Story: Mundane Musings of the New Generation: Introductions (chapter 19)

Authors: dragonfire5000

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Chapter 19

Title: Target Practice

[Author's notes:

This is it; this is definitely the final chapter.

Thanks to all who have put up with my rather irresponsible updates.


"You ready?" Murasa Minamitsu asked her daughter.

"R-ready!" Mizuka said, gulping a little and readying herself.

"Alright then...GO!" With that Minamitsu's wife, Nue, let loose several Seeds of Non-Identification. To Mizuka, the Seeds had the appearance of little targets of differing colors; she immediately began shooting danmaku at the Seeds. Her challenge was to knock down as many Seeds as she could in ten seconds

"Alright, stop!" Minamitsu said as she scanned the ground. "Hm...sixty Seeds this time, huh? You're getting better, Mizuka!" She ruffled her daughter's hair affectionately. "There's still plenty of room for improvement though. If you wanted to take out as many Seeds as you can in a short amount of time, you have to up your ante!"

"How did you do it, Mommy?" Mizuka asked.

"She swung her anchor around in a huge arc," Nue replied with a dry smile. "Hardly something I would call good practice for danmaku."

"Hey, going for overkill is the proper way in danmaku battles!" Minamitsu argued. "That's what danmaku battles was always about! Filling the area with so much danmaku ups your chance of hitting your opponents!"

"It didn't really help with the witch and the miko though, did it?" Nue laughed.

"Th...that's only because they're really good at dodging!"

"I won't argue with you there," Nue said before turning towards her daughter. "You mother has a point though; in cases like these where you have multiple targets, you need to cover a lot of area to wipe out as many targets as possible. Your danmaku patterns are nice, but they have quite a few blind spots as well."

"Oh..." Mizuka looked a little sad. "But I liked those patterns...they were pretty..."

Nue put a hand on Mizuka's shoulders. "I think they're pretty too, but those aren't the kinds of patterns you would want in a danmaku duel. A good spell card should cover as much area as possible without being impossible to beat."

"It can't be impossible to beat? Aw..."

"It's tough, but that's the way it goes," Minamitsu laughed. "Disappointed?"

"I wanted a spell card that would have Byakuren-sama appear and yell ‘Namusan!' while blasting everything in front of her..." Mizuka muttered dejectedly.

This had her parents completely in stitches. "Oh, I would love to see that!" Nue said as she continually failed to compose herself. "We...we could call the spell card ‘Namusan Spark!'"

"I don't know if Byakuren-sama would be amused by such a card or horrified at the idea of her image being used as a force of destruction!" Minamitsu giggled.

"What? It would have been cool..." Mizuka's eyes suddenly brightened. "Oh! I know!"

"What is it?" Her parents looked at the newly energized girl with pleasant curiosity.

"I'll make a spell card that shoots out UFO danmaku! And those UFOs will shoot out anchors all over the place!" With that, Mizuka ran off to plan out how her new spell card would look, to the amusement of both parents.

"You know, I would really have loved to see a Namusan Spark," Minamitsu admitted.

"I would have loved to see Byakuren-sama's reaction to a Namusan Spark," Nue replied with an impish grin. "Maybe we should help Mizuka create such a spell?"

[End notes:

'Mizuka' uses the kanji for 'water' and 'flower.'

She has long black hair and teal eyes like her mother as well as wings shaped like anchors. She has an honest and straightforward personality.


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