Story: Mundane Musings of the New Generation: Introductions (chapter 10)

Authors: dragonfire5000

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Chapter 10

Title: Mechanical Misfortunes

[Author's notes:

Isn't it funny how Touhou shipping works? Two characters can be shipped together just because their stages are right next to each other.


Kagiyama Hina was startled out of her sleep by a loud shriek and a booming sound. She hurriedly picked herself up from the couch and ran as fast as she could to the source of the sound, briefly marveling how the sound didn't wake up her sleeping infant of a daughter. ‘I have a bad feeling about this...' she thought when she realized the sound was coming from her wife's workshop. Her fears grew when she saw the older of her two daughters, Matsuri, running towards her with a frightened expression.

"D-Daddy...Daddy blew up!" Matsuri cried, frantically pulling on her mother's dress. "She was in that little house and it went boom!"

"What?" Hina desperately looked around the workshop and found Nitori lying on the ground facing upwards with a shocked expression on her face. "Nitori! Nitori, get up! Are you alright? What happened here?"

"Ah...Hina? Why are you spinning?" Nitori gasped out groggily as she struggled to pull herself up. "Oof...didn't expect that to happen." She smiled sheepishly at Hina and Matsuri. "Sorry for scaring the two of you. I was just working on a new toy."

She pointed towards her workshop bench which had something that looked like a seven-foot tall robot doll laying on it. The doll vaguely resembled the Shanghai doll of Alice Margatroid with blue-green hair carrying what looked like an incomplete scepter. "It was supposed to be a toy for Matsuri and Kawako."

Hina had to marvel at the robot's appearance but she had more pressing concerns. "Why did it explode?" she asked as she pulled out a handkerchief and began wiping her wife's face.

"Well, I was hoping to have the robot simulate danmaku so the girls can practice their grazing," Nitori explained. "However, I made a slight miscalculation and the robot ended up swatting me to the ground."

"And the explosion?"

"That was the robot shorting out."

Hina gave a sigh. "Look, please be more careful, alright? I know that you're good at building things, but you shouldn't be that careless either." She gave her wife a hug when she noticed the kappa's slightly disheartened expression. "Cheer up; I'm sure you'll get it right next time. You always manage in the end."

Nitori gave Hina a grateful smile. "Thanks." She readjusted her cap and rolled up her sleeves once again. "Alright! Round two!"

"Come on, Matsuri. Let's let Daddy work on the robot now," Hina said as she led her daughter out of the workshop.

"Daddy won't go boom again?" Matsuri asked worriedly.

Hina laughed. "Hopefully not."

[End notes:

'Matsuri' means 'festival' in Japanese; the hinamatsuri, often referred to as the Doll Festival, is one of the most well-known festivals in Japan. Kawako uses the kanji for 'river' and 'child.'

Matsuri has shoulder-length blue hair and eyes. She has a rather timid personality and is prone to exaggerating things.


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