Story: Mundane Musings of the New Generation: Introductions (chapter 16)

Authors: dragonfire5000

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Chapter 16

Title: Remembering

[Author's notes:

Well, here it is: the last chapter of this story...or it was going to be until I remembered I hadn't done a few other pairings.


"Tsukiha, have you seen your father anywhere?" Reisen Udongein Inaba asked her daughter, frowning as she looked up at the setting sun.

Tsukiha searched her memory, trying to recall when she last saw her tiny father. "I think she left Eientei to get something," the little moon rabbit said. "She seemed to be in a rush and said that she needed to get something quickly."

"Is that so?" Reisen gave a sigh. "Goodness, I hope this ‘urgent business' of hers isn't just another prank. Tsukiha, don't learn that bad habit from your father, alright?

"Eh~? Why not?" Tsukiha asked, looking somewhat disappointed. "It's funny sometimes when people realize they're being pranked..."

"It might be funny, but then you pull a prank on the wrong person and it's not funny anymore," Reisen countered. "Daddy never told you about what happened that one time when she tried to pull a prank on Kazami Yuuka, did she?"

Tsukiha's eyes widened. "What happened to her? What did she do?"

"She used some sort of magic to paint her sunflowers white. As for what happened to her, it wasn't pretty. Your father spent a day under the covers muttering about how flowers were coming to kill her." Reisen sighed. "That's why I'm telling you not to take after her too much. I don't want you to learn the hard way that some people in Gensokyo just don't share the same sense of humor as you or your father."

"Alright..." Tsukiha mumbled, her imagination still picturing grinning sunflowers sprouting up all over the place as a vengeful Yuuka slowly made her way towards Eientei with a hollow smile and murderous eyes engraved into her face. She was going to have to ask her father how she managed to escape with her life later.

"Honestly though, where is she?" Reisen asked. "Dinner's almost ready and she's nowhere to be seen." There was a strange tone to her mother's voice that Tsukiha couldn't quite place. It sounded exasperated but at the same time there seemed to be something more to it. Was it...resignation? No, it sounded more like sorrow. Why did her mother sound sad? Instinctively, Tsukiha ran over to wrap her arms around her mother's waist, a gesture that seemed to surprise Reisen but also brought a smile to her face at the same time.

"I'm sure Daddy's fine," Tsukiha said. "She wouldn't run away from home."

"No, she wouldn't," Reisen agreed. "It's just that...I wonder if she remembers..."

"Remember what?" Tsukiha asked curiously.

"...It's nothing," Reisen said. "Go help set up the table, alright? Also, see if the princesses and Mokou are ready to eat yet, alright?"

Tsukiha nodded and was about to go off when she was startled by a bang. Someone had thrown the door open with great force and she barely had time to throw herself to the side as her father, Tewi Inaba, hurtled through. "Safe! Made it just in time!" she gasped out.

"Tewi! Where have you been?" Reisen demanded as she hurried ran over to her wife. "Tewi, calm down! Your face is all red!"

"Well, I had to run all the way to Reimu's place to make this..." Tewi panted as she reached into the small bag she was carrying. She pulled out something and handed it to Reisen; Reisen's eyes widened as she examined the hand-carved wooden omamori charm, the sort of charm that was meant to ensure love and marriage.

"You made this, Daddy?" Tsukiha asked as she too admired the omamori.

"Oh Tewi..." Reisen almost looked like she was going to cry. "You didn't..."

"Well, how could I forget?" Tewi replied in an almost sheepish manner. "How could I ever forget our anniversary?"

[End notes:

'Tsukiha' uses the kanji for 'moon' and 'leaf.'

Tsukiha has long black hair, long white rabbit ears, and red eyes. She is mischievous like her father though not as good of a liar.


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