Story: Taking "Control" of Her Life (chapter 1)

Authors: Supersmay

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Chapter 1

Title: Taking \"Control\" of Her Life

Character Appearances

(Note everyone is in grade 11, so everyone is 16.)


Average looking girl, not too attractive. A little skinny.

Skin colour: White (Not pale)

Brown, Brunette hair. Tied up into a pony tail. 

Black Eyes

A little small, around 5"5

Usually wears a blue tank top and khacky short shorts.


Beautiful, stunning girl. Very attractive. A little skinny.

Skin colour: White (not pale)

Black hair. Flows down to her upper back. 

Bright, somewhat cyan-blue eyes. 

Average height, say, 5"7

Usually wears fashionable, but somewhat skimpy clothing.


Almost attractive as Katelyn, but there are differences. Still very arousing. Not as skinny as Summer or Katelyn, but her beautiful legs make up for it.

Skin colour: White, but as if slightly tanned.

Brown, brunette hair. Unlike Summer's, it's kept and tidy. And it flows half down her black. 

Hazel Eyes

Average Height, 5"6

As with Katelyn, she also wears skimpy clothing. Yet more of a girlish-style.


Hot-looking girl. Very cute. Very attractive to the right people.

Skin Colour: White (A little pale, but if anything it makes her look even better).

Blonde Hair

Yellowish, cat-like eyes

Height: 5"7

She wears average, girly-girly clothing. But is known to wear extremely short jean-shorts, and skirts with no panties. 



“Another day at school…” I thought sadly.

 It had been a great night until she had woken up, because I knew what was in store for me as soon as I entered my classroom.

 I had just transferred into town a few weeks ago because my dad got a new job here. I didn’t want to go, but mom told me it was for the best. Pfft, what a lie.

            I lazily got out of bed, and began to prepare myself for the day I faced at school. Well, shouldn’t be too different actually. I pretty much go through this every day.

            I reluctantly got out of bed, and dressed myself. Today, I put on my favourite blue tank top, and tight blue-jean pants on. I thought it looked nice. I also tied up my hair in a pony-tail, threw on a bit of makeup and I was out the door.


At school…

                I had barely just arrived when I saw them. It was Katelyn and her best friend Samantha, normally called “Sam”, standing right by the entrance to our classroom. They were talking with two jocks, both of which I didn’t really find looking good. I decided to gut it through, and make my way into class. I decided to cradle on to my math book like it was dear-life, as I speed-walked to my classroom. Of course, I was stopped.

            “Hey loseeeeer,” Smiled Katelyn. Although, the smile had nothing friendly about it. “how’s it goin?” She was wearing her stupid, revealing white t-shirt.

“Not much retard. Looking slutty as always” I said back, although, it wasn’t a bad look for her I thought.

            “Hey!” Said one of the guys next to Katelyn. “Don’t bully around my girl Katey here dumbass!”

            “I know riiight!” Said Sam, who was also wearing somewhat revealing clothing, but it looked really girly to me.

            “Guess what I found after school Summey?” Laughed Katelyn.

            “What?” I said angrily. I already had a feeling what she’d pull out.

            “Oh dummy! It’s your cellphone! And look, it’s gotten all dirty and the screen’s cracked! I wonder how that happened?” Said Sam, as Katelyn took it out.

            “Ohh shiit!” Yelled the guy, as he started to walk away. Knowing that if he were to stay around, he’d get in trouble.

            “Omg!!! Get back here!!!” Shouted Katelyn, as she tossed the phone to Samantha.

            I expected Sam to go with Katelyn, because the guy looked pretty nice. He was a little dashing, along with clean. And he had that little scruff to his face. But, as usual, it didn’t do much for me to turn me on. Not many people knew, but it was girls that made me go crazy. Just, I don’t know why. Whenever a hot one gets really close, even a jerk like Samantha or Katelyn, I start to get wet. Though I have to problem holding it in :P.

            “Here you go Summey, take good care of it for me, kay?” She smirked and went off in the other direction. I turned and looked, and in that same direction was Amber. The stunning, beautiful Amber. I wanted to approach her, but I knew I’d feel awkward and I’d better off do it another time.

            Then my mind went back to reality.

“Whaaat!?” I said to myself, almost crying. My phone, my hundered and something dolloar phone, gone. Why? Because of those two bitches who think it’s funny to play games with the new kid. Stuff like this has been going on for days, and no one’s set out to stop it. No one would help me.

 I start tearing up, and I decided to skip school and go home. Fuck school, nothing can be as worse as this.


That night…

My parents were out on a business trip, and since I’m now 16, I can stay home alone. So, it wasn’t that bad today that I was missing. I doubt anyone noticed anyway. But now, I was tired and I had cried myself out earlier. I’d better get to bed, I’ll figure out something tomorrow.

            I was trying sleep, when I heard a strange noise beside my bed. I turned over, and checked to see what it was.

                It was a blue, watery like thing. Though it was a bit thicker than water, and not as transparent. The weird thing about it was, that it was moving. It was just like, a puddle of, “stuff” that moved around as if it water were dripping off the side of a glass. I should have been creeped out, but for an odd reason, I didn’t feel strange at all. If anything it was cute! It slid up on top of my dresser next to me, and stopped, level to my face that lay on my pillow.

             It started talking to me, in a weird voice. It asked, “Do you want to be able to get revenge on the people that harm you?”

            “Yes.” I replied.

            “With me,” It began. “you can. I am the representation of life, and I only present myself to those who need. For good, or bad intentions. I watched over you today, and I thought that you might be in need of some of my, ‘assistance.’”

            “And what is, said assistance?” I asked.

            “With me inside of you, I can allow you to transfer your mind into someone else’s, while I act out as you normally would, living out your life until you choose to return.” It said, astonishingly.

            “Omg sersiously??” My mind was already filling with things to do with that kind of power.

            “Yes, seriously. Now, would you like me to help you or not?” It replied.

“Of course!” I said happily. Even though then, I realized I was talking to a thick puddle of water.




I got up, and sat on my bed. I was wearing my pajamas – a blue, silk jacket with buttons, along with my pants, silk blue pajama bottoms – obviously. The thing was, I wasn’t wearing panties. I never do when I go to bed. It slithered onto my thigh, and made its way to my waist. It went over the top of the pants, and in between my legs. I don’t know why I let it do this, and I don’t why I chose to listen to it in the first place. All I know, from then, is that it was a bad decision because it made me do things, that, were really “evil.”

                From there on I started squirming. I felt it go up my pussy, and I started to get wet. My pj’s were starting to drip. I could feel it in me, making it’s way through my vag and into the rest of my body. I started moaning, wondering why I was so sexually aroused….and…horny. My vag became tight, as it started to get even wetter.

                There was a small puddle of transparent, wtf, transparent cum on my bed! Whenever I came before, it used to be a little milky. Something was weird, and I knew I had to stop it. I started yelling, pleading for it to get out of me. But whenever I resisted, I just got wetter. I was now fully lying on my bed, and I pulled down my pants, exposing my shaved, watering vag. It couldn’t stop watering. I thought that maybe if I pushed a little, I could get that puddle of “slime” outside of me. So, I pushed as hard as I could, and I could feel the puddle slowing coming out of me. Literally.

 I could see it halfway out, in the form of half an oval from my view, when I began to have a headache. It was telling me to stop, but I refused! I wouldn’t let this thing control me! But with effort, it made me slowly put my right hand onto my vag, pushing itself back inside of me, and covering any way for it to get out. I yelled, I screamed, but nothing stopped. It was slowly taking me over until…I blacked out.



“’Like totally!!” Exclaimed Amber a short while before school started. She was talking with Katelyn and Samantha about hairstyles.

            Amber had hers up in a nice, long pony tail that reached down to her back, while Katelyn and Sam had identical, long hairstyles that reached down to their lower back..

            The day before, they had been at Katelyn’s house doing eachothers’ hair after school. Katelyn and Samantha were late, but they didn’t tell Amber why. All she knew was that they had come back with Katelyn’s new “cellphone,” that was all smudged and dirty. She wondered why she would ever buy a used, old cellphone.

 “Did you see that jock that transferred here from across town?” Asked Katelyn.

            “Ya-huh.” Replied Amber and Samantha at the same time. Although, with not much enthusiasm.

            “Well, he’s walking down the hall towards me and Sam’s class,” Said Katelyn. “wanna go hit on him?”

            “Uhhh…” Said Samantha discouragingly.

            “Ahh too late! And look! That retarded girl is on her way to class! Let’s go make her feel even WORSEE for wearing that ugly blue tank and short shorts. They like, totally un-coordinate! ” Katelyn replied, as she grabbed Sam’s arm and dragged her in the direction of the approaching Summer and muscular man.

            Amber stood there, holding her phone in her hand tightly as she began to look busy texting, but really admiring Katelyn and Sam. There were two reasons why she did so. One, she was mainly friends with Katelyn and Sam was because she found them…hot. She loved the way they dressed, and the way they would talk. Really, she liked them because they were girls.

            And two, she could never think of hurting Summer. Even though Amber and her barely talked, she secretly had a crush on her. She couldn’t figure out why, but she just wanted to be with Summer. She twisted her thighs inward at the thought of it. Maybe not because Summer was so physically attractive, but more of her personality.

            So there she waited, as she watched her two friends, obviously insult Summer. They handed her something, and the jock just said something and walked away. Katelyn trailed after him. Summer, looking upset, ran back the way she came, out of school. Summer skipping? That’s not right. But, before she could do anything, Samantha ran right back to her.

            “Well, Katelyn’s gone after that guy I guess.” Samantha said, tiredly.

“I guess so. Her loss huh?” Amber replied.

            “I know, right?” Samantha said, shyly.

            mber could feel something a little weird between her and Sam, but she dismissed it as the bell rang.

“Well I’d better get to class!” Amber said, as she walked away quickly.

            Cya…..” Samantha said sadly, as one of her few chances to talk with Amber disappeared.




I slowly opened my eyes as the sun shone through my window. I was thinking of what to make for breakfast, and then I turned over at my alarm clock. It was 11:30am. I was shocked for a second, then realized it was Saturday, and that I had no school for a while. My parents weren’t home, so I’m fine. Until I remembered what happened last night.

 I was wild with shock, as I felt scared that that same feeling would appear. That feeling of something inside of me taking me over. Wait, maybe it was just a dream? Maybe I’d dreamt the whole thing because of yesterday. I reached down under my covers, to my crotch. No pants, it was bare.

 Alarmed again, now knowing that it wasn’t a dream, I threw off my covers and sat up in my bed. I looked down at myself, realizing that I was still only in a blue-buttoned, jacket top, with no pants or panties. It was a nice look for me, I thought. I expected to feel a puddle of wetness underneath me, but there was nothing. I could swear that last night I’d gotten extremely wet, and there was no way that it’d be dry in the morning. Then, something answered me.

 “It’s because when I enter a girl’s body, I turn some of her cum into myself, allowing me to completely manifest in said body.” Said the something in my mind.

 “What the hell!? Who are you? How do you know what I’m thinking?” I screeched back.

 “I’m now a part of you. I am you. Of course I know what you’re thinking.” It said, in my mind.

“What the fuck?? But How….” Then I remembered. I let it come into my body. I let it go up my vag. “What are you going to do with me??” I screamed.

 “The question is not what I do with you, but with what you do with me. You want revenge on those girls don’t you? But also, you secretly like them. I can feel your thoughts. I know you want to do whatever you wish to them. That is what I am here for.” It softly spoke back, in my mind once again.

  I sat there, hand on my crotch, speechless. I had no idea where to go from here.

 “Where to go from here? Well, lord Summer, we go to wherever you want. I will stop pestering you at your command. But first, I must inform you of your new abilities. I think it would be best doing it this way…” It said, as I could feel myself losing control of my body, my movements. The feeling overcame me quickly, and I closed my eyes. Although, I could still see everything, from my mind.

 My eyes opened again, but not by me. When they opened, they changed from their dark brown, to a deep blue.

 “Allow me to introduce you to your new abilities, lord Summer.” It spoke through my mouth, in my voice.

 I could hear everything, see everything, just that I couldn’t physically do anything.

 “You are now able to control people, but not just anyone. It can only be women, because my powers do not work as far as to the controlling of men. You can enter a girl’s body, preferably teenage because they are the easiest to work with, through their vagina.” The thing said through my body.

 “You can cum yourself out of your body, in the form of what you viewed me as last night. You can then enter a girl’s vag, and proceed to take control of them.”

 “Seems easy enough.” I thought.

 “Athough, unless they are sexually aroused, it will be a struggle. For instance, they may have the strength to cum you out, and escape. Like you almost did last night.” It warned.

 “True.” I thought back.

  “This is bad because they would know of our presence, and expose your secret. This is why it is best to do it discreetly.”

 That would be a little tough, I thought to myself.

  “Of course it would be.” It replied back, using the sarcastic tone through my body. I forgot that it could hear my thoughts too…lol.

 “Not only can you take control her body, but change what she thinks and how she acts. Lastly, you can turn your whole body into my substance in emergencies, but you will only be able to return to your original form by entering another girl, and making her sexually active and have her cum you out.” It explained, as I slowly began to have feeling return to my body.

 My eyes closed, and as they re-opened, they were their natural brown again.

 “Oh, and one more thing,” It thought inside of me, “sometimes if you become sexually aroused, your eyes will become a deep blue, but I won’t be in control. You will be. Be wary of this.”

 I nodded to the air, accepting the fact that I was maybe, just maybe, a little bit crazy.

 “So,” I began to say out loud, “basically, what you just said is…” I thought to myself briefly, putting all of the facts together.  “I can enter a girl, as long as she’s aroused, and I can change what and how she thinks.”

 “Exactly,” It replied in my thoughts, “now, as I can feel it, I will leave you to your own devices.” As I could feel it slowly fading away, knowing that, if I ever needed it, I could simply call and it would be there.

 “Ahh, I already have a feeling of what I’m going to do tomorrow.” I thought to myself, somewhat evilly.



It was early Sunday afternoon, and Amber was in no mood to get up. She lay in her white bed, with pink-cotton sheets. Her head rested on a soft pillow, tilting sideways.

 She invited Katelyn and Samantha over yesterday, but last night she told them not to come because, instead,  she tried calling Summer all day yesterday, but she wouldn’t pick up her phone. She was going to invite Summer over and spend a day filled with fun with her. But, Amber figured that Summer received her calls, just that she chose not to pick up because she thought Amber was weird. And that, hurt like needles. So now, she didn’t feel like having anyone over.

Like Summer’s parents, she knew, they were on a business trip. Apparently, they worked at the same company, but weren’t much friends. That didn’t do any better to lighten her mood. At least if their parents were friends, they could get together some times.

She slowly rose to a sit, in her bed. She was wearing a white shirt that only went down to her bellybutton, and a pink thong.

She lifted the covers off of her, and sat on the side of her bed, looking around her room. There was a sky-blue dresser where all her clothes lay. There was also a medium-sized, purple chair that stayed motionless beside it. The color of the walls was a nice shade of pink. It went nicely with her bed, she thought. Next to her bed, there was a large, rectangular mirror, held steady by a glossy-pink frame.  It was a small room, she thought.

Still tired, she looked down at her beautiful body. Her perfectly colored, white legs. Not too pale, not too dark. Her crotch, with was barely visible through her panties, was a little tight so that it showed through the pink-colored panties. Her eyes continued to wander up. Her beautifully curved body, and rounded, medium sized breasts. She was going to start fondling them, but thought whatever. It’s too early to get dirty, she thought. Then she looked at the mirror, aimlessly.

“I wish I had someone to share my real feelings.” She thought, then vaguely thinking about Summer. She quickly dismissed it because she knew it wouldn’t happen.

“She’ll never like me…or any girl really.” She said sadly.

Then, her mind wandered back to reality. “I’d better get dressed.” Amber figured, as she rose from her bed.

She looked around for what to wear, then she said “Ya know what, why do I need to change? I’m not going anywhere today, and no one’s coming to visit me. I’ll just stay like this.”

Then, her phone rang. She scrambled for it on all fours, finding it underneath her bed. It was Summer.




Summer was out the door, already having a plan running through her head. It was about 12pm, and she was speed-walking towards Katelyn’s house.        

She decided to wear her sexiest clothing. She was wearing a plain blue, but tight shirt that reached down to just below her belly button, along with tight black, thin cotton pants that showed off her legs, but mainly the curves in her pussy. They weren’t too obvious though. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties either. She had her brown hair halfway down her back, and straightened. She looked beautifully sexy. This made it easiest so that she could enter Katelyn’s body, and arouse Samantha.

Summer knew that Samantha had a thing for Katelyn. Ever since they started bullying her, she read Samantha’s body language. Whenever Katelyn said something about her, she blushed. Whenever Katelyn had a nice perfume on, and Sam smelled it, she would rush to the washroom. That would work perfectly in her favor to take control of both of them.

She was halfway there, until she realized…

“Omg!! How am I going to take control of Katelyn??” I said out loud, but no one was around to here. I grunted, then began to walk back to my house, having my “plan” failed.

“You should take control of Amber.” That thing thought inside of me.

“Why her? Other than the fact that she’s majorly hot.” I replied, talking to thin air.

“Judging from your observations, Samantha likes girls, not only Katelyn. Maybe if you were to take control of Amber first, you could work your way up to Katelyn.” It said.

“But how am I going to take control of her? How would I arouse Amber?” I replied, confused.

“Simple, she likes you.” It said, simply.

I stood there, thinking about it over in my mind. She’s never made fun of me before, and sometimes I’ve caught her looking at me out the side of my eye, but I didn’t think she really liked me.

“Well, it’s my only chance.” I said, as I pulled out my phone and started dialing her number.




*Ring* Went Amber’s doorbell.

She ran down the stairs, getting fully dressed, as she opened the door.

Like Summer, she was also wearing tight, cotton pants, except, hers were white. For a top, she wore a pink hoodie over her short, white shirt she was wearing earlier that day. It was around 1pm now.

“Heyy.” Said Summer as Amber opened the door.

“Hiii!” Replied Amber. Her blonde hair was still in her cute ponytail, from earlier.

For a moment, Amber’s cat-like, yellow-golden eyes were lost in Summer’s, deep brown.

“Soo, say we go up to your bedroom and talk about….what we’re going to do today?” Summer said, smiling at the attractive, blonde girl in front of her.

“You know it!” Amber winked back.

In Amber’s Bedroom…

Amber and I sat on her nice, pink-covered bed. My legs were in a mermaid style, (imagine crossing your legs, then taking your right leg and putting it on top of your left, if you don’t know ;)), while Amber sat cross-legged, across from me. Her hands were in the space between her legs, but not on her vag.

“Soo,” I started, my hands grabbing my ankles. “how’s it been going for ya lately?”

“Pretty good actually,” Amber replied, “a few days ago, me Kate and Sam all did eachothers’ hair. It was pretty fun!” She laughed.

“Cool! Are they like, actually nice to you?” I asked, as I started to crawl closer to her.

“Yeah actually, I don’t know why they’re so mean to you. I mean like, you seem nice enough.” She smiled.

“Yeah well, ya know…” I said as I sat on my butt beside her, legs straight out, “I heard that...You’re sort of into me.” I said, becoming a little aroused at my own words.

Amber just sat there, staring at me. Her eyes were a little bit more opened, but not wide opened, if you know what I mean.

“Well yeah actually…I kinda do. But I don’t know if you like me back.” She replied, as I saw her hands slowly get closer to her vag. I took my chance, and hugged her from behind, whispering seductively into her ear, “Well, I don’t just like you back, but, I want to be with you.”

And then I began to start kissing her. At this point, I crawled on top of her, and she was below me, hugging me tightly and kissing me back. I looked into her eyes, and she had that look. That look as if she wanted to get…dirty.

I took it slow, and I moved my left hand down her body, down to her crotch. I put my hand just on top of her pussy, and I could feel the wetness through the white, cotton pants. I knew saw she wasn’t wearing any panties either. All the better for me, I thought. So then, I stopped kissing, looked into her eyes.

 I thought that I’d may as well enjoy this too.

 I started to squeeze her crotch, and she moaned. I took off her pink hoodie, revealing her white shirt, and threw it to the ground next to the bed. I noticed, that, I was starting to get wet too. She replied by sticking a finger in my pussy, instantly making me feel pleasure. I moaned back, as I was feeling around her pussy. I stuck my fingers inside, and a burst of wetness came out. This was my chance.

I took my fingers out of her pussy, and she looked confused. Laid on top of her, my head in her neck, as I placed my vag over hers. I could feel the wetness through her pants, reaching my pussy. Then, I concentrated, as I slow began to cum myself out of my body. Everything went black for a second, as I began to enter her body.

As Summer entered Amber’s body, from a sideview, you could see a strand of bluish cum, leaving Summer’s, and entering Amber’s body. Amber felt nothing at first, except the pleasure of Summer’s “cum”.

“Ahhhh,” She began to moan as Summer’s body went limp for a second. “Wha, what’s going on?” Amber asked, confused. Then, suddenly, Summer looked up to her, and her eyes were a deep shade of blue.

Weird, Summer didn’t have blue eyes last time she checked. Amber thought.

“I hope you enjoy my master inside of you.” Summer said awkwardly.

“What...” Amber said weakly, as her vision went black and she drifted into a deep sleep, or so she thought.




When I opened my eyes, I looked up and saw no one. Then I turned my head left and saw me, I mean, my body leaning on the wall, legs twisted together. Then, with sudden realization, I got up and looked down at myself. I was wearing the same tight, cotton pants. They were white. I looked at my breast, and it was bigger than usual and covered by a white shirt. Then, I became of the extreme wetness of my pussy, and that I was dripping through the cotton pants, onto the floor. I put my hand over it to stop it briefly.  The pants were thin, so they didn’t hold much in. I turned to the left, and, my hand couldn’t stop the squirting of cum that came through Amber’s pussy as I looked at myself in the mirror. I was in Amber’s body, it worked!

“Surprised it worked?” The thing from my body said.

“Yes!!! Omg omg omg omg!!!” I squealed, with Amber’s voice, as cum began dripping between the hand holding Amber’s pussy.

“Well, before I leave and be you, I must tell you one thing. Whenever you take control of another girl’s body, you can choose to let it release a faint smell that arouses girls near you. It will be quite useful when you take control of Samantha and Katelyn.” It said quietly to me, as it left through the door.

I was still cuming over the fact that I was inside Amber’s body. She is soooo hot, and now I can make her do whatever I want! I sat down on the bed, and began to rub my, now *mine* pussy. She was shaved as well, and I was making a small puddle in the spot on Amber’s bed. Then, I began to think about what to do first. The first thing that came to mind was, to change her thoughts.

I searched deep into Amber’s mind, and changed everything she’s thought about men. I made it so that she was totally lesbo, and that, she would get wet very easily over girls. I made it so that she would bend to my every will, and not question a word I say. Also, I made sure that if I were to leave her body, she wouldn’t remember a thing I did with her. I decided that I should test her before I go running off to Samantha’s.

I lay myself on her wet bed, and pulled the covers over me. I put the memory of a wet dream in her mind, so she wouldn’t wonder why she was so wet. I looked in the mirror again, and realized that when I controlled her, Amber had blue eyes. Although, when I concentrated enough, they returned to her yellow-ness.

As soon as I let control of her body, I edged myself into the back of her mind, and started toview what she was doing.

“Ahh.” Amber moaned. “What happened?” She sat up in her bed, and she noticed that it was wet. She threw over the covers, and noticed her pussy was all wet, with transparent cum. It leaked through her pants, and wet the whole bed.

“I must’ve had one craaazy dream.” She thought as she felt her vag. It was still dripping onto the bed. “I’d better clean everything up.” As soon as she got out of bed, she couldn’t stop thinking of Samantha and Katelyn. The very thought of it, made her twist her legs in an attempt to stop the cum.

“Ahh, I guess I won’t be cleaning this up soon.” She said seductively, stressing the “Won’t.”

She was about to get back into her bed, when Summer wondered, making sure Samantha couldn’t hear the thoughts. “Can I make her do things I want her to do, without directly controlling her body? Mhmm…”

“Don’t go back to bed. Walk over to your blue chair by your dresser, and sit in it.”

Effortlessly, Amber obeyed. Her eyes became wide open, and her yellow eyes became the shade of blue, but Summer wasn’t directly controlling her body. “Yes master.” She said lightly, as she sat down in her chair, hands on her lap.

“Whoa,” Summer thought. “I don’t want her to be a robot. That’s no fun. Maybe if I…” Summer released a little bit of her control, and Amber became normal again.

“What am I doing here? I thought I was over by the bed. Oh well, I guess..” Before Amber could finish, Summer implanted the thought of making Amber want to see Samantha naked, directly into her consciousness.

“Ahh,” Amber moaned, clutching her, now somewhat dry, pussy. “I really wonder if Samantha can come over and have some…’fun.’” Amber said out loud, evilly, as she began to walk towards her bed. But first, I had better clean up this mess. And Summer knew that Amber had better do this before Samantha comes, as she’d obviously wonder why Amber was so wet. And then, Summer had an idea. She then took full control of Amber’s body, suppressing her mind into a deep corner while doing so.

“Okay, let’s try this.” Summer said through Amber’s body and voice.

Summer took off Amber’s cotton pants, exposing her beautiful legs, and bare pussy that was still a little bit damp. She still had Amber’s white shirt on, making for that sexy look Summer had early yesterday morning-A shirt leading down to an exposed pussy.

 She then knelt in on top of the puddle of wetness on Amber’s bed, and opened her legs. They stopped about halfway, because as most people, Amber can’t do the splits. And this was even harder because, she wasn’t doing the splits with one of Amber’s legs in the front, and the other behind her, but the splits where both legs open up horizontally. Sort of like what a girl looks like in a cartwheel upside-down, but her legs are fully spread apart.

 So, before trying to this and tearing Amber’s legs apart, she went back up into her kneeling position, and, Summer went deep into Amber’s body. She travelled her way to Amber’s thigh muscles, and loosened them. When she took physical control again, she could feel that her legs were much looser now. She once again, made sure she was over the puddle of wetness, and spread Amber’s legs apart, horizontally. This time, they went fully down and Amber’s pussy was right in the middle of the puddle of cum.

Summer cum’d herself halfway out, so that she was still in control enough to stop Amber from moving, but enough for herself to move around, in the same, thick cum form that she once saw two nights ago.

She touched the cum, and had it transform into a piece of her, making the line of her “slime” longer.

If you were to look at Amber from a distance, it looked an extremely long blue dildo was coming out of her pussy.

Now with even more length, she had herself touch the puddle that dripped on the floor a part of her too. Now that that was cleared up, she re-entered Amber’s body fully, and found it even easier to take full control of her. Maybe it was because there was more of her, inside of Amber?

She then left Amber sitting on the opposite side of the bed where the cum was, and released physical control of her.

“Well that was easy!” Amber said, delighted that she had cleaned the best so quickly. She looked down at her body, and noticed she wasn’t wearing anything that covered her pussy.

“Wow, it feels so much better not wearing pants or panties.” She said happily as she felt her vag, still damp.

“Weird, I figured it’d be dry by now.” Amber said, confused as she began to think about what just happened. Quickly, Summer regained control of her, and removed that thought from her head.

“What was I thinking?” Amber thought, once again, confused. “Oh well, doesn’t matter now? I’d better get dressed and go call Sam!”



“It’s been three days.” Katelyn said to Samantha. “Three days and that loser or Amber haven’t been to school. Something’s up, can you go check things out for me today after school?”

“Sure no problem!” Samantha smiled back. Her black hair glistening in the morning sun, and her hazel eyes shining. Her complection was perfect at this time of day, Katelyn thought.

Katelyn and Amber sat next to eachother in class, near the back of the room. The class was well lit, and was on the side of the school, so it had many windows. It was also very large, and had only around 20 people in it. Though they were all scattered across the room.

The day at school itself was just about to end, but the teacher was out already printing stuff for the next day. Perfect time to chat around.

Just then, extremely late for class, Amber walked into the room. Katelyn thought she looked…amazingly beautiful, and just a little bit sexy. Katelyn stared at her for a bit, questions through her mind about what to ask her first. It was Wednesday, and the last time she’d seen her was on Friday.  But, she decided she’d size her up first. Her short blonde ponytail was now long, straightened hair hanging long past her shoulders, and her skin looked vibrant. She was wearing white cotton pants, that seemed very tight on her legs. They were more like tights, but just blank white and non-transparent. As a top, she wore a pink shirt, obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Other than that, she seemed completely fine. Except Katelyn noticed her eyes were changed a bit. She didn’t know how, but they were just slightly different from before.

            Before Katelyn could ask her anything, Amber took a seat right next to a girl named Brook. Now, Brook, as Katelyn knew, was a very nice looking girl. Even by her standards. Brook transferred here from a high school in New York, and, needless to say, she looked stunning.

            “Good competition,” Katelyn began thinking, “I’d better get her into my group right away, and away from that idiot Summer. I guess Amber’s already doing that right now.” Katelyn winked at Amber, and she smiled back.

            Brook was a nice girl. She was about the same height as Katelyn, if not a little taller. She had sparkling sky-blue eyes, and just a little bit of mascara around them. Katelyn found it made her look even better. Brook was white, but not as pale as Amber. She had medium, black hair that went just below her shoulders. It was straight and obviously brushed. Some of it hung just below her forehead, somewhat covering her right eye.

“She looks a lot like me.” Katelyn said. Then dismissed the thought as she realized no one can be as beautiful as her, at least, in this class.

Brook was wearing jean pants, that went down to just above her ankles. They were pretty tight, and you could see her legs were beautifully shaped underneath the desk. Her hands were on her lap, as she talked with Amber. As for Brook’s top, she wore a plain, sky blue shirt that went just below her waist. They matched her eyes.

            “I’m gonna go talk to Amber” Said Samantha, beginning to stand out of her chair sounding regretful. “she tried calling me the last few days, but I couldn’t find my phone. I hope she doesn’t think I’ve been ignoring her.”

            “Ohh, you can do that later.” Katelyn replied happily. “She’s getting that girl across the room to get into our group, so we’ll be talking a lot anyway.”

            “Mmkay, I’ll check on her later today.” Samantha said, as she sat back down.

            From then on, Katelyn would glance back to see what Amber and Brook were doing. At first, everything seemed normal, until Brook got up and walked fastly out of the room. Amber just sat there, a confused expression on her face. She looked directly at Katelyn, then began to make her way to her.

            “That girl’s just a little bit weird.” Amber said to Katelyn.

            “And you haven’t been?” Katelyn replied. “You haven’t been to school in 2 days, and when you do come, the 3rd day’s just about to end! Look! We’ve got less than 5 minutes left!”

            “Oh thaaaat.” Amber said with her mouth opened, her hand covering it. “I’ve been like, sorta busy at home. So I decided to like, skip school a bit. Besides, I don’t think our teacher over there cares.” She continued to say as she pointed at their old, at least in her 60s, math teacher as she walked into the room.

            “Well whatever,” Replied Katelyn, “I’m having a party this weekend. You’re invited, and so is Samantha. Try to get that new girl to come.”

            “Oh no worries about that.” Amber said with a dirty look on her face. “I’ll get her, don’t worry.”



It was Wednesday morning, and the now Summer-controlled Amber, had just woken up. It was 1pm, and she had no idea why she wasn’t concerned that she had missed almost 3 days of school. Little did she know, the past few days, Summer was testing the things she could make Amber do, while directly in and out of her control. She thought that the better she knew how to control Amber, the easier it would be to get Sam and Katelyn.

Amber slowly reached out, as she slowly rose into a sitting position on her bed. She didn’t stay in it for long, and then began to sit on the side of her bed, rubbing her yellowish eyes from a good night’s rest. She was only wearing the same cotton pants from 3 days ago, which at the moment were drenched down to her knees. The rest of herself was naked.

She was wondering what she had been doing all night, but every time she thought of it, her mind hit a solid wall of nothingness, and she just shrugged it off. She was just about to get dressed into something different, and, less revealing, until Summer decided it was about time she changed Amber’s pants. They had been drenched from Amber’s cum countless times as Summer experimented with her body. Apparently, Summer liked it better when she made Amber wet indirectly, instead of directly making her wet. There was no fun in that, Summer thought to herself.

So, Summer directly took over Amber. For a brief second, Amber opened eyes in realization of what was happening, but they quickly closed and opened in a blue color.

“That’s better.” Summer said through Amber’s body. She looked down, and she could feel how aroused Amber was. She was tempted to cum again herself, but the bed and carpet here were already wet enough. Last night, she was trying to make more of herself by having Amber cum to the thought of Samantha, but she just couldn’t do it. That was weird, Summer thought.

“I’d better get you changed into the right clothes.” Summer said, as she began to take off Amber’s white pants. She threw them into the hamper on the other side of the room. Completely naked, and still damp, she walked down into Amber’s basement and grabbed a new, clean pair of one her many tight cotton pants. They smelled like good laundry. She grabbed another pair of white ones, because, she knew that if she were to have Amber cum in public, it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

She quickly put on the pants, forgetting the panties because they would just constrain her more if she were to try and cum herself out. She walked Amber back to her bedroom, and put on Amber’s favorite pink shirt. She noticed Amber’s breasts were sticking out, but didn’t care. By the time she got to school, it would be almost over anyway. Summer sat Amber’s body back onto the side of her bed, and released control.

“Yaaaaaawn.” Yawned Amber as she stretched her arms towards the ceiling once again.

“What time is it?” Amber still said, a little drowsy. “1:15! School ends at 2! No use going today I guess…” But before Amber could finish, Summer removed that thought and changed it so that she wanted to go. “…That I’ll go anyway. May as well get the last of my class in.” Amber finished, as she began to walk out the door. But, just before she walked out of her bedroom, Summer wanted to do one more little test to make sure things were running smoothly.

“Get wet.” Summer ordered. For a second, Amber’s eyes went blue, but they quickly returned to normal.

“Ehhhh.” Amber started to moan, as she used both of her hands to clutch her pussy. She could feel that she was about to cum, but she didn’t want to get her clothes messy again.

“Ahhh!!” Amber said outloud, as she was trying to hold it in. But then, something weird happened. Amber began to re-take her mind and body. Summer could feel it.

“Get…out…of…my…” Amber began to slowly say, still clutching her nearly dripping pussy. She was on the carpet now, and nearly breaking free. Then, Summer took direct control of her, stopping all of Amber attempts to escape. She quickly erased the memory of her releasing ever happening, then let Amber, now again under Summer’s control, get up.

“That was weird.” Amber said. “Why was I on the floor? Whatever, I’d better get to school.”

Summer was worried. She knew that if she were to order her again, she may regain control and force me out. Summer was slowly losing control over Amber, she knew. For now, all she could do was change her thoughts and opinions, but for now, not order her. Then the thought came to her.

“I need more cum,” Summer began thinking to herself. “if I can get someone else under my control, I can get that person to cum into Amber’s pussy, and remake more of myself to keep control.”

Summer searched Amber’s mind for that person, other than Samantha or Katelyn because, Summer would move her entire self onto them, and eventually leave Amber.

Then the thought came.

“ There was a new person that was moving to school this Monday. Wait, that would be 2 days ago then.”

 If Summer was lucky, it’d be a girl.

“ I could use my arousing scent to make her sexually attracted to me, and then I’d take control!” Seems easy enough, Summer thought.

At school…

“Omg, it’s 1:50! I’d better get into class!” Amber said as she walked through the door. There was no teacher, just a bunch of her classmates talking, and Katelyn staring at her. Amber was just about to go say hi, but Summer made her go sit with the new girl sitting alone on the other side of the room.

“Heyy.” Amber said, standing over the new girl. She was pretty attractive, Amber thought. “Mind if I sit here?” Amber said nicely pointing towards the seat beside the new girl.

“Sure why not?” The new girl said cutely, staring into Amber’s yellowish eyes.

Amber sat down, and began to have a conversation with her.

“So, what’s your name?” Amber smiled.

“It’s Brook, how about yours?” Brook smiled back.

“Amber.” Amber replied.

“That’s a pretty name.” Brook said back.

“Thanks.” Amber said shyly as she started to blush, feeling a warm sensation in her pussy. She greatly resisted the urge to put her hands on her vag, because she was in public, and didn’t want to make a scene. She had to admit, this girl was almost as hot as Katelyn.

“So, I was wondering…” Amber began. “You’re new here, right?” Amber asked Brook.

“Yeah, I just came here two days ago from New York.” Brook replied.

Amber crossed her legs, and began to release a faint smell of perfume. To Brook, it smelled like flowers and honey.

“Your clothes are amazing!” Amber said brightly.

Brook tilted her head towards Amber, then she became very aware of the wetness in her panties. Amber looked down, and smiled at Brook’s face. Brook blushed, then ran out of the room, leaving a very small puddle on the seat.

Then, Amber became aware of Katelyn staring at her. Summer took complete control, carefully making sure Amber’s eye color didn’t change. She then walked over to Katelyn, and made sure that she didn’t think anything suspicious had just happened.

“And lastly, I’ll be walking home with Brook today.” Summer said through Amber’s body, quite convincingly.

“Awee, okie.” Katelyn replied, sadly. “I hope to see you on Saturday! Have fun!” Katelyn said, with renewed expression.

“Kay, cya!” Amber said, sticking her tongue out at Katelyn.

Then, Summer released control and had Amber walk to just outside the school, and wait outside the doors. Summer knew that Brook would return, wanting to become very good friends with Amber. Summer was ready to push this friendship on a lot further than just a relationship.

            After everyone had left, Brook was the first to emerge from the doors. Summer made Amber think that Brook went off to use the washroom, and not because she had made her wet.

            “Sorry about that.” Brook started very shyly. “It’s just that…” Amber cut her off.

            “It’s okay I don’t mind. Do you wanna come over today?” Amber asked.

            Brook winced. She couldn’t resist this attractive girl any longer.

            “Yess!” Brook shouted. “I’d loooove to! I just need to get changed. Meetcha there in half an hour?”

            “Kay.” Amber replied, as she and Brook exchange phone numbers and addresses.

            Amber was very near her house, and Summer decided that she’d make Amber uncontrollably attracted to Brook.



“This is going to be good.” I thought to myself discreetly, making sure Amber couldn’t hear my thoughts.

            I pushed away all the thoughts of anyone else, and made Brook the biggest person in her life. I started to make Amber think of Brook’s hot body, her gentle curves, her beautiful face, her smell. Everything that a girl would love about another girl.

            Instantly, I felt Amber’s pussy tighten.

            “Ahhh!” Amber moaned. “I can’t do this…here!” Amber slowly reached to her pants to stop the wetness. She could feel it coming. For a second she thought no, and tried to stop it but twisting her legs inward, but that didn’t work very well, so she  put her hand on her crotch anyway, because it began to drip through.

            “She’s soo…fucking hot!” Amber yelled, as she stopped in front of her house, tightly holding her pussy. Her blonde hair was now a mess, hanging over her drooping head as she looked at her hand holding her pussy.

            I decided to push her even further. I made her think about Brook’s pussy, and how soft and sexy it’d be.

            “Ahhh! Amber yelled as she entered her door and ran up to her room, once again. For moment, she let go of her vag, and the wetness began to squirt through it into the cotton fabric of her pants. She slammed her bedroom door, and stood there in the middle of her room.

            “I want to…fuck her so badly!!!” Amber shouted, as she squirted cum onto her hand. It began to drip through and even further soaken the area between her legs. Then I realized that, if Amber looked like this when Brook came over, it’d probably look really bad.

So, I took complete control of her. Bad idea because this completely released the tension on her Pussy. As soon as I took control, I couldn’t stop getting wet. I knew that I’d made her aroused, but I didn’t know she could get *this* aroused. I tried to stop it myself, but it just kept coming. This was getting me aroused, and I didn’t want to stop.

I tried producing a thin coating of myself, just outside of her vag. It worked, and the cum was held in. This felt insanely arousing. Amber’s eyes flashed yellow and blue, as she could feel the sexual tension too. I quickly calmed down, and the flow of her cum began to stop. When I figured it was safe, I removed the coating and retreated back into her mind.

“Oh my god!!!” Amber said, exhausted from the sexiness of what just happened. “I cannot WAIT until she gets here!!”

Later on…

“Okaay, so whatcha wanna do first?” Brook asked, standing in the doorway of Amber’s bedroom. She looked around. Everything was in perfect order. Amber’s bedroom was obviously just cleaned.

Earlier, after Brook and Amber had parted, Brook went home to get changed. She had made a mess of her panties, and put some fresh, new white-silk ones on. She wore a beige blouse that went halfway down her thighs, and knee high, black tights. Perfect look, Brook thought, in case she and Amber were to get a little dirty. Which, she how no doubts about. Brook’s hair stay unchanged from class.

“Well,” Amber began as I started to release that smell of arousal again.

“We can start by sitting down on my bed over there.” Amber gestured for Brook to sit down, and Amber followed. Brook sat down first, hands on her lap. Amber sat almost right next beside her, and put her hands down on Brook’s lap.

Before Brook came over, I put Amber into a mind-controlled state, the one where she went “Yes, master”, and had her quickly dry her pants so she wouldn’t look overly suspicious. So, basically she was still wearing the same clothes. White cotton tights that went down to her ankles, no panties, and a tight pink shirt, that showed off her breasts. And I know that, any girl, in her right mind, wouldn’t be wearing the same thing for more than a day. Although, Amber wasn’t in her right mind, and these were the most revealing clothes she had.

Before Amber could continue, I slowly took control of her. But, not fully. I did it enough so that I could quickly change her course of thought, how she acts, and what she says.

“Your eyes just changed color a bit.” Brook said to Amber.

“Oh that,” I made Amber say, “that’s because when I get…attracted to girls my eyes react weirdly.” As I had her say this, I soft clenched the inner part of Brook’s thigh, and made my attractive smell even stronger.

“Ohh…” Brook said as she tightened her legs. “That’s okay.”

Brook now tilted her head down, and had her eyes meet mine. I know what she wanted to do, so I made Amber kiss Brook delicately on the cheek. After that, she went in for a full French kiss on Amber’s face. I held her waist with my hands as I lifted her off the bed, and put her on the wall. Her hair was glistening in the afternoon light, free of any knots or imperfections.

Her sky-blue eyes opened for a second as they met mine. Still kissing, I moved my right hand down to her crotch, below her blouse and onto her tights. Through the tights, I could feel that her pussy was damp. But, I figured he wasn’t aroused enough.

“Would you like to…blow me?” I struggled to make Amber ask. She was beginning to resist again.

I made the smell even stronger, and there was no way she could resist. She took her face off Amber’s, and dropped to her knees. For this part, I figured I may as well enjoy it too. As I took full control of Amber, she already had her face in my tights, looking up at me with a sad-doggy eyed expression. At full control, I smiled and she began to suck the cum out from Amber’s pussy.

I began to feel her sense of arousal again, and it was insane. Every fibre in Amber’s body was shaking. And as she blew me threw the cotton tights, I was quivering. This made me get even more wet. I grabbed Amber’s breast and began to squeeze it tightly, as I held the urge to explode in Brook’s mouth.

 She then pulled my pants down just below my vag, and she put her mouth onto Amber’s clean-shaven pussy. The feeling was insane, as I slowly let out transparent cum into her mouth. Some of it was dripping onto the floor. As I watched this, I just grabbed Amber’s breast harder. I couldn’t resist it anymore and I decided it was time I took control of her. It was best to go through her vag, I knew, because she wouldn’t notice until it was all over.

I pushed her head away from Amber’s pussy, and dropped to a kneel in front of her. Before she could ask why, I started French kissing her again. I brought her up to a stand on the wall again, and felt her vag. Soaking wet. I pulled down her tights, and she just got wetter. I arched amber’s ass back, as I slowly began to leave Amber’s body, although, I wouldn’t do it completely. I reached to her vag, and quickly shot up it, leaving a small strand connecting Amber and Brook together, making sure Amber wouldn’t return to normal.

I probed her body, for a second, feeling the sensation of Amber’s cum and tongue in her mouth. I ignored it and went into her mind. I saw all of her memories. Memories as a little girl in New York, her parents, her family, her boyfriend. I quickly pushed them far back into the reaches of her mind, making sure what I wanted her to be was at the front.

Firstly, I made it so that in her world, I was her dominant ruler. I would told her what she would do and when she would do it. Then, I moved on to her sexual side. I erased all of her memories of her boyfriend, and, like Amber, made her a complete lesbo for Amber, Katelyn, and Samantha. Lastly, I made it so that she could not revert back to normal, as I planted a bit of myself in her.

Then, looking through Brook’s eyes, I realized Amber wasn’t kissing her anymore. She was simply looking at her in amazement. I had Brook look down, and we could see that there was no longer a strand between us.

Amber pulled up her pants, and before she could say anything, I shot out of Brook’s pussy, and entered Amber’s vag. She wondered what was going on. I could feel her struggling to get me out of her. Amber now laid on the bed, as she was trying to force me out of her. She was moaning and groaning, trying to cum me out like I had done once. I took control of her hand, and had her cover her watering vag. Slowly, I began to take over her mind, and once I had done so, I relaxed.

Amber and Brook had made a big mess on the carpet, and the bed once again. I could feel a large puddle below Amber’s pussy, and I could see one to my left where Brook stood, staring at me. I noticed that right now I was in direct control, and I got up and sat on the side of Amber’s wet bed.

I put both of my hands on Amber’s pussy, as I stopped the wetness from coming out of it. As I did so, I looked up at Brook, who looking at me seductively.

“Master,” She began to say, “you almost lost control of your host. Brook’s eyes changed from their sky blue, to a deep blue like the ones Amber’s were when I was directly controlling her.

“Yes, I did.” I struggled to say through Amber’s body. “In fact, I would like you to become sexually aroused, and hold all of your cum in your pussy. Do not let a single bit out.”

            “Yes, master.” Brook said. I could see it in her eyes, she was wet, but she didn’t let any of it out. I took my chance and squirted out of Amber’s body momentarily, and merged myself with the cum inside of Brook. Feeling renewed, I shot back into Amber’s vag, and took complete control again.

            “Now THAT’S better!” I said through Amber’s mouth, happily. Finally, I felt like I was fully in control of her again. No more resistance, no more urges to get me out. Just me.

Now, because I never did so the first time I entered Amber’s body, I implanted myself in her body, so that she could never resist me again.

“I want to test something. I’m going to go into your body, and observe if Amber reacts strangely.” I said easily through Amber’s mouth.

I then got up, took of Amber’s, once again, drenched cotton tights and threw them into the hamper across the room. Just in case I had to quickly re-enter her body, there would be no resistance between us. Then, I left Amber’s body, and entered Brook’s and took full control of her.

Now, her body was much different than Amber’s. She moved around without as much grace, and everything just felt…different. I brushed her hair off my her face, just to

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