Story: Mundane Musings of the New Generation: Introductions (chapter 4)

Authors: dragonfire5000

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Chapter 4

Title: Quite Ambitious

[Author's notes: On the subject of honorifics, I have decided that Japanese honorifics will only be used by characters who are Japanese...or at least as Japanese as you can get in Gensokyo. So people like the Scarlet sisters, Alice, and Wriggle don't use these honorifics. I'm still debating whether children between a "Japanese" Gensokyo character and a "non-Japanese" should use such honorifics. Any ideas?]

Remilia Scarlet gave the young girl she was sitting on her lap a smile. "Say...what do you want to be when you grow up, Miyo?"

Izayoi Miyo, child of Izayoi Sakuya and Hong Meiling, looked up at the vampire and gave a wide smile. "I want to be a servant!"

"A...a servant?" It was definitely not the answer the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion expected. "Why would you want to be a servant?"

"Because mom and dad are servants, and they're awesome!" Miyo gushed with an enthusiasm that only a child with parent worship could muster. "Mommy is so graceful and Daddy is so strong!"

Remilia chuckled at the child's logic. "Okay, but maybe it is because they're my servants; I pick out the most competent servants, after all."

"But what about Youmu-san?  She's awesome and she used to be a servant, right? And also Ran-san..."

"Good point there," Remilia conceded. "So who are you going to be the servant of?"

"You of course, Remilia-sama!" Miyo said with a smile that almost hurt Remilia like sunlight, though in a good way. "I'll grow up to be a great servant like Mommy and Daddy and make the Scarlet Devil Mansion proud!"

"I'm sure you will," Remilia said; the cheerfulness of the child was so infectious that the vampire felt that she wasn't going to be able to get the smile off her face for a long, long time. "So what position are you going to be? Sakuya's already my head maid and Meiling is the gate guard. Maybe I should have you guard the library in case the black-and-white witch decides to come back and harass Patchouli."

"Or you could be my servant!" Something swooped over and grabbed Miyo out of Remilia's grasp, another vampire with blonde hair and wings that looked like Christmas lights. "You could be my head maid, Miyo!" Flandre gushed.

"Hey! Don't go stealing my prospective servants, Flandre!" Remilia snapped.

"No fair, Big Sis! You already have so many servants! Let me have a personal servant too!" Flandre protested, clutching the confused Miyo protectively. "You already have Sakuya and Meiling as your personal servants! You're greedy, Big Sis!"

"I'm not greedy! I'm entitled to have the child of my best servants as a servant as well!"

"C-can't I just be servants to both of you?" Miyo asked, trying to find a compromise. However, the two Scarlet sisters were too busy bickering to hear her. "Mommy, Daddy, come home and save me..."


"We're home!" Sakuya called out as she and Meiling stepped back inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion. "Miyo, where are you?" The head maid frowned as she heard the Scarlet sisters arguing and looked at Meiling worriedly. "What do you think is going on?"

Meiling listened for a while before laughing. "Looks like our daughter has inherited her mother's popularity!" she grinned at Sakuya. "The young mistresses are fighting over who will get her as a servant when she gets older."

"Is that so?" Sakuya seemed to relax a little and smiled at Meiling's compliment. "Are you sure it isn't because she's a charmer like her daddy?"

"Maybe," Meiling giggled. "But more importantly, shouldn't we go and save her?"

"Yes, you're right."

[End notes:

The name "Miyo" means "beautiful night" in Japanese. The kanji for Miyo is read as "Mei Ye" in Chinese where it also means "beautiful night."

Izayoi Miyo has shoulder-length hair that is somewhat pale red in color, almost to the point that it looks pink. Her eyes are a light blue color and she seems to take a bit of both parents' personalities; she can be graceful but is usually quite energetic.


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