Story: Mundane Musings of the New Generation: Introductions (chapter 1)

Authors: dragonfire5000

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Chapter 1

Title: The Question

[Author's notes:

For the sake of convenience, the term 'father' means the girl who didn't give birth to the children.

Questions on how such a birth could happen should be chalked off to Gensokyo logic (which means no logic).


Houraisan Mokou, formerly Fujiwara no Mokou, should have known that her daughter would ask the question someday. Kids were curious and, sooner or later, her daughter would come up to her and ask the question. But that didn't mean she was prepared for it!

"How did you and Mommy meet?"

Mokou and her wife, Houraisan Kaguya, both froze where they were sitting. Their daughter, Houraisan Kayahime, was looking up at them with her bright red eyes, eyes that were shining in excitement. "Well? How did you two meet?" she asked once again.

"Kaya...why do you want to know?" Mokou asked, feeling a bead of sweat on her brow.           

"We were talking about it in school today!" Kayahime replied. "Yagokoro-sensei said that the two of you met in a very interesting way, like a fairytale!"           

Damn it Eirin...' Mokou thought. She looked over at Kaguya; her wife had managed to regain her composure but she could tell that the princess was thinking the same thing.          

"So how did the two of you meet?"          

"Well, it was quite a fiery affair at first," Kaguya said, the words slipping easily out of her mouth. Mokou supposed it came with being a princess; Kaguya was always slightly better at keeping her emotions under control in situations like this. "Your daddy came out of nowhere one day and her passion was like a fire out of control! She hit me with her flames of love!"           

"Really?" Kayahime asked, her eyes almost literally sparkling. "What happened next?"           

Kaguya threw Mokou a look; ‘Help me out here,' the look screamed out and Mokou couldn't help but give a bit of a chuckle.

"Well, your mother's a princess and a very beautiful one at that. She had many suitors but her personality was like a dagger to the heart."           

"So how did Daddy win Mommy's heart?"           

"It was a pretty harsh ordeal," Mokou continued, a grin coming to her face. "The obstacles were great, but I lived through it. No matter what put me down, I kept coming back. Eventually, I managed to thaw her heart and we got married!"           

"Why was Mommy so cold-hearted?" Kayahime asked, looking a bit confused.           

"I wasn't cold-hearted!" Kaguya spluttered indignantly. "I just didn't meet anyone I thought worthy of my hand until I met your Daddy! Well, considering she kept overwhelming me with her heated emotions..."           

"Wow..." Mokou and Kaguya could almost swear that there were sparkles in Kayahime's eyes. "Daddy is so cool! Thanks for telling me!" With that, the little girl went skipping off humming to herself. Her parents watched her go with some amusement.           

"Flames of love?" Mokou teased as soon as the child was out of earshot.           

"How about that dagger to the heart?" Kaguya fired back as she playfully poked Mokou on the chest with her index finger.           

"What are we going to tell her when she gets older?" Mokou asked, sounding a bit worried. "You know she's not going to buy that story when she's a teenager..."           

"We did give her the truth, somewhat," Kaguya giggled as she snuggled closer to Mokou. "I'm sure she'll understand when we tell her...eventually."

[End notes:

"Kayahime" means "Summer night princess" in Japanese, a name I thought would be fitting for the child of Kaguya and Mokou.

Kayahime has long black hair with red eyes; her personality is one that is rather energetic though she can be a bit hot-headed as well.


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