Story: Everlust - By the Goddess (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Bonus Chapter – The New Novice

[Author's notes: Novice Celeste and Novice Elaine are having problems with some of the other nuns, but Celeste's complaints seem to fall on deaf ears to the high priestess...]

”Ew-w-w-w! Yuck! I need a shower...” Celeste whimpered as she made her way to the chapel’s front door, thick, brown mud covering her boots almost all the way up to her knees, her robe soaking wet from the heavy rain, Celeste’s blonde hair hanging loosely from her face, feeling the warm light from the chapel’s chandeliers as she stepped inside, sighing relieved.

“I swear to the Goddess Herself; if I find Chyri anytime soon-...!” Celeste cursed the white-haired shin’saras girl, interrupted in her train of thought as she heard a slight chuckle, seeing the high priestess Caraia look at her teasingly.

“Are you sure you’re not a little too old to play in mud, Sister Celeste?” she joked, Celeste noticing that the mud had stained most of her lower robe, blushing embarrassed at the high priestess.

“I...I need to go to the showers, high priestess...!” she hurriedly apologised, slightly running through the entrance hall, Caraia smirking to herself, enjoying teasing the new novice.

“No! No, please stop! It’s already been five minutes!” Elaine yelled out, Rascha smirking menacingly, Elaine’s up-flipped robe giving her a good look at the novice’s white panties and stocking, Rascha licking her lips lustfully, feeling the drool flow from her mouth.

“I’ll be sure to give you a little rest...” Rascha teased, leaning over Elaine’s back, whispering hotly in her ear; “...just let me look at your breasts, then I’ll promise to stop.”

“I-if you really mean it...” Elaine whimpered weakly, turning around, blushing like a firestorm as she pulled down her robe’s top, a bra of white lace hiding her large breasts from Rascha’s view.

“Elaine, please...” Rascha gave the human girl a slight grin; “ you really hate being fondled by me? Am I really such a bad girl?”

“Bad?! You’re awful! I can’t even take a shower without you groping me and pinning me against the wall! I...I-...!!!” Elaine spat out angrily, Rascha’s face changing from worry to pity.

“Oh, come now; doesn’t it really feel good to you?” Rascha asked, stroking Elaine’s chin.

“If...if only you didn’t do it so often...” Elaine whimpered again, looking away from Rashca, not wanting her to see her blush so much, Rascha surprised and happy as she saw a smile form on Elaine’s lips as she faced her again.

“I sometimes wish I...n-no! I can’t-...!” Elaine began, blushing violently again, mentally imagining if Rascha would be on the receiving end of all these sexual ‘punishments’.

“Getting naughty thoughts, huh?” Rascha teased, grinning in a way unknown to Elaine: Pleasantly, not in her usual seductive way.

“Let’s hit the showers; I promise I won’t lay a finger on you...” Rascha said, looking sincere enough for Elaine to almost trust her.
“...O...K...but no funny stuff!” Elaine snapped, holding her hands over her bra, heading for the showers as she felt something soft, warm and massive in her back.

“Hey! You...-!” Elaine could not help herself but yelp out, Rascha grinning behind her.

“What’s the big deal, newcomer? You look like you’ve been sent gardening early in the morning...” Chyri teased Celeste, the blonde deciding not to care about her robes getting wet, having stepped under the showers fully dressed.

“Oh, you’d know about that, wouldn’t you, Chyri; you’re the one who sent me gardening when you knew it would be raining and storming!” Celeste snarled, Chyri grinning unworried, Celeste, against her best interest, really seeing the beauty in the naked shin’saras girl.

“Don’t tell me it wasn’t fun; getting some sweet little summer rain, getting a little muddy...” Chyri grinned smugly, Celeste gritting her teeth.

“You try and almost fall into a puddle of that damned stuff; is it some sick little fantasy of yours??” Celeste snapped at Chyri, the shin’saras girl looking in surprise at her, reaching her arms up as she washed herself.

“How’d know? Well, I always kind of wondered how it’d feel mud-wrestling some cute little nun...” Chyri smirked to herself, Celeste surprised to see Chyri blush.

“It’s not healthy to have such deviant fantasies; the Goddess Herself teaches that if you have a daydream, you should turn it into reality...” Celeste shrugged, speaking to herself.

“Watch what you say, Celeste...I might take you on your word...” Chyri teased.

“It’s so unfair! All the other nuns have fun together, and I...I can’t get myself to do it!” Elaine slammed her fist pillow her pillow, lying on her bed in her room, tired of being teased by Rascha and the others, crying silently as her frustration grew.

“Oh Goddess, why are you so cruel to me?? Every time I try, I just...I blank out and start panicking! Just let me sleep!!!” Elaine screamed into her pillow, sniffing heavily.

It had been a long, tiresome day for Elaine, having read through several old tomes as her studies on their goddess, Hyracha; it would have been a simple job, if not for the other teasing and flirting nuns, Elaine’s dark skin and aquamarine-coloured, waist-long hair giving her an exotic glow; sometimes cursing her so-called ‘beauty’, Elaine tugged her doll, named Sixina, even tighter, hoping with all her heart that either she could just shrink into nothingness...or, if by some miracle, grow some self-esteem enough to wipe the other nuns’ smirks off their faces as she would molest every single one of them.

It was not that she did not know how to do it; after Chyri had at one time ‘borrowed’ her computer, she had had it returned, filled with pornographic and erotic yuri pictures, the detail level and the girls’ complete, slutty horniness scaring Elaine deeply.

“There, there; I’m sure you’ll feel all better later...” an echoing voice suddenly were heard from somewhere in the dim-lit room; shrieking in fear, Elaine sat straight up, feeling terrified if someone had hid in her room.

“Is someone there?? Hallo?” Elaine yelled out in panic, sniffing as she tried not to cry; in truth, she was afraid of the dark and of ghosts, and right now, both of her fears seemed to present themselves.

“Hihih, I’m here already, cutie...” the voice now teased and giggled, Elaine now clearly understanding it was female; rustling under her bed sheets, Elaine found her ever-trusty flashlight, not able to even see the lamp by the bed, using the flashlight to try and spot whoever spoke to her.

As the light from the flashlight went downwards to the bottom of the bed, Elaine felt as if her heart had stopped:

A red-haired girl with busty breasts, horns, a mask of black leather and a fitting, tight black leather outfit mostly put together with what seemed like straps sat down at the foot of her bed; her red eyes shun slightly in the light of the flashlight as she blinked, but as she spotted Elaine, she smiled pleasantly to the fear-struck girl.

All Elaine’s instincts told her to jump up and run for her life; however, she could simply not move, frozen in fear of the demonic girl now sitting herself by her feet, stretching and yawned, her tail moving back and forth.

“Goddess, sure is hot today; don’t hope you’re wearing pyjamas...” she smirked to herself, pointing a leather-clad finger at Elaine’s door, who almost yelped in terror as she heard the lock click.

Looking around the room, the girl clapped her hands together once, Elaine not knowing what she had done.

“And now to business...” the girl said, facing the still shaking Elaine; “...predictable as always; you nuns always are the more fearful little girlies...despite the fact that it’s my mistress you worship.”

“Who-...” Elaine barely spoke, closing her mouth again with a snap as a thought formed in her head; judging by the horns, tail and completely flawless body, the girl before her could only be one of the infernal succubi, a demon nourishing itself from carnal pleasures, almost like a demonized Rascha.

“So you’re gonna sit there and stare?” the girl teased, Elaine finally pulling herself together, looking angrily and pleadingly at the girl.

“What are you?? Wh-why are you here?” Elaine asked, sniffing as she openly cried.

“I know, alotta stuff running around in there...” the girl shocked Elaine again as it sounded concerned, pointing a finger to her head; “...I can just say I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“’re a suc-...” Elaine began, her tears taking over.

“Yeah, I’m a succubus; sure, you read a lot about us on the Internet and other sites, but I’m a demonic dyke, babe, and not really a monster...” the girl said, reaching her hand out towards Elaine, who, despite her fear, reached out with her forefinger, quickly touching the gloved hand, feeling the softness of the leather as she pulled back.

“You’’re real...?” Elaine asked, whipping her face rid of tears.

“Of course I am! You summoned me, after all...” the girl said, grinning sweetly; “...first you summon, then you freak out; it’s kinda logical.”

“I did what??” Elaine exclaimed in confusion, the girl holding her hand to her chest.

“See, when you found that little doll of yours, and began to care for it so much, your, hihih, well, your little self-esteem and sexual dilemma brought me out from it, as it’s...well, call it my link to this chapel...”

Sixina explained; “...when you feel down and unhappy and hug your doll, you actually tear open a small rift for me to enter your world.”

“But...but what do you really want, then?” Elaine stammered, not seeing what such a little human girl like herself could offer a demon girl.

“Well, I represent your sexual desires, your inner feelings for making love to other women...” the girl explained, smirking; “...and since you’re honestly kinda into chicks in leather, I brought my best suit for you to see me in; so, to be honest, I’m here to make sure you get laid, but on your own terms.”

“I, I don’t want to! I’m not cute or hot enough! I-...!” Elaine whimpered, hiding her face with her hands as she lay down and moaned.

“Oh, c’mon, please; you can’t deny that you look gorgeous! Those chicks you live with don’t tease you to be mean to you; it’s because you’re sexy and they like you a lot, to put it mildly...” the girl smiled encouragingly, Elaine replying with a short sniff.

“See, as I’m what you can call your ‘sex playmate’, I know what you have experienced; Rascha’s kinda going over the limit with trying to be funny, right? Sixina asked.

“She does! Every day, she...she...she pounces on me like some...some cheetah and tries and pin me against the wall, and-...!” Elaine shrieked hysterically, her frustration over Rascha emerging, Sixina looking taken aback as the human girl panted heavily from her angry outburst.

“What do you care?! You just want in my panties, just like her! Leave me alone!” Elaine suddenly yelled at Sixina, angry at everything about the demon girl; her sex appeal, her idea that she understood anything about her, her shocked look on her face, Elaine trying to back away from the Sixina, finding her wall to block her way as she attempted to crawl away.

“Wow, calm down! I’m trying to help you, so throwing accusations doesn’t really hope, does it? Don’t try and bite my head off, please, ‘cause then I can’t really help you...” Sixina sighed, keeping her cool barely, playing with a tip of her hair; as Elaine did as the demon girl asked, some part of her were at least glad the demon girl had not jumped over her yet.

“Wha-what’s your name, anyway?” Elaine asked the first question that came to her mind, trying to calm her voice.

“Sixina; I’m kinda your average crazy, boobs-obsessed, tightly-clad, leather-loving skirt-chaser...” Sixina grinned at herself, Elaine catching herself smiling weakly.

“Oh my Goddess! She can smile, it turns out! I just told you I’m almost all that you’d fear in a sex partner, and you’re grinning...?” Sixina grinned, Elaine blushing at her.

“So...why would you have love to me?” Elaine asked, blushing heavily.

“Oh-h-h, that’s just so cu-u-ute!” Sixina giggled girlishly, smiling at Elaine; “C-can I hug you? Just a small one?”

“I...I guess...” Elaine stammered, blushing harder than ever; however, as she found Sixina leaning over her, her nose barely touched the redhead demon girl’s barely covered breasts as she leaned in to hug her.

“Um-m-m, you feel so good; I like your hair; it’s such a fresh colour and smell...” Sixina smiled behind Elaine’s back, sighing happily; “...does this help calming you down?”

“Y-yes...” Elaine smiled slightly to herself, returning the hug, Sixina chuckling.

“What happened to that shrieking little cutie I found when I came here?” Sixina teased.

“She...she learned something...” Elaine said, smiling to herself; maybe this demon girl was not as evil as she thought...

“Ups! S-sorry, Elaine...” Sixina suddenly brought Elaine back to her senses; looking at herself, Elaine felt as Sixina’s large breasts pressed into her own, smaller ones, Sixina’s tail on its way around her waist, Elaine feeling as Sixina pulled back, her tail leaving Elaine’s waist.

“I, I couldn’t help it...” Sixina smiled, Elaine sighing, returning the smile.

“It’s OK; I guess I deserve that to be so such a...such a bitching little whimp...” Elaine said, sighing to herself; she had, at long last, calmed down from finding a demon girl sitting in her room wanting to molest and fool around with her, making peace with herself; “...I shouldn’t have yelled at you, Sixina...”

“It’s in the past, Elaine, but...well...” Sixina mumbled, Elaine surprised to see her blush; “’s OK if you don’t wanna have sex; I just wanted to help you out, give you, well, the tits to get revenge on those teasing bitches who keep molesting you...”


Not understanding what had hit her, Sixina spit out what looked like a feather, finding one of Elaine’s pillows sliding down her face and unto the bed, one of Sixina’s horns having made a small rift; in front of the surprised Sixina, a laughing Elaine held her arms around her stomach.

“That’s what you get for scaring me in the first place! But, uhm...” Elaine’s laughter died off, replaced with a coy smile; “...I think it’s time I stopped playing the wailing bitch card all the time...”

“You’re a wailer, but no bitch; otherwise I wouldn’t be here to play with you...” Sixina brushed off a few feathers, smirking at Elaine as she slowly sneaked over to her, sitting above the human girl; “...and if you really want sex, I’ll make sure your first time will be unforgettable!”

“How’d know I...oh...yeah, I forget...” Elaine rubbed her head, feeling that as her fear went away, Sixina became more and more sexy and attractive in her eyes, her large breasts just covered by a thin layer of leather...

“I’m turning you on? Hihihih! You’re such a little silly, Elaine; you want a little strip show from me?” Sixina grinned, rubbing her left nipples through the leather, Elaine blushing violently.

“Yes! I, I mean, no! But...but...OK! I...I want you to do something...” Elaine said, beginning to feel a certain happiness in taking advantage of her situation.

“I’m yours, girlie” Sixina teased, spreading her legs as she leaned back, smirking as she made sure to let Elaine see all her best features.

“Could you...” Elaine asked, smiling nervously to herself as an idea popped to her mind; “...could you touch yourself while I’m watching?”

“Is that all?? Alright, then!” Sixina grinned, reaching down to her leather outfit’s skimpy thong.

“I’m a loud moaner, though; I think you’ll be liking this...” Sixina winked, Elaine almost feeling guilty for making the succubus humiliate herself, thinking of how caring and honest Sixina had been.

“Um-m-m-m...” Sixina moaned, Elaine’s eyes widening as she saw the speed with which Sixina petted herself; already now, light stains of cum had appeared at her crotch, the succubus eagerly licking her fingers.

“Uhm, w-what are you thinking when you...well...touch yourself?” Elaine asked, Sixina smirking.

“You’re sure in my mind, girlie; I’m just thinking if I could do naughty things with you...” Sixina explained; “...sorry, but I kinda turn on cute little girls, myself, and’re just fucking adorable...!”

“Huh?! Oh! But...I...I-I see...” Elaine said, Sixina licking her lips as she returned to her business; however, after a few more thrusts with her fingers into her crotch, Sixina moaned, trying her best to hide her passionate scream, but failed, leading Elaine to conclude that this Sixina were sure no beginner in lovemaking.

“’s my turn now?” she asked, Sixina looking at her in pleasant surprise.

“You sure? I...I won’t really have the best conscience about forcing you to do something you don’t want to...” Sixina asked nervously, not wanting to rape Elaine, surprised as Elaine sent her a warm smile.

“My heart and my mind tells me this is right; you’re not like any of the girls her, Sixina; you care for my in such a way that...that I want my first time to be with you! I wanna have sex with a girl who cares for me! I’d love having sex with you! Let’s have sex!!!” Elaine exclaimed happily, Sixina feeling a tear of happiness at the girl’s eager and happiness, Sixina opening her arms.

“Come here, you...!” Sixina grinned, Elaine tossing herself into Sixina’s arms, both of them laughing as they rolled around, hugging and cuddling, Elaine suddenly realizing just how sexy and beautiful Sixina really were, beginning to kiss her passionately, the demon girl, lying lowest, smirking pleasantly, slowly letting her left boot and leg unto Elaine’s back.

“...Fuck; even you’re lips look cute...” Sixina smiled warmly, kissing Elaine again and again, their wild kissing making them roll around on the bed even more, the kissing becoming more aggressive, Sixina even enjoying herself greatly as she felt Elaine tugging in her hair, Sixina returning the favour and tugging a bit in Elaine’s long mane of aquamarine-coloured hair, both of them kissing so hard that the drool flew from their mouths in streams, both of them panting in heat, caressing each other’s faces.

Not satisfied just with kissing, Elaine found herself thinking of doing the most erotic thing she could think of to the eager Sixina; as she forced the demon girl down on the bed, she licked her lips in as good an imitation of Sixina as she could.

“Strip down! I want to go all the way!” Elaine snarled, Sixina grinning happily, putting down her mask, unbuckling her outfit, and beginning to discard her gloves and boots.

“No! There’s no time!” Elaine shoke her head, diving between Sixina’s breasts, licking, sucking and doing everything she could imagine to them, unknowingly beginning to hump herself against Sixina.

“Oh! Getting eager, huh?” Sixina chuckled as she let her arm and hand down towards Elaine’s panties, Elaine hungrily smiling at her, beating her to it as she leaned back, shoke her head, Sixina admiring the wave of gorgeous, aquamarine hair, Elaine tearing off her own underwear and panties, Sixina not able to hide an eager laughter.

“Sixina, I admit it; you’re wonderful...” Elaine sighed happily, leaning herself down, wanting Sixina to molest her; “...please, fuck me! I want to have my first orgasm with you...”

“Don’t mind if I do, Elaine; you’re such a little she-wolf, hihihih!” Sixina giggled pleasantly, leaning over the naked human girl.

“C-could you start with my breasts? They’re not big, but-...” Elaine asked, Sixina hushing her silently and placing a finger on her lips, chuckling at her.

“When you’re not all freaking out, you’re pretty damn cute, Elaine...” Sixina grinned, kissing the nun’s cheek and beginning to slurp on her nipples.

“H-hey! You’re-...” Elaine began exclaiming in surprise, but her moaning took over as she felt her body feel as if she had caught on liquid fire; groaning and moaning, she felt Sixina’s leather-clad gloves ravish all over her body, her expert tongue licking and teasing her nipples.

“OH! Oh, holy-...!” Elaine whimpered as Sixina now crawled below her waist.

“Sixina, I can’t hold on! I’m burning up inside!” Elaine exclaimed in lust; looking at the demon girl, Elaine’s innermost sexual desires ignited, Sixina finding her head thrust by Elaine’s own hands towards her nether lips.

“Um-m-m, you pussy sure looks nice; all pink and delicious...” Sixina grinned, looking at Elaine; “...ready to cum, baby?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m ready!” Elaine eagerly pleaded, her burning, sexual agony demanding release.

“Alright; you’re gonna get wet and messy now!” Sixina chuckled, using her two forefingers to keep Elaine’s pussy lips open, her expert tongue licking the sweet insides of Elaine’s cunt; as she began sucking, as well, Elaine roared out in passion, rubbing her own breasts wildly, her tongue hanging out in horniness, Sixina licking and sucking on Elaine’s small, orb-like g-spot with all her might.

“YE-E-E-E-E-ES! OH YES! I FEEL SO GOOD! I’M, I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Elaine yelled out, Sixina delighted as she felt her work bear fruit; as Elaine came, her cum splattered into Sixina’s face and flooded into her mouth, the succubus happily drinking every drop, ever so satisfied with her work, moaning as she drank Elaine’s nectars.

“Um-m-m-m, pussy...” Sixina moaned and purred lovingly;” now, since you’ve cum so nicely and been such a good girl...” Sixina smiled, eyeing Elaine; “...what say you we share the pleasure this time?”

As Sixina began rubbing her own pussy lips, Elaine, still engulfed in blissful passion, nodded eagerly, even baring her nether lips as felt Sixina lean over her again, their pussies rubbing together.

“OH! OH, FUCK! OH, YE-E-E-EAH...” Elaine moaned out loud, Sixina humping as hard as she could, leaning over Elaine as all she cared about was making her cum.

“You’re so cute! C’mon! Moan some more!” Sixina grinned, Elaine nodding blissfully, her mind oblivious to logic or anything outside the room; right now, for the first time in her life, she was having sex, and even with a busty, crazy, caring, horny and slutty succubus of a demon girl.

“OH, SIXINA-A-A-A-A!” Elaine yelled out loud as she came, gushing out her cum again, staining hers and Sixina’s pussies, the demon girl shaking her head violently.

“Oh, Gods...oh, you’! OH-H-H-H, I’M, I’M GONNA...I’M, I’M...I’M GONNA...CUM...TOO! KEEP RUBBING! KEEP RUBBING ME-E-E-E-E-E!” Sixina yelled out loud, Elaine blindly obeying as the succubus came as well, also gushing her own orgasm out, Elaine feeling it hitting her stomach.

“; you’re really liking this, aren’t you...?” Sixina teased, Elaine smiling as she pressed her face between the succubus’ breasts, moaning and smiling and she nipped at them.

“Hihih! Is it good to feel them? Soft, bouncing breasts and small, juicy nipples?” Sixina stroke Elaine’s hair, the human girl snickering.

“Elaine, sit on all four...” Sixina panted out in exhaustion and grinned at the human girl; “...I’ve got some more delicious cum to lick outta you...”

Hearing that, Elaine eagerly rolled over, finding the demon girl’s tongue expertly sticking itself into her pussy again, licking every single drop of cum it could find; moaning and whimpering, Elaine felt like cumming again, hearing Sixina chuckle down under her.

“Hey, you can lick mine, too...” she smiled at Elaine, who began caressing Sixina’s soft, hairless pink pussy, Elaine greedily sticking her tongue in, loving the demon girl’s taste.

“Fuck, you really are a little teaser, cutie...” Sixina giggled to herself, delighted as she felt Elaine’s tongue enter her pussy, the human girl moaning loudly.

“OK, let’s try going a little further...” Sixina smirked to herself; “...Elaine, lay yourself down, please; I think you’re ready for it.”

Elaine obediently laid down on her bed, seeing as Sixina slowly lifted up her legs, spreading them open, Elaine blushing violently as she remember seeing Rascha and Chyri doing just such a thing.

“No, please-...!” Elaine whimpered, Sixina’s tongue already teasing the folds of Elaine’s pussy, the succubus stopping.

“Something’s wrong? Am I going too fast?” she asked concerned, Elaine slowly nodding, Sixina carefully letting go of Sixina’s legs, smiling at the nun.
“It’s OK, maybe I’m pushing it...” Sixina shrugged, rubbing her horns; “...should we take a break before we continue?”

“Your minions are making their move, I see...” Siriphir commented dryly, her and Zilah hovering under the roof of the chapel’s ceiling, invisible to mortal eyes.

“Yep, they work quickly...” Zilah smiled, the succubus enjoying teasing the angel, Siriphir looking sceptically at her.

“This little one, Sixina, does have promise; she cares for the little Elaine...” Siriphir mentioned, Zilah raising an eyebrow, smiling.

“See how our views meet? Heheheh, you want them to be all about love and relationships and all that, and I just wanna watch them eat each other’s juicy pussies and romp around...” Zilah licked her lips, slowly sticking her tongue back into her mouth as Siriphir’s eyes glowed dangerously bright.

“Hm-m-m, which one will it be today...?” Caraia chuckled to herself, sitting in her room, remembering all her little plays and seductions with the nuns.

“My little angels...hmhmhm; they really are the cutest of girls...” Caraia snickered to herself, holding up a small picture of a naked Rascha tied up in leathery ropes, her look under her ball gag that of complete lust as Rascha saw her own, red latex boot slowly let its tip into Rascha’s dripping vagina.

“Excuse me, high priestess...” Celeste came into Caraia’s room, who quickly hid the picture, looking surprised at Celeste.

“Ah! Novice Celeste! What can I do for you?” Caraia asked in as clam a voice as she could, Celeste stepping towards Caraia, who now could not help but smile mentally at the blonde nun; she would be a cute little experiment.

“I just came in to complain about novice Rascha; she attempted to grope and even molest novice Elaine, again!” Celeste said, Caraia succeeding in masking a smile.

“Damn it; why won’t she listen?!” Celeste exclaimed frustrated, sourly grumbling at her frustration with Caraia, the high priestess not having given a care in the world how she and Elaine were being stalked by the older, elven nuns.

“I’ve only been here a week, and all that time they’ve been trying to get in my panties!” she sourly mumbled; outside her window, the sun was slowly rising, its beauty capturing the frustrated nun, reminding herself that she were not really rid of sin, herself; she had often daydreamed how it would be to dress in leather, dominating a cute nun, and-....

“...I wonder if I could try and talk with them...” Celeste interrupted her own train of thought, smirking to herself as she thought of how it would be to sexually humiliate Rascha or Chyri a bit, holding her head in her palms; as shameful as it was, she had at one time swiped one of Chyri’s yuri hentai comics, the pictures in it still filling her nights as she battled her own desires, feeling them to be selfish and wrong.

“Hihihihih! You’re all upset! No fresh pussies to suck, you little wannabe muff-muncher?” a voice was suddenly heard outside Yuri’s window; curious, she looked out, only to stare in complete awe:

A girl with black horns floated upside down outside her window, her skimpy latex outfit with metal bracers shining in the sunlight; her blue eyes flashed playfully, and Celeste could only assume she was...

“W-what are you??” she asked in a mix of fear, awe and surprise, the girl giggling at her.

“I’ll tell you if you’ll masturbate for me! C’mon, my pussy’s all dry; I’ve always wanted to have a cute little nun tongue-fuck me real good!” the floating girl teased, perversely thrusting her pelvis towards Celeste, the floating girl’s long, blue hair blowing in the wind.

“I’m coming in, now! Ready to wet your panties, baby?” the girl chuckled, flying through the panicking Celeste’s window; sitting down on her bed, the girl reached out for Celeste, snarling playfully, trapping her in a hug, the blue-haired girl moaning loudly and shrieking happily as Celeste’s face were forced against the girl’s breasts.

“NYA-A-A-A-AH LET ME GO! IT’S TOO-...!” Celeste yelled out, a thought going through her mind that it was, after all, the first time she had ever done this...and it actually felt good...

“Liking the view? Hihihihih! Oh, I’m gonna love this...” the girl grinned, Celeste’s arms stopping their flapping.
“See, I’m Sillina the succubus, a demon girl dyke sent here by my mistress to fuck you...” Sillina explained, loosening her grip from the nearly nose-bleeding Celeste; “...and since that little yuri hentai you snatched sets you in heat, I’ll be delighted to give you the real deal!”

“B-but I’m a virgin! You don’t have the right to-...!” Celeste snapped back, Sillina simply grinning at her.

“You’re a virgin?! Oh, that’s even better! Hihihih, OK, I won’t take your virginity; I’ll be your first ever real fuck, and I swear: It’s gonna be worth your while
“But, but where’s the romance?! Isn’t it supposed to-...?” Celeste asked again, Sillina’s finger pointing at the door, making the lock click; afterwards she held her hands upwards, now looking at Yuri again.

“Yes, it ‘is’ supposed to be romantic, kinda, but tell you what...” Sillina said, winking at the awe-struck Celeste; “...let’s say this is a ‘pre-first time’; I play a little with you, you play a little with me, and I’m not gonna steal your virginity; OK?”

“And if I refuse??” Yuri challengingly asked, Sillina getting a seductive glimpse in her eyes.

“Then I’m afraid I’ll have to molest you until you beg me, yourself, to rape you...” she simply chuckled, lying down on Celeste’s bed, resting her head between her thighs.

“What little nun of a yuri hentai fan wouldn’t love this? Your own, cute little busty succubus, all sexily dressed up for you to fuck; c’mon; don’t I appeal just a little to you??” Sillina asked in a childishly pleading tone.
“No! Not...not really, I...” Celeste exclaimed as she blushed, Sillina grinning at her.

“Oh, you’re in doubt? Hihihihihih! Oh, that’s so cu-u-u-ute...” she giggled, sitting herself up towards Celeste, sticking her tongue out; “...kissy, kissy, kissy!”

Before Celeste could react, Sillina’s tongue found its way into her mouth, Celeste experiencing her first kiss ever with this demon girl; although she whimpered, Celeste caught herself feeling warm from the kiss, her body slowly sinking deeper into the bed sheets as Sillina licked, sucked and twirled her tongue around with her own.

“Hihihihih! Isn’t it good? Do I make you feel happy??” Sillina asked eagerly as she pulled back, sitting heavily down, licking her lips and stretched out her legs.

“” Yuri moaned, lost in thought; this cute little she-devil turned her incredibly on by her silly, cute and erotic gestures, but would it be right to use her to relief all her sexual urges...?


After just wishing to either dominate or experience her first time with a cute or sexy nun to make love to her, Celeste scolded herself mentally for being so hesitant; this succubus girl, smiling at her, clad in her sexy latex boots and outfit were just waiting for her...
“Hm? You’re blushing now?” Sillina grinned, Celeste’s eyes getting a lustful glow.

“Before you fuck me...” she said, leaning over the chuckling Sillina, trying her first hand at seduction; “...then let me fuck you!”

Following that, Celeste mercilessly groped, sucked and nudged her head into Sillina’s breasts, the skimpy latex bra offering no protection as Celeste undid the straps keeping the bra together, Sillina’s busty breasts bouncing out; feeling drool fall from her mouth, Celeste did everything she had seen in her yuri magazines and doujinshis to Sillina, taking the greatest joy in her life to actually be the one to be dominative for once, a smile showing on her face as she thought of how jealous Rascha and Chyri would be of her.

“Hihihihihih! I knew I’d get you heated up!” Sillina smiled, Yuri grinning at her.

“You know, you’re pretty sexy for such a little slut; offering yourself like that to me...” she teased, Sillina moaning pleasantly.

“You’d like this, then??” Celeste smiled evilly, humping herself against Sillina’s left leg, feeling the soft texture of the latex boot all over herself as she undid her shirt and began pressing her breasts against it.

“You like latex? Hihih! So do I!” Sillina grinned, licking her lips and teasing Celeste; “you like some sexy succubus slut in boots? It’s really turning you on, isn’t it?”

“Yeah! I, I know it should be wrong, but...I admit it; it’s my fetish...dominating in latex...” Celeste admitted, licking the black material lustfully.

“Um-m-m, drooling all over my outfit, but how do you feel for little, sexy me, hm?” Sillina smirked, Celeste’s moans already giving the answer.

“You’re so ravishing! It’’s as if you’re made for me to fool around with! I love this, Sillina!” Celeste cheered happily, Sillina laughing joyfully.

“Now, let me do something good!” Sillina purred as she suddenly rose up; taken aback, Celeste felt as the tip of Sillina’s boot were pressed against her panties, making her moan.

“Oh, you’ll be loving this...” Sillina squealed, sitting down and leaning over Celeste, groping her breasts, kissing her passionately and rubbing her knee in between her thighs, Celeste’s arms reaching out and grabbing Sillina’s arms in an attempt to make her go further down.

“Hihihihih! My, I love that horny look on your face!” Sillina grinned, pulling back and letting herself fall back, undoing her thong and baring her hairless pussy towards the now really horny Celeste.

“C’mon! Take advantage of me! Fuck me, ple-e-ease...” she grinned, Celeste snarling passionately, happily jumping on Sillina, the two of them giggling, snuggling and laughing as Celeste massaged Sillina’s breasts and humped her.

“Um-m-m, I love girls who can get me this horny...” Sillina moaned and grinned; “...just remember my pussy, little girlie! She’s really naughty and wet...!”

“I will, hihih!” Yuri chuckled, groping Sillina’s breasts even more firmly, letting her right hand down towards Sillina’s pussy, pressing two fingers as far inside as she dared, surprised to feel how wet the succubus was.

“Yes-s-s-s-s! Um-m-m, sure feels good to actual do it with a little demon girl instead of just reading yuri hentai, eh?” Sillina teased, Celeste looking longingly at her.

“You’re a dream made real, Sillina! You don’t tease me, mock me or send me doing chores five o’ clock in the morning!” Celeste said, Sillina’s grin broadening.

“It’s because me and my succubi sisters are coming for a little visit to you and your little nun friends; you’re in for quite some hot nights, let me tell you!” Sillina stuck her tongue out in tease, surprised as Celeste grabbed it carefully.

“And what should prevent me from drugging you and showing you off to the other nuns? Oh, the embarrassment...” Celeste snickered evilly, taken aback as Sillina started laughing.

“Embarrassed? Me?? Hihihihih, have you any idea how many girls I’ve slept with?” Sillina teased, Celeste looking confused at her.

“My only real mistress is your goddess, Hyracha, so I’m actually a little blessing to you, Celeste...” Sillina jumped over and toppled Celeste, pressing her breasts into her face; “ the next couple of months, I’m your night little sex-pet, and you’re my adorable, blonde mistress and dominatrix!”

“And I who thought I had chores before...” Celeste sighed, looking down at the succubus as she looked pleadingly at her.

“I’m not too much trouble! If-if you have chores, I’ll just stay in here, soundproof the room and masturbate for when you come back in the evening! I promise I’ll be good!” Sillina pleaded, Celeste smirking at her, hugging the pleasantly surprised succubus.

“Oh, I can skip some chores, at times; I think you just made my life a little more interesting, you little minx...” Celeste stroke back a lock of her blonde hair, seeing Sillina’s tongue almost hanging out of her mouth.
“Am I really that attractive to you?” Celeste asked, Sillina nodding eagerly.

“Blondes are usually really hot and kinky when they dominate me...uhm...but you don’t have a fetish for vibrators, do you?” Sillina now asked carefully, Celeste chuckling in amusement as the small succubus blushed heavily.

“What? Did some dominatrix or schoolgirl do that to you? Aw-w, you poor little thing...” Celeste patted Sillina’s head, the succubus smiling coyly in pleasure, Celeste suddenly noticing something; an oblong, black object began to form from what looked like slightly above Sillina’s rear, two broader oblong objects appear below her shoulder blades.

“Wow! Celeste, you made me so happy I got my powers up to maximum! It sorta means I can summon my wings and tail...” Sillina mentioned as Celeste looked scared, the blonde human girl calming down as Sillina slowly stroke her tail, flapping her wings.

“Well, since I’m all charged up for some good sex...” Sillina sent Celeste a dangerously seductive look, leaping towards the human girl; “...let’s play!!!”

“…Why do you desire so much? Is one girl not enough??” Siriphir could not help but ask Zilah, the latex-clad demon girl simply chuckling, caressing the angel girl’s skin.

“I’d never taint their bodies with sins; I’m just making sure these little vixens slake their lusts…” Zilah teased, surprised as Siriphir’s hand reached out, the angel girl slowly, but certainly pinning her down, Zilah smiling amused as the angel looked down on her, seeing the demon girl’s heaving and large bosom.

“…I must indeed have fallen to be enthralled by something so earthly…and so desirable…” Siriphir slowly stroke Zilah’s uncovered breast, Siriphir actually glad that she now felt this latex material not only on Zilah’s perfectly busty body, but also on her own skin, and the white, pure colour made her feel that, although seduced by such earthly passions, she still held on to her own beliefs.

“Come, let’s go visit the little high priestess; it’ll be a hoot!” Zilah snickered, Siriphir floating after the demon girl, sighing disappointed; every time Zilah had been seducing her, the priestess were always the one thing to distract her.

By that, Siriphir blushed; it had only been well over two weeks since she had tried and cleave Zilah where she stood, but now, due to their ceasefire, but now she felt herself fascinated, or even very curious, about this new, lustful lovemaking; at first she had disliked the lack of heartfelt intimacy, but seeing the nun Elaine giving into her desires as Sixina did her work, Siriphir came to a confession:

“Zilah, stop!” she snapped at the demon girl, who stopped in mid-air.

“What? What is it?” she asked, weary as she saw Siriphir’s eyes glow.

“I have been a fool all this time, Zilah; I claimed only love can exist, and you believed only lust could exist, but where has it brought us? I now understand: You cannot have either without the other, and for that fact, I ask that once we visit the priestess, we shall both ask her permission to perform our most carnal arts on her.”

“…So what you’re saying us, you wanna fuck her?” Zilah asked, Siriphir rolling her eyes.

“Such a simple way of putting it…but yes…she ‘is’ really attractive, mind you…” Siriphir said, Zilah surprised as she heard Siriphir chuckle; “…really, for a ‘redhead’ as you call girls with red hair, she really is gorgeous; it would almost consider it an honour if she let me please her.”

“Trust me, glitter-wings; she’ll do more than touch anything with boobs the size of yours!” Zilah teased and laughed as Siriphir followed the demon girl, not knowing if she should hit her or start laughing, herself.

“…This is really some nice fetishes…” Caraia chuckled to herself, flipping through one of her yuri hentai magazines.

“Oh, ni-i-i-ice…” her mouth formed into a grin, the picture in the magazine showing two maids tied up in bondage, being molested by a group of schoolgirls.

“Hm-m, maybe Rascha would like to try that out…” Caraia mumbled to herself, suddenly feeling as if a light breeze crept over her room.

“Hm? What the f-…?” she sat up, looking around the room; there was nothing to be seen, and yet, the weak breeze could still be felt, just warmer than before, and it felt as if it stood right in front of her bed.
“Hallo? Anyone there?” Caraia asked, feeling the breeze to lower in intensity.

“We are here, Caraia…” a voice suddenly came; it was female and light, and it felt as if the speaker stood right in front of Caraia, who shrieked in shock and fell back over on the bed in fear.

“Please, have no fear, neither of us will harm you…” the voice came again, another beginning to chuckle beside Caraia.

“You’re really a naughty little thing, aren’t you? Reading yuri porn when you should be preaching to my mistress…” the other voice said, sounding teasing and more purring in its tone; “…maybe we should show you what’s even better than yuri porn…”

In a flicker of sharp, white light and dark-red smoke, Siriphir and Zilah appeared before Caraia, starring in complete awe at the angel and the demon.

“But…but…you can’t be-…!” Caraia gasped, Siriphir stepping up to her.

“Did you listen to novice Celeste when she claimed that Rascha and Chyri were abusing her and Elaine?” Siriphir asked, Caraia feeling nervous at the angel girl’s intensely glowing eyes.

“Yeah, but-…” Caraia began, only to feel as Siriphir gestured to Zilah, the demon girl easily and cheerfully jumping on Caraia’s bed, planting her face between her breasts, the priestess shrieking in surprise.

“It would not bother you if you were the one to be abused, would it? No, I have seen your ways…” Siriphir strode around the bed, Caraia struggling vaguely against Zilah’s molesting of her breasts; “…when it comes down to it, you are a naughty girl with a desire to give and get pleasure from your little nuns, and it leaves us only one option left…”

As Siriphir stood in front of the bed, both Zilah and Caraia were surprised as they heard Siriphir unsheathe her sword.

“A zealous angel would strike down anyone living their lives on their impulses…but, alas, I sense purity and even sanity in what you do…” Siriphir said, thrusting her sword into the floor, Caraia hardly believing her eyes as the angel smiled at her; “…behind all your erotic ways, you truly love your nuns, and I ask you to show us the same love.”

“I, I would, if you could…s-s-stop this-…!” Caraia muttered as Zilah were pressing her breasts into her face, Siriphir sighing and holding her palm to her face.
“Zilah, stand down, please; show some tact, please…” Siriphir looked strictly at Zilah as she jumped down, teasingly sticking her tongue out at Siriphir.

“Miss Caraia, I will prefer being the first to indulge you…” Siriphir sat down on the bed, Caraia beginning to find the angel quite alluring; “…tell me now: What do you prefer to see with two women, or more, together?”

“Uhm…well, bondage is really good…if…if you know what that is…?” Caraia carefully said, Siriphir looking deeply at her.

“Caraia, I am no goddess, or judger if you live or die; I might be an angel, but please don’t act with all that awe around me…” Siriphir said, smiling as she stroke a lock of Caraia’s hair.

“You really are pretty, you know? We have both seen you in the nights, letting the other nuns have their way with you, blissful as they molest you senselessly and you find yourself waking up in the late morning hours in your room…” Siriphir said, beginning to undo her toga-like, white robe; “…and now, you must face another willing female to make sweet love to you: Me.”

“I can be both on the top and the bottom, thank you very much!” Caraia surprised Siriphir as she gave the angel a soft push, making her fall on the bed, Caraia sitting over her with a triumphant grin.

“You really thought I was that shy?? Damn, for such ‘almighty’ beings, you two really are the easiest…” Caraia taunted and grinned, looking over at Zilah; “…hey, you, tiny-tits; are you just here for decoration, or are you gonna have a little fun?”

“…Tiny…tits…?!” Zilah grit her teeth, folding her fists; “…I’ll show you tiny, sister!!!”

With a raging shriek, Zilah jumped onto the sitting Caraia, using her hands to molest Caraia as much as possible, the human girl shrieking out loud in what, to Zilah’s satisfaction, could only be pleasure, the pinned-down Siriphir feeling the human girl’s body all over hers.

“I don’t really give a fuck if you’re a virgin; tonight, you’re going down, baby!” Zilah continued her groping, Siriphir looking up as she felt something hit her eyebrow; as she discovered it to be drool, she saw that it was Caraia, the so-called ‘priestess’, her drool dripping continuously as her face were twisted in a perverted grin.

“You? A priestess? How laughable…” Siriphir could not help but think, looking to Zilah; “…Zilah, this girl desires your touch and mine; do what you do best.”

“Alright! Come here, pretty…!” Zilah snarled lustfully, Caraia suddenly hearing a ripping sound as Zilah right out tore her red robe apart, followed by her panties and bra, the busty and ravishing body revealed, Zilah chuckling and Siriphir raising an eyebrow as they discovered Caraia to be wearing red, thigh-high latex boots.

“A dominatrix’s boot? Quite an irony to let such an iconic ‘alpha female’ be molested by ‘lesser’ girls…” Siriphir could not help but chuckle, Caraia screaming out loud as something entered her pussy.

“Zilah! What are you-…you sadistic harlot…!” Siriphir asked in wonder, but soon saw the reason; Zilah had used her tail, and stuck it into Caraia’s pussy, the human girl writhing in pleasure, Siriphir reaching a hand up to touch her chest, feeling her heartbeat.

“Zilah, she…she is in heat; her mind is such a carnal ground for these lustful games with other women…” Siriphir said, reaching up for Caraia’s breasts; “…we must slake her lusts, and restore sanity to her mind.”

“Fuck sanity! Get in here! Hihihihih!” Caraia grinned, stuffing the surprised Siriphir’s head in between her breasts, looking over her shoulder to Zilah.

“Fuck me harder! Shove your long, sleek tail into my cunt!” she almost pleaded, Zilah grinning sadistically as she pulled her tail out; before she knew what was going on, Siriphir felt as her head were forced back unto the bed, Caraia following as Zilah now sat herself on Caraia’s back.

“Naughty girls don’t get any tail action! That’s what you get for calling me tiny tits!” Zilah gloated, Caraia looking pleadingly at her.

“Please! I’m really sorry! Just stick it in me again!!!” Caraia begged, Zilah shrugging and grinning.
“OK, this is how you fuck a priestess! You’re watching down there, Siriphir??” Zilah cheered as she right out hammered her tail into Caraia’s pussy, the human girl wailing in lust as she was ravished again.

“I can’t see anything down here…” Siriphir’s muffled voice came, finally beginning to see vague light as Caraia’s breasts now bounced over her face.

“Now’s my chance!” Siriphir thought to herself, grabbing her chance and rolling away from under Caraia, feeling as if her body had been mashed, her wings tattered and feathers flying from them.

“…Fuck…m-e-e-e-e-e…!!!” Caraia screamed, grabbing her bed sheets and biting into them, the redhead looking at Siriphir.

“Please…I want pussy! I don’t wanna cum alone!” she pleaded, Siriphir shaking her head as she moved herself towards Caraia, sitting on hook, falling back down as the human girl grabbed both Siriphir’s legs tightly, her tongue and mouth surprising Siriphir, the angel girl gasping as the pleasure flushed over her; if this was the pleasure of another female, then, under all its eroticism and lustfulness, there was a warmth and love Siriphir felt herself blissful about.

“Damn, you can take it like a pro, sister! Got some nuns in here giving you fucks all night long, huh??” Zilah teased, Caraia feeling as the demon girl reached head down to hers, grapping her hair slightly, Zilah really enjoying this girl; to her mind, she was a good screamer, and almost as lustful as herself.

“Siriphir, this girl deserves something really special!” Zilah suddenly pulled back, Siriphir fearing the worst as Zilah clapped her hands twice; as the shadows in the room began moving about, they took form, shaping into black, female creatures, their long manes of red, black and blue hair reaching their waists, their skin, gloves and boots made out of black, red and blue latex, half of them carrying what looked strap-ons or dildos as they approached the surprised, yet lust-dazed Caraia.

“No, Zilah! I forbid you to do this!” Siriphir were about to rise up, but found herself pinned down by Zilah, the demon girl grinning teasingly as her eyes glowed red.
“We tried it your way, Siriphir, but now it’s my turn…!” Zilah chuckled, moaning as she heard Caraia’s scream of pleasure; “…and it looks like I wanted to have my chicks gangbang that babe! Fuck, after what she puts the nuns through, it’s justified!”

“I swear, when I get my hands on you-…!” Siriphir grit her teeth, but, getting an idea, she faked a tragic sigh, looking up to Zilah; “…alright, Zilah, let us make this fair: We are going to have real sex, for once, and if I win, you will let that girl go, and if you win…I…I will lead your…’chicks’ in their task…”

“You just sold your wings, babe, but I’ll be fair-…” Zilah were about to tease, but found Siriphir’s fist to grab her collar, tugging her down in eyesight of the angel.

“This is serious, demon! If you are not responsible for what you do to those poor souls, then I’ll be forced to chain you down for real! We are friends, Zilah, and as your friend, I must stop you before you go out of your way!” Siriphir said, Zilah shocked to see a small, golden tear drop from Siriphir’s face.

“But, it’s just for fun, I…Siri, I’m sorry, but look at her…” Zilah pointed with her tail at Caraia, the human girl screaming in right out joy, the latex-clad shadow girls’ echoing laughter increasing as they all assaulted Caraia, the priestess putting up no resistance, whatsoever.

“If your minions break it, I will restore her sanity…if I win…” Siriphir said and sighed heavily.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! You…you…you dumbass, Siri! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO RIGHT?!” Zilah suddenly screamed, Siriphir at first surprised, but then understanding that Zilah felt regret for what she had done.

“Zilah, there will be no competition…come here…” Siriphir held out her arms, the whimpering Zilah embracing her, Siriphir slowly hushing and stroking the demon girl’s hair.

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