Story: ToD: A Night of Sin - An MST (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: The Party Begins

[Author's notes: THE MST'ers (All of which are CR of ArachCobra):

The MST’ers

Serpentine daemon lord.
Very relaxed.
Hates when someone messes with stuff he likes.

Three-eyed human.
Knows pop-culture.
Dislikes sex scenes.

Half black elf/half black dragon.
Loves beer, smoking and women.

Lizard man lich.
Intelligent, cold and cynical.]

Spithe: So, is this another request?

Daniel: Nope. It’s a dare this time around.

Drex: * Sigh * Which of course means no money.

Daniel: But we may get an angry letter or two.

Sith: Huzzah for hate mail.

Tales of Darkness: A Night of Sin by Rhanar Narra-Jar

Sith: I remember when this guy used to write long epic stories.

Spithe: What does he write now, then?

Sith: Porn scripts.

Drex: And the worlds became a better place for it.

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Daniel (Reviewer): Hey, sorry for disturbing. I just got sort off lost in here.

Story Notes:
In this story, there is a bit of symbolism…

Sith (Notes): For example, people will be crucified every ten minutes.

Spithe (Notes): And all virgins will cry blood at every opportunity.

...Shica, Narrisha and Jiraz represent the more sinful part of the story…

Drex: I don’t get it.

Daniel: You see, the girls in this story are not the real girls, but instead part of the real girls. The part that is sinful. Or perhaps I’m reading it wrong. Perhaps they represent the parts of the story that are sinful, by being sinful. Or maybe…

Drex: That’s enough, my brain is aching.

…(though still friendly by nature), whilst Jiki and Kiro are representing the Virtues…

Sith: So we got pure lesbians and sinful lesbians.

Daniel: Sound like a bad fantasy novel.

Drex: (Makes big movements with his arms) "Lady of the Lesbians." Book 1: "Fellowship of Homosexuality."

…because of their unlimited love for each other…

Spithe: Sorry, but I just do not trust anything as fickle as the combination of lust, association and hormones to be unlimited.

Daniel: Hello there, Dr. Killjoy.

…although it often shows physically…

Drex: I should hope so.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Plese R&R

Daniel (Author): I ned mor leters to finis my setenes.

...this story, people; I tire of getting no response, thus I cannot tell what you think of it.

Sith: And that’s what you have us for.

Spithe (Sarcastic): I am sure he is going to overflow with gratitude.

“It feels like an eternity since I last did this” Jiraz Blackwhip smiled…

Daniel: What, went a day without sex.

Spithe: Then it probably was an eternity ago.

…she stood leaning to the wall of her manor, curling her tail and flapping her wings…

Sith: And stomping her feet and wringing her hands and baking a cake.

…impatiently; she was clad in pants, vest, bustier, thigh-high boots and elbow-long gloves of black leather…

Drex: I wish there were pictures with this story.

Spithe: And have you spilling salvia everywhere Forget it.

…and she wore a long, red leather jacket.

Daniel (Announcer): Next on the fanfic channel: What if Dante was a Succubus.

Drex: Devil May Screw?

“Oh, I just can’t wait! It’s gonna be ‘so’ awesome!”...

Daniel (Jiraz): Like, totally radical.

...she cheered mentally, standing up and walking up and down the floor; she had readied the manor for herself and her guests, and the she had also made sure there were a lot of food, drinks and ‘toys’ ready for her guests.

Sith: After all, what proper party did not have a ready supply of Frisbees.

“Now, lemme see...” Jiraz began thinking; she had sent out several letters to the most cute, stubborn, sexy, hot, attractive, innocent and proud girls under The Grey Guard’s protection...

Drex: And since this is written by Rhanar, that’s going to be a lot of girls.

...and she had gotten over eight replies to her ‘Mysterious Invitation’...

Daniel: Most were of course of the ’Cease and Desist’ type, but she was used to that by now.

...which, in her own eyes, was pure genius...

Spithe: She considers a sex party invitation a work of genius? read:
“Wishing for something new and exciting in life?

Daniel: Considering how much sex these girls get, it has to stop being new at some point.

Wishing to get out of the daily stress, and maybe even earn a lesser fortune for it? Then I may have just the thing for you! What it is? Why, if I told you already, it wouldn’t be mysterious, now would it?The...

Sith: Case of the Missing Space.

Daniel (Announcer): In a sleepy little community, words suddenly begin to clump together mysteriously.

...only requirements is that you are female between 14 and 26, doesn’t mind close contact, and (sorry if this is private, honnies) does not mind female ‘companionship’...

Spithe: This demon sure is picky.

...any health insurance or social needs are fully covered be me. The...

Sith: Why would you need health insurance for a sex party.

Drex: Perhaps because she is experimenting with a new and exiting form of sex.

Daniel: Did it just get colder in here?

...means to get to the place is by the incantations lowest on this page: It will open a Portal (try and keep your panties dry!)...

Drex: Where does she live, in the fricking ocean.

Daniel: (Singing) Under the sea.

...and take you here; no physical harm will be done to you.

Sith (Jiraz): We might, however, have to blow your mind.

Drex: Apparently, the newest hit amongst lesbians is a mind screw.

Signed: JIRAZ
P.S: About the Portal thing, it’s not supernatural; it’s just magical!(And I’m serious, ladies; no kidding!)

Spithe (Sarcastic): Ah, I see. Work of genius. I am completely overwhelmed by your ingenuity.

Entering the large pool area of the manor, Jiraz smiled satisfied; it was built in an old, roman style...

Spithe: In a world were the Romans, of course, never existed.

...and there were many smaller and larger pools with boiling, hot water.Plants...

Daniel (Author): GIVE ME SOME SPACE.

...and trees were arranged all over the place as decoration, and a small spot of grass caught her nose...

Spithe: What an interesting type of grass. Apparently capable of locomotion and fond of noses. its smell of flowers.

“O-Kay; now for the saunas” she nodded, entering through a stone door; the room was like a hallway with three rooms on each side, leading to a hot sauna.Tempted...

Sith: Rhanar needs more empty space.

Spithe: He could have taken some from his own head.

Drex: Or just tapped his ego for hot air. skip ahead and play a little with herself...

Spithe: Does she put extra hormones in her coffee or what? How could any living creature be so horny all the time?

Daniel: Remember. It’s all symbolical. I think.

...Jiraz smiled and continued; she checked the disco; a lot of crazy light-stuff...

Sith: The perfect seizure trap. With this room, she plans to weed out all the epileptics.

..and an open stage for music; that’d be fun; then she checked that all the rooms were in order, and then went to the last room: The bar.

Spithe: How does she pay for all this?

Drex: Perhaps she just slept with the right princesses.

“No alcohol, no party!”...

Drex: AMEN.

...Jiraz giggled, looking through the cupboards of the bar; there were a lot of different wines and beers, and even cider.

She headed back to the main hall, sat down and waited for the bell to ring to announce the first guests’ arrival; as she sat a played with her tail-tip, she heard to first ringing.

Spithe: Heard to first ringing? Now, that is nothing short of painful.

Opening the door, two girls stood in the opening, carrying large rucksacks...

Sith (Girl): We found this hobo on the way. Do you have any barbecue sauce. of them was brown-haired, and she clad in a strange white and black outfit; the other one wore a white and blue dress, and was blue-haired.

“Hiya! Are you that ‘Jiraz’-Lady?” the brown-haired asked, not quiet surprised by Jiraz’s demonic looks.

“Yep, that’s me; come on inside and make yourselves at home” Jiraz smiled and nodded politely, letting the girls in.“Nice place, Miss Jiraz-San”...


Spithe: In a world without Japan. How odd.

...the blue-haired bowed politely.

“Thanks, sweetie” Jiraz winked; “oh, that reminds me; I didn’t get your names.”

Spithe: What, you did not even know the names of the invited. You just randomly invited lesbians, whom you did not know, to a sex party, which they would not know about until they arrived. Literally hundreds of things can go wrong with this.

Sith: Of course, since this is written by Rhanar, it all ends well, and all lesbians like sex parties.

“I’m Rhici” the brown-haired smiled...

Daniel (Rhici): Little known sister of the Rich guy.

...leaning to her friend’s shoulder; the looks they sent each other made Jiraz smile; if they were not lesbians, or ‘Jicins’ as Rhanar always called them.....

Spithe: After all, we can not blatantly glorify something without giving it a special name.

...then she’d be Shinris Incarnated.

“And I am Kununi, Miss Jiraz” the blue-haired one said, replying her friend’s intimate by teasingly kneeling down at her stomach with a daydream-like look in her eyes.

“H-hey! Kno-knock it off!” Rhici said nervously blushed...

Sith: Get a room.

Drex: And a video camera. And an internet connection. And a website.

...but nevertheless smiled.

“Well, how intimate...” Jiraz teased.

“C’mon, Rhici; let’s go find our rooms” Kununi smiled at Rhici; standing up, she and Rhici left down the hall under small giggles.

Daniel (Flat): Kawaii.

Spithe: Every line feels more and more like a pink kitty shooting flowers into one’s brain with a rainbow-coloured sniper rifle.

“Man, how they remind me of Jiki and Kiro!” Jiraz began to laugh.

“Anyone said our names?”...

Daniel: Good old cliché #39. Everyone appears when their names are said.

...a smile voice were heard behind Jiraz; turning around, she found Kiro about to pull Jiki out from the other side of a Mystical Portal.

Sith: That remind me, where are we. I mean, we know that there is a roman bath, disco room and a front door, but besides that, well…

Spithe: The author was probably not sure what he wanted in his story while writing, so he left it vague so as not to limit his creative handiwork.

“Wha-what are you doing here?!” Jiraz asked in shock; if they told Rhanar of her plans, she’d be done for.

Drex: The mansion would be ruined once that paranoid zealot was done chasing the imaginary evil males he would be seeing ’round every corner.

Finally able to pull Jiki out, Kiro stood in front of Jiraz, clad in a gorgeous, white dress and elbow-long gloves, her tail wrapped around her waist like a furry belt.

Sith: As opposed to a fury belt.

Daniel (Hulk impression): LESBIAN SMASH.

“So: Are you up to something naughty, Jiraz?”

Drex: Is that at trick question or something?

Jiki teased as she came out of the portal; she wore bustier and pants of black leather...

Daniel: What’s up with all this dead cow?

Sith (Shrugs): Author fetish.

...and wrist-long, fingerless gloves and knee-high boots of blue leather. “What?! Umm, n-no! Not at all! I’m j-just trying to re-relax a bit! You know; all those things Shica demands, and-...”

Daniel (Jiki): Su-sure. We’ll Be-leive tha-that.

Spithe: Lying through your teeth always result in stammering.

...Jiraz began to babble as the doorbell rang again; the next couple of girls were both clad in exotic suits, one blue-haired and the other brown-haired.

Drex: Blue and brown-haired suits. That is quite exotic.

“Is this the ‘mysterious place’ you wrote about, Mrs. Jiraz?” the brown-haired asked sceptically.

“Yes, but do not be tricked” Jiraz smiled as she let them in; “you won’t ‘believe’ what ‘mysteries’ I have in store for you ladies...”

Daniel (Jiraz): Now would ’you’ like some ’coffee’ while ’I’ get a ’chair’ for you to ’sit’ on.

Sith (Random girl): What are you talking about.

Daniel (Jiraz): You will ’see’ what I am ’talking’ about.

Deciding to stick around with their friend for a bit, Jiki and Kiro helped Jiraz welcome the girls arriving; they always arrived as a couple...

Spithe: So despite her only asking for individual traits, she still ended up only receiving them in couples. The odds of that is outstandingly low.

...and clad in all from beautiful attires to what looked like fantasy outfits.As...

Sith: What would count for a fantasy outfit, in a world with demons, dragons and copious amounts of magic?

...the host of girls stood in the hall and admired the building, Kiro noticed that the portal behind them had not closed yet.

“Umm, sweetie?” she asked Jiki; “did you remember to read how to close portals?”

“Ups; missed that one” Jiki smiled...

Daniel: She’s the kind of girl that would forgot to prepare to un-summon The Great C’thulhu.

...rubbing her neck in embarrassment.

From the portal, which seemed to have attracted the girls’ and Jiraz’s attention, a black snout...

Spithe: Which had previously been severed by the nose catcher grass.

...had appeared; the snout was soon followed by a head, then an upper body, and finally a lower body with tail.

Out came Scar, Rhanar’s pet panther; the huge feline sat down and looked around curiously, licking its lips and yawning, revealing its huge fangs.


Sith (Flat): Bravo. Your vision is most acute.

...most of the girls yelled; some began to run around in panic, others stood and shivered in fear, and others again stood and watched Scar...

Daniel: Murder Mufasa.


Scar did not seem to mind the screaming girls; in fact, it went right over to Jiki and Kiro, beginning to purr.

“Yeah, who’s a good little panther? Yes, you are!”...

Spithe: As far as I know, cats are hard to train. Larger cats, such as lions and tigers, are as good as untameable.

Drex (Rhanar): I don’t need to train them. I just show them how AWESOME I am, and then they follow my every command.

...Kiro said teasingly to Scar, patting his head; the panther stroke itself against Kiro’s leg, and began to playfully bite at Jiki’s boots.

“So ‘that’s Scar, eh? Oh, he looks cute” Jiraz began stroking Scar’s tail...

Sith: Then all became black, and when the poor demon woke, her left arm was missing.

...resulting that the panther’s purring got louder.

The girls in the room were shocked to find the predatory feline as tame as a simple housecat...

Spithe: Who are not very tame to begin with.

...two of them began to approach carefully, ready to run for their lives if Scar began to get hostile.

Daniel: But since he had just chased Simba out of the Pride Lands, he couldn’t be bothered.

It did not turn out that way, as Scar began walking towards the other girls; as they screamed and tried and stay out of his way, he simply walked right around them, sniffing curiously.

Drex (Rhanar): Thanks to my AWESOMENESS, I have trained this animal to track lesbians. Because I’m AWESOME.

He finally found a left behind rucksack one of the girls had dropped by the door...

Sith: And then he began eating the hobo.

Drex: The barbecue sauce made it extra tasty.

...sniffing intensely; he stuck his snout into the rucksack, his head completely disappeared.

Many of the girls started laughing at the comical way the panther sniffed around in the bag, and even the girl who owned it could not help but to giggle; she knew that the panther might have caught the scent of the meat in her lunchbox.

Spithe: If all we have said until now were true, then a Disney villain trained by Rhanar Narra-Jar’s awesomeness is trying to eat the barbecue sauce covered meat of a lesbian hobo that is hidden within a lunchbox, that is within a rucksack.

Daniel: Meh, we’ll just say it was made in Japan, and then people will simply go ”Ah, of course”.

“What’s he looking for?” Jiraz asked Kiro.

“Most likely food, or meat” Kiro...

Drex: When did that become two different things

...said, smiling; she knew that felines were dependant on meat to survive, and Scar was not exception, although he was a bit greedy.

Scar finally found a frozen chicken wing...

Daniel: From McDonald’s.

Sith: Chicken McNuggets. Served by clowns, approved by lesbians. the lunchbox; however, the panther seemed irritated that the meat was so cold, so he wandered over to Jiki and Kiro, looking at them as if he was complaining about the frozen food.

Daniel: He was king Mufasa’s brother after all. How dared they serve frozen food.

He did not manage to begin, as a new creature emerged from the portal; with the upper body of an eagle with white feathers, and the lower body of a lion with white fur, Breeze the griffon appeared, rustling her feathers.

Drex: Turn that goddamn portal off, before more freaks drop through.

“’Rhark’! No be kind to leave Breeze behind, misses Kiro and Jiki!” the griffon complained, but nevertheless sat by at Jiki and Kiro’s side like a loyal pet.

Spithe: Wonderful. Males are evil and intelligent creatures are fine pets. This guy is just full of family friendly morals.

“It’s good to see you, Breeze” Kiro rustled the griffon’s head; “but we’ve got to close the portal now, OK?”

“’Rhark’! OK” Breeze nodded, her attention drawn to Scar, who sat behind and curiously studied Breeze.

Sith (Scar, thinking): Now, that chicken isn’t frozen at all.

“OK, let’s get this thing closed” Jiki said, concentrating; she stretched out her hands as if to grab the portal; the glowing, circular mass of Mystical Magic began swirling, disappearing.

Daniel: In other words, the portal closed.

“I’ve said it before, and I say it again; it’s ‘so’ cool to be a Mystic Mage!”Jiki smiled.

“It also rules to be a Holy Priestess, sweetie!” Kiro teased, nipping Jiki’s ear with her teeth...

Spithe: You know, normal couples do not kiss and touch each other all the time. Nor do they , how goes the phrase, screw each others brain out all the time, unless they happen to be nymphomaniacs.

...she began conjuring a spell, making Jiki feel like she was naked and embraced by a dozen of Kiro’s arms.

Drex: Wait, holy magic covers sex spells?

Sith: Why, you wanna be a war priest now?

Drex (Grins): Why not?

“H-hey! Knock it off!” Jiki giggled, embracing Kiro; as she and Jiki ended in a romp, Jiraz walking down to her guests, who stood as paralysed by Breeze.However, none of them seemed terribly shocked by Jiki and Kiro’s intimacy...

Sith: If you think that two strangers falling onto the floor at starting to fornicate is normal, then you might just be… a porn character. far as Jiraz could see, several of the girls began to giggle playfully at Jiki and Kiro’s silliness.

“OK ladies; follow me, please” Jiraz asked, walking down the corridor.Following suit, many of the girls were eagerly whispering what Jiraz could have in store for them.

Spithe: So, did they, or did they not know what Jiraz had in store for them?

Daniel: I’m not entirely sure.

“Any idea of what she’s planning?” Kiro asked Jiki; around them, Breeze and Scar seemed to get on good terms as they had not begun to fight yet.Inside...

Drex: The cat was, of course, just bidding it’s time.

Sith: All they ever found of Breeze was a salvia covered beak and two feathers.

...the nearby room, neatly placed and relaxing in comfortable chairs, the girls was waiting for Jiraz to tell them of her plan.

“So, ladies...” Jiraz said as she sat down on a large throne of soft material; “...wanna hear the truth? Or just hear what I have in mind for now?”

All: …

Daniel: Whut?

Drex: The hell is she talking about?

Sith: So is what she has on her mind a lie?

Spithe: This makes no sense.

“Umm, why wouldn’t we like to hear the truth?” a red-haired girl asked...

Sith: Don’t worry, it’s out there. (Hums the X-Files theme).

...she had broad backup as several others started mumbling in unison.“Very...

Daniel (Unison of girls, monotonous): We agree with the mortal one.

...well” Jiraz said as she stood up, threw her jacket to the side, clearly revealing her demonic features...

Spithe: What, was in not obvious before. I mean, she has red skin, wings like a bat and a tail. Her demonic features were obvious.

“I wrote those letters to invite you hot ladies here for a little party and some ‘fun’, since you all seems to be some cute, little lezzies.”

Daniel: You know what I noticed guys. Rhanar claims to protect all girls. But they all end up being lesbians.

Sith: Maybe they are hypnotised on arrival. You know, to keep them away from the evil males that Rhanar sees everywhere.

The following mumble surprisingly did not sound hostile or evil; most of the girls blushed heavily, others began to giggle, and yet others began to send each other seducing looks.

Spithe: She just said lezzie, and suddenly, everyone is horny.

“What? You told me to be honest, and I was!” Jiraz in a fake, insulted voice.

“H-how dare you?! To trick us like this..."

Sith: Actually, how dare she. She just assumed all these girls were lesbians. I mean, she wrote female ’companionship’, but that might as well mean anything.

Spithe: And she also just assumed that they were interested in a sex party.

Daniel: She didn’t even know their names, for crying out loud.

Drex: This would be unrealistic, even for a porn movie.

...a girl said insulted.

As a result, Jiraz slowly stood up from her throne, walking towards the girl, gently patting her shoulder.

Daniel (Jiraz, demonically): You’ll be the first to die.

“Sweetie, you don’t know how tempted I am to just unleash all my hot desires and to get down and dirty with your friend and the other girlies here...”

All: …

Spithe: The girl expresses discomfort at the thought of a sex party, and then she just walk over, and tells her that she wants to, well, screw her silly. What is wrong with that woman?

...Jiraz gestured to the nearby, brown-haired and leather-clad girl; “...but aside from my slut sisters...

Drex (Sarcastic): Gee, that’s not insulting at all. (Normal) If a man had called a girl a slut, then Rhanar would have turned the ’heretic’ into confetti, but when lesbians calls each other sluts, then it’s all fine.

Daniel: Maybe it’s okay, because she calls herself a slut. Or something. I just don’t know anymore.

...Then I wanna respect your limits; if I didn’t, then I’d already be drooling all over your hot, naked boobies.”

Sith (Dry): It’s great to see some restraint from your side, Jiraz.

Walking back to her throne, Jiraz looked up on the girls.

“So; I was honest, so it’s fitting that you’re honest to me now, right?”

Spithe: And suddenly, it all turns into a game of truth or dare.

A low mumble spread, and Jiraz could clearly suggest that none of them had any objections.

“Then: As you are all lezzies under The Grey Guard’s protection, and believe me; I know you are just by your looks...

Sith: What, she’s got ’Detect Lesbian’ as a class skill.

...then how many have brought their girlfriend?”
To the girls, Jiraz did not sound mockingly or insulting; she honestly sounded interested in more then just their bodies...

Everyone: She does? a few hands were raised throughout the room, as well as small, whispering voices.

“Be honest” Jiraz said correctingly.

Drex (Jiraz): Reveal your sexuality now, or there will be hell to pay.

Daniel: They’re not coming out of the closet. They are being kicked out.

All hands were now raised into the air, followed be louder mumbles.

“Good” Jiraz smiled at the nervous girls...

Sith: (Flat) Wow, they are all homosexual and they all currently have a partner. What are the odds of that happening?

“ convince you that I mean you no harm and that you can all just quit and miss the fun, I’ve asked these young ladies, along with my own mistress, to ensure that no harm will be done to you.”

Spithe: You know, except the psychological damage caused by being forced to out their homosexuality to a permanently horny demon.

At that point, the door to the room were opened, as Shica Narra-Jar stepped in, clad in her usual white silk attire and Jiki and Kiro following besides her.

Daniel: The lezzy police has arrived to ensure that all heterosexuality is vanquished.

“Ladies-...” Shica began as she approached the throne, but accidentally slipping in some of the material, resulting in comical attempt to grab Jiraz as support, which caused Jiraz to bend down enough to let the closest girls get a look at her breasts.

All: (Groans)

Drex: Of course. Wouldn’t be complete without the accidental boob peak.

Spithe: Why are you complaining then.

Drex: It’s just that it’s really corny. Especially in a written medium where it serves no point.

“As I was saying...” Shica continued as she sat on the throne, Jiraz adjusting her bustier, and Jiki and Kiro sitting down and listening curiously; “ Jiraz’s mistress, and thus having known her for over three, mortal years...

Sith: As opposed to immortal years, that just never seems to end.

Daniel: That reminds of when the eighties refused to die.

...I can ensure that she’d never harm anyone who doesn’t deserve it.”

The girls around in the room seemed to soften up a bit...

Spithe: Of course. Random black elf wanders in and gives Jiraz thumps up. Everyone calms down and softens up. Makes sense. Except it does not.

...becoming a little unserious, resulting in a few, secret looks and a few others going as far as to consider the entire idea.

“To ‘break the ice’, I suggest we move to the pools...”

Daniel (Jiraz): It has frozen over, so we need someone with a solid head.

...Jiraz smiled friendly; “follow me, please.”

As Jiki and Kiro had sat by during the speech, Jiki having fun playing with Kiro’s tail, and Kiro having fun by watching the hilarious Jiki...

Sith: (Sarcastic) All of this is of course important to the story, and not just another attempt to make us squeal at the cuteness.

...they stood up and followed the group.

“Maybe she’s right” they heard one of the girls say; “I mean; she’s a demon, but she’s not begun tearing us apart yet.”

Drex: Or your clothes, though I expect that to happen soon.

“Maybe, but I still say we keep an eye out” the leather-clad girl...

Daniel: What type of leather?

Sith: Since this is a medieval fantasy setting… At least I think it is… then again they have disco. You know what, forget it. It’s just leather. She’s just wearing a dead cow. Don’t think about it.

.....who walked besides her said darkly.

Entering the pool area, much to the girls’ amazement, Jiraz told them to get into the locker room.

Spithe : After all, they were accustomed to bathing with clothes on.

As Jiki and Kiro went in as well, Kiro could not help but to look forward to feel the warm water all over her body and Jiki by her side.

“Hey, Kiro...” Jiki suddenly said as the walked under the showers.

“Yeah?” Kiro asked.

“CATCH!” Jiki cheered...

Sith: Throwing a cactus at poor naked Kiro.

...splashing Kiro with warm water.

Daniel (Kiro): NOOO. I’m melting. What a world, what a world.

“Why, you little...!” Kiro laughed, beginning to nip Jiki’s ears in playfulness.Laughing at the hilarious couple, the other girls began changing...

Sith: Into werewolves.

Daniel (Random girl). Something’s… Wrong… With me. -Wolf howl-

...and one by one get under the showers...

Spithe: Got. They got under the shower. You are not allowed to change tense in the middle of the sentence.

...while Jiraz stood by and could not help but to lick her lips at the look of all those fresh and hot bodies…

Drex: Like a dog watching a butcher shop.

Sith: Ain’t that a bit hypocritical of you?

Drex (Grins): Only if I had claimed to be any better myself.

After showering, they entered the pool area, finding a pool...

All (Monotonous): Wow. A pool in the pool area. Who would have thought it?

...for their likeness.

Having small problem getting down because of her wings and tail, Jiraz finally fit in...

Sith (Jiraz): At last, I’m finally among people just as perpetually horny as I am.

...let out a deep sigh of relief and stretched out.

“C’mon in, mistress! The water’s great!” she smiled encouragingly at Shica, who stood and watched her smilingly.


Spithe: Why is everybody so happy?

Daniel (Shrugs): Perhaps they’re from Stepford.

...into the water, the young dark elf sat close to Jiraz, cuddling her.

“I saw you before” Shica began strictly; “...does those mortal girls turn you more on then your own mistress?”“No! Not really...

Drex: Next time we see him, we better give good old Narra-Jarhead a roadmap. Apparently, he can’t find the space bar.

Daniel: We should probably start out by calling him Rhanar Spaceless.

...I was just looking forward to tonight...!” Jiraz began to babble...

Daniel (Jiraz, Igor impression): Pleathe mathter. Jirath did noht mean to offend the mathter.

...only to discover Shica to be laughing.

“It’s OK, you silly hottie!” Shica teased her by tilting her breasts...

Daniel : However, since that was cheating, the demon immediately shut down.

....“you can get a foreplay if you want?” Jiraz watched her mistress’ breasts bouncing up and down, both making her smile broadly and drool.

Drex: (Rubbing his hands) That is good. That is very good indeed.

“Won’t they hear us?” she asked, pointing at the other girls.

Spithe: Oh, like you possess any sense of modesty.

“Maybe, but so what? We’re all girls in here, after all...”

Sith: (Slaps his forehead).

Daniel: That’s, like, the worst excuse ever.

...Shica smiled, pressing her small breasts against Jiraz’s almost double as large ones.

“Hold on a moment” Jiraz winked playfully, standing up; using her tail, she began dragging the screen in front of the pool...

Daniel: This is quite the pool. Screens, warm water, showers. And I still haven’t figured out what age they exist in.

Spithe: I do not believe it takes place in a specific age, as much as it is in a dumping ground for pretty historical junk.

...which sat in the wall, in position, blocking the view from anyone else.

“Great thinking, hottie” Shica admitted, smiling; “ready to get down and dirty?”

Sith: But they’re bathing. How the heck can they get dirty.

Drex (Grinning, while counting on his finger): Mud, jello, cream, chocolate…

“Yeah, expect that we’re in water, not a mud puddle” Jiraz teased...

All: …

Daniel: I gotta hand that to Rhanar, that caught me off-guard.

Spithe: I reluctantly admit that it was quite clever. Well played Rhanar, you win this round. However, your score is dragged down by that misplaced p.

...bending down towards Shica.

“Smartass” Shica joked, readying herself for the love-making.

Drex: And…? And…?

Meanwhile, the other girls began chatting about anything and nothing...


Spithe: My, my. Are you not just the cutest little bundle of joy.

...sometimes rising up from the water to get drinks from the bar nearby.Jiki and Kiro had settled down at a small, exotic pool with warm water...

Sith: An exotic pool?

Daniel: You know, made in India or something.

...enjoying each other’s company...

Drex: I’LL TEAR HIS… Oh, wait, this sounds good.

...the smell of flowers, and the silent voice of water.

Drex: This is good.

Spithe: I can not for the death of me figure out if you like this story or not.

“Umm, this feels so good” Kiro mumbled, sighing pleasantly as her tail surfaced and gently floated over the water.Jiki flexed her one arm around Kiro’s neck, listening to the water as she leaned Kiro’s head; the soft current in the pool almost made a little melody, and both girls felt at peace in each others’ embrace.

Drex: And…? And…?

Besides them, two exotic girls were nervously talking...

Drex: (Violently smashes his head into the floor).

Daniel: (Winces): Ouch.

...about Jiraz’s plans; as the blue-haired girl began shivering in fear; her friend embraced her, whispering comfortable words.

Drex (Muffled from the floor): I’m going to kick Rhanar’s ass so hard he’ll choke on my foot.

“Geez, I don’t know why they’re so scared of Jiraz” Kiro sighed...

Sith (Kiro): I mean, it’s not like she’s a frighteningly horny lesbian sex demon with a whip who has trapped us all in her own private mansion that lies gods know where. Oh wait…

...sitting up; “I wish that we could tell them that she’s not so mean.”

“Sorry, sweetie, but we can’t...”

Spithe (Sarcastic): Sure you can. You just have to swim over to the girls, and tell them how good Jiraz is. After all, that worked realistically well when Shica did it.

...Jiki said darkly; “...they will have to find out themselves, tonight.”

Daniel (Kiro, darkly): Ah, yes. Tonight, when all shall be revealed. MUHAHAHAHAHA.

“Speaking of which...” Kiro mumbled curious; “...what are you gonna dress up as?”

“Dress up as?” Jiki asked confused.

“Yeah; Jiraz’s got a large collection of fetish costumes...”

Drex (Rising): Yes, we are back on track.

Kiro smiled; “I wanna be a nurse!”

Drex: Oh yes.

Sith: If you begin to drool, I will hit you Drex. No kidding.

“Hih Hih, it’d suit you, silly” Jiki teased, getting a splash of water from Kiro.

“Whatcha gonna be, Jiki?” Kiro asked curiously.

“Well, maybe a biker-babe...”

Drex: Biker-babe on nurse. That’s fantastic.

Daniel (Rolling his eyes): Wanker.

Drex: What did you just call me? No, seriously. What did that mean?

...Jiki winked teasingly at Kiro; “...and I eat naughty nurses for breakfast!”

Sith: So she has a vore fetish?

Drex (Twitches): Goddamn, my brain. You broke it.

Sith (Starts laughing).

Drex: That was not funny. That was very cruel. Gods, the image. It hurts.

“Oh no, miss biker; spare me!” Kiro teased as she imitated to be scared; they both laughed, retuning to...

Daniel: The shopping channel.

...their relaxation.

However, they were disturbed by a loud mumble as the other girls began chatting; it turned out that Breeze had found her way into the pool area.

“’Rhark’! Human girls relaxes good! Can Breeze join?”

Spithe: And now we have bestiality.


...the griffon asked.

A few of the girls began giggling at the silly griffon, but Breeze did not seem to mind as she stuck her beak close to the exotic girls in the nearby pool, causing them to back slightly away.

“Breeze only eats meat from animals! ‘Rhark’!...

Drex: But humans are animals.

Daniel: And you eat them.

Drex (Nonchalantly): Not very often.

...No be worries, ladies!”...

Spithe: So far, the griffin’s grammar have not been worse than the author’s.

...the curious griffon began to walk around the circular pool...

Sith: How many pool’s are there? It’s like a frakking swimming stadium in there.

...clearly interested in the two girls, if not all in the room.

Spithe: Like I said-…

Drex: DON’T. Just, don’t go there Marrow-Boy.

“Breeze now knows; Breeze likes human girls; much prettier then boys and mean men!”...

Spithe (Sarcastic): At least the author is subtle. Nothing worse than getting a morale forced down your throat, no sir.

...Breeze nodded her beak, flapping her wings slightly; “...may Breeze rest in here, mistresses?”

Sith (Throws his arms up): Does every intelligent being have a master or mistress in this universe. Does everybody own someone.

...she asked, turning to Jiki and Kiro; “...warm heat good for Breeze’s wings.”

“Sure, if the other don’t mind” Kiro nodded, tempted to laugh at Breeze’s silliness.

“Any girlies mind Breeze? ‘Rhark’!” Breeze asked politely, looking around.

Daniel (Folding his hand, making doe eyes): That’s just precious.

“You’re welcome for my part” the brown-haired girl smiled at the griffon; her girlfriend even dared stretch her hand out towards Breeze as if she was feeding an animal.

Sith: Get those fingers away from it, our you will end up feeding it.

“’Rhark’! Polite girlies, like mistresses!” Breeze nodded, rubbing her beak against the girl’s palm, purring.

As Breeze began walking around, she found a screen sat up in front of a more closed pool in the room’s other end; curious, Breeze stuck her beak in, looking inside:

Drex: Good griffin. Draw the narrative over to the interesting stuff.

Two of the girls...

Drex: Yes…?

...mostly because of the heat...

Drex: Yes…???

...were making out; the flame-haired of them licked her girlfriend’s nipples...


...causing small moans from the other, but she nevertheless seemed pleased as she smiled meanwhile.

Deciding it would be rude to just begin to shriek to get attention, Breeze backed away...

Drex: No. NO.

...waited for the other girls to continue their chatting, then, as silent as possible, she began knocking on the screen with her beak.

Drex: Don’t you stupid chicken.

Getting no other response then what sounded like splashing water, Breeze stood on her hind legs, using her claws to open the screen a small bit; squeezing in...


...Breeze walked up the small staircase to the bubbling pool, only to watch the two blushing girls trying to smile, which failed miserably enough for Breeze to start laughing.


Daniel and Sith (Laughs).

“’Rhark’! ‘Rhark’! ‘Rhark’! No you mind Breeze, girls; Breeze no telltale” the griffon nodded proudly.

Drex (Sits down, grumpily): Vete al infierno Rhanar.

Nervous at the griffon, the girls began wondering if they should continue...

Spithe: And a possible voyeur fetish. We are certainly getting around today.

...their desire for each other still burned, getting more and more difficult to control thanks to the pool’s heat…

Sith (Chuckling): Are you implying that they are ’in heat’.

Suddenly, the red-haired girl jumped atop the flame-haired one, licking her nipples, her energetic jump causing splashes of water over Breeze, who held up her right wing as cover.

Spithe: Satisfied.


“Oh, sweetie...” her girlfriend moaned, feeling the lust in her burn...

Spithe: That could of course also be any sexually transmitted disease.

...she rubbed her breasts against the other girl’s, making them both moan.

Deciding to act as a look-out, Breeze went down and sat by the opening in the screen.

Daniel: After all, if you can’t trust a chicken to be a lookout, who can you trust.

As the brown-haired girl, who had agreed to Breeze entering the room...

Drex: Gods damn it. Back to the lesbians. Now.

...and the one who wore the leather outfit, began to get curious and went to investigate, she found Breeze’s head sticking out.

“No entry...” Breeze said strictly; “...girlies in here need privacy because of bath-time exercise...

Sith: That is one way to put it.

...please stay back.”

By that, the girl began to laugh; she found the griffon hilarious...

Sith: Wrong chick, eh Drex?

Drex: Shut up. Stop picking on me.

...but nevertheless returned to her own pool, beginning to whisper in the ear of her girlfriend, who began to giggle.

“Breeze still needs more knowledge! ‘Rhark’!” the griffon sighed; suddenly, everyone in the room heard something that clearly sounded like a ‘YE-E-E-E-ES!!!’

Drex: We missed it. We &”#%#& missed it.

Behind their screen, Jiraz and Shica were laughing and smiling kinkily at each other.

“Next time, I’d better stuff their ears with hay” Jiraz smiled; “if they didn’t hear this, then they’re sure thing deaf.”

Daniel: So much for modesty.

“We did hear it, Jira-...” the brown-haired girl began as she dragged the screen away, only to be shocked by what was behind it:

Panting, with sweat dripping down her forehead, Shica lay half up the edge of the pool...

Sith: Marathon swimming will do that to you.

...half down in it; she was smiling happily, her eyes closed as if she was enjoying something.

Jiraz, however, who sat quite a bit lower down in the pool, quickly licking her lips, smiling innocently.

“Don’t tell me you...”

Sith (Sarcastic): Don’t worry. After all, you’re all girls in there.

...the girl asked in a mix of shock and laughing; it seemed like all the resistance the succubus had were being washed away...

Sith: Pool heat reduces all resistance to any sex related elements to zero. the heat in the room, clearly turning her on as she had an almost perfectly build, little dark elf girl, her mistress, with her.

“Girls!” the girl yelled, catching the other girls’ attention; smiling at the surprised Jiraz, she walked down to the other girls.

“It seems miss Jiraz has already begun the ‘fun’ she promised us...” she said in a mix of smiling and teasing speech directed for Jiraz; “ maybe we should consider if we’re really up for this; personally...” she smiled as she felt everyone’s eyes on her, including her girlfriend standing up besides her, smiling just as eagerly; “...I’m in!”

Drex (Jumps up): YOU GO GI-… (Get’s yanked down by Sith).

Sith: That quite enough of your shouting, Drex. You’re starting to give me a killer headache.

As the mumble amongst the girls, some of them seemed to warm up and forgive Jiraz...

Spithe: She had sex, therefore we should forgive her.

Daniel (Sarcastic): Sound logic if I ever heard any. of them even giggled as she said that she was surprised that Jiraz had held on for that long...

All: So are we.

...considering how hot her and her girlfriend, if not all of them, were.

Daniel: Of course, since they’re all beautiful, they of course should get horny and barely be able to control their lust.

Sith: I thought that was Rhanar’s problem with men.

Spithe: It is quite the double standard, yes.

That comment unleashed a wave of heartily laughing, all of the girls joining in.

Sith (Union of girls, monotonous): We find the mortal ones antics entertaining.

“OK, miss Jiraz; you’ll have your little ‘fun’” the brown-haired girl smiled seducing; “but we’ll be the first to have ‘fun’ with you; OK?”

Daniel: So, the brown haired just took charge or what?

“Sure thing!” Jiraz smiled satisfied, helping Shica stand up; the heat combined with her recent satisfaction made her stagger quite a bit.

“To help convincing you...”

Spithe: Trust me. There is no need of that.

...the girl smiled evilly, gesturing the other girls to come closer; “...we have a little foreplay for you...”

“What’s tha-...?”

Daniel: Suddenly Jason Voorhees popped up.

Jiraz began, only to watch the steam disappear, watching her daydream coming true:Over six pairs of finely fit boobies, including her favourite, her mistress’, were tilting not a meter from her face.

Drex: (jumps up): YE-…(Is hit by a chair, smashing him into the floor). Okay, who did that.

Daniel: Not me.

Spithe: Do you really believe I am capable of that?

Sith: I didn’t do nothing.

Jiraz lost it: A jet of nosebleed came out of her nose...

Daniel: In anime, a nosebleed is used to symbolize horniness in cases where, for example, erections and wetness would be inappropriate.

Sith: But it wouldn’t be inappropriate in this case. In fact, one would expect it, considering that this is a explicit sex story.

Daniel: I know.

...tossing her back into the pool...

Sith: Geeze, that nosebleed must have had the power of a jetpack.

Daniel: So, what, she’s like the Rocketeer, but with a nosebleed.

...only to reappear again, laughing out loud.


Sith (Dry): The Evil Overlord Association would be proud of your laughter.

...Oh, I really got that one good...” she smiled, standing up from the pool, flapping her wings, sending water in all directions; an angry Breeze had to flap her wings and fly around to avoid the jets of water.

Daniel: It’s a cloud, it’s a leaf, no, it’s A WET GRIFFIN.

However, the girls were not as lucky, many of them getting sprayed with water.

Sith: And then they all began melting.

"I guess everyone knows what’s up next...” Kiro stood up besides Jiki, her girlfriend smiling teasing as she used her mystical magic...

Daniel: To freeze the water solid.

Sith: Where after she uttered the horrible pun: ”Cool down”. make a handful of water spray over Kiro’s face; giggling, Kiro yelled: “...WATER FIGHT!!!”

Daniel (Groans): This story is completely without plot. It’s just lesbians having fun and sex. I’m so bored that most of my neurons have stopped activating.

Jiraz had never thought it possible that she, a mere succubus from Hell, could think with more then her lusts...

All: She can?

...she really began to like the girls, especially the rather bossy, but still cute leather-clad one...

Spithe: So the brown haired girl is wearing a leather swimsuit?

...she would love to make out with her and Shica.
She stood besides the other girls, dressing up...

All: …

Daniel: When in the name of Big Ben did they leave the pool.

Drex: I don’t know. I must have blinked.

Spithe: The transition was about as subtle as an uncontrolled demolition.

Shica sent a teasing look...

Sith: And boy, was that an awkward letter to receive.

...winking and sticking her tongue out in tease.
Jiraz smiled; no matter how hot these other ladies were, she would always love Shica.

Spithe: So you love one girl, but will still fornicate with others. Well, I guess you can not beat hormones.

Drex: Meh, free love and all that.

Sith: Gasp. Jiraz is a hippie.

Daniel (Hippie Jiraz): Peace dudette.

"You and your crazy ideas, Kiro” Jiki teased Kiro somewhere nearby...

Spithe (Rhanar): What, you expected me to describe an actual location. That would have required effort.

...Kiro was pulling up her skirt and putting her boots back on, smiling at Jiki.

“Aww, c’mon; it was quite funny, wasn’t it?”

Sith (Dry): Yeah, those five seconds of water fighting. Hilarious.

...she asked innocently.

“Heh, yeah; I had never thought your butt could be so many places at a time...”

All: …

Drex: Sex magic?

Daniel (Shrugs): Best guess we got.

Jiki winked.

“So, Jiraz...” Kiro asked; “...what’s up next and until tonight?”

“Free activity” Jiraz nodded; “there’s quite a lot of activities around here.”

Drex (Jiraz): The S&M dungeon, the whipped cream kitchen, the jello pool…

“How do you know?” Kiro asked.

“Well, I designed it, myself...”


Daniel: Fiction land.

Drex: Who gives a damn land.

Spithe: The author’s spur of the moment creation.

...Jiraz smiled, beginning to get back in her outfit.Around...

Daniel: Rhanar Narra-Jar in: Spaced without.

...them the girls left in couples and groups, some of them beginning card games to pass the time...

Drex: Strip poker, right?

...others relaxing in their rooms.

The time had come:

Sith: Is that a good thing.

Spithe: I doubt it.

Jiraz stood ready in the disco room, Shica sitting behind her, eagerly looking as more and more of the girls arrived.

“Now is the time…”

Sith (Jiraz): The time is at hand. The planets are lined up and the star born ones are coming.

Jiraz said, walking around the floor, smiling friendly at the girls; “I would like to ask you to see this a fun game...

Daniel (Mario Jiraz): That sound-a like a good idea to you, Mama Mia?

...and not be scared; I doubt anyone here wishes to harm or hurt anyone, so just see this of having some mature fun.”

“To ‘break the ice’…” Shica rose up...

Drex (Shica): We’ll need someone with a heavy set of buttocks.

...imitating Jiraz...

Spithe: Please, do not. One overly horny demon is more than enough, thank you very much.

“…I and Shica will play two songs for you...

Daniel: How many Shicas are there.

...which I hope you’ll enjoy; please mind you, though: I will have to use some rather scary stuff for some of you...

Sith: Let me guess. A flashlight.

Spithe: Or perhaps you would prefer a portrait of a straight male, seeing as they are, apparently, the manifestation of evil. hold each other tight.”

As she and Jiraz stepped unto the small stage, Shica opened the small, black pouch she was had by her side, spreading a little dust over the scene in five piles.

Daniel: (Shica, high pitched): Look at me, I’m Tinkerbell.

“Hold on, ladies; this might look evil...” Shica warned...

Sith: And then she cast Summon Male V.

Jiki and Kiro, who sat as some of the closest, knew that she was summoning her skeleton minions as band.

Daniel: She’s summoning a skeleton crew.

Others: (Groans).

The screams of the other girls echoed across the room, but they soon calmed down as the skeletons were not attacking; they stood by as puppets without a puppeteer.

Drex (Confused): But puppeteer less puppets don’t stand.

“OK, guys; let’s roll!” Jiraz stood up besides Shica, singing while the skeletons walked over and grabbed the instruments:

Daniel: Bloody hell, here we go. A song fic.

Sith: And while we’re at it, where did those instruments come from. Granted, they could have been there from the beginning, but then the author fail at describing the room.

“C’mon; let out the heat!"

Drex: Toasted or extra crispy?

"If you’re feeling dead, I’ll be your Reanimator;
I’ve got a way to bring you to life!
A superior existence, with no-one to control you;
Where you can always do as you like!"

Spithe: Undead? In that case, I will have to agree.

Daniel: Said the bones with the flat line voice.

At this point, a few girls begin laughing as they understood Shica referred to the skeletons, which were currently both playing and dancing:

Sith: There is a dark irony about using enslaved skeletons to sing about freedom in death.

"Let me give you some re-color, and you will have some more!
You’ll see that you’ve never felt this way before!
Party without limits; dance ‘till your blood runs blue!"

Daniel: Bweh. That ain’t bloody right, ya bleeder. First you turn it into a goddamn song fic, then you butcher said song for you own benefit, ya fricking blighter.

"...Freedom is eternal for YOU! YOU! YOU!
My secrets will keep you alive!
You’ll dance for the rest of the night!
My secrets will keep you alive!
You’ll dance for the rest of the night!
Let out the heat!”

Sith: You know, without the music, just reading the lyrics, it isn’t fun at all.

Jiki and Kiro now rose up and danced in front of the scene...

Daniel (Jiraz): Scene stealer.

...although not annoying Jiraz and Shica; instead, they laughed, singing while they watched Jiki and Kiro dance their typical techno:

Drex: I thought it was disco.

Spithe: Ages of musical adventures smashes together into a trippy LSD induced event, complete with musical skeletons.

”All you people, listen, to your Reanimator;
Don’t ever say it ain’t worth a try!
And you’ll be quite satisfied, just as long as I can give you a guarantee that you’ll never die!
Let me give you some re-color, and you will have some more!
You’ll see that you’ve never felt this way before!
Party without limits; dance ‘till your blood runs blue!"

Daniel: Condemnar, what does that mean. Until your blood runs blue. The heck.

Spithe(Dry): Dance until you turn royal. Makes sense, yes sir.

Suddenly, more and more girls rose up to dance, with a wide variety in dancing styles; Jiraz smiled and giggled as the flame-haired and red-haired girls began trying to imitate Jiki and Kiro’s dancing, which failed.

Drex (Jiki): Ha ha. You fail. Losers.

However, soon all girls were beginning to dance, the disco lights turning around and...

Spithe: One misstep felled the whole room like dominos.

...enlightening the whole room...

Sith: Yep, the room was a whole lot wiser after this.

...making a good mood:

"Freedom is eternal for YOU! YOU! YOU!
My secrets will keep you alive!
You’ll dance for the rest of the night!
Let out the heat!”

Daniel: Jumping Jesus Christmas Cookie, let it end.

Now also beginning to sing along, the girls seemed to find the song pretty catchy; some even sent hidden smiles to each other, and Jiki spotted the leather-clad girl to join her wildly dancing girlfriend, causing giggles from them both as the each placed their feet and danced in rhythm to the music.

Drex: Ha-cha-cha.

Finishing the song, Shica and Jiraz sang to their lungs’ limits:


Daniel: And it’s over.

Sith: Huzzah.

“Thank you, ladies and lasses!” Shica smiled to the cheering crowd; her song seemed to be quiet a success.

“En-core! En-core! En-core!”

Daniel: No, no, no.

The girls began yelling in cheer, Jiraz stepping up on the stage.

“There, there, sweeties; remember that we promised to be naughty tonight?”...

Daniel: On second thought, I really do like that song.

Drex: Shaddup.

...she asked; thanks to the good mood and general maturity, the girls seemed to be ready for what was to come.

Drex: Finally.

“Alrighty, then, girlies; behind this room…” Jiraz gestured to a door at the room’s other end; “…there’s all kinda things and toys you may need...

Sith: Ah, yes. The Frisbees. How could we forget.

...and I’ve also gotten us some outfits and costumes.”
“You got latex clothes?” Rhici asked.

“Sweetie, it’s my personal favourite; I’ve got loads of it!” Jiraz smiled kinkily...

Daniel: (Silent mouths ’Oh my frikkin God’ with a depressed look).

Sith: *Sigh* Here we go.

Spithe: Prepare for an onslaught of hormonal activities.


“whatcha waiting for?! Get moving and pick up something you’ll like!”

Jiraz certainly did not have to ask twice; the girls walked into the room one by one, dressing up and leaving their own clothes in neat piles.

“Damn, I’m so excited!”

Drex: Me too sister. Me too.

Kiro giggled; she looked hungrily at Jiki; “wanna show them girlies how we do it?”

Spithe (Sarcastic): Ah yes. Purity and innocence. Clearly not informed qualities.

“Sure thing, but just the two of us” Jiki gave a just as kinky wink; “besides, you’re the only one in here that really turns me on!”

Sith: But… She said… What?

Spithe: I think, and this is just a theory, that she agrees to show them how they do it, if they are alone.

Sith: That makes absolutely no sense.

“Hey! You stole my line!” Kiro laughed, throwing herself over Jiki, tickling her throat...

Daniel: Actually, the theft enraged her so much that she tried to strangle her.

...and giving her soft kisses.

As the girls came walking out the door, Jiki and Kiro noticed a wide brand of outfits; all from Cowgirls to Maids to Nurse Uniforms.

Drex (Rubs his hand intensely): Great. Fantastic. This is wonderful.

Daniel (Leonidas impression): Wonderful? THIS. IS. PORN.

Opening their own suitcase behind them, Jiki and Kiro slipped out of their clothes and underwear and into their own outfits; Jiki’s were a jacket, sturdy boots and fingerless gloves of black leather.

“How animalistic…”

Sith: Yeah, all made from dead cows and stuff.

...Kiro winked kinkily; she loved boots and gloves made of either latex or leather; latex clung well to the skin, and leather was so…wild.

Spithe (Kiro): The death and skinning of animals turns me on.

Drex: La-la-la I can’t hear you.

Kiro’s outfit was quiet simple; it was the same latex catsuit, elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots as Jiki had given her, but she had included a riding whip.

Daniel: She has a whip? Why does she have a whip?

Drex: For whipping.

“You’re gonna play dominatrix?” Jiki asked teasingly.

“You betcha! I wanna spank that cute, little butt of yours!” Kiro giggled, hugging Jiki.

Daniel: Innocent my donkey.

“Damn, it’s so kinky!” Kiro were on the brink of yelling in cheer; “I hope you’ve brought dozens of fresh underwear!”

“Sweetie, I packed an entire suitcase just for that!”

Spithe: But you knew nothing of the sex party. You were not even invited. Do not tell me you bring suitcases of panties everywhere, just so you can fornicate like Judgment Day rabbits.

Jiki teased, nipping Kiro’s ears; as they began to romp around, they were interrupted by Jiraz...

Spithe: Who liked to watch.

Drex (Grins): Who wouldn’t.

...newly dressed in an outfit just like Kiro’s, with the extra detail that small holes had been made in her suit so that her wings and tail could get out, speaking in the microphone.

[End notes: Thank you fo reading through my story...and Cobra's crew's remarks. Hope you had a laugh...I had.]

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