Story: Halloween 2010 (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: The Party Begins Tonight

[Author's notes: It al starts a stormy Halloween evening...
...and will end is a messy morning...]

“Are you sure we’re at the right street, Jenny? This place seems really creepy...” Linda asked nervously, her best friend and her feeling as the cold wind blew against their bodies, Jenny holding up a small piece of paper.

“Yep, this is the place; c’mon, it’s Halloween, so it’s gotta be scary…” Jenny smirked, Linda envying her best friend’s tomboyish attitude, adjusting her skirt.

“I’ve gotta say, though, it’s really a weird requirement list for a Halloween party…” Jenny let her eyes run over the over the piece of paper:

’Final note: Dress in in latex, lace or leather, any colour and design; you wanna, dress slutty, have a good time, or get drunk, and then have an even better time’ :-D…” Jenny read up, Linda blushing as she looked at herself and Jenny; Jenny were dressed as a witch, with matching hat, tight-sitting corset, revealing miniskirt with sharp points, net stockings connected to a skimpy thong, spiky elbow-long gloves and knee-high boots, all of it shining, new-polished latex.

Linda herself head put on decorative succubus wings on her head, leotard sitting all too tight for her opinion, transparent leggings starting from the leotard’s leg openings, wrist-long, fingerless gloves, cuffs with steel rings, and finally thigh-high boots, all of the outfit made of black leather, Linda having borrowed it from Jenny.

“…I feel like some kind of succubus in an adult hentai…” Linda whimpered, Jenny grinning at her.
”Linda, this whole town’s inhabited by lezzies, and you’re worried about your cute, little butt?” Jenny shoke her head, walking up towards the house, a nervous Linda following her.

“WELCOME! Come in and get yourselves in the mood!” a cheering blonde girl greeted Jenny and Linda in the front door, Jenny smirking at her.

“You and Sharla’s got a talent for setting up parties, Shirli…” she winked, the blonde called Shirli smirking at her, facing Linda; to the shorter teenage girl, there was something unnaturally beautiful and alluring with this Shirli girl, and she had a tough time pushing away the mental picture of her with a whip and dominatrix cap away, although Shirli’s appearance did nothing to help it:

Perfectly shaped, with large, busty breasts barely hidden under her outfit, her skin was smooth, oily and tanned, her feline, blue eyes reminding Linda of those catgirls Jenny had seen with her in Jenny’s yuri hentai films.

Shirli’s outfit consisted of a tight leotard without sleeves, stockings beginning at the openings in the leotard’s legs, thigh-high boots covering the rest of her legs, elbow-long gloves covering her arms, a headband with catgirl ears sitting on her head, and finally a large collar with steel rings, all of Shirli’s outfit made of black, shiny latex, Linda beginning admire how well it sat on the shapely blonde, feeling as a warmth in her body began growing.

“C’mon inside! The forecast says we’ll be having a storm tonight, but don’t worry; the sky’s clear…” Shirli mentioned, gesturing them inside, Linda somehow wishing she had at least a dozen eyes more as she looked around:

Already in the entrance hall of the house, other girls of various heights, skin tones and hairstyles and colours stood and chatted friendly, their outfits ranging wildly, but all of them either clad in lace, leather or latex; some wore masks, others hats, some looked like dominatrices, others like submissive slaves, Linda hiding a smile as she would bet the house had a dungeon set up for bondage games.

“JENNY! God, you’ve grown big!” a cheering voice sent Linda back to reality, seeing Jenny hugged by what Linda at first, as anyone would have, thought to be Shirli again, but it was Sharla, Shirli’s identical twin, or, as they often teased guests, ‘sister’, the two of them even wearing the same outfits; looking exactly like Shirli, Sharla were recognizable by one thing only:

While Shirli’s eyes were sapphire blue, Sharla’s were amethyst purple.

“P-put me down, Sharla…” Jenny grinned as Sharla put her down, Jenny smirking at Sharla, shaking her head as she went over to a group of girls, Linda feeling Sharla’s eyes on her as she hurried around a corner, only to feel something soft hitting her.

“Wow! A little too early, aren’t you?” a deep, startled, but still seductive voice asked, Linda feeling herself being lifted up, seeing a girl dressed in a rich latex dress with matching elbow-long gloves, a high collar set on the back, the girl putting Linda down, Linda still starring at the girl:

Her skin were lightly red, horns, wings and tail in the same color sprouting from her forehead, shoulders and above her butt, her long purple hair reaching to her butt, her green eyes narrowing at Linda.

“Watch where you run, dear…” she sent Linda wink with her long, purple eyelashes, walking away gracefully.

“Refreshment, miss?” Linda now heard from her right, a maid standing beside her with a silver tray, various treats and drinks arranged on it.

“Sure! You have mint tea?” Linda asked, the maid smiling as she poured Linda a cup, Linda spending the waiting with admiring the maid; she was more than a head shorter than her, and her brown hair sat in a mix of locks and curls, her round glasses giving her a cute look despite the kinkiness of her latex maid uniform.

“It’ll begin soon, miss; my mistresses will be making an announcement in ten minutes” the maid said, Linda listening and drinking from her cup, smiling at the maid.

“Thanks for telling me” she said politely, the maid blushing at the surprised Linda.

“Oh! Uhm, I’m not bothering you, am I?” she shyly asked, Linda smiling at her.

“It’s OK, my friend just left for a few drinks in the bar so it’s cool…” Linda said, playing a small prank on the maid; “…also, of all these girls tonight…who do you think is cutest?”

“Mistress Shirli and Mistress Sharla, for sure! Oh, uhm, I mean, I sort of like catgirls…” the maid blushed again, Linda beginning to worry if she were scaring her.

“It’s OK, I shouldn’t tease you like that…” she said, feeling as the maid walked towards her, placing her tray on a nearby table…

“…Miss…” she slowly spoke, Linda shocked as she felt the maid grab her with incredible strength, pinning her up against the wall, kissing her hotly and kneading her knee into Linda’s crotch, Linda feeling as the tea and cup fell unto the carpet on the floor, the maid’s eyes looking right into hers; never in all of Linda’s life has she seen anything so horny and lustful, now fully realizing that had she been a virgin, she would have been right out raped by the maid.

“I really should thank Jenny for that…” a thought crossed Linda’s mind, still remembering the hot night a few weeks ago where she and Jenny had spent the whole night fucking, climaxing and dressing up in bondage gear, the night at Jenny’s house echoing with screams, laughter and moans.

“…M-…m-…more…!” the maid moaned as Linda returned to reality; before she could get the chance and slowly pull away from the maid, she felt as if she stood near a fireplace, and in the next second, a slight breeze hit her face, making her rub her eyes, only to see that the maid was gone.

“W-…what the-…” Linda stammered in horror, screaming as all her remaining senses left her; “…JENNY-Y-Y-Y!”

“Yep, they got a new one, it seems; too bad she couldn’t hold on for a little longer; I was getting in the mood…” a girl stood above Linda as she woke up, Jenny slowly helping her up.

“You called, darling?” Jenny teased, her face turning serious; “what the fuck was that about? I was hitting on this sweet little dark elf chick, and then you scream halfway over the house!”

“J-Jenny, I…she pushed me against the wall, and-…” Linda tried and stammer, Jenny giving her a small smile.

“Oh-h-h, so you’ve met one of them; which one was it, the brown-haired girl with the glasses?” Jenny asked, Linda simply nodding.

“Oh-h-h, ni-i-i-ice…..but, uhm, we-e-e-ll…” Jenny changed her tone as Linda sent her an angry look; “…believe it or not, Linda…but you were…almost…just molested by a ghost.”

“Are you fucking stupid, Jenny?? Ghosts don’t exist!” Linda said, Jenny rolling her eyes.

“How about this little demon chick here? Or the hot girl right here? Aren’t they real, as well?” Jenny asked, Linda looking confused at her.

“Look, Linda, every year, Shirli and Sharla holds this little party on Halloween night, and since you’ve not been with me before, let me lay it out to you…” Jenny said as she helped herself and Linda to some chairs.

“We start with having a huge feast, and then we all get into this incredibly hot, awesome, beyond belief lesbian gangbang orgy, where every girl in the whole mansion fucks another, and the best fucker always gets possessed by these here three ghostly maids, and after that, they leave the bodies of the ones they possessed, and turns into flesh and blood again, and if they’re to remain living the rest of the year, all the girls at the party must fuck them and gangbang them, and then Shirli and Sharla needs to make them climax…” Jenny explained, Linda beginning to feel her jaw drop and her left eye twitch.

“…What…the…fuck…?!?! You invited me to a party with some ghost bitches running around possessing people and getting gangbanged by horny dykes?!” Linda snapped, ready to scold Jenny, but looking up, she spotted a white and grey-furred wolfgirl with black hair, her attitude that of both boredom and irritation.

“Listen to your friend here, babe; I was possessed once, and it’s not like I’ve lost my marbles…” the tall and slightly muscular wolfgirl said, folding her tail like a belt around her waist; “…they’re completely harmless, those three, and they even enjoy all this fucking we give them; hell, last year when they came back to life, they went for Shirli and Sharla themselves, and my clit’s still throbbing at that memory…”

As the wolfgirl spoke, a smile went over her lips, turning on her heels as she walked away.

“…But who kill-…I mean, made them that way?” Linda asked, Jenny leaning towards her.

“Shirli and Sharla’s mistress, Hyracha; she’s the chick living in that castle outside town, and she’s really the mayor, so to say; Shirli and Sharla claims she’s some kind a dyke demon goddess or something, but what’s important is that Shirli and Sharla for starters held this little party to recruit girls for their mistress’ harem…” Jenny said, winking teasingly at Linda; “…but today, it’s just for girls who love good food, good drink and good pussy.”

“…So they’ll be coming back?” Linda asked, Jenny’s nodding and grinning not helping on Linda’s fear of these ghostly maid girls…

“MORE! MO-O-O-ORE! FILL ME UP INSIDE!!!” a blonde girl in latex schoolgirl costume was yelling to the ceiling of the bathroom, the wolf girl grinning viciously behind her, thrusting a polished metal strap-on into the blonde’s pussy.

“You just couldn’t wait for me to cum in your cunt, huh?? Oh, you love this new strappie, right? All my hot juices getting shoot into your dirty little pussy…” she snarled playfully, licking the blonde’s ear.

“M-Miss Nikara…! It’s too good; my cunt’s gonna split wide open!!!” the blonde yelled out, the wolfgirl smiling at her.

“Maybe it’s time we quit anal; on your knees…” Nikara snarled playfully, the blonde slowly standing up with some difficulty, sitting on her knees, sticking her tongue out against Nikara, grinning at her.

“I love this, Nikara! Fuck me harder! I want your metal strappie in my gushing cunt!” the blonde girl rolled around, facing Nikara as the wolfgirl smiled warmly at her, her rough exterior mellowing as she leaned down and kissed the blonde warmly.

“You…you’re the reason I masturbate every night…” the blonde blushed heavily, Nikara blinking in surprise, blushing slightly herself, smiling at the blonde.

“Well, I’m glad my dominatrix skills work so well! And if you’d like…” Nikara mentioned, smirking seductively at the blonde; “…there’s a secret room down in the dungeon under this place; we could go there now and fuck while they are romping about upstairs.”

“The whole night to ourselves?? Oh, you’re the best, Nikara! No girl in the whole world could make me as happy as you!” the blonde hugged Nikara, the wolfgirl smilingly stroking her hair, hearing the blonde moan lightly.

“Can’t you wait until we get to the dungeon??” Nikara teased, the blonde girl smiling suggestively at her as she stroke the metallic strap-on.

“WELCOME TO THE PARTY, LADIES! As we’ve already established in the years past, we start with the feast, and, now would be a good time to prepare the newcomers…” Sharla spoke from a small podium to the gathering of girls; “…afterwards, we’ll be having an all-night, non-stop all-girl lesbian gangbang orgy of a party!”

As the cheers rose from the girls, Linda looked as Jenny clapped and whistled in cheer, Linda joining in, having forgotten about the scary maid ghosts.

“Also, being new this year, Xinari here has promised to take anyone who wants for a tour of the house! I’ll guarantee that it won’t be boring!” Sharla continued, pointing towards a purple-haired girl, her latex outfit looking like that of a ninja outfit; she slowly crossed her arms, bowing politely.

“AND NOW, GIRLS: DIG IN!” Shirli now said, the girls in front of the podium walking towards the buffets, pouring up drinks, collecting food and finding themselves a place to sit in the great hall.

“Let’s settle down a bit; all this business with you freaking out sure got me fucking hungry…” Jenny teased Linda, the two of them heading for the buffet, afterwards finding an available table.

“But Jenny, when that maid grabbed me…I was freaked out of my mind…” Linda said, Jenny nodding at her.

“I heard those three maids were once three girls coming to this house, cosplaying as maids and having wild bondage sex; it was fun for starters, but when that there Miss Hyracha turns up, she scared them to death…” Jenny said darkly; “…she returned them to life…well, unlife, and in exchange, they would serve her and her two precious little kitties, Shirli and Sharla, so they signed a contract with her and paid with their virginity; they were, kind of, selling out their virtue and let Hyracha rape them.”

“That’s horrible!” Linda exclaimed in affront, having always hated the very term ‘rape’ regards of what sentence it was in.

“Well, it didn’t bother those maids, I hear; Hyracha apparently were having a good time and chuckles with those girls, so she made sure they could also affect the living, even as undead…” Jenny explained, her face darkening again; “…but it was tragic for Mutsumi, that cute one who molested you; she developed some kinda schizophrenia: One second she’s shy, timid and really adorable, and the next second she’s hot, horny, sexy, groping your tits and sucking your pussy inside out like a drain.”

“Oh…what about the others?” Linda asked, Jenny grinning to herself.

“There’s also Erika, a dark-skinned girl with white hair; she’s a real mistress of bondage and the most funny…” Jenny grinned again; “…last year she tied me up, fingered me a bit and made me laugh so hard I climaxed from it!”

“She doesn’t sound so bad…” Linda could not help but smirk at the thought of a tied-up Jenny laughing herself to an orgasm because of a small maid.

“The last one’s Haruka, and she’s that kind of chick you just want to rip off her clothes and start humping her…” Jenny said; “…she’s the most shy of them, but when she’s set for it, she’s really great at sucking pussy.”

“So it’s a fun maid, a shy maid, and a kinky maid…” Linda said, sighing at herself; “…and those three are attending this all-girl lez-fest of the century? Oh-h-h, I haven’t got a prayer…”

“’Haven’t got a prayer’?! Are you stupid? It’s simple! Look…” Jenny grinned, whistling to a girl standing by, the girl walking towards them.

“Yes?” she asked, Linda finding herself starring at the girl’s black latex panties, a small, pink latex kitty head sitting on front, the girl really having dressed like a sentai magical girl.

“Uhm, your skirt’s slipping…” Jenny pointed out, the girl looking down and adjusting her skirt, beginning to raise her head again as she discovered Jenny’s prank, only to find her rubbing her breasts, moaning and smiling at her.

“Hey! You teaser…” Jenny joked, the girl grinning at her, pressing Jenny’s head between her massive breasts, Linda spurting out her cola in laughter as Jenny’s arms were flapping up and down, Jenny’s excited mumbled choked between the girl’s breasts.

“You’re such a pervert, Jenny…” the girl grinned, standing back and walking away, smirking over her shoulder; “…I’ll keep my pussy hot for you!”

“…You’re either tactless…or just really a pervert…” Linda sighed at Jenny, who simply smiled, her grin reaching from ear to ear.

“Is everything going as planned?” a creeping voice spoke through the dark, Shirli and Sharla both nodding at the, apparent, empty, abandoned room they had been summoned to.

“They’re getting ready right now, mistress; there’s a lot of really willing ones down there…” Sharla said eagerly, the voice sounding as if chuckling.

“Excellent; I will be sending you a little surprise for your effort, then; I assure you: It will be deliciously seductive…” the voice said, Shirli and Sharla well aware of what the mistress’ ‘reward’ might be…

“YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES! Oh, goddess! That felt s-o-o-o go-o-o-od…” a cry of pleasure pierced the darkness of the dungeon, followed by what sounded like a huge splatter.

“Mistress…is it my turn now…??” a redhead girl eagerly asked, her apparent mistress looking at her from the dark, smiling; the redhead’s clothes lay torn all over the dungeon corridor they stood in, and the redhead herself still sat before her, not really fully exhausted yet and smiling up at her.

“OK! Just be a bad girl, and I’ll give you a reward!” the mistress smirked, stepping into the light; clad in tight latex, gloves and boots, she looked like a dominatrix, but her large wings, also made of latex, indicated that she was demonic; from her gloves a black, fluid substance vanished into the latex of the glove, the mistress smiling to herself.

“I wonder if you came because of the tentacles…or my cute, dripping pussy right in front of you…” she teased playfully, the redhead surprising her as she jumped on her mistress, pressing herself between her busty breasts, the mistress laughing hysterically as she tried ad shove the redhead away.

“NO! NO! Bad girl! Down! You’re so indece-e-e-e-ent!” she wailed out as the redhead groped her mistress’ breasts.

“I love teasing you like this, Shuna; you’re such a little, busty babe…” the redhead smirked, the mistress stroking some of her purple hair out of her way.

“And you’re such a cute little slut, Malena; remind me to give you oral as punishment for this…” the mistress named Shuna grinned, giggling as Malena now tickled her, Malena loving to feel her mistress’ warm body, already knowing they were both in heat for each other.

“Hm? Hold on; listen…” Shuna suddenly hushed, Malena looking disappointed as she had been looking for to grope Shuna’s breasts some more.

…”Ye-e-e-es…oh, right there…!” a slightly distant voice came, Shuna and Malena looking at each other, grinning at each other; however, as Malena chuckled the loudest, she took advantage of her mistress’ one and most sensitive weakness: Her hard, swollen g-spot, sucking on it through the tight latex thong.

“OH-H-H-H-H! Bad girl! STOP I-I-I-IT-T-T-T-T!” Shuna yelled out, Malena grinning in satisfaction at Shuna’s horny smile, keeping on licking and sucking on her mistress’ g-spot, enjoying as she could taste that Shuna were not far from her orgasm, Malena’s motivation and eager growing at the thought.

“OH-H-H-H-H-H! THAT’S…SO…GO-O-O-O-OD…!” Shuna panted out, her eyes nearly rolling back in their sockets, her heavy panting and drool from her mouth pleasing Malena greatly; her mistress were in her usual, slutty heat, where she would take anything she gave her.

“Um-m-m…I’m gonna give you back double of what you gave me!” Malena sneered lustfully, opening her mouth as wide as possible, sucking Shuna’s pussy lips near inside out, Shuna gritting her teeth in pleasure, high-pitched moans escaping her mouth, Malena grabbing around Shuna’s legs, holding her down as her nose dug deeper into Shuna’s pussy lips.

“I’M, I’M GONNA-…!” Shuna moaned out loud, Malena reaching her hands towards Shuna’s breasts, stroking them through the loose latex outfit, Malena cooing in delight at her mistress’ moans.

“Well, well, well; what have we here? A hot little pussy and no-one to fuck it?” a voice suddenly came behind Malena, something hard and cold entering her pussy as she shrieked in surprise, Nikara laughing deviously as her strap-on went in and out of the redhead.

“Babe, go and sit on Shuna’s face!” Nikara said, the blonde obeying Nikara gladly, sitting on Shuna’s face, the horny dominatrix at once sucking on the blonde’s pussy, leading to her quite pleasant screams and moans.

“Um-m-m-m-m-…oh-h-h-h…? Huh? Wait a minute! Oh, I gotta take advantage of this!” Shuna suddenly said, her tentacles spawning from her gloves and boots, the blonde wailing in surprise and slight fear, Nikara taken quite aback, and Malena simply fell on her butt, quickly tied up by the latex tentacles.

“There’s just nothing like making hot chicks cum, is there?” Shuna smiled deviously, rubbing her own pussy as the blonde’s mouth were blocked by a tentacle, her remaining clothes soon discarded by the other tentacles, Nikara feeling a half dozen of them quickly stripping her.

“What the fu-…?!” she were about to yell, but as the tentacles grabbed around her breasts and entered her pussy, she moaned loudly, the tentacle penetrating her feeling just like a long, oily rubber dildo.

“Let’s see if I can’t make this little doggy cum…” Shuna smirked, a tentacle moving between her legs, Shuna walking towards Nikara, shoving the tentacle into her pussy, using it as a strap-on as she felt the rubbery tentacle between her own legs.

“Ah-h-h, this is just sweet! When they come through there, the girls will go crazy!” Shirli smirked deviously, her and Sharla looking at a large, oval portal hovering a half meter above the ground in front of them, Sharla rubbing her hands in excitement.

“LUSTY LADIES AND HORNY CHICKS! PLEASE BID WELCOME TO TONIGHT’S BIG SURPRISE!” Shirli and Sharla announced cheerfully, the girls around the room turning their attention towards them as they stood on a small podium.

“WE’VE TOLD YOU TONIGHT’S GONNA BE A SEXY NIGHT, AND SO IT WILL! THEREFOR, WE’VE PROVIDED THIS LITTLE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT FOR YOU ALL TO ENJOY!” Shirli continued, snapping her fingers; behind her, a large, red-pink portal opened as if out of thin air, figures appearing from it…

Tied with metal chains glowing with red energy, more than a dozen girls appeared from the portal; as the girls in the hall got a closer look, many of them shrieking, gasping or cheering.


“…Jenny…who’s the babe with the wings on her head?” Linda asked carefully, Jenny glaring in disbelief at her.

“It’s Nailkaiser! She’s about the hottest anime chick in history! She’s some kinda…corrupted angel or something…and besides her is Carrea, a hot succubus chick! Goddess, I’d love those two over me…!” Jenny grinned, right out drooling as Linda could swear that Jenny’s hands opened and closed into fists.

“Who’s the little one? Isn’t she a bit too young to…get molested?” Linda asked again, seeing a little, pink-haired girl vaguely struggling in her chains, Linda suddenly seeing small, golden horns on her head, realizing that that one, too, must indeed be a demon.

“Aw-w-w-w, that’s Rati, Carrea’s little ‘pet’? Hihih! She looks young and ripe, but she’s not a kid; she’d fuck you first if she got the chance!” Jenny calmed down Linda, the horde of girls receiving winks and seductive gestures from the girls chained up.

“Those little dames dare try their hand at seducing me?! Bring them to me and I’ll have them scream like little virgins…..!” a black-haired woman suddenly snarled, although Linda could hear in her voice that she was either joking…or that she had a cruel sense of humor.

“Bayonetta, too?! Fuck, don’t mind me; I’ll be sipping my soda watching Nailkaiser and Carrea fuck that sex-bomb!” Jenny exclaimed cheerfully, Linda beginning to worry if Jenny were becoming too eager for her own good.

“If anyone’s to do any fucking, little girl…” Nailkaiser suddenly spat venomously, smirking evilly at Jenny; “…it’ll be my fingers thrusting in and out of those two little bitches’ cunts!”

“…..Oh? H-hey?! What are you doing, you bitches?!” Nailkaiser suddenly found herself surrounded by a group of girls, their moaning and wailing making it clear that she was the first course in this night of unbridled pleasures.

“You little cunts have no idea who you are messing with…oh, such ignorant little chicks…!” Nailkaiser snarled, Sharla snapping her finger once more, Nailkaiser’s chains vanishing, the girls groping and molesting every single part of her body, Jenny, more or less impulsively, making her way beneath Nailkaiser’s legs, sucking on the demon girl’s large, wet pussy, the vaginal fluids already running into her mouth in small drops.

“Such a tight snatch…oh-h-h, I’ll be loving this!” Jenny chuckled, sucking as hard as she could on Nailkaiser’s pussy, the demon girl lifting an interested eyebrow.

“…My, this little one her is particularly horny…” she grinned wickedly, licking her lips, looking to the other girls, her eyes narrowing; “…you cunts better be just as good as her’s, or I’ll be raping your little twats from now until sunrise! Got it?!”

“Y-yes, sure!” a quite nervous blonde girl nodded eagerly, Nailkaiser grinning at her.

“Hey, you two cat wenches over there! Release Carrea; she’d love tasting a little blondie cunt…” Nailkaiser smirked, Shirli snapping her finger instantly, grinning as innocently as she could as the succubus stood up, walking towards Nailkaiser.

“My, what a cute little one; tell me, girl: You’ve had pussies, yes? You ever had a real…tasty…wet…snatch…from a demon dyke whore…?” Carrea circled around the blonde girl, hissing seductively, rubbing her breasts and fingering herself, moaning delightfully and letting drool run from her outstretched tongue, the blonde girl slowly reaching out for Carrea, caressing the latex of her arm.

“…You…you’re just so hot! Both of you! But…what if I can’t please you?? I’m just a human!” the blonde girl said nervously, Carrea smiling at her, touching a small, golden ring on her bra, making it disappear, her barely withheld, enormous breasts pouncing into the girl’s face.

“Every chick needs to start somewhere, and besides…” Carrea continued her seduction, grinning as she lightly bit the blonde’s ear; “…once I’ve made you cum, you’ll get your turn…and you’ll be slurping the tastiest pussy juices you’ve ever tasted…”

“Fuck off, show-off…” Nailkaiser rolled her eyes, smirking to herself as more girls fell over her, Shirli and Sharla raising their hands, which glowed with red-pink energy, releasing the chained-up girls, Linda now clearly understanding that the orgy were about to begin…

Shirli’s pupils went upwards once again as she screamed; even coming from the harem of the demon goddess Hyracha, neither she or Sharla had ever experienced something like this; they had been seduced and violated by countless women, and done the same unto them, but these summoned fictional girls had turned their plans upside down; seeing the faint glow from the sunset outside, they both knew they would see the sunrise, as well, as they orgy would go on for the whole night at the very least.

“C’mon! Put on a struggle, you little wench!” Bayonetta snarled as she had grabbed Jenny by her breasts, Jenny simply moaning and grinning perversely as she could not help but love having all her favorite characters bound on molesting her, Nailkaiser’s and Carrea’s dripping pussies not a meter from her face not really helping her.

“She’s such a little slut…and so deliciously tempting to rape…” Nailkaiser chuckled wickedly; “…tell me, whore: Are you a virgin?”

“Fuck no! I’ll bet I’ve had more dildos in me and more all-night stands than even you, missy!” Jenny teased, trying to goad Nailkaiser into giving her her very worst, or, in jenny’s mind, what really would be her best.

“Quite cocky for such a little mortal; hey, Nail, shouldn’t we give her a little show, first? Every chick here would properly love to see us fuck…” Carrea suggested, winking at the skeptic-looking Nailkaiser; “…besides, I’m getting a little horny, myself, so either you fuck me, or I fuck you.”

Hearing that, Nailkaiser frowned, surprising Carrea as she grabbed under her armpits, lifting her up, Nailkaiser growling at the confident Carrea.

“You’re on, bitch!” Nailkaiser could not hold back an excited smile as Carrea’s tongue snaked its way towards Nailkaiser’s left nipple, Nail putting her down as the both lay on the floor, Carrea licking with lithe precision all over Nailkaiser’s nipples, smirking to herself as Nailkaiser’s moans rose higher and higher.

“You’re all too dressed up! Geez!” Carrea smirked wickedly, Jenny hearing a nasty scratching sound of torn clothes as Carrea tore off Nailkaiser’s latex outfit, the demon girl simply grinning even wider.

“Dig in, slut! Milk me as much you want, my little whore!” Nailkaiser moaned as Carrea grabbed around her breasts, moaning hotly as she sucked with all her might, amused as Nail tugged her in harder and harder, their breasts bouncing together as they rolled around on the floor.

“SURPRISE, LADIES!” a voice suddenly rang across the room, most of the girls looking in awe and shock as for where it came from; standing broadly smiling in the doorway, Shuna laughed triumphantly, Malena smiling sheepishly at the girls, waving weakly.

“You thought I wouldn’t be attending this year?? Well, guess again! TIME TO PUNISH YOU ALL!” Shuna grinned wickedly, letting dark magic course through her, latex tentacles springing from her gloves and boots, the girls in the room screaming as the tentacles grabbed them, holding them still.

“And let’s not forgot our generous hosts! SHIRLI! SHARLA! I’m gonna make this the Halloween you both fucked ‘till you fainted!” Shuna folded her hands into fists, Shirli and Sharla both feeling as the tentacles that held them pressed them together, the two of them hovering over the room as they still continued their heated lovemaking, the girls below them feeling as the tentacles tightened their grip.

“RELEASE ME, you amateur!” Bayonetta screamed angrily, Shuna simply grinning at her.

“Not yet! If five of you chicks agree to be my fuck-toys, I’ll let the others go! If not…” Shuna let an eerie silence hang over her sentence.

“Um-m-m-m, this girl is slutty, dark and dirty! I like her, already…” Nailkaiser grinned; “…let me and Carrea attend you! I want to taste your soft, little cunt!”

“Hihih! Hardcore chick! Bingo!” Shuna happily cheered, the tentacles bringing Carrea and Nailkaiser to her, the two demon girls right out assaulting Shuna as they molested her.

“Such tits! Such smooth skin! Oh, she will fit nicely…” Carrea smirked, her and Nailkaiser fighting over control as they both licked the inner of Shuna’s thighs, the purple-haired girl clearly feeling their eagerness.

“Virgin or not; you’re ours…!” Carrea’s eyes suddenly lit up brightly red, Nailkaiser’s as well, Shuna feeling as their molesting suddenly became so much more desirable, Nailkaiser grabbing her left leg, humping herself against it, moaning and drooling as she licked the heel of Shuna’s boot, Nailkaiser’s own cum slowly falling down the latex.

“Come here! I wanna suck those tits dry!” Carrea snarled at Shuna, jumping on top of the purple-haired girl, grabbing with both hands forcefully around Shuna’s left breasts, pressing and squishing it roughly, sucking intensely on the nipple, Shuna groaning in pain, Nailkaiser grabbing around both her legs, holding them up as she humped herself against them.

“NO-O-O-O-O! NOT AGAIN!” Reiko yelled out, several of the girls from the party grinning deviously as they stuck more and more sex toys into the brown-haired girl, Reiko looking in fear to her right, where another group of girls had left their obvious marks on a panting, lustfully drooling Bayonetta; her leathery suit was torn, and her whole body were covered in cum, three girls still standing above her, Bayonetta fingering herself off at them as they did at her.

“THIS…IS…AWESOME! Come here, you little slut…!” Jenny grinned broadly, grabbing a purple-haired girl, who chuckled lovingly as Jenny kissed her intensely, the girl having already had her latex corset brutally torn open, her white lace panties soaking wet as Jenny grabbed them, giving her wedgies after wedgies as the girl screamed in pleasure.

“Want more, do you?? Such a naughty little girl!” Jenny grit her teeth viciously, grabbing a nearby wine bottle, pouring the remaining content unto the girl, humping her and licking the wine off her, the girl already feeling her orgasm approach quickly.

“NO! NO! I…I’VE CUM THREE TIEMS, ALREADY! NYA-A-A-A-A-AH!” the girl screamed as Jenny grabbed around her head, grinning at her.

“Come on, pretty; fuck me, too!” Jenny encouraged, the girl nodding slowly, reaching between Jenny’s legs, fingering her pussy, the girl smirking playfully as she felt Jenny’s wet pussy lips open up so widely for her.

“O-O-O-O-O-OH-H-H-H! UM-M-M-M-M!!!” a nearby girl in shrieking pink latex maid uniform screamed, moaning as Jenney and the girl received most of her orgasm, the girl below her grinning as she kept licking.

“Um-m-m-m…pussy juice; I’m getting thirsty…” Jenny smirked at the girl below her, winking; “…I’ll make sure to get my drink from you, babe!”

As Jenny lightly pushed the girl over, she could not help but smile, screaming next as Jenny’s tongue penetrated her lace panties right into her pussy, the girl right out loving it as she looked over the room; everywhere, even soaring near the ceiling, the girls and the fictional ones Shirli and Sharla had summoned, were making out in one large orgy, the girl hardly able to tell or hear who was who anymore; everywhere the girls were climaxing, screaming, laughing, joking, drinking or eating, the girl suddenly hearing her own voice as her orgasm spurted from her pussy, Jenny readily slurping every drop.

“NO-O-O-O-O! This is…this is too extreme! I’m too cute for this!” Mutsumi whimpered, her and the other two maids having descended down to the party, deciding the quit their usual possession joke; clad in corsets hiding neither their pussies or breasts, they had all three been set up in chains, the steel gnawing into their ankles and wrists despite their gloves and boots.

“So many girls…we’re done for! I, I can’t imagine cum-…” Haruka started to worry, only to feel as a jet of cum hit her in the face, the horde of girls falling over them like a tidal wave, Haruka, Erika and Mutsumi soon peeled down from their chains, sucking dildos, licking pussies and performing every sort of sex game the girls greeted them with; it had not been five minutes since they orgy had begun, but the maids already found themselves covered in cum, mostly the other girls’, but also their own.

“FUCK! IT’S…SO…GOOD…FUCKING…LITTLE…SLUTS!” a dark-haired girl grinned deviously, shoving a strap-on into Mutsumi’s pussy, Haruka and Erika soon following suit as they were all three held to the floor, the girls approaching them with strap-ons, others baring their pussies to the maids, the three of them licking to the best of their ability, beginning to enjoy themselves.

[End notes: GUEST STARS:

Lei Fang

Reiko (Rowdy Reiko)
Dixie (Sgt. Clemets)
Aisha (Sista A)
Anesthesia (Dr. Anesthesia)
Benikage (Yasha)
Candy Cane (Becky)
Evil Rose (Noble Rose)
Makoto (BBD)
Muriel Spencer (Mistress Spencer)

Cereza (Bayonetta)




Thus far, not much has been written as the motivation has not just been there, but I promise to continue my work on the Halloween Special in the future.
Also, I apoligise to those who looked forward to more fictional girl/fictional girl scenes.

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