Story: This Love Tastes Bitter (all chapters)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

This Love Tastes Bitter

Tohru inhaled sharply as Akito moved against her, thrusting fingers into her as far as she could. There was pain, but that was the norm. Nothing about Akito was careful and gentle. She took what she wanted and didn\'t care the injury she may inflict upon others. Her status as God may have been over, but she was still forceful in her ways. And god bless Tohru\'s beautiful heart for loving her nonetheless.

Or at least she had.

She questioned that love now. Whenever Akito came to her room in the middle of night, seeking release and not offering a word of affection, Tohru cringed. The younger woman felt used beyond words. What she hadn\'t understood before she had broken the curse was that just because everyone would become free, didn\'t necessarily mean that who they were would change. Akito proved that to her the night after she had let go of the curse. It must\'ve been meant to be a punishment, but it was hard to tell with the older woman. Tohru knew this much - Akito wanted revenge.

It had probably been because all of her initial plans of driving a stake between outsiders and the members of the Zodiac and how it backfired when Kyo ran off and made something of himself with Tohru\'s encouragement and the others, in their own small ways, did the same. Yet, there seemed to be aspect of love to Akito\'s ways. The way Tohru\'s brilliant personality had touched the hearts and souls of the other Sohmas, it seemed to have an effect on Akito too. So it was love and not love. Hate and not hate. A spiral of emotions that neither knew quite what to do with.

Akito often sent Shigure and Kyo away so that she could spend these nights of lust and punishment with the younger woman. She purposely ignored the strained look on the other woman\'s face as she dragged nails against that pretty face that had been both the demise and rebirth of the Sohma line. Where had a creature this pure and good come from puzzled Akito many a nights. With nails and teeth, she sought the answer over and in soft flesh, listening to the sounds of pain and pleasure as though they were a chorus sent down by the heavens. She couldn\'t control Tohru before the curse had been broken and she knew she couldn\'t now. It was infuriating, making her dig deeper and bite harder.

This night though, Tohru sought to have her point come across. When Akito was done, rolling out from under the silk blankets and reaching for her robe, she could never stay the night with Tohru, the younger woman sat up and reached out to grab Akito\'s elbow. Holding the blanket up to cover herself in a bout for decency she knew she could not have back, Tohru waited for the older woman to turn her face to her.

\"I won\'t stand for this anymore,\" Tohru said, her voice quivering just slightly. She was set though on what she was about to say, fear and politeness be damned.

\"You\'ll do as I say,\" Akito said quickly, anger growing.

\"No. You can\'t control me. The things you\'ve done to me are things I\'ve allowed you to do because...\" Tohru\'s throat closed for a second before she could speak again, \"I love you.\"

The silence that followed was deathening. Akito seemed as though she was deciphering the meaning of \'love\' while Tohru dropped her hand away and tucked her knees up to her chest. Without a word, Akito left the room. It was over. Whatever they had, it was gone and done with.

After that, Akito stayed away from Tohru, giving them both what they wanted. Akito got her reason to finally steer clear of the younger woman and Tohru... Well Tohru didn\'t get what she wanted. She wanted Akito to take her hand and tell her how much she loved her too. The words never came though and the control Akito never had over Tohru before, made Tohru cry herself to sleep at night.


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