didn’t look at him, but nodded her head. After she finished writing, she detached the paper giving it to him. A name and number were on there. Corsitto accepted it. Jackie stood up. The middle-aged man shadowed her movements. He was quite confused over what the mafia don was doing, but he was desperate and would do anything she asked.

“If there is something I respect,” Don Giovanni put her hand on the man’s shoulder, “It’s a man, or woman, devoted to his family… or her family,” she corrected herself.

“Thank you Godmother,” the man bowed his head.

Jackie laughed, “That’s not necessary. I’m not a Godmother, I’m a woman who cares about people, just as my husband did. You’ve worked hard all your life for your son, and you’re going to keep working hard. But it will be worth it. Many years from now, when you’re in the hospital bed, your son is going to be there for you holding your hand.”

Corsitto almost cried. However, Charlie came in with Amy.

“Yes Don Giovanni?” Charlie asked.

“Charlie,” Jackie let go of the man’s shoulder, “This is Richard Corsitto. He’s a good man, a hard worker, I want you to find him something down at your office.”

Charlie studied the man, and then turned to his boss, “All right Jackie,” he led the man out of the study, “All right, Richard what is your past experience.” The two of them disappeared. Jackie looked to Amy:

“Any word from Angelo or Rachel?”

“Yeah,” Amy removed her glasses, “Angelo’s on the train with her. They’ll be here in half an hour.”

“Good,” Jackie nodded her head. She sighed slightly, exhausted from a long week. Running a mafia had turned out to be a tougher job than she had previously anticipated. How did Marlon do this? “Do me a favor Amy, go to the dining room, make sure everything’s prepared.”

“Yes Don Giovanni,” Amy began to walk out.

“Amy,” Jackie stopped her, “You don’t have to call me Don Giovanni now, you can call me Aunt Jackie.”

Amy stopped and looked at her step-mother. She smiled and walked towards her. She planted a simple kiss on her cheek, “I’ll call you mom.”

Jackie smiled and hugged her adopted-daughter, “I know I say this all the time, but I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you,” Amy walked out of the room.

Jackie locked the door and returned to her desk. At the bottom cupboard was something she cherished very much. She pulled it out and placed it on her desk. She stared at the object for a minute: a framed picture of her and Marlon. They were young, on the beach, Marlon with his arms around her. His dark black hair contrasted with brunette Jackie. His smile was so handsome. Jackie began to feel tears gathering in her eyes as she stared at the picture. She looked to her door and then back to the picture. She began to cry heavily thinking about her husband. “This will be our first family dinner without you.” Her eyes could not escape Marlon’s picture. Her head collapsed onto the desk as she wept. She struggled to catch her breath, “I miss you so much!” No sound could be heard in the room except for the very slight movements of Jackie’s chair, and her voice letting out emotions. She continued to cry alone in her office.

Suddenly the scene changed.

“What are you doing in my chair?” A deep friendly voice caused the woman to raise her head.

Standing next to her was a tall man with grey hair. His shiny slicked-back hair had touches of black still. With a slight underbite, his face was cleanshaven. A messy suit encased his semi-overweight gut.

A semi-younger Jackie, now smiling, looked to her husband: “What? I thought I’d take over as boss for a while.”

Marlon Giovanni smiled at his wife. Jackie stood up and wrapped her arms around Marlon, kissing him. The gray-haired man held his wife by the waste feeling the sweet touch of her lips. Something was on his mind. His eyes tired and baggy.

“What’s wrong?” Jackie looked at him concerned.

Marlon shook his head, “Oh, it’s Columbo!” Both spouses let go of each other. Jackie moved away from the desk to allow Marlon to sit down. He was quite tired. “I swear that man will be the death of me.”

Jackie nodded her head, “We all have to work with people we don’t like.”

“You know who I saw today?” Marlon looked up to his wife standing by his side.

“Sal?” Jackie smiled.

Marlon cringed, “Oh no,” he was joking around chuckling, “Not that bad.” Jackie joined him in laughing, “No, Frank brought his daughter with him, Julia. I haven’t seen her in years.”

“The blonde girl, right?”

“Exactly,” Marlon admired his wife’s memory, “Such a sweet kid. I mean, she’s not a kid anymore, but the way Columbo keeps her locked up, she’ll never grow up. She’s painfully shy.”

“That’s a shame,” Jackie shook her head.

Marlon backed his chair up grabbing his wife’s waste. He beckoned for her to sit on his lap, which she did. Her arms held onto him looking into the eyes of her beloved husband, “But she’s beautiful, obviously she got her mother’s genes; Frank is the ugliest son of a bitch I’ve ever met in my life. Seriously, if she wasn’t his daughter, I think she might be a nice girl for Angelo.”

The mother of the Giovanni family shook her head laughing, “I think Angelo would tear her apart.”

“But it would make a man out of him; calm him down. It’s like I always say: the president needs to be out chasing tail. Otherwise, he starts wars.”

Both of them laughed, “Out chasing tail, huh?” Jackie scolded him slightly.

“Well,” Marlon smiled, “Unless of course he’s got the most beautiful woman already by his side.”

The two of them engaged in a passionate kiss. Even at middle age, Marlon and Jackie acted like they were still teenagers. Marlon made a move for Jackie’s breast. Unfortunately, his wife moved his hand away. She broke the kiss:

“Maybe Julia would be a good friend for Rachel.”

Marlon sighed, “Rachel…”

Jackie dropped her arms and glared at her husband, “Marlon, she’s your daughter.”

The mafia boss wasn’t sure how to respond. Any words against his daughter would be met by hostility by his wife. Yet he couldn’t avoid the subject, “I know, but I wish she’d drop this apathetic goth-whatever attitude she’s had since high school and develop some kind of ambition. It’s no wonder she has no friends.” Jackie sighed as her husband ranted about Rachel, “I mean look at Amy, she’s so smart-“

“Marlon,” Jackie got up, “You know I love her, but all you ever talk about is Amy.” She began to imitate her husband, “Amy’s the best, she’s a genius, she’s the best Consigliere I could ever have-“

“But she is!” Marlon stood up, “C’mon Jackie, you know how smart Amy is. The way she remembers everything, her cool demeanor, her ability to find compromises that make everyone happy-“

Jackie began to grow impatient over her husband’s redundancy. She held her hands out and interrupted, “Marlon, Marlon,” the don listened to his wife, “Listen I’m glad you’ve been so involved in Amy’s life, but I really wish you’d care more about Rachel. Amy’s as much as daughter to me as she is to you, but Rachel needs love as well.”

Marlon took out a piece of gum. He had quit smoking a few years earlier and had replaced it with a gum-chewing habit. “I just don’t know what to do about her Jackie. The girl was practically born with a silver-spoon in her mouth. I gave her everything, I sent her to good schools,” He began to ponder over what he had done wrong in the girl’s life, “I mean I just don’t know.” Marlon stuffed the unwrapped piece of gum in his mouth, “Everytime I try,” his speech was still coherent as the gum was chewed, “To get involved in her life, she resents it.”

Jackie sat back down on her husband’s lap, “I think she needs to find her own way. You just need to be there for her when she needs you.”

Marlon hesitated looking at his wife. He kissed her again, “It’s your compassion that keeps me going all the time. You know you’d make a great boss to this family. If anything should happen to me-“

“Marlon,” Jackie whined, “Don’t talk about those things-“

The man muttered incoherently to interrupt her, “No-no-no-no-no, this is important Jackie. If God forbid something should happen to me. I want you to stand up for the family. Angelo’s not ready yet.”

“Marlon,” Jackie held onto her husband and spoke in a concerned manner, “I can’t be the boss of this family. Have you forgotten that I have a vagina? I mean shit, look at how much tension came up when you made Amy your Consigliere.”

He sighed, “Jackie, I have never allowed anyone to look down their nose at you, or Amy, or even Rachel for being a woman. Okay, it’s a male-dominated world. We all know that. But there comes a time when we all have to put our bigotry aside for business. Gotti always says ‘Business must move forward.’ Amy has been a godsend for our business, and so would you!”

Jackie was always moved by her husband’s words.

“A boss must be a man, or woman, of character, strength, and tact. Gender has nothing to do with character.”

The two shared an uncomfortable silence. Jackie, also having a way with words, simply stared at her husband. When she first met the man, a handsome man in his early 20s, she was slightly turned off by his typical mafia appearance and behavior; another Neanderthal. However, as she came to know the man, she discovered an intelligent gentleman with more profound ideas than his fellow peers. She had always been a scholar and could have a cerebral conversation with him. That was what turned her on more than anything else. Of course, at the time, he had a body like Sylvester Stallone. He didn’t look like that anymore, but he was still handsome for his age. Once again, Marlon’s intelligence was what seduced his wife.

Out of the blue, she began to kiss him passionately, in his own office. Marlon grabbed hold of her and returned the affection. Their tongues engaged in a heated, but affectionate, battle. Marlon still loved his wife, and she still looked great for her age. Unlike so many of his peers, Marlon set a standard for being faithful to his wife. Sure, he had done things he wasn’t proud of in the past, but he always remained a dedicated husband and father. He began to feel an arousal in his pants.

“Wait,” Jackie got up from the chair. Marlon silently pondered her actions until she went to the door and turned the lock. She smiled back at him, “I don’t want anyone to interrupt us… like Sal.” She returned to her husband’s side and threw off her jacket.

“Why do you have to keep mentioning him?” The boss laughed.

The two continued to make out in his own chair, Jackie now facing him, her pelvis inbetween Marlon’s right leg. They moved fast as the man’s hand moved up and down Jackie’s back. As he continued to squeeze her tongue with his lips, he began to unhook her bra. Jackie placed her hands on Marlon’s shirt-covered chest.

What followed was a haze of intense sexual pleasure in Marlon’s own chair. As the climatic hour came to a close, Jackie squeezed her husband as hard as she could, rubbing her cheek against Marlon’s clean-shaven face. Her eyes were closed.

They stayed closed.

But when they opened, Marlon wasn’t there. Jackie was hugging her own chair. She didn’t need to look around the room to realize she had been fantasizing again, or reminiscing, over her husband. She felt tears enter her eyes again. She grabbed hold of the chair like she was trying to make him come back to her. After only a few seconds, she wiped her nose with her index finger and stood up. Her pants had been undone. She buttoned them back up and fixed her outfit. Jackie’s hand picked up the picture of her and Marlon. One last look… a long look… now it was time to go back in the cupboard. She was now walking to the wall where a small mirror was. Grabbing a tissue from the box on her desk, she wiped her eyes. They were still slightly red, but it would disappear soon. The tissue was destined for the wastebasket. Jackie slowly walked to the door and unlocked it. Her head looked down to view her outfit. A long deep breath allowed the female boss to regain her composure and confidence. She now felt just the same as she did when she was talking to Corsitto, or even Columbo.

She opened the door and made her way into the house.


No missed calls, no missed texts.

Rachel put her phone back in her pocket, black leather gloves on her hands. She was not far behind Angelo who opened the gate to the Giovanni house. Both siblings were wearing leather jackets. Rachel closed the gate behind her and followed her brother along the pathway. The door immediately opened to reveal Vinnie Montana, ever a more frightening presence. He didn’t scare Rachel or Angelo.

“Hey Vinnie,” Angelo nodded his head, his sunglasses covering his eyes.

“Angelo,” Vinnie stepped aside and allowed his boss’ son to enter. “Rachel,” He nodded to Rachel. She didn’t say a word.

Once inside, Vinnie closed the door and stood at his post. Angelo immediately threw off his jacket, placing it on the coat rack. Rachel simply gazed at her old house. It was the same; it hadn’t changed. She almost expected her father to come down and pretend he was happy to see her, but she reminded herself of his absence.

“Now listen,” Sal said to Charlie on the couch of the living room, “I’m telling you, I saw the Montauk monster!”

“Sure you did,” Charlie replied sarcastically. His eyes were glued to the TV, but Sal would not allow it to deter his friend away from the story. Angelo and Rachel were making their way into the living room, but the Capos ignored the siblings.

“I wasn’t the only one, all right? Practically everybody noticed it as it ran across the beach.”

“You were there last night,” Charlie looked at Sal like he was an incredulous moron, “How many people were on the beach at ten o’clock in the evening?”

As Charlie and Sal continued their investigation, Rachel placed her leather gloved hand on Angelo’s shoulder: “Remember, don’t say anything about this to mom.”

Angelo simply nodded his head. Since they left Rachel’s house, the siblings had not said a word to each other. The older brother was still trying to absorb that his little sister was a lesbian, much less in a lesbian relationship with Julia Columbo. He was also perplexed that his adopted daughter had harbored the secret without confiding in him. Amy and Angelo were also business partners. A secret like this was something the two of them had to discuss as Underboss and Consigliere. Rachel had nothing to do with the family, and wanted nothing to do with the family. Perfect timing, because Amy came back from the kitchen to greet her siblings.

“Hey Rachel,” She smiled sweetly.

“Yo,” Angelo acknowledged her, wondering why she didn’t say hi to him. His eyes wavered. Rachel waved slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Amy’s eyes acknowledge her brother, but focused on her sister. “You wanna help me set up the table?”

Rachel was confused. She looked to Charlie and Sal arguing on the couch, “Why aren’t those two losers doing it?”

Amy knew the two of them were arguing about something, but had completely tuned them out. She ran towards her sister and took her by the hand. “C’mon,” she said in that stupid sisterly tone of voice whenever her cousin was around, “Get in here, let’s talk!” Rachel reluctantly walked with her cousin into the kitchen. “You can take your gloves off,” Amy commented on Rachel’s leather hands.

Angelo watched the two of them with resentment.

“Hey Angelo,” Sal beckoned the Underboss.

Angelo walked towards the couch with a sigh.

“Okay,” Sal turned back, still on the couch. Charlie was busy watching TV, “You’ve seen Ghostbusters?”

“Yeah,” Angelo managed to get in before Sal continued running at the mouth.

“That whacked out demon monster that chases Rick Moranis through Central Park? The dog monster that possesses him?” He began to imitate Moranis’ character, “Who brought the dog?”

“Yeah yeah,” Angelo interrupted with an annoyed tone of voice, “I’ve seen the fucking movie Sal.”

“Okay,” Sal smiled, “Well imagine that running across the beach in Montauk.” Angelo rolled his eyes; Sal was insistent, “Look, I know what I saw!”

“Sal,” Charlie finally spoke up, “If this monster really did run across the beach, why didn’t the news make a big deal about it?”

Sal pointed his finger to the grey haired capo; he had prepared his argument, “Because the government doesn’t want us to know about it. C’mon Charlie, you know they’ve been experimenting on animals out there for years. The press won’t let this story get out!”

“Right,” Charlie focused his eyes back on the TV, “You should tell that to Jesse Ventura, I’m sure he’ll do an entire show about it.”

“Maybe I will!” Sal spat back.

“I AM IN NO FUCKING MOOD FOR THIS!!!” Angelo’s loud statement came as a shock to both Charlie and Sal who turned to see Angelo walking away from him. Charlie immediately got up.

“Hey Ange,” Charlie ran to catch up to the son. Angelo did stop to listen to his father’s closest friend. There was a fire in the son’s eyes that could instill fear in the Montauk Monster’s heart. “C’mon, you know how Sal is?” He tried to joke around, “He’s an idiot!”

No response from Angelo.

“Yeah,” Sal got up, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Is everything all right?” Charlie asked. He put his hand on Angelo’s shoulder.

Well of course, Angelo couldn’t tell them that his sister was a lesbian. He looked to the ground.

“C’mon Ange,” Charlie tried to cheer him up, “It’s your Uncle Charlie! You can tell me anything.”

“And your Uncle Sal,” the other replied.

“You’re only making it worse,” Charlie pushed his friend away without looking away from Angelo.

Angelo was much calmer. Charlie’s friendly efforts had succeeded. Still, Angelo would not betray his sister’s secret. Instead he brushed off Charlie’s hand and walked into the hall. His footsteps could be heard going up the stairs. Charlie and Sal looked to each other, not sure what to think of this. Had something bad happened? Was Angelo shaken by what had transpired the day before?

“I think,” Sal put his finger up, “He’s nervous about the-“

“If you mention that fucking monster again,” Charlie pointed his finger towards the taller man. He did not finish his sentence, leaving a taciturn moment between the two.

“Beast?” Sal finally spoke up.

Charlie rolled his eyes and walked into the hallway.

Rachel’s bare hands helped set the plates on the large dining room table. Amy had previously laid a beautiful knitted cloth down. Rachel was reminded of everything.

“How often does mom get to make her famous Lasagna?” Amy said grabbing some glasses.

She did stop when she came to her father’s chair. She almost put a plate there and stared strait at it. Amy picked up on her sister’s hesitation. She put the glasses down and went to comfort her:

“Are you okay Rach?” It was harder to tell what was on Rachel’s mind. Obviously, her father’s absence was a key factor to her lack of movement, but Rachel’s moodiness probably had a lot more to do with Julia. “Anything you want to talk about?”

Rachel closed her eyes and sighed, “I don’t know.”

“Is it about Julia?” Amy held onto her sister.

“Let’s just talk about it later, okay?”

That was about as much information Amy was going to get out of her sister right now. Amy nodded her head and said, “Okay.” She walked away and picked up the other glasses. She didn’t think much of it because Jackie walked right into the dining room. She looked as if nothing had happened. Neither Rachel nor Amy could tell that their mother had been crying over her husband a few minutes earlier.

“Rachel,” Jackie smiled staring at her daughter.

“Yeah?” Rachel nearly ignored her mother placing the last dish on the table.

Mother Giovanni walked towards her daughter with her arms out in front of her. Rachel reluctantly allowed her mother to hug her. Rachel did hug her mother back, but there was not much enthusiasm behind the embrace.

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Angelo dragged me here,” Rachel pouted.

“Good,” Jackie joked as she let go. Rachel quickly stepped away catching a mischievous smile on her mother’s face. She walked around and inspected the table. “I was just telling this man, Corsitto, how important family is.” She now looked at her adopted daughter, scratching her head, “I’d be something of a hypocrite if I couldn’t spend time with my youngest daughter, now wouldn’t I?”

Rachel wasn’t quite sure what to say, so she didn’t say anything. Jackie, so familiar with her daughter’s existentialist behavior, didn’t push her. The table was set, the early dinner would be served shortly. The matriarch talked to Amy:

“Amy, you can relax now. I’ll be in the kitchen.”

“You don’t need anymore help?” Amy offered.

“No,” She began to walk into the kitchen, “Spend some time with your sister. Use violence if necessary.” Jackie disappeared from her sights.

Rachel rolled her eyes. She already spent time with her cousin a week ago. Still, she’d much rather spend time with Amy than anyone else in the house. Amy simply smiled at her sister.

Most of the early afternoon was spent playing video games, mostly on their Wii. Rachel wondered what happened to Angelo’s X-Box 360, which he claimed got Red Ring of Death. Even as a mafia Underboss, Angelo was powerless to get any kind of cooperation from Microsoft. However, the three siblings, along with Sal, enjoyed a few games of Smash Brothers. Sal may have been having too much fun. When it was finally time for dinner, he didn’t want to stop. Charlie had to drag him to the table as Sal hung onto his controller for dear life.

At the dinner table, a notable presence was missing. Marlon’s chair was empty. No one sat in it. Jackie sat at the chair nearest to her husband’s, her usual spot. In fact, everyone was sitting in their usual spot. Angelo sat across from her, with Amy sitting next to him. Rachel sat across from Amy, next to Jackie. Sal and Charlie sat in the last two chairs across each other. Big Vinnie did not sit. He stood by a tall table. Certainly, the man tried to keep the myth alive that he never sat down.

“This is delicious mom,” Angelo said stuffing his face with Lasagna.

Everyone agreed with the boss’s son with the exception of Rachel, who had barely said more than ten words since she got there.

“So anyway,” Sal opened his mouth again, “I’ve been thinking, this Montauk Monster has got to be worth a fortune!” Charlie rolled his eyes. The siblings simply ignored him. “I say this week, we go out there, wait until he comes-“

“Sal,” Jackie snapped at him again dropping her fork. She was very irritated by her capo, “I just listened to whine about how you almost won Mario Brothers for twenty minutes-“

“Smash Brothers,” Sal corrected her politely.

“I don’t CARE!” Jackie yelled, “And I don’t wanna hear anymore about the god damned Montauk Monster.” She picked up her fork again, “Let’s talk about something else!”

Sal hung his head in shame. Mother Giovanni now looked to her youngest daughter:

“So Rachel, are you seeing anybody right now? Boyfriend?”

Amy and Angelo’s eyes widened upon hearing this. They stopped chewing and held their forks motionless. Rachel on the other hand kept eating as if it was no big deal, “Might be somebody,” was all she said with a mouth full of pasta. Her siblings were still literally on the edge of their seat.

Jackie nodded her head and smiled, “That’s good. You need someone in your life. Isolation is no way to live.” Rachel did not respond, much to Jackie’s disappointment, “So are you going to tell me anymore about this guy?”

Rachel shrugged her shoulders not saying a word. Jackie’s eyes drifted towards the other siblings. Both of them were staring and their mother and sister, but immediately went back to their meals concealing their faces. A look of disappointment came across her face.

“Oh I see,” she said, “You tell your sister and brother, but not your own mother!” Jackie messed up Rachel’s hair slightly teasing her. The raven-hair didn’t respond.

Amy looked to Angelo, a question in her eye. The brother nodded his head slightly, answering his sister’s question. The Consigliere was surprised to say the least.

“It’s all right Jackie,” Charlie spoke up with a friendly tone of voice, “Lots of girls are afraid to talk to their parents about stuff like this.” He put his fork down and wiped his face. Jackie gave the more intelligent capo her attention. “You know, I remember one time,” he put his napkin down and spoke to the table like he was giving a speech, “I was about 22, 23… I hung out with this girl, Penelope, an aspiring singer. Drop dead gorgeous, statuesque figure… kinda had an attitude, but it wasn’t so bad at first. She had a great voice too. One time her parents were in town when she was playing a gig. I went out to see her. She seemed unusually flirty with me, not that I had a problem with it mind you. After the show, I meet her parents. Nice people. Penelope introduces me as her ‘Boyfriend!’” Charlie re-enacted the shock he felt hearing this by raising his hands, “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know we were going out!

“So long story short, eventually I walk her home. I try to lean in for a kiss, and she pulls away, looks at me like I’m crazy. I said, ‘I don’t understand, you told your folks we’re a couple?’ she said, ‘No, I just told them that, I didn’t really mean it.’ Well I’ll tell you, I was certainly heartbroken.” He raised his index finger as he continued his story, “Now here’s where it gets interesting… about a month later, I’m at one of her shows, and there’s this hot Asian chick in the audience. The two of us are kinda hooking up, we’re dirty dancing like you wouldn’t believe! I mean her tight ass is right on me, I’m feeling the sides of her…”

“Charlie,” Jackie interrupted him, “Is this really appropriate dinner conversation?”

“Anyway,” Charlie continued shaking his hands, “This girl and I are getting close. After the show is over, I ask for her number. She starts to write it down, but then Penelope comes up behind me and says, ‘Hey Charlie, this is Jean, my SPECIAL friend.’ I look at her in shock; suddenly it all makes sense. Penelope was a lesbian!”

Rachel’s eyes widened hearing the word uttered. Amy’s eyes looked to Rachel’s. Everyone else was still focused on Charlie.

“So it turned out that I was just a beard for her parents.”

There was a bit of silence in the room until Jackie spoke up, “So what does this story have to do with Rachel?”

Rachel, Amy and Angelo were on the edge of their seats again seeing if Charlie was about to make the connection.

“Nothing,” Charlie said, “I just felt like telling the story.” He went back to his meal.

Don Giovanni stared off into space in anger. The siblings all silently sighed in relief.

“Whatever happened with that girl?” Sal asked his friend.

“She’s dead.”

Rachel’s full attention was given as she stared at Charlie.

“Really?” Sal responded, “How?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders, “I dunno, who cares?” There was a short pause before he uttered, “Fucking dyke!”

Jackie slammed her silverware down on the table, “Okay really Charlie!” She scolded him, “That’s enough!”

Charlie apologized profusely.

This talk of death was too much for Rachel. She couldn’t take it anymore, she threw her napkin on the table and got up, “Excuse me.”

“Rachel?” Her mother called as she watched her walk out the door with no jacket on. Angelo and Amy both knew exactly what was bothering her. Their mother looked back at the capo as she got up from the table angrily, “Really Charlie, that’s something I’d expect to hear from Sal, not you!” She began to walk towards the door. Charlie had a look of guilt on his face.

“Yeah Charlie,” Sal said to him, “You’ve got a big mouth!”

Charlie very slowly turned his head to Sal almost wanting to call him out for being a hypocrite.

Outside, Rachel pulled her phone out hoping to see a missed call from Julia. There was nothing. It was also freezing outside. The raven-hair didn’t care about the cold, she just wanted to hear Julia’s voice again.

“Rachel,” Jackie said walking out into the porch with a jacket. Rachel concealed her phone quickly. Her mother quickly put in on her daughter, “Look I’m sorry about all that. If you don’t want to talk about your personal life, you don’t have to.” Rachel did nothing but stand there staring at the cloudy sky. Jackie gave her daughter a hug. “I just,” Jackie hesitated. She was nervous, “I feel like I don’t know my own daughter anymore. I want us to be close.”

“We never were that close to begin with mom,” Rachel kept her head down.

Jackie was at a loss for words. Rachel was so cold, so distant, “I know well enough your father and I didn’t give you the same attention we gave to Angelo and Amy.” She spoke very slowly. Rachel’s eyes finally moved towards her mother’s, “But we can’t go back. Like Gotti always says, Business must move forward.”

Rachel closed her eyes, “Mom, all dad ever talked about was Gotti or Columbo or any of his other criminal buddies-“

“Rachel,” Jackie talked to her daughter in a more aggressive manner, “Your father may have done things outside the law, but don’t ever call him a criminal! He did what he felt he had to do to support his family. He loved all of us-“

“WELL HE DIDN’T LOVE ME!” Rachel screamed.

Jackie was shocked. She hadn’t heard her daughter scream like that in years. The mafia boss looked at Rachel with fear.

“Dad treated Angelo like a prince,” Rachel continued. Her voice was very loud, “The successor to his throne. And Amy… Dad tried so hard to make Amy feel like she was part of the family that he forgot that I existed. Yeah he helped her with her homework, took her wherever she wanted. He cried when she got her diploma. But where was he when I needed help? When I was struggling to do well in school, or wanted some kind of affection from my own father?”

The eyes of her mother looked as though they were about to break out in tears.

“I just,” Rachel calmed down, almost gathering tears in her own eyes, “Mom I was a loner all my life. I can’t get emotionally involved with the family again. I want to go out and live my own life with the people I choose to spend it with.”

It pained her mother’s heart to hear Rachel say she wanted nothing to do with the family. What could she do? There was a long uncomfortable silence between the two. Finally Jackie hugged her daughter again. This time, Rachel returned the affection equally. She still loved her mother no matter what.

“Whatever you want to do baby,” Jackie whispered, “Whoever you want to spend it with, I’ll support you. I love you.”

“I know you do,” Rachel whispered back.

Jackie led her daughter back into the house.


That night, Rachel couldn’t sleep. She was back in her old room, but it was much different now. The raven-hair had a lot on her mind, the conversation she had with her mother for one. But mostly, she thought about Julia. There was still no missed calls or texts from Julia. The girl had promised she would call her later. Had something gone wrong? Had her father gotten to her? She could picture Julia walking into her house, shortly after the blonde had left her own, being confronted by Frank Columbo. What did Julia say to him? What punishment did Columbo have in store for his daughter? Could she have squealed and told him everything? It was scary to think about. Snuggled in her sheets, Rachel was wearing her black leather gloves in bed. Something about them brought her comfort. She had spent almost fifteen minutes rubbing them all across her body, her face, other places… By now, she was less concerned with pleasure, and more with having someone to share the night with.

Rachel got up from her bed, covered in a tattered tank-top and pajama bottoms. She walked to the room next door of the second floor. It was pitch black, but she knew who was in there:

“Amy, you awake?”

A few seconds later, her cousin’s voice cut through, “I am now,” she knew who it was.

“Is it okay if I sleep with you?” Rachel’s tone of voice was very different from her usual cold demeanor.

Even in the dark, Rachel could hear Amy sitting up and turning to look at her. It was impossible to see each other, but the younger sister knew her cousin was a bit surprised by this request.

“Okay,” was all Amy said before Rachel walked into the room. She held her hands out in front to be sure where she was. Eventually her left hand felt the bed. She climbed in and lifted the covers. Amy turned back away from her. As Rachel pulled the blanket over her, she turned towards her cousin. Nothing was said between the two of them at first. It was a little strange. Amy felt her sister’s hands reach around her belly. The thick-skinned raven-haired girl had not appeared this affectionate in years. The brunette decided to enjoy it while she could. Amy reached to hold her sister’s hands… until she noticed leather covering them. “Are you wearing gloves?” Amy asked.

She could feel Rachel nodding her head in the affirmative.

Amy laughed and turned around to face her sister, “What are you picking up some habits from Julia?”

Rachel was taciturn for a moment before she opened up to her cousin, “She hasn’t called me back. I’m a little worried about her.”

This simple sentence was enough to worry Amy as well, but for different reasons. She reached for the light on the nightstand illuminating the room. Amy looked at Rachel, “What happened last night Rach?”

Rachel proceeded to explain all that happened the night before, forgoing some details. Once she explained her use of the words, “I love you,” Amy’s eyes shot wide open:

“You said ‘I love you?’”

Rachel nodded her head.

“Rachel,” Amy looked concerned, “You’ve never said ‘I Love You’ to anyone before. Did you really mean it?”

There was still a guarded shell surrounding the dark-haired cousin. There was no response, and Amy knew she wouldn’t be getting one out of her. If Rachel did love Julia, she was clearly ambivalent about it.

“You think Frank got to her?” Amy eagerly asked her sister, a look of fear in her eyes.

“I’m sure he did,” Rachel said, “I don’t what she told him, but he must know something is going on.”

Amy sighed apprehensively. She collapsed back onto the bed. Both girls looked up at the ceiling wondering what was the next move in this war over love.

“I do love her Amy,” Rachel said. Amy now looked at her sister who opened up in a way she had never before, “I mean I don’t know, maybe it’s just infatuation that will wear off overtime, but I’m really head over heels for this girl. I mean Julia is drop-dead gorgeous, she’s the sweetest little flower you’ll ever pick from the field, but at the same time, she has an ambitious side to her. It’s like this wild beast wants to break free, and without getting into details, she really did break free last night.”

Amy simply watched her sister unwind.

“God,” Rachel closed her eyes, “She’s so great. For the first time in my life, I really feel like I have someone. I mean I was lying in that room, I couldn’t sleep having nothing to comfort me but a pair of gloves.” She looked at her black gloves again.

Amy pondered for a minute. She was actually very happy her sister was confiding in her after all this time. “So you need someone to sleep with tonight?”

Rachel felt guilty asking her sister to take the place of her girlfriend for the night. It felt selfish, but Rachel couldn’t be alone tonight. “Is it okay if I stay with you tonight? Maybe tomorrow as well?”

“Oh Rachel!” Amy climbed on top of her sister speaking in a goofy way, “I’ve waited so long for this night!”

Rachel snickered at her cousin’s silly attitude. She felt Amy’s light body press against her’s. Suddenly Amy began to kiss her sloppily, “Oh I love you,” Amy mimicked a French accent planting kisses on Rachel.”

“Hey hey hey,” Rachel’s head tossed and turned trying to avoid Amy. For a college-graduate Consigliere, her cousin could be very silly from time to time. “C’mon! Get off of me!”

“Oh no you don’t,” Amy continued, “Make love to me Rachel!”

“Jesus Christ Amy,” Rachel grabbed hold of her sister, rolled over and pinned her to the bed. There was a really goofy smile on Amy’s face. After a few seconds, Rachel closed her eyes and laughed. Amy reached her head up and planted a kiss on her sister’s lips. Rachel got off and wiped her lips in disgust. “What is wrong with you?”

“Oh come on Rachel,” Amy laughed, “We used to do this all the time. Remember?”

“Yeah,” Rachel responded smiling, “When we were like ten!”

“Excused me,” Amy responded grabbing a hold of her sister’s gloved hand, “I remember a certain college girl shacking up with me in my own dorm room.”

“That was one night Amy,” Rachel said remembering the night she and her cousin shared her bed. It was right after Rachel confided in her about her sexual orientation.

“Rachel, you know I’ve always thought of you like a sister; like my best friend. And-“ Amy got tired of holding a pair of gloves. “Take these off!” Amy began to pull one off of Rachel’s hand.

“No,” Rachel rescinded her hands, “I want to keep them on.”

The silly air dissipated and Amy stared at her sister curiously.

Rachel herself was curious as to why she wanted to wear these gloves so much. Maybe in some weird way, they made her feel like Julia was still there.

“Okay,” Amy didn’t press her.

Rachel turned to her side to hold Amy. Her cousin returned the affection. “You know, out of everyone in my family, you’re still the one I’ve always felt closet to.” She felt her sister hug her tighter.

“You know I’m always there for you sis,” Amy said.

Rachel smiled.

Amy turned off the light.

[End notes: Hope this makes up for taking so long. Reviews are still appreciated.

P.S. Before anyone interprets that final scene with Rachel and Amy as some kind of incest scene, it’s not. The scene was meant to bring the sisters’ estranged relationship closer, which will become important in later chapters.]

Chapter 12

[Author's notes: I know it’s been a REALLY long time since I updated this story. I’ve been really busy, but I’m sure this chapter will not disappoint.

Be prepared for some violence…



By SomeguyJim


The three-day weekend had dragged on. There wasn’t much to do except sit around, pretending to be interested in the family. Late Tuesday morning, Jackie came in to see her two daughters sleeping in the same bed. Usually Amy was up first thing in the morning. She assumed her adopted sister kept her up all night. At first she was happy to see both of them together, but she had business to discuss with Amy:

“Amy,” She voiced. Amy turned around immediately to see her boss, “We have some business this morning. I need you to get dressed.”

“Okay,” Amy immediately got up.

“Rachel,” Jackie said to her daughter. The lazy girl responded only with a low grumble, “Angelo is gonna get back to the city. He said he’d ride with you back to your place.” Another gumble.

As Amy prepared to get dressed, Jackie closed the door and walked out.

“C’mon Rach,” Amy shook her sister.

No response. She figured Rachel would get up eventually and hit the shower. Unfortunately, once she got out of the shower, walking back to the room, the lazy sister was still in bed. Amy quietly walked to the bed, and began to vehemently tickle her sides. Rachel practically flew out of the bed facing the sight of her cousin with a towel around her.

“Still ticklish huh?” Amy smiled.

“Damn it Amy,” Rachel finally got up, “I’m up all right!”

“Are you gonna shower?” She asked.

“No,” Rachel walked towards her own bedroom. She grabbed her toothbrush and did her bare minimum of hygiene for the morning. Eventually she and Amy met up again. Amy was now dressed in her appropriate business attire. Rachel was wearing a tattered shirt and jeans. The brunette watched as the black-hair checked for missed calls. Amy had to ask:

“Still no word from Julia?”

Rachel sighed having not forgotten it all weekend, “No.”

Amy hadn’t forgotten about it either. Her anxiety had been growing every day Rachel didn’t receive a call from her girlfriend. Unfortunately, this would have to wait. Jackie obviously had some important business to discuss.

Downstairs in the dining room, Jackie, Charlie and Sal were sitting down eating hash-browns. Vinnie Montana was standing, as usual, with a plate in his hand. They were all well dressed, still not wearing jackets. Sal was talking… what else was new?

“You know,” Sal said.

Jackie immediately sighed and collapsed her forehead into the palm of her hand.

“I was just watching that George Harrison documentary the other day,” Sal continued.

“Oh yeah,” Charlie responded, “Is it good?”

“Yeah, it was all right.”

Jackie was a little relieved to hear her two capos discussing something normal for once.

“I want to see it. George was always my favorite Beatle.”

“Really?” Sal was surprised, “George?”

“Yeah,” the shorter man spoke up, a little agitated, “What’s wrong with George? He wrote all the best songs.” Charlie put his fork down and began to count with his fingers, “Taxman, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps…”

“Here Comes the Sun,” Vinnie Montana spoke up.

All three of them turned to see the usually taciturn big man. They were surprised, but Vinnie didn’t say another word. Instead he took another bite of his eggs. Charlie did point to him as he turned back to his partner, “Here Comes the Sun.”

“Yeah,” Sal replied, “But he’s not my favorite.”

“Yeah well who is your favorite?” Charlie spoke up as he grabbed his fork again, “Ringo?” He said the last line with a mocking tone of voice. Even Jackie laughed slightly hearing the more tolerable Capo’s comment.

Sal was silent, his eyes wavering back and forth before he answered, “Yeah, actually.”

Just as Charlie was about to take a bite of his meal, he froze. His mouth was open and his eyes were staring at Sal. Jackie also stared at the brown-haired man. Even Vinnie turned to look at Sal with disgust.

“C’mon, Ringo was the best!” Sal demanded.

Amy and Rachel appeared in the dining room. Amy dressed in her usual business attire with her glasses on and Rachel like a punk-rocker. She held her gloves in her hands.

“So where are we going?” Amy made her way towards the table where she picked up a banana.

“Flushing,” Jackie spoke up. Charlie and Sal did not dare continue this conversation while Jackie discussed business with her Consigliere.

Just as Amy was about to unpeel her banana, she froze. After a long pause, she eerily turned to her boss, “In Queens?”

Jackie was a little surprised by Amy’s reaction, but replied, “Last time I checked.”

“Flushing,” Charlie spoke up, “That’s where Penelope lived.”

“The lesbian girl?” Sal spoke up, “The one that died?”

“Quiet you,” Jackie demanded. She turned her attention to Amy, “Yeah there’s a guy out there, Roma. He leases a lot of the places on Main street, and he’s getting a lot of harassment from the building inspectors.” Amy set her banana down on the table. Her face was turning white. “And I guess Columbo’s not giving him a lot of support, so he wants us to help him out. He’s planning on doing some work out in Brooklyn, so we have a cover story for talking with him.”

Amy stood there in a way no one had ever seen her act before. Rachel took special note of this. The silence in the room was awful.

“Amy?” Jackie grabbed her attention. The adopted daughter’s eyes came back to her boss. “Are you okay?”

The young brunette quickly looked to her sister, whose eyes screamed “Don’t tell her!” Amy couldn’t reveal her sister’s secret, “Well,” Amy said, “We are going right into Columbo’s territory. Are you sure it’s safe?”

Don Giovanni pointed to Vinnie Montana and her two capos, “Vinnie and these two idiots are going to come with us. We’ll be fine. Plus Angelo’s not coming.”

“He’s not?” Amy spoke up.

“After what happened last week,” Jackie spoke up, “It’s best if he lays low for a while. I don’t want to cause a scene. Columbo sees him in his borough, he’ll have a shit-fit.”

Rachel was relieved her cousin didn’t reveal her secret. However, she herself was weary of a meeting in Queens. Well, at least Vinnie Montana would be accompanying them. No one in their right mind would mess with this man.

“We should leave in a bit,” Jackie stood up, “Angelo!” She called for her son. Eventually Angelo appeared from the other room. He didn’t say a word. “You gonna take Rachel home?”

“Mom,” Rachel spoke up, “I can get home myself.”

“Nah,” Angelo said to her, “I’ll take you there. We’ll get some breakfast, my treat. I’m gonna head to the city, it’s on the way.”

Rachel acquiesced.

“We better get going,” Jackie said looking at the clock, “You know the Giovanni reputation for being punctual.” She stood up. Her underlings did the same thing.

Except Amy, “I’ll be right back.” She quickly disappeared from the room.

Jackie didn’t think much of it, but she walked over towards her daughter as the others talked amongst themselves. “I’m glad you stayed this weekend,” she smiled at Rachel. The daughter didn’t reciprocate any energy. “If you want to talk, you know where I am.” Mother Giovanni hugged her daughter. The Young Giovanni allowed her mother’s arms to embrace her and returned the affection. “I love you baby.”

“I know you do,” Rachel said in a monotone voice, “Can you let go now?”

Jackie let go of Rachel reluctantly. Not another word was spoken between them. Amy emerged into the room, now with her coat on. “All right.”


Rachel and Angelo sat in the booth of a diner. The sister took a small bite of her egg-white omelette, followed by a small sip of iced-water. The brother scarfed down a big plate of pancakes, sausage and eggs. He drank chocolate milk.

“I can’t believe you still drink chocolate milk,” Rachel nagged her brother.

Angelo was in the middle of sip when he responded. He mumbled with his mouth still full of milk. After a gulp, he explained, “You know that Muscle & Fitness magazine you always used to read?”

“Still do,” the black-hair replied with a piece of omelette in her mouth, “I just picked up a copy a couple of days ago with Arnold on the cover.”

Angelo snorted, “Arnold.” He took another drink of his chocolate milk.

Rachel looked at him like she wanted to kill him, dropping her fork, “Fuck you! Arnold is awesome. I just saw Action Pope a couple weeks ago. It was awesome!”

“I bet you it wasn’t Predator,” Angelo smiled.

“No,” Rachel agreed with him, “But what is?”

Angelo laughed slightly, “I’m curious to see that movie. Isn’t Sly Stallone in it?”

“Yeah, I think he’s like a bishop or something.”

“Now Stallone,” Angelo pointed his finger towards his sister, “He’s got it going on. The man’s 60 and he’s still got an awesome body!”

“He’s alright,” Rachel raised her arms, “But Arnold has actually buffed out too. He actually looked pretty hot for 60.”

A look of confusion came over Angelo’s face, “Wait a minute, how do you find Schwarzenegger attractive? I thought you were a lesbian?”

Rachel rolled her eyes, “Angelo you just told me you found Stallone attractive.”

“No, no, no,” Angelo waved his hands, “I didn’t say I find him attractive, I said he’s got a great body. That doesn’t make me gay.”

“Well there you go,” Rachel explained, “I can admire Arnold’s physique whether I’m gay or not.”

There were a lot of unanswered questions in Angelo’s mind, “Sis,” he really hesitated. The look on Rachel’s face betrayed her anticipation of what was to be asked, “Would you mind if I asked you some stuff?”

There was a long pause. Rachel looked down to the table like a shy child at a table full of strangers. She closed her eyes and nodded her head in disagreement, “It’s taken you 20 fucking years to finally take an interest in me Angelo?”

Angelo wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so he just asked, “What was it that turned you into a lesbian?”

Rachel had told very few people she was a lesbian for this very reason: stupid questions. Amy was curious when she found out about her sister’s sexual orientation, but she was smart enough not to ask what possessed her cousin to succumb to the evils of homo-sexuality. However, Rachel decided to discuss this with her brother:

“Like I said,” the younger sister talked quietly. The older brother moved in closer to hear her, “I call it amore-ragazze.” She began to gather her thoughts. “I mean, I don’t know. I guess I’ve been that way since birth. I just never really found guys that attractive. I mean in Schwarzenegger or Stallone’s case, I could admit they had great bodies just as you can, but I never saw myself falling for that kind of person. I guess I always saw myself as the hero getting the girl.”

Angelo nodded his head. Rachel could tell he was actually listened carefully to her, which was a stretch from Angelo’s normal attention-span.

“I don’t know Angelo. I like girls. I can’t really explain it.”

“When did you realize you liked girls?” The older brother asked sincerely.

“Ummm…” Rachel looked up and thought about it, “I think the end of middle school. I really don’t remember to tell you the… you know actually I think I might have gotten my first kiss from a girl back in elementary school, I know that sounds crazy.”

“Elementary school?”

“Yeah, but I was too young to know anything sexual related. It was high school and college where I really figured it out.” Rachel now took another sip of her water, “Now,” she put her glass down, “I’m assuming you’d like to know the details of how we,” hesitation, “Do it?”

“No,” The brother shook his head, “Especially not from my own sister. It’s weird enough just thinking about you kissing other girls. I guess,” Angelo’s voice now had a melancholy tone to it that Rachel had never heard, “I guess I don’t understand why you never told me.”

Rachel sighed. This was an easy question to answer, “I don’t understand why suddenly you’re so interested in my life Angelo. Up until you found out I was a lesbian, you never gave a shit about me.”

Harsh. Well Angelo couldn’t disagree with that. “You know what, you’re right!”

The younger sister looked at her brother like he had just revealed himself to be an alien. He was actually agreeing with her?

“I got nothing to do today, let’s hang out you and I. We’ll go to the city after we stop at your place. We’ll do some sibling bonding,”

“Why?” Rachel still had a harsh tone of voice.

Angelo had to be very careful with the words he used now, “Rachel the reason I’m so interested in this whole lesbian thing, or amore regaz… whatever… I don’t feel like I could ever connect with you before, like there was something about you that I just didn’t get and didn’t make any effort to understand why. I feel like you explaining your sexual orientation explains so much: How cold and distant you’ve always been. I suppose if you have to harbor this secret, that would drive you to keep to yourself.”

In all the years, Rachel had never heard Angelo so eloquent and intelligent.

“So let’s just hang out, you and I. Whatever you wanna do, I’ll do it with you.”

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Rachel finally cracked a smile. “I was planning on running around the park.”

Angelo laughed in a teasing way, “Prospect?”

“No Central,” Rachel quickly replied.

Angelo raised his eyebrows, “Don’t you hate crowded places?”

Rachel laughed, “So you do know something about me?”

For the first time in years, Angelo felt a stronger connection to his sister. She really wasn’t that different from him. Both of them were athletic, competitive, headstrong, they both loved women. It looked like the start of a beautiful sibling friendship.

“If we’re gonna run 6 miles,” Angelo started.

“12 miles,” Rachel snapped with a grin on her face.

Angelo stared at his sister. Desire to win was written all over her face. He returned the vibe and continued to talk, “I’m gonna need another chocolate milk.” He gestured for the waiter to come back.

Rachel shook her head.


Amy stared out of the car window trembling. The long drive out to Queens had finally reached Flushing. She couldn’t escape her step-mother’s eyes. But Charlie and Sal continued to interrupt her train of thought:

“Octopus’ Garden,” Sal shouted, “Is better than Lucy in the Sky and Hey Jude combined!”

Charlie, driving the car, found it very difficult to talk to his friend: “You know, every time I think you couldn’t possibly get any dumber, you manage to reach a new level of stupidity.”

Jackie noticed that Amy’s eyes were lost outside the window. She couldn’t listen to her capos anymore.

“Amy?” Jackie got her attention.

“Ringo sucks!” Charlie argued, “Decent drummer, I’ll give him that, but he can’t sing and he can’t write songs!”

“I’m gonna kick your ass Chaz!” Sal argued. It seemed like the two of them were about to get into a heated argument.

“Ah,” Charlie said in a calm tone, “Parking space! Our lucky day!”

“Whoa!” Sal yelped in excitement.

There was a parking space right outside Roma’s building. Charlie easily swerved into the space. “Like a boss!” He then looked behind, “Oh sorry Jackie.”

“Check out the area you two,” she ordered.

Sal and Charlie got out of the car leaving the boss and her Consigliere alone.

“Amy,” Jackie put her hand on Amy’s cheek, “Is there something you want to tell me?”

The young girl wanted nothing better than to tell her boss, her aunt, her step-mother, exactly what was going on. Apprehension covered Jackie’s face. She knew something was up. Even so, Amy couldn’t betray her sister’s secret.

“No,” Amy lied. She knew her step-mother wouldn’t buy it, but she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Are you sure?” Jackie responded.

“Yes,” Amy lied again.

The silence in the car was uncomfortable as the two of them stared each other down. A tap at the window revealed Vinnie Montana peeking into the window. Amy quickly opened the door and stepped out. Jackie took her time.

“All quiet on the western front,” Charlie spoke up.

“I think this would be the eastern front,” Sal interjected.

“You’ve lost all credibility Ringo-boy!”

“Hey,” Jackie said as she stepped out of the car, “You can continue your nerdy conversation after we go in.” She looked to her bodyguard and Consigliere, “Vinnie, Amy you two come with me.” Now to her capos, “You two wait here. Keep your eyes open. And try not to talk too much.”

Charlie and Sal watched the two of them go in.

“All right,” Sal started, “Sgt. Pepper…” And the argument went on.

Amy gained her composure, putting on her glasses. Jackie held put her hand on her step-daughter’s shoulder. “I need you Amy,” a smile came on the boss’ face. Amy smiled back and nodded her head. Jackie then shook off her smile and replaced it with her mean Giovanni poker face.

The building was nice. A big lobby with arm chairs greeted the Giovanni family as they entered. Red carpet felt their footprints. There was a full bar just down the hallway. The man at the front desk wore a shiny blue suit. He watched as Jackie Giovanni made her way towards him.

“Giovanni here to see Roma,” she said politely, but assertively.

“One second please,” the man picked up the phone.

“Nice place,” Jackie whispered to Amy. She nodded, but she was still uneasy. She looked to the giant Vinnie Montana knowing that the two of them would be fine with him around.

“Ms. Giovanni,” the blue-suited man put down the phone, “Mr. Roma has asked if your friend remain down here.” Jackie looked to Vinnie who raised an eyebrow to his boss. “With all due respect, I think Mr. Roma is afraid of him. His reputation does speak for itself.”

“All right,” Jackie said without hesitation. She looked back to her bodyguard, “Wait here.”

“You sure Don Giovanni?” Vinnie answered in a polite version of his scary voice.

“I think we’ll be all right. Come on Amy.”

Amy was now more nervous. As the two of them entered an open elevator, looked towards the giant. Vinnie looked back at her until the elevator door closed on the girls.

“Can I get you something to drink sir?” A waiter stood near Vinnie.

The giant looked down at the waiter and stared him down. Fortunately for the smaller man, Vinnie only said, “Bloody Mary.” He then turned his attention back to the room. He looked towards the man at the front desk, whose eyes shifted back towards the computer. Vinnie continued to study every corner of this room. He could see his fellow soldiers outside the glass door. He looked down to see the spotless red rug, then up to the chandeliers. He walked away from the door towards the arm chairs studying each one carefully. Eventually, the waiter returned with his drink, smiling. Most people would be trembling in Vinnie Montana’s presence, but this man seemed oddly comfortable around him. Vinnie picked up his drink and took a sip.

“Would you like to sit down sir?” The man asked.

“No,” Vinnie responded putting his drink down. He was still trying to keep his myth alive, that he never sat down.

“Are you sure?” The man said a little more menacingly.

Vinnie began to stare at the man to intimidate him. Suddenly, he felt his throat close up. The big man shook his head. He couldn’t breathe! He dropped his glass to the ground. The cranberry juice and vodka spilled all over the red rug. It got worse as Vinnie grabbed his own throat hoping to stop this odd sensation. It wasn’t helping. The waiter’s grin was now making the situation clear. The giant looked down to his spilled glass… POISON! Still struggling to breathe, he lunged towards the waiter. The man didn’t even flinch. Before the giant Vinnie could touch him, two arms grabbed his left. Another two arms grabbed his right. He was being held back. Vinnie’s dying throat was so bad, he couldn’t even scream. He thrashed around trying to break free of the men holding him. Vinnie Montana jumped around like a bull trying to shake off a rider. The two men holding him began to whine worrying that they may lose hold of him and the giant would tear all of them apart with his bare hands. But the giant’s erratic movements soon slowed down as his breathing became more and more painful. His face turned red. The veins in his neck were bulging. He began to calm down watching the waiter’s smug smile as his eyes drifted. Within a few seconds, the two men let go of the giant and he backward fell onto one of the armchairs. His head off to the side, his muscular arms dangling off the furniture. The two men and the waiter took a moment to gain their composure, and their breath. They were still shocked by what they saw.

The giant Vinnie Montana, the muscle of the Giovanni family, was now sitting in a chair.


“It’s because of his drumming that Sgt. Pepper is so good!” Sal continued to argue about Ringo being his favorite Beatle.

“So you’re saying it had nothing to do with Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting?” Charlie was getting tired of arguing with him about this. He still refused to give up.

“Anybody can drop acid and write a bunch of crazy songs. Here I’ll show you,” Sal was silent for a moment. Neither one of them paid any attention to what was going on in the building. They couldn’t see what was happening from their angle. “I wear purple glasses in the rain,” Sal sang. He was silent again until he returned, “Because my ankle is in so much pain. See I just wrote a song!”

The shorter man shook his head, “That fucking brilliant Sal,” He said sarcastically. “You should send that to Coldplay, I’m sure they’ll make a number one hit out of it.”

“No!” Sal said, “They won’t make a number one hit out of it, because they don’t have Ringo as a drummer!”

Charlie crossed his eyes, “Maybe you can make your own single and get Ringo to play on it.”

Sal pondered his partner’s comment for a minute, “Now that’s an idea!”

As time slipped on, Jackie and Amy eventually made their way down to the lobby. The elevator door opened and the two walked out with smiles on their faces.

“That was surprisingly easy,” Jackie said. She walked like she owned all of New York State.

Amy seemed to walk with more ease. She laughed a little. As they came around the corner to the lobby, the smile faded. Both of them noticed that Vinnie Montana wasn’t standing there waiting for them. “Where’s Vinnie?” she asked her boss. There was intense fear in her voice.

Jackie looked around. Her bodyguard was nowhere to been found. She could see out the door Charlie and Sal arguing as usual. Amy began to feel anxious. However, Jackie didn’t think there was anything to worry about. She tried to ignore her step-daughter’s obvious panicking.

“Excuse me,” Jackie came back to the man at the front desk, “Do you know where Vinnie went to?”

“Uh,” the man stalled, “Maybe he went to the bathroom.” He returned his sight to his computer.

Jackie saw a sign for the bathrooms. Amy looked at the armchairs off to the side. Nobody was sitting in them. Both girls knew Vinnie Montana would never sit down in public. Jackie sighed as if to say, “Now we have to wait for him.” She crossed her arms and prepared to wait for his return. But Amy’s instincts began to scream violently. She removed her glasses and looked all over the place.

“Amy when we get back,” Jackie said, “I’m gonna need you to look up-“

Amy didn’t pay any attention to her boss. She reached into her coat to feel something cold and metallic. It was no sooner that the man at the front desk disappeared from sight only to have two men come around the corner. They were definitely wise guys, mobsters. Both Amy and Jackie turned to see them advancing towards Don Giovanni. Guns were drawn. Amy immediately withdrew the item she was carrying under her jacket, a Smith & Wesson .45 that she had grabbed earlier.

She was too slow. A bullet escaped one of her enemies’ guns. Amy saw Jackie fall back slowly. Another shot escaped and the don of the Giovanni family began to slowly fall to the ground. Amy’s instincts took over. She ran towards the enemies and fired a shot. She was a good aim. The one in the center who shot first was down for the count. Amy jumped to the floor landing right on top of her step mother, acting as a human shield. The Consigliere-turned-bodyguard continued to fire shots. The other one quickly ran for cover around the corner. Amy didn’t manage to hit him. He didn’t completely disappear from sight, and as Amy’s clip began to empty, the other man prepared for retaliation. For Amy’s luck, Charlie and Sal came running into the building with their guns drawn. They began to fire without thinking and soon the other hitman was running away for his life. Sal ran after him. Charlie stayed behind looking down at his boss.

Amy now had a chance to see what damaged had been done. Jackie had been shot in the chest. She was bleeding badly, could barely catch her breath, let alone say a word. Amy herself was trying to regain her breathing. Her eyes practically popped out of their sockets. This was like some horrible nightmare. Don Giovanni was wounded badly. The Consigliere stared at her boss for a few seconds. She never thought in her life she would ever see this sight. She never thought in her life she would need to use a gun to protect someone she loved. Hundreds of images, dozens of faces, millions of scenarios began to play in her head over what was happening. Amy was only caught offguard for a few seconds before she turned back to Charlie. The young brunette tried to push her mother up to sit. The woman finally screamed in pain.

“Charlie!” Amy cried.

Charlie stood there, his gun in hand, his face pale white. He stared at his boss in utter shock. The grey-haired man paid no attention to his Consigliere.

“Charlie! For God’s sake, call a fucking ambulance!”

The Capo recollected himself and pulled out his phone.

Jackie was now seething in pain. She tried hard not to scream or cry but blood was escaping her chest and she could still barely catch a breath. Maybe her lungs were punctured.

“Take it easy mom,” Amy cried. She tried her best to stay sane. Somebody had to! “You’re gonna be okay, we’re gonna get you some help.”

“Amy!” Jackie managed to squeak out in pain. Her step-daughter tried to calm her down.

Sal came back around, “He’s gone. I don’t know where he went.” He saw his partner on the phone, his boss dying, and her niece trying to keep her alive. They weren’t paying attention to him. The brown-haired man then turned to see the wounded man who shot Don Giovanni. He recognized him, “Will?” Sal crouched down to talk to him. Was he an old acquaintance of Sal’s? Will was not longed for this world. After some time of recognition, Sal managed to gain his attention: “Will, who sent you? Who did this?”

After some hesitation. Will looked to his old acquaintance and responded:

“You know who it is!”

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Chapter 13

[Author's notes: Once again, be prepared for some intense violence.



By SomeguyJim


“So I meet this girl in Philosophy class,” Rachel told her brother. Both of them were walking out of the subway entrance on their way towards Rachel’s apartment. It was another bright blue morning. The sister was reflecting on her memories from college:

“Let’s call her… Sally.”

“What,” Angelo smirked, “You can’t tell me her real name?”

“She’s Italian and some kind of Asian, maybe Japanese, I dunno. But she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Had sort of a Gina Gershon thing going on, you know from Bound?”

“That was an awesome movie,” Angelo looked to his sister.

“I know,” Rachel smiled.

“Weren’t those the same guys who did The Matrix?”

“All right,” Rachel waved her gloved hand, “Don’t get off-track here. So word around the campfire was she liked girls. The next day I start talking to her in class. The usual stuff: ‘Hey don’t you think the teacher is a crack-head?’ That sort of thing.”

“I miss college,” Angelo smiled.

“You didn’t go to college!”

Angelo stopped walking for a second and looked off into space. Rachel stopped to wait for him. “Oh yeah,” Angelo finally realized his error and continued walking.

Rachel rolled her eyes and continued, “Well long story short, I tell her we should study together. And… forgoing some of the details, we fuck each other’s brains out at her place.”

“That’s a little more info than I needed,” Angelo admitted.

“It was fucking amazing. At the time, best sex I’d ever had in my life. But more to it, I liked this girl. She wasn’t just some one-night stand, she was actually fun to talk to, fun to hang out with. You know what I’m talking about… Well actually you probably don’t, but it was quite something.”

“So,” Angelo pried, “How did you two do in the class?”

Rachel looked at her brother like he was an idiot, “It’s not fucking important. You said you wanted to know about me, I’m telling you a story here. We both failed. But we were really into each other. I think a lot of kids in school knew we were a couple, but we didn’t publicly show that much affection. We were together all the time, held hands, but no public make-out sessions or anything. Would have been nice to eat her out in the cafeteria, but you can’t have everything.”

Angelo was very surprised at his sister. She never said anything more than two sentences to him, much less anything so private about herself. He found this all fascinating.

“So one night,” Rachel said as she and her brother came to the front of her building, “The two of us are out at this party, lots of drinking going on, among other things.” She pulled out her keys continuing her story, “The two of us are making out on the way back to my apartment. I’m drunk off my ass so I don’t bother to think about Amy.” Opening the building door, she and her brother continued their conversation up the stairs. “So our mutual cousin is sitting at her desk studying for God knows what, her glasses are on, and the two of us come barging in with our hands on each other’s boobs. I can’t for the life of me remember what Amy said, or the look on her face, but I thought she was gonna shit her pants.”

Laughter escaped the taller brother. “That’s awesome!”

The two now entered Rachel’s apartment. It was pitch black. “Let me change and we can head to the city,” she said. The black-hair threw off her coat to the ground.

“So what did you do when Amy found out about it?” Angelo asked.

“Well the two of us…”


The conversation was interrupted as a bat came crashing against Angelo’s legs. Rachel turned to see what was happening. She saw the bat now hit her brother on the back as he fell to the ground. Before she could even react, she was picked up by a strange pair of hands.

“Angelo!” She felt a pair of arms wrapped around her and struggled to get free. “Let go you fuck!” Rachel was not easy to hold on to. The arms were losing her.

“I can’t hold her!” A voice from behind her cried.

Rachel now saw a figure moving towards her. It was still hard to make him out, but she felt the hard end of a bat smack her in the stomach. The tough girl yelped in pain and lunged forward. Her captor kept hold of her. She wouldn’t cause any problems from here on out.

“You fucking assholes!” Angelo managed to squeeze out. He was having a hard time catching his breath. The figure moved back towards the brother and smacked him again with the bat. Angelo screamed again. Rachel couldn’t react to her brother’s pain at all. It seemed like the man carrying the bat would hit Angelo again.

“Snakes!” A familiar voice took over the room.

Suddenly the lights came on. The man carrying the bat was in fact Snakes, Columbo’s Consigliere. However, Snakes was covered in bandages, his nose completely busted, one of his arms in a sling. His other arm carried the bat. He seethed anger looking over Angelo. The man holding Rachel was Bobby. And who owned the voice that controlled the room? The man himself: Frank Columbo. He walked out of the bedroom slowly. A devilish hatred was in his eyes. Even in pain and unable to speak, Rachel feared the worst as she saw the man enter the living room.

“Frank,” Angelo managed to speak aloud. He was on the floor bleeding from the mouth, “You’re fucking dead Frank!”


“Shut the fuck up!” Snakes screamed as he hit Angelo again in the legs. The young Giovanni tried his best to hold his pain. His eyes shut and his teeth grinding. Rachel could only imagine what was going through her brother’s mind.

“You know Angelo,” Columbo walked across the room and pulled up a chair, “I never liked Marlon, but at least he had a sense of decency.” He now sat in his chair, “You’re nothing but a piece of shit.”

Rachel was slightly confused. Why was Angelo getting the beating? Why was he getting berated by Columbo?

“So you’re gonna kill me Frank?” Angelo tried to smile, he was struggling to breathe, “You think Gotti is gonna stand for this?”

“Gotti will stand by me,” Columbo said very matter-of-fact like.

“My sister’s apartment Frank?” Angelo spat back, “And you call me a piece of shit?”

The rival mob boss hesitated and looked around. Snakes did the same. Even Bobby couldn’t help but look around as he held onto Rachel.

“This don’t look like no princess’ mansion to me?” Snakes spoke in a nasally tone.

Frank looked back to Angelo, “You took my daughter to your sister’s place?”

Rachel became more confused. There was a long silence. Angelo’s eyes wavered back and forth. “What the fuck are you talking about?” His voice sounded sincere.

Unfortunately, Columbo jumped up from the chair. He walked towards Snakes, vehemently pulled the bat from his hands, and held it like a paddle. He smacked the heavy end of the stick right into Angelo’s face. The Giovanni son shouted in pain.

“Do I look like a fucking bitch to you?” The boss was yelling louder and more angry than anybody, even his own crew, ever heard before. He smacked Angelo again in the face. “You know what you did Angelo!” Columbo dropped the bat and pulled out his phone. He touched it a few times before he found what he was looking for. Kneeling down, the fat man pulled Angelo’s head up by his hair and shoved the phone into the boy’s blood covered face. “Why don’t you try explaining this?” Rachel didn’t even need to see the picture to know it was Angelo and Julia. “You defiled my daughter, you disgraced my family, death is too good for you!”

As Columbo stood up, letting go of Angelo’s hair, a look of realization came over the young Giovanni’s face. He clenched his teeth in pain, but it obviously wasn’t from the beating he was taking. Angelo Giovanni let out a loud sigh, knowing his end was near.

The boss of the Columbo family simply nodded his head. He picked up the bat and handed it to Snakes.

Rachel was finally able to speak up, “Frank, I did it. It was me!”

A long silence encumbered the room. Angelo now looked to his sister. A look of semi-disgust came over Columbo and Snakes’ faces as they slowly turned to look at the daughter Giovanni.

“What?” Columbo snorted.

“I’m in love with your daughter Frank. Angelo had nothing to do with it.”

“What are you sick?” Columbo spat back, “That’s disgusting! I ought to shoot you right on the spot!”

“Fine shoot me!” Rachel tried to break Bobby’s grip. “Just leave Angelo alone. He did nothing wrong!”

Columbo hesitated.

“She could be right boss,” Bobby spoke up, “The two of them were oddly affectionate with each other the other night.”

“Shut up Bobby!” The boss shouted, “Are you saying my daughter is a lesbian?”

“She IS a lesbian!” Rachel shouted back, temporarily breaking hold from Bobby, “She was hitting on me at my father’s funeral.”

Frank Columbo pulled out a gun with lightning fast reflexes. He moved towards Rachel seething in anger. Rachel closed her eyes fearing the end was near.

“Frank!” Angelo shouted in full voice. The mob boss turned around to see the son struggling to push himself up, he only manage to push his arms and chest up. He looked strong, “Leave her alone. There’s no way Gotti would pardon you for killing a civilian.” Columbo looked off to the side and thought about it.

Rachel and Angelo looked each other in the eyes. Angelo mouthed ‘I love you’ to her. Rachel began to feel tears gathering in her eyes. She mouthed ‘I’m sorry.’ Bobby took a hold of her as Frank moved back towards Angelo. He calmly knelt down and looked his rival in the eye.

“Is she telling the truth?”

The old boss of the Columbo family and Marlon Giovanni’s successor stared each other down for what must have been ten seconds and felt like an hour. How Angelo could stay so stoic with busted legs and a bruised chest was beyond any of them. But finally, Angelo answered with a cold tone of voice:


Columbo nodded his head. He realized the sister would do anything to keep her brother from dying.

“GOD DAMN IT ANGELO!” Rachel struggled to break free from Bobby. Even with Columbo’s gun pointed at her, she wouldn’t stop. “FRANK YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I’M THE ONE YOU WANT!!!” Bobby could barely restrain her.

Columbo had enough, he walked back towards the girl and smacked her in the face with his pistol. Angelo reacted, but still couldn’t get up. Rachel was now in pain.

“I don’t know what to believe!” Columbo shouted. “This whole fucking family is crazy!”

“What’s the matter Frank?” Angelo spoke with a smile on his face, “Can’t handle that fact that your own daughter wants some Giovanni in her?”

Columbo’s expression turned deadly. Rachel simply began to cry. She knew her brother was sacrificing himself to protect her.

“I mean who can blame her. Look at you?” He laughed, “You’re a fat, bald, unhappy excuse for a boss who has to assert authority over his own daughter, because God knows you ain’t getting respect from anybody else. She needed a real man in her life.”

Snakes backed away knowing full-well what was about to happen. But still, Columbo stood there with wide-eyes.

“Angelo please,” Rachel managed to squeeze out. Why now, of all times, was Angelo there for his sister?

“I gotta tell you though,” Angelo didn’t stop, “Julia’s got one hot body on her. I mean it’s a shame she covers up so much, maybe you force her to. But that beautiful figure… she obviously got it from her mother, there’s no way she inherited your ugly genes. Nice boobs too, wasn’t expecting that… And that sweet little innocent-“

Just before he could finish what he was saying, Columbo picked up the bat and vehemently beat Angelo over the head with.

“No!” Rachel cried out loud. Snakes came over and silenced her.

The two crew members watched as their boss beat the Giovanni son over and over again. He was smacking him hard, like a hammer smashing on an anvil. Angelo said nothing, but his body twitched and turned. Blood began to splatter all over the floor. Frank Columbo’s face could scare ghosts away. Rachel cried furiously, even with Snakes’ hand over her. The murdering boss just wouldn’t stop. Blow after blow after blow, nobody could live through this kind of beating. After he practically broke the bat, Frank Columbo got down on his knees and beat the kid with his own fists.

Bobby let go of Rachel and moved towards him, “Frank, that’s enough!” He tried to pull his boss away, but Frank Columbo wouldn’t stop.

“Frank!” Snakes eventually shouted out. Finally, the maniac got up, breathing like an animal and looked at Angelo Giovanni. Rachel dropped to her knees crying. Snakes allowed her to do so and walked to his boss. “You okay boss?” Frank Columbo looked at both of his crew members and said nothing.

Rachel looked at her brother. His face was covered in blood, almost unrecognizable. “Angelo,” was all she could bring herself to cry out. There was no response.

Now Columbo turned his attention to Rachel. He pulled out his gun again and pointed it towards her.

Rachel was ready for the end.

Bobby came to his side and pushed his arm down, “Frank, we can’t kill her. She’s a civilian. We’re in enough trouble with Gotti as it is.”

It was hard to diffuse this man. Both his bodyguard and his Consigliere just had to wait and see what would happen. It was a long minute of silence with Rachel staring up at him. The expression on her tear-stained face was a combination of intense sadness and shock over her brother’s death and murdering hatred for the man who was standing before her.

To her surprise, Columbo let out a loud sigh. She was crazy all right, but this girl was no threat to him or his business. He put the gun away and knelt down. The daughter of the Giovanni family was now looking eye to eye with her enemy. She stared at him wanting to rip his face off.

“Be smart!” He said to her, “I know you’ve never liked your family, so leave! I’m giving you a gift, a new life.”

Rachel couldn’t say anything. She was shivering starting at Columbo with murder in her eyes.

Columbo got up.

“Let’s get out of here,” Snakes said. “My arm is killing me.”

Without saying another word, the three men walked out of the apartment closing the door behind them.

Rachel was now alone in her silent apartment. She crawled over to check Angelo. He was completely motionless. She shook him, no response. While crying her eyes out, she put her hand to his neck. There was no pulse. Her brother was gone.

She spent the next few minutes crying next to him.

Eventually Rachel heard her phone ring. It took a long time for her to bring her head up and pull it out of her pocket. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Amy’s name appeared on the screen. Rachel didn’t want to answer, she knew what the conversation would be like. Reluctantly, the sister answered her phone:

“Amy,” Her voice was sad.

“Rachel listen to me,” Amy’s voice was unusually panicky, “Mom’s been shot.” Rachel’s grief was replaced with shock. “We’re on our way the hospital in Cypress Hills, we’re still in Flushing. I need you to get over there. Okay?”

Rachel began to cry again. “Amy!” She cried.

“Rachel?” Amy was concerned for her sister. She never sounded this horrified, “It’s okay we’ll get her to the hospital, she’ll-“

“He’s dead!” Rachel cried.

There was a short pause.

“Who’s dead?” Amy demanded.

A long shortness of breath came over Rachel before she finally responded, “Our brother!”

There was a long pause on the phone. It might have seemed like the call was dropped, but Rachel didn’t say a word. She just looked back at Angelo. And now her mother too? How could this be happening? It was all her fault too!

“Where are you?” Amy finally responded strongly.

“My place,” Rachel managed to squeeze out.

“Is anybody else there?”

Rachel didn’t answer, she just started to cry again.

“Listen to me Rachel! Stay there!” Her sister told her, “I’ll get somebody out there soon. I gotta get back to mom.”

The phone hung up.

Rachel had seen her brother beaten to death before her eyes. Her mother had been shot, mostly likely by some of Columbo’s men. Who else would be killed in this war?

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Chapter 14

[Author's notes: So I wrote almost the entire chapter and then lost everything on my computer… So I had to write it all over again from memory. Wasn't fun!



By SomeguyJim


Amy Giovanni sat in a private waiting room holding her jade necklace in her hand. She always kept it hidden under her shirt, but felt like rubbing it between her fingers. Normally, the brains behind the Giovanni family would be analyzing everything that had just transpired, formulating her next move. But now, she was in shock. Getting her wounded step-mother rushed from Flushing to the hospital in Cypress Hills was intense. Jackie had been rushed into the emergency room immediately into surgery. The Consigliere personally made sure that her boss was getting A class treatment. Some time later, Rachel had been rolled in. She was bruised and beat up, but no serious injuries to attend to.

Angelo never made it to the hospital. Rachel didn’t know what happened to him, she only saw his face one more time before the coroner placed her brother in a body bag.

Dealing with her wounded boss and step-mother was frightening enough, but learning about her step-brother’s death led the calm collected Amy Giovanni to break down in her private waiting room. She wasn’t loud, but emotions were getting the best of her. Shortness of breath, clenched teeth, teary eyes, it felt so uncomfortable. The memories she had worked so hard to repress began to resurge. Amy was too young to fully comprehend her father’s death. Uncle Marlon had always been like a father to her. However, Amy remembered her mother, Jade. When her mother was in the hospital for months on end, Marlon, Jackie and Angelo were all there for her. Losing her mother could have destroyed Amy forever had it not been for her wonderful uncle’s family. Marlon had only left her a month ago, the most devastating loss since her mother. Now her brother… her step-mother in critical condition. Why were her loved ones being taken away from her? She couldn’t help but cry.

That is until Rachel came into the room: her closest cousin, her most distant sister.

Amy immediately hid her necklace back in her shirt and wiped her face away; trying her best to hide the tears from her eyes. She quickly grabbed her glasses lying on the table next to her and appeared somewhat composed. Rachel’s eyes were slightly closed. A bandage was on her cheek where Columbo had smacked her. She was holding her stomach, but otherwise she appeared fine.

Amy sniffed before she asked, “Are you okay?”

Rachel sighed and sat down, “What the fuck do you think Amy?”

The brunette didn’t know how to reply. In fact neither of them said anything for a long time. Finally, Rachel began to break down into tears. She held them back as best she could, but Amy noticed it. She picked up her chair and moved it closer to her sister. Rachel immediately clang to Amy,

“This is all my fault Amy!” She began to cry heavier, “It’s all my fucking fault! Angelo’s dead because of me! Mom’s in the hospital because of me! It’s all my fault!”

“Rachel,” Amy tried to get a word in still holding onto her sister. What was she going to say? It practically was Rachel’s fault.

“I’m a f…” Rachel was begin to grow hysterical barely breathing inbetween whining, “It’s my fucking fault!”  She said it over and over like a broken record.

Amy spoke up, “Rachel stop it!” Her voice was very commanding as she nudged Rachel’s face up, “Okay? What’s done is done.” She still couldn’t talk over Rachel’s hysteria.

“I don’t want to be here Amy! I can’t take it! I can’t TAKE IT!”

“LISTEN TO ME!” Amy jumped up from her chair grabbing Rachel by the shirt. The younger girl winced in pain from her stomach, but she was shocked at Amy’s intensity. She had never seen her cousin this angry and intense. The Consigliere’s voice was not loud, but certainly intimidating, “LISTEN TO ME RACHEL! We are going to get through this! Okay?” By now, Rachel’s hysteria was dying down. “Angelo was as much a brother to me as he was to you, but screaming about it isn’t going to bring him back.”

Amy began to loosen up her grip, tears began to form in her own eyes, “I need you, Rachel.”

Rachel began to take deep breaths.

“Breathe,” Amy sat back down and dried her eyes.

The other sister managed to calm down slightly, “What are we going to do Amy?”

Amy sighed and closed her eyes. She didn’t speak for a few seconds, “I don’t know yet.”

“Ms. Giovanni?” The voice of a doctor came in. She opened her eyes and saw the tall doctor standing in the doorway.

“Hold on,” Amy got up and led the doctor into the hallway.

Rachel couldn’t see or hear her sister and the doctor. She was trapped with her own thoughts and shame. The guilt made her sick to her stomach.

“Rachel,” she looked up to see Charlie holding a fast food bag. He put the bag down on the table and held his arms out for Rachel to stand up. She reluctantly did and allowed her mother’s colleague to hug her. “My God!” is all he could bring himself to say. Charlie’s embrace was soothing, but not even to keep her stomach from turning. He let her go.

Sal also walked towards her and gave her a hug. “Poor Angelo,” he embraced her as tight as he could, “The kid was in a bodybag the minute I got-“

“Ow!” Rachel pushed him away holding her sides.

“Oh sorry!” Sal said keeping his distance. “I’m sorry Rachel!”

“It’s fine Sal,” She sat back down still holding her sides.

“Don’t worry Rachel,” Sal reassured her, “That fucking cocksucker Columbo is gonna pay for what he did!”

Charlie pulled a couple of burgers out of the bag, handing one to Sal, “Let’s worry about Jackie first. Any word from the doctor?”

“Amy’s talking to him,” She answered. Charlie handed her a burger but she waved her hand.

“You should eat up kid,” the grey-haired capo suggested, “You’ve been through a lot, need your strength.”

“I’m not hungry Charlie!” She spat back at him.

“All right, all right,” He backed up. “Took us a fucking hour at this burger joint. I went straight to the line, they told me to go to the back.” He raised his arms in protest.

“That’s bullshit!” Sal agreed. Rachel tried to tune both of them out.

“Fucking Giovanni family goes into a restaurant, you give them whatever the fuck they want!”

“There’s no loyalty in this town anymore!” Sal said.

“Fucking burger joint,” Charlie pulled out another burger from the bag, “Think they’re fucking Wall Street, they can push anyone around?”

“Fucking pieces of shit!” The taller man spoke up.

Rachel finally got tired of Charlie’s whining, “So why do you keep going there if you hate it so much?”

There was a short pause. Charlie and Sal looked at each other, “Cause,” Sal said, “They make a good burger!” He then took a bite and moaned slightly, “Amazing!”

“Best burger in Brooklyn without a doubt!” Charlie took a bite as well.

“Oh yeah! In the world maybe!”

“Eh… I dunno,” Charlie waved his hand slightly, “You ever had an In-N-Out Burger? West Coast?”

Sal scratched his chin, “Those are good…”

As annoying as these two were, Charlie and Sal’s meaningless dialog was helping Rachel get her mind off of her mother and brother. Unfortunately, Amy came back in.

“Hey guys,” Amy looked drained. Charlie handed her the other burger which Amy took without questions. Without looking at the others she took one bite and picked up a soda as well. “So the doctor’s working on her. It’s not looking great.”

Sal opened up his mouth, “What’s wrong?”

Amy now sat down next to Rachel taking another bite of her burger. She offered a bite to her sister, but she turned it down again. Amy dunked her soda down, gulped, and spoke up. “Long story short, they can keep her alive, but she’s gonna be in a coma.”

“Fuck!” Charlie said. This was going to be a long night…


The door was closed. A few men stood outside it. Amy and Rachel had been sitting in the same chairs, Sal and Charlie were now seated next to each other away from the girls.

“All our sources said Frank is held up in some hotel in Midtown Manhattan.”

“Safest place he can be,” Amy was now drinking water.

“Why is he hiding in Manhattan?” Rachel asked, “Shouldn’t he be on a plane to Lilyhammer by now?”

“Because he knows we can’t touch him in Manhattan,” Amy turned to her sister, “Otherwise Gotti will take us out for killing him on his territory.”

There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment. Charlie pulled out a cigarette before speaking up:

“Well Amy, your in charge with Jackie out of commission. What do we do?”

Charlie lit his cigarette, and another uncomfortable silence came over the room. Amy sighed feeling the weight of the world now on her shoulders. She never expected to be head of the family, but she was ready to do what was necessary:

“Not much we can do right now. Like I said, Gotti will kill us if we go after Columbo.”

“Fuck Gotti!” Sal’s temper began to rise, “Columbo killed Vinnie, he damn near killed Jackie.”

“I know Sal,” Amy tried to keep Sal from getting emotional, but he couldn’t be contained. His voice got louder and louder:

“The woman’s like a sister to me. I’m the one who put Marlon and her together!”

“No you’re not,” Charlie spoke up.

“And Angelo,” Sal now began to gather tears in his eyes, he tried his best to hide it. Holding his hand to his mouth he continued, “The kid was like a fucking son to me!” He began to break down in tears; a sight none of them had ever seen before. Charlie embraced his friend, holding his smoke out.

Amy was speechless. She felt like breaking down in tears herself, but she felt the need to stay strong.

Rachel did begin to weep, “This is all my fault guys!”

“Don’t say that Rachel!” Sal sat up and tried to gain composure, “It’s not your fault. What happened was between Angelo and Columbo.”

“He’s right Rach,” Charlie pulled out a hankercheif. Sal took it and blew his nose.

“Guys,” Rachel hesitated, “Angelo is dead because of me!”

“Rachel,” Amy looked to her. Once again, Rachel could read Amy’s mind. The younger sister wanted nothing more than to confess her horrible secret. Her Amore Ragazze relationship with Julia had caused Angelo’s death. The brother sacrificed himself because of her. She wanted to shout it out at the top of her lungs for the whole world to hear. Maybe somehow she would unburden herself. But Amy had bigger problems to deal with. She was now the de facto head of the family. So the injured sister brought her head down. By now, both Sal and Charlie were staring curiously at her.

Amy stood up holding her head up high, “Listen guys, this has without a doubt been a terrible day. But going after Columbo isn’t going to bring Angelo back or get Jackie out of this hospital. As cold as it may sound, I think we have to focus on business moving forward as Gotti always says.”

Some grumbles came out of Sal and Charlie.

Amy brought her head down and groaned, “Look, by being diplomatic and civil, we may win some points with Gotti and gain some ground. We’ve lost our muscle, we’re gonna need to do some serious rebuilding.”

“You may be right,” Charlie said.

“Only,” Amy sat back down, “We’re gonna need to find an acting boss.”

Charlie, Sal and even Rachel looked curiously at Amy. “Amy you should be the acting boss, you’re the brains of the family.”

“I’m better suited to be an advisor. I don’t have the balls to be a boss.”

“You don’t have any balls period!” Rachel interjected.

“Thank you Rachel,” Amy said sarcastically.

“I don’t know who else in the family,” Charlie pondered back in his chair, “Is suited for the job.”

“I can be the boss,” Sal raised his hand in enthusiasm.

Amy stared at him uncomfortably, “Thank you Sal, that…” She hesitated, “That might not work.”

Sal slow and apprehensively put his hand down.

For a moment Amy looked to Rachel. Rachel looked back at Amy. This time, neither of them could tell what the other was thinking. Within a few seconds, Amy shook her head and looked back to the others, “We’re gonna need to have a meeting soon with the other families. We need to take away some of Columbo’s power. That would be five times worse than killing him. And somebody’s going to have to step up for us.”


A week had gone by. Angelo and Vinnie had been buried, Jackie remained comatose in the hospital. And standing in a lobby outside a large round-table room were the grieving members of the Giovanni family: Amy Giovanni, assumed to be the acting boss, in a black pantsuit, Charlie and Sal in matching black suits, and Rachel in a black trench coat with black leather gloves. Rachel was more there as a symbol than anything else. The family was surrounded by a number of bodyguards.

After some small talk with members of the five families, the doors opened and  the meeting began.

“Sit tight,” Amy whispered to her sister as she began to walk in.

Rachel stayed in the lobby watching everyone move inside: her family, Don Gotti, and Columbo’s crew. Frank Columbo walked right by her with Snakes, Bobby and more men next to him. Columbo looked bigger than ever, but turning his head to see the woman who had witnessed his murder made his eyes widen. Likewise seeing the man who killed her brother caused Rachel’s eyes to burn with rage. A second or two of staring seemed like an hour. Columbo attempted to ignore her and walk in without a care. The door closed behind them and Rachel was left alone.

“Well,” Gotti stood up and spoke. He looked to Amy who was seated not far from him, with Charlie and sal seated closeby. “This isn’t going to be easy. First Amy, I want to offer my condolences to Angelo and let you know my prayers are with Jackie.”

“Thank you Don Gotti,” Amy appeared a little more intimidating than she usually did, her face was not covered by glasses. Unfortunately, Amy’s kind nature couldn’t produce an menacing poker face.

Gotti looked to Columbo, seated on the other side of the table more unremorseful than ever. A large amount of disdain could be seen in Gotti’s eyes, but he had to be diplomatic. He looked back towards Amy, “I’m sure Frank would like to explain his actions…”

“We know all about his actions,” Sal spoke up. Amy tried to calm him down.

“Let me know next time someone rapes YOUR daughter,” Frank spoke, “Then you can talk about-“

“Raped your daughter?” Sal stood up, “Frank you lying cocksucker!”

Just before a big argument broke out, Gotti stopped it, “ENOUGH!” His presence was still as powerful as ever. Columbo and Sal sat down. “Frank,” Gotti was very direct with him “You are in no position to argue. Even if Angelo did what you say he did, you killed Vinnie Montana, a made man, and you almost killed Jackie, a boss. You know better than that.”

“She was on my turf!” Columbo whined.

“And you should have come to me about it. It would have been dealt with.” Gotti turned to address everyone, “You all have to understand something. This isn’t the 1940s anymore. Hell this isn’t even the 1970s! New York is Disneyland now. The Mets are playing in Queens, college kids walking around Brooklyn. The cops have their eyes on us 24/7. We have to watch what we do people! If we want business to move forward, we can’t allow these pre-war scuffles to take place, especially between The Giovanni and Columbo family. Media’s already having a field day with Jackie out of commission.” Gotti took a deep breath and sit down. “Now before we get moving here, I gotta ask you Amy, who’s acting boss for the Giovanni family?”

“I am for now,” Amy said, “My top priorities-“

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Columbo spoke up, “Another fucking woman as the boss?”

Gotti finally had it. He got out of his chair in anger and walked towards Columbo’s. He looked down on him, “If you don’t keep your mouth shut, I’m gonna cut your fucking nuts off!”

For once in his life, Frank looked like a scared child. In fact everyone looked frightened. Gotti was not known for being so direct with his fellow mobsters. Obviously, Columbo’s actions had caused Gotti a lot of problems. How he managed to keep the cops off these murders was beyond a mystery. Sal and Charlie looked to each other smiling, but Amy remained stoic.

The long silence was broken as Don Genovese stood up, “Don Gotti,” His groggily voice and white shiny hair commanded authority, “All due respect, I think Don Columbo might have a point. Amy seems to have been a fine Consigliere, but I’m not sure she’s boss material.”

“She’s fine Ralph,” Charlie spoke up.

“Look the boss has to command some authority, like a king. Marlon was a strong authority figure. And Jackie proved herself to be a convincing boss, but I don’t see that in this girl. No disrespect.”

Amy sighed.

“Usually the son,” another man spoke up, “Or in this case the daughter, automatically takes up the position no questions asked, but technically she’s not Marlon’s real daughter.”

“My mother was Marlon’s sister.” Amy reassured everyone.

“Columbo murdered Marlon’s son remember?” Sal spoke up again.

Gotti held his hand out and sat down, “Well everyone makes a good point. You’re a great addition to this organization Amy, but I do have my reservations about you being boss.”

Amy nodded her head slightly. Charlie nudged her as if to say ‘What are you doing?’

“We’ll find somebody,” Amy spoke.

“Amy?” Sal whispered.

“All right well let’s get some business taken care of,” Gotti said, “Maybe you can prove yourself worthy Amy.”

Outside, Rachel could hear everything. Amy was getting bullied by everyone, maybe she wasn’t the right person for the job. Business talk continued.


A feminine voice Rachel recognized instantly. She turned around and saw Julia dressed in all white. She looked more sad than ever. Seeing her girlfriend made Rachel’s stomach turn. Here was the girl responsible for the death of her brother. Because of this girl, her mother was in the hospital. Her sister was now struggling to keep the family afloat. She was nothing but trouble. Rachel wanted to turn back to the door and keep her ear on what was going on. But she couldn’t look away. That beautiful innocent angelic face. It wasn’t really Julia’s fault. She didn’t kill anyone. And for that matter, Rachel hadn’t really done anything wrong other. It was unfortunate a girl like this had a father so crazy. Two conflicted views. Rachel said nothing.

“I’m so sorry,” Julia sounded like she was about to start crying.

Rachel remained cold. She couldn’t handle Julia’s immaturity right now, “So am I.” She turned to face the door again.

A loud sigh came from behind her. Soon footsteps lead to a handhold, “Rachel he knew from the getgo. He saw the marks on my neck. He locked me in my room, took my phone away, I couldn’t get to you.”

“Julia,” As beautiful as that voice was, Rachel wouldn’t turn around, “What’s done is done.”

A long pause.

“Look at me Rachel!” Julia tried to spin her girlfriend around.

Rachel could now see her face, filled with guilt.

“I understand if you hate me, but just tell me if you do.”

Rachel sighed, looking down at Julia’s dress and then back to her face, “I don’t hate you Julia.”

“Rachel,” Julia was now very direct. She hugged her girlfriend, “Let’s get out of here. We’ll run away, far from this city. We’ll go to California. We’ll live in Venice!” She looked her in the eye and smiled, “You’ve always wanted to leave this city. Let’s just get the hell out here! We’ll be gone before they ever knew we left.”

It sounded like something she always wanted, but Rachel couldn’t leave her sister behind. She was all she had.

“Look,” Julia pulled out her camera. With her usual white gloves on, she scrolled over a few pictures until she found what she was looking for, “I saved this just like you asked.” Julia smiled.

Rachel took the camera with her black gloves and saw the picture of Julia and her kissing in the middle of times square.

For what must have been ten seconds, Rachel stared into the camera. Her mind was turning. A realization, some revelation was bringing light before her eyes. In that moment, Rachel realized what she wanted to do.

“Rachel?” Julia tried to bring back her attention.

“Has your father seen this picture?”

“No thank God,” Julia spoke up, “Why don’t we-“

Before Julia could finish her thought, Rachel put the camera in her pocket and stormed into the office. Her and Julia were now in plain sight as everyone’s heads turned. The bodyguards all immediately stood up in panic, but relaxed when seeing the girls. Gotti stood up as did Amy.

“Rachel?” Amy said.

Columbo didn’t stand up, but his eyes were fixated on her. Rachel stared directly into Frank’s eyes as she walked towards her family. Julia stayed in the doorway. The young black-haired girl addressed everyone in the room.

“I am Rachel Giovanni,” Her deep voice sounded off better than Amy’s. A strong somewhat frightening presence surrounded her, “Daughter of Marlon and Jackie Giovanni and sister to the late Angelo Giovanni.”

“Rachel,” Amy whispered discretely, “What are you doing?”

Rachel spoke to everyone in the room with guts:

“And I am the acting boss of this family!”

Commotion overtook the room. Pure panic overtook Columbo’s eyes. Rachel turned to see Julia in the doorway standing with a frown.

“Hold it, hold it!” Gotti tried to get everyone’s attention. Eventually the noise died down and he looked to the black haired girl, “Rachel would you explain yourself please?”

“I believe someone already explained,” Rachel had a certain coolness to her, “That the boss’s son, or in my case daughter, takes up the position no questions asked.”

Silence overtook the room. Rachel looked down to Amy and smiled. Amy couldn’t help but smile back.

Don Genovese stood up, “I thought you were a civilian? You know nothing about the family business!”

Rachel laughed and looked at him, “Are you really that naïve? I was born into this business. I’ve been listening to my father ramble on about the family before I learned to walk. My mother, brother and sister talked about it non-stop. I know almost everything about the family business. And what I don’t know, Amy knows. That’s why she’s the perfect Consigliere.”

Amy felt a sense of power and command coming back to the Giovanni family.

“Don Gotti,” Columbo spoke, “May I please say something?”

Gotti nodded his head. Rachel smiled and watched Columbo make a fool of himself.

“Look this has gone on long enough! All right, this is the mob, not some equal opportunities for women bullshit. I refuse to work with a girl so young, inexperienced and related to that asshole who raped my daughter.”

Julia sighed hearing her father’s lies.

“Raped your daughter,” Rachel shook her head, “Frank you are the most impulsive, reactionary man in this organization. I know for a fact Angelo didn’t rape Julia. He didn’t touch her, he didn’t even talk about touching her.”

“He fucking confessed it to me,” Columbo spat back at her, “He gloated about it.”

“I know that,” Rachel said, “I was there!”

A gasp came over the room. Gotti gave Rachel his full attention. Nobody knew that Rachel was in the room when Columbo killed her brother. That made things complicated.

“Julia,” Rachel looked to her standing in the doorway, “Did Angelo-“

“Leave her out of this,” Julia’s father shouted.

“She’s a grown woman Frank,” Rachel looked back to him, “Stop treating her like she’s six years old. Julia,” Rachel looked back to her. Julia looked nervous standing in the doorway with all eyes on her. “Did Angelo do anything to you?”

Julia looked more nervous than ever. Her father’s eyes were on her, the mafia boss’s Amy’s and Rachel’s eyes. But Rachel was the one person in the room Julia had to help. And so Julia mustered up enough courage to speak up:


Another gasp from the room, talking amongst themselves.

“I was with Rachel that night,” Julia spoke up again.

“Don’t lie Julia,” Columbo was getting angry, “I found a mark on your neck!”

Rachel pulled out Julia’s camera. The blone became frightened watching her girlfriend walk towards her father. Fortunately nobody was looking at her frightened face. Rachel turned it on and placed it right in front of Columbo’s eyes. Only He, Snakes and Bobby could see the picture of Rachel and Julia kissing in the middle of Times Square. Frank Columbo began to hyperventilate. Gotti and some of the others tried to catch a glance of it. Rachel pulled the camera away mouthing to Don Gotti and her family, ‘I’ll show you later.’

“What what is it?” One of the mobsters spoke up.

“Not important,” Rachel put the camera away. Columbo was absolutely speechless. “What’s important is that we get down to some business. Now as I’m sure you’re all aware, my Consigliere and sister Amy knows Wall Street inside and out.” By now Amy was smiling towards Sal and Charlie. “With her brains and my command, we’ll have Wall Street working for us in no time. My friend Mr. Columbo seems to think killing people for the wrong reasons is more important than business. That’s why I propose that all Columbo operations in the financial district be turned over to the Giovanni family.”

Columbo still said nothing.

“Rachel,” Gotti spoke, “I admire your confidence, but forgive me if I feel your just out to avenge the death of your brother.”

“Don Gotti,” Rachel spoke eloquently, “I can’t say I’m not angry about my brother, or my mother for that matter. But I do know that what’s done is done and vengeance will not change anything. This is about Columbo’s ability to lead. As you always say, business must move forward. You all knew my father to be a man of loyalty, my mother as well, well I would just do the same thing they did. And with Amy beside me, we’re going to make a lot of money. I know you all like that. And please don’t think down on me because I’m a woman or young. I simply want to work with all of you fine gentlemen to make the most out of our profits.”

Somehow the other members of the family forgot that Rachel was a young woman and saw Marlon Giovanni’s offspring.

“I believe Rachel’s strong personality speaks for itself,” Amy added standing up beside her.

“I still have my reservations about this,” Don Gotti held his hands together, “But I’ll see where you two can take this family.” He looked to Columbo, still silent. “And I’m going to see Columbo’s operations in Wall Street administered by you.”

“John!” Frank yelled out.

“I’m sorry Frank,” Gotti looked to him, “But you have no one to blame but yourself.”

“She’s a-” Frank yelled again, but stopped.

Everyone wondered what he was going to say, but Columbo didn’t want to admit that his own daughter was in a lesbian relationship with Rachel Giovanni. And so he got up from the table and stormed out of the room.

“Frank sit down!” Gotti called to him.

Snakes also got up. Just as Columbo got to the doorway, he yanked his daughter by the hand and pulled her away with him. Snakes followed closely.

Julia and Rachel shared one last glance before she disappeared around the corner.

“I’m very sorry Don Gotti,” Bobby said as he stood up.

“You and I should talk soon,” Gotti said to him before the younger Columbo bodyguard walked outside closing the door behind him.

“All right,” Rachel said as she pushed Sal out of the way and sat down, “Let’s get to work.”

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Chapter 15

[Author's notes: Sorry this took so long, but I’ve made this chapter quite long. The story is getting close to being finished.

I warn you, this next chapter has sex and violence, though not necessarily at the same time.



By SomeguyJim


“You think you can come in here and muscle me?”

Amy Giovanni stood in the office of another Wall Street tycoon in a lighter blue pants-suit and glasses. Her professional, non-threatening demeanor was still intact. A giant muscle-man stood next to her silently, but was not nearly as intimidating as the great Vinnie Montana. The man behind the desk on the 19th floor of his skyscraper was angry, but this was a conversation Amy had been through many times. She looked up from a paper she had pulled out of her briefcase.

“Mr. Keating,” Amy took her glasses off, “You’re being completely unreasonable.”

“I’m being unreasonable?” Keating yelled back. He picked up his cell-phone, “How’s about I call my lawyer and we’ll let the courts decide what’s reasonable?”

The new bodyguard thought about moving towards him, but couldn’t move unless the Consigliere gave the word. And so far, Amy was just standing there watching the man call his lawyer.

A fast swing of the door revealed an intimidating looking black-haired young woman in a black leather jacket, black fedora, black gloves, black boots with jeans and a Joan-Jett t-shirt. Amy turned around and watched her sister move towards the desk. Keating was still holding his phone. The woman’s black gloved hand snatched it from the businessman and threw it into the wall. The phone shattered into pieces.

Keating was now scared, “Security-“ but his cry was shortened as the woman smashed his head into his desk. He now sat in the chair holding his head in pain. His forehead was bleeding. Amy took her briefcase off the table and stepped back.

“Listen to me closely Zuckerberg,” Rachel commanded. She was not shouting but her voice was very intimidating. She pointed to Amy, “When this woman tells you to give her money, you give her money!” She now pointed towards Keating who looked scared out of his mind, “You don’t argue with her, you just give her the money! Capisce?”

“You have no right to do this to me!” Keating spat back, “This is America!”

Rachel picked up Keating’s chair pushing him out of it. She threw the chair clear through the window. Even the bodyguard looked intimidated by Rachel’s actions.

“Somebody,” Keating screamed from the floor, “Help me!”

Amy had seen Vinnie Montana beat people senselessly and her brother scream at people many times without batting an eye. But watching her sister do both jobs at the same time with such intensity made her sweat. She closed her briefcase and decided to exit the office closing the door behind her. Rather than pulling out a book, she simply stood by the closed door watching the workers all standing up in silent terror. Amy still looked apathetic about what was going on inside.

Suddenly, the people around her reacted to sounds of breaking glass and God-knows what else was going on in there. Finally, they heard their boss scream “Oh God please don’t drop me! Oh God!”

“I need to remind you Zuckerberg,” Amy could hear her sister quoting COMMANDO, “This is my weak arm!”

“Please!” Everyone could hear Keating scream, “I’ll give you whatever you want just don’t let me fall!”

“Where is it?”

“Please let me back in!”

“Where is it?”

“I’ll get it for you-“


Suddenly, things got quiet. Amy could hear some muttering going on, realizing that Keating had come to his senses. The Consigliere’s deadpan stare intimidated the workers around her, but they wouldn’t walk away. It didn’t take long until the door opened.

Rachel Giovanni stood in the doorway with her bodyguard behind her. Holding a large envelope in her black gloved hands, she stared at everyone in the office. Her eyes commanded fear. She stood in her black outfit as if she ran all of New York. In only a split second of staring at the office-workers, everyone walked away silently. The new boss of the Giovanni family didn’t say anything. She just nodded to Amy and began to walk out of the office as her Consigliere and bodyguard followed her.


“We’ve got Columbo by the balls now!” Sal laughed before he took a bite of his Rigatoni dish.

He and Charlie sat next to each other at a table in Patsy’s with Rachel and Amy across from them. Two bodyguards stood near the table. They were dressed lighter for the end of the warm August summer in short-sleeved shirts. However, Rachel retained her black leather coat.

“The city’s scared shitless of you Rachel,” Charlie spoke up taking a sip of red wine. Setting it down, he continued to praise his boss, “Columbo wanted to play ruff, by this time tomorrow, he’ll be thrown out of New York.”

Rachel sat in the chair opposite Charlie staring at her food. She hadn’t said a word since they sat down. Her eyes barely moved.

“Why’s that?” Amy asked the grey-haired man sitting across from her.

Charlie put his glass down and pointed towards his Consigliere, “Word around the campfire is that there may be a power-shift in the Columbo family. A lot of people aren’t happy with how Frank’s been operating this past year. They’re not too crazy about Snakes either.”

Rachel continued to stare.

“Snakes is an idiot!” Sal said with his mouth full.

“Sal,” Charlie turned to his friend in a patronizing manner, “Didn’t your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full? I mean she should have told you not to talk at all-”

“Hey you talk with your mouth full all the time!” Sal interrupted.

“I do not!”

“Sure, once the guy cums in your mouth, you’re all like, ‘I want more!’”

Amy snickered, but Rachel threw her napkin to the table and got up, “All right, I’m outta here.” She looked really mad.

“Ah Rachel,” Sal stood up, “I apologize, I didn’t mean to be out of line or anything.”

“Yeah,” Charlie stood up as well, “You know Sal, he doesn’t think before he speaks. In fact, he doesn’t think at all!”

Amy stood up watching Rachel walk into the aisle ignoring everyone. One of her bodyguards began to follow her out before she turned around and screamed, “Don’t follow me!”

“Rachel,” Amy said as she followed her sister. Rachel was ignoring her walking towards the exit. “You okay?”

“I wanna be alone,” Rachel kept walking until both of them were outside in sunny humid weather.

“You shouldn’t be by yourself Rach,” Amy pleaded, “You need some protection.”

Rachel turned around and stared angrily at her cousin, “Amy, I’m not the fucking Pope, all right? I just want to go out by myself without anyone else around me!” She stormed off. People around them were staring. A couple tourists took pictures.

Amy stood there watching her walk away as Sal and Charlie met her outside. Amy couldn’t understand what was wrong with her sister. The leather-covered boss had nearly beaten a man to death earlier and now she was ditching her colleagues to roam the streets of New York by herself.

“Hey Rachel,” Sal said as he held up his dish, “You can have my Rigatoni!”


Jackie Giovanni was still in a coma, lying in the hospital bed. A blue blanket covered her with a feeding tube and ECG connected to her. Her face was white, her eyes closed. She looked just as her husband Marlon Giovanni did at his own funeral, maybe even worse. Rachel Giovanni sat beside her.

“Pretty much out of the picture by now,” She was bringing her mother up to date on the family business. Rachel didn’t know why she was telling her comatose mother about everything that was going on. Maybe somehow she could still hear her.

Rachel laughed slightly, “Don’t you think this is kinda weird?”

She paused waiting for her mother to respond. There was only silence.

“I mean,” Rachel spoke very slowly with a smile on her face, “Who would have thought problem-child Rachel Giovanni would be dangling some guy out the window for the family business?”

Rachel was still waiting for Jackie to say something.

The black-haired girl looked up at the light, squinting slightly, “Rachel Giovanni… Boss!” She looked back down at her mother, “Sounds kinda cool doesn’t it?” She laughed again.

Jackie’s silence caused the younger Giovanni to sigh and stand up. She didn’t say anything, but paced around the room for a minute. Rachel had gotten somewhat used to talking to her mother in this state by now, but it still wasn’t easy. Nothing was easy since the incident.

“How did you and dad do it?” Rachel moved towards her mother. She was hesitating between sentences, “How do you be the boss of a gang? Did you ever feel shame or regret for the things you guys did?” Still no answer. “If dad could see me now,” she paused and pondered, “Actually I don’t know if he’d be proud of me or just laugh at me. And of course, sweet innocent Amy gets to look all cute and smart while I’m breaking legs. God forbid she should have blood on her hands.” Rachel held up her black-gloved hands. “I’m wearing gloves all the time, help hide the blood!”

Rachel looked at her gloves and snorted. She sat back in her chair.

“You know,” she said looking back at her mother, “I slept with Julia Columbo.” There was obviously no answer from her mother, but Rachel almost snapped at her, “Did you hear what I said? I said I fucked Frank Columbo’s daughter! We’re in love,” she said the last line in a teasing sort of way. “I’m sure dad would love to know that I slept with his mortal enemy’s daughter.”

Jackie’s closed eye-lids moved slightly but rapidly. Rachel had seen this before, it was rare, but wasn’t anything to get her hopes up. Regardless, Rachel felt like her mother could somehow understand what she was saying and maybe even reacting.

“You didn’t know,” Rachel hesitated, “You and dad didn’t know I was…” she remembered the phrase Julia had told her, “Amore Ragazze?”

The eyelids of the sleeping boss were still rapidly moving slightly.

“Well I wanted it that way.” She sighed and let her head fall behind the chair, “It’s my fault mom! It’s my fault you’re in here! It’s my fault Angelo is dead!” She tried as best she could not to allow herself to cry. “It’s my own fault I’m now head of this fucking family!” She raised her hands in anger, “And you know what the worst part is? I still like her! Julia… I still miss her! I sit in bed every night thinking about her… I don’t think I need to explain what context I’m thinking of her in, much less what I’m doing while thinking of her.”

The eyelids moved even more rapidly. It was getting harder and harder for Rachel to watch her mother’s eyes. The young boss’ teeth began to grind. She looked at her mother with such disdain that she had never felt before. Finally she screamed at the top of her lungs. She jumped up and slammed her hand against the doorway.

“NURSE!” Rachel shouted as she walked outside, “What’s wrong with her fucking eyes?”


Her old apartment looked so foreign to her now. Rachel had not been back by herself since her brother was killed, probably for good reason. But now, here she was, boss of the Giovanni family, standing outside an apartment in Williamsburg. The black-haired boss was somewhat shaken from her trip to hospital. In fact, her gloved hand was shaking as she pushed the key into the building door. It turned out her mother was fine; the eye movement a semi-normal occurrence for comatose patients.

“I can’t believe I’m back here,” Rachel said to herself as she opened the door. The sound of the door closing brought back memories. Instincts almost took over as the woman opened her mailbox. Out poured a ton of magazines and postcards with a couple bills and a jury summons in the midst. “God damn it!” She whispered. Rachel decided to leave the trash and walk up the stairs.

The building, though still well-maintained, felt like a ghost house. Not a sound escaped the walls, not a clock ticking or a vent blowing. Even her annoying neighbor who longed to be a Broadway star wasn’t singing in the halls. The only sound that echoed through the stairwell was Rachel’s boots hitting the steps. It was haunting. Suddenly everything was coming back: she remembered the exact conversation she and her brother were having on the staircase to his death. It was the only real conversation the two siblings had ever shared in their lives.

Rachel stopped midway through the staircase and stared at the concrete steps. What was she doing? Why was she here?

“I love you,” she remembered her brother mouthing to her before he took the fall for her.

Suddenly the young mob boss turned around and sat on one of the steps. She was having trouble catching her breath. Feeling tears about to overwhelm her, she felt the leather gloves covering her hands soak up the tears. Rachel remembered the last words Angelo said before Columbo beat him to death. He was talking about Julia, describing the details of her naked body. But instead of re-watching the violent sequence in her mind, she pictured Julia Columbo’s naked body in her head. The tears ceased for the moment. Rachel looked at her tear stained gloves. ‘Get yourself together,’ she told herself. She threw away the image of Julia and stood up. Her legs moved her back up the stairs until she got to her floor. As she pulled out her keys, she stopped to see someone sleeping upright against her door.


She was sitting in front of the doorway, her eyes closed. She was wearing a light black coat over a t-shirt with dark jeans and black shoes. Of course her white gloves were on, and the brown fedora Rachel bought her was on the floor not far from her. Closer towards her was a red suitcase. Julia’s skin was as pale as always, but even asleep against her door, she was beautiful. Rachel really didn’t know what to think of it. Rather than wake her, Rachel walked towards the door and pushed the key into the lock. This woke the blonde girl up. She was startled at first until the door opened, causing her to fall to the floor.

“Ow,” Julia got up and rubbed her head.

“What are you doing here?” Rachel stared down at her without walking into the apartment.

“Rachel!” Julia jumped up and hugged her girlfriend. “Oh God I’ve missed you so much!”

The taller girl couldn’t lie; she missed Julia. Even at the scene of a crime inadvertently caused by her, Julia was a sight for sore eyes. Rachel hugged the blonde back, but in a more reserved way. Rachel was actually looking at her pitch-black apartment while hugging her.

“I don’t ever want to let you go,” Julia was holding onto Rachel like her life depended on it.

“All right,” Rachel pushed her away gently, “All right, take it easy.”

Rachel pushed her aside and entered the apartment. She turned the lights on and saw her apartment. It was not the same place she took Julia to the first time. Her posters were gone, her DVD and vinyl collection nowhere to be found, and her TV relocated. The couch was still there, with only a few pieces of furniture. Even though the floor was spotlessly clean, Rachel could still visualize the exact spot where Angelo was beaten to death. It was strange to say the least.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be here or not,” Julia interrupted Rachel’s thinking, “I was waiting outside for,” Julia pulled out her cellphone, “Oh God, six hours.”

The Giovanni boss began to move towards the kitchen, “I don’t live here anymore. I’m living in a god-damned fortress now.”

“I figured that,” Julia answered. She stood by the doorway watching her girlfriend open the fridge.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon… Yes!” Rachel pulled out a bottle of beer and closed the fridge, “Thank God!” Rachel pulled off one of her black gloves with her teeth to twist the bottle open.

“Is the expiration date still good on that?” Julia asked.

Rachel was walking back towards her, “I don’t care if it is or not!” She chugged the bottle for a few seconds and coughed. She looked back to her sweet innocent flower of a girlfriend, “You want a sip?”

Julia simply snatched the beer from Rachel’s naked hand and chugged the bottle for what must have been ten seconds. She didn’t cough, and handed it back to Rachel.

“I said you could have a sip,” Rachel replied.

“Rachel,” Julia was very direct, “I’m leaving.”

There was hesitation, “You waited outside for six hours and now you’re leaving?” Then she simply took another sip of her beer.

“I’m leaving New York, I’m going to California.”

Rachel walked towards the couch. Julia picked up her suitcase and hat from outside, closed the door and followed her. “How do you plan on getting there?” Rachel put her beer on a nearby table and sat down.

Julia sat next to her, “I don’t know. But I can’t stay here.” Julia took off her black coat revealing her t-shirt and long white gloves. She began to rub her leather covered hands as she sat down, “My father’s gone insane.”

“You mean he wasn’t insane to begin with?” Rachel decided to take off her leather coat as well. She still had one of her black gloves on.

“I can’t stay here Rachel. I had nowhere else to go, I had to come see you.”

Rachel was silent for a minute. With her one gloved hand, she picked up her beer, “What do you need, money?” She then tilted her head back quenching her thirst.

Julia was silent staring at her lover, “I want you to come with me.”

Gulping down the alcohol, the black-haired beauty smiled. It was probably the first time Julia saw her smile. Rachel wasn’t the same wise-cracker the blonde had met earlier. She looked more like… well Julia. Rachel had obviously been through hell, though she seemed to have come to terms with it.

“Julia,” She put her beer down and took off her other glove, allowing it to drop beside her, “You know I can’t do that.”

The naive girl understandably sighed with disappointment.

“I have responsibilities Julia,” Rachel seemed to be talking down to her like she was her mother, “I’m the boss of the Giovanni family now. My mother’s in a coma. Do you understand?”

Julia scowled at Rachel in a way the tougher of the two had never seen before. “My mother’s dead Rachel!”

There was an uncomfortable silence, Rachel didn’t know how to respond.

“She left me alone with that asshole father of mine and all I have left of her are,” she stopped and looked at her gloved hands, “These fucking gloves!”

Don Giovanni wasn’t mad, she was only reminded of her own mother’s mortality earlier.

“I’m sorry Rachel,” Julia collapsed her face into her gloved hands, “But I’m…” She sighed again, “I don’t know.”

Rachel sighed as well. She got closer to the blonde and hugged her. “Look I can get you on a plane to L.A. I’m sure Charlie or Sal can hook you up with some people there. Frank will never know you’re there.”

Julia hugged her back. She kissed her girlfriend on the lips, Rachel accepted. It was a sweet kiss, no tongues. “I can’t,” Julia broke the kiss, “I can’t go without you Rachel. I know you can’t go either.” She put her head on Rachel’s shoulder. “I don’t know.” She repeated.

The black-haired girl lifted the blonde’s head. “A wise man once said,” Rachel interrupted her words with another kiss on the lips. “You can’t always get what you want.”

Blue eyes wavered, “Who said that?” Julia asked.

Finally a laugh from Rachel. She looked around her deserted apartment, “It’s at times like these, I wish I had my record collection.”

Nevermind, the two thought. Instead they kissed more intimately, practically squeezing the life out of each other. Suddenly, all of life’s problems seemed to go away. Rachel hadn’t even thought of sex in God knows how long… well that might have been an exaggeration, it was impossible for Rachel not to think about it. Many was the time Rachel dreamt of holding Julia again. Well now Rachel’s dream was coming true. The make-out session was becoming intense. To think that last time they were together, Rachel had to teach the other girl how to kiss. Now Julia’s tongue was practically making love to Don Giovanni’s lips.

Her hands still behind the blonde, Rachel pulled up the back of Julia’s shirt to unhook her bra. The blonde dropped her hands to the side and allowed her girlfriend to remove it. Rachel then proceeded to lift up her shirt and bra with the help of Julia raising her arms. Once her top was off, Julia went back to kissing the taller girl. Rachel stopped her for only a second to look back at the breasts she hadn’t seen in nearly half a year. The lips met again, and a pair of naked hands began to caress a pair of naked breasts. An index finger tickled one of Julia’s nipples. Julia felt wonderful.

“God,” Julia whispered, “I’ve wanted to feel this again for so long!”

Rachel laughed slightly. Soon she felt Julia’s gloved hands reaching to free her chest. She still had trouble removing her lover’s bra, but she unhooked it and freed the other chest.

“Wow,” Julia looked at her girlfriend’s naked body again in awe. She reached out and began to fondle the black-haired girl’s breasts with her gloves still on.

“Take these off,” Rachel asked grabbing her left hand.

This was the first time Rachel picked up some hesitation from Julia. She didn’t seem to bat an eye over taking off her top, but taking off her gloves was a different story. She panted heavier. Rachel kissed her again to ease her mind. Her bare hand slowly pulled each finger of the glove off one by one. The long accessory came off and Rachel was greeted by a beautiful pale hand. Julia closed her eyes, but Rachel smiled as she rubbed her girlfriend’s hand on her own naked breast. There was a sigh of relief from Julia. She brought her other gloved hand to Rachel’s other breast watching the girl close her eyes and moan. Now the blonde smiled hoping soon to experience something she had been waiting for.

“Can you touch me?” Julia asked sweetly.

Rachel opened her eyes, “Not yet.”

Suddenly Rachel reached for Julia’s right hand, still wearing a white glove. It was the hand she still hadn’t seen. She attempted to remove the glove but Julia clasped her hand and moved it away slowly:

“Um,” she hesitated, “Can I keep this one on?” She smiled.

“Shhh,” Rachel smiled remembering this was Julia after all. So her shyness hadn’t completely left her, but Rachel had coaxed her into doing a lot of thing. Removing her other glove shouldn’t be that difficult. “It’s okay,” Rachel held the gloved hand again and playfully tried to remove it.

“No!” Julia moved her hand away much faster this time. “Please,” Julia looked terrified. Her face was whiter than ever before.

Rachel’s face turned back the way it was when Julia first saw her in the doorway. She was looking at the Columbo daughter like she had committed a crime. After a few seconds of Julia hiding her hand, Rachel forcefully took Julia’s covered hand. Her hazel eyes stared sternly into the scared blue eyes. Julia didn’t dare say anything, she was afraid too. But she was even more afraid of Rachel taking off the glove on her right hand. She almost squinted in pain.

Finally the glove came off and Rachel looked at Julia’s right hand. It didn’t look anything like her left hand. The top of it was scared. They looked almost like burn marks, nothing recent, but something terrible hand destroyed her beautiful hand. There was minor scars and discoloration on her fingers as well. She turned the hand to see the palm was not much better. Burn marks and scars just the same. Julia could see Rachel’s face was horrified, like she was about to cry in horror.

Julia almost began to cry, she was shaking terribly, her teeth chattering. “Put it back! Put my glove back on! Give it back!” Julia took her hand away and held it in agony.

Completely at a loss for words, Rachel quickly picked up Julia’s right glove… no wait that’s her left glove… here it is. She picked up the right glove.

“Put it back!” Julia screamed.

Rachel got hold of her hand and began to quickly cover her right hand and arm again. Once the leather glove was back in place, Julia began to calm down. She still didn’t seem at ease.

“Here,” Rachel picked up the other glove, “Here’s your other one.”

Julia put her left hand out and allowed Rachel to don her other glove back on. Julia made a fist with both her hands and began to caress her face with them. They seemed to comfort her in some bizarre way. It actually kind of freaked Rachel out. So the black haired girl reached for the blonde’s shirt.

“Rachel,” the blonde stopped her with her gloves still on her face, “I’m okay now. I’m sorry.” She dropped her hands to the couch. Rachel cautiously put the shirt down watching her blonde girlfriend, naked chest with long white leather gloves. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to see that.”

Visible horror engulfed Rachel. She was silent for an uncountable amount of time, just staring Julia in the face. The blonde with the wounded hand said nothing.

“Who did this to you?” Rachel finally spoke up angrily, “Your father?”

Julia looked her in the eyes and pleaded with her, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“The hell you don’t,” Rachel snapped, “How did this happen?”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it!” Julia was much more forceful this time.

Silence. Julia stared at her gloves. A lot of history was behind them.

“It just happened,” Julia left out some details, “And then I put on my mom’s gloves and I never took them off again. Now you know.” There was defiance in Julia’s voice, “You happy?”

Frank Columbo had been her father’s rival. All Rachel heard about day and night was big bad Columbo. Marlon Giovanni’s conflicts with the big man of Queens might have taken years off his life. In short, Frank Columbo may have been indirectly responsible for her father’s death. Frank Columbo killed Vinnie Montana and shot Rachel’s mother. The younger Giovanni had been blaming herself this whole time for her mother’s condition, but Columbo was the one who ordered the shooting. Rachel watched Frank Columbo beat her brother to death in the very room she was sitting in. Yet, for all his sins, whatever he did to Julia’s hand made Rachel’s blood boil. She began to fantasize how she would kill him. She imagined beating him just like he beat her brother. She smiled thinking about the older Columbo falling to the floor with one punch; the blood spilling all over his nice carpet; his body being thrown in the East river.

“Rachel,” Julia interrupted her.

Suddenly Julia’s lips were attacked by her girlfriend’s. She tackled the blonde and began to make out with her like a wild animal. Rachel immediately ripped off Julia’s pants and panties, flung them across the room and dove her fingers inside Julia. The blonde felt sensations she had been longing for. Rachel’s fingers were so intense, Julia felt herself climax immediately. Hearing Julia moan in pleasure, Rachel unbuttoned her own jeans and grabbed Julia’s hand. Wait, she was still wearing her gloves. Rachel stared at Julia’s hands perplexed.

“I gotcha!” Julia smiled.

The two kissed again and Julia pulled Rachel’s pants all the way down. Once her vagina was free, Julia plunged her face in and allowed her tongue to give Rachel the same sensations. The taller girl moaned so load, everyone in the apartment could have heard her. Julia actually allowed her gloved hands to rub Rachel’s thighs. Screams of intense pleasure echoed throughout the apartment.

They almost didn’t hear the sound of gunshots blowing the apartment door open.

In walked Snakes, holding a pistol with a silencer on the end of it. Columbo’s Consigliere still had some noticeable scars on his face, but his arm was fine and his bandages long removed. His look of intimidating determination was replaced by one of shock as he looked right at the couch. There he saw his boss’ daughter completely naked facing the young female Giovanni boss’ naked pelvis. Obviously, the two girls turned to see the man scramble in. Julia screamed and tried to hide her breasts and pelvis with her hands. Rachel lifted her legs calmly to hide her own private area.

“Oh God!” Snakes didn’t want to look at a girl he had watched grow up butt naked, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his enemy. His gun was still in the air.

Rachel immediately grabbed a blanket as Julia nervously tried to hide herself. The black-haired girl gave the blonde a blanket and covered her up. She calmed down only slightly. Rachel held onto her girlfriend.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Rachel shouted at him. She was still completely naked.

Snakes couldn’t help but look at his enemy’s private area, “Giovanni, as much as I’d love to stare at that lesbian twat of yours,” He didn’t finish his sentence.

Rachel quickly grabbed her pants and shirt and walked back to Julia. She quickly threw her shirt back on but hesitated to place her pants back on. She set them aside on the couch and grabbed Julia’s clothes. “You didn’t answer my question.” She tried to hand Julia her clothes, but the blonde didn’t take them.

“What do you think?” Snakes still found it hard to concentrate. His gun was now at his side and his eyes were still focused on Rachel’s naked legs.

The black-haired girl finally rolled her eyes and placed Julia’s clothes on the couch. She picked up her own pants and put them on, “Pervert!” She said to Snakes.

“Frank sent me to find his daughter. I had a hunch she might be here and,” his closed his eyes in disgust, “God I can’t believe this! Julia what’s wrong with you?”

The blonde was still in shock and held the blanket over her naked body. By now Rachel was fully clothed.

“Hey fuck you Snakes! I found her here sleeping against the door.” Rachel was still mouthing off but Julia didn’t say a word.

Snakes began to look around cautiously. It seemed like the two of them were completely alone, but he didn’t want to chance it. Even if they were alone, doing harm to the boss of the Giovanni family would be frowned upon. Gotti had the Columbo family on probation. “Look, just let Julia go, and I’ll forget I ever found you two here.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Rachel seemed calmly, “But Julia doesn’t want to go back. I mean she can leave with you if she wants but-“ Don Giovanni didn’t finish her sentence, she looked to Julia who was still timid and taciturn.

“C’mon Julia,” Snakes waved her in, “Put your clothes on and let’s go.”

No response. Julia’s eyes were on the ground.

“Julia!” Snakes commanded her.

“I’m not going!” Julia finally spat back at him dropping her blanket to the ground. Both Snakes and Rachel stared at her naked body. Rachel picked up the blonde’s clothes again and handed them to her. Without even looking at her girlfriend, Julia snatched the clothes and threw them forcefully at Snakes. Of course clothes didn’t prove any fret, but the Consigliere flinched all the same.

Julia Columbo was standing in the middle of Rachel’s apartment completely naked, only her white gloves still on. She stood in a statuesque way, almost military stance. Her body almost seemed uncomfortable standing this way, but Julia’s face didn’t show it. Anger, assertion and independence were on her attractive face. Rachel had remembered paintings she used to look at in high school, like the Birth of Venus. The naked blonde girl had caught Rachel’s attention, she would stare at it day in and day out instead of listening to what her teacher was saying. Julia’s stance reminded Rachel of the picture. Was she reborn like Venus?

“You,” Snakes pointed his gun at Rachel, “You did this to her!”

Rachel came back to reality thinking about how to get out of this situation.

“I did this to me Snakes!” Julia began walking very slowly towards her father’s partner getting in the middle of Snakes’ gun and Rachel. The taller girl simply stood behind and watched. The back of her naked body was just as glamorous. “I liked girls long before I met her. Do you honestly think I was going to tell you or my father?” Julia was asserting herself like she never had before.

“Julia,” Snakes looked uncomfortable. He picked up the blonde’s clothes and tried to hand them to her, “Please put your clothes on!”

The daughter of Frank Columbo slapped Snakes’ hand knocking both her clothes and his gun clear across the room. As she prepared to chew him out, Rachel slowly moved to the right to find Snakes’ gun. She wasn’t exactly sure where it had been tossed to. However, her attention turned back to Snakes as she watched him smack Julia hard in the face. Julia recoiled in pain. It looked like Columbo’s man was about to ring her neck. Instincts took over; Rachel saw red as she jumped over her coffee table and pulled Julia away. The blonde was knocked to the floor as Rachel’s fist came flying right into Snakes’ scarred face. Her enemy immediately held his nose in pain, but the red-eyed Giovanni surprised him with a 360 kick right into his head. Snakes easily fell to the floor and Rachel landed on the ground like she was an MMA fighter.

Julia had a hard time getting up. The naked blonde felt her cheek with her right gloved hand. As she pulled her hand away, she saw blood on her white glove. Rachel turned to notice this. It wasn’t a few seconds later, Snakes charged at her and pinned the young Giovanni to the coffee table. Snakes and Rachel were evenly matched in physical strength. The male fighter may have had two or three inches in height on Rachel, but the girl fighter seemed to have the fighting advantage. Snakes had her in a headlock. This didn’t last long as Rachel squeezed his groin. Of course the male fighter yelled at the top of lungs letting go of the girl’s neck and allowing her to elbow him in the stomach and then headbutt his forehead with her back of her head. Before Snakes could fall back to the floor, Rachel jumped up and grabbed the Consigliere’s leg. With almost superhuman stength she tossed him like a doll straight into the corner of the room.

Trying to catch her breath, Rachel watched Julia struggling to get up. She decided to help her girlfriend. The taller girl pulled the blonde up who then collapsed in her arms. In the meantime, Snakes just happened to find his gun as he sat up. A cock of the pistol, immediately turned their heads. He was pointing the gun straight at Rachel.

“NO!” Julia screamed as she got in front of her girlfriend.

Snakes groaned seeing his boss’ daughter shielding his enemy. His hesitated. Spitting out some blood, he just said, “Fine!” He looked like he was about to shoot Julia as well. Rachel knocked Julia down to the floor. The brunette was now the target and Snakes looked ready to shoot.


“RACHEL!” Julia screamed. She could only imagine turning around and seeing her girlfriend die.

Still standing, Rachel shook, but didn’t fall to the ground. It didn’t appear that the Giovanni girl had even been shot. Then Julia turned her head to see Snakes. The Consigliere was down with a bullethole in his head. His gun was not far away from him. Rachel was surprised herself, checking to see if she has in fact been shot, feeling her chest and stomach. She was fine. And so she turned around towards the open-doorway.

Amy! Standing there with her Smith & Wesson 45 in hand, “Are you allright?” She ran forward to see her sister with a few cuts on her face and arms showing.

“I’m okay,” Rachel assured her sister.

“I had a feeling you might be here.” Amy put the gun away.

They both looked to Julia who had a much worse scar on her cheek. Rachel ran towards her.

“Julia,” Rachel held onto her, “Your face.”

The blonde held up her white gloved hand, “I ruined my glove.”

Rachel just held her girlfriend in her arms thankful she was okay. Amy was trying to understand what had just happened.

“I heard a shot,” Sal burst in, stopping as he first noticed Snakes’ dead body. He sighed briefly, but turned to see Rachel hugging Julia Columbo, who was totally naked. “What the fuck?”

Neither Rachel, nor Julia, nor Amy turned to acknowledge Sal.

“Don Giovanni,” Amy spoke up.

The Giovanni boss did turn to acknowledge her Consigliere.

“We need to go, now!”

Rachel nodded her head and pulled Julia up. She quickly ran for the bathroom for a towel. Julia’s naked body was now being stared at by Amy and Sal. The blonde didn’t even seem to care, she was just winching in pain.

“Can somebody please for the love of God tell me what’s going on?” Sal asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” Amy said as she took a look around.

Julia turned to see Snakes dead. A tear formed in her eye seeing a man she had grown up with, her father’s partner, now laying dead in her girlfriend’s apartment. Of course, she was reminded that the man almost killed her earlier.

“Here,” Rachel gave her a towel, “Let me get your clothes.” Well a lot of Julia’s clothes were underneath Snakes. “On second thought, you can borrow some of mine.”

“Hurry up before the cops get here,” Amy said.

Rachel pulled a few clothes out of her closet. There weren’t many left.

Sal decided to walk out. Amy put her hand on Julia shoulder, “You okay Julia?”

The blonde shook her head ‘no.’

“It’s okay,” Amy said to her sister’s girlfriend.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Amy,” Rachel handed her clothes to Julia, as well as her brown hat, “But what are you doing here?”

Julia began to get dressed.

The Consigliere rolled her eyes but responded, “I got a call from Columbo’s men. They want to have a sit-down.”

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Chapter 16

[Author's notes: I hope people are still interested in this story, because this is the climax.



By SomeguyJim


“It’s not working!” Julia whined.

Amy looked slightly annoyed watching the spoiled Columbo daughter trying desperately to erase the blood stain on her white glove. It looked better, but it didn’t seem like any formula of cleaners was going to save her beloved accessory. She was standing over the sink in the kitchen of the Giovanni house with their Consigliere holding a leather cleaner. Naturally, Julia had her gloves on as she scrubbed the leather. There was now a bandage on her face.

“Well,” Amy was patient with her, “This leather cleaner is supposed to do the trick.” Julia didn’t respond. “It would probably be easier if you took them off.”

Julia looked at Amy as if she was asking her to do murder, “I don’t want to.” She went back to washing her glove.

Amy knew about Julia’s obsession with her gloves and Rachel had filled her in on some of the recent details regarding the blonde’s past. The brunette could empathize with  her. “Truth be told, I’m surprised your gloves aren’t more dirty since you never take them off.”

“Well,” Julia said as she took the cleaner bottle from Amy, “Have your father lock you in a bedroom for years, you tend not to come into contact with dirt too much.”

“My real father died when I was a baby,” Amy looked out the doorway to the bedroom trying to catch a glimpse of Rachel, “Guess I never had that chance.”

Julia stopped to look at Rachel’s cousin, “Oh yeah, Rachel told me about that. I don’t remember how did he die?”

Amy closed her eyes still facing out the door, “Some things are better left unsaid.”

“Please don’t tell me my father had to do with it.”

Amy finally looked Julia in the eye like she was the enemy. Unfortunately, the daughter of Frank Columbo really didn’t look threatening. In fact, Amy couldn’t get the image of her naked body out of her mind. She did feel a certain connection to this girl. Her hand reached under her shirt to pull out her jade necklace. “This was my mother’s. It’s made of jade. And her name was Jade. Get it?” It was a beautiful necklace. It seemed like Amy always kept it out of sight. Julia examined it closer holding it in her gloved hand. “I haven’t taken it off since she died.” The brunette corrected herself, “Well, almost. Showers and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Julia understood, “The gloves belonged to my mom.”

Amy nodded her head and brought the necklace back into her shirt. “Brings you some comfort right?” Julia nodded her head ‘yes.’ Amy spoke up looking Julia in the eye, “Since my mom left me, Aunt Jackie’s been like a mom to me.” She sighed, “Watching her take a bullet-“ Amy felt she was at a loss for words. She picked up the leather cleaner instead.

Suddenly, Amy felt Julia hug her, “I’m sorry Amy.” Amy was surprised to feel her sister’s girlfriend holding her like this. “I’m sorry for causing so much trouble!”

‘So much trouble,’ was the understatement of the year. Julia was a Shakespearean plague on the Giovanni house. However, there was a innocence about Julia that was so appealing. She could understand why her sister loved this girl. Amy hugged her back, “Julia, my sister loves you.”

They continued to hug. Nothing else was said.

A much different, much less intimidating Rachel Giovanni was sitting in the living room talking to Charlie and Sal. Surrounded by a few bodyguards standing randomly around the room, the two Capos shared the couch while the boss sat in a hard chair facing them. She spoke slow and softly looking down at the floor:

“We went out together a few times.” Rachel took a long time between sentences, “Columbo got wind of it.” Charlie and Sal waited to hear her finish her thoughts, “Angelo took the fall for me.” She looked up to see Charlie staring at her the same way he would stare at Columbo. She looked back down to the ground, “I’m sorry guys,” Rachel almost whispered.

“You should be,” Charlie scolded her. The anger in his voice was barely contained. He  shook his head and sighed. “Look, I don’t know how to feel about this Julia situation, but you never told us?”

Charlie was talking to Rachel in a way that reminded her of her father. She didn’t talk back, just continued to stare at the floor. Sal stayed silent, looking like he was gathering his thoughts.

“Marlon did his share of stupid things in the past,” Charlie continued, “But he always kept us informed so we’d be prepared.” He really got emotional now, “Rachel, we could have prepared for this!”

“I know,” Rachel was almost in tears.

“I can’t,” Charlie stopped in mid sentence and got up from the couch. He walked to the window to see the bright summer day lingering on as long as it could. Sal still sat down without a word.

“Charlie,” Rachel finally looked up towards him, “You were my father’s closest friend. If you and Sal think I should step down as boss of the Giovanni family,” She hesitated, “I will.”

The gray-haired Capo turned to see his boss’ daughter. She didn’t look like a boss herself, but a scared little girl. Charlie had never seen Rachel this way, even when she was a kid, Rachel always exuded some intimidation. But Charlie could only imagine what the girl was going through. Her father dead, her mother was in the hospital, her brother murdered before her eyes, and having just survived a murder attempt? The girl needed support no doubt. She had proven herself a worthy successor to the Giovanni throne, he was not about to let her step down.

“No,” Charlie spoke up and moved back to the couch, “You’re the boss of this family Rachel.” He sat down, “We’ve stuck with you this far, we’ll get through this Julia thing.” He pointed at her in a somewhat intimidating fashion, “No more secrets.”

“No more secrets,” Rachel shook her head looking into Charlie’s eyes.

Sal was still silent.

The grey-haired man sighed again, “Forgive me Rachel, but I feel like I’ve always known you were... what did you call it again?”

“Amore Ragazze.” Rachel answered.

“Amore Ragazze,” Charlie repeated, “Che cazzo!”

Luckily Rachel didn’t understand what he said.

Sal finally put his finger up and opened his mouth. He didn’t speak yet, he looked like he was thinking carefully about what he was going to say. Charlie already turned his attention to his friend. “Let me ask you something,” Sal was still hesitating, “How do you girls…” He twirled his hands around trying to find the right word to match his thought, “Do it?”

Rachel raised her head and gave Sal the most baffled look her face could form.

Charlie’s jaw dropped as her turned his whole body to face his taller friend, “Are you fucking serious?”

“What?” Sal looked at Charlie and raised his hands. He looked back to Don Giovanni, “I mean no disrespect or nothing-“

“No disrespect?” Charlie spat back.

“I’m just curious is all,” Sal didn’t see what the trouble was, “I mean our boss is doing it with another gal, I need to know the details.”

Charlie raised his hands in disgust, “Those aren’t the kind of details-“

“I mean,” Sal continued, “Do you like,” once again his tongue was tied, “Scissor?”

“Okay,” Rachel got up from her chair and walked into the kitchen.

Charlie just sat next to his partner hiding his face in shame.

“Or toys?” Sal shouted hoping he would get an answer, “You use toys right?”

Don Giovanni ignored Sal’s comment and walked into see her cousin and her girlfriend hugging. Julia had her back to Rachel while Amy’s closed eyes were facing her. Rachel stopped in her tracks. It was a pleasant sight to see… unless Amy was moving in on her girl. Amy opened her eyes to see her sister moving towards her. Julia felt a pair of arms reach around her and flinched. Amy simply let go and allowed Rachel to take hold of her girlfriend. Julia turned around hugged the taller girl back.

“When are we leaving?” The boss asked.

Amy looked at the clock, “Pretty soon.”


The basement was hot. Really hot! Bobby Russo and another of Columbo’s men, Bobby’s brother Vincent, were sweating wearing t-shirts. The sat around a large black table with many empty chairs; the room dimly lit. Vince sucked down his cigarette talking with brother. They had two strong men standing near them.

Suddenly, the door opened. Two bodyguards, no relation to either family, entered first. Then one of Giovanni’s bodyguards entered the room followed closely by Rachel. She wore her trademark black leather jacket giving the room a once-over. Amy, dressed in her trademark suit came in next. Then Charlie and Sal also wearing light jackets. The other Giovanni bodyguard came in with someone else lost in the crowd.

“Oh Jesus,” Rachel complained unbuttoning her coat, “It’s a hundred degrees in here. Don’t you have a fan in here?”

“Sorry,” one of the neutral bodyguards said in a shallow manner.

“You’re the one who asked to meet on Gotti’s ground.” Bobby snapped back.

Rachel rolled her eyes and moved towards the table. “Let’s get this over with.” Rachel and Amy Giovanni sat opposite to the Russo brothers. Charlie and Sal took a couple chairs behind them. The last to sit was the blonde-haired trouble-maker herself, Julia. She sat next to Rachel, but on a chair at the end of the table, inbetween the Giovanni and Columbo family.

“So she was with you,” Bobby noted her presence. He  reached his hand out to touch her bandaged cheeck, “What happened to your face?”

“Don’t touch her!” Don Giovanni snapped. She stared at Bobby in an intimidating manner.

Amy closed her eyes and shook her head.

Bobby did take his hand away but appeared just as intimidating towards the Giovanni daughter. “I ain’t the one who kidnapped her.”

Rachel laughed, “Is that the bullshit Frank Columbo fed you?”

“All right,” Amy tried to gain control of this tense situation, “I’m sure we can all agree to be civil in this discussion.”

“God damn it!” Rachel yelled, “It’s fucking hot in here!” She got up and threw her black leather coat on the ground leaving her tight t-shirt to reveal her muscular figure. She kept her black gloves on. The Russo brothers noted Rachel’s impressive figure. “You perverts wanna stare at my boobs all day,” She continued, “I don’t give a shit.”

“Rachel,” Julia reached her white gloved hand out to her black covered hand, “Please calm down.”

The Russo brothers noted Julia’s actions. The infamous Rachel Giovanni looked into the blonde’s eyes and did in fact calm down. Julia smiled and let go of her hand.

Bobby sighed, “All right look,” he was not used to speaking for the Columbo family, but with Snakes presumably dead and unable to talk with the Don, Bobby was the de-facto leader. Rachel Giovanni may have been a woman, but she was as intimidating in the flesh as the stories told about her. He took a drink of water and gulped. He spoke as he set the beverage down. “Vince and myself, and a lot of the Columbo crew are unhappy with the way things are.”

Vince simply nodded silently, his cigarette dangling from his mouth.

Rachel didn’t say a word but looked to Amy. The more sensible, glasses-covered Consigliere spoke, “Well, as I mentioned on the phone, no one wants to start a war.” Amy uncomfortably rubbed her neck feeling sweat all over her.

“So what is it exactly you want?” Bobby asked.

“You know what we want,” Rachel folded her arms and sat back.

“Yeah I know,” Bobby sighed, “It’s not like I can just give you Columbo, I’ve known the man since I was a kid.”

Julia looked at the two of them in confusion, “Wait a minute,” she spoke up.

Every eye in the room looked toward her.

“Are you going to kill him?” She leaned into the table.

Bobby looked away from her and shook his head in frustration, “Why did you bring her here?”

“She wanted to come,” Rachel responded.

“Yeah,” Julia spoke up with an irritated tone, “Especially if you two are going to be discussing killing my father!”

The rest of the Giovanni family stayed silent as Rachel had asked them to do. Vince did the same. But Bobby threw his arms up in frustration, “I’m not comfortable here okay? She just disappears, Frank’s driving everyone crazy, probably sent Snakes to his death, and meanwhile the family’s getting weaker and weaker. You know ever since your brother took her-“

“MY BROTHER,” Rachel slammed her fist on the table, “HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!” Everyone jumped back a notch, even the bodyguards. She pointed her gloved finger towards Bobby, “You stood there Bobby and let those asshole bosses of yours kill him. You knew he didn’t do it. You were the one who sent Columbo a picture of the two of them and probably just let him jump to whatever conclusions he wanted to make!” She stopped for a minute and looked at her enemy. He wasn’t an enemy but a pawn in Columbo’s insanity. “I remember my father wishing he could convince you all to kill that son-of-a-bitch, for your own benefit.”

Bobby stared at this woman for an uncomfortably silent ten seconds. Rachel’s eyes did not waver. He spoke in a very soft tone, “What do want me to do Rachel?”

The sound of the door opening startled everyone. Walking in with two bodyguards behind him was Don Gotti, “Next time,” Gotti removed his jacket and handed it to one of his guards, “We meet in a place that’s air conditioned.”

“No argument from me,” Rachel answered.

Sal and Charlie got up to greet him. As did the

“No no no,” Gotti assured them, “Sit sit sit.” Everyone took their seats, except Rachel and Amy who hadn’t gotten up to begin with. The Lord of Manhattan took his throne opposite Julia. He was surprised to see her, “There you are. I heard Frank screaming about how were kidnapped.”

“I wasn’t kidnapped Don Gotti,” Julia spoke up, “I packed my bags and ran away.”

He laughed, “Didn’t get very far did you?”

“John,” Rachel spoke up, “It’s time for Frank to go.”

Everyone was somewhat shocked by Rachel’s bluntness. But Gotti laughed, “Straight to the point, that’s what I like about you Rachel.” He looked to Vince. “You got another cigarette?”

Bobby’s brother quickly pulled out his pack and handed one to the boss.

“Thank you,” Gotti held it, “Light?”

Vince lit the boss’ but for him.

“Thank you again,” he took a puff, it seemed like he was experiencing some sort of nirvana. Bobby and Rachel looked at him curiously. “I stopped smoking these for years,” Gotti spoke up, “But with my age now, what’s the point?” He hesitated and put his elbows on the table, “Rachel, I completely understand your position, more than you’d think. He’s been completely unreliable the past year. He’s acting out irrationally, calling me all the time, ‘I can’t find Julia,’ blah blah blah…” He took another puff of his smokestick feeling more rejuvenation, “But I do understand his frustration wanting to protect his daughter.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. She looked to the blonde, who looked back at her. Rachel threw her black gloves off tossing them to the ground. She violently grabbed Julia’s right hand and started to pull her glove off.

“Rachel!” Julia screamed, “What are you doing, stop!”

“Hey hey,” Bobby screamed trying to reach into help the girl.

A bunch of commotion started before Rachel finally got Julia’s white glove off of her right hand.

“LOOK AT THIS!” Don Giovanni showed the hand to Don Gotti, to everyone.

They all silenced and gazed in horror as this pretty young thing’s badly scared hand. Bobby stopped trying to intervene and stared at her fingers in disbelief. So did Amy, readjusting her glasses. Sal stood up to get a better view. Don Gotti sat there stone faced. No wonder she wore those gloves all the time. The girl herself almost started to cry.

“You see this?” Rachel yelled, “Is this Columbo’s idea of protecting his daughter?”

“STOP IT!” Julia finally pulled her naked hand out of Rachel’s palm and slapped the black-haired girl hard in the face.

One of Giovanni’s guards started to move towards the blonde, but Amy waved him away. She then turned her attention to her sister who held her face. Julia quickly pulled her glove back on like her life depended on it. She smoothed the leather up her arm, letting the sleeve of her shirt come up, until it fit perfectly snug on her arm. She then adjusted her coat sleeve. Rachel sighed and let go of her face. Amy looked at it. A red mark, but no cuts.

Julia soon reaffirmed her attention to her girlfriend, “Rachel I’m sorry.” She  held her head and kissed her cheek.

“I’m fine,” Rachel shook off her girlfriend.

“I didn’t mean to,” Julia was apologetic, “But you know-“

“Julia,” Gotti interrupted.

Her attention, and everyone’s attention, turned to a stern-faced Don Goti.

“Who did that to you?”

Julia sighed and let her head fall. She looked back up at the man, “It was years ago. My father came home drunk, angry, let it out on me… it was an accident really. Look I don’t want to talk about it!” She was very insistent on letting it go.

Bobby looked guilty, “I didn’t know about this Julia.”

Julia looked at her father’s friend, “Well now you know.” She was beginning to sound more like Rachel. “Okay yeah, my father burned up my hand and is the reason I have to wear gloves all the time, even in this hot room. So, yeah let’s just fucking murder him for that.”

“He murdered my brother Julia,” Rachel spoke to her, “He put my mother in a coma and he meant to murder me.”

“Look everybody calm down,” Don Gotti regained control, “Julia, maybe you should wait outside while we discuss this.”

“No!” Nobody spoke to Don Gotti like that, but Julia, once an innocent little flower was commanding him, “Remember that whole offspring bullshit you talked about last time? I’m Don Columbo’s daughter, and I, at the very least, get to sit here and hear what you guys are saying.”

Everyone was uncomfortably silent.

“It’s her decision,” Rachel spoke up with more respect.

Don Gotti sighed and took another puff of smoke.

“All due respect Don Gotti,” Sal spoke up. Rachel dropped her head expecting what he was supposed to say, “That’s unforgivable what Columbo did to Julia. Someone did that to my daughter, he’d be dead.”

“You don’t have a daughter,” Charlie spoke to his friend.

Sal hesitated pondering the conversation. He looked around looking confused.

Don Gotti then turned his attention to the next man in line for Columbo’s job. He hesitated and pointed to him, “I’m sorry, what was your name again?”

“Bobby,” He spoke up slightly intimidated.

“Bobby, sorry. Do you think you can run the Columbo family business?”

Bobby sighed himself looking at everyone in the room. “I suppose so Don Gotti, although I think there might be better suited men for the job.”

Julia groaned. Hearing of her father’s fate certainly couldn’t have been easy on the girl. She felt conflicted. Before she had packed her bags, she secretly wished her controlling abusive father dead. But now, it pained her to hear this.

“I hate to make this decision,” Don Gotti proclaimed, “But I can’t honestly make a case for Frank Columbo at this point.” He took another light of his cigarette. “Business must move forward.” His famous phrase seemed to make sense.

“And I suppose,” Julia looked to her girlfriend, “You’re gonna be the one to do it. Right?”

Rachel felt guilty, but she kept her poker face. How could she blame Julia for her frustration. Even her own father who never gave her attention didn’t deserve to die. There was so much left unresolved between them and that’s what made her feel most guilty. Frank Columbo was a million times worse than Marlon Giovanni, but she couldn’t expect the man’s daughter to just accept her father’s death without argument.

The room stayed silent, hot and humid. Shirts were being tugged from sweaty torsos. Finally, the Consigliere spoke up.

“I think I might have a solution,” Amy spoke intelligently.

Everyone listened.


Frank Columbo looked at his watch: 4:20 AM. He stood at the 21 street station of the G Line with his bodyguard Bobby Russo and his taciturn brother Vincent. His arms crossed and he spat at the train tracks. His light trenchcoat remained motionless in the humid station. It was quiet. There was not another soul around.

“I think Gotti’s got alzheimer's or something,” The boss snorted. “This better be worth it.” He now looked back to Bobby, “You sure he didn’t say anything else?”

“Sir,” the bodyguard held his hands up, “He said he couldn’t discuss it on the phone.”

He pulled out his phone again, “Fuck Snakes, where are you?” He was whispering as the sound of a train increased in volume. The G train ran slower than usual across the tracks. As the G train finally stopped, Columbo and his two bodyguards walked into one of the brightly lit middle cars. There was no one else on the train. Not a single person. No drug dealers, prostitutes, insurance salesmen, the usual people they expected to see at 4:30 in the morning. Columbo sat down and didn’t say a word. His bodyguards walked around looking like they were checking the place. They moved a little closer to the emergency door. Soon enough, the train slowly left the station. Frank Columbo looked bitter and impatient as he felt the tracks slip down into the neutral zone between Queens and Brooklyn.

“I bet I know what he wants,” Frank spoke up, “He wants to meet with that dyke Giovanni and she thinks she’ll be safe in her own territory.” He sighed, “God I wish I could kill that old bastard and run Manhattan-“

Suddenly the train slowed down to a stop. Columbo groaned, “Figures.”

“Wonder what’s going on?” Bobby looked around.

“The MTA sucks,” the boss turned around to his bodyguard, “That’s what’s going on.”

“We’ll talk to the conductor,” Bobby and Vince moved to the emergency exit towards the next train.

Columbo sighed and slowly got up. “I’m too old for this shit.”

Suddenly, the lights went out. It was pitch black.

“Oh Jesus!” Frank yelled, “What did I say about the MTA?”

There was no response.

“Bobby?” Columbo yelled again, he couldn’t move around without hitting one of the polls.

Within half a minute, the lights came back on. The fat man looked to where Bobby and Vince were supposed to be, but they weren’t there. As he looked on, the lights weren’t on in the next train. It seemed like his train may have been the only one. He stayed motionless, “Bobby?” There was still no answer.

“Hello Frank,” a low feminine voice uttered.

Frank quickly turned around, his heart racing and saw her standing at the opposite end of the train car. Rachel Giovanni, the black-haired boss in her leather jacket with her hands in her pockets. The jacket was open showing off her Sopranos t-shirt with her black jeans and boots. Frank Columbo reached in his coat for his gun.

“It’s not there.” Rachel said very matter-of-fact-like.

Frank let out a yelp and quickly felt his heart racing like crazy. He began to shiver thinking this was the end. But Rachel just stood there not moving a muscle. As silent time slowly passed, the Columbo boss began to let every thought in his head about his two bodyguards get the best of him.

“You,” He finally managed to squeak out.

Rachel nodded her head, “Me.”

Columbo looked back at the pitch-black train and sighed, “There,” he turned his head back to Don Giovanni, “Is no meeting, is there?”

Rachel slowly shook her head no.

“And I can assume my most trusted men are in on this… And that Snakes is dead.”

“Three for three,” Rachel didn’t move, “You know Snakes almost killed your daughter.”

Columbo’s anger became more noticeable, “Where is she?”

“She safe,” Rachel replied, “Away from you.”

The older man chuckled, “So you can have your way with her?”

“I saw the scars on her hand Frank.”

There was hesitation. Columbo didn’t blink, but gulped. The memories of how her scars came to be haunted him again. “How did you see them?”

“Do you really want to know?” She was answering his questions like she had anticipated him asking them and had answers prepared.

Columbo shook his head. “It was an accident.”

“Sure it was.” It didn’t seem like Rachel believed him.

By now, Frank Columbo’s life seemed to be flashing before his eyes. He thought for sure this was the end. He woke up every day thinking this could happen at any moment. He even assumed it would be at the hands of a Giovanni. But here, now, betrayed by his own men, by Gotti, even his daughter abandoning him. What a fitting way to die, in a subway on his way to Brooklyn.

“So?” He lifted his eyebrows.

There was no response from Rachel. She was still staring at him with murder in her eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” The man’s voice was cold and intimidating. “You want me to get down on my knees and beg for mercy?”

Still no response from the woman.

Shaking, the man finally yelled at the top of his lungs, “WOULD YOU FUCKING SAY SOMETHING?”

Rachel paused for a second and then replied, “Something.”

The man began to calm down and think of a way out of this. “What do you want Giovanni? You’ve driven me out of Manhattan, you’ve turned everybody against me-“

“You did that to yourself Columbo,” Rachel interrupted him. “And you know it.”

“And now,” Columbo laughed, “You’re gonna get your revenge. I kill your brother, you kill me, and round and round we go.”

Rachel simply shrugged her shoulders.

Enough was enough, Frank let out a long sigh and sat down on the bench. He took out a cigarette and lit it with shakey hands. Rachel finally walked towards him, not taking her hands out of her pockets. The man smoked his cigarette like it would be his last.

“How did you get the train to stop and the light show?” His voice felt calm now, but tired.

“That’s Gotti’s touch.” Rachel answered standing over him.

The man laughed refusing to look at his killer. “Of course.” He sat back and enjoyed his cigarette.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke in here.” Rachel said coldly.

Frank Columo finally looked up at her and rolled his eyes. More silent time passed between the two. Finally the man spoke again: “I lost my wife Rachel.”

“I know,” She decided to sit down next to him allowing her black leather hands to escape from her pockets.

Her enemy took another puff, ignoring her, “Julia’s all I have. You’re gonna tell me I wasn’t a good father? I hurt her, doing bad things to her, am the reason she’s a lesbian.”

“Amore Ragazze,” Rachel corrected her.

Columbo waved his hand at her, “Whatever. I didn’t want anything to happen to her, not after losing my wife. She’s all I have left.”

“I lost my father,” Rachel began to sound more human, “My mother’s in a coma,” She looked to him, “You and I both know what happened to my brother.”

Columbo gave Rachel some attention out of the corner of his eye.

“Truth be told,” she looked down at the ground, “I feel like Julia’s all I have left now.”

There was silence.

Rachel chuckled, “I’m reminded of when my mother said there’s hope for you yet.”

“Yeah, I remember.” Columbo seemed a lot more at ease. He took another puff of his cigarette. “Truth be told,” he mimicked her, “I didn’t mind your mother so much.”

Rachel snorted, “So why did you shoot her?”

Columbo pulled his cigarette away from his mouth, “You know why.”

The two of them looked forward sitting next to eachother.

“I don’t really know,” He looked up at the lights, “Where this family feud came from.” She spoke slowly. “I remember when I was a boy, my father would come home, drunk off his ass, mad as hell.” A hard sigh escaped him. Rachel turned around to look at the man. “He beat the hell of me. I mean just abuse you wouldn’t believe.”

“Is that why,” Rachel interjected, “You’re so fucking ugly.”

Columbo laughed, “Maybe.” He took another puff of his cigarette. He still wouldn’t look at the girl. “I never wanted to give Julia the same treatment, but… just this life.”

Rachel nodded.

He finally turned to face her, “Does Julia know about this?”

For once, Rachel was hesitant about responding, but she eventually answered, “If it makes you feel better, she didn’t take it well.”

Frank Columbo gave out the most painful sigh she had ever heard from him. His eyes closed, almost like he was about to start crying. But his pride was too big for that.

Rachel figured the man had sweat enough. “I’m not going to kill you Frank.”

The man opened his eyes and looked at Don Giovanni.

“But you’re through.” She turned and looked at him in the eyes, “Be smart! Leave!”

Columbo laughed hearing his enemy utter back the same advice he gave her. “See what happens when you try to be merciful?”

Rachel finally stood up and turned to face the car before her. She gave a thumbs up sign. Within a couple seconds, the train started up again and all the lights came on. In one train, Bobby, Vince and a number of Columbo’s men stood looking in. In the train behind him, Charlie, Sal and several bodyguards. Rachel walked towards the train with her fellow soldiers.

Columbo took this moment in as the train inched closer to Brooklyn. Before Rachel could enter the next train, he called out, “Rachel.”

The woman turned around without saying anything.

“Take care of her.”

She hesitated looking at her enemy. Then turned opening the door marked “No moving between subway cars.” Columbo couldn’t hear the dialog between Rachel and her men. Instead he turned his attention to his own men staring at him like he was on his way to execution.

The final approach to the Greenpoint Ave stop (first stop in Brooklyn) must have felt like the longest minute of his life. He really wasn’t sure if this would in fact be his last ride. He began to play a scene in his head of seeing Julia at the platform waiting for the train to come in (at least he was hoping she would be there):

He notices a couple figures on the platform as the train rides by. No doubt, some of Rachel Giovanni’s goons. And there she is, his daughter Julia, dressed in a full white outfit with the gloves to hide her father’s abuse. She stands inbetween two bodyguards watching the train roll into the station. Columbo would look out the window. As the train comes to a complete stop, he runs to the doors. But they don’t open. He watches as the doors on the other cars opened allowing the Giovanni family and the Columbo family to exit the train. Rachel meets Julia, the two exchange in a hug (he wouldn’t allow his imagination to go past that). After some inaudible dialog between the two girls, Julia walks to the car. The door opens and the blonde walks in. She begins to yell at him, telling him off and how he treated her wrong all these years. Of course, Columbo would get defensive, but he can’t order her around this time. But when the smoke clears, he and Julia hug and she says goodbye to him.

Columbo couldn’t decide in his imagination what happens after that. Could he somehow use this to his advantage and get Julia back on his side. Well, the platform became visible. Columbo did in fact turn to look out the window. There were two bodyguards as he had envisioned…

But Julia wasn’t there.

Maybe she was somewhere else on the platform? No. There was no one else there. He watched as the car door for the Giovannis and Columbos opened. His car door stayed closed. He closed his eyes in disappointment. When he eventually opened his eyes, an exchange of words was given between Rachel and Bobby, but Columbo couldn’t really hear them.

The only person who was looking at him was Sal. He was smiling in a cocky way. He grabbed his crotch taunting his old enemy. That didn’t last long as Charlie gave him a smack in the head.

Rachel then motioned for her goons to follow her. Bobby led his troupe in front of the subway car. Frank Columbo didn’t know what was gonna happen.


There were a few cars waiting outside, but specifically one just for Rachel Giovanni. Amy opened the door from inside and allowed her sister to get in. Not a word was spoken and the car drove off. Except as the car drove back, Rachel began to shiver, she clenched her teeth and growled as if she was in pain. Amy looked at her sister but didn’t know how to react. It looked like Rachel was about to break down. She could only imagine the emotions running through the woman who confronted and metaphorically destroyed the same man who killed her brother, wounded her mother, drove her father to his grave and injured the love and her life. Now she began screaming with her eyes closed, her neck very tense. The driver and other bodyguard up front looked back concerned.

Amy grabbed hold of her sister and held onto her. She didn’t say a word. Rachel allowed her head to drop into Amy’s chest. Don Giovanni tried her best not to cry, but her shell was cracked and tears escaped. Amy too felt emotionally overwhelmed, but needed to keep her strength just a little while longer to console her boss. Rachel’s emotional breakdown began to settle the tighter her sister held her. They never let go of each other that entire car ride.

Rachel deserved a day off as Don Giovanni.

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