Story: Everlust - By the Goddess (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Character Introductions

[Author's notes: A list of the characters featured in "By the Goddess".]

HYRACHA - As a goddess, Hyracha is the ultimate seductress, and has lain with billions of women, granting many of them unbelievable powers to reshape their own futures and even realities, be it either wealth or magic; despite her immortality, Hyracha still has obvious needs, and would lose a great deal of her power were she to spend a day without having sex, something the demon girl is deeply addicted to.

Being the most powerful entity in the known cosmos, Hyracha is able to thrive anywhere, be it in the cold vacuum of space, the heat of a sun, or witnessing a supernova; she hardly brags of her achievements and skills, and is quite easy-going and teasing regarding her own power, often joking that her harem girls like her mostly out of care, adoration and attractiveness to the near-flawless sex goddess.

Despite her friendly nature, Hyracha has, for at least one instance, taken away the powers of one of her minions who disrespected her will, as she had attempted to rape a girl of Hyracha’s harem, something that easily provokes the goddess’ ire; as punishment, the girl named Calista were stripped of her powers, molested by Hyracha in the public of her city, and left near unconscious to be ravished by the girls watching her in first awe, then in devious lust.

Of all of Hyracha’s powers, her most well-known is her ability to reshape any part of any reality she so pleases; since she is a being of chaos, she nevertheless prefers order and running her city secretly either through her top-ranked minions or making an appearance, herself.

As for her physical appearance and form, Hyracha is the form of a black, latex-skinned humanoid, with a rich mane of long, spiky, blood-red hair and glowing, ruby-red eyes; from her back sprouts wings, and from her rear a long, slick tail, and from her forehead small horns appear under her hair; in human form, she often appears as a lightly tan-skinned human or elf girl with red, short hair and fiery red eyes, wearing less than appropriate clothes, most of it consisting of latex and leather, most often simply strolling around either naked or provocatively scantily-clad, Hyracha silently encouraging her harem girls living in the city to molest her, Hyracha indeed jumped quite often and sexually abused to hers and her ‘attackers’ amusement.

CALISTA - Born from an accident involving the magical plant called elfglow and two passionate warrior girls, Calista emerged as the darker self of one of them, immediately taking to attempt at molesting and ravish them both, growing bored with the first, honourable one, instead slamming her against the wall with her magic, proceeding to try and have her way with the other.

Soon after, she were discovered by a visiting Hyracha and her minions, Hyracha deciding to take Calista with her to her own dimension, the dark warrior babe bestowed with incredible powers, and as much food, drink, and as many women as she wanted, Calista leading a blissful life.

However, at one time being Hyracha’s favourite lover because of her fierce, heated and wild sex games, Calista fell low in her mistress’ eyes when she tried raping a schoolgirl in Hyracha’s presence; as Calista already knew of, but disregarded Hyracha’s law against such things, she were stripped of her powers, molested by Hyracha herself in the full public of the city, Calista left to be molested and ravished by the eager onlookers, Calista unable to do anything against the onslaught of more than eager girls encircling her.

After having her powers returned, plus some, by Hyracha, Calista were given a choice:

Either to swear never to attempt rape at a girl ever again, or to live out a life being shunned by her fellow harem girls, Calista choosing the first, slowly getting over her impulses to do away with the closest possible girl.

As for her appearance, Calista is pale-skinned, with black, eerie tattoos covering her whole body, and with piercing, purple eyes; she is seductive, scheming and lithe, preferring to easily molest her victims in her specially crafted dungeons under Hyracha’s castle, although she can easily do the most erotic things unto her victims, the girls captured here often fearing the worst, but finding the intimidating warrior babe surprisingly well-aware of what she puts them through, claiming she would not do unto others what she could not handle, herself.

While not wearing her heavy adamantine armour and wings, Calista often wears black and dark-purple lace and leather, many of her victims seeing her as the ultimate dominatrix.

Finally, as for her powers go, Calista is a mistress of dark magic, making chains appear out of thin air, firing lethal blasts of dark magic, levitating herself, and it is rumoured she can also, if truly aroused, transform into a werewolf.

RASCHA - With Hyracha’s many fantasies and a whole dimension to live them out in, Hyracha one day snatched herself a feisty biker babe, ravished her for hours, finally deciding to gift her, rather passionately, with supernatural powers, bloodlust and an even greater desire for sex, almost rivalling that of succubi, the biker babe slowly, but certainly, beginning to enjoy her new gift.

As the first vampire, Rascha is easily recognized by her blood-red hair and eerie, ruby-bright eyes; as the alpha of her pack of fellow vampires, she and her flock hunts in the Grand City’s Misty District, Rascha and her minions never venturing outside the district, as they are not allowed to feast on anyone but Misty District’s population, their ‘diet’ usually consisting of nervous schoolgirls or feisty hookers.

Despite their vampirism, Rascha and her minions can freely walk in full daylight, but in such, they cannot use their vampiric abilities; they can also eat or drink normally, but their bloodlust is inescapable, so they need to feed at least once a day, some of their former victims gladly offering their necks in exchange for the vampires’ precise and intense lovemaking.

Still, even if bitten by a vampire, the girl in question will only feel lightheaded, unless the vampire decides to sink her fangs fully in, resulting in the girl’s conversion into a vampire, herself.

LUCIA - Of all Rascha’s ‘victims’, Lucia thrives on her new, vampiric nature, enjoying to tempt and play with her many admirers’ desires, often clad and dressed in dark, yet alluring robes or tight-sitting leather, her mysterious ways of seduction often resulting in the agonizing cries of pleasure from half a dozen of deeply enthralled schoolgirls or random passers-by.

As the second-most powerful of all vampires, Lucia commands a great deal of respect, and although she prefers to hunt over the city, she can also be found in local parks or the forest outside the city limits, Lucia’s keen senses helping her detect prey even in the dark.

While other vampires or succubi oftentimes slowly seduce or right out ravish their partners, Lucia is far more primal and feral in her approach, sniffing out potential prey, letting her tongue do most of her talking, her claws slowly peeling the clothes off her prey, all the while her tongue and deep, enchanting eyes keeps her prey in a state of comfortable peace, Lucia once her prey lies naked before her or pressed against a tree, Lucia breaking the eye contact, letting her prey decide if they want to run away or stay.

Truth to be told, no-one has of yet run from Lucia, the vampire gladly giving each of her ‘victims’ everything they want, but in a slow pace, never rushing the lovemaking, at one time having seduced three schoolgirls and using the whole night easily pleasuring them, even leaving small bite marks on their butts as a tease, Lucia still to this day chuckling over the hot memory.

MORTIFI - Often called spoiled and bratty, Mortifi is in denial over her succubus heritage, trying despartely not to ‘fall’ the lustful nature, urges and cravings of her fellow succubi ‘sisters’, namely their never-ending want for sex, Mortifi instead taking her sexual frustrations out on her training dummies to practice her magic, or her maids, oftentimes spanking them hard for the slightest offenses, made-up or otherwise.

Dwelling in a huge manor outside the Grand City, Mortifi leads a simple, uninteresting life, battling her urges and desires, although she once or twice has found herself masturbating at night, Mortifi threatening her maids to never speak of it as they wash the sheets the next day.

However, outside influences, like the succubus witch Tirah, as well as Hyracha, herself, has forced Mortifi to face her nature as a succubus, although she indeed fought with all her might to deny it, Tirah going as far as to chain her up, Mortifi and her having a good talk about sex and succubi, Mortifi beginning to understand that being a succubus does not make her a complete slave to her desires; she can, instead, simply embrace them, and control them, instead of letting them control her.

SASHA - Succubi are infamous for their great, sexual appetites, and while Sasha is no exception, she is mostly known for one thing: Her playful nature, leading many of her admirers to adore the small succubus, the fact that she is a virgin only adding to her appearance as cute and innocent.

However, calling her innocent is sadly right out falsehood, as Sasha is deeply dedicated to become the best sex slave ever to the princess Mortifi of Nifaras, Sasha literally willing to do anything to please her mistress, the pink-haired succubus oftentimes squealing with glee as Mortifi puts her through all sorts of sexual tortures, Mortifi finding the smaller succubus irresistible, drooling over her and using her for her every, sexual fantasy; Sasha is even willing to let Mortifi sell her out to well-paying customers of Nifaras’ elite, Sasha returning with a smile, a bag of gold, and a raging lust to molest her mistress.

Still having a sense of pride, however, Sasha is deeply offended if someone calls her ‘small’, the succubus immediately thinking they refer to her breasts, her bosom always sticking out, regardless of her outfits; much to Mortifi’s amusement, Sasha claims she would not want her breasts to feel confined.

Between Mortifi and Sasha, the former treats the latter more like a friend and lover than a servant, although Mortifi does crack the whip at Sasha, often because of the smaller succubus’ insisting on having sex.

MORGANA - As mother of the sultry demon princess Mortifi, Morgana rules a large queendom mostly consisting of deserts, oases, rivers and jungles, ruling from a solid gold palace in the queendom’s northern continent.

Despite ruling as a dictator, Morgana is usually very open-minded and righteous, although she expects a small tribute in the form of wealth, resources, or the occasional, busty tavern wench sent to her palace for her and her succubi to enjoy.

Despite her loyalty to her goddess, Hyracha, Morgana has established a wealthy trade across her whole dominion, namely ‘slave trade’, buying, selling and trading various exotic, beautiful and skilled girls to nobles or wealthy buyers, although the business has a vital rule:

No slave is ever to be right out mistreated or sold without their say-so, or Morgana’s forces, consisting of war-trained werewolf girls armed and armoured to the teeth, will abduct the accused slaver trainer during the night, bringing her to Morgana for judgement.

An eager and smart slave trainer, herself, Morgana has the odd fetish of collecting a set of boots and sample of cum from every girl she has trained or had sex with.
Another noteworthy thing is that near all citizens of Morgana’s country has dark skin and fair-coloured hair, and despite its status as a queendom, some outlying villages have formed into tribes and adopted to shamanic magic and war-paint to honour their queen instead of the usual tribute, a thing Morgana is very keen on correcting.

KATHERINE - Despite being ‘only’ human, Katherine is the loyal bodyguard and first assistant of the demon princess Mortifi, taking her job quite seriously.

Having trained herself as a ninja, she can master any weapon, fight off any opponent, and use their weaknesses against them…but seeing as Hyracha’s realm is more than often a peaceful place, Katherine’s talents as a ninja are hardly ever required.

However, as Katherine has found out, Mortifi’s needs for sex is not always limited to her maids, and as such, the ever-so-honourable ninja girl is always at risk ending up tied up, molested, ravished and made love to by her mistress, the possibility of a busty demon girl doing all in her power to bring her into a sexual frenzy not something that even Katherine can always comprehend.

KIA - Kia is mostly known for three qualities: Her cheerfulness and joking personality, her blunt flirting with just about any customer at the café she worked at, and her almost nymphomanic craving for sex, especially with big-breasted women.

Having a deep love for bright sunlight, beautiful babes and passionate lovemaking covered in rich and glistening oils, Kia enjoys herself fully at her job at the beach café, serving drinks, chatting, joking and having a good time with both fellow employees and the customers, some of them giving her quite a tip simply for chatting with them and tell of her knowledge of the beach and its secrets.

Although no-one knows it, Kia is the best of friends with Shuna, the infamous ‘slut of all sluts’, and the two of them has spent wild evenings by the beach together, sometimes even into the early night.

SHUNA - As one of Hyracha’s closest servants, Shuna has been called the ‘sluttiest girl to ever live’, seeing as she goes beyond what even Shirli and Sharla can master; while Hyracha’s other courtesans and harem girls enjoys sex with each other pleasantly or kinkily, Shuna is known to be the greatest at licking pussies, breasts and consuming the girls’ nectars, feeling them as life-giving fluids as she craves it in whole gallons each day (while other succubi would only need maybe just a stain of it).

While the same, if not more can be said for Hyracha, the demon goddess at first teases, seduces and asks girls into playing with her slowly and at their own pace and terms; in Shuna’s case, however, as soon as a girl has agreed to have sex with her, she never stops until every single girl is pleased beyond belief, and every single drop of female orgasm has been slurped up, the demon girl often shocking even the kinkiest girls with her eroticism; even some of the roughest girls in the city has been known to grow a certain respect for Shuna, although they still continue to ambush her and molest her senseless, the purple-haired demon girl simply yelling her desire out regardless of time and place, exciting her molesters to only increase their efforts.

Another thing about Shuna is her mastery over the black latex tentacles forming from her outfit, Shuna often holding half a dozen girls captive in her tentacles, teasing them as they are slowly molested, Shuna often hearing them cry out her name as they orgasm.

The weirdest thing about Shuna, though, is her liking of oil baths (followed by an intense shower, of course); during such a bath, she enjoys smearing the girl lucky enough to share it with her with rich, amber-coloured oils, cleansing the skin, and, in Shuna’s eyes, exposing the true, female beauty of the girl in question as she utterly ravishes and molests her partners; in truth, Shuna is a right out nymphomaniac.

TIRAH - After her mentor Calista were banished by Hyracha, Tirah rose to become Zilah’s chief advisor and spell-weaver, concocting potions and comparing magical and scientific for a hobby.

However, after many hours locked in laboratory and entrenched in ancient texts and studies, Tirah has gained a huge, sexual appetite and craving, part of her routine on her way home from work being to pick up any girls up for her fun and games, Tirah always claiming that although she might focus a lot on her work, she still has a succubus’ needs and desires.

Because of her studies into magic, Tirah has a vast knowledge of the dark arts, sometimes joking that she wants to overthrow Hyracha, absorb her divine and cosmic power and become the supreme ruler of Hyracha’s dimensions.

Another thing is what Tirah calls her true mistress, someone she values even more than Hyracha, her mistress being Zilah, whom Tirah admires, adores and desires to a point that the succubus matriarch herself took advantage of, and had quite some amusement, by letting her Rowdy Raiders gangbang Tirah, the succubi clearly arousing the witch, but at the sight of Zilah masturbating at her, Tirah’s squeal of pleasure as she climaxed over and over is said to have given the caverns of the Rowdy Raiders its nickname:

The Howling Caves.

Although teasing and more than often humping around with her two assistants, Tirah is still only truly pleased if Zilah is either observing or taking part in her molesting, the succubus matriarch all too happy to bring frantic screams of pleasure and horny smiles from, Tirah often handing over her inventions to Zilah as a sort of payment, although Tirah’s dedication and lust after her is more than enough pay for the succubus.

FARIA - With a popularity reaching even that of Hyracha herself, Faria is known across the city as one, if not the, greatest porn actress to ever have lived there, the foxgirl claiming that while others may like sex because it is fun and stimulating, she simply does it because she cannot help herself, often telling that sex is a very important part of her life, and that she usually masturbates up to twelve times a day.

With a city full of eager seductresses and shy, younger aspirants into the erotic arts, Faria at one time held a speech in the city park, explaining her feelings on sex as something good, connective and meaningful; however, unintentionally, her speech were taken quite too much to heart, and the participants ended up in a right out orgy, the city police force helpless to stop it as it spread across town, closing shops, department stores and other businesses, even Hyracha herself noticing the upheaval; finding the source of it, Faria, Hyracha were quite amused, and offered herself to Faria, the two of them continuing their erotic escapades for several hours, Hyracha even claiming that Faria could, at any time, take over for Calista, Hyracha’s former, renegade favoured seductress.

With the infamy of starting an orgy simply by speaking of sex, Faria made herself a career as a porn star, finding herself in dozens of movies, cosplaying as maids, nuns, biker girls, adventurers and several other outfits, and the sale of such of her porn movies has been enormous due to popular demand, Faria herself revealing in an interview that she were only working as a waitress at a fine restaurant before her rise to fame.

One of the reasons Faria is so admired and lusted after is not only her gorgeous body and large breasts, but the fact that she, despite having no superhuman feats or physics, has been recorded for the longest, female orgasm in city history, the one instance being the first time she and Hyracha had sex, the latter licking at her pussy lips, causing the foxgirl to yell out intensely as she climaxed, the demonic sex goddess clearly more than impressed as she were covered in Faria’s love juices.

With a job as porn actress, Faria enjoys working the nights as a stripper at various brothels and clubs, her fetish for wearing tight leather and latex, as well as transparent bodysuits of same material, making her a perfect target for the more lustful elements at the club, even including the demon girl, Shuna, who greatly admires Faria, and often fantasizes about her in her nymphomanic sex fantasies.

Faria has a broad variety of fetishes, including corsets, stockings, gloves and boots, the latter being her favourite, all of her fetish outfits made of leather or latex, materials that deeply arouses the foxgirl.
As for her sexual escapades, of all the girls Faria has been having sex with over her first months and presently, as porn actress, rumours have it that she sometimes, in prank, ask them to wear boots during sex, collecting the boots, and labelling them after the girls who wore them, Faria masturbating into the late night with them.

ZILAH - As leader of the appropriately named ‘Rowdy Raiders’, Zilah is the lustful, horny and by all means most powerful succubus of the Raiders’, hoping to achieve something even her own girls believe impossible: Conquering the angelic Legion of the Dawn’s stronghold, hold the angels therein captive, and basically molest every inch out of the Legion’s members.

Zilah herself is a supremely skilled seductress, although she hardly needs the pheromones, magical powers and kinkiness that succubi are born with, but uses it to her full advantage, taking great pleasure in capturing angels on patrol, teasing them with their innermost desires, giving them it, only in the smallest quantities, assuring her all but the most strong-willed angels’ loyalty.

Mostly remaining in her cavernous throne room and attended by her closest warriors and oftentimes Tirah, she hosts great feasts, orgies and wrestling matches to keep her minions’ morale high, Zilah often smirking at the thought of the treatment her rival, the High Commander Siriphir of the Legion, will receive when she one day will capture her.

Between Zilah and Siriphir, they are both engaged in a fight for Hyracha’s favour, Siriphir believing that Hyracha’s teachings should include love and care, Zilah teasing her with remarks of there being only lust amongst the her Rowdy Raiders, and that Siriphir’s own Legion of the Dawn seems to have some more than suggestive affairs, too.

This struggle, as well as the many battles between Siriphir’s angels and Zilah’s demons, has thus far only ended in neither side able to sway the other, bringing them to a standstill.

SIRIPHIR - Fair, righteous and quite dignified, Siriphir is the commander of the angelic Dawning Legion, the force keeping Zilah’s Rowdy Raiders at bay, Siriphir feeling pleased that while it is a ‘war’, it is a war between friends, and not to be taken too seriously or to cause actual harm or tensions between the two factions.

As one of the most skilled warrior in the army, Siriphir is gifted with wielding a spear, her tactics being to take as much of the assault by the succubi hordes as she can, caring greatly for her fellow angels, many of them claiming she is nigh undefeatable in close combat.

Despite her slightly haughty demeanour, Siriphir is a kind leader, who shares in the laughs, friendship and activities of her fellow angels, taking an especial liking to Niphih as her trusted scout, as well as a liking to the newcomer Sylvia, although she shows a slight disdain for the outright arrogant Phina.

While her fellow angels may not think of the succubi as anything but wild, out of control skirt chasers, Siriphir respects them for their combat prowess, but if they ever try and have their way with any of Siriphir’s angels, the golden-haired angel girl’s mere presence is often enough to make the succubi seriously reconsider if their ‘prey’ is worth it.

To her own mind, Siriphir’s most embarrassing moment were the fact she finally realized, with Hyracha’s help, that the sex and erotic lovemaking the succubi so crave might not be evil or misguided, but merely an opposite to the emotional form of lovemaking she, herself, stands for; embarrassed at her own, former ignorance, Siriphir does still crack a smile when teased about it, admitting her own flaws without second thoughts.

In combat, Siriphir wears a metal full-plate, the very few cracks in her armour padded with solid, studded blue leather, the colour of her armour otherwise being all golden.

NIPHIH - Shy and timid, yet at the same time quite playful and cheerful angel girl, Niphih is the youngest of Siriphir’s lieutenants; her greatest advantage in combat is her speed and agility, both in the air and on the ground.

While not seen as the most powerful fighter, Niphih is an accomplished messenger, scout and archer, she employs very fast hit-n’-run tactics when fighting, at one time even flying fast enough to catch one of her own arrows; firing them against the hordes of succubi, Niphih’s arrows are enchanted, and quite literally tickles the opponents, leaving her plenty of time to escape and return to the stronger angels for support.

Contrast to Siriphir’s suspicions, despite that Niphih wears the rubellite colour of Zilah and her mistress Hyracha, Siriphir’s ‘rivals’, she is fully dedicated to Siriphir, greatly admiring the noble angel.

Despite the ‘war’ between angels and demons only being a game to amuse the two factions, as well as Hyracha, Niphih has no wish ever to be captured by the succubi, seeing them as slutty, dishonourable and wicked; when she battles them, she often finds that her former technique to attempt and humiliate a succubus by removing her bra turned out to only excite the demon girl, Niphih flying away from her as fast as she could, barely avoiding her, her fellow angels still teasing her the only slightly amused Niphih about it.

Her most embarrassing moment was a time that Sylvia, for reasons unexplained, managed to convince Siriphir to have Niphih dress as a yuri hentai nurse to lure out a group of stalking succubi, the plan succeeding as the succubi jumped the screaming Niphih, Siriphir besting them, and, literally, sent them back to their caves after spanking all three of them one after another as punishment.

In actual combat, Niphih equips a mix of scalemail and platemail, the scales forming a short skirt, her shoulders, arms, feet and chest protected by solid metal plates; the colour of her armour is bronze and silver.

ARIAL - Mature and level-headed, Arial is the armourer and smith of the Dawning Legion, able to forge light, yet incredibly strong armour and weapons in a matter of hours; proud of her work, it is not often that she appears at the baths or other parts of the stronghold.

As the armourer and sword-mistress of the Legion, Arial is considered the most powerful warrior of the Dawning Legion, proving herself more than skilled with any melee weapon in her hands, but even more powerful unarmed; in combat, her tactic is to find the strongest demon girl of the Raiders, duelling her until she is exhausted and defeated, afterwards taking on the remaining horde.

MIKA - Easy-going, eccentric and beautiful, Mika is one of the most recent angels to join the Dawning Legion; despite having sworn to fight Zilah’s Rowdy Raiders, she often prefers capturing an especially young and busty demon girl for her own amusement, her fellow angels worrying about her since she always wears a latex suit not too unlike what some Rowdy Raiders wear.

In combat, Mika, despite being armed with a steel staff, enjoys teasing her opponents by flashing her massive breasts and winking her long eyelashes, but if forced into melee combat, she prefers tricking her opponents and exhaust them for long enough to have the other angels assist her.

Outside battle, Mika enjoys long bathes in rich oils and mud bathes as well as spending her time at the pool area or in front of her mirror, applying her ganguro-like makeup, other angels sometimes lured by her unusual habits for a warrior, Mika often fooling around with her fellow angels, engaging in water fights, pillow fights and other, as she calls it, ‘skinship rituals’; in short, with her teasing nature, both younger and older angels fancy her for either her humour or gorgeous body, many of the claiming she has ‘an enchanting smile and hypnotising knockers’, something Mika finds herself chuckling delightfully about.

Her greatest embarrassment is the memory of the time her commander, Siriphir got enough of her teasing and innuendos, inviting her to her private chambers, Mika eagerly doing her business on Siriphir, right until her commander asked her if she was done; confused, Mika was overpowered by Siriphir, the golden angel calmly giving the shrieking Mika orgasm after orgasm, afterwards tasking her to clean her bed up, although Mika still blushes and smirks at the, to her, incredibly sexy memory.

Sometimes, as one might guess, Mika ends up having sex with her fellow angels or the occasional human, elf or furry girl; somewhat to Mika’s shame, if licked by an eager girl, she completely loses it, gets right out drunk on the pleasure, and is known to have massive orgasms, either startling, shocking or amusing her lovers as Mika right out begs to be molested as roughly as possible, the green-haired angel often called, fittingly, a slut.

When motivated enough into combat, usually by the opportunity to meet a cute new demon or fellow angel girl, Mika’s only armour is that of added gauntlets and shoulder plates to her outfit; the colour of the armour is bright orange with silver trims.

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